Getting Lucky
Part 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Spanking, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Part 1 - The guys are out trolling for a babe, when they meet an older woman.Their verbal abuse turns to paradise for them with her.

There are rituals written into the fabric of our lives. That's not so much a philosophical statement as it is a simple declaration of the truth. Since I am a male writing this story, I can only address those rituals from a male point of view, so, please abide with me through this.

What I'm talking about is the inevitable first discovery of a picture book with naked women in it.

(In the author's case it was a book casually lying in the gutter, which was spied on the way home from school one day. When picked up and explored, trying to find out what that picture that included a shapely, naked thigh was about, the world burst into color and band music played in the background, for there was what we called in those long ago times a 'hot book.' It was an actual, truth to goodness book that had pictures of naked women in it.)

Of course there are others to be considered. E g learning to masturbate. (Always accompanied in my mind with a friend's statement: 'I never thought that I'd piss again!')

One of the arguably most important of those rituals to come along was with the advent of any kind of vehicle for roaming around. Up to that point it was always being on the corner with the guys and just, as we termed it, 'shooting the shit'.

But with the availability of a vehicle the world changed, yet again. Then it was possible 'to go out on the hunt!', to go out 'looking', 'cruising for girls'/women/pussy' etc. A veritable rite of spring in life.

What was usually, in my case but I suspect in most cases, missing from the scene was the ability to 'get lucky' and find someone who knew, who agreed, who 'would' and who 'did'.

Those scenes were heavy with sex, with the possibility of sex, with the longing for sex, with the search for sex but were rarely ever successful. Yet it was a task that, once it was begun, simply went on. Discouragement was never part of the picture.

And so we turn our attention to just such a search, and find ourselves placed in the middle of just such a ritual, as our friends go looking to 'get lucky'. It's their Saturday night; they have a vehicle; the friends are all there and what will happen? The usual disappointment? Or will tonight be the night when they meet that one person, who is also out looking, willing, eager, anticipating and female? That's the question that we're working on here. Join us.

It was a Saturday night and everyone knew what that meant. If it was Saturday then it was time to pile into Knobby's van, his 'baby', his project, the thing he spent most of his time on, and go looking for pussy.

"Maybe tonight we'll get lucky!" was the mantra. It's what they always said to themselves and to one another.

So, here it was Saturday night and Knobby picked up Shane and Jason and they were off to the Mall, after all, their thinking went, that's where the girls were. And if there were girls there, then they 'might get lucky'.

Of course they didn't. In this rite of passage, that has been participated in by so many teen aged men, that thought always spurred them on, and the results were almost equally always disappointing.

They spoke about it fairly enthusiastically among themselves:

"See who's out tonight!" Shane said.

"Yeah, cool," Jason agreed.

"Get some gas first," Knobby said, always with his mind on the Van.

So they pooled resources and had enough to get them around and them some for this lovely Saturday night.

(Please remember, friends, that this was a time period before available credit cards, cell phones, computers and such modern conveniences/necessities. It was necessary to look at the meager scrapings of change in everyone's pockets, for, also in those days, a pile of change would quickly add up to enough gasoline, since the price of gasoline was laughably cheap also.)

Our heroes were ready, horny and looking. They weren't equipped, in a manner of speaking. I.e they didn't have condoms but then, in a small part of their minds, they didn't really expect to be or get lucky this Saturday night, like most other Saturday nights.

But for our purposes let's take a look at what is always called the 'dramatis personae'.

Knobby was 17, about 6' tall and thin with dark hair. He hardly weighed more than 140lbs. He was dark complected and provided the wheels. (A real primo position at the time!)

He was a great mechanic and a good friend, especially to his buds Shane and Jason. He was always the driver, since his parents had allowed him to get the van and begin to work on it. He loved the way it hummed along.

'The Van': to Knobby, who was really just thin, and not particularly 'gawky' or anything like that, it was his 'pussy wagon', even if, after all of their searching and their trials, it never really served that kind of purpose yet.

(Yes, it was Knobby's 'yet' that fueled the whole enterprise here! It was a definitely hopeful and expectant 'yet'.)

Jason, also 17, was the jock of the group. His specialty was baseball, which he hoped to follow to a career but he also played football, though not as well as his baseball. He was 5'10", weighed 165 lbs and had a head of dark curly hair and was in the last stages, he hoped, of his problems with zits. It wasn't too bad these days but he was no lady killer for all that. Despite the 'zits' thing, Jason was really fairly good looking.

Shane was the young one of the three of them, at 16. He was also the smallest and tried to make up for it, at times with attitude. He was 5'4", 130 lbs. He was the student, and perhaps an anomaly in hanging with the other two, since he was studious but they'd been pals forever and being with them, especially for the the Saturday night rambles was a treat that always enjoyed.

So, it was out to the mall for the three of them, out to look for girls, and, of course, not just girls but willing girls, or at least a willing girl. They spent time wracking their brains about who they might contact to 'give them some' but never really came up with a name that suited, even though some names at times seemed to suggest themselves. This always came to naught.

(There was the call once, it had been Knobby's idea, to Claire N. She was ugly but she was a girl after all. But on the phone she knew exactly what they wanted. Said she knew. Told them what they wanted and refused absolutely to talk to them about it. That meant one thing: it was Saturday and back to the old method of driving around and going on the hunt.)

This was the topic of conversation most of the time, when the three of them were together, this idea of 'getting lucky' and our Saturday night warriors were never really put off by the fact that they never really did get lucky at all.

But then this was another Saturday night and maybe, just maybe tonight they'd do it, they find someone, someone willing, hot, eager, whatever, maybe tonight they'd get lucky.

(So, we have them here, in this rite of passage, the kind of event that played such a capital part of their time together. We have the three of them going out to search, never admitting failure at the beginning, always hopeful, always looking, always alert, never really successful.

The question, the main question here is: Will this Saturday night be different? Will they get to initiate Knobby's van tonight? Will the right girl? Girls? Be around and be found?

They left Shane's house, after picking him up and the dice were rolling!)

In another part of town that night altogether it was Saturday night also. Norma R had decided to 'go out' and maybe do some shopping. She told her husband that she was going to the mall and he had sufficiently grunted from his easy chair in front of the tv at the time.

(And we can suspend our suspicion that her 'going out' to the mall maybe represented the very same kind of movement and past time that our three young men were engaged in with their Saturday night driving around. We can suspend that suspicion but keep it in the back of our minds.)

"Dishes are done, honey," she called to him.

