Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Group Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Having just moved into town, My twin sister and I went around the neighborhood, to find some kids our age. Across the street from us, were another set of twins. Join us all for some gnarly and funky sex along the way.


My name is Andrew. My folks, my twin sister and I, have just moved to Greeley, Colorado. Our dad was relocated here from the State Farm Main Offices in Bloomington, Illinois. This, of course, meant that we all got uprooted in the move. At least it was in the middle of June, so, at 17 years old, my sister and I had a chance to get a little bit grounded in the nuances of this new town before our Junior year of high school.

Greeley, I found out, is actually a larger city than Bloomington, but it feels like a small town. We found out we'd be going to Northridge High School, which is one of the newer high schools in Greeley.

Let me introduce you to the cast of characters in this story. I'm Andrew, 17, 5ft10, Black hair, Blue Eyes, 161 lbs. I'm a track athlete, as well as a swimmer. My buds called me Andy.

Next, my twin sister, Susan, 17, 5ft8, Black Hair, Brown Eyes, 34C-25-33, 124 lbs. She's a volleyball player and was a swimmer until her breasts got too big. Call her anything, but Susan and she'll twist your nipples off, or at least try to. Mine still hurt and that was over a year ago because I slipped and called her Sue.

My mother's name is Addison, a pretty name for a foxy lady. She's 38, 5ft7, Black Hair originally, but she's been coloring it Blonde for so long, nobody's seen her as a brunette in quite a long time. Brown Eyes, 36C-25-36; she weighs in at a svelte 122 lbs. She was a basketball player at LSU, where she met my dad. She prefers that everybody call her Addy.

Lastly, my pop, David! 39, 5ft2, Dark Brown Hair, Blue Eyes. 167 lbs. He was also a basketball player at LSU. He often says he weighs the same as when he played basketball in college. Yeah, right!

Though you will learn about them later, the other players in this story are the kids from across the street. They're the Swanson Twins; Jeffery, 17, 5ft6, Blond Hair, Brown Eyes, 157 lbs. and, Jonnah, 17, 5ft7, Blonde-Red Hair, Blue Eyes, 34D-24-34, 128 lbs.

My mom asked Susan and me to go across the street and introduce ourselves to the neighbors. Our best friends in Bloomington were also our across-the-street neighbors.

A very pretty woman about my mom's age opened the door and said, "Hello, can I help you kids?"

"Hi," I said. "We're the Mitchell's. We moved in across the street and we thought we would come over and say hello to all of our neighbors. Back in Bloomington, Illinois our best friends happened to live across the street from us, so we thought we would start with your beautiful house with all of the colorful lilacs in front of it."

We heard a voice behind the woman saying, "Who is it, Mom? A salesman?"

"No, Jeff! It's the new neighbors from across the street ... coming by to say hello."

The face that went to the voice we heard, came up beside the woman and said, "Hi, I'm Jeffery, but call me Jeff. Come on in, we won't bite. Not unless you like that sort of thing."

I turned to my sister, who was staring at Jeff, like a cat who just got food placed in front of it. I touched her on the back and she recovered and said, "Hi, my name is Susan and this is my brother ... Uhh..."

"Andrew," I said, thrusting my hand into his. We walked into the living room where there was a very pretty girl sitting down, working on something with a very serious look on her face.

"Jonnah, These are our new neighbors from across the street. This is Susan and her brother Andrew." When she heard the name Andrew, she picked up her head and made eye contact with me for the first time. Gosh, she's pretty. Wow, I could get lost deep in those eyes. I put my hand out to Jonnah and said, "That's a very pretty name you have got."

I heard a rather quiet, "Thank you" from her.

Her mother added, "They moved here from Bloomington, Illinois. I would guess their father is someone high up the food chain at State Farm?"

"Yes, Mrs..."

"Swanson, Andrew! I'm Katherine, my husband, who also works at State Farm is Jeff Senior and of course you just met the twins, Jonnah and Jeffery."

"Are you going to Northridge in the fall?" asked Jonnah.

"Yeah, we be Juniors, we're 17, but our birthday falls before the cutoff. We have always been the oldest in our classes," said Susan.

"Well, we turn 17 on the Fourth of July. You're invited, of course. When we were little we thought all of the music and fireworks were for us. How stupid you are at eight years old," Jeff said.

"That's not stupid, Jeff," I said. "Everybody would think that ... like if your birthday were December 25, wouldn't you think that everyone was celebrating your birthday?"

"Good point Andy ... is it all right to call you that?"

"Sure, but don't ever call my sister Sue, or she'll..."

"It's not important why I don't like that, Andrew," she said, glaring at me. I chuckled. "What is there to do in this town for teenagers, anyway?

Jeff responded, "You're from Bloomington, you're probably used to snow. Greeley gets snow, but not like Fort Collins does ... it's like 25 miles north west of us and Rocky Mountain National Park, has places to slide, snow board, ski ... all the good stuff."

Jonnah added, "In Greeley, we got the usual; movie theatres, Live theatre, Concerts, all that kind of stuff. What kind of stuff did you do at your previous school?"

"I ran track and swam, while Susan swam until they kicked her off the team and she played volleyball as well."

Susan was glaring at me, with a little smile to her face. Jeff and Jonnah had a look happen between them and smiled to each other. Jonnah said, "The same thing happened to me, Susan. I swam until I got these," pointing at her chest, "I figured their loss and I got a pair of D's in the trade."

"Mine only got to C's," said Susan. "I got kicked off the team, but all the guys wanted to date me, thinking I was easy because I had big boobs."

I had never heard Susan talk like this before, much less in front of these kids that we just met. Thinking I should change the subject, I said, "I guess I need to become a Bronco Fan ... are they any good since Elway left?"

"Only so, so," said Jeff. "They don't want to pay the big bucks and they lost guys to teams with aggressive trading policies. As they say after they lose the first game of the year, wait until next year!"

"We'd better be going, Jeff and Jonnah. Nice to have met you, guys. We'll see you around?"

"Sure. I'm sure my mom will come by with a cake or something full of sugar, to say hello to your folks. Children of State Farm management typically have to fend for themselves, because they keep our dads working 60 hours a week."

"Bye Andy," Jonnah said. "Don't be strangers?"

We left and Susan said, "Don't be strangers Andy, I want you to come over and give my big breasts a nice long massage."

"Shut up, Sue ... Susan! She was just being nice. I saw how you were looking at Jeff like he was fresh kill. I can't believe you girls were talking in front of Jeff and I about your breasts. I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time."

"Did Jonnah's D-cups make you drool? I have never seen you look like that at me? Aren't mine big enough for you? What's that saying, 'Bigger than a mouthful's a waste?'"

"Damn, Susan. Now, all I can think about are your and Jonnah's boobs. I know we have only been here a couple of days, but do you want to continue what we started before we left Bloomington?"

