Caught in the Middle
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Just an old man's fantasy with some swingers. We'll see where it goes. Frank

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Well, here I am, caught in the middle. It's really not too bad though it's nothing like what I expected. I guess I should start at the beginning or, at least, at a point that makes sense as a beginning point.

My name is James Denison and I'm forty-four years old. I am a widower. My wife, Linda, was killed almost a year ago in an auto accident. A big rig blew a tire, crossed the median, and hit her before she had a chance to react. Four people were killed in the crash. Cars are no match for those big trucks and trailers. My parents had died of cancer five and then three years ago leaving me, an only child, alone. My son and daughter both live on the west coast with their spouses.

My parents and wife were well insured and the insurance settlement was generous. I no longer had to work and quit my job, going on Cobra trying to figure out what to do and where to do it. My parents' home had been sold and I had my home in Birmingham and the lake place on Lake Martin. Dad had bought it just before I was born. It had been a "deal" and actually was at the time. It was an even better deal now.

We had a point and a fair bit of land extending back on both sides. Linda and I loved the place and it was our place to go whenever we could. After Dad passed, Mom sold off a lot on either side retaining most of the land and the point. After the buyers put up houses, there were five with ours in the middle. It was also the smallest and oldest of the group. It was a comfortable house with three bedrooms, two baths, and large eating and sitting areas with a huge porch. The emphasis was on the lake and it had a marvelous view to the dock with a boathouse and small pier to one side. For boats, there was a pontoon that I had purchased a bass boat years ago. The bass boat was really a fish and ski that my kids had liked since they could ski behind it and I liked it because it also made a good fishing boat. The place was popular while they were growing up and it was common for the porch to have teenagers spending the night on weekends.

All that had ended. There was no one but me. Jeff and Julie had grown up, married and moved west and now only visited. Their friends had grown up and many had also left the area. I didn't know anyone at the lake any more. I had met the folks Mom sold lots to a few years ago but can't say that I knew them. The other two original houses had changed hands and I had no idea who owned them now.

It was late spring and I decided to stay at the lake for a while to think through what I wanted to do now. My next-door neighbors would watch the house and forward the mail to my new mailbox here at the lake. I had no pets so there was no issue there. I spent my time watching television once I had cable connected, sun tanning, and fishing. I didn't care about catching a lot usually throwing back those that found their way onto my hook.

After a month, I got used to the ebb and flow of people coming on the weekends like Linda and I had for so many years. I did notice that all four of my neighbors were younger, much younger. One couple must have been children of the owners because they had to have just graduated college. The other three couples were in their early and mid thirties. I saw no children, which was something of a surprise. I also noticed that bathing suits for women were much, much skimpier than I had ever remembered.

The four couples seemed to know each other well and partied together on the weekends. Once in a while, they brought guests but usually it was just the eight of them.

I had driven down in my toy, an old Mustang convertible, leaving my SUV at home. I didn't need much room and it was fun to drive, particularly now that it was warm enough to put the top down. We had had a carport built years ago and I kept it under that with the top down.

I was driving out the drive to the main road to shop when I passed two of my neighbors jogging along. It was the two women who lived in the two houses to my right. One had looked back and saw me. She stopped and waved me down. I stopped beside her and could not help but notice that she was without a bra. She didn't have a big chest but the nipples were very obvious. Her friend came back and I saw she was bra-less, also. Even without that distraction, they were two very good-looking women.

"You live on the point, don't you?" One asked.

"Yes," I replied. "We've had the place for many years. I'm James, James Denison."

The other one said, "Hello, James. I'm Cindy Anderson and she's Allie Saunders. We come up from Montgomery."

Allie spoke up, "I remember meeting you when we bought our lot from your mother. How is she?"

"She passed away from cancer a few years ago."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. She seemed to be a fine person."

"She was. I hope you are enjoying the lot and the house you've built."

"Oh, yes. It's wonderful. We just wish we could come up more."