He grunted again, and it made her wonder why she bothered to call him by such a name, when he was, after all, a 'slug' that she took care of. Even when she asked herself if he'd always been that way, she had to admit that for most of their married life he had indeed been that way. And 'taking care of' him these days meant that once in a blue moon he'd get his little cock out and stuff it in her mouth.

The only upside to those periodic events was that our Norma liked the rough kind of way that his brutishness would normally adopt. For him it was never artfulness but his own selfish way of having his needs, periodic and basic, met by her kneeling with his little prick in her mouth. She never told him that, thinking that it wasn't a trait that she wanted to cultivate very much. But maybe--she thought with the same kind of thought pattern that went on in Jason, Shane and Knobby's heads--tonight would be her night. Maybe tonight she'd get lucky!

It always meant, to her that adventure might be just right outside the door.

(Her mental images were not as base as those of the three young men but to be honest with you and truthful about them, it wasn't far off of that at all.)

That was her mantra and the line that she followed in going out. She'd walk the mall; see if her being there sparked any interest in anyone, these days it normally didn't seem to but at least there was a sense of freedom and 'devil may care' about her outings and, now and then, when she got home 'he', 'the slug', wanted his dick sucked, and wanted it done 'properly'--that was with her on her knees and her hands behind her back, sometimes even tied, a mouth to be bounced in and out of, a mouth to be used. The only saving grace was that she liked being used that way.

(And, yes, remember that's secret information that he didn't have and wasn't going to be given.)

But Norma was, as she would say to herself, 'past it'. She had put on some weight during these years and as she approached 50 she felt she was too heavy and, she was afraid, too unattractive to incite the interest of anyone at all.

Even her name, she thought, when in this kind of mood, was against her. 'Norma' was great for opera but who wanted to pull an 'older' woman named 'Norma' into the bushes and shag her?

(An editorial denial of that surmise is perhaps in order just now, for this author believes that women only begin to enter their 'heat' and beauty phase at the age of 35 and it increased all the way to 70 or so. Sorry for the interruption but I needed to put out Norma into that perspective. She was hot, she was willing, she was out and she was on the prowl.)

Norma, the almost totally unappreciated Norma, if we look from the perspective of her sluggish husband, was 5'2". She weighed a not really fat 132 lbs, and worked at keeping it in trim, all the while suspecting that she was losing that battle. She had a very nice pair of 36c breasts that had nipples that were super sensitive, and that, giving away a little secret here, she loved to have pinched.

(It was a way of helping herself out, when she played with herself, which was the only way that she ever got played with at all--except for her mouth, that is, twice a month or so!)

Her butt was a bit large but not overly at all, and in a pair of panties she was, if anyone took the time to notice, a pretty hot number. Her 45 plus years had not done any damage to 'the package' at all, despite what she thought.

(But remember that she was living with a man who never noticed, didn't usually care, certainly didn't compliment and didn't really provide! It was almost, because of these things, a logical, if false conclusion.)

She made sure that she arranged her 'stuff' as best she could for the mall crawl. She wore a kind of baggy peasant blouse that exposed her cleavage to its best advantage. With this blouse, she didn't bother to lower the shoulder sleeves, to show the cleavage, until she was at her destination.

(She simply thought these days that trying to dress sexy at home, which she'd done for a couple decades already with 'him', was like 'pearl before swine.')

She also decided on a short, pleated skirt for the occasion and heels. The skirt was modestly short but it did show a decent bit of leg, very nice legs at that. She also opted for no stockings. If she happened to be successful, even if she came across a 'quickie', she reasoned, stockings might be in the way.

She waited, as indicated, for the full effect until she was in the parking lot at the Mall. She parked toward the back, her usual practice and, once there, she pulled the blouse at the shoulder down to show naked shoulders a bit and some cleavage, and took the waist band of the skirt and rolled it up, making the skirt somewhat shorter than it was designed. When she'd done that, she was ready.

But like our friends, she was always aware of the fact that these little adventures out didn't really ever usually produce any good or satisfying results for her. But that was okay. She was out and she'd left 'the creature' behind. That in and of itself was a kind of freedom.

"Who knows," she thought to herself, "Tonight I might get lucky!"

(Author's note: Familiar mantra, I realize and now the four of them, three hunters and one certified 'prey' have entered the arena of fate: Fata Morgana, if you will.)

They prowled the mall, the three of them, always on the alert and saw some 'gigglers' here and there but no real possibilities.

And, yes, they expected this but with them every time they were out and searching was an adventure that might prove successful! Their hope was therefore never ending.

But tonight, this Saturday didn't look like it was going to be their night. They saw no one that was interesting or looked interesting or was interested or looked interested! They just didn't.

They'd been there and had done their prowling for a period of about an hour and a quarter, when they thought that they might give it up and go to one of their houses to get something to eat. This was always their fall back point. They'd go and discuss the ones that they'd seen and what those possibilities were or seemed to have been.

It was at that point that Shane, the one who always noticed things, poked Knobby and also Jason and said, with a grin:

"How about her?"

He was pointing to Norma, of course, who was window shopping and casting her eyes about now and then to see if any older gents might be out and free and in the mood for anything at all.

The usual, that is the goal of her husband's small, randy cock in her mouth being the mark of success for a Saturday night for her was not what Norma was ready to face at this point. Unlike the boys, she hadn't given up but was on the verge of doing so.

"What the fuck would we do with her?" Knobby asked, looking askance at Shane.

"What the fuck do you think?" Shane said. "Maybe she's out looking for it."

"An old bag?" Knobby asked incredulously, and Jason snorted in agreement.

(In pure defense of our Norma here, let me interject that she was not in any form of the word 'an old bag'. She was older but the boys were not winning and they were turning surly in the process.

I might be totally wrong here but my theory is that when such projects as the one that our heroes were on go astray and don't pan out, being adolescently mouthy to others is the second choice for the evening. I apologize to all and sundry if such is not the case but for our three, Knobby, Jason and Shane, that's precisely what they settled for on this outing: being mouthy. They didn't realize that, of course, until the mouthiness actually began but that was their choice. Their chances of 'getting lucky' were given up for the evening, so being disrespectful to their elders was a chosen second line of attack.

Which means one thing, now that Fata Moragana is grinning her horrible grin at us: for the three seekers and for Norma it was 'game on'.

Pardon the interruption!)

"Look at the short skirt on her!" Shane said.

"So what?" Jason wanted to know, "She's old, she's not interested; what the fuck are you thinking about?"