"You mean, kissing and feeling each other up every night? I though you wanted to stop doing that?"

"No, my charming C-cup sister! You wanted me to stop doing that because you were afraid we were going to get caught."

We went into the house. Mom yelled, "Did you meet anyone interesting, kids?"

"Yeah," Susan said. "There's a set of twins across the street, the Swanson's. The kids are our age ... we'll be at Northridge with them. Their names are Jeffery and Jonnah. The parents are Katherine and Jeffery Senior."

"We're going upstairs to listen to music for a while. Yell if you need us for something. The door will be locked, but pound if we don't hear you, or text us, if you'd like. I showed you how to text a while back, mom. You could practice sending us missives if you'd like."

"Ha-ha, you two. You and your 'twin thing.' It will be a while ... I'm unpacking kitchen utensils—you could help if you'd like?"

"Ha-ha Mom, good one. You actually letting someone in the kitchen with you? With knives? That's priceless!" I rejoined.

We went up to my room. I quickly and securely locked it. Susan got on the bed and took off her shirt, showing a cute, light pink bra that fit her really nicely. I turned on some reasonably loud 60's rock and got on the bed with my beautiful sister. I went straight for her inviting lips, smashing mine against them. We had been doing this for about a month. It started accidently by playing 'seven minutes in heaven' at a party we both went to. Everyone there thought it was really funny, seeing a brother and sister make out. We laughed it off, but went home and started right back up again, really enjoying each other's company. Susan also lets me play with and suck her tits, which really taste good. She usually returns the favor, sucking on my nipples. A lot of girls don't do that ... it is really hot, especially with my sister doing it.

All we do is 'above the belt, ' neither one of us wants to ruin what we have, so we have agreed that we'd stay above to avoid 'complications.' Now I've got Jonnah's boobs in my head, wondering what it would take to take a lick ... a look at her rack. Susan's boobies are so nice, both to my hands and to my lips. I recently tried to touch Susan below the waist to see her response. She quickly and harshly slapped me away, saying, "We have a deal, Andy!" I responded that I was sorry and I was denied access to everything for two whole days. I learned my lesson.

Well, I took my mouth and moved it to her right tit and started sucking on her nipple, making her moan a little. Her moans were the reasons for the music. I went from sucking her nipple to trying to put her whole breast in my mouth, which I couldn't do, of course, but what's the harm in trying? Susan had started moaning a little louder. She moved so she could play with my nipples.

Wow! She has a tender touch, using her fingertips on the very end of my nipples. Ugh. I was getting hard and would probably cum real soon. Not wanting to cum in my pants, I started removing them at the same time she was rolling my nipples. She must have thought I was trying to advance 'down the field.'

"I'm just about to cum, Susan ... that's all. I didn't want to have to clean the pants, so I just want to cum, if it's OK with you."

"Don't expect me to help you with my hands or my mouth ... do it on your own, please. Andy, can I watch you cum? Would it be OK if I stayed and watched you jerk yourself off? I have heard you before, but I'd really like to watch!"

"Sure, sis. Stay a couple feet away ... I don't want to get any on you." I dropped my pants and boxers exposing myself to my sister for the first time. I heard a sound from her as I took off my boxers that sounded like, "Wow!" I took my boxers and looking at my sister's boobs, I started stroking myself really fast. Realizing I was using her tits to help, she had licked her lips and started moving her fingertips on her own nipples. That's what the doctored ordered. I couldn't control the first shot that traveled far enough to get on her breast, the other shots stayed close enough for me to catch in my boxers.

"Oh, Andy, that was so hot, I came just watching you do that. We could add this to our 'can do' list, if you'd like. It was really hot. I'm going to have to go to my room and masturbate now, because that was so hot."

"Why leave, just lay on my bed and diddle yourself. I would love to watch that. I'm certain I would cum again during it."

"OK, but no touching me. You do and I'll scream rape at the top of my lungs, you got that, bucko?"

"Absolutely, Susan. I'll stay over here sitting on my chair, OK?"

"OK, Andy!"

She got up off the bed and took off her jeans, exposing her pink matching panties. She got very quiet and was obviously very nervous about showing her pussy to anybody, much less her brother. She was dancing around and realized she had to pee, so she ran into my bathroom, closed the door and emptied her bladder. She came out with her panties removed and she got back on the bed.

"Can I do anything to help you, sis? Want me to jack myself off again?"

"Yeah" ... she said. "Play with yourself a little or something."

"Could I suck on your tits?"

"NO, Andy. I can do this, I just have to start my own way."


I had never known my mom could yell like that. Wow! I turned off the music and poked my head out, "Coming!"

I looked over to Susan who was whistling while she was putting her clothes back on. I had a new set of boxers and my jeans back on pretty quickly. I picked up Susan's bra and handed it to her. Then I handed her, her panties and jeans. I quickly opened the window to air out the smell. Susan ran over to her bathroom and put on a little makeup and sprayed a sweet fragrance over herself.

I gave her a kiss and said, "No evidence of any crime in here, right?"

"Unless they dusted me for your prints, Andy."

Ha-ha. My sister is so cool and beautiful ... and sexy. We walked into the kitchen holding hands like we often did in front of our parents. They thought nothing of it, except to say, "one of those twins things."

We went back up to my room after dinner. Susan turned on some music and went over to sit on my bed. She hadn't turned it up very loud. I went over to her and asked, "What do you want to do, Susan? Take up where we left off, or what?"

"I'm kind of out of the mood. Dinner kind of filled me up. I'd just like to listen to some music with you, if you don't mind?"

"I don't mind at all - any reason to have my pretty sister in my room works for me!"

"Aren't you just the sweetest thing in the world? Why haven't I ever seen you get serious with any of those girls you dated back in Illinois."

"I only ever dated four girls, Susan; there was ... Cindy Watson, Ladonna Kirkpatrick, Jessica ... McGovern and the one from your volleyball team ... what was her name? Cheryl ... Cheryl Schumacher."

"I remember all of those girls, I think. Let's look them up in the yearbooks, OK?"

"OK, sure. Sounds like a hoot. You got it, great! They were all in the same year as me ... I didn't have the guts to ask out a sophomore, since I was a junior."

Susan started going through the yearbook, marking the page with a sheet of paper. Then we started to look at each of the girls to see if they had anything in common. I guess we were looking to see if I had a 'type' or not. I had to go pee, so I told Susan I'd be right back.

When I got back she was marking one more girl in the book. I couldn't tell whom, but it was just a minute before Susan cleared her throat.

"OK, Andy. Here are the girls you dated in order." She flipped to each of them for only a few seconds each, and then closed the book. "From what you just saw, for only a second, what did they have in common?"

"Hmmm. Susan, well ... they were all brunettes!"

"Right, Andy! What else?"

"They all had ... brown eyes?"

"Was that a question or a statement?"

