Elf Hunter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Magic, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Rape, Romantic, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, Military, Mystery, Extra Sensory Perception, Post Apocalypse, Robot, Paranormal, non-anthro, Vampires, Zombies, Incest, BDSM, Snuff, Torture, Group Sex, Harem, Orgy, Bestiality, Fisting, Necrophilia, Amputee, Body Modification, Clergy, Needles, Cannibalism, Caution, Prostitution, Transformation, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man who is more than a man makes a living on a strange unknown world by hunting for fun and profit, mostly profit.

Grayson Bloodstone was sitting at a table in the Green Dragon Inn as he was enjoying a mug of ale when he saw a young man come up to his table.

"Excuse me Sir, are you Grayson Bloodstone?" he heard the young man ask him and he took a moment to look the young man over and saw that he stood at a height of six feet, six inches tall, he had a strong looking body that spoke of a life of hard labor and that he looked to be in his mid-twenties.

"I am, who are you?" he asked the young man who sat down at his table and across from him, "I'm Hugal Zomg, I heard that you are a Hunter and I would like to hire you." he heard the young man say to him.

"Oh really?" Grayson said to Hugal as he saw that he was dressed in simple peasant's garb that was clean, "What do you want to hire me for?" he added as he felt his interest kick up a notch or two.

"Well Sir, I hear you Hunt Unusual prey and well I was hope to hire you to hunt for me." Hugal said as he looked at Grayson and saw that he stood around the five foot eleven inch mark with short buzz cut dark brown hair, dark cobalt blue eyes that had a friendly and laid back look in them.

"I'll get right to the point Hugal, I hunt elves, namely elven cunts, so I take it there is a particular elf bitch you want me to get for you or are you just looking for some random elf slut?" Grayson asked with a friendly and amused smile as he saw Hugal give him a friendly and knowing smile.

"Well there is one elven bitch I want." Hugal said as he watched as Grayson leaned down and started to rummage around in the backpack that was sitting next to him on the floor, "Do you want this elf bitch dead or alive?" Grayson asked, as he pulled out a few pieces of parchment, a pencil and some pencil crayons.

"I want her alive." Hugal said as he watched as Grayson set the parchment and pencils on the table, "Do you want her broken or unbroken?" Grayson asked as he started to write up the job list.

"What do you mean by that?" he heard Hugal ask him and he gave Hugal a friendly and knowing smile, "I mean do you want this bitch broken in mind, body and spirit as a slave or do you want the pleasure of breaking her yourself?" he said to Hugal and waited for his answer.

"I have no problem in breaking bitches but I'm not sure I can safely break this one." Hugal said, and watched as Grayson's right eyebrow raised up in interest as he was writing on the parchment.

"Ok then, I want you to tell me everything you know about this piece of elven cunt meat you want me to bring back to you." Grayson said, as he wondered what kind of elf bitch Hugal wanted him to hunt down and break for him.

"Her name is Skylla Darkbane, she's supposed to be an elven assassin of some kind of cult." Hugal said, and watched as Grayson gave him an intrigued look as he wrote that bit of information down on the parchment.

"I see, what does she look like?" Grayson asked as he tried to form a mental image of Skylla in his mind,"She's short for an elf, has long blood red hair, light green eyes and fairly big tits." he hard Hugal say to him.

"Ok, about how tall is she and how much does she weigh if you know?" Grayson asked as he started to sketch the face and body of Skylla on the parchment with the pencil crayons.

"I think she's five feet, eight inches tall, as for how much she weighs I don't know save for she's somewhat thin." he heard Hugal say to him as he continued to sketch the picture, Hugal watched as Grayson went about sketching the picture and he could see that Grayson looked like he knew the right end to hold a sword by.

"How's this?" Grayson asked as he finished sketching the picture and gave it to Hugal to look over, "I'd say that looks about right to me." he hard Hugal say to him as he handed the picture back to him.

"Hmm, what else can you tell me about this bitch?" He asked Hugal as he was seriously considering the job since business had been kind of slow for the past month and a half, not that he really needed the money.

"Well as I said this miserable bitch is an assassin for some kind useless goddess worshiping cult, I'm not sure what it's called for sure, but I think it's called The Daughters Of The Drum." Hugal said as he saw a serious look appear on Grason's face.