Shane's last attempt was: "Okay, man, you find a better prospect!"

But Jason and Knobby just laughed at Shane.

Shane let it go at that point, and once they had made the rounds of the mall one more time, they went out the exit. They kind of lounged there and just looked around, watching people and just making general comments to one another.

For her part, Norma was also convinced that being a convenience for her husband's oral rutting was the only possible 'satisfaction' that she might expect from this evening. That was too bad, but with a sigh, after walking for a bit, she headed for the exit.

(And, yes, since fate has a hand here, they were all four of them going to use the same exit. But you suspected that!)

Norma left the mall by the entrance where the three teens were lounging. They were in a bad mood, having already admitted defeat. They were confining themselves to various comments about the folks that walked out of the mall this way. It wasn't their main object but it was satisfying in its own way.

Norma only noticed the three of them for the first time, as she passed them outside the exit to the mall. She glanced at them, allowed a fleeting array of thoughts about being pulled into the woods by three young, almost insatiable guys and shunted that thought off to the siding for consideration later, once her hubbie was sleeping and she could get her clever fingers embedded in her own pussy.

"Hey, Grandma!" Shane said, and the other two laughed.

Norma chose to ignore them, though her head had swiveled their way, when the comment was initially made.

That head movement was all the encouragement that they needed. They could at least needle a senior citizen tonight. That might be a consolation prize but it was worth doing. The three of them all agreed tacitly and silently by head nods, as they sauntered off in the direction that Norma was moving.

She didn't know that they were behind her, following her. She didn't know it until they decided to ratchet up the tone a little bit.

"Hey, you, Grandma!" Knobby yelled.

Norma was almost at her car by then and she turned, seeing the three of them who'd been following her. She didn't think that they looked particularly dangerous just kind of noisy in a teen aged way.

"Are you talking to me?" she said softly.

"Yeah, you, Grandma," Shane said, "Hearing bad?"

There was laughter.

Knobby jumped in at that point: "What is a woman your age wearing a skirt that short for?"

She just stared.

"Yeah," Shane said, "Want to show off your ass?"

Laughter again.

"And look at the way your tits are flopping in that blouse," Knobby went on, "Want to show them also?"

Norma's answer, nothing that they were even remotely ready for, caught them totally by surprise and it was only Jason, who was the calm thinker that night that saved the night for them.

She said, "Can't you take time to be polite? Is that possible for your generation?"

That did stop both Knobby and Shane but Jason stepped in at that point.

"Sorry, Ms," he said, "My friends are dickheads, as usual! They left their manners at home."

He seemed to be genuinely chagrined: "Cool it, Neanderthals!" He said, an this did have the effect, at least for the moment, of shutting the other two down.

Chastened a bit, the other two turned to walk away, their fun with the 'older lady' closed by Jason's conscience.

But Jason wasn't quite ready to call it quits with this woman yet:

"Tell me, Ms," he began, "What will you do if we're polite?"

She saw it as a challenge; the very first glimmer of any kind of light on her hunt for that night. It seemed, right then and there, to be positive and so Norma smiled and said: "Well, young man, maybe you should try me!"

That stopped them in their tracks. Shane and Knobby just let Jason, who actually seemed to know what he was doing right then, take the lead. They stood and watched as the interplay between Jason and the lady went on.

"Okay," Jason went on, but now with a grin and posing a kind of challenge of his own. "Would you please show us your panties?" he was grinning as he said it.

It seemed as though it was the beginning of another round of bating the older woman.

And it might well have been but Norma was in a mood and decided to respond to his being so polite. Norma flattened them by saying: "Since you asked me so nicely, young man, yes, I will."

Knobby and Shane only looked, agog. Jason was smiling at Norma and then to their total astonishment, Norma took the hem of her short skirt and lifted it up to her waist.

As she did, she turned to face them fully, so that they might get the full effect of what she did with her skirt, in pulling it up to do what Jason had so politely asked.

Her panties were pink bikinis, they were semi transparent, and immediately the three warriors were face to face, so to speak, with the impression, the shadow certainly, and almost the full view of Norma's pussy.

The three boys gaped at first, all the 'devil may care' stuff had disappeared here in the presence of what they were always searching for, here in the presence of this woman, now showing them the unmistakable view of her pussy hair.

"Thank you," Jason said, getting a smile from Norma.

"You're welcome, young man," she began.

"Jason, Ma'am," he said.

"Jason," she continued. "See what politeness will do for you. I hope your friends are realizing that now."

The air was crackling with the tension and Norma was alive with the possibilities, loving what had happened and what was potentially going to happen, and what she was certainly going to allow!

She lowered her skirt at that point.

Then he went on:

"Now would you, please, raise your blouse and show us your tits? Please?"

Norma smiled at them. "Of course, Jason," she said softly and raised her peasant blouse, showing them the flimsy, see through bra that she was wearing.

"See," she said softly, "Politeness!"

"What will you do, if we remain polite?" Knobby, who had finally found his voice, wanted to know then.

"Will you be polite?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," Knobby said, "Sorry for mouthing off like that."

"Accepted," she said and smiled at them, as Shane made a similar apology

"So, what do you want?" she returned.

"Maybe to see your ass, please?" Shane said, joining the polite method of the others.

"Well of course," Norma said, giving them her best smile and raising her skirt again, but now with her back turned to show them her ass cheeks.

All three of them made almost strangling noises, when they saw Norma's panty covered ass.

She turned and smiled again at them, letting her skirt fall back into place.

"What now?" she asked taking another step toward her car.

"Next," Jason said, deciding to see if it were possible to really move this situation ahead a bit. "We'd like you to please take off your skirt, give it to us and come with us to the van."

They all three held their breath at that point. They were at a 'make or break' juncture with this older woman. The mystery of what would happen lasted a full minute or two, as she looked them over and then to their everlasting joy, she smiled at them and her hand went to the button and zipper on the side of her skirt and she actually, actually took her skirt off and handed it to Jason, standing there in her panties.

"Of course," she said, handing over the skirt.

They were momentarily transfixed. She was no longer the 'older woman'; nor was she 'grandma'. She was suddenly, right then, the lovely woman standing in the parking lot with them and wearing that blouse, which showed her tits and otherwise had on that pair of pink panties. It was more exciting than anything that they remembered, corporately or individually.

"Where's the van?" she said.

"This way," Knobby said, walking forward and taking Norma by the arm. He leaned in and said: "And we apologize for being rude."

"Apology accepted," Norma said.

