Chapter 1

"Oh oh Caroline ... I'm I'm cumming."

Dammit to hell—Another wet dream about my sister Caroline. This has trouble written all over it. Let me explain exactly why to you.

I'm Richard O'Hara, 26, 6ft6, 185 lbs.

There are four of us O'Hara kids—Me, then 21 year-old twins, John and Nancy and lastly Sweet Caroline, 18, 5ft6, 100 lbs.

I see a number of problems ahead of me, First and foremost, we're brother and sister, Next, I'm eight years older than her, lastly, I may be in love with her. Yeah, you find the girl of your dreams and she's your sister. Karma's a bitch.

You're probably wondering how a grown man of 26 could fall in love with his own 18-year-old sister?

Let me paint you a picture of her. Red hair, NO — beautiful red hair that goes to her knees. Brown eyes! What was I saying ... oh, yeah-Brown eyes that see directly into your heart? A smile that makes me think of an angel. She isn't just pretty — She's a knockout.

She walks around humming, always with a smile on her face, and if you smile at her, her smile broadens into a magnificent grin that you fall in love with.

I'm a Stanford graduate, with light brown collar-length hair, and I have brown eyes as well, but they're not nearly as beautiful as Caroline's.

I got it bad, don't I?

At 6ft6, I am a foot taller than her, but 183 lbs. of muscle. I was an All-American High School Basketball player and I got into Stanford University on a Basketball Scholarship and started all four years.

After graduating college, I took my BS in Business and my MRED and parlayed it into a nice real estate business, O'Hara Real Estate. I live on the same property as my folks, in my hometown of Palo Alto, which makes both my parents, Michael and Jennifer O'Hara, very happy — More on that later.

I look like my dad, while Caroline and my mom could pass for sisters both having beautiful red hair although my mom wears hers in a much shorter style than Caroline.

Now that I think about it I'm certain my mother must have turned heads during her school days, having gone to Michigan State, where she met Dad.

Back to Caroline ... she's very smart, she was her Class Valedictorian, and has recently graduated High School and has applied and gotten into Stanford on an Academic Scholarship.

Now, for those of you who don't know, Stanford is in the middle of a community called Palo Alto about 30 miles south of San Francisco, so the whole time I went there, I lived at home, pleasing my parents to no end.

Caroline was planning on doing the same thing, so she could have the benefits of staying at home while traveling to school each day. She was also planning to go to Stanford in the fall.

With only Caroline and me at home, and Mom and dad going in to work every day, the dynamic between Caroline and me started to change.

Mom and dad were in the business of selling cruises, so they went off to work each day to work at their business, called 'Cruise Control.' When they filled up their allotment for any one cruise, they would temporarily close up the place and go on the cruise themselves. They said they did that to get 'feedback' from their clients, but it really gave them "alone" time from us kids. Not that we were any trouble, Mom and dad just left us to our own volition.

It's not like we were having crazy loud parties either ... on the contrary, we were quite tame in comparison to the kids we went to school with.

The cruises were usually anything from seven days, LA to Baja California and back, to 21 days, LA to Hawaii and back, sometimes longer. They sometimes left me in charge of the house and to 'babysit' Caroline. She didn't mind — she and I communicated well enough and planned our time well. Of course, this contributed to my lust ... love for my sister.

I should also tell you that on the same property my folks house is, there is, what used to be called, a 'Mother-in-Law' complex on the back of the property. This is where I live. It has all of its own amenities, along with direct gate access to the pool Caroline and I constantly use at our leisure. Our parents rarely use the pool because they're so busy with whatever cruise they're selling at any one time.

I pay all of my own expenses, including rent, although my parents told me I didn't have to, but I couldn't and didn't expect to get away with 'being on their dole.'

I've got two bedrooms plus an office/dining/living room area in my place. I would often have business clients over, along with the occasional young lady. Caroline has been up there to see what I do, and has actually helped me close a couple of real estate deals along the way.

Having graduated two weeks earlier, Caroline often 'chillaxed' by the pool our parents had installed. I told her that wasn't a word, but she used it anyway, always flashing that million-dollar smile at me, not realizing just how bad I had it for her.

There's a 6ft tall redwood slat fence all around the pool, making it a safe place to romp and sun herself. Caroline enjoyed having the pool to herself during the day since Mom, Dad and I were all usually all at work.

I enjoyed the pool at night, and on the weekends to keep in shape after I had torn my Achilles tendon during my final college basketball game. I had gone after a ball, but ended up in the stands and I heard a snap in my leg. It hurt like hell at the time, but the surgery was completely successful, not even a limp, but that left me with no practical hope to be drafted by any professional team. I was considered 'damaged goods.' European b-ball wasn't my style either, so to my families delight, I moved on.

I got my degree, had a place to live, and I get to see my Sweet Caroline all the time.

The 'incident, ' as I like to call it, happened on a Thursday early afternoon. Caroline had on her newest chocolate brown bikini–a very small top and a thong bottom, and she had swum about a dozen laps of the pool, and then went to layout and get some sun.

My storefront office, O'Hara Real Estate, in Northern Palo Alto, had an electrical problem that day that shut everything down, so I took the option of going home and working from there the rest of the day.

I pulled up to the house, heard music playing in the pool area–not terribly loud, just loud enough to get my attention. I honked my car horn to let whoever was in the pool area know that someone was home.

Caroline heard the honk and was coming through the gate to see who it was.

My attention was focused on getting my stuff out of the car when I heard, "Hey Rich!"

I looked up and saw Caroline standing by the car in her bikini and before I realized it, I said "Wow — Looking good, Caroline. That is a mighty tiny bikini, Sis."

She looked down and suddenly remembered that no one had seen this particular bikini before, and blushed and said to me, "I bought it yesterday–How do you like it, Rich?" She turned around, as if to show it off.