"They all had brown eyes!"

"Correct. Anything else? Anything you remember from when you were dating each of them?"

"Yeah, Susan. They were all about the same shape ... I mean they all had butts that looked a little bit alike. They also all had cute little turned up noses. This is fun, trying to remember them. Oh. They all had nice tits, but none of them were really large or really small. They were nice and medium sized, as I remember ... Oh, shit! Susan ... they all looked the same ... they all looked like ... you! Wow! That must mean that you're my standard for the type of girl I'd like to date. Holy crap, Susan, from the psychology course I took that means that I'm in love with you ... my own sister?"

"Well, Andy ... are you in love with me? I know how I feel about that, but I need to know what you feel, what you need, what you want."

"Gosh, Susan ... I never really thought about it in that way. I just like being around you. You're not stuck-up at all, you have a pretty smile and I like being around you. None of the girls I have dated made me feel the way I feel when I'm around you. Dammit—now what do we do?"

"What do you mean, what do we do, Andy?"

"Well, we can't date, or kiss, or even hold hands in public. All of the things you do as boyfriend and girlfriend."

"You're right Andy, but we can do those things when we're alone in the house ... or when the music is really loud in your room," Susan said with a rather delicious smile on her face.

"Susan ... are you on the pill?"

"Now, why did you have to go and spoil everything by asking that?"

"I just wanted to know."

"Yeah, you just wanted to know ... so you could fuck me!"

"I can't say, it's never entered my mind. You are very pretty!"

"Yeah, go on!" she smiled at me.

"And you have a real nice smile!"

"Yeah, go on!"

"And you got a real nice ass!"

"Yeah, I know I do. You're not the first guy to tell me that. I even heard a couple girls back in our old town that thought my ass was nice. They didn't know I'd heard them. They also told me that they thought my little brother was cute!"

"Just because you were born two minutes before I was, doesn't mean you can call me little brother, Susan. Actually earlier I clearly heard you say 'Wow' when I pulled out my prick in front of you."

"Oh, now you're all 'I have got a big prick. Look at my big prick.' You're not even the biggest in this house!"

"You've seen dad's?"

"Yeah, by accident. I went up to ask mom something and they hadn't closed the door. I heard them fucking, so I stood behind the door and watched them for a while."

"When was this? Wasn't I home?"

"No, Andy. You were out with your guy friend, Paul."

"Oh, yeah, Paul. What a dickwad he turned out to be. He was trying to be all friendly with me. Then I heard him talking about how he was really going to get into your pants. That really upset me, so I punched him in the stomach and told him to go home."

"Really? You punched him because of me. Aww, that's sweet of you. Come here, you big lug. Give me a kiss."

I walked over to Susan and sat down on my bed. She got up on my lap and grabbed my face and gave me a really nice kiss. It might have been the nicest kiss we have had, since we started this 'thing' between us.

There was a knock on the door. "Kids, come out. Jeff and Jonnah from across the street are here."

"Coming Mom," I said. "Be right out." Susan got up off me and fixed herself up a little. I pushed down the erection I had been getting and opened the door. We went down the stairs and saw the Swanson Twins and waved at them as we came down into the living room.

Susan said, "Why don't you guys come on up? We were just listening to music." I saw Jeff grab Jonnah's hand and lead her up to my room.

"Nice room," said Jeff. "This is an exact duplicate of our floor plan, just flipped."

"Hey Andy, you're looking good today!"

"Thanks Jonnah. I'd be lying if I didn't return the compliment. That's a very pretty blouse you have on."

That appeared to make her blush. I looked over at Susan, who had an interesting looking smile on her face. Jeff walked over to Susan and sat down. "You look very nice today yourself, Susan."

I saw my sister blush and it was cute and hot. I was getting hard with both of these babes in my room.

"Why don't we all go to the movies? Greeley has a movie theatre, I would assume?" I asked.

"Greeley is a pretty nice town, Andy. It's almost doubled in size in only the last 20 years. Getting near 100,000 people. And yes, we have a rather new multiplex, with electricity and food ... and indoor plumbing and everything," said Jeff in a kind of hillbilly voice.

"He got you there, bro. Ha-ha-ha. Let's go to the movies, you guys. Andy and I like to go to the back row of the movies and make out a little," Susan said.

I looked at my sister and couldn't believe what she just said. Before I could laugh it off, Jonnah said, "So do we, Susan! Aren't brothers, just about the best boyfriends?"

With that she walked up to Jeff and planted the biggest kiss I ever saw a brother and sister give each other. Certainly hotter than the best kiss I ever gave Susan.

Not one to be upstaged, I turned and planted one on Susan, who at first wasn't getting what I was doing, but she got into it. So there we were ... two sets of twins, making out with our own sisters.

In an effort to break the considerable sexual tension, I said, "Are we going to a movie, or are we staying inside to play?"

Susan, Jeff and Jonnah all turned to me, looked at each other and said, "Play!"

Jeff grabbed Jonnah by her butt and started making out again. I reached over and locked the door, then pulled Susan over and we sat down on the bed, like we had before and started making out. This time I quickly put my left hand on her breast. Usually this would cause Susan to balk and ask me to slow down, but because there was another couple making out in the room, she actually encouraged me to feel her tits. We stopped for a minute to watch Jeff and Jonnah. They were really going at it.

They must have picked up on that we were watching, so they broke apart and looked over at us and started to laugh.

"What?" I said. "Why are you two laughing?"

"We could tell by the way you stood next to each other, that you were more than twins," Jonnah said.

"What did we do?" asked Susan sincerely.

"The back of your hands hit each other and I saw Andy knock your hand away from his. We do the same thing. So how long have you guys been doing it?"

"Well," Andy responded. "A little over a month. Back in Bloomington, we were at a friend's house and they were playing a game of 'seven minutes in heaven.' I had heard of the game before, but had never 'played' it. The other kids must have rigged it somehow, because I was in there waiting for someone ... then the door opened and Susan walked it. I knew it was her right away, because of the shampoo she uses gives her a nice fragrance."

"Thanks, bro."

"So, the first minute we talked about what the kids waiting for us were expecting us to do. And it just sort of happened. I leaned into Susan and she moaned, I think more for the guys outside, then she kissed me and the floodgates opened. I kissed her back and then we really started to touch each other. I grabbed her ass; she put her hands down my pants and squeezed my butt. We were grinding away at each other when the door opened and they all started laughing. I grabbed her and we left the party. They thought it was because we were embarrassed ... it was because we were so turned on, we wanted to get home and see what else we might decide to do with each other."

Susan took over and said, "We came home and went up to my room. To reset the mood, I turned off my bedroom light. It was pitch dark. Now the tension was coming back and I ran my finger across Andy's lip. Then I leaned in and kissed him, but keeping it lips only. Andy had started to kiss me back, but I felt his lips open and his tongue came out to play. I thought that I could play this game too. Then the kisses got really hot and I felt Andy's hand on my ass. That felt really good, so I quickly removed my shirt, keeping my bra on and rubbed up against him."

