Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - There are many nice women in this world and meeting them isn’t all that difficult if you keep your eyes open and do a little courting as well as say the right things.

Walking from his car to the gymnasium, Brian Gardner thought winter weather was really upon us. He could see some snowflakes swirling in the cold wind. It would be nice to sit in a warm gym and watch a college basketball game, but it may not be that good of a game since the home team’s opponent was the conference cellar dweller. Brian’s son, Danny, was the seventh man on the home team and he should see considerable playing time tonight if the pre-game handicapping was to be believed. Danny was having his college paid for by being a member of the team, but he didn’t have any delusions about being a good enough basketball player to continue playing basketball somewhere after getting his degree.

As Brian was going to his seat, he noticed that he would be sitting next to a lady that he hadn’t seen before. The seat he had was those that were given to players, who usually gave the tickets to their parents or friends. For the last few games, Brian had been sitting next to Frank and Helen Frasier, whose son, Josh, was the sixth man on the team. Sitting next to what appeared to be an attractive lady was a pleasant change, although Frank and Helen who Brian had met while attending these games were quality people.

Brian was taking his coat off when he noticed the lady look up at him.

“Is something wrong with Frank or Helen? I know that they normally sit there.”

“No, they just decided to leave this cold weather and go on a seven day Caribbean cruise. I am Helen’s sister, Laurie, and this gives me an opportunity to see my nephew, Josh, play some ball.”

“Nice to meet you, Laurie, I am Brian Gardner and the father of Danny, who is also on the team.”

They exchanged some pleasantries and, within a few minutes, rose for the playing of the national anthem followed by the starting lineups being introduced.

The game started and they continued their conversation while they watched the game.

“What do you do, Laurie?”

“I teach English at Garfield High School, you?”

‘I’m an attorney.”

“Specializing in any type of law?”

“Primarily estate planning and estate administration, with a smattering of real estate and divorce work. Sometimes we get involved in some other areas where our clients require legal help. If it’s something too big or complex for us to handle we refer it out”

“How is business?”

“Actually pretty good in spite of the economy. We have managed to build up a nice base of clients who generate work for us as well as send us referrals. I have one associate who works with me and I am thinking about hiring another one because of the increase in business.”

As they were watching the game, Brian was also making comments on the quality of play that both teams were exhibiting. He wasn’t that complimentary about both teams’ offenses.

“What don’t you like about the offenses?”

“It’s what I would call the Michael Jordan effect that you see teams doing now-a-days whether it’s on the college or professional level. They pass the ball around the perimeter back and forth and then it’s one on one in trying to score for the most part. Michael could do that but most players do not have that kind of individual talent. Basketball is a team game and is beautiful to watch when they play as a team.”

“What would do different if you were coaching?”

“I would put in an offense where you would have at least two on two or three on three. For instance, the ball could be passed into the center by either the guard or the forward and then the passer cuts off the center going for the basket. The center can give the cutter the ball for a layup or if the defensive center drops back, the center can turn around and take a short jump shot. That wouldn’t be the sole offense but it would start some good team movement.”

“Does it matter if the other team is playing a man to man or a zone defense?”

Not really on man to man but in a zone if it collapses as it should, then the center can pass the ball back out to a remaining guard or forward for a short jump shot.”

“It sounds like you played some ball.”

“I did and was fortunate to be on a team that went to the NCAA tournament. We had a great coach who was good in explaining the intricacies of the game. By your questions it sounds that you may have played some ball as well.”

“I did and played on the women’s team at Northern Central. Besides teaching, I also coach the girl’s basketball team at Garfield High School.”

Brian just laughed at her revelation and asked her how her team was doing.

Laurie told him that they didn’t have that much talent and had a five hundred record. They continued to discuss the game and the current state of basketball.

All too soon as far as Brian was concerned, the game ended. He really enjoyed talking to Laurie for a number of reasons. Besides her being intelligent and having a good grasp of the game she was one highly attractive woman. Short brown hair, somewhere in her mid-thirties with a nice figure in proportion to her height and having a way of looking at you that made for a very enjoyable evening. They said their goodbyes, with each one acknowledging the nice time they had and expressing a wish that maybe they would see each other again.