"I see, do you have any idea of where this elven cunt is?" Grayson asked as he continued to turn the information over in his razor sharp mind.

"All I know she is supposed to be in some eastern city in the elven kingdom of Shathin." Hugal said as he could see that Grayson was giving his case some serious thought.

"Where the hell is that shit hole?" Grayson asked as he was finding himself less inclined to take job due to the difficulty of it all, "I honestly don't know, sorry." he heard Hugal say to him with a hopeful look on his youthful face.

Grayson looked around the inn and shouted "Yo Bitch!, two ales here!" at the naked slave girl, that was making the rounds in the inn. Once the ales were brought over to the table, Grayson paid for them and when the slave was gone he gestured to Hugal to grab one of the mugs of ale.

"Look Hugal I'll be honest with you, I don't think you can afford my services, especial with so little information to go on. "Grayson said to Hugal who had a crest fallen look on his face, "I am curious as to why you want me to hunt down and break this elven cunt?" he added as he took a drink of his ale.

"I was afraid you'd ask that. "Hugal said as he took a long drink from his mug of ale, "The reason why I want this bitch broken and brought to me in chains, is she tortured my brother to death!" he added with a pissed off and hateful tone of voice, as he took another long drink of his ale.

"I can't say I blame you for that, but are you sure it was this bitch? "Not that I care about hunting down the wrong elf slut or not, it just that it sounds like it would be a very difficult job." Grayson said as he took another slug of his ale.

"Yes I'm sure, well as sure as anyone can be." Hugal said as he could see that even though Grayson seem inclined to refuse the job he did have a thoughtful look on his young looking face.

After talking about the nature of the case at hand Grayson finished off his ale and came to a decision about the job in question.

"Well Hugal, I'll tell you, my business has been kind of slow for the last little while and it's not that I need the money but..." Grayson said as he could see the hopeful look in Hugal's light brown eyes and for some reason he was feeling in a charitable mood.

"I'll tell you what, give me about a week to see what info I can dig up on this elf cunt and her location, and, if it does not seem to be too much of a hassle we'll meet here in a week's time at noon and I'll let you know if I'll take the job or not." he added as he called for another ale.

Once it arrived he paid for it and told Hugal to enjoy it as he gathered up his backpack 'Of The Green Dragon' and job list then left the inn.

As he was walking through the streets of Grivis city, Grayson was turning over the matter of Hugal's job offer in his mind when he noticed that the streets were lively with throngs of men and their female slaves.

"Man I still can't believe all this has happened to me." He thought to himself as he recalled the strange and freighting events that had not only changed him, but also had brought him to this alien world as the Earth died.

As he was drifting on his thoughts, his stomach let out a loud rumble of hunger as he caught the scent of something tasty in the air.

He followed his nose and saw that there was a small wooden stall that had a naked and chained slave girl in it, who was attending a brazier of cooking meats on a stick.

In the back of the stall, he saw a man who he guessed to be the slave girl's master getting deep throated by another slave girl and he decided to try out the meat on a stick.

"How much for some of that meat slave?" he asked the slave girl who was attending the cooking meat, as he felt his mouth water slightly at the rich scent of the cooking meat.

"It's three Grots per stick Master." he heard the slave girl say to him and he untied the small sack of coins from his belt and took out three copper coins and placed them into the hollowed out cow skull in the stall.

After he tied the sack of coins back onto his belt, the chained slave girl handed him one of the sticks of meat and he saw that there were seven large pieces of meat on the stick.

"Mmm!" he hummed with pleasure, as he bit into one of the chunks of meat and he could taste the rich and slightly spicy marinade that the meats had been cooked in, as the chained slave girl watched him with a slight smile on her face.

"Damn this is good." he said to the slave girl with a happy smile on his face before he started to wolf down the meats," This girl is happy that you are enjoying it. He heard the slave girl say to him, as her master grabbed his other slave by her short green hair and rammed his cock down her throat.

Once he finished eating the meats on the stick Grayson undid his sack of coins and took out six Grots, "I'll take two more of them." he said to the slave girl who gave him a friendly, if somewhat amused smile due to the enthusiasm in his voice.

Once the sack of coins was tied back onto his belt, the slave girl handed him two more sticks of meat.