"That did it for me," I continued. "I came in my pants. I was embarrassed, but Susan moved her face to my ear and said. "Are you as turned on as I am? I told her what had just happened to me and she said, "That's OK little brother, I'm here. I love you!"

"I didn't even realize at first I had said that," said Susan. "But it seemed the right thing to say at the time. Andy didn't want me to worry about it, so he immediately said, 'I love you too, Susan. I think I have for a long time.' So I went back to kissing him and he moved his hand to my breast. I felt that from my toes to my nose and he could tell. He then tried to put his hand down the front of my pants, but I slapped him away. I was having too much fun 'above the waist' so, since then ... we have kept it 'above the waist.'"

"That story has gotten me so wet Jeff," Jonnah said. "We haven't been nearly as chaste as you two. We have actually fucked a couple of times."

This shocked Susan, who asked, "How have you kept from getting pregnant? That's my biggest fear! I'm so scared about getting pregnant!" She had started to cry a little bit, so I walked over to her and put her head on my shoulder. This caused her to really start crying in earnest. I said, "You know how much I love you, Susan. I would never do anything to hurt you or cause you any pain of any kind."

"That's so beautiful, isn't it Jonnah," Jeff said. "Well, Susan and Andy ... we use a couple of methods of birth control. Jonnah is on the pill; I also use a condom on her most fertile days. As a backup to our backup, we have a couple of those 'day after' pills hidden in her bathroom."

"My mom would never let me go on the pill," Susan quickly added. "She believes that giving us birth control means that she is encouraging us to have sex. It's old fashioned, but I understand it, a little."

"Do you have any condoms, Andy?"

"No, actually. I never had the guts to go to the store and get some."

"Here," Jeff said, fishing a couple of them out of his wallet. "You can have these."

Susan looked over at me, smiling and blushing.

"I don't think Susan is ready for that yet, but thanks. I'll get some and when I do, I'll pay you back."

"You can pay me back, by showing your sister how much more you can love her, using a rubber."

This made Jonnah smile and she said, "Susan, I can tell just how much you two are in love with each other! Once you two have real, complete sex with each other, you'll become even closer."

Jeff added, "Incest is Relative. Right Sis!" He grabbed Jonnah and ran his hand under her shirt and squeezed her breast real hard. She put her hand down the front of his pants. We could tell she actually grabbed his dick because of the sound she made. He turned back to us and said, "You guys want to see close up, exactly how much fun it can be to fuck your sibling. We can do it right now, if you two want us to. It's OK. These D-cups of hers, really make me hard."

Susan said, "That would be cool, but our mother comes up here too often to risk it at the moment."

Jeff said, "You know Andy, I can tell you like my sister's boobs a little. When you saw them over at our house, your eyes went right to them. That's what they are there for ... to look at."

Jonnah said, "Stop it, Jeff! You're embarrassing Andy. You know what guys? I have a wicked idea!"

"And what would that be?" asked my sister.

"We could pretend to be each others boyfriends and girlfriends, but really we would hook up with our brothers!"

Jeff replied, "That's a great idea, Jonnah! Think about it you guys. We need to get home ... I need to fuck my sister in the worst way."

"And he will too," Jonnah said, as she flashed that smile. "Bye, guys—Don't be a stranger!"

They left my bedroom. I heard them say goodbye to mom, who popped up to say, "Aren't they just the sweetest kids! You guys might have found yourselves a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Twins meeting twins!"

Susan and I went down the stairs to mom and Susan said, "Mother, I think it's time for me to be on the pill. I know how you feel about that, but I would like the peace of mind that, if I were attacked or worse, there wouldn't be a rug rat as a result of it. I also want to be prepared for falling in love ... along with the consequences," she looked over to me as she said that.

"You know honey, I'm beginning to realize you're growing up and have a good head on your shoulders. You aren't looking to have sex ... you just want to be prepared, if you were to find yourself in that position ... if you found somebody to love. I don't think your brother necessarily wants you to have a boyfriend. He would lose his best friend!"

I reached up and put my hand around Susan's waist and said, "Our little girl is finally growing up!" I gave her a kiss on the cheek, causing Susan to blush a deep crimson. She said, "I love you too, bro!"

The next morning, my alarm clock woke me up.

I'm not one of those guys who sleep till noon and then lounges around the house, telling everyone who'll listen how bored I am.

I'd reached over to turn off my alarm and I heard a voice say, "Why does that thing go off so early, bro?"

"Susan, what the hell! Are you ... are you naked?" I quickly got very worried that something happened that I didn't remember!

"NO, Silly! I'm not naked ... but I could be if you wanted me to be?" She had a really devious smile on her face.

"How long have you been in bed with me?" I asked a little befuddled.

"Just about maybe ... three hours! I woke up a little horny and I thought you wouldn't mind a little company. I've only got a bra and panties on, though ... want to cop a feel?"

"Susan, what about Mom and dad?"

"Dad's gone to work and mom isn't even up yet, so chill Andy!" With that remark she put her hand on my chest and pulled me over to her and started kissing me. We quickly got into 'make out mode' and I was about to bring my hand to her tits, when there was a knock on the door, "Is Susan in there with you, Andy? I can't find her anywhere!"

Susan yelled, "Yeah Mom, Andy and me are talking about Jeff and Jonnah. We're making out too!"

"Ha-ha-ha, you two are really something. Always trying to shock your father and me. I could tell you two some things that would curl your toes ... breakfast in 15 minutes!"

"Thanks Mom," we both said. Susan said to me, "Speaking of curling your toes. Since Jeff gave you those condoms ... it would be a waste of good latex to not use them and soon!"

"You mean you want to have sex—With me? Jesus, Susan ... you sure know how to wake a guy up, Wow! Why don't we, after breakfast, go over and see what the Swanson twins are doing today? Maybe we could go off together and get off together?"

"That's very clever of you Andy ... not! Yeah, maybe we can get some pointers from those two, on how to keep the parents from finding out about us. Before I get out of your bed, I want to do something."

She took her hand and went inside my boxers and pulled out my dick ... then she moved her face to it and put her mouth on me and sucked for about 10-15 seconds. Then she got up, got dressed and said, "Breakfast is probably ready now, loverboy. See you downstairs, Andy!"

"You're evil, Susan ... now I'm going to be hard all morning, especially since we're going over to the Swanson's!"

"You really want to suck on those double D's, don't you bro?"

"The way I saw you looking at her, I thought you might just want to play with them, too!"