Brian had some thoughts about Laurie and the nice time he had during the week. She was by herself at the game and he didn’t notice any rings on her fingers which had him he assume she was single. She possibly had a significant other, but maybe she didn’t. He was sorry that he hadn’t asked about her status or maybe inquired if they could get together for coffee.

Two weeks after meeting Laurie and while scanning the local neighborhood paper, he noticed the basketball schedules for the high school teams in the sports section. The Garfield girls’ basketball team was scheduled to have a home game this Friday. Brian made a mental note to attend the game.

There was not a large crowd for this girls’ basketball game. There were some parents, a few students, and maybe a few boyfriends in the stands. Brian took a seat about eleven rows up from the home team’s bench and somewhat to the side. He noticed Laurie and she looked as good as he remembered, maybe even a little better. She was wearing a white blouse and tan slacks. What was interesting was that the slacks were made of a material and had a cut to them that showed that Laurie had a very nice butt. He enjoyed watching her walk as she coached her team since her butt jiggled quite nicely.

Brian was somewhat surprised as he watched the game. The girls on Laurie’s team were using the offense he had discussed with Laurie. They were passing the ball into the center and then cutting off the center. Their efforts resulted in a twelve point lead at the end of the first half.

Just before the start of the second half, Laurie looked into the stands and saw Brian. You could see the puzzled look on her face and then a look of remembrance as she recognized Brian. She gave him a little wave of her hand and Brian reciprocated with a smile on his face and nodding his head.

The second half of the game was similar to the first half. Laurie’s team was up by twenty points when she cleared the bench giving all the players a chance to play. During a time out, Brian noticed that Laurie gave him a few glances as she imparted her words of wisdom to her team.

When the buzzer sounded and the game was over the teams congratulated each other. Laurie signaled Brian to come down to the floor. Brian walked up to Laurie and congratulated her on the win. He told her he noticed her team’s offense.

“We have only been doing it for two weeks and it seems to be working well. We don’t have an abundance of talent but playing as a team has compensated for that.’

While they were talking, a lady about Laurie’s age walked up and congratulated Laurie. This lady wouldn’t go away so Laurie introduced her to Brian. This lady was the mother of the starting point guard on Laurie’s team. She was fairly attractive in her own way. She was about five foot five inches tall, one hundred and twenty pounds with red hair that came down to just past her shoulders. He breasts caught Brian eyes as they were large and appeared to be firm or maybe that was because of the bra she was wearing.

Her name was Debbie Fallon and the look her green eyes were giving Brian made him feel a little uncomfortable. It was like he was being sized up or leered at. Because of how she looked at him his impression was that she was available and would be a very interesting sex partner but that was just a passing thought.

After Debbie excused herself Brian asked Laurie; “Is the winning coach available to go and have an adult beverage and maybe some pizza? I don’t know if you are married or have a significant other so I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable in asking you.”

“No problem on that and yes, a drink and some pizza would hit the spot.”

They made arrangements to meet at a restaurant that featured pizza.

While waiting for the pizza Laurie asked Brian what he thought about the game and the team’s offense.

“The only thing I would suggest is that whoever passes the ball into the center goes and sets a pick for another player then cuts off the center with the person she picks for also cutting off the center on the other side. So a guard picks for another guard or forward and a forward picks for a guard.”

“And one more thing on the pick or the screen, the person being picked for needs to learn to use that pick. She should brush the picker as she runs by her. Too often, especially in the pros, you see too much room between these two so the picker starts moving sideways to close the gap. That’s a moving pick and is illegal although they don’t call the foul as often as they should.”

Laurie thanked him for the advice and said she would have the team work on that at the next practice.

They talked about various subjects and Brian mentioned Debbie who Laurie had introduced him to.

“Oh, she is a nice person but has a little reputation as being sexual permissive. I don’t know if it’s true but that’s what some people say. I know she is divorced and sells real estate but that’s about all I know. Tell me about yourself as besides being Danny’s father and an attorney that’s about all I know about you.”