"Well you seem like a hungry fellow." the man in the back of the stall said to him as he tore a chunk of meat off the stick.

"This is really good, I can't believe I have never found this shop before." Grayson said with a smile and a friendly tone of voice, as he looked the man over, as the slave who had been blowing him put his cock back into his pants.

Grayson saw that the man in question stood about the five foot five inch mark and that he had short blood red hair and was clean shaven. Next, he noticed that the man had dark brown eyes that had a friendly look in them.

"The recipe for the marinade has been in my family for generations, I can tell you really enjoy my humble wares." Valkor said as he looked Grayson over and saw that he was dressed in black scale mail armor and that he had a strange looking metal rod hanging off of his belt and he wondered if Grayson was a fighter of some kind.

"If you like it, I have some jars of the marinade for sale Sir." Grayson heard Valkor say to him, as he ate another chunk of meat from the stick in his right hand. He saw Valkor point to a set of shelves in the back of the stall that held brown earthenware jars of varying sizes on them.

"How much are the jars?" Grayson ask in between bites of the meats on the stick in his right hand as he marveled not only at the rich, meaty and some what spicy taste of the meats but at how tender and juicy they were.

Valkor could not help but to take a small liking to the stranger that was enjoying his wares for some odd reason. " It's seven Grots for a small jar, three Falcons for a medium jar and one Cron for a large jar. " he said, as Grayson finished off the meats on the stick in his right hand and started on the stick in his left hand.

"Who are you Sir?" Grayson asked, as he tore a chunck of meat from the stick in his left hand for he got the feeling that the man before him was an honest merchant, "I'm Valkor Rumpchuck and who are you?" he heard the man say to him.

"I'm Grayson Bloodstone." Valkor heard the stranger say to him with a friendly and respectful tone of voice.

"What do you do for a living?" He asked Grayson who was tearing into the meat on the stick with much gusto, "I'm a hunter." he heard Grayson say to him as he finished off the meats on the stick in his left hand.

"What do you hunt?" he asked Grayson as he considered hiring him to hunt of some game animals so he could sell their marinade meats alongside the beef he was selling.

Grayson could not help but to let out a good natured chuckle as he found himself taking a stronger liking to Valkor, "I hunt elven bitches." He said and watched as Valkor let out a loud and knowing laugh, as his two slaves gave him a shy and knowing smile, as they realized that he was a slaver of sorts.

"Tell you what Valkor, I'll take three of the large jars of your fine marinade." Grayson said, as he untied his sack of coins, taking out three gold coins and placing them into the cow skull.

"Thank you for your business. "Valkor said, as he took three of the large earthenware jars off of the back shelves and placed them on the wooden counter before Grayson, who picked up one of the jars and looked it over.

"No problem Valkor, I'm just lucky to have found this place." He said, as he saw that the earthen jar he had picked up was at least a liter in volume and that it had a small, stylized piece of parchment that was pasted to it that read

"Rumpchuck's secret sauce." And, that it was sealed with a large cork that had thick melted purple wax over it.

Once he placed the jars into his backpack Grayson bid Valkor a good day and started to walk about the city as his thoughts returned to Hugal and his job offer.

As he was making his way into the more well to do section of the city, Grayson found himself becoming more and more inclined to take the job offered by Hugal.

"What the hell, if anything this job sounds like it could be fun." Grayson thought to himself, as he made a left turn on the junction before him. He saw that there were a few shops and taverns and a casino on the street he was on.

After walking for about ten minutes or so he saw a large shop and house combo that had a large wooden sign over the door that read "Ringlerun, sage and alchemist." as he walked into the shop.

"Hello Sir, can I help you?" A young boy asked as he saw Grayson walk into his master's shop. Grayson looked at the young boy and saw that he looked to be about thirteen years old with an unruly mop of blond hair with sea green eyes.

"What happened to Crakalen?" He asked the young boy, who was dressed in simple but clean peasant's garb.

"My Master's former apprentice took with fever and died a month ago, Sir." The young boy said to him.

"So Ringlerun took you on as a replacement apprentice then?" Grayson asked the boy, who was looking him over, with a critical eye.

"Is there anything I can help with Sir?" Jakal Horagani asked, as he got the feeling that the stranger before him was a fighter of some kind.