After breakfast, we told mom we were going over to the Swanson's ... she said to take our phones with us. We knocked on their door and Jonnah answered it, telling us to come on in. Jonnah and her brother Jeff had their swimsuits on ... he had on a pair of what I think are called board shorts and Jonnah had on a rather small bikini a beautiful shade of green. Susan looked over at me and said to me, quietly, "Down boy, or you're going to be drooling all over yourself."

Jeff heard Susan and my conversation and said, "It's OK, Andy ... that's exactly why she wears such small bikinis, to get a rise out of guys. We were about to jump into our pool, care to join us?"

Susan said, "As you can see, we didn't anticipate swimming, so we didn't wear or bring suits."

"Oh," said Jonnah. "These suits we have on are only for show. When our parents leave in the morning, we put them on until they leave and then we actually swim nude! Care to join us in some skinny-dipping, you two? You could strip down to your underwear and join us that way. I don't remember if you told us if you'd seen each other naked before or not, so whatever you do, will be fine with us!"

"Thanks Jeff, just a minute ... Susan and I need to talk about this for a moment! Susan, we've only been naked in front of each other once ... but we know how we feel about each other! Jeff and Jonnah don't judge us, they're in the same situation."

"You just want to see me naked, don't you?" Susan proclaimed.

"Yeah, I do," I said honestly, "but not just because you're so beautiful, but because I love you and I want us to be as close to each other as possible. Maybe we won't make love until after you're on the pill, but in front of Jeff and Jonnah, we can show each other how much we really care for each other. I truly do love you; the same way mom and dad love each other! Don't you feel the same way about me?"

Her answer was in her actions! She stripped naked in front of me and proceeded to help me get naked as well. We picked up our clothes and took them outside, protecting them from getting wet by putting them on the table wrapped in a towel.

"I was wondering if you two had left or something," Jeff hollered. "Come on in, the water is nice and the girls are hot!"

I heard Jonnah slap Jeff on the shoulder, as Susan and I walked into the pool using the steps. I did my best to not let my eyes stray to Jonnah's tits. I was trying to show Susan my love by looking directly into her eyes.

"Will you look at those two?" Jonnah said. "That's love, no doubt about it! He's not even interested in my tits any more!"

Jeff quickly said, "That means more for me, sis!"

I may have been in the shallow end of the pool, but I was over my head in love with my sister. We both went to our knees, which kept only our heads above water. I knee-walked closer to Susan and put my arms around her and gave her a great big hug. While I was doing that, Susan put her hands on my ass. That felt really nice ... I could tell she wanted me even closer to her. I 'responded' to her grabbing my ass and she noticed and asked, "Is that for me?"

"Yes," I said. "Only ever for you. I don't want to have to find somebody else to love. I love only you, kiddo."

I proceeded to give her the sloppiest kiss we'd ever had between us ... meanwhile, my dick was trying to muscle its way into my sister. She grabbed me by it and said, "Try that again without a rubber on and I'll cut it off you, you understand!" She couldn't control the giggle that came out of her after having said that. Whew! Now, I was worried about being castrated in the middle of the night, which, ironically made me even harder than I was.

"Wait a second, Susan? Did you just say you would be willing to make love, provided I had on a rubber?"

"I wondered how long it would take you to pick up on what I'd said, Andy? Yeah, I'm willing ... but mom and dad need to be verifiably out of town, before that could ever happen!"

Jeff and Jonnah, who had been going at it, at the other end of the pool, must have heard Susan's conditions to having sex with me, because I heard them come over to us and Jonnah said, "State Farm is having their annual Agent Redevelopment Meetings in Illinois, in two weeks. Is that verifiable enough for you guys?"

I turned to talk to Jonnah, but she stood up and her boobs, once again, transfixed me. Jeff quickly remarked, "Like a deer in the headlights, Andy! Don't look directly into them or your brain will go soft and your dick will get hard!"

"Too late, Jeff—Susan already got my dick hard. Jonnah just turned it into steel." Susan reached around me and grabbed me, saying, "Damn, Jonnah ... maybe I should get an upgrade so my brother will look at me like that!"

"I look at you because I love you, I look at her because she lets me ... that's a big difference, Susan—Don't do anything to yourself, please? You are the most beautiful sister in this pool, OK? I mean that with all of my hard ... heart!" Susan slapped me, playfully and grabbed me and kissed me!

"Jeff and Jonnah, as God is my witness, I love this sister of mine and I will to the day that I die!"

Jonnah said, "Awwww ... isn't that so sweet, Jeff?"

"So is this, sis!" Jeff took a rubber from the pools edge, ripped it open, slapped it on and proceeded to enter his sister, right in front of us! Jonnah gave out a big moan and Jeff started fucking her hard, not caring that Susan and I were watching them from only five feet away.

They were both moaning and groaning, Jonnah being a little more vocal and Jeff was trying his best to last as long as he could. He apparently was losing the battle, because he started to tremble a little, making me think he was about to cum with his dick in his sister. I don't care he had a rubber on ... it was really hot and Susan started to rub on my dick in the same tempo that Jeff was giving it to his sister. With each stroke Jeff gave Jonnah, Susan's hand gave an identical stroke to my now, ready to blow, dick. I thought it would be cool if both of us guys came together.

I turned and faced my sister, but still listened to Jeff and Jonnah's lovemaking sounds. Susan had started to really move her hand much faster and I was getting quickly to the moment of completion. I was now waiting for Jeff and Jonnah, but I started to kiss Susan's tits, whiling she was jacking me off. I couldn't hold myself off another second and started to cum in the pool. Susan's hand didn't stop ... she kept going until she was sure I was through cumming.

I heard Jeff make the sound that told me he was cumming ... Jonnah was really enjoying him and had her eyes closed. I turned back towards Susan and she had a wonderfully satisfying look on her face, as she looked down into the pool and saw my swimmers dying a horrible death in the chlorine.

"Why don't we get dressed and you two can show us around Greeley?" I suggested to Jeff and Jonnah. Jeff replied, "That's a great idea. I can show you where Northridge is, along with the other high schools, along with the Union Colony Civic Center, where a lot of local events happen. Do you guys like live theatre, like community type theatre? We have a couple of them, that are always looking for new blood ... we also have..."

"Jeff, you are beginning to sound like a travelogue! Let's just show them around," Jonnah added. "Come on guys, pile in the car, this won't take long!"

"Great!" I said, "I'm going to let our mom know that we are going out. She has a tendency to freak a little if she doesn't know where we are at all times."

"Hello, Mom!"

"Hi, honey. Is there a problem?"

"No, Jeff and Jonnah have kidnapped Susan and I and they are going to hold us ransom for 10 million dollars!"

"Oh, Andrew! That's not very funny, really. So are they taking you on a tour of the city or something?"

"Actually, yeah ... we'll be back in about an hour or so! Just wanted to check in with you!"

"Thanks, Andrew! See you two later, bye!"