I responded by saying "It's a beautiful shade of brown, like your eyes–and just as stunning."

She blushed at this remark, and giggled.

I really liked this bikini, and so did my dick. I put some of the stuff I was carrying, in front of my trousers, as I said, "I'm home because of a power problem at work. If you need anything, I'll be working in my place."

"You're a big stick in the mud, Richie-poo. Change into a suit and join me in the pool," she giggled and smiled, and I decided I had to join her. If not, for any other reason, to look at her sweet face, tight ass, of course along with her red hair and brown eyes.

Caroline went on, "The water is perfect today, Richie-poo," I heard pleading in her voice, or was that lust? Yeah, right.

"Not nearly as perfect as you are," I said — did I say that out loud?

"What was that?" she responded.

"Oh, nothing," I said, "Give me about 10 minutes and I'll join you in the pool," realizing I may need more time than that to relieve myself from my reaction to seeing her bikini.

I went inside the main house, grabbed a soda and went back to my abode to put on a suit. All I own are a couple of Speedos and those might prove to be 'ineffective' for this situation.

Thinking about her as I was changing, I thought, 'When did she get so damn beautiful?'

Caroline is not my usual type–not at all. My girlfriends have all been D cuppers with shapely butts. My sister doesn't have any of those things, although her butt does look awfully good, now that I think about it ... and look at it.

Besides, I'm eight years older than her. Is being older than her add to the problem, or what? There's the problem that she's my sister, but that combination of things, her suit, her hair, and her eyes. Over half of the girls I've dated had red hair, maybe deep in my mind, I've been looking for someone like her. But, I'm supposed to be the responsible one.

"I wonder if she is still a virgin," I thought out loud, as I was stuffing my hardening penis into the damn suit. I can't let her see me like this. She'll call me a pervert, which is exactly what I am.

A sweet voice fluttered through my window, "Richard–are you coming?"

I decided that all was good and went outside with a towel over my shoulder and hanging low enough to cover any problems that may 'rise' up.

I jumped in, and then came up and found myself looking directly up into her face-That beautiful face. "Whew–the water feels so good, Sis." It seemed to help my 'other' problem, at least for now.

"I'll jump back in," she said. And, that she did.

"Yeah — show your brother what you got?"

She came up out of the water, looking like a water covered roman goddess, and she asked, "What did you say, Rich?"

Dare I repeat it? I might as well test the waters, so, "Show your big brother what you've got?"

She pursed her lips together, walking toward me and she said, "If I did that, I would be arrested for decent exposure."

"You mean indecent exposure?" I suggested.

Using her little girl voice, which always works on Dad, she says, "Wichie, nobody who 'knows me' would say that what I'm packing is indecent." She did that shake of her shoulders that girls with big boobs do, to show off. Hers weren't very big, but ... they were very nice.

"You don't look so decent to me, kiddo."

She slapped at my chest, pretending to be upset over my remark.

She's the only one who could get away with calling me 'Wichie.'

Back when I was eleven and she was three, she started trying to call me by my name, but it never came out right. She would say Wich Hard or Whicher or Whicha, but she just couldn't say Richard. I laughed so hard when she finally said Wichie, she thought I had approved of it, so she would go around saying, 'Wichie, Wichie, Wichie, ' and it stuck.

Over the last few years Caroline knew, if she called me Wichie, I would do just about anything she would asked. She basically had me wrapped around her little finger.

I would like to wrap her around something. Her voice had broken my reverie, "So, why don't you come over to me, and show me just how decent you are." Is she sexually flirting with me?

Let's see how much of this she can take, without actually doing anything.

"And you think you could handle my 'decency' Caroline? My last girlfriend could barely handle it."

"Yeah, but your last girlfriend ... wasn't also your sister."

Sonofabitch. She's thrown down the gauntlet.

I slowly swam away from her, stopping to look at her from a distance, then I swam a little close to her, stopped and looked again. Both times her eyes and her lips kept me entranced.

I stood up in the shallow end and motioned her to join me. She walked very slowly and sexily towards me, licking her lips as she got closer ... and closer to me. I was getting harder with every step she took.

"My last girlfriend, Dawn, broke up with me over a month ago, Caroline. Don't you pay attention to the fact that I never go out?"

"Was Dawn the redhead with the really big tits?" She'd put her hands up in front of her, to help make her point.

"Yes, as you crudely put it, she had large breasts," I said, not breaking eye contact with my little sister.

"Now that I think of it big bro, most of your girlfriends over the years were redheads, and most of them have had really big..."

I cut her off in mid-sentence, "Yeah ... most have," I said almost absentmindedly.

"So why are you suddenly flirting with your practically flat-chested little sister?"

"I don't know, probably because I finally realized that I should tell her just how beautiful I think she is, how horny I am right now, and that I can't seem to take my eyes off of her, Caroline."

"Horny, huh ... and you think I'm beautiful?" Her eyes were glimmering, maybe even moistening a little.

We were now face-to-face with each other in the pool, and neither one of us wanted to be the one to back down.

I put my hand to her face, touching her cheek. She leaned into it, pushing into my hand. I saw a lock of her hair and I used my other hand to place it behind her ear.

"That feels really nice ... Wichie." Caroline touched my hand with hers, and I felt something run through me, it might've been only for a millionth of a second, but I definitely felt ... something that gave me a little hope.

I leaned into her-she didn't move a muscle ... I got in as close as I dared without kissing her. It reminded me of the stare-down contests we had when we were very much younger.

I leaned in and started the kiss, hoping I hadn't misread her signals. Nope, I read her right. She was kissing me back. I even felt the tip of her tongue wanting access to my mouth.

