Chapter 1: Unbelievable

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Celebrity, BDSM, Rough, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Scatology, Size, Body Modification,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: Unbelievable - Crazy, insane, impossible, … How did I get here? This doesn’t seem real … what happens when nobody will see you cry? Filtara intends to reclaim wastewater for the Arab community. It has a strategy that has satisfied its investors two primary goals. 1-clean water in the desert 2-allowing American females to voluntarily demean themselves. They had no idea they would get this many volunteers.

I can feel it move through me, slowly, forcing its way, inexorably finding the path of least resistance. A principle of physical order similar to a small leak in a dam that gets larger and larger as the forces of nature overcome the order imposed on man. Only this is mostly the reverse - the force of man overriding years of human function in the search for ... what? It feels strange but inevitable. It definitely is not pain free! At first it was good but as it continued it came to the normal processes of doing things in the wrong direction. Not like driving the wrong direction on a one way street, that was just a false rule. Driving the wrong way on an interstate highway was highly dangerous. Driving the wrong way on the 405 in LA was death. This came in the middle of those last two. But it also fit in with altering the way things had been done since life began. Reversing a process that evolved over eons. And it hurt horribly at times. It is so slow and it builds and builds and then the wall breaks down and it flows and flows and fills and fills and then it hurts hurts hurts and bursts through over and over and over. It builds as I fill then ceases (almost) when the power overwhelms nature and then the cycle repeats but the pain is in a new exciting place. I lied about the exciting part. I have no idea how long this has been going on. Well, that might not be true since I have done part of this experiment without being the subject, but I don't know how long this has been going on because it all depends. It all depends on the flow and viscosity and the surface tension of the fluid and ... A bunch of other things I wish I didn't know! Each cycle is worse, the pain is more, the release happens as a series of bursts. A little sequence of pain release all over from the start of the process. Breaking this rule is possibly a crime against ... humanity? Or at least me! Oh oh oh oh my my oh my GOD! Oh ... my...

And then I wake to pain! My God! Did I just orgasm? Did I just pass out from an orgasm? Oh, maybe this isn't so bad ... Ahhh Ahhh ... shit that hurts too much ... I can not take much more ... and and ... Oh yes yes yes ... uh uh ... Oh oh OHHHH...

And once more ... it hurts! I am delusional (maybe) I keep seeing that horrible thing from Lord of the Rings ... the little fucker that is distorted by the ring ... and I laugh but not really because of the LG in my mouth but I hear myself and wonder about my sanity. The LG design was awesome! It got me hooked! The possibility of great engineering for humanity. Something to help diet easily - I still don't understand that! But the design was pure genius! Oh shit! It just hurts and hurts! Somehow it is worse that it pulses through you! Extreme pain the cessation of pain then pain release but now pain pain pain followed by sexual release. And that last time I am sure was a multiple orgasm. So long ago so much ... fuck fuck oh my god oh my god it it uunnhhh...

And then the pain again! Please stop stop please stop

Its getting worse - my body is fighting too much! I feel like I'm going to explode! My body is full full ... then oh my it flows ... it feels like its got to my stomach it flows, plugs, flows, a valve or something opens closes opens flows closes fills fills...

Now it just flows but slowly slowly I can see it flow into the LG! Its dirty but its flowing but really really slowly. This didn't happen when I ran the experiment! What is different? It's me! Or is it? Why would that matter. And then a voice in my ear says - see you just need to be patient! I know the voice, it's my competition ... Fucking Jace! The bastard! But why is he here? I cannot ask him because one cannot speak with an LG inserted. But he probably knows! And the voice begins "Yeah, cunt! You know why! SWC might be Southern Women's Conference officially but it's Sleazy White Cunt in the places it matters. Or in your case Stupid White Cunt! you know why this worked? Because I never ever considered it wouldn't! I didn't stop the experiment when the subject cried in pain! And I didn't blow out the subject by using too fast a flow. That's why you failed! And why I have prevailed - we aren't close to done, but we have positive results. Because I DO NOT FUCKING CARE HOW MUCH YOU HURT! And maybe I just like making you hurt! And now we have a test subject that is at phase 1!" and the voice went away but in the distance I could hear applause! And maybe a party. In the meantime I just had - the flow. Once in a while it slows in various places then breaks and flows. And the voice says "and it will flow and flow, faster and faster until we know the limits of a SWC! Your idea and now your experiment and my rewards!" and then he was gone. But the flow continued. And I knew it would never stop! Because I knew what came after Phase 1 - but I didn't really know because Jace had a completely different agenda. For Jace I think he just wanted to overcome nature and to do it painfully to me! Once again it was about me, narcissistic little me, maybe I was a stupid white cunt! After all I was the one with the Phd and I was the one who believed Jace Tanner...