Jeff and Jonnah were in the front seat next to each other, so we cuddled up and looked out while Jeff pointed stuff to us. He showed us Central, Northridge and Greeley West High Schools, Aims Community College and Division I University of Northern Colorado. He also mentioned there were some other 4-year colleges around, most notably The University of Colorado and Colorado State University. CSU was where Jeff and Jonnah wanted to go to college. Susan and I have barely touched on the subject, but I'm certain we will real soon.

They also drove by the Northern Colorado Medical Center, a very large hospital and recently renovated facility and they showed us where the new Wal-Mart is. They even drove us by the State Farm Operations Center, a huge regional building where both our dad's work. We figured we'd been shown as much as our brains could absorb. Jeff took us back to our street.

"What are you guys going to do now," I asked Jeff and Jonnah.

"Probably go upstairs and fuck ... I've been horny through most of the 'Jungle Cruise' we took you guys on," Jeff responded. "Care to join us?"

I wasn't exactly sure what Jeff meant by that and I didn't want to come off like a goof, so I turned to Susan and said, "Mom isn't expecting us home for at least another 30 minutes, or so. Do you want to go to the Swanson's and make out, or something?"

"Or something, sounds like a real good idea, Andy," as she gave me a kiss. "I don't want us to get in the way of anything Jeff and Jonnah have planned!" This was her way of telling me that she was unsure of what Jeff meant as well.

We all got out of the car ... I helped my lovely sister by pulling her out of the car into a clinch and kissed her right there in front of the Swanson's house, and ... if she was in the kitchen, right in front of our mother!

Susan pushed me away saying, "Are you insane, Andy? Mom could've seen that?"

"Chill out, sis!" I said, looking down at my watch, "This is the time of day that mom lays down for a power nap. Look! Turn your head and look into our kitchen window! Do you see mom there?"

I turned to look at the window myself and saw my mother, waving to us through the window. I waited for a minute and then went inside the Swanson house. As I closed the door, Susan came up to me, with a furious look on her face.

"Just how crazy are you Andy? Mom may have just seen her twin children kissing each other!"

"Calm down, Susan! She would've called one of us and told us to come straight home, if she'd seen us at all, just chill!" I put my arms around her to help her calm down and it was working. She stopped trembling ... now I felt something else coming from her, I felt her hands on my face, slightly touching my face with a very delicate touch. I moved my face down so we could kiss and she moved in and started to kiss me, with more emotion than I recall one of her kisses ever having had before.

"Andy?" she spoke very quietly.

"Yes, Susan?" I whispered back to her.

"Would you please make love to me?"

"I will do anything to make you feel better, but are you sure you're ready to do this? It's the most important thing a girl can do with a boy. I want you to be happy, but I don't want you to do something for the wrong reason. I love you ... and I have for a very long time! I'll wait for you as long as it takes, but I really want you to know, if you are ready, so am I!"

She took my hand and led me up the stairs. We knew Jeff and Jonnah were up here somewhere and didn't want to barge in on them. I heard a sound coming from the bedroom on the far end of the hall. That meant the other bedroom was empty. I took my sister's hand and opened the door to find that it was Jonnah's room. It was easy to tell, because of all of the stuffed animals around.

I took the condom I had out of my pocket and placed it on the bed. Then I quickly and quietly took off my clothes and watched Susan take off her clothes. We were both completely naked and also very nervous. Susan grabbed the condom and used her other hand on me, to get me hard. Then she opened the package and put the condom on me.

She crawled up on the bed and motioned me to climb up as well. I did and I went to kiss her and she pulled me down so our lips would compress against each other. While I was kissing her, my condom-covered cock found it's way to her virginal opening. The moment our genitals touched, Susan arched her back and moaned very much and very loudly. Since I was kissing her at the time, I moaned back due to the intimate contact.

I moved from her face and grabbed my dick and pushed a little forward, quietly reminding Susan of the pain she may experience and giving her an opportunity to back out of what was about to happen ... it would change our lives, I told her, hopefully for the better.

Hearing no opposition from Susan, I pushed in until I could go no further without breaking her maidenhead.

"I love you, Sue ... I hope you know that!" I found myself crying as I said this to her.

"I love you so much Andy! I knew, when I was 12 years old, that you were the only boy I would ever let do this to me!" Susan was silently crying herself.

I pulled back a little and pushed into her and my sister became my lover in that instant. We were making love to each other and were in love with each other. I pushed in until all of me was inside of her ... She must feel so full. The sensation on my dick felt like the pressure of being underwater and I had to keep a certain amount of forward pressure or her vaginal muscles would've pushed me out. It felt like we were pushing against each other! I guess we were, so I started pulling out and pushing in, trying to get some friction going ... the condom seemed to make me less sensitive to her needs, but it would have been foolish and stupid, to be doing this without one on.

"Oh, Andy ... that feels so good, push into me, please push all the way into me ... Oooh, keep doing that, back and forth, back and forth, all the way inside, all the way inside of me! Yes! Do you feel it, Andy? Do you feel the love in this room right now? I do—I love you, don't stop—oh, don't stop—oh—I'm—I'm—cumming on your dick ... cumming on your dick, do you feel that Andy, do you feel my cum?"

I knew I would be feeling it, if I hadn't had a condom on, but I fibbed and told her I felt it, I told her I felt every inch of her, smoothly sliding into her, over and over and over again. I pushed my way all the way inside of her ... then I took my balls and stuffed them inside her as well, so my entire scrotum was inside her. I knew I could only take real short strokes for a minute, but it helped ... it increased the friction, I was about to cum inside my sister.

She felt so wonderful, so wonderful and I felt myself filling the condom, finally cumming. I told her that I came and she smiled a great big smile. I pulled out real quick, tore off the condom and plunged back inside, to give her a feel of skin on skin and it was wonderful. I knew I shouldn't stay inside her long like this, but wow it felt good. I came to my senses and pulled out, asking her if she felt all right? She said she felt 'perfect!' I told her the feeling was mutual!

We took a shower together, but figured we should get home, so nothing much happened in the shower, but it gave us ideas for later. We dried off and put our clothes back on. We tried to completely dry our hair, knowing that would be suspicious to mom. Susan had an idea. She said we could tell mom we ran a hose over our heads to cool down, because the day had been rather warm. It seemed believable to me, so we went downstairs and saw Jeff and Jonnah having a drink of water. We thanked them for the tour and 'everything else.' Jeff reached into his pocket and said, "Catch, Andy!" He threw two additional condoms to me. I said thanks, with probably two much vigor, causing Susan to hit me on the shoulder. We told them we'd talk to them tomorrow.

We got home and walked into the kitchen. Mom was preparing something that smelled really good. I walked up behind her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the side of her neck.

"What's that for Andy? Did you break something?"

"Can't a young man, go up to his beautiful mother and give her a hug and a kiss, just because he loves her and doesn't feel like he says it often enough to her!"