"Yes, I'm here to see Ringlerun, I have need of his services as a sage." He heard the stranger say to him.

"I'm sorry Sir, but the Master is busy with an experiment and made it clear that he is not to be disturbed under any circumstances." Jakal said to the stranger, as he got the feeling that whoever this person was, he seemed like a good man.

But before any more words could be exchanged, there was a fairly loud explosion from the back room of the shop that was followed by a litany of very creative cursing.

Ringlerun came out of the back room, which held his small laboratory and he was coughing slightly due to the smoke that had formed in his lab when his experiment blew up.

"Hello Ringlerun, I take it you are have a bad day." He heard someone say to him and when he looked to see who had spoken to him, he saw a familiar face that had a wry smirk on it.

"Hello Grayson, what brings you to my shop?" He asked Grayson, as he got over his coughing fit," "Well my friend, I have need of your services as a sage." Grayson said as he saw that Ringlerun was a tall human man, who looked to be in his late sixties.

The next thing he noticed about Ringlerun, was that the top of his head was bald but that he had long snowy white hair along the back and sides of his head, as well as a long and snowy white beard and mustache. And that his dark brown eyes were clear and sharp.

"Jakal go and make some Savasa for us." Ringlerun said to his young apprentice, as he lead Grayson into his consulting office, once they were in the office they sat down an large overstuff leather bean bag like cushions.

"What do you need to know, my young friend? " Grayson heard Ringlerun ask him, "Well Ringlerun, I was asked to a do a job, namely to hunt down some elf bitch named Skylla Darkbane.", "She is supposed to be an assassin for some useless goddess worshiping cult called The Daughters Of The Drum." he said to the wizened old man.

"I see. If I remember rightly, this cult is located in the elven city of Shathin which is far to the east from here." Ringlerun said, as he watched as Grayson opened up his backpack.

Once he had the parchments with the info on Skylla, he handed them over to Ringlerun," This is what info I have on the bitch." Grayson said, as Ringlerun started to read over the info.

"I see, I have to admit I'm not to familiar with this cult." Ringlerun said, as Grayson started to root around in his backpack.

"Well you know more about it then I do that's for sure." Grayson said with a smile, as he pulled out a midsized green fabric bag and put it on the small table between the two of them.

"I would have to say, it will take a few days to gather the information on the cult." Ringlerun said, as he watched as Grayson pulling out a bone pipe from his backpack and watched as he put it aside then opened up the fabric bag.

"What do you have there?" He asked Grayson, as he saw that he had taken out some dried plant material.

"It's Fardark weed that I picked up in the gnomeish kingdom of Far Du." He heard Grayson say, as he filled the pipe. He was impressed because that kingdom was many months away from their empire and that Fardark weed was very hard to come by.

Once he filled the pipe he held it out to Ringlerun with a friendly smile.

"Thank you Grayson, it's been some time since I have smoked any of this." He heard Ringlerun say with a merry twinkle in his eyes as Jakal came into the office with a tray, that held a large copper kettle, two large earthenware mugs, a small crock of honey with a small spoon, and a small earthenware pitcher containing cool cream, which also had two separate small gold spoons to stir the drinks.

Once Jakal set the tray down on the low table, he left the office to do some cleaning around the shop, as well as to greet anyone who came to the shop.

"I'm sorry to hear about Crackalen, he was a good kid." Grayson said as he took out a Porta-Fire gem and handed it to Ringlerun.

"Yes, he was a good young man, he was very inquisitive and he seemed to pick up on my teachings fairly quickly." Ringlerun said as he lit up the Fardark weed, as Grayson poured them both a mug of Savasa.

"I did my best to heal him of the fever that had taken hold of him but unfortunately he was too far gone with it to be saved." Ringlerun said after he exhaled the Fardark smoke from his lungs.

"That is sad. I liked him, he was always so helpful and he was always respectful." Grayson said as Ringlerun handed the bone pipe back to him.

"Indeed and despite the fact that both of his parents had died of Goblin Fever when he was but a small child, he always had a bright outlook on life." Ringlerun said, as he took one of the mugs of Savasa and added a spoonful of honey to it.

