The Blushing Bride
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Gay, TransGender, CrossDressing, Humor, Wimp Husband, FemaleDom, Humiliation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rick is feminized by his wife Sally, and it all culminates in a wild night at a bridal salon.

Rick tried hard when he was first married to Sally to assume the masculine role in their marriage, but from the day that Sally caught him wearing her panties the jig was up. All her suspicions were confirmed: Rick was an effeminate man who liked nothing better than to dress in women's clothing. Some wives would have asked for a divorce right then and there, but Sally was merely amused. Indeed, she thought it would be great fun to see how far she could go in feminizing her man.

Sally encouraged Rick to dress up as much as possible. She took him to boutiques and lingerie stores and made him try on the most feminine of fashions. The salesgirls all giggled at Rick's embarrassment, and Sally got a kick out of this playful form of domination over him.

In no time at all Sally had shaved off all Rick's body hair, and she had him use skin lotion every day to make his skin even smoother. She made him wear the frilliest of panties and pantyhose, and she showed him how to use makeup and lipstick to bring out the feminine beauty in his face. She also revoked his gym membership and had him on a diet of starches and fatty foods (augmented by hormone treatments) that made him grow fatter around the hips and ass, and made his muscles as soft as a girl's. Sally made Rick quit his job, and she bought fashion magazines and romance novels for him to read all day long, and when she came home from work he was to mince around in high heels and a pretty French maid's uniform and wait on her like a sissy slave.

In the beginning Rick tried to assert himself, but he secretly liked being Sally's little sissy boy and he soon gave in to her every whim. He enjoyed painting his nails, putting on makeup, and wearing frilly clothes. He loved the way his body was changing, and he squealed with delight when he saw his breasts starting to develop.

After several months of this treatment, when Rick was so effectively feminized that he no longer could get an erection even if Sally pushed her cleavage in his face and stroked his little penis, Sally decided it was time to get a makeover for Rikki, as he was now called. She called Gabrielle, a friend of hers who owned a bridal shop, and arranged for a private fitting one night.

She took Rikki there dressed in his favorite outfit -- a short, flirty black dress with white polka dots, a broad brimmed black hat, frilly white panties with black seamed stockings, and five inch black heels. Rikki minced into the store like a true sissy boy, and the owner, a woman named Gabrielle, laughed heartily at the transformation in Sally's husband.

"Okay, sweety, let's go to work," Gabrielle said. She picked out several styles of bridal gown, but Sally said they weren't girly enough for her dear little Rikki. Rikki would have worn any of them, but of course he had to let Sally make all the decisions. He just sat there gasping with pleasure at every gown Gabrielle brought out. Finally, after many dresses were piled in a heap on the floor, Gabrielle brought out a gown that was just to die for -- and Sally said, "That's the one!". It had a beaded top and a plunging neckline, and sleeves that went all the way down to Rikki's wrists. It flared out from the waist in an extravaganza of ruffles and ruching. It was satin and lace, and Rikki almost fainted with joy when they dressed him in it. He flounced around the salon looking at himself in the mirrors and squealing with joy. He had never felt so girly; indeed, he felt like he had passed some kind of milestone and was now truly a girl inside.

Rikki could have died with joy, but Sally and Gabrielle had a special treat: Gabrielle had been feminizing her man Dana for several months now, and she brought him in from the back and introduced him to Rikki. The big surprise is that Dana was wearing a pink bridesmaid gown and he looked so cute in it! He was a vision in pink, with a big bow on his butt, and he minced about like a queen himself.

The boys took a liking to each other immediately, and Sally and Gabrielle had such fun watching them mince about the store with their hips swaying and their wrists limp. They each poured themselves a glass of wine and giggled as their sissy boys held hands and told each other how beautiful they looked. Then, Sally and Gabrielle had a cute idea.

"Boys, I want you to kiss," Sally said. "You know you want to, so let's do it."

"But, Sally, I've never kissed a man," Rikki said, pouting.

"Me neither," said Dana, pouting also.

"No, backtalk young lady," Sally said. "You heard me. Kiss each other. Right now!"

Well, when powerful women like Sally tell you to do something, you have to do it. Rikki and Dana embraced each other and tried a quick kiss. Rikki got a tingle inside at the touch of Dana's lips, but he pulled away immediately. I shouldn't be kissing a man, he thought.

"You call that kissing?" Gabrielle said. "Dana, you kiss him harder and longer, or I'm going to take away your panties when we get home." Dana couldn't stand to lose his panty collection, so he wrapped his arms around Rikki in his beautiful wedding gown and gave him a long, hard kiss.

Rikki gasped to feel Dana's lips on his, and he struggled for just a second -- but then he gave in to the romantic pleasure of Dana's kiss. Before long Sally and Gabrielle didn't have to order the boys to kiss -- they were kissing each other long and lovingly, moaning with pleasure and letting all their girly emotions come out.

Rikki felt like a princess being kissed by a prince -- or maybe another princess, who knew? All he knew was that his little penis had gotten hard for the first time in months, and it was pushing against his panties insistently. "Oh, Dana," he squealed, "you are such a good kisser. Please, darling, please do it again." Dana's tongue pushed in Rikki's mouth, and Rikki accepted it, moaning with pleasure.

Sally and Gabrielle were giggling like schoolgirls at this scene of sissies kissing, but the boys didn't care. Before long they were lying on the nearest couch, running their hands through each other's hair, exploring each other's panties and caressing the cute little hard dickies they found there. Things were getting pretty hot and bothered in that bridal salon, and in no time at all Dana had stuck his head under Rikki's gown and had his lips on Rikki's cute little dick, and Rikki said, "Oh darling, yes, yes, YES!" and when he came he screamed with joy, a high-pitched scream that signaled the draining of the last ounce of his masculinity.

Sally and Gabrielle applauded wildly, and toasted each other for the fine job they'd done in feminizing their men.

It was just another day in the life of Sally the feminizer.

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