I lovingly let her gain access, as we were now moving our arms into position for a full-fledged clinch.

She separated from me, and looked up into my eyes. I saw her filled with the same emotion I had. I reached around, put my hands on her butt, and pushed her up against me, she moaned, and I picked her up and started to carry her out of the pool, when...


That startled me so much, I dropped Caroline into the water.

Realizing what I had done, I reached for her and told her how sorry I was for dropping her. She had the most kittenish smile on her face.

"That kiss was tremendous Richard! I loved your big hands on my ass. Where were you taking me when the car horn honked?"

"Don't you know where I was taking you?" I said back to her as we kissed again, this time with much more intensity.

"I know where you were taking me, but I want to hear you say it, using those lips ... that taste so good." She licked her lips in anticipation of my response.

"I-I'm sorry, Caroline. I was overwhelmed by the moment, I guess." I picked her up again, as a head and voice popped over the fence and said, "Kids, didn't you hear the car horn? I've got a ton of groceries, I need everyone to help?"

It was Mom. What did she see?

"OK, Mom," Caroline and I said at the same time, laughing, as I put her down. We grabbed our towels and dried ourselves off really quickly.

"You'd better do something about that," Caroline said, giggling and pointing down at my very pronounced bulge.

I know what I wanted to do with it, but that might just be going too far ... especially with my baby sister.

"Thanks." I took my towel and quickly wrapped it around my waist.

"We are going to talk about what just happened later Rich, right?"

"OK–Caroline." Damn, the 'we have to talk' speech. She's probably going to read me the riot act, and then threaten to tell Mom and Dad.

As we came through the gate, Caroline slapped me on my butt and looked over at me and giggled.

We brought inside around 23 sacks of groceries from my Mom's Chevy Suburban. She and Dad were doing well in their business of selling cruises to the "upper crust" of society, which still had dispensable income to burn. They were currently working on an 'Around The World Cruise' that was filling up surprisingly fast.

This particular one would be leaving in a couple of days, and they'd be gone for 115 days, starting on the Gulf Coast and going to Australia and back, by way of going through the Panama Canal and going around the Southern Tip of South America. Our parents had never been on an 'Around The World Cruise' before, so, besides selling tickets for this one, they bought tickets as well.

"Mom, is there anything left at the store?" I said.

"Richard! This cruise your father and I are going on, will be leaving in a couple of days. I don't want you and Caroline to go hungry."

"Mom," Caroline said, "There's enough food here to feed one of your cruises."

"Just help me put this all away, you two. Open up the pantry so we can put all of this food away."

The 'Pantry' as Mom calls it, is practically as big as a studio apartment, having five shelves each along three of the walls. Along the fourth wall are the washer and dryer, with the appropriate supplies.

There is a direct door out to the pool so it doubles as a 'mud room' to go to after swimming, or coming in from a rainstorm. I often would grab a snack off of the shelf as I walked by. We all did. There was also a refrigerator in the pantry, always stocked with purified bottled water — Caroline always had bottled water in her hand.

Caroline and I had just finished bringing in the bags from the car and as she walked by me, out of the view of mom, I slapped her on the butt, this time I giggled.

"I'm going to get you for that, Wichie."

"Promises, promises ... you're such a tease."

"What're you two taking about in there? I can't hear you?"

"Nothing, Mom," Caroline said, "We're just being silly."

I said to Caroline, "Sis, you know where everything goes better than I do ... why don't you get in the pantry? I'll hand you the stuff, and you can put it away. If it's too heavy, or needs to go up on the top shelf, set it down, and I'll get it after we're all done."

"Sounds good, Bro."

Bro ... her calling me that, has now taken on a whole new meaning. She still has on that rather small bikini. I'm surprised Mom hasn't said anything about it. Maybe she's waiting to talk to Caroline alone, so she doesn't embarrass her in front of me. Both of our parents are cool about things like that.

So, I'm sort of triaging the food as I hand it to her, setting down the heavier things and handing her directly things she can put away. We worked together like this for about 30 minutes, and then all that's left is the heavy and 'top shelf' stuff.

Caroline started to try to put some flour and sugar on the top shelf, but she just isn't quite tall enough. So she goes to grab the little stepladder that's kept in the pantry for just this purpose.

"Don't bother with the step ladder, Caroline, I'll get it."

"No, Rich, I'll use the ladder, unless you want to hold me up and help me put it away." That sounded like a dare?

Holding her up sounds like a lot of fun, actually, so after she grabs the flour I grab her by the hips and lift her up.

"I knew you would like to do it, this way," she said with a smile.

The inevitable happened and, after the got the flour up, she slipped in my hands, and now my hands were on her hips.

"Careful, bro ... be careful what you wish for."

I think everybody knows what I was wishing for. I put her down, gave her a little kiss on the nose and told her to pick up the sugar. She did, I picked her up again, and the exact same thing happened, including the kiss on the nose.

"What's taking you two so long in there, you fall asleep or something?" mom asked.

"No, Mom ... just finishing up," I said.

"Up is right, Wichie," she said softly.

"I'll slap you so hard."

"Promises, promises?"

"Richard, take the load out of the dryer and move the load from the washer, would you please?" mom yelled through the door.

"Sure, Mom, anything you want ... do you want it folded? Caroline and I will gladly fold it for you, won't we sis?" Caroline gave me such a look.

"What are you up to, offering to fold laundry? Who are you, and what have you done with my oldest son and youngest daughter?"

Mom loved using this line ... whenever either one of us did something out of the norm, she would use it on one, or both of us. I looked over at Caroline and we said, together, "Because we love you Mommy."

My Mom just mumbled something under her breath about us being Stepford Children.

"So, am I Nicole Kidman or Katherine Ross, Mom?"