"My goodness, Andrew ... you certainly are growing up into a wonderfully perceptive young man!"

"I think so, too Mom!" Susan sighed. "Every day I love my brother more!"

"Oh, you two ... you're going to make me cry and I have flour all over me. I saw you two holding each other earlier! Not many parents can say they have children that care for each other, the way you two care for each other. Lunch is in 30 minutes ... Clean up and get back down here. I have something to talk to you about!"

We walked upstairs, holding hands like we always do ... turned to each other and I said, "Maybe she did see us, Susan! I'm so sorry, I may have really botched up this good thing we have going! Whatever she accuses us of, I'll say it's my entire fault, OK? I don't want you to get into any trouble, since I'm the one who caused us to get caught!"

"I knew there was a reason I loved you so much, Andy! Let's change and go back down there and get whatever's coming to us!"

We walked back down and into the kitchen, where mom was washing her hands. "Sit down you two, I've got something to say to you!"

I almost started to say something, but Susan grabbed my arm and said, "Shush, Andy! I don't think its what we think!"

"Kids," my mom said, "State Farm is having their annual Agent Redevelopment Meetings, back in Bloomington, in two weeks! Your father and I must go to that! It lasts four days, we're flying out and flying back, so we'll be gone for six days in total. We'll leave you some money ... you two get along so well, but I have to say it anyway, NO PARTIES in this house, DoYouUnderstand*Me, Kids?"

"Yes, Mother ... no parties in this house!" I said.

"Yes, Mother ... no parties in this house!" Susan repeated.

"How you two get along and keep order around here while your father and I are gone, will go a long way, to our trusting you two with even greater responsibilities in the future."

"I totally understand, Mom ... we'll keep our phones with us at all times, even in the shower or the tub, or if we're making out with the Swanson Twins!" I said.

"You four sure seem to have become fast friends," Mom said!

"Yeah, Mom ... Jonnah is very pretty, but both Susan and yourself are much prettier!"

"And Andy is a lot hotter than Jeff will ever hope to be," Susan declared.

Oh my god! Susan and I had a moment between us, right in front of our mother! Mom saw something between us and I could tell she was trying to work it out, in her head. She just shook her head and said, "I never know what to make of the two of you kidding around, holding hands ... if I didn't know any better I'd say that you two looked like you were in love with each other!"

Oh shit! Shit, shit, shit! Thinking fast, I hit Susan and said, in my best hillbilly voice, "Is that it, Sue! Are you in love with me, your brother ... let's go back to North Carolina so we can make us some babies, huh!"

Susan picked up on my train of dialogue and said, "I wouldn't fuck you if you paid me, bro ... I'd find me a kissing cousin before I put my lips on yours! Who knows where they've been!"

My mother was aghast at this dialogue between her twin children and said, "I will not put up with talk like that in this house! Andrew Nathaniel Mitchell, apologize to your sister right now!"

"I'm sorry Susan Alyssa Mitchell, I really do love you ... and I'm sorry for what I said, we don't have to go back to North Carolina, we can do it right here, right now if you'd like!"

Susan followed suit and said, "Andrew, I would love for you to make mad passionate love to me right now, but we need to eat lunch first, OK!"

Mom just threw up her hands, laughing and realizing that we were only saying what we were saying, to get a reaction from her. "I think you two are perfectly meant for each other ... I mean as brother and sister. Now eat your lunch, before you go off somewhere and start making grandbabies for your father and me. Oh, dear ... now you two have me playing your games with you!" she blushed a deep crimson.

Using the hillbilly voice again, "When they're born with flippers, we'll just say, 'Momma said it was all right, your honor!' Then the judge will make me have a vasectomy, so I'm shooting blanks for the rest of my life. Then Sue and I can make love aaaalllll day and aaaalllll night long, not having to worry about any more young'uns!"

That caused mom to start laughing so hard, I had to go over to her and make sure she was all right!

"Andrew Mitchell, the things that come out of your mouth sometimes totally flabbergast me!"

"Mom," Susan said, holding back a giggle. "I understand that it's quite fun to have your 'gast' flabbered a few times, every now and again!"

"Leave me alone, you two ... I-I can't believe this conversation went on as long as it did! Go up and listen to some of that 'jungle music' you kids today like so much!" She turned around and laughed.

Mom's coolness factor just went up a couple of notches ... she's a pretty good sport about some of the things we talk about! We got upstairs, locked the door and sat down of the bed.

Susan got up and turned on the music and came back to the bed, starting to take off all of her clothes. I realized what was happening and got my clothes off as quickly as I could, getting the condoms out.

"Susan," Mom yelled through the door. "I've got you an early appointment with my OB/GYN to get you on the pill, tomorrow at 9am, OK?"

"OK, Mom ... Thanks! I love you, Mom!"

"You can show me how much you love me, by not getting pregnant Susan!"

"Sure thing, Mom!"

Susan had just finished putting my condom on me as she said that to mom. "I've wanted you to fuck me, Andrew, since you said to mom how pretty you though I was! It's one thing to say it to me, but to tell mom about how much you love me, really means a lot to me!"

She got on the bed and spread her legs showing me that practically perfect pussy! I got up on the bed and leaned into her and kissed her on the lips, probing my tongue into her mouth ... while at the same time I had my hands on her bosoms, giving them a rub and a squeeze. I moved from her lips to her nipples, causing her to moan a bit. I bit down on her nipples and she really groaned and lifted up. As she lifted up, her pussy moved forward and took hold of my condom-covered cock!

I recognized the feeling in my loins and started to pump back and forth into her, with the immediate sensation growing deep inside me that told me I was getting close to filling the condom. Susan kept groaning and lifting up, causing me to get even closer to orgasming while inside her. Just thinking about the possibility of doing this to her without a condom on and cumming inside her ... simply made me shudder with the future anticipation of it all. I whispered to her, "I'm about to cum, sis ... in the condom or in your mouth, what do you want?"

"Pull out, Andy ... I want a load of you in my mouth!"

I pulled out of her, ripped the condom off my very hard cock and she put it in her mouth, just in time for a load of my sperm. I must have spurted three or four times, directly into her beautiful mouth! She got up and showed it to me and then swallowed it all up, completely. I moved towards her and kissed her, tasting myself for the first time. It had a very interesting texture to it, but it was wonderful because I love my sister so very much!

We showered together and wandered back downstairs, seeing what mom was doing. She wasn't in the kitchen, so we wandered into the living room and she wasn't there either. Susan must've heard a sound, because she turned her head and said, "Quiet, what is that?"

"What?" I whispered.

"Follow me, Andy!"

We walked around, me following Susan! She stopped for a minute ... and then moved on. She started up the stairs, turning around to say, "Ssshh, Andy!"