She stopped and said to them: "Let me walk ahead of you please!"

They stopped and ogled at the sight of her ass cheeks swishing back and forth under the thin nylon of her panties! It was mesmerizing! They were getting lucky!

"May we have your blouse now?" Shane asked nicely and Norma flashed him a grin, leaning to kiss his lips quickly and then she took off her blouse and gave it to Shane, and they had her then.

(On this of all Saturday nights at the mall, they'd met a real live one! They were walking the short distance to the van, and she, of her own choosing, was walking a little ahead of them, her ass cheeks, barely hidden by her bikini panties, wiggling, as they were ginning and poking each other. They were going to get lucky!)

(Norma felt precisely the same way. It had been touch and go but she had them now and they were young and anxious and randy and probably able to go over and over again. She too felt the elation of knowing that she was lucky that Saturday night.)

But Norma had her own ideas. She'd been looking for this kind of treat, out wandering and not encountering it, for such a time that she wanted it to be right this time. She turned to them and said:

"Okay, guys, here's what I want."

They were paying strict attention to her at that point.

"I've thought about doing this for a while and it's going to be amazing; I have no doubt. But I want first to go and sit with the three of you and get to know you a bit. I've already done what I've done so that you can see and be sure of the fact that you'll certainly get what you want. That's why I'm dressed right now the way that I am, the way that you said you want me. Okay?"

They looked at each other. They also realized that they had no real plan for how this was supposed to go, mainly because they never expected to be this successful. They shook their heads 'yes' and it was agreed.

She got her clothes back and put them on, and they went to a Friendlys. They got a booth, while there and sat. Norma said that it was her treat. They had ice cream.

They talked then. It was mostly, at first, the guys talking about themselves. They lost their inhibitions about talking pretty quickly. Norma was easy to talk to. It gave her some insight into them.

She was pleased that it was going this way. Then she spoke to them. She told them about 'the slug' and his ways.

They were agog that her husband had no real interest.

She laughed, letting them in now on intimate details, and said: "Only twice a month, when he wants his thing sucked and then I comply."

They were completely silent, as she told the story, on the edge of being wide eyed. She even went into some details with them that made them laugh.

"I never swallow!" she said.

They just regarded her and she said: "But with you three I will! I promise that!"

They were then grins from wall to wall.

"Excuse me for the ladies'," she said then.

"Hey," Knobby said, "Is she gonna walk out on us now?"

"No way!" Jason said, "After what she told us and the way she's been!"

He was proven right, when she came back then, and sat down.

"Would you mind holding these for me until later?" she asked politely.

Jason held out his hand, mystified, and almost croaked, when she put her panties into his hand.

"Fuck!" Knobby said, looking at the small pink garment. Then he went on: "Oops, sorry!"

"Lovely sentiment!" she said. "Well, guys, it's Saturday night and we have adventures. Ready?"

"Ready!" they said, one after another and went outside, thanking her for the treats.

They drove back to the mall parking lot, parking again in the back by her car. On the way they were, passing a park, when at a stop light another car pulled in next to them.

"Hey, Knobby," a voice said, laden with derision. "Taking your aged aunt for a ride?" The person laughed and sped away.

"What was that?" Norma asked.

"Joey Turner that ass hole!" Knobby said.

"Catch up to him!" Norma said, incensed.

Knobby sped up and by the time they got to the next light, had caught Joey' Turner's car. By then Norma had her clothes off and had Knobby's cock out and was sucking it.

"Hey, Knobby..." Joey began but then he saw Norma's naked ass and that she had Knobby's cock in her mouth.

"Oh fuck!" he said.

Norma lifted her head to gaze at Joey, who was just gaping, but didn't stop sucking.She did, however, hold up her middle finger to Joey, as, laughing, Knobby pulled away.

"You are the ultimate end," he said.

"And I'm not finished here," she said, continuing to suck him off.

"Hope you can control this van, man," Shane said with a laugh.

"Now where do you want to go?" she asked softly, when she was finished.

They went back to the mall, and Norma fetched her cell phone from her car.

"Where do we begin now?" she asked them.

"Right here," Knobby said.

They stood around her, tension in the air, all of them realizing that she was serious about this. She was naked! They were staring at her. To them, right then, her age didn't matter, what did was that she was with them and she was available.

"I want this first!" she said, grabbing Jason first and kissing him. Then she kissed each of them. It was only Shane, the third one to be kissed who had the presence of mind to put his hand on her ass, and then down over he ass cheeks for the kiss. She shook her ass a bit for him, as he handled her ass cheeks. The kiss ended in a kind of laugh from Shane, who then slapped Norma's ass hard, getting a loud squeal from her and a blush.

"You really know how to please a girl!" she said kissing Shane again, and getting her ass slapped again, this time by Knobby and then by Jason. She just wiggled it and let it happen.

"Now?" Knobby said, once the ass slapping had stopped.

"Now," she said softly, "I'm no longer in charge; you three are. You tell me!"

With grins they herded her back into the van. There was plenty of room in the back for the four of them.

"We want to take you to a place we know to party," Knobby said for the group and Norma shook her head 'yes'.

"Suck our cocks first!" Jason said.

"Yes," she agreed, "First sucking you each off, quick, hot and dirty. That's first."

They sat in the back of the van grinning at each other and she knelt there, naked and sucked them off, one after another.

She loved the different sizes and shapes of their cocks, and, as usual for her, reveled in the tastes and the textures of the cocks in her mouth. Shane was shorter and fat, Knobby was long and thin, like himself and Jason--Jason's cock was big and beautiful. It put 'the slug' to shame!

"Lovely pricks!" she enthused, as she went about the business of showing them her cock sucker side.

When she was finished with the third blow job, and third load of cum that she swallowed, she sat on her heels and grinned at them.

Knobby hastened to get the van going. He took them out the back of the mall to go to a place that they knew would be totally private.

When they got there, Knobby parked the van and went to the back, opening the big side door. There was the naked Norma sucking off Jason again, she'd already done Shane a second time.

"Me now" Knobby said, and she moved over to sit in the doorway, where he stood and took his cock out to get his blow job.

When Knobby filled Norma's mouth with cum yet again, they moved her out onto the grass. Now they wanted to fuck. They told her so, and she just smilingly agreed with them.

The first round of fucking was done by them individually, since the rest of them wanted to watch her do it, get fucked. They each had a turn and then they rested a bit and decided to take her two at a time.