"I understand." I said. I've been up here most of a month. It can be habit forming."

They both grinned. Then, I said, "I'm headed into town to shop. I'm about out of food. Enjoy your jog. It was good meeting you."

They smiled and I moved off to their "Bye, James."

I performed my shopping chores and came home, unloaded my groceries, and opened a cold beer to sit out on the porch. It was quiet and I was almost napping in the warm sunlight. I woke up thoroughly when I heard a voice holler, "Kimi, come here. You must stay in your yard or I will have to tie you up." It was a woman's voice and I saw her and recognized that she was my other next-door neighbor. I revised my age for her to twenty-five and enjoyed the sight of her in her bikini as she came walking along the lake to scold the small beagle. "Kimi, you're a bad girl. You know to stay in your yard." Her voice trailed off then when she saw me. "Oh! I'm sorry for coming in your yard. She just wouldn't come."

"That's okay." I said. "Neither you nor Kimi are hurting anything. You're from next door, aren't you?"

"Yes, it's my parents' place. They let Jeff and I use it a lot. We love it here."

"I understand. I've been coming here all my life and it's still a great place. I'm James Denison."

She caught on to my introduction and said, "I'm Julie Harris and my husband is Jeff. We're from Hoover."

"I live in Birmingham but have been here for the last month just letting time go by."

"That's neat. Jeff and I are trying to coordinate with our friends here to arrange a week for all of us to be here at the same time rather than just on weekends. With four couples, it's hard to work out a time for everyone."

"I understand." Then Kimi ran between her feet almost upsetting her and headed back for her yard. She turned and started to leave. "It was good to meet you, Julie."

With a "You, too, James," she took off chasing the errant dog. Her suit, I quickly discovered, was a thong or it had pulled into her butt. Her butt cheeks were gorgeous! I sat back still at my ease. I had nothing to do until time to cook supper and that wouldn't be much of anything. I had stopped in town for a big lunch.

It had been so comfortable that I had the windows open all over the house. I heard the sounds of a moderately quiet party next door. I looked over and saw Julie along with Allie and Cindy. There was another young woman there and I thought she might be my other neighbor just beyond Julie's place. I had my supper and turned on the radio very low and went out to the porch. It was mostly dark and I had no lights on. I knew where the chairs and all were plus could half see by the night light in a corner of the great room and the moon, which was up.

From next door, I heard sounds of thumping and gazed casually over. My eyes widened as I saw Julie and Cindy locked in a sixty-nine with two men behind them. The guys were moving energetically and the girls were moaning and huffing to the rhythm of the men's motions. That was wild enough! Then I heard Cindy moan out, "Jules, Jeff is so deep in my ass. I love it! Harder, Jeff! Fuck my ass hard!"

I don't know if he did but he was thrusting hard just as the other guy was into Julie. I don't know if he was in her ass but all four seemed to be enjoying the sex. The only thing was, I knew Jeff was Julie's husband, not Cindy's and who, I wondered was drilling Julie if not her husband!

I couldn't see anything else but the guys popped their nuts and I could hear other rutting sounds still. Maybe, others were there getting it on, too! I was glad someone was "getting their ashes hauled."

Morning came and all was quiet. I looked over and saw two nude female bodies laying on the grass in a head to toe position. I guess they had gone to sleep that way.

A few minutes later, I heard a voice and they got up and went inside. I had the binoculars on them and it was definitely Julie and Cindy. They looked very good.

I decided the show was over and decided to go fishing. I pulled the boat out on the trolling motor from my dock and went along the shore away from Julie's house. I was going about my fishing in my usual methodical way. When I was opposite Alli's house, she was coming out the door wearing jogging clothes though the top and bottom were both tighter than yesterday if that was possible. She waved at me and I waved back going back to my fishing. I trolled on down and saw her out of the corner of my eye knock on Cindy's door. They came out and headed up the drive. I keep fishing.