"Katherine Ross, of course dear. You know how I hate remakes."

"Who am I then Mom?" I asked earnestly, with a smirk.

"Well, you're Richard Jefferson Michael O'Hara."

"Jees, Mom, you haven't used my whole name like that in a long time. What brought that on?"

"I don't know, it just seemed appropriate," she said giggling.

There it is. Dad's Dad was Richard, my Mom's Dad was Jefferson, and all the boys in the family had a Michael somewhere in their name.

Caroline was Caroline Cathleen Chelsea O'Hara. Dad's Mom was Caroline, my Mom's Mom was Cathleen and my Mom's sister is Chelsea. I often threatened to call her 'ThreeC.'

"Since you're done with the groceries, go back to whatever you were doing when I got here. I've got to get back to the office. We are about sold out on this cruise and your Dad and I are going to make a butt load of money off this ... Sorry, that's not a very good example I set by saying that."

"It's OK, Mom, I say 'buttload' all the time," I said.

Caroline added, "So do I, Mom, butt load ... boatload ... shitload ... whoops, sorry."

This made my Mom giggle a little. It sounded just like when Caroline giggles. There go my hormones, again. I excused myself and tell them both I have to change because I have a meeting in my home office in about an hour, and I have to prepare.

"OK kids, see you later."

"I love you Mom," Caroline and I said together.

'Stepford children' is what I heard as I was leaving the room.

Running behind me she asked, "After your meeting, can we talk?"

"About, what?" I asked, knowing full well what she wanted to talk about.

"About ... the pool."

"That'll have to wait a couple of hours, OK?"

"OK, Wichie."

She did it again—Wichie. The countdown begins, 120 minutes till ... what?

After going to my humble abode behind the main house, I went in and dropped my towel and my Speedo, and walked naked towards my closet to pick out what I was going to wear for my meeting. Just as I was pulling some boxers out of my 'underwear' drawer there was a quick knock at my front door.

"Rich, It's me, Caroline."

"Wait a second, Caroline, I'm changing."

She breezed in the front door, closing it and locking it. She had changed into a quite lovely yellow summer dress.

"Dammit, Caroline, I said I was changing," as I was quickly pulling up my boxers.

"Our talk can't wait, Rich. I need to know what's going on between us. Since our ... encounter in the pool, I can't seem to get you out of my mind."

"Caroline, I've got clients that are going to be here in less than an hour."

"I know ... I heard you the first time. Just tell me something?"

"What? What do you want to know?"

"Do you love me?

"Of course, you're my sister. You know how much I love you."

I'm feverishly putting on an undershirt, along with a nice pair of black slacks. I just pulled a soft blue shirt out of my closet, when Caroline dropped her bomb.

"I know that ... you big dummy. I'm not talking about brother — sister love, I'm talking about love — love?"

I took the dress shirt off the hanger, and start to put it on as I tried to explain something to Caroline.

"I knew what you meant the first time you asked me, Caroline ... I've been stalling, putting on my clothes and thinking about you at the same time. Everything I said, and did, in the pool was ... just my hormones coming to the front. You're very beautiful, Caroline. Your eyes and your hair and your amazing butt aside, any man will be lucky to have you as his girlfriend."

"Do you love me, Richard?"

A bit more attitude this time! Uh-oh, Richard. She's upset now. She always calls me Rich, Richie or 'Wichie.'

"You've had enough time to answer me. Would it help if I told you how I feel about you?" she said getting herself up on my desk.

"If you want to, Caroline. I don't know for sure how to tell you how I feel ... why don't you help me by ... Caroline. I really love it when you call me 'Wichie.'"

"OK, my turn ... Rich, I've felt something for you for a terribly long time. I didn't know what it was until recently. I didn't think you noticed me, since I don't have the big tits all you jocks like..."

"Just a minute, Caroline?"

"Let me finish. I've been working on this speech in my head for about five years now ... Sure, I love you like a brother and sister are supposed to love each other, but lately, I've noticed you looking at me differently. I've been on a few first dates but never more than one because they know who my big brother is, and they're worried that you might decide to break one of their legs..."

"I would've broken them both..." I said with a big smile on my face.

"Don't look at me like that or I'll never finish this," she insisted turning her head away.

I looked away, too.

"Thank you ... now, very recently when I dream at night, I start to dream about one of my dates and suddenly, in the middle of the dream, he turns into you, and we kiss and touch and all the stuff that goes with that. I know what I feel ... I feel ... I feel love for you. Every time I see you look at me, I hope you'll see my face to—to see I feel the same. " Her eyes were ready to release a torrent of tears.

"Are you finished?" I asked as sweetly as I could.

"Yes, for the moment," she took a big breath.

"In answer to your original question, Yes, I love you. More than a brother should love his sister. More than I have ever loved any one, ever. There's a problem, though. We're brother and sister. What do we do about that?"

I saw her tears let go, and I know I was crying as well, so we slowly approached each other—She took my hand ... I touched her shoulder, and moved in to kiss her.

Being a foot taller than her I bent over, waiting for her to look up at me. Her lips were pursed and there was contact ... oh ... oh ... and the kiss just kept going and going. I put my hand behind her head and said, to my little sister, "I love you, Caroline."

There was a knock at the door. We quickly detangled ourselves from each other and I said, "Who is it?"

Let me explain exactly what I do for a living. After getting my BS in Business from Stanford, I transferred to the University of Southern California to get my MRED, Master of Real Estate Development in two years.

With that degree I could write my own ticket as far as what part of the Real Estate Industry I would dip my toe in. I took and passed both the California Real Estate License exam and my Masters Degree qualified me to take the Brokers License. I passed, with a 98%. Missed it, by that much.