Norma took them then, in the two at a time phase, one in the mouth and one in the pussy. When Jason and Shane were doing her, in the middle they changed places and Norma got to take into her mouth Jason's cock that had just been in her pussy. Then it was Knobby and Shane, when they were each done again, they wanted another break.

They did rest a bit, aware that there would be another round. They talked quietly then. It was actually pleasant and Jason, after the hiatus, said to her:

"Norma, will you let us do your ass?"

She got a twinkle in her eye, and said: "Guys, at this point, I'll let you do anything at all."

They cheered at that and got her in position, on her hands and knees. They approached her one at a time, and each time it was a cock in her mouth first and then to her ass hole. Knobby was first to kind of get her ready, then came Shane with his, as Norma was calling it, 'fat boy' and finally Jason's big prick.

Norma was grunting and moaning her way through all the treatment. She had already had multiple orgasms and was simply enjoying being the 'older' 'middle aged' slut that they picked up and had gotten lucky with.

She showed her appreciation, which she talk to them about, by taking each cock in her mouth to clean it off. They were, once again, agog.

She was amazed by the fact that, after all that they'd already done, they were ready to go yet one more time. It was Jason who proposed the final go at Norma:

"Norma, how about if you take all three of us at one time?"

"Sure, guys," she said with a smile, "But can this be our final event? This old gal is getting tired and sore."

"Nothin' old about you, Babe!" Knobby said and brought a huge smile to Norma's face. Then, after a thought, Knobby said:

"Maybe after this another round of blow jobs and then we're done!"

Norma laughed and said: "Keeping up with you three is making me older by the minute!"

They laughed at that but Jason said: "No, no, don't talk that way, you're our Babe, Norma!"

She smiled at them and told them that she was ready.

Then at Jason's direction, they set her up to take all three of them at once. Jason got on the ground and with a smile Norma set herself down on his once again big, hard cock. She gave a kind of mewing sound as she sunk down on it and got it in place.

"Very nice, Jason, love!" she said, kissing him.

He reached up an took her by the nipples causing a loud moan from her that was renewed and expanded, when Shane pushed his cock into her already used ass hole.

"Oh, oh, oh!" she wailed but her noise was cut off by Knobby who was standing by to put his cock in her mouth.

They all three tried to coordinate their movements and were all three of them giving Norma a huge workout. They also decided to shift their positions one time. It was Knobby to her pussy, and Shane, from her ass hole to her mouth, with Jason then in her ass hole.

They began then to work on her again and Norma came with a loud shout and brought the three of them with her. They collapsed in a pile, a pile that didn't move for a long period of time.

Then they were finished! Knobby had tissues for Norma in the van. She cleaned up as well as possible, and dressed and settled down in the back of the van with Shane and Jason.

When they got back to the parking lot of the mall, Knobby said to Norma:

"One more blow job?"

"Fantastic staying power!" she said and got on her knees.

She had a sore throat, a sore pussy and a sore, used ass hole but she sucked them off each again. Before she left, she also gave them her cell phone number and made a promise to get together again.

When she got home, her hubbie was just finished with his evening round of mindless tv watching.

"You're back!" he said in a grumpy voice.

"Yes," she answered, giving him her best smile.

"Whoring out were you?" he asked.

She almost giggled, when he made his usual 'charge' for when she was out at the mall doing her 'window shopping' but she kept her composure.

"No, actually at the Mall, not whoring," she said pleasantly, mentally deciding that for her next encounter with 'her guys' she'd ask them each for a little money, maybe even quarters or nickels, so that 'the slug' would at least be right.

Norma detected some interest in him tonight, and thought:

"He would pick tonight to get his bi-monthly blow job!"

She sighed to herself but was content for all of that.

"Going to shower!" she said.

"Maybe no one at the mall would want a fat old broad like you!" he said with his usual casual cruelty.

"Maybe you're right, dear!" she said and saved the 'shit eating grin' for herself about that one.

"Might help me out a bit though," he said, giving her his usual leering grin. "I mean with your whore's mouth!"

He laughed at his own witticism and use of the name for her.

"Well, I'll be in the bedroom, after my shower." She said.

"I'll come up then," he said.

It was their code for the fact that he was going to come for a blow job.

"Lovely," she said and went for her shower.

She was tired, and her throat was sore

"But his cock was much smaller than all of theirs," she thought to herself and just the use of the terms 'all of theirs' set her off to giggling in the shower.

"What you doin' in there? What's that noise?" he demanded to know, having arrived at the bedroom.

"Nothing, dear!" she said and was quiet.

He was waiting for her in the bedroom, dressed only in boxers, small cock poking out from the front of them.

"On your knees," he said, "You know how I like it!"

"Yes, I do" she said and once again that evening she was on her knees and about to suck a cock.

He reached for her nipples; he like to pinch them, while getting his blow jobs and didn't know or suspect that, this kind of treatment was the only thing that she really liked about him any more.

She took one more load in her mouth, and true to the form that she'd established with him, went to the toilet and spit it out.

"Why don't you ever swallow?" he asked

"I don't like to!" she said.

"Yeah," he said, "It's all the same, I guess. Well, I'm gonna watch some tv."

"I'm for bed," was her comment, as she slipped under the covers.

She spent a restless day the next day; she never got any of it out of her mind. It was there and replaying, making her mind swirl with the thoughts and remembrances of it all. It was one of the most pleasant days that she could remember, ever!

She went to the mall that evening, with 'the slug' mentioning her going 'whoring' again. They weren't there. She knew that it was her luck to not be able to find them two days in a row. She walked the mall, not even now looking for other possibilities. Her mind was settled on them. But she had no joy.

She wandered back out to her car, reflecting on the remote possibility that 'the slug' would want to get sucked off again tonight, maybe, and pinch her nipples. While she was thinking it, she remembered them slapping her ass and found herself hoping to make that a primary event at some time in the future. She just knew that she wasn't done with them.

She was startled out of her reverie by a voice. It was a somewhat tall kid that was standing quite near. She hadn't even heard him come up to her.

She recognized him right away; it was Joey Turner. She just gaped at him.

"It is you!" he said almost with a growl. "You're the cunt that was sucking off Knobby and gave me the finger. Right?"

His voice and body language were menacing. She only managed a 'yes' nod.

"Not so snotty just now with us alone, eh, cunt?" he asked slowly.

Now it was a 'no' head shake.

"Guess not," he said, "But I guess it's time to pay that piper!"

He took Norma by surprise then and slapped her face. She cried out a bit and had tears in her eyes immediately. He followed up his advantage from the slapping by grabbing Norma by the hair and pulling her toward a small copse of trees that bounded the back of the parking lot.