"Well, Mr. Tanner our confidence in your abilities have brought us all rewards! Ms. Hunt appears a successful subject. We will need to know if the process will work on others but this is proof of concept. Congratulations are in order!"

Jace Tanner spent a few seconds basking in those words then "Yes, Mr Basil, we have a beginning but we must move forward. Ms Hunt, Kristina, shows much promise. However, we need to continue to measure quality of cleansing and as with the other process we need to determine maximum flow rates. Then..."

"Yes Jace! I understand completely!" and he did, Ms. K.Hunt - he smiled at that - the cunt needed to be fully tested. Maximum flow through, and purification amounts at different rates. "But the important thing is to make sure to not stop the flow until other subjects have proven the creation process!"

"Ah, I believe we understand each other! Who is the next subject?" hoping it was Becca.

"After this breakthrough we need to move quickly, so I believe all the researchers will start the process today!" and he smiled when Jace looked shocked and happy!

Jace was elated and didn't even try to hide it. "We have facilities ready to begin..." and was further shocked when the rest of the researchers were being led into the room."

As he watched they were settled into the ... Oh who the hell am I kidding! The basic concept is a three inch pipe which is inserted anally. The subject was lowered into a seating position over the pipe. (Jace had personally assisted in the expansion of the researchers number two orifice) Jace was a BBC owner and the BBC he owned was very big. What is a BBC? Well, it certainly isn't british! It is simply a Big Black Cock! And most of the researchers were very happy to get qualified by Jace. Fully qualified in each of their three orifices. But I digress, then the bindings were put in place and finally the LG (Life Giver) was inserted in the number one orifice. Jace liked thinking that way sometimes! One is mouth or oral, two is asshole or anal, and three is the cunt or fucking home sweet home!

"Mr Basil? I would recommend one repeats the flow of subject one, but I believe we should try different rates of flow on the others. The faster we can have a subject the more efficient our testing will proceed."

Mr. Basil just waved to go ahead. Basically saying you are the expert. Ideally Jace would have preferred sequential processing but this is what they want.

"Jace, keep in mind we have some other candidates for subjects - how long was the process for subject one?"

"Twenty seven hours, 37 minutes." Becca would be the one to repeat that process, he wanted it to last forever but that was the maximum. "I think we can bring that down a lot, maybe eight hours..."

"We have the new demo plant ready - and this one we designed to alter from standard to reverse flow by just flipping a few switches. Start the new ones but get cunt one setup for measuring results. Use RS5 for the first tests. I will want test results ASAP!"

Jace nodded - and thought cool that was the best - Raw Sewage Grade 5.

"When do we need to decide on the reverse flow? You know I had doubts this would provide higher purification results" but Mr Basil stopped him

"Don't care! This will impress our customers! Purification results are only part of the equation. Why do you think all the research subjects and purification units use SWC as a primary component." then he smiled as Jace caught up.

"I was very happy when K. Hunt suggested this experiment - now that I know the conversion process is painful and traumatic it is our number one priority. I look forward to the process of returning the subject to normal and only hope it is just as entertaining!" and he turned to leave. "Oh, one more thing - we have a few things to discuss. Once you get the other five started and on video come to my office."

Jace watched as the filtration units were put in place and supervised the flow rates for the four that would be accelerated. He chose based upon several parameters, some were physical characteristics but all the subjects were very healthy, Jace finally chose based upon how much shit the bitches had given him over the last month, that seemed fitting. He set one at a rate he thought would come in at eight hours. That was a random target and he chose the smallest subject but only in height, the proportions of all the subjects varied by less than ten percent.

As Jace walked to Basil's office he thought fondly of the beginning of this odyssey - it began with a News5 report by Allison Filar reporting on a revolutionary filter process for waste. A company called Filtara was building revolutionary technology to build waste processing plants in the Middle East that saved water, that was the most valuable resource in the desert. They inserted an LG into her throat and ran the standard flow process as a demo. He watched it because Allison was HOT! And there were these two black chicks call Ms Black n Ms Blue which cracked him up. He sent a resume to Filtara immediately because he wanted to see this process AND it was right here, local to Nashville. And when he looked into the LG (Life Giver) design he found it was used for a diet process at a club in LA and allowed the subject to breathe while it was inserted into their throat.