“I married Sydney, my ex-wife, right after I graduated from college and Danny was born one year after we were married. Sid was a nurse and I worked as a claim adjuster for an insurance company. I went to law school at night and Sid also was able to work since we were blessed with both of our parents being available to help raise Danny. Just after I received my law degree, Sid told me she preferred being a doctor’s wife instead of an attorney’s wife and we divorced. After passing the bar I went to work for an attorney who was a friend of my father’s and I took over the business when he retired. My uncle, who manages real estate properties, has been a good source of business referrals and that has helped me considerably. How about you?”

“I have dated a little, but never found the right person. I have gotten a Master’s and enjoy what I do.’

They lingered over a cup of coffee. Brian asked Laurie if she would like to go out to dinner next Saturday and she said she would. Brian walked her to her car and said goodbye to her and said he will see her next Saturday.

Throughout the week Brian’s thoughts would drift back to Laurie and he smiled as he remembered how she looked and acted. He was looking forward to this Saturday.

Saturday finally came and when he pressed the doorbell button on her condo he was quite pleasantly surprised when she opened the door. Laurie was wearing a black sleeveless knee length sheath dress that was cinched at her waist. The high heeled shoes she was wearing emphasized her nice calves and thin ankles. The little makeup she had on showed her to be very attractive and desirable.

Brian commented to Laurie on her nice appearance and she blushed a little at his remark. “It’s a change for me to put a dress and high heels on and it’s very nice to know that someone appreciates that.’

His remark of “If you wore a dress during your games, the ref’s would be looking at you and not the players” earned him a playful slap on his arm.

Brian thought it was a very nice dinner, made more so by his attractive and intelligent dinner companion. He thought that she appeared to have a good time as well.

Back at her condo she didn’t invite him to come in but she did give him a kiss on his cheek with the softest lips that gave him a nice promise of things to come. If Brian had thoughts of Laurie before this date, they were nothing compared to the thoughts he was now having of her.

During the week Brian needed to stop by the mall to purchase some items. He was walking through the mall after completing his purchases when he heard, “Hello, Brian Gardner!”

He stopped and saw that it was the lady that Laurie had introduced him to after the basketball game. He didn’t remember her name but he remembered her large breasts which she was showcasing by the tight sweater she was wearing.

“I’m sorry, I remember meeting you but I don’t remember your name.”

“Debbie Fallon, what are you doing here?”

“I just needed to pick up a few things which I did and am now heading out to have a bite to eat.”

“That sounds interesting and do you want some company?”

“Having a beautiful lady for a dinner companion will be the best thing that will happen to me today. Of course I would like to have some company.”

He saw that she appreciated the compliment he gave her.

Dinner with Debbie was enjoyable for a number of reasons. She was pleasant company and she was easy on the eyes but it did require some effort on Brian’s part to look into her eyes and not at her breasts. There was also something about how she looked at Brian that gave him a feeling it wouldn’t take too much of an effort to talk her out of her sweater. While he was talking with her he wondered if he should make that effort.

That question was somewhat answered when she asked Brian if he would be her escort this Friday to a dinner dance being sponsored by a local real estate association. She said she was going to have to miss her daughter’s basketball game but her daughter wouldn’t mind too much as she and some of the team players were having a sleepover at a player’s house.

Brian accepted her invitation and she wrote her home address on the back of a business card along with the seven o’clock pick up time.

In the remaining three days before Brian was to take Debbie out, he wondered what he had gotten himself into with this date. He chuckled to himself because of the way Debbie acted he was pretty sure what he would be getting into at the end of this date.

At the agreed on time he pressed Debbie’s doorbell button. She opened the door and he could see she was quite nicely decked out. The red dress she was wearing had a scoop neckline and was showing a considerable amount of cleavage. It going to be a challenge as to where his eyes would look thought Brian, a very nice challenge.

This dinner dance had its good and not so good. The dinner food was average with a broiled chicken breast being the main entrée. The dancing however was another story. Debbie was right up against Brian and her breasts were putting two indentations in his suit jacket. Since he was taller than Debbie and when he looked down at her, he was looking at her considerable cleavage. These looks were stimulating him and he thought Debbie could feel the effect she was having on him.

When the crowd started to thin out Debbie suggested that they leave as well and they did.