I reached a back area of the cove area where the road dipped close to the shore and there was a small bridge that all five houses used. I had worked that area and was now coming back to it on the way back. I caught a second spot in as many minutes and hauled it in. They aren't heavy but are good fighters. That made four spots and a half dozen bream today along this bank. That amounts to a good day or morning. As I released that second spot, I heard clapping and giggling. I looked up and saw both Cindy and Allie on the bridge taking it easy as they watched me. I smiled and inclined my head in a bow. They laughed.

Cindy said, "May we come aboard and catch a ride back?"

"Of course," I replied. I raised the outboard and trolled close to the bridge and gave first Allie and then Cindy a hand to jump aboard.

Allie said, "You're a good fisherman. That was two in less than two minutes."

"This is always a good place. With those two, I've caught four bass and about six bream this morning. That is a good day. Sometimes, I'm not that lucky." I grinned. "Of course, my big catch is two beautiful mermaids."

Allie blushed a little. Cindy smiled and said, "I just hope you don't throw us back into the water, too."

"No," I said laughing, "you're keepers."

They laughed with me. I had backed the boat back out into deeper water like it had been.

Allie said, "Would you show me how to fish?"

"Sure, haven't you ever fished before?"

"Not since I was a little girl."

"Well, it's like riding a bicycle, you never really forget." I handed her a spinning rod with a small jerkbait tied on. "Throw it close to shore and reel back with a reel, stop, reel motion. It makes the bait stop and start and will get a fish to bite, probably a bream."

She cast up to the shoreline and began to reel back as I had described. On the fifth series, her rod bent and she pulled at it. The fish was hooked. She reeled it in and I reached down and pulled it into the boat. I removed the hook and held it up for her. "That's a good one, Allie."

Cindy said, "I think I would like to try that. You made it look easy, Girl"

I released the fish and gave Cindy my other spinning reel with a small jig tied on. "Oh, that's different." she exclaimed.

"It's different but you can fish it the same just less pause at the stop."

"Please show me how to cast it." I took the reel and she held on to it. "No, come up behind me so I can feel the hand and arm action as you do what you do." I released the bail reaching from behind her and my arms brushed against her unfettered breasts. I showed her how to hold the reel with the line trapped under a finger. She held on with one hand as I raised it back and gently cast it to the shore. The bait dropped gently into the water about five inches from the edge. "Wow!" she breathed, "that's a good cast." I closed the bail and handed the rig to her she reeled in it in a jerky manner that had to drive any fish down there crazy. There was a nice spot that couldn't resist and it took the bait. She pulled back in reaction to the strike and set the hook. Being a bigger, stronger fish, it fought harder and a little longer. It came close and I grabbed the line with one hand and lipped the fish with the other.

She was thrilled. "That's the first time I've fished and the first fish I've ever caught!" She exclaimed. I smiled as I removed the hook.

"Do you want to hold it?"

"Yes! Allie, take a picture with your camera!" Allie took out a phone from her fanny pack and snapped a picture of the two of us holding the fish.

"Should I let it go?" I asked.

"Yes, then I can catch it again someday!"

"That's the idea." I responded.

She grabbed me and laid a big heavy kiss on me with lots of her body grinding into mine and even some tongue. "Thank you! Thank you! That was totally cool."

"Thank you." I responded. She didn't blush but smiled.

Allie stepped over and put her arms around my neck and said softly, "I haven't thanked you yet." She laid another kiss on me with her body tight to mine and inserted her tongue into my mouth trying to tease my tonsils. Between the two bodies and the two kisses, my motor was running. It had been a while since I had been this excited.

I sat down in the front chair with the two girls draping themselves over me pressing a breast into each arm. I trolled back toward Cindy's dock. As I was closing on it, she said, "Take us to your place, please."

"Yeah, please," came from Allie.

I nodded. I didn't know where this was going but I had nothing better to do!