Which he thought would be something he could use for other purposes - like creating a sheath for his cock that would allow him to insert it into a throat and fuck until he came without worrying about them suffocating. Which was something Jace really liked to do! Stuff his BBC into a really tight white throat!

He wondered about Basil's background and motives - less so lately because they seem headed to the same place. Jace guessed Basil was muslim and was probably of Arab descent but he could be from anywhere in Asia or India. When he made Jace the lead on subject one and let him choose Kristina as the subject he was sure they shared a disdain for white females and would enjoy degrading them. After all, Subject One was the most highly educated female in research. By most standards she would be the last person to use as a subject. But Basil chose her because she had failed as the project lead on the first experiment. So was the logical choice to the the next subject. The comments he made tonight added fuel to that fire.

He knocked on the door even though it was open. "C'mon in Jace! Would you like something to drink?"

Jace asked for some soda and sat down.

After handing the coke to Jace, Mr Basil sat across from him.

"We need to clear up some concepts right away - I want you to know our goals so we don't work across purposes. Do you know of a club named 2NF?" Jace nodded affirmatively and his mind started racing. Not knowing whether this was good or bad.

"Are you familiar with the environment?" Again Jace nodded.

"You know what 2NF describes?" Jace began to nod again but Basil continued "Tell me!"

"Well, 2NF is an old organization although the 2NF is new. Never Forget, Never Forgive was the brainchild of Reverend Hard back in 1870 something. It was a black organization that was militant towards getting fair treatment of freed slaves. It was forced underground after repeated violence was brought upon its membership. While underground it survived until 1996 or so when it resurfaced and was locally active but small.

In the current state it is all about (Jace had been watching and decided being PC was unnecessary) a bunch of us black americans fucking the shit out of the white cunts. SWC is some organization that signs up the white women that really want fucked. The minimum ratio of BBC to SWC is five and in most cases much more. Nickel, Dime, Benjamin, GB, etc are all indicators of that ratio: Five, Ten, One Hundred, more

Club 2NF has cabinets that those white girls come in and occupy for hours of having their holes filled anonymously."

Basil was smiling "Then I believe we are on the same wavelength!"

"Filtara was created to provide services for foreign entities. Entities that rely on good relations with the US, but are not built on mutual respect. In fact, the design of our filtration system is primarily to determine how low the SWC's in the US will stoop for a few dollars or prestige or just a BBC inside them. We consider the SWC name to apply to all american caucasian females!" he paused to ponder what next to say "We chose to use SWCs to filter sewage because we could, there are much better filters. And it is amazing to see the buy in from politicians when we go green!"

"Subject one..." Jace began

"Is yours for the duration! She signed the usual documents which include a standard porn star contract so we can use her in any way we want. In addition she signed a long term contract that is at our discretion to renew for five years. Document it all and make sure you push the envelope on her testing."

They talked a while longer but the interesting parts were done. Jace went to visit his lab before leaving. He stroked his BBC hard and then fucked Kristina. Leaving her cunt dripping cum.

Meanwhile out in LA

"Good Morning LA! We at Filtara welcome you to the dedication of BioClear LA, our latest project to clean up the World! Our first installation in the United States of America! We are proud to join with the City of Los Angeles, 2NF, and SRF to bring the latest 'green' technology to the inner city. Shown behind me are several of our installations that have helped to conserve water in the Middle Eastern nations that need water. We have partnered with enlightened companies and individuals to pioneer a clean, natural solution to purify wastewater. Without their investment in our technology we could not debut this project today!

I want to thank all of those who contributed to funding this project. Because of you no tax dollars were used to fund this project!

Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you the ultimate in reclamation and reuse - BioClear - LA!"

and a curtain was removed showing an apparatus that had pipes and cables but was high tech and gloss.

And let me present a recent convert to our technology and our spokeswoman - Allison Filar!

There was enormous applause as Allison stepped to the front of BioClear. It was quite shocking if you didn't know most of those in attendance were being paid for their participation.