Not too much was said on the ride back to Debbie’s house. Brian could sense some sexual tension in the air and he thought Debbie did as well. Arriving at her house she remarked again that her daughter was at a sleepover and she invited Brian to come in.

Once inside her house she put her coat over a chair and turned toward Brian. She placed one hand behind his neck drew him to her for a very passionate kiss. As she was kissing him her other hand went in between them and grasped his shaft which was rapidly growing. Since her hands were exploring him he thought he should reciprocate and he did so by dropping one hand onto her fine buttocks, while his other hand went up to cup and massage one of her large breasts.

The kissing continued and when they finally came up for air she said, “Let’s go where we can be more comfortable” and turned to walk to her bedroom.

Brian followed her watching her reach behind herself to pull the zipper on her dress down while he was talking off his suit jacket and tie. As she dropped her dress to the floor he noticed the large width of the bra strap on her back and concluded it had to be that wide to handle her considerable assets. He continued to divest himself of his clothes while he watched her reach behind again to unclip her bra and roll her panties down over her hips. Wearing only her nylons and high heeled shoes, she reclined on the bed and opened her arms and legs in a silent invitation to Brian.

He went and lay alongside her giving her an open-mouth kiss. The kissing was fine, but she wanted more because she started moving down his chest, licking his nipples and then continued down to mouth his erect shaft. He could see her stop and let the shaft withdraw from her mouth for her to lick it while gazing up at him.

“You don’t need for you to do that, I am more than ready for you.”

“I can see that but I enjoy doing this. Just lay back and enjoy.”

She went right back to nursing on his shaft. He signaled her to move her body and she understood his message. She raised one of her legs and placed it over his head. He licked her enlarged and damp hairless swollen lips which caused her to move her hips in reaction to what he was doing. He could tell she had an orgasm and he did as well.

Debbie confirmed she enjoyed what she was doing as she swallowed every drop of his spend. She turned around and gave him another kiss with her tongue searching for his tonsils. He could taste himself but her tongue was very tantalizing as it explored his mouth.

She finally rested lying against him and said, “That was nice.”

His hand was cupping one of her large breasts with his thumb tweaking its nipple as he said, “I agree, you are really something.”

After sometime had passed he moved down and nursed on her nipples which by her actions showed him they were very sensitive. With him getting his fill of her breasts, he moved himself in between her spread thighs as her hand grasped and aligned it for insertion into her. Placing each of his hands underneath her knees allowed him to raise her hips to where he was able to give her the deepest penetration he could. This excited Debbie and somewhat hindered her hip movements but she compensated by drawing his face down to hers and kissing and licking his face. The warmth that his shaft felt and her lubrication were sufficient for him to penetrate her for a long time before he finally discharged into her.

He was a little exhausted and she admitted that she was as well. Snuggling up to him she fell asleep and he did to in a little while.

The light of the morning coming around the window shade woke him. He saw that the bed sheet was at Debbie’s waist which exposed her breasts to his gaze. He studied them and based on their shape he concluded that they had to have been surgically enhanced at some point. His further opinion was that it was a very nice enhancement.

Debbie stirred and opened her eyes. She said, “Good morning Lover.”

“Good morning to you as well sexy woman.”

She giggled and moved to him to give him a good morning kiss. His hands went around her and squeezed the globes of her buttocks. Debbie felt his morning woody pressing against her. She rose to where she could put a leg over Brian’s hips and inserted him into her warm chute which was still moist. She rode him cowgirl style till each of them received satisfaction from her efforts.

With her snuggling against him he asked her when her daughter was due to come home. Debbie wasn’t sure but thought there still was a few hour before she did. Brian told her he had better get dressed and going so as not to embarrass her if her daughter was to come home while he was there. She thanked him for his thoughtfulness.

As he was dressing he noticed a picture of Debbie and another lady who appeared to be almost a twin. He pointed at the picture and asked Debbie if it was her sister. She just laughed and said, “No, that is my mother and it will make her day when I tells her what you just said.”

Walking him to the front door she gave him one last kiss and thanked him for a wonderful evening. He told her that he was the one who should be doing the thanking.

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