I incorporated and opened my own brokerage with myself as the only Realtor. Enough time has passed that I've added four Realtors, two full-time. I've meetings with my Realtors, as well as folks looking to buy real estate either for themselves or for a financial investment. I can run the business from my house, but I go in and rally the troops, regularly.

The disembodied voice said, "Hey, Rich. It's Robbie-How are you doing? I went by the office and Sheila told me you went home."

From around the door came, Robert Jones, Robbie ... my second-best real estate agent at my brokerage, after me.

"Hello, Caroline ... Wow, you look great. Did I interrupt something? I'm sorry – I can come back later," Rob continued.

"Hi Robbie – no, we were just getting ready for a set of clients that should be here very soon. When Rich is working out of his place, I'm his Sheila," Caroline was quick to say.

"She's more than that, Robbie, she's my cute little sister." I looked at her and my heart was trembling.

"What do you want, Robbie ... did you come over to shoot the breeze or is there an actual reason you came over?"

He was studying Caroline with a look on his face I didn't like.

"Yeah, some people from the office were going out for drinks later. Do you want to come? Sorry Caroline, I'd ask you but you're not old enough to drink, so... ?"

"Sorry Robbie. After the client meeting, Caroline and I have some business to discuss, and then I'm taking her out for dinner and dancing. She and I haven't done that in a very long time. Sorry, maybe next time."

"Dinner and dancing with your sister? Richard, we've got to get you a girlfriend," Robbie replied.

Robbie's 24 years old and has always flirted a bit with Caroline, but now I may have to have a talk with him. Caroline had a look on her face that told me she couldn't wait to go 'out.'

"Bye, Robbie-I won't be back in the office until next Monday. See you then. Call me if you need anything?"

"OK, bye Rich ... bye Caroline."

At the same time Caroline and I said "Bye Robbie."

"Did you mean that, Rich? Dinner and dancing ... or was that just a tactic to get rid of Robbie?"

"A little bit of both, actually. Lets delay our talk until our date, tonight."

"Our date ... ooh, you're calling this a date? Wow, you really got it bad for me, don'tcha? Do you want me to stay for this meeting you're about to have?"

"No, why don't you take my Corporate Visa Card and go buy yourself something pretty to wear on our 'date, ' maybe get your hair done, if you want ... only don't let them cut it. I don't anyone to cut my Caroline's' hair."

"Your Caroline!" She was walking on air as she left. "I like the sound of that, Rich."

A DATE—I asked my sister out on a date.

Well, she is excited about it and I haven't gone out with anyone for so long, this might be kind of fun. But before I think anymore about that, I've got to have this meeting with the potential new Realtors.

My doorbell sounded. I walked over to the door and let in John and Stacy Wheeler, married for only two years and eager to use their newly minted California Real Estate Licenses. I directed them to my living room, where we all sat down.

"Well, John," I started, "What are the Wheeler's goals in the Real Estate industry?"

"Richard, to start out, thank you for talking to us? The other Brokerages want nothing to do with us. They either are not hiring or just don't want newbie's right now."

"The market is rather soft, you know, and not a lot of Real Estate Agents are making big money these days. You know I'm sort of the bastard child in the local market. I'm the only new Brokerage in the last five years."

They both laughed.

"My brokerage has been the only one hiring people for the last couple years. I have four Realtors now, only two of them are fulltime. The others have a second job for those times when people aren't buying. What're the Wheelers looking to do-part-time or full-time?"

Stacy spoke up and asked, "Can we start out part-time, and build into full-time, Richard?"

"Call me Rich, guys. Sure you can work whenever you want – as much as you want. Here's my deal ... most residential real estate is being sold for a total of about a 6% commission all around. That gets shared amongst all the Realtors and Brokers involved, typically 3% on each side of the transaction, then that gets split between the Realtors and their Broker unless I myself both list and sell it, then I get the entire 3%. To get you started and motivated, I'll start the first 12 months only asking for 1% and you'll get the other 2%, how does that sound?"

"Will we be exclusive to your Brokerage during those 12 months?" Stacy asked.

"For the first year, yes, I would expect exclusivity. We can renegotiate for after that, when the time comes. I can immediately get you accessibility to online MLS for a small monthly fee and will provide you with all the forms you need ... for free. I don't have any space at the office for you at this time, so you will have to SOP it, is that OK with you two? Have we got a deal?"

John and Stacy looked at each other and whispered some things to each other. I could hear John say to her that 'nobody else will talk to us, so let's do it.' He turned to me and said, "Let's do it, Rich. Give us that form to sign."

I did, and they did. I handed them a few of the forms they'll need to list and sell houses, got their Visa card number for MLS billing and then gave them access codes to Online MLS, and told them both good luck, and reminded them they cannot finalize a deal without my signature. We all shook hands and I sent them on their way.

With them gone, it took me a moment to remember, that I have a date with Caroline, My Sweet Caroline.

I knew I wouldn't see Caroline until I picked her up at 7:30, so I looked at my watch and saw I had almost three hours to kill. I was brimming with nervous energy, so I decided to swim for a while. I put on my Speedos' from before – before ... Wow! Exactly what do I want to happen between Caroline and me?

Well, I know what I want to do to Caroline, but there are consequences to a person's actions ... Oh ... stop thinking with your other head, Richard – grow a pair. I grabbed a towel and went down to the pool and swam. I was finally getting tired after 30 leisurely swum laps and decided to get out and take a shower ... no, a bath to relax before, what?

It was six o'clock and I called Caroline on her cell phone. "Hey Caroline, how're you doing?

"Well ... Wichie, I've got the dress, I'm having my hair done and I'm also having a manicure and pedicure. This is so much fun. How did your meeting go?"

"It went well, I've got two more Realtors than I did yesterday, the Wheelers. They seem excited, but not nearly as excited as you sound. Do dinner and a movie sound OK to you or something else?"