"Welcome to our unveiling!" and she removed the lab coat she was wearing. Underneath was all Allison - and most had seen her before! There were no enhancements needed. Allison took a moment to let them look, then she took a little stroll to let them get a better look. Amazing as it seemed she would have looked more nude if she hadn't been wearing anything. She was all in white - white skirt, white knee high boots with six inch heels, white sleeves that went from wrist to shoulder, and a white (clear?) skin tight top. Her nipples were at attention in more ways than one because they were tightly bound with fishing line at the base and around the areola and attached to her collar, giving an effect that they might be tied to the sky. The skirt was so short that one could see a u-shaped pipe below it. Leaving everyone to wonder what the rest of it was doing. The pipe was black to be highly visible and was three inches in diameter! The part you couldn't see was of the most interest to those watching and speculating.

Allison went on to describe each item visible on the BioClear in detail. Then she brought out their contest 'winner', Nita Couch.

After her introduction Nita had a short speech.

"Hello! I cannot adequately describe what an honor it is to be here today! My life dream has been to be an integral part of environmental activism and purifying the earth of the damage we have done. By using natural purification methods BioClear sets a precedence in environmental projects that I hope will continue in the future. Our world needs more projects like BioClear for it to heal. Thank you Filtara for being a leader in healing our world!"

She waited for them to quiet and continued "I want to thank all those involved for bestowing the great honor of becoming BioClear Filter Unit - One, or officially BioFil-00000001. Thank You!" and she stepped to the front of BioClear where she was joined by two men, she removed her lab coat revealing her heavenly body in all its unclothed glory. The two men - african american like most of those in attendance - began the process of securing BF-1 to BioClear Unit A. This entailed sleeves for her legs to prevent knee flexing which might damage the joints. There was a lot of vibration when the BioClear was at full capacity. Then her upper body was placed in restraints to hold it in the correct position for installation in BioClear. This included a collar of stainless steel around her throat, bands that secured her shoulders pulled back, and her elbows bent tight to allow her wrists to be banded and the bands attached to her collar on opposite sides from the throat. This caused her head to tip back creating a straight path for inserting the LifeGiver(LG). Bands were placed upon her ankles which would be secured by cables to BioClear. The process had been well rehearsed and went quickly. A video camera captured BF-1 from above.

Allison queried "BioFil-00000001 are your ready for deployment?"

Nita replied "BF-1 ready"

And the two men picked her up, positioned her deuce over the effluent discharge mechanism and began placing the first of four biological filter units into the BioClear LA project.

Allison described the process "Prior to use the BioFil units must be configured tto he specific project requirements. For BioClear LA the EDM is a 7.5 cm OD to meet required flow. The LG is custom for BioClear LA with a 5 cm diameter. The BioClear LA is unique in that the inlet and outlet piping is clear to allow visual inspection of the purification process. In addition there are instruments that analyze the wastewater and log the results into our online database. Anyone can watch the process for each of the four units - A, B, C, and D at all times."

All eyes had been on the EDM insertion as it isn't everyday you get to watch a three inch diameter pipe inserted in the ass of a pretty blonde. Once she had about half of the twelve inches of pipe inserted the men attached the cables to her ankles and they retracted until her feet were about ten inches above her waist. Then the bindings on her arms were attached to the central support for BioClear. They then stepped away and lifted Allison onto BioClear

"Now I will connect the LG to our BioFil-00000001 and we will be ready to christen BioClear LA!" She reached up for the LifeGiver which was 60 cm (two feet) of smooth black flexible tubing shaped like a very stylized Big Black Cock(BBC) it was designed to allow breathing while it was fully inserted into the subjects throat. The head had an active RFID chip inserted that allowed correct positioning of the LG. Just prior to insertion the LG oozed some contents onto BioFil-One's lips, and dribbled a bit on her luscious breasts. Allison pushed the LG into BF-1's number one orifice, blocking her breathing until the filter unit tried to inhale at which time the LG, being well designed, slipped further into her throat until the filter unit could draw air. The display indicated the RFID was directly between the filter units breasts.

The two BBC owners assisted Allison in returning to the stage.

"Now it is time to debut BioClear LA - can someone please give me the key?"

"What's that? Oh, I forgot the Mayor gave me the key earlier for safekeeping. And here I completely forgot about it. I guess they should have made it bigger! Mr Mayor would you join me on the stage and retrieve the key?"

The mayor climbed the steps slowly to much applause. Anil Fuchar was a former LA Cop who while on suspension ran for city council and was elected. A few years later he became Mayor in a landslide. He had been suspended for refusing to arrest seven black males that allegedly raped three USC cheerleaders. The cheerleaders were reluctant to bring charges and he felt it was all BS from the USC Administration. He rode that wave to the council and continued it into the Mayor's office. He was instrumental in enacting new standards for dealing with sexual interaction between white females and the black community.