Grayson dumped the ashes out of the pipe into his right hand, rubbing them into the leg of his pants and began to refill the pipe, as Ringlerun took a drink of his Savasa.

After he had smoked a bowl of the Fardark weed, Grayson put the pipe aside and took a long drink of his hot Savasa and found it was very strong which pleased him greatly.

"Well Grayson it should only cost you about a hundred and fifty Crons for my services." Ringlerun said as he took another drink of his sweetened Savasa.

"That's fine, but I will need this information within a week's time." Grayson said as he was feeling very relaxed," "That should not be a problem, it should only take me about four days, six at tops, to get the information for you, If I can?" He heard Ringlerun say to him.

"That's fine with me." Grayson said as he took another drink of his Savasa and he could see that his old friend was in a very mellow state of mind.

"So would it be in bad taste to ask you who had hired you?" Ringlerun asked, as he took another very relaxed drink of his sweetened Savasa.

"A commoner by the looks of him, he did not seem all that rich." Grayson said with a smile as he put his mug of Savasa aside and emptied his bone pipe of its ashes.

"Really, that is interesting, he must have been very desperate to have come to you since you don't work for cheap." He heard Ringlerun say to him, as he started to refill the pipe with some more Fardark weed.

"I haven't taken the job, I said I would consider taking it once I had a little more information about the elf bitch." Ringlerun heard Grayson say to him and he could not help but to feel his curiosity perk up a little bit.

"Really, do you think he can pay your price? " He asked Grayson who finished filling the pipe, "I never gave him a price, I told him I'd look into this request and get as much info as I can about this elven slut." "I'll decide if I take the job or not." Grayson said as he lit up the bowl of Fardark with his Porta-Fire gem.

"I see, do you think you'll take the job once you have the information?" Ringlerun asked as Grayson was smoking the weed.

"I don't know, but for some reason, I'm starting to consider taking the job." Grayson said as he exhaled the smoke from his lungs.

"You mind, if I ask you why this man is looking to hire you?" He heard Ringlerun ask, as he emptied the ashes from the pipe.

"Well my Client said that this piece of elven trash tortured his brother to death and I can tell he wants to get his hands on her quite badly." He heard Grayson say to him as he took the pipe from him.

As he was filling the pipe Ringlerun, took a moment to study Grayson who was having a drink of his Savasa.

From what he knew of the young man he was a foreigner to the Antraxous empire. Also, he knew that Grayson was a fair, honest man and that he seemed to have a thing about elven females.

"Grayson you mind if I ask you a personal question?" He said to Grayson as he finished filling the pipe, Grayson put his half empty mug down on the low table and he could not help but to smile because he did not need his psionic powers to know that Ringlerun was intensely curious about him.

"Sure what's on your mind?" Grayson asked, as he watched, Ringlerun lit up the weed, "We've known each other for a few years now and you never seem to talk about your past or why you have taken up hunting elves?" Ringlerun said as he exhaled the smoke from his lungs.

Grayson could not help but to chuckle slightly for what Ringlerun said was true.

"Well it never came up whenever we have done business, would you like to know about it?" Grayson asked as he took up his mug of Savasa and took another drink from it.

"Yes I would, you are not like your typical sword slinger or slaver." Ringlerun said and watched as Grayson put his mug down with a good humored laugh.

"Well the truth is my friend I'm not from this world." He heard Grayson say to him which surprised the hell out of him.

Grayson could see that he had his old friend's complete attention as he could see the deeply curious look in his sharp eyes.

"Truth of the matter is, I have no idea on how or why I ended up in this world, quite frankly, I was very scared when I found myself in this strange world we live in." He said to Ringlerun and chuckled, as he could see the growing excitement in his friend's eyes.

"What was the world like that you are from?" Ringlerun asked with growing excitement, as he felt the hunger for knowledge take hold of his mind," It was a nasty place but that does not matter now." He heard Grayson say to him, with a weary tone of voice.

"Why is that?" Grayson heard Ringlerun ask him, as he was putting the ghosts of his past back into their mental graves.

"Well Young Man, the fact of the matter is, that before I ended up here, my world was in the middle of a war that killed every living thing on it as far as I know." He said to Ringlerun.

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to pry." Ringlerun said with an apologetic tone of voice but yet, he hoped Grayson would tell him more of his world.