"That sounds great Rich. Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise, Caroline."

"Oh, you don't know yet, do you? I know you better than you think, Richard Jefferson Michael O'Hara. Call me it you want to leave earlier than 7:30?"

"No, it's our first date. A gentleman doesn't change the time of a date, especially when he wants to impress the girl."

"First date, huh? I'll be ready for you promptly at 7:30, Rich. I expect you to treat me like a real date, OK?"

"Yes, Caroline Cathleen Chelsea O'Hara. My dream date."

At 7:25pm I pulled my car out of the garage and move it to the street in front of the house. Before I got out, I looked at myself in the mirror, checking my teeth and running my fingers through my hair. Damn, I'm nervous – but, why ... It's just Caroline ... my little sister.

All righty then, it's time. I get out of the car and nervously walk up to the front door, where I knock, again very anxious.

The door opens and it's my Mom, with a cute look on her face, asking me, "Yes, can I help you?"

Caroline must've told her about our date and Mom is playing it for all its worth.

"I'm here to pick up Caroline O'Hara, for our date."

"And you're?" She loves this.

"My name is Richard O'Hara, ma'am. You might know my parents?"

Mom giggled and said, "Come in, Richard."

"Thank you Mrs. O'Hara."

"Caroline will be right down, Richard ... have a seat?"

"No thanks, ma'am, I'll stand. Its good for the circulation, I understand."

"And where are you taking my daughter tonight, Richard?"

"Well, Mrs. O'Hara, might I say she certainly gets her beautiful hair and eyes from you ... I'm taking her to see the new movie at the Multiplex and then a late supper at Mauricio's."

"Aren't you the smooth talker? Even though it is NOT a school night—I expect her home at a decent hour."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Just then there was a noise at the top of the stairs. It got both our attention, and Mom and I both looked up to see...


She was in an amazing jade-colored gown ... dress? No ... gown! Her hair was up and off her face, a light makeup to accentuate her dimples. Open shoes that made her look like Cinderella.

She started to walk down the stairs. I moved to the foot of the stairs to help her and I think my mouth had been wide open, because Caroline took my chin in her hand and closed my mouth and said softly to me, "See something you like?"

"Ahem," my mother said, resuming her role in this role-playing adventure we were all involved in, "You two have a good time, and Richard?"

"Yes, ma'am?"

"My daughter is very precious to me. Treat her nicely," mom smiled.

"Yes, Mrs. O'Hara – and I'll have her home before the carriage changes back into a pumpkin. And I have protection with me."

This was too much for Mom. She started laughing and said, "You two actually do make a cute couple ... if you weren't brother and sister?" Her tone changed.

"Good Night, Mrs. O'Hara – I'll have her back after breakfast in the morning."

Caroline slapped me, and turning to Mom said, "He's kidding Mom. See you later?" She turned to me and quietly asked, "Protection? Really?"

"G'night kids," mom said as we left the house.

I opened the car door for her and went around to get in and said to my little sister, "You really do look like something out of a Disney movie, you're so beautiful, Caroline."

"I'll bet you say that to all the girls, Wichie."

"Nope – never meant it before tonight."

"Where are we going, Rich?"

"I had in mind dinner and a movie, Miss O'Hara. But before we go anywhere, put this on?" I handed her a one-carat diamond ring.

"Oh, Richard. This is so sudden. Yes, I'll marry you." She started to wrap her arms around me, but I stopped her.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Caroline. These are for when we go out together, people can think whatever they want, but it shows we are 'taken.'"

Caroline remarked, "Why don't we do dinner and ... see where the evening takes us. I'm all dressed up. Now I need someplace to show off this dress."

"How about the Quattro Restaurant, at the Four Seasons Hotel?"

"Richard. That place is awfully expensive and awfully far away ... Oh. You devil? Sure, lets go there for dinner. Nobody would know us at Quattro's."

"Well, Caroline, here's the question of the evening? Would you like to eat at the restaurant itself? Or, would you like to order room service instead?"

"Room service? Richard O'Hara, I'm not that kind of girl ... but I could be," she giggled, deliciously.

"I told Mrs. O'Hara we were going to Mauricio's, but that was just a ruse. I've got a room reserved for the night, Caroline. Is that OK with you? I didn't really mean to be presumptuous, we can eat dinner and have the rest of that talk we started earlier ... or?"

"Or, Wichie – I like how you think. Did I tell you how hot you look in that suit you're wearing? Or just how hot you are?"

We walked into the Four Seasons Hotel and headed past the check-in desk.

"Don't we need to check-in, Rich?" my girl asked.

"I told them when I was coming, and I picked up a key card earlier, so we can go straight up to our room."

"Our room, Ooohhh, you're the best, Wichie."

"You ain't seen nothing yet, baby."

The elevator was magnificent. It actually looked nicer than my living room. There were other people in it so all I did was hold Caroline's hand. I wanted to kiss her but I didn't know how she would react to a PDA.

I decided to start simple and I took her hand and I kissed it very softly. The woman in the elevator with us, turned to us and asked, looking at our rings, "Just married?"

I was nonplussed about this, but Caroline took control and responded, "Yes, we got married yesterday – we're on our honeymoon. Today was the first day we left the room," she giggled.

"Well, Congratulations, you too. It's easy to see how much in love you are with each other."

The elevator stopped at her floor, she said, "Good Luck."

"Caroline – now I know exactly how much I love you, before we have dinner in the room, can we talk about how we feel about each other. I have a lot to say to you before ... before?"

"Before we make mad, passionate love," Caroline asked.

"Is there any other kind? Well, then let's talk."

We got to the room. I opened it and decided to surprise Caroline, so I picked her up.