She was making noises but stopped, when he almost bellowed into her face: "Shut the fuck up, bitch!"

"Yes, ... yes, sir!" she managed, scared now.

"Better!" he said and continued to drag, force her toward the trees.

When he got her in the trees, he went for her blouse buttons and growled at her to take her pants down. She did as she was told. In a very short time he had her in her panties and bra only. That seemed to satisfy him.

"On your knees," he said, and she shook her head quickly 'yes', trying to be as complaint as he might wish.

He realized that and began to swagger just a bit.

"Not so tough, bitch!" he crowed. "Do what you're told and you won't get hurt, you old fucking hag!"

That really did make Norma mad, that name calling but she went to her knees, wondering if he was stupid enough to let her get his cock in her mouth.

As it turned out, he was and he did!

She looked up at him and smiled. She knew what she was going to do. He just gave her a superior look and, after brushing his cock along her cheeks and across her face, fed it into her mouth.

"This is what an old fuck like you is still good for!" he said in a cruel voice. It was his last 'play' as the one in charge.

That's when she sank her teeth into his cock.

He howled! She bit harder!

He jumped around trying to forcer her mouth off of his cock. She forced out the words:

"Stop it!"

By then she had a hand in his crotch and had him by the balls, and was tightening her hold on his nuts.

"Lady, lady, please!" he said, tears now on his cheeks, "You'll pull them off! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!"

Then another voice intervened: "Turner, you fuck! Get out of here!"

It was Jason, who'd seen them and followed them from one of the mall entrances.

"She won't let me go!" Joey Turner complained.

"Norma, honey!" Jason said soothingly and Norma spit the cock out of her mouth and released her grip on his balls.

Sobbing, Joey Turner put his pants on and hurried away. He even left his underwear on the ground.

Jason went to her and she sprang into his arms.

"I was scared," she said into his ear and then she was kissing him.

At this point, and from this perspective, there was a tingle all through her at the rough treatment that Joey had given her. It was kind of okay now for her to look at it that way, now that Jason was here. She just kept kissing Jason and rubbing herself against him.

"Thank you for being my hero!" she said.

"Seemed to have the situation well in hand," he said, and with a laugh: "And in mouth!"

She giggled and kissed him again.

"Think he's okay?" she said softly.

"I'll go and check," he said, knowing where Joey's car was.

"I'll go too," she said, "I want to apologize."

"You're a real lady!" Jason said, "Make me proud!" and he kissed her again, with open mouth, tongues, lips and all now.

They went and found Joey still sitting in his car.

He looked at the two of them with a moment of clean panic on his face. But Norma's tone calmed him right away:

"Are you okay, Joey?" she asked.

"Yes," he said quietly and then, with some determination, said: "Sorry, don't know why I acted like such an asshole!"

He thought and said: "I guess it's that you're a babe and they were lucky and I certainly wasn't."

"How's your... ?" she asked.

"Sore," he said, "I guess it serves me right."

"Turn," she said and she guided him so that he was sitting with his legs on the ground. She knelt there, and as he watched, surprised, she got his very red, at least where she was biting him, cock out of his pants.

"What?" he said.

"Shhh!" she whispered. "This will make him feel better."

She took the softened cock in her mouth and enjoyed the process of it getting hard and long in her own mouth, realizing and acknowledging to herself that he wasn't as big as Jason, and filing that one for later on.

Joey let out a long sigh. This he couldn't believe, especially after the way he'd treated her, that she'd some and do this for him now. It felt ... it felt wonderful, her mouth doing him now, her tongue rasping over the underside of his cock head.

Joey didn't last long.

"What a mouth on your babe!" Joey said to a grinning Jason.

"Got that right, man!" Jason replied, and grinned even wider, when he watched Joey cum in her mouth.

She took it all and then moved her head to the side and spit it out.

"Sorry!" she said, "I don't swallow!"

Jason laughed and she joined him with Joey just staring. Joey just looked on and Jason said: "Women!"

Joey agreed and then said a very polite 'thank you' to Norma and one to Jason also. Then he left.

Norma and Jason remained, after Joey was gone.

"You okay?" he asked, holding her.

"Am now!' she said.

He whispered to her, as he held her in his arms: "'The slug' must be really, really stupid!"

She looked at him in total surprise, a smile slowly creeping onto her face. Then she was smiling all out.

"You think so?" she asked.

"I know so!" was his statement.

"Oh this is so nice!" she said. "It's ... it's kind of what I've been looking for, for all these years. I hardly know how to say it and won't say it well but want to tell you. It seems appropriate that of the three of you, it's you that I tell this to."

He just stood and listened to her.

"Jason," she went on, "I've always wanted to belong to someone. I mean romantically but I also know, and have thought about this any number of times over the years, that I mean physically. You know, be theirs! I guess that some see it as a kind of slavery or something that would turn them off but it always has had a special attraction to me. Do you understand? Am I saying it right?"

"Yes, I do, lovely Norma!" he said, and she kissed him.

"In a way," she went on, "Kneeling and letting 'the slug' stick his little thing in my mouth is or at least has been a way, the way of being kind of owned, belonging to him, if only for those few minutes or so. His roughness right then--he likes to pinch my nipples as he's fucking my mouth--is the sign of belonging, and it's the only thing that I like about him, him doing it, using me and my mouth! It's strange but that's the way it is."

She hesitated then and finally went on. She had her face almost buried in his shoulder.

"I have to say it this way, with my face averted to be able to say it at all. Please forgive me in advance, Jason, if I'm making a fool of myself, and let me say that even if I am making a fool of myself, I won't stop doing what you want, even if you can't do what I want or won't for any reason. I'll make that statement that anytime you want me, mouth, lips, tongue, pussy, ass, anything, I'm available! But what I want to say is that I want ... I, uh, want, if it's possible for you or with you, to belong to you."

She looked up at his shining eyes then and went on quickly: "And, yes, I know it's temporary. You have so much living to do but for right now it's what I want to give. I mean, I'll still do Knobby and Shane and anyone else you want me to but I'd like to belong. That's what I'd like to do."

She reflected and said: "Wow! Was that ever hard!"

She waited and was nervous.

He moved then and surprised her by unhooking her bra, and taking it off. Then he produced a small marker pen. He was grinning at her by then and said:


It wasn't a question it was Jason's statement. Then he wrote 'Jason's' just under her right tit and on the left one he wrote his cell phone number. He did it so that her tits covered what he'd written.

