Caught the Decorator at It
Chapter 1

I woke up so snuggled and tightly tucked in my bed. The rising sun shot through the gaps of the blinds, making me feel ever so warm. I was feeling rather horny, my pussy was hot and wet. A dosage of masturbation was in order. Both arms tucked under the duvet, moving towards my thighs, I began to rub my pussy with two fingers. So wet and so juicy, I knew it wouldn't take long to cum. Oh it felt so good, so sensitive and overwhelming. Oh God yeah. I was breathing deeper and faster. I tilt my head, tensed my stomach. My knees shook and my toes tingled. I could see the duvet above my pussy lifting up down, almost imagining I was catching someone else in bed playing with themself. I loved the not knowing, the hidden pleasures. Oh yes, I was going to cum, soaking wet. Quickly I rubbed, and fuck! I quickly reached orgasm.

"Oh God yeah, ummmm!" I moaned loudly.

I shook a little and slid my soaked hand up my thigh and pushed down the duvet. I had to be out of the flat in one hour. It was a new flat and needed a little work. I moved into the flat only a week a go. The walls needed a bit of colour, needed brightening up, so I hired a painter and decorator to sparkle up the place. He was a friend of my brothers, who I met briefly last week. I was actually looking forward to seeing him, quite fancied him.

I was showered and dressed within fourty minutes, feeling awake and anxious. Finally, there was that knock at the door I was eagerly awaiting. I quickly opened the door and there he was, standing tall and my God, he was hot! The first thing I saw were his muscles bulging out of his arms, molded in his black tank top. He gazed curiously at my legs. I was wearing formal strappy black heels and black stockings, as conservative as I could be. My black skirt fitted every so firmly around my thighs. I was proud of my thighs. Some people think I'm a horse rider, with the amount of muscle my legs showed.

"Hi," I said sweetly to him. "Come in."

"Hi," he replied. "Thanks."

I stood at the door and watched him walk in, enjoying his presence for the little time I had left. I stepped back pushed the door with my back so that I could not lose sight of him, watching him put down his tool box. He turned around and faced me, looking a little anxious, looking almost unsure how to pose himself. He lifted his hand and clasped it behind his neck and dropped it heavily.

"Okay, I guess I'll leave you to it," I said almost sounding like I really didn't want to go.

"There's milk in the fridge, some food in the cupboard. Help yourself yeah? I'll leave the spare keys here."

"Cool. Thanks. I'll go grab the rest of the gear in a sec," he said confidently. "You look nice."

"Thanks," I replied not expecting that comment. "So do you," I replied not thinking about what I was saying. What did I just say? He's wearing his work gear for petes sake. He could not help but just laugh quietly.

I quickly changed the topic. "Okay, I best go or I'll be late. You're okay yeah?"

"Yep, sure. Alls good," he said.

"Okay, see you around 4pm then," I said while grabbing my handbag.

I could see his eyes peering at my ass while I bent down to grab my bag. I picked up my keys, opened the door and began walking out.

"See you later then," I said smiling at him cheekily.

"See you later," he said cheekily too.

I closed the door and thought to myself, wow, damn, oh man, I really don't want to go. I took a deep breath and left.

Walking in my apartment, coming back from work I remembered that the sexy young painter and decorator was still working on my apartment. I remember how hot he was, wearing his blotchy brown work trousers and his tight black tank top. So confident in his presence, he was tall and strong against my short self.

The first thing I heard was moaning and groaning which immediately made my clit tingle, sending all kinds of erotic signals to my brain. I was thinking, core blimey, what's going on? But by all means I wasn't complaining. This is a sound which I very much love. I love the not knowing and being left with an erotic story for me to make up in my mind. It made my pussy throb, made me want to rub my pussy to relieve the pressure. I didn't want to spoil the moment, the not knowing, excited me so much. I daren't walk in any further; I had to enjoy the moment.

The sounds began to get louder, shivering in excitement. I heard a male voice muttering to himself; it was the workman I left behind.

"Oh God, oh yeah," he mumbled, sounding pleasured, too right "oh yeah!"

I was becoming more excited, and began to tingle all over. Thankfully, my loose fitting skirt was loose enough that I was able to rub my pussy freely and easily. I leant against the wall and tucked my hand under my skirt. My head tilt back, nibbling my bottom lip. I licked my lips while I slid my fingers inside my panties. I silently mumbled to myself, enjoying pleasuring myself. We mumbled in unison while I closed my eyes enjoying the moment. I imagined watching him without him knowing, living the moment behind the images in my mind.

The rising of his tone, squishing sounds of his fingers sliding up and down his cock, I could hear the guy playing with himself. His tone began to radically move up and down, getting into it quite eagerly. I imagined him sitting on a wooden chair, sitting on top of a plastic dildo that was stuck erected on the chair. I imagined him bouncing his juicy ass onto it, up and down, and wanking his cock fast at the same time. I imagined his face, all shriveled up, hot and sweaty, munching his moist lips getting more turned on. His ass pulsating at each thrust and his cock twitching every second.

I was becoming very wet, my cum was dripping down my pussy. I slid my finger in my pussy and dipped it into my mouth to taste. Ummm, tasted so sweet. I started sliding up and down the wall, trying hard not to give myself away. My hand tucked snuggly in my panties, pushed up hard against the wall. I placed my spare hand flat on the wall above my head. I enjoyed the fact that he didn't know I was there, knowing he might be able to hear me made me feel so naughty and crazy.

"Jesus, fuck!" he shouted. Oh he was loving it. "Fuck yeah!" too right I thought to myself.

It sounded wet as if his cum was squelching in his hands. His tone became heavy, deeper, out of control.

"Oh fuck," sounding almost like he was tensing up, emotions heightening both ways.

"Jesus yeah, yeah," oh yeah, I was going to cum too.

I can tell he was close, his tone was racing faster and faster.

I was ferociously rubbing my pussy, almost crouching on the floor. I bit my lip harder and sweat dripped down my brow. I couldn't take it anymore. We were both wanking faster and, faster and faster, when we both couldn't hold it no more. We both came.

"Fuck yeah, that was so good," I said subconsciously but loud enough to be heard.

I couldn't control myself anymore. My hand tucked tightly on my pussy, both legs squeezing against my hand, I screeched an uncontrollably loud orgasm.

"Oh fuck," he mumbled under his voice.

I was gasping for breath and trying to stand up, all weak at the knees and shaking with excitement. I could hear the pattering of light naked feet walking towards me. My heart began to thump and my pussy began to get nervous. I had been found out, but I am sure he would get excited once he saw how I was positioned at this moment.

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