"What are you doing, Richard? Put me down."

"Well, you told the lady in the elevator that we were married, so you inspired me."

"Put me down, Richard O'Hara, right now. You're wrinkling the dress."

"OK, ok, ok ... you're down."

We were sitting down next to each other and I took her hands in mind and said, "I'll start. I have had a lot on my mind, including you, these past few weeks. I'm 26 years old and I live with my parents ... No, near my parents ... TOO near my parents."

"I've been giving a lot of thought to really moving 'out.' There is a 3-bedroom home just north of Stanford University in Linfield Oaks. You could live there with me? Don't answer yet, just listen."

"I can run my Brokerage from anywhere in the world, but I want to do it where I can be close to you-very close. Living there with me would let you walk to campus if you wanted. You could continue to help me with the Brokerage every chance you had."

"You've become ... quite important to me. Well, what do you think? Would you be interested in any or all of that? You start Stanford in less than two months. Want to live with your big brother-who really loves you?"

"Oh Richard. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes to all of the above. Mom and Dad are leaving on that cruise the day after tomorrow, and they wouldn't want me staying by myself ... it seems like a win – win – win situation for everybody. Now, take my dress off and we'll seal this with some good old fashioned loving, between brother and sister."

"Caroline, are you sure about doing this? Once we do, we can never go back to being only brother and sister?"

"I know – but, I've wanted you just about as long as you say you've wanted me, so let's do this, now."

I reached around the back of her dress, and unzipped it. I kissed her while doing the unzipping, which isn't as easy as those romantic movies make it seem like.

I pulled her dress up over her head, and I laid it down over the back of the nearest chair. She kicked off her shoes, as I did the same.

She stood in front of me with only a pale green pair of panties on and a great big smile. I may just take her up on her offer.

I had to ask her the question, "Caroline, have you ever – been made love to before?"

"No, once I realized how I felt for you, I decided that I'd wait for you to be my first. I also realized that, with your experience, that you would know exactly how to love me. I wanted my first time to be special and with someone I truly love. That's you, big bro."

We just looked at each other for a minute, and then I moved my face just an inch from hers and I said, "Remember the last time we were like this?"

"We were never like ... this, Wichie?"

"You know what I mean, in the pool. We were just like this and then Mom came home and interrupted us."

"Interrupted us from what?"

"From this."

I only touched her lips with mine. I literally felt a shock between our lips each time I disconnected from her. I kept going back to those luscious lips, kissing the top lip, then the bottom one and then I felt her mouth open ... I latched on to her mouth and we kissed with a passion I didn't think this young girl ... sister of mine, could have.

"Oh, Caroline, you kiss better than I expected."

"I said I was a virgin, but I've been out on dates and I learned how to kiss from ... I don't know if I should tell you ... I learned how to kiss from my best friend, Lisa."

"Oh, Sweetie, there's an image I'll never get out of my mind. Should I call her to join us?"

The slap to my face was quick and harsh.

"Richard Jefferson Michael O'Hara. How dare you say that? I have been waiting too long to share you. Now kiss me some more ... I like it."

"I'm sorry, Caroline. It was meant as a joke, I didn't mean it."

We resumed kissing, as I started to take off my tie and shirt. I didn't want to be disconnected from her mouth, so I went slowly with my kissing and fast with my disrobing. After I unbuckled my slacks and let them drop, I picked up Caroline and took her to the massive king-sized bed.

After I dropped her on the bed I took off my t-shirt and boxers and then started to reach for her panties. She motioned to me 'not yet' and motioned for me to pay some attention to her breasts.

She had previously told me that her breasts were 'only' 32 B, but that didn't matter to me. While continuing to kiss her I moved my left hand down to her right breast, and very lightly touched it.

I could feel her shudder a little bit – I think I did as well. Then I started holding her like my hand was a bra and jiggled her breast just a little.

"That feels so much better when you do it, Wichie."

I moved my other hand down to her other breast and was mirroring with her left breast what I had been doing to her other one, all the time kissing soft, then hard, probing with my tongue than kissing her face.

"May I kiss your breasts, my dear Caroline?"

"Yes, you may. Do whatever you want – I'm willing."

I moved my mouth alongside my left hand and as I touched the outside of her breast with my fingers, I kissed the inside of the breast with my lips. I took my thumb and placed it on her nipple and it responded instantly.

"Ooooh, Rich."

"You like that, Sis?"

"Do the other one, now?"

I immediately moved my mouth to her other breast and did the same thing to it, once again causing the same response as before. While I was doing this I slowly moved my left hand down to the top of her panties.

Not hearing or feeling a negative response to this, I plunged my hand inside the front of her panties and immediately placed my index finger just inside her treasure. I felt her maidenhead. Her reaction was unexpected, she must have needed to pee because there was a quick release of liquid from her pussy.

"I have to pee, Rich – sorry about that."

"Not a problem, I'll be waiting."

She came back out of the bathroom completely naked.

I told her, "Lay on the bed, please – on your back?"

"Oh, Wichard. Is Wichard going to fuck his Wittle sister?"

God, she is so beautiful and so cute and oh, so horny. I decided to play this game a little bit.

"Oh, yeah – Caroline. Wittle Wichard is going to wipe that Wittle smile off your Wittle Face, and make a Wittle Wuv to his Wittle sister."

"Then take me, you Widiot." She was giggling.

I got in bed beside her and put my hand over her pussy and just rubbed all over her beautiful, freshly shaved treasure, slowly going over it with first one finger, and then adding a second ... then I took my fingers and pushed inside just a little bit and I realized that not only is she still a virgin, she probably has never had anything in her before, except maybe her own fingers.

"That feels really good, Rich – Please. Fuck me. Please."