"Thanks you Allison - it is an honor to be given the key to BioClear! Where is it?" he was all smiles.

"Well, it is right where all big items are kept."

"Ah, I know now!" and he stepped behind her and placed his hands on her ribs next to her breasts, pushed his hips toward her ass like he was fucking her and then began a slow descent down to where his hands were caressing her hips. Then he slid them across her thighs to touch the black pipe in between them. He moved one hand behind and grasped the 'key' slowly extracting it as Allison moaned "Oh, slow, I really like slow..." as it emerged and emerged and finally came free - and he walked over to the console and pushed that key into the appropriate hole. The entire fifteen inches had to be inserted before the BioClear was completely functional but the power came on at three, the pumps began at six, the bladder in the EDM expanded at nine causing the filter unit to writhe upon it, at twelve nothing happened and there was a note of worry until the Mayor had all fifteen inches of that Big Black Key inserted and the valves opened to the LifeGiver and BioClear LA had come to Life! It would be an hour before BioFil-00000001 was filled and ready for the its shakedown run.

"While we wait for BioClear to initialize BF-1 I want to reiterate that BioClear has been inundated with volunteer filter unit applications. The project is fully staffed for the next two years. Due to the overwhelming response to our opening - five new projects are already under construction and application for filter units being take. You will note that the other filter units are being installed as I speak and BioClear LA will be at full capacity in a few hours."

"I see some of you looking at the separate filter station to my right. This is a special unit reserved to accommodate any special needs individuals that might want to participate. Special needs might include celebrities, debutantes, or just those that gave ample charitable contributions to our charities fund members." she waited for the laughter to die down "I can't wait until Lindsay, Britney, Amanda, Paris, or Gisele adorn our stage!"

and she left.

Nita Couch was sweating and in immense pain as the shit flowed into her stomach at high pressure. Maximum acceptable pressure was used because it was always used! After thousands of installed units they knew exactly what a human body could stand. One by one the barriers to a continuous flow were broken - not a single time but over and over because they attempted to return to their previous function. The RW had been filtered only to remove large items or TP. Which meant lots of things can slip by. She didn't know but her whole body was vibrating and provided a titillating display of flesh. She did know that lots of things are added to protect her from parasites, well those inside the RW. In addition they added some things to enhance the experience - things that heightened the senses and made everything more vivid. No mention is made of the pea gravel that is a vital component in cleansing the filter unit. It went on and on - release - stop - and finally it reached its final destination and began to flow out. She could feel the flow thru her intestines where the stop and start was gone. She was still in pain elsewhere but there it was true and good and enjoyable ... even arousing which was amazing ... partly because of the pain but why should this bodily function cause arousal? She had time to analyze but didn't. Just go with the ... LOL ... flow!

Out in the real world they watched as she vibrated and slowly descended farther upon the EDM. The designers decided the next EDM would be longer to accommodate. The first expulsion came in spurts and were lightly colored in comparison to the input. However, it was clear that this was just her natural functions resolving as she filled to capacity. There was a commentary provided to show that this was a prelude to the real project. Soon she would be expelling only the RW that had been processed then they would be able to measure the purification statistics.

Nobody really cared, they were doing the buffet and watching the next three white cunts loaded into the machine. They didn't care about saving the environment, they didn't care about efficient filters. Some cared that when all these assholes left there would be four white cunts available to fuck 23 hours a day. Some cared that this was the most degrading thing they had ever experienced - white cunts getting shit pumped through them and they volunteered! Others watched the watchers to see their reaction and in general were pleased. This was another small step towards a society that didn't just ignore this racial violence but actually supported moving towards even more. Here was a public show of white females becoming 'objects' not people. And they are agreeing to the concept. Four college age intelligent white females are eating shit from a public housing project. And pretending that they are helping save the earth.

More power Scotty!

Her body was still fighting the new direction of flow. She had felt Jace fuck her but didn't know it was Jace. She didn't mind ... it felt good but didn't last long enough. She had done a nickel back in school - not with students but at a pool hall nearby. The first time was her idea, the next few times a van picked her up and took her there. She was pretty sure the last time wasn't a nickel - maybe a quarter. That made her happy. Now if they would just quit this experiment things would be better. Although when she thought what she would do in Jace's place she didn't want to quit. The breakthrough was getting the initial flow, now they needed to find out if it was beneficial - and test for capacity of flow. Which she didn't want done to her, but was resigned to not having a choice.

