Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Cast - The continuing adventures of Tony, Melody, and Lissa. You should read “Model Student” to understand this. Now sophomore art students and trying to understand and manage their new life, Tony, Melody, Lissa and their friends attempt to come to grips with the larger reality of life outside of college as well as in. Some sex in most chapters, much sex in some. The trio finally discovers it is in love—with each other and someone else! This story includes an abused submissive woman.

Like most works of the scope of Triptych, there are a lot of characters that come in and out of the action. This is a reference list that will be added to as I add more characters. I've omitted names of people who appeared in Model Student who are unlikely to appear in Triptych, reserving the right to add them later.)

The Family

Tony "Pogo" Ames, Sophomore art student—Painting and Literary/Art Criticism Dual Degree at PCAD and SCU, Lissa and Melody's boyfriend

Melody "Little One" Anderson, Sophomore art student—Textiles, Tony and Lissa's girlfriend

Lissa Grant, Reigning US Open Women's Champion, Tony and Melody's girlfriend

Kate "Kitten" Holsinger, Sophomore art student—Painting, Tony, Lissa, and Melody's girlfriend

Jack Wade, Lissa's ex-husband

Damon Wade, Lissa's 7 year-old son

Drew Wade, Lissa's 5 year-old son

Saul Ames, Tony's father

Deborah Ames, Tony's mother

Alexandra "Lexi" Anderson, Melody's mother

Harold Anderson, Melody's father

Vadoma "Gypsy" Tshilaba Holsinger, nee Džugi, Kate's mother

Oke Holsinger, Kate's father

Willow (m) and Sunday (f), Kate's 14-year-old brother and sister (twins)

Ken Holsinger, Kate's grandfather

Molly, Nanny for Drew and Damon

At Pacific College of the Arts and Design (PCAD)

Sandra Wells, Sophomore art student—Graphic Design

Amy "Amalia Want" Garnet, Sophomore art student—Advertising Art

Dr. Glenn Henredden, Studio Fundamentals professor/muralist

Professor Carolyn DeWitt, Melody's faculty advisor and director of the Textiles Department

Kevin, Amy's gay friend at PCAD

Jason Roe, Student in the Dual Degree Program—majors unknown

Professor McIntyre, Figure Drawing instructor

Dean Nathan Peterson, Academic Dean

Dr. Bychkova, Art History Professor

Ms. Brock, Instructor in Visual Concepts course

Miss Stevenson, Secretary to Dean Peterson

Abe Ardmore, Studio Arts Department Chairperson

At Seattle Cascades University (SCU)

Brianna "Bree" Jacobson, Cheerleader, racquetball team manager, Sam's daughter

Sam Jacobson, Athletic Director

Sonia Engstrom, Cheerleader

Jan "Thor" Thorson, Sonia's boyfriend

Eric Barnes, Student activist

Rio, 5' tall and round Freshman Literature major at SCU in Critical Reading with Tony and has a crush on him

Whitney, 6' tall and thin Freshman Linguistics major at SCU with crush on Tony. Joins racquetball team. Pretty, smart, and fast.

Tonya, senior women's basketball player/racquetball wannabe at SCU

Ric "Rick" Ye, SCU mentor/cohort leader

Joo-Eun "June" Kim, SCU mentor/cohort leader, girlfriend of Rick

Amanda Fortier, Junior pre-med student at SCU in Tony's Human Anatomy class

Justin Chen, Junior pre-med student at SCU in Tony's Human Anatomy class

Coach Fredericks, Sports Conditioning instructor for Tony

Brent, 6' blond junior who joins racquetball team

Franklin, 6' black junior who joins racquetball team, becomes Brent's doubles partner

Walt Rosenberg, junior lineman on SCU football team, Sandra's boyfriend

Andy Parsons, SCU student with Tent City shift before Tony's

Derrick, SCU student, frat brother of Andy's

Cary Randolph, Dual Degree Program advisor

Dr. Delfin, Human Physiology Professor

Professor Strait, Critical Reading in the Humanities Instructor

Racquetball Competitors, Partners, and Trainers

Allison "Ally" Perkins, Women's Intercollegiate National Championships competitor

John Gilbert, Trainer at the Seattle Racquet Club

Karl Higgendorfer, Reigning National Singles and Intercollegiate Champion

Sally and Tomas, Mixed Doubles Competitors

George and Nicole, Mixed Doubles Competitors

George and Jessica Rodriguez, Mixed Doubles competitors from Argentina at Opens

Janet Bacon, Women's Open finalist against Lissa

Rod, Tall player at the Seattle Racquet Club

Phil, Player at the Seattle Racquet Club

Brian Sommers, National Singles Silver Medalist

Other friends and cast

Beth "Dumpling" Carpenter, Tony's best friend from high school, now at Wellesley

Wendy Martin, Waitress at Carmine's Cucina, junior at UW

Rev. Larkin, Lutheran minister when Tony was growing up.

Clarice Bortelli, artist's agent

Rafe, Wendy's sadistic ex-boyfriend

Jimmy James, friend of Damon

Ella James, Jimmy's little sister and Drew's friend

Noelle James, Mother of Jimmy and Ella

Patrick James, Noelle's husband

Doctor Smith, teaching doctor at the Med School

Mama Sara, 26 yo at the commune where Kate grew up in Oregon

Papa Jim, 22 yo "husband" of Sara, son of Leo and Bliss

Ariel, 10 yo daughter of Sara

Solomon, 3 yo son of Jim and Sara

Mama Helen, Oke's sister

Papa Dave, Helen's husband

Rainbow, 14 yo daughter of Helen and Dave, best friend of Willow and Sunday

Lilith, 16 yo daughter of Helen and Dave, in love with Dusty

Grandpa Leo, first generation member of commune with Ken

Gradma Bliss, Leo's wife (a little younger)

Dusty, 20 yo son of Leo and Bliss

Barbara Brown, Beth's girlfriend at Wellesley

Bob Bowers, Art Critic for the Times

Jonathan Reichman, Opera afficianado

John MacDonald, Lawyer

Sharon Reeves, portrait client

Rebecca, Sharon's chaperone

Amar, Indira, and Mirium Singh, portrait clients

Donna and Howard, Barbers at Quick-Cuts

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