"Don't sweat it Young Man you did not know." "If I did not want to talk about it, I would have told you to drop the matter." He heard Grayson say to him with a wry smirk on his face and he could not help but to wonder why he was calling him a young man.

"How old are you?" Grayson heard Ringlerun ask him with a slightly puzzled tone of voice, as he took another drink of his Savasa,"Well as far as I can tell I'm at least a hundred and fifty nine years old." He said to Ringlerun who gave him a disbelieving look.

"Well, when I got brought to this world I was changed, that's not something I wish to talk about. And, yes I can still rape an elf slut and knock her up, if I want to." Ringlerun heard Grayson say to him and from his tone of voice he could tell that he was starting to ask questions that were very personal to him.

Ringlerun was refilling their mugs with more Savasa from the copper kettle and he was debating if he should ask Grayson any more questions about himself or not.

Grayson could see that Ringlerun had tons and tons of questions he wanted to ask him but was holding back because he did not want to offend him.

"Relax Young Man, ask your questions and if you ask me something too personal, I'll let you know." "You don't need to walk on egg shells around me." He said to Ringlerun with a slightly amused smile.

Ringlerun saw the friendly and somewhat amused smile on Grayson's face and he started to relax as he realized that while Grayson did value his privacy he was not an asshole about it.

"Why did you decide to become a slaver and why elven sluts?" He asked Grayson who was taken a drink from his refilled mug, as he was refilling his own mug.

"Well Ringlerun, lets just say I believe that females are naturally slaves at heart, also a very wise man from my world's distant past, by the name of Canto The Elder, once said, "The moment you make women your equals they become your masters." Ringlerun heard Grayson say to him.

Grayson saw the thoughtful look on Ringlerun's age lined face as he was adding a spoonful of honey to his mug of Savasa and he could tell that his young friend agreed with what he had said.

"As for why I hunt elven bitches, it is simple really,

I have a taste of the exotic, you see Ringlerun, elves, dwarves, gnomes and the other nonhuman life forms on this world were nothing more than legends and fantasy beings in my world's past and popular culture." Ringlerun heard Grayson say to him and he was very damn curious as to what Grayson's world had been like.

"Tell me more about your world." He said to Grayson, who had a happy smile and for the next four hours, Grayson told him of the Earth and it's long history.

By the time he was done speaking Grayson could see that Ringlerun was not only deeply impressed and somewhat horrified by what he had told him of the Earth's past but that he would give both his balls and his cock to get his hands on anything he could from the Earth due to his deep love of knowledge and his taste for the unusual.

"Well my Young Friend, it's getting late and I have a few things to do, so I wish you a good day and I'll see you in six days." Grayson said as he and Ringlerun finished off the last of the Savasa.

"Ok then Grayson and thank you for telling me about your world, it sounds like it was not only an evil place but an exciting one as well." Ringlerun said as the two of them stood up.

"Keep the Fardark, the pipe and the Porta-Fire gem I have plenty of them." He heard Grayson say to him, with a friendly smile and he was so touched by Grayson's kindness, respect and generously that he vowed to himself to work long and hard into uncovering the information that he was seeking.

They shook hands and as Grayson was leaving Ringlerun's home and shop. He saw that Jakal was hard at work polishing the jars of spell components that were on a large shelf.

"Here take this." Jakal heard someone say to him and when he looked to see who had spoken to him, he was surprised to see Grayson standing next to him with three Crons in his right hand.

Grayson could see the questioning distrust and innocent youthful greed in Jakal's sea green eyes.

"Don't worry I'm not expecting anything in return, it's just that I saw you working so hard, that I thought you deserve a reward for your hard work for Ringlerun. " He said to Jakal who had a pleasantly surprised look on his face.

Jakal took the gold coins from Grayson as he was excited for he had never had this much money in his entire life.

"Spend it wisely and serve Ringlerun well, I know you will make a fine sage or alchemist when you grow up." Grayson said to Jakal with a kind and encouraging tone of voice before he left Ringlerun's home and shop.

Once he was outside he made his way into a back alleyway, once he was sure he would not be seen, he closed his eyes and stilled his thoughts, as he formed a mental picture of his private study in his fortress.

Then in less time it takes for an eye to blink he disappeared into thin air.

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