She almost jumped at him then, and was hugging, kissing, weeping and tearing for all that she was worth.

"Yes, yes!" she said fervently. "Yours!"

They talked then for a long time. During the talk, Norma didn't bother to put her clothes back on. She simply stayed in her panties.

He told her about the great relationship he had with his Mom. Norma was pleased to hear that, though she never suspected any kind of complication from that source.

She told him all her details about 'the slug' and life with 'the slug'.

She told him where the outside key was hidden for their house, and asked him to feel free to, once he was sure that 'the slug' was gone to work or away, come and surprise her. She did giggle then about not giving her a heart attack.

"I have to go soon," he said. "Can you give me a ride? I got a ride here."

"Yes, of course!" she said. Then with a small smile she said: "Just tell me to; you don't even have to ask!"

"Takes getting used to!" he said, "Having a beauty like you!"

She giggled. Then said: "People will think you're out with your Momma or grandma!"

"Not when they see you naked, kneeling and sucking my cock, they won't!" he answered and she giggled behind her hand.

"Or see you naked and over my knee!" he went on, getting a hoot from her and a spate of giggles again.

"You're serious!" she said.

"Totally!" he answered. "You know," he went on, "We need to do something to formally declare this relationship. I mean something that you haven't done with others."

"Except for you three, I haven't had much chance to do much with others," she explained.

"Times have changed!" he said. "Stand, strip those panties off! I want you naked--bare assed naked. Now!"

"Yes, sir," she said, ecstatic about his demand and his very tone of voice. "Bare assed naked now!"

She stood and was ready for him, having no idea what he was going to do or demand of her then.

"Clasp your hands behind your back," he ordered and she complied, getting lost in this new world of serving one person, one who wanted her to serve.

Then he fed his cock into her mouth and she took it and began to suck on it, slowly, always letting him have the advantage of making the moves. She didn't so much suck on him as she did let him simply screw her mouth, fuck her face. She kept her mouth wide and took all of him, eventually fighting back the gag reflex to allow her to plant a kiss directly on his pubic hair.

"Nice!" he said. "Personal cock sucker named Norma!"

She shook her head up and down in a 'yes' gesture, and he came in her mouth.

"Swallow!" he ordered, and got the same kind of 'yes' gesture.

But then he stayed in that position and she didn't move because he didn't give her permission to move, and she was determined to get it right this time.

He stayed that way another minute and then got a huge smile on his face. It was all that she could do to keep from shouting around his cock, when he began, with a wild laugh, to piss in her mouth.

"Keep it! Take it! Swallow it! It's our sign, only for us!" he said through clenched teeth, and she did.

She kept it, she took it and she swallowed it, letting him spurt his fragrant stream into her mouth, while she strove to take it in and swallow it.

When he was finished, and she licked him clean. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up, not hesitating to plant a wet kiss on her lips.

"How do you like that, slave?" he asked.

"Slave liked it!" she said, "Liked it all!"

"I have to go home," he said to her. "School tomorrow."

"Yes," she said. And then: "Clothes?"

"Blouse, maybe and panties!" he said to her and she giggled and got dressed that way.

She dropped him off at his house. Neither of them noticed that his Mom was looking out the window, nor that the window was high up enough that she could see directly into the front seat of Norma's car, witnessing the fact that Norma did have a blouse on but beside that only a pair of pink panties.

As she watched, Coleen, Jason's Mom, chuckled as she saw this older woman, surely her own age, fondle Jason's cock and kiss him as though her life depended on it.

"What is he up to now?" she mused to herself, and was determined to find out.

Just before a last kiss, observed this time by his Mom, Jason took out his wallet and gave Norma a dollar.

"What? Why?" she asked.

"It's so, when 'the slug' asks you," he explained, "You can tell him that you made a dollar with your whoring tonight at the mall.

She hooted and grabbed him in a hug.

"I love you, love you, love you!" she said, kissing him and hugging him anew, and tucking the dollar down the front of her blouse.

Then he went into the house. His Mom watched for a few more minutes, as Norma put on her skirt, and then struggled into her bra and put her blouse back on.

"Going home to someone!" Coleen said, as she heard Jason's first call to her.

When she got home, he was watching tv.

"Honey, I'm home," she called.

He was his usual snarly self, and came into the kitchen, where she was making tea, during a hiatus between shows.

"Out whoring?" he snarled.

"Of course!" she said brightly, taking him back a bit.

But he was determined and persevered: "Make any money at it?"

"Yes, this!" she said, waving the dollar in the air, and quieting him for the moment but then he grunted and said: "Not very much."

"No, this is for you, dear," she said, "I've saved the other $99 for myself."

She walked out then with her tea and left him speechless behind.

He didn't insist on his husbandly rights that evening, so her mouth didn't get any more use than it had already had that evening with Jason.

She went to bed before him and lay there thinking and remembering the total shock of him peeing in her mouth. It brought on the giggles, which she suppressed, when she heard him coming into the room for bed. 


It was a few days later. 'The slug' was off with a few pals on a golfing trip, giving Norma some pleasant relief around the house. In the mid morning she took a late bath and was just coming out of the bathroom, her hair done and all, when she screamed. She immediately put her hand in front of her mouth.

When she entered the bedroom, there were Jason, Shane and Knobby sitting and grinning at her.

She dropped her towel and spread her arms wide: "My guys!" she said brightly and they herded into her arms. Now she had hands rummaging about her body and making her feel a definite tingle.

Then she stepped back and said: "Okay now, something special for you guys! Sit here and watch this 'old lady'; see what 'your aged aunt' is about to do."

They watched as she began looking in her drawers for the right clothes. Soon enough they were staring at her, and she was again giggling. She threw a wink at Jason, who simply nodded imperceptibly.

He was grinning. He knew that Shane and Knobby were up for this visit, a bit nervous but fine, once he'd explained that he knew that 'the slug' was out of town. But he also knew them well enough to know that they wanted to move on to other adventures. He couldn't figure that one out, at least from the point of view that they were so rarely successful but there it was. He, however, was content, and feeling a kind of commitment to the situation, at least for now.

As they watched, fairly wide eyed, she went to her bureau drawers and pulled out some black garments. She sat on the bed, her legs happily splayed for them to be able to watch her pussy wink at them through its nest of hair.

"Nice pussy, Beautiful Norma!" Jason said, and she sprang up from her perch on the bed and gave him a kiss as a 'thank you'.