I mounted her and placed my very erect penis right at the entrance to her pussy. I reminded her, "This is going to hurt a little, Caroline."

"I know, Rich."

I slid into her slowly, only putting in about a half inch. I felt resistance. This is the moment of truth, "Are you sure, Sis?"

"Do it," she said with a groan.

I pushed past her hymen going deep all the way in. Caroline bit her lip and uttered an itsby-bitsy scream, "Oooohhhhhh, Richard. What have you done to do me?"

A moment passed and she found her voice and said, "That was soooo intense and soooo painful and sooooooooo good. Now fuck me really good and hard, Wichie," she said.

I started thrusting in and out, building up speed as I went.

"I love you, Caroline."

"I know. Now – fuck your little sister, Richard. Make me cum all over that big beautiful cock of yours ... Fuck me hard. Harder. Harder – I want us to both cum at the same time. Hmmmm ... Put a load in me, big brother ... cum in me."

I was really putting it to her – I was pouring my love out to her, I know that she knew that, but, cumming inside her? I hope she knew what she was doing? No way could we explain a pregnancy to our folks.

"I'm getting there beautiful, how about you? How close are you?"

"Don't worry, Rich ... uh ... uh ... oh ... oh, I'm on the ... the ... pill, go ahead, fill me up, please?"

At that exact moment I heard Caroline start the sounds of orgasm, I sprayed a very large load of baby juice in her.

"My dream has been fulfilled, Wichie – I've wanted that, from you, for years."

"Well, we'll never be just brother and sister again, I'll love you forever, my Sweet Caroline."

She was coming down from the 'high' of orgasm and said, "That was better than I had ever imagined, Rich – Thank you for being my first, and only lover."


I woke up very abruptly, not remembering for a moment where I was. Then I heard a voice say, "Hello, Wichie!"

"What time is it? Oh, My, God –It's midnight. I have got to get you home, Caroline. I've got to get home. If Mom and Dad find out I had you out all night, I'll never hear the end of it."

My cell phone rang—Shit! I'm in deep shit with my parents. I'm 26 years old, make 200k a year and I'm in really deep shit with my parents.

"Hello, Mom? Yeah, I am bringing Caroline home tonight. We just got out of a real late showing of a movie. No, everything's fine ... what do you think, Mom? I took her to a hotel and took advantage of her?"

"Well, that's how you sound – like all I care about is me, and I could care less about Caroline. I love Caroline just as much as you and Dad do. Don't ... don't apologize – your call surprised me, that's all. Mom ... Don't wait up, I'll have her home in a little bit. OK ... I love you too, Mom. I'll tell her to come in quiet. Bye, Mom."

During the call Caroline bolted upright and, while listening to me scrambling for answers, started putting on her clothes.

"Damn, Richard – that took balls to talk to her like that. Is she OK?"

"Yeah, she's all right – just pissed me off because she always talks like she's the only one who cares about you. I should have told her that I fucked her 'precious little girl' last night. Let's get dressed and get you home. We don't have to rush. Um, where is my underwear?"

She looked around and said, "By the bathroom door, sweetie."

We'd checked out of the hotel and I was taking Caroline home. She casually said, "Except for the phone call. The night was the best 'date' I'd ever been on. Rich – can we schedule to do this again, sooner as opposed to later?"

"You bet that beautiful sweet ass of yours that we are going to do this again, Caroline. I'm going to move up my plans to move out to my own house as soon as possible. I might take you with me to find a nice place that we can move into together."

"Just tell me where and when, Wichie," she said, flashing that wonderful set of dimples at me.

"I've been looking at some homes on the other side of Stanford, maybe real close to Stanford, you could go to school and work for me and earn an income when you are not in school."

Let me explain something, we all live in a suburb of Palo Alto, called Mountain View, actually the south edge of Mountain View, closer to Sunnyvale then Palo Alto. This is where my parents found a nice home dirt cheap in the early '70s. It was a large parcel of land at the time and they had built, what used to be called a mother-in-law home, or a guesthouse, on the property for visiting families.

When I asked to use it to live in, and run my Real Estate Brokerage out of, my Dad paid for an extensive upgrade in power availability, and both he and my Mom were ecstatic that I was 'living at home.'

I knew at some point I'd probably grow out of it, with a family, or the business would grow and the need to move out would be necessitated.

I had also found a small storefront downtown that my Realtors work out of and the monthly rent they pay me more than exceeds the rent I pay the bank. I can literally run the Brokerage from anywhere, with my cell phone and a broadband or WiFi connection.

I asked, "Caroline, come with me tomorrow to check out this place I found in Menlo Park in a community called Linfield Oaks? It's less than a mile from the Stanford Campus ... please?"

"Sure, Rich – What do you want me to wear?"

"I'm going to wear a dark suit, so could you wear a nice dress and pretend to be my wife so we can split off from any Realtors who get in our face?"

"I would love to, sweetheart – I'll pretend to be your wife any day of the week."

"Great – we'll leave about 1pm, I'll have some other places to look at as well. The parental units will have already left for the airplane part of their 115-day, Around The World Cruise. So, It's a date at 1pm."

"Oh, Rich. Our second date in two days – this is getting serious, isn't it?" she giggled and smiled at me.

"Damn right, sis – plan to spend the day with me and I promise your evening will be special."

"You certainly know how to sweep a girl off of her feet."

"And on her back, Caroline – and on her back."

I dropped her off at her front door and went to put my car in my garage.

Mom and Dad had gone to bed earlier, so I texted Caroline, "You looked beautiful in your dress tonight – and out of it" and I followed that with a "delete that text or we're in deep shit" text. She sent me back a happy face with a "LMFAO" message. I followed that with a "Sleep well, my lovely little sister," she replied with, "Yes, I will my big bad brother, G'night."

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