Jace came in leading a new group of researchers. It had been two days since the breakthrough with Kristina Hunt.

"And this is our breakthrough experiment. I want to introduce to you the mind that brought us to this point, Although she failed to complete the experiment as the lead, she proved the concept when I became the lead. Dr. Kristina Hunt! We modified the experiment acronym in her honor. I present the first subject to complete Phase One of BioClear2. KHUNT-0001. As you can see we have replicated Phase One with five additional units. Guess what the designations are for these units?"

and one pretty researcher said "Cunts 2 through 6?" leaving little doubt that she had changed the letters.

"Yes!" he laughed a bit "no original thought wasted on the naming!" he pondered a bit whether it was too early to depersonalize his researchers then decided.

Looking at the one that answered "As much as I would like to reward you for your quick mind and put you at the top of the list, I cannot! R-1 was taken by Dr. Hunt when she was the boss. So I would like to give you the honor of being R-2!"

"Oh, thank you Dr. Tanner! It is an honor I will never forget!" and Jace just thought NEVER FORGIVE!

"Cool, you others will be designated based upon order of accepting your positions. Now let me show you how to operate the purification testing."

Jace approached Cunt1 and immediately increased the flow. They had built a data collection system to record all parameters they might want. Automatically logging to the database. He noticed right away that the flow was not uniform, the subjects body sometimes tried to revert and create blockages. They didn't last very long but it was a barrier to note and overcome.

"As you can see Cunt1 still reverts to blockage on occasion. We are planning to add some roughage to the mix to see if that helps." then he walked over to Cunt2 which was the petite subject that came in under the eight hours he predicted. She was sweating profusely and it flowed over her very muscle toned body freely because of the vibration induced by the flow.

"Cunt2 was an accelerated initiation of Phase One that worked to perfection. You will note by the gauges that Cunt2 is actually flowing at a higher rate. Obviously she is a better candidate and we must discover why. In the meantime we are increasing flow incrementally until it is maximized. Note that the purification statistics are showing only a small decrease from her initial readings. This is important because the higher rate of flow the higher capacities are available for each installation."

He waited for questions and having received none he proceeded to show all the units under test and compared their progress.

"Is that cum in Cunt1's uhh cunt?"

"Yes, perceptive aren't we?" he grinned but it didn't look friendly "We have several students that come in to clean up. It seemed impossible to have them overlook the opportunity so we designated Cunt1 as available for this purpose. She always entertained them before so we figured she would still do a five or dime for a time." quoting a refrain from some bitches Rap song. As you can expect Dr. Hunt was into BBC and we don't want to keep her from her hobbies just because she is a test subject."

"Other questions?" there were several and he answered almost all of the technical questions truthfully. The questions about their future tasks he answered as per policy.

"R2 please wait for me by Cunt1, you others should return to work. Thanks!" and they all wandered off politely saying Thank you and we look forward to more discussions.

He wandered over where R2 was contemplating Cunt1 - "Go ahead! It's obvious you want to..." it wasn't but he wanted to see what she would do.

R2 ran a finger over the unit's labia, then slowly pushed them in and out. Then she knelt down and started licking the Cunt's cunt while fingering it! Just as she was pushing two fingers inside he said "Just stuff your fist into her and work until I tell you to stop. If you get tired just switch arms." and he walked to the workstation controlling Cunt1 and ignored R2 as she did her best to follow instructions. Every once in awhile he suggested other things like biting her nipples. All of this was captured on video.

Jace was modifying all kinds of things for Cunt1 trying to figure out how to make it the worst experience for the subject. He soon got bored with both the tasks. He modified the test parameters to measure pressure and slowly increase it by increasing flow. Then he told R2 to remove her clothes and continue her sexual exploration of Cunt1. I will evaluate your performance later to determine your future tasks. One of which could be to become Cunt7. And he left to play with Cunt2. And play he did - she was already running full throttle and just inserting his BBC brought her to orgasm. This was an interesting observation that might be useful in the future but he just fucked her and fucked her. He managed to last the longest ever - in Cunt2 during the experiment - almost thirty minutes. He liked running his hands over her body as it vibrated from the flow. He was wondering if the process would work better if they were inverted? Right now the reverse flow was working against both the unit and gravity. He didn't wonder if it would alter purification - he wondered how the body would react and mostly he wondered if it would hurt more or less. He decided at some point he would test different filter unit angles. And he went back to his office where S2 (Secretary-2 of course) slipped under his desk and sucked his cock while he reviewed company reports.