There was no more fishing being tried on the way back. When I pulled into my dock and pulled the trolling motor up into place, the girls tied up fore and aft. Cindy was at the front and bent over at the waist pulling her shorts deep into her butt crack. She knew I was watching. I would have to turn away to miss her. I didn't look away! It's a great ass!

I looked back toward Allie to see her with her legs spread for balance and bent over showing me another great butt crack and leaving some, but not much doubt that she wasn't wearing panties. I thought I could see some of her pussy through a leg hole! This was wild and didn't happen to me.

I stood up to get out of the boat and Cindy backed right into me still bent over like she was working on a knot. I let her feel my hard cock against her butt and she wiggled a little holding herself tight against my crotch. That was intentional! If I hadn't been erect before, I surely was now! She rose up without pulling away from my erect cock. She leaned back into me when she straightened. I felt a hand come against my butt. That had to be Allie! She was close and to one side. She took my hand on that side of my body and placed it on a breast! I saw Cindy turn her head toward her and a smile play over her lips. Her hand on my other side reached down and pulled my free hand to one of her breasts!

This was blatant seduction at the very least. Either I was being teased or this would result in some hard sex. I chuckled, "It's going to be difficult to walk like this though trying would be fun."

"Let's get inside." Allie said though she didn't let go of me.

Cindy turned so my hand didn't have to leave her breast but she was now facing me. I could see that she was panting a bit. She reached down and fondled my hard cock. Her eyes widened. "That's a big one," she gasped.

I didn't think I was bigger than anyone else. I had never had my cock touched by anyone other than Linda until now. I had never had any complaints but hadn't been out making comparisons. Linda and I had been virgins when we met in high school and neither of us ever went with another person.

With one hand holding one of mine on her breast and the other hanging onto my cock, she pulled me along the pier, up the walkway, and into the house. As soon as we were inside, she knelt and removed my shorts and briefs. She looked up at me as she took my cock into her mouth and down her throat in one big gulp. As she did that, Allie had pulled my tee shirt over my head and removed her clothes. Cindy was sucking hard on my cock. Allie came beside me and plastered her body and breasts to my chest as she kissed me deeply using lots of tongue. I felt Cindy's mouth come off my cock and Allie pulled me down on top of her. I came down on her between her legs, which were wide open and bent for me to find a place between them. Before I could do anything, Cindy came behind me and took my cock and pushed it deep into Allie's cunt. Allie gasped and then groaned, "More!" she moaned into my mouth. I gave her all of my cock and she took every inch. I felt Cindy's hands fondling my balls and then felt her hot breath on my nut sack. She took one of my balls into her mouth as I became spastic in humping a very enthusiastic Allie.

It didn't take long and I was coming harder than I can ever remember into the depths of Allie's cunt. She held me tight and I could feel the walls of her cunt pull at my cock as her muscles convulsed and I emptied my load in her. I pumped a couple of times more and fell to one side exhausted. Cindy's mouth descended onto my softening cock and sucked every bit of my cum and Allie's cunt juice off it. She finished me and moved between Allie's legs sucking my load from her pussy and sending Allie into another climax. She continued to suck Allie and my cock hardened again. Allie looked down and saw it doing its flagpole imitation and smiled. "It's Cindy's turn. Do her doggy style." Cindy went up on her knees though her mouth never left Allie's pussy and wiggled her butt in the air. I got up enough to get behind her and pushed into her cunt hard going balls deep in one thrust.

I was pumping hard into Cindy and could hear her grunting into Allie's cunt with every thrust. It took me a while but I finally came in her after carrying her through three or four orgasms. I lay back and felt a warm mouth descend upon mine and another began to suck on my cock. I looked into Allie's eyes and realized that Cindy was sucking my cock clean a second time. Allie smiled, "She loves to suck cock and pussy. It really makes her happy."

I nodded and relaxed. Cindy pulled up at my side and the three of us snuggled together with me caught in the middle.

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