We walked up to mom and dad's bedroom door ... now I could hear it, myself! Sounds of heavy breathing and moans that definitely sounded sexual! Had dad come home for a little 'afternoon delight?' The door wasn't all of the way closed, so Susan carefully opened it and we saw, on the bed, mom, using a bright pink realistic dildo on herself. She was rubbing her clit with the dildo, moaning, but trying to keep it as quiet as she could, since we were in the house! Her eyes were closed as she played with her nipples with her other hand.

I'd never seen my mother naked before! She's very pretty ... I just never thought of her in a sexual way. My guess was that her tits were about the same size as Susan's, maybe a cup size larger. Her pussy was completely shaved!

She took the dildo and pushed it deep inside her, moaning and shuddering a bit. I pulled the door closed and took Susan downstairs!

"Susan," I said. "Why would mom feel the need to masturbate like that? Do you think that dad isn't doing it for her anymore, or do you think that since he works so much, that mom needs the 'alone' time we just saw!"

"Andy," Susan said as she went to the refrigerator, "Mom is a woman who has needs, just like you and me. Daddy is at work so much ... mom needs an outlet for her sexual energy!"

Susan got out a bottle of water, threw it to me and got one for herself! "Thanks, Susan! Do we tell her what we saw, or should we let them work this out?"

"It would embarrass her to know that we saw her like that, Andy! We need to get mom and dad to re-connect somehow! I know they still love each other, although maybe not as much as I love you!"

Susan moved towards me and placed her lips on mine, then put her arms around me and grabbed my butt really hard!

"Ahem," the sound behind Susan could only have been mom!

"Should I ask what that is all about, or do you have something to tell me, you two?"

"Mom," I said, sweating a little! "I-I was going to make my move on Jonnah tomorrow and Susan was role-playing with me, pretending to be as aggressive as Jonnah would be!"

"OK, go ahead, continue, I'll help you with any tips you may need that Susan doesn't know about!"

"Thanks Mom," Susan said. "I told Andy you were probably better at showing him an aggressive and bold sexuality than I could!"

"Why the hell would you say that, Susan?" Mom quickly responded.

"It's just that you're so pretty that you probably, as a young woman, had a lot of guys after you! I figured you must've come up with a way to be sexy and careful at the same time!"

"OK, then ... Andy, what kind of help do you need with Jonnah?" mom asked.

"Well, Mom ... her boobs are so big, they tend to distract me from her ... pretty face and nice ass! How do I let her know that I'm not just into her because of her big tits?"

Susan gave me a look that meant, 'good boy!' My mom asked, "Andy, come here! Put your arms around me ... come on, I won't bite -- Now look at my boobs as long as you think is appropriate!"

I did and I felt my dick getting hard, hoping mom wouldn't notice or wouldn't say anything!

"That's nice Andy! I feel you getting hard! Jonnah would like that, I'm sure! What would you do next?"

"I'd probably lean over her neck and nibble on it a little!"

"Go ahead and do that on me, it's OK, Andy! Mom's are girls too!"

We all chuckled at that, as I started to nibble on her neck and then her ear. Mom was responding ... she had trembled just a little as my lips touched her ear.

I backed off of her and said, "Mom, what would I expect her reaction to be, to my doing that?"

"Well, Andy ... all girls are different, but she might do any number of things; she could return the gesture in kind, like this!"

Mom leaned over my neck and started kissing me, including putting my ear in her mouth, causing me to gasp a bit!

"Wow, Mom ... that was really nice!"

"Nice to know that someone in this house is paying attention to me!"

"What else might she do to me, if not that, Mom?"

"Considering what we are doing here, Andy ... go ahead and call me Addy, OK?"

"Sure Addy, would Jonnah be OK if I did this!"

I took my hand and put it over my mother's breast! Susan had moved to a chair and was sitting down watching all of this, with a great big smile on her face.

"Well, Andy, since you say she's got a nice pair of bosoms, that would be expected, but don't just place it on her bosom, squeeze it a little, make her want more, Andy!"

"OK, Mo ... Addy!"

I took my hand that was on her breast and squeezed a little ... feeling her nipple pop up underneath my hand. Mom had actually squeaked a little. I thought we should stop!

"Addy that was really a lot of help! Next time we go over to the Swanson's, I'm going to make my move on Jonnah ... you are the best mom ever!"

I put my arms around her, squeezed a big hug and gave her a peck on the lips. "Glad I could help, Andy ... Oh, don't tell your father about our little lesson?—I doubt he'd understand!"

"Sure Addy ... Mom, I really do love you!"

"I know, Andrew ... I know!"

Back up in my room, Susan turned to me and said, "That was SO HOT, Andy ... the way mom felt your cock get hard and then when you put your hand on her tit, I just about came in my pants!"

"Me, too Susan! Mom really turned me on, considering an hour ago I never even though of mom as a sexual entity ... we've got to get dad back into the picture, or I may have to do something myself!"

"Andy ... are you saying that you'd fuck mom, given the chance?"

"No, sis ... I'd fuck mom, if I thought she needed the love and comfort of a man!"

"Wow," Susan said. "You have grown up, Andy ... that is a very thoughtful thing to say! If you do end up fucking mom, I want to be there, please?"

"Well, they've got the trip back to Illinois coming up! If after that they haven't reconnected, maybe we can come up with a plan. Whatever we do, it has to be well thought out!"


"I'll get it," yelled Susan.

She opened up the door and it was Jeff and Jonnah, "Come in, guys!"

"I hope we are not interrupting anything," said Jonnah.

"If you'd been here 10 minutes ago, you would have," Susan chuckled.

"Hi Swanson twins," mom yelled from the kitchen. "Is this a meeting of the SFTA, today?"

"What is the SFTA, Mrs. Mitchell?" Jeff asked.

"The State Farm Twins Association, kids ... come on—pay attention, there's going to be a test at the end of your life!"

"Addy, what the hell?" I said.

"Andy, I will not put up with that kind of talk in this house ... so go upstairs and talk like that all you want, OK?" she said with a mischievous smile on her face!

We all started up the stairs. Mom said, "Andy, I need to talk with you about something!"

"I'll catch up with you guys in a minute!" I said.

"What Mom?"

"Were you really using Susan as a proxy for Jonnah, or are you and your sister knocking boots? The looks I've seen on your faces for the last month or so, makes me think that you two have become more than brother and sister!"

The look on my face must have given me away!

"You two had me going there, until you put your hand on my boob! That move looked very practiced, Andy! That must be why Susan wants birth control pills, so you too can fuck each other bareback, huh?"

"Mom, I don't feel right talking about this without Susan here to help explain! Can we have an adult conversation about this after the Swanson Twins leave?"

"Sure, Andy ... give your mother a kiss, OK?"

I went to give her a peck on the cheek but mom turned her face and it became quite an erotic kiss. I became hard again! As I left to go upstairs, mom said, "It's so nice to know that I can still make somebody hard!"

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