BioClear LA - improvements

Nita was aware of time passing and when her body gave up fighting the flow. Then she was aware of being more aroused than ever! She had been sweating almost from the beginning but now other juices were flowing, flowing more than she thought possible. Her pussy was dripping continuously. She could hear a bit of conversation and caught Mr. Mayor! and some other voices.

Allison was being Filar, meaning the Mayor was fucking her ass. On full display for a bunch of the male residents of BioClear LA One, the public housing project where the facility was located. Prior to being BioClear LA One, it was designated by a police squad as SWC infestation station. Because of the number of SWC's that came there to get filled with BBC. These were only the sleaziest that couldn't get into Club BBC easily or wanted nastier partners.

The action was being streamed to many places. The Mayor knew his constituency and knew fucking Allison was only going to help. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and rammed his BBC into Allison's throat! Allison had no problem taking his entire length in one thrust. Practice makes perfect!

Nita wasn't the only one to win a contest for this celebration. Mr. Payne would be the first of many to penetrate Nita Couch over the next few months. He won by having fucked the most SWC's over the last two weeks and was qualified to participate in the contest due to owning a BBC that exceeded 30 cm, one foot to most of us.

He had won the honor of being the first BBC to penetrate Nita. But he also won by being a celebrity that would get to fuck a lot of the celebrity volunteers - he also knew that any little tartlet that got a DUI or arrested for anything would sit in the purification unit. He too looked forward to Lindsay or Amanda or Paris getting arrested. His three runners up had already started on the other FU's but he was just getting Nita ready. She was so fucking hot and he wanted her hotter. His hands had roamed over every inch of her body except her breasts and cunt. Now he was teasing both - his hands lightly caressing her tits and his cock stroking against her labia. His voice telling her his cock and his cock alone was capable of giving her pleasure. She came so hard at first penetration that she rocked the BioClear a bit. He did her slow, very slow, easing in and then almost pulling free. She would have been screaming for more if she didn't have an LG in her throat. He really liked only having one hole to choose from. Normally he worked thru all of them, but now he could concentrate on just the one and make her desire grow and grow. He brought her to the edge more times than he could remember and most times he retreated without her cumming. Nobody was perfect - he fucked and fucked for almost three hours. She came violently at the end! And collapsed upon the EDM sliding down to within three inches of its base. All told she had cum five times in those three hours. Payne was inundated with requests for sex from lots of white cunts. He was set forever!

They gave Nita smelling salts to wake her and then another BBC slipped into her, this one just wanted to cum in the bitch. And so it went at the highest technology waste treatment plant ever funded by a charity for public works. While that second BBC pounded into UnitA soft wax was placed into her ears so she couldn't hear and its eyes were covered to let her concentrate on only two senses - pain and orgasms - the preferred choice of those around her was pain.

The first thing Jace read was Paynes comments about the BioClear, he said it was too fucking hard to fuck the Units in vertical position and suggested they should be angled a little so the cunt was easily penetrated. And he suggested that too much vibration reduction was being used. He thought the FU would be a better fuck if it vibrated more. Besides the tits would jiggle more and that was a visual bonus live or on digital media.

He also noted that some of the kids found a way to put things into the RW flow and also knew the exact size that would not get filtered out. They were not kept from inserting items into the flow. In fact one of the engineers brought in a truck of gravel that barely fit thru the large item filter and showed the kids where to find it.

After Allison was used by any of the VIP's that wanted some she watched Payne fuck Nita and volunteered for the celebrity until. Normal processing required 23 hours in and an hour working out. Then repeat, the cunts could sleep while in flow. For short term occurrences they allowed a 72 hours cycle and Allison was scheduled for that. She would be busy because everyone in the area wanted to 'hit that'! And they did! They didn't bind her like the others, just tipped her head back and she swallowed the LG after sliding her down the EDM. Allison was an old had at this, it took only minutes to bring her to full flow.

Jace was laughing and cumming at the same time when he watched Allison get Filar'd!

Filtara had become public in America! And it was a great success. The phones were ringing and public figures across the continent wanted to get in line for a processing facility. One might be cumming to a town near you!

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