First, it was a black, lacy garter belt that she put on. Next she pulled on, slowly, with her leg lifted in the air for the process, and now showing them a nice section of ass crack, dark stockings. She fitted them to the garter belt, and then it was a pair of black, bikini panties. The panties were the kind that had ties at the hip bones. She snugged them up around her ass and pussy and tied the ties off to keep them in place. When she was finished, she did a slow twirl for them, giving them a show from all sides.

"Like?" she asked softly and was again surrounded by them and their searching hands.

"I guess so!" she said, giggling at the attention that she was getting.

Jason slapped her ass, bringing a little squeal of delight from her.

"Do my guys want some breakfast?" she asked. "Or blow jobs first?"

"Blow jobs!" Jason said, pushing downward on her shoulder.

For Norma this was great, the great part. Here she was in the bedroom that she shared with her surly and growly husband, whose idea of romance was his twice monthly stuffing of his cock in her still willing mouth. But she was surrounded by these young guys, who were now demanding that she, their sexy babe, suck their cocks.

She moved around so that she could see what she was doing, who she was sucking off in the full length mirror on the closet door. She took Shane's 'fat boy' first, bathing it first with her lips and tongue. She clutched his hips with her hands, keeping her hands out of the way. As he got into a rhythm with the cock sucking that she was doing, she simply kept her mouth open wide to allow him to slide in and out of her mouth, closing her lips tightly around the head of his cock with each stroke. It proved too much for him and he ended blowing off into her mouth.

Then it was Knobby and 'the thin man', as she called him. It was a repeat performance for Knobby, her hands on his hips and him flailing away with his fucking motion with her mouth tightening around the head of his cock, as it slid from her mouth periodically. Knobby was a bit harder to get all the way into her mouth but not nearly as hard as Jason was. She took Knobby's load into her mouth and swallowed with little difficulty.

"Bitch swallows!" Jason said with satisfaction.

She grinned at him, as he advanced on where she was kneeling. She watched him approach her and glanced at the mirror image, when he was in place. He was the athlete and she loved his physical form. Without being asked or told, she unfastened his pants, whereas she simply had allowed Knobby and Shane to take their cocks out but now she had Jason naked from the waist down. Shane and Knobby thought nothing of it but Jason noticed it right away. He gave her a huge smiling grin, as she began to work on him.

She didn't put her hands on his hips but rather slid them around so that she could possess, with her outstretched hands, his ass cheeks. She spent some time first making love with her mouth, lips and tongue to the head of his cock, licking and sucking on the underside of it avidly. Then in a quick movement, that she'd used with him before, she captured it, fairly all of it, into her mouth and throat. It brought a kind of shout from him.

Norma repeated this kind of movement several times, until finally Jason tensed. In her mouth she could feel the prick swell just a bit and knew what was coming for her. He began to spurt and she worked at him, worked to swallow.

For the moment, Knobby and Shane were distracted with something else, and as she licked Jason's cock clean, she said to him softly: "The rest comes later, Master!"

He knew what she meant and nodded his head in agreement.

"Breakfast?" she asked then and they were eager at that point.

She put on an apron and fixed them some breakfast.

At that point Knobby and Shane were in a bit of a hurry, since they worked at the local McDonald's and had to get going fairly soon.

"Something for me before you go!" she said softly and untied the panties and put them aside.

She leaned over the table, giving them a target, and, with Knobby going first, got fucked in the kitchen. It was another kind of victory for her over 'the slug' to be being fucked in the kitchen!

Knobby and Shane made their excuses then but Jason said that he was staying. She walked them to the door and got them off with proper kisses. Then they were gone and she turned to Jason, who was just standing and grinning at her.

She took him by the hand, not saying a word and led him off to the side where there was a powder room. Once inside the powder room, she sat herself down on the closed toilet seat and opened his pants, letting them fall to his ankles. She took his cock and stroked it once and then, opening her mouth wide, took it inside and waited.

He chuckled and soon enough began to piss in her mouth. She had decided that this was a thing that she did for him, always for him. It was her declaration.

When he was finished and she'd cleaned him up, he hauled her up from the toilet seat and kissed her.

"My special lady!" he said to her in a soft voice.

They walked to the living room then but she stopped and said: "With all that, now I have to pee. I'll be right back."

He smiled and waited a few seconds for her to get settled in the powder room, and then went to the door, opening the door. She sat there and was just beginning her stream, when he opened the door. She let out a loud 'eeeeeep' kind of sound but he just watched her. Overcoming her initial reaction, she spread her legs and let him see her stream. He laughed and said:

"You're so much fun to play with!"

"Thank you," she said softly, cleaning herself and getting another hug from him.

"Your schedule?" she asked.

"Told my Mom that I'd be back a little later. Have a little more time," he answered.

"Good!" she went on, turning her back on him and wiggling her ass at him. "Target? Interested, big guy?"

She retrieved, from the medicine cabinet on the wall, a jar of vaseline and herself greased up his cock, which now was standing up, big and hard. Then she went to the toilet and bent over from the waist, splaying her legs out as far as possible to give him a good target.

She smiled back at him as he said: "Beautiful ass, Norma!"

"Yours!" was her reply and she grabbed hold of her ass cheeks to spread them.

He pushed his cock head against her puckered rosebud and, with her grunting and sucking in her breath, pushed his cock inside of her.

"Ohhhhhh!" she wailed at him, as he began his slide into her ass hole. "Hurts! Hurts! Hurts so wonderful!"

He began his pumping action in earnest then and accompanied it with resounding, stinging slaps to her ass. She was simply blown away by it.

She realized on the spot that these wonderful, dirty things were exactly what she'd been looking for! This was what her fantasies sought out, and what the Saturday night prowling was all about and here she was getting it! Being fucked! Being 'corn holed'. She was about in ecstasy with it and with him.

"Fucking nice ass!" he said, as he tenses to shoot into her ass, filling her deep inside with the warmth of his cum, and giving her another resounding ass slap to finish.

She cleaned herself up and asked him his plans.

"I have to get home to help my Mom with some chores," he answered. He smiled then and said to her, surprising her totally:

"She wants to meet you."

"You've told her?" she asked shocked.

"Yes," he said smiling. "She's really cool; you'll see."

"Ohhhh!" she said weakly.

"Hey," he said next, "Who's in charge here?"

She went to her knees then and kissed his hand and said: "Jason, I'm so sorry; I was just shocked. Of course, if you decide, it's okay, it's fine."

He grinned at her. "Ride home?"

"Yes, my special man!" she said, getting a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

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