Jenny Gets Hijacked
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, MaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jenny's family gets hijacked off the coast of Somalia. She accepts the pirates to save her family.

They never saw it coming. They should have paid attention to the U.S. Embassy warnings, but her husband, Joe, seemed so confident. Her panic wasn't so much just for herself, but she also had her fourteen-year-old daughter, Stephanie on board.

They had been asleep in their forty-foot long sailboat, Lady Jenna, and had been awoken at four in the morning by intensely bright lights shining in their faces. The Somali pirates had a thirty five foot Scarab. They had pulled several men on skis with kites. They were able to get airborne with night vision goggles and Uzi's. They were able to land undetected by on board radar and catch the family off guard in the middle of the night. These were not a bunch of ignorant fishermen with machetes. These were sophisticated pirates who had been hijacking armed oil tankers.

Jenny and Joe were asleep in their cabin, naked and without covers. It was too hot to do anything else. When the lights were turned on in their faces, they were too frightened to react. Jenny eventually started screaming when one of the men drug their daughter, Stephanie into the room.

Stephanie was still barely awake, and not quite sure what was going on. Her long reddish brown hair was tousled all over her face and down her back past her waist. Her oversized t-shirt would have covered her down to her knees had she been standing. The tall black man that brought her in had a knife in one hand pointed at her chin. His left arm was wrapped around her waist, holding her about two feet off the ground. Due to the position of each of them, his left arm had caused her t-shirt to rise up to her crotch. Stephie was kicking, and pushing with her arms, trying to free herself.

The Somali's could see that Stephie's vagina had been shaved into a "runway" look above her slit. Below that, she was bald, and her pouty lips were the only part of her bronzed body that was an alabaster white.

The two women were screaming now, out of fear for their safety, and humiliation at their nudity. Jenny grabbed a pillow to hold in front of herself. She was so distraught for the safety of her daughter, that she was not quite as embarrassed with her own nudity.

Somebody found the light switch. Once the lights were on, and the women could see the smiling, grinning black men, they were now terrified with being exposed. Stephanie was now fighting to hold down her shirt more than trying to escape.

Another man brought down a large roll of duct tape and quarter inch nylon rope. They tied Jenny's husband's hands behind him, his feet together, taped his mouth shut, and hog-tied his ankles back up to his hands, so he couldn't talk or walk.

Stephanie was crying and screaming loud enough to wake up the village on the coast a few miles away.

They took about twenty feet of nylon rope and tied one end around Jenny's arm above one elbow. They wrapped the rest of it in strands around both arms above the elbow in even rows up her arms until they had only enough to tie it again around her right arm.

Jenny had been pinned down on the bed with her face on the blankets until they were done. Once they were done, they sat her up. Her legs were free to support her, but she could not cross or gather them for any kind of modest cover. Jenny sat there, with her butt on her left ankle, and her right leg hanging over the bed below her knee.

Jenny's pubic region had been shaved like her daughters. Half of her long, permed hair hung disheveled over her left shoulder and the rest of it down her back. This only tended to focus everybody's attention on her slightly less tanned right breast, which seemed to be highlighted against the surrounding bronze tan. Like Stephanie, her vagina was the only part of her completely un-tanned.

"Please don't hurt us! I am begging you! Why are you hijacking small private sailboats? We thought all you were going after was the big tankers. What could you possibly want with us?"

Amal, the leader, knew better. Jenny's husband, Joe was one of the key engineers on the Ghawar Oil Field in Saudi Arabia. It was twenty miles wide and a hundred and eight miles long. They would pay plenty for him.

They had not bound Stephanie yet. This fourteen-year-old girl was spectacular. Ali, the huge black man who had been holding her, threw her on the bed. Stephie dove for her mother and wrapped her arms around her in fear. In her terror, she had not paid much attention to the bottom of her shirt. It had risen to her waist, exposing her delectable un-tanned butt.

"Get your ass back over here if you have any regard for your parents!" Amal sneered. Stephie's shoulders shook. Her stomach roiled in convulsions. She wrapped her arms around her mother in a death grip.

One of the men kicked her dad so hard; it almost brought him off the ground. He grunted at the impact. Jenny screamed involuntarily at the sight. Stephanie knew she had no choice. She took several deep breaths to control her convulsions. She pulled her shirt down modestly as she scooted over to the edge of the bed and stood in response to his order.

Ali's hunting knife looked like a machete to her. It had the serrated top on the opposite edge of the blade. He moved it slowly towards her neck; turned it down, and slid it down her shirt. The shirt seemed to melt into two in front of the incredibly sharp blade. As soon as the edges of her shirt parted, she grabbed the sides and desperately tried to cover herself.

Ali turned to kick her dad again. "No! No! Please don't do that again!" Stephanie screamed as she ran over to him. In doing so, she forgot about her shirt as she ran to protect him.

"Well, then?"

Stephanie rose up from her kneeling position. She put her hands to her sides and let the sides of her shirt flutter in the breeze.

Stephanie was tall for a fourteen-year-old girl. The wind was now blowing so that all of her long reddish blond hair was now flowing down her back and past her waist. The sides of her shirt were fluttering in the wind so that the pouty lips of her alabaster vagina was framed at the juncture of her rippling abdominal muscles and top of her long tanned legs. Tears streaked down her face and dripped onto her long pink nipples. She was magnificent.

Her eye contact with her abductors made verbal orders unnecessary. She knew what they wanted. She reached up with her hands to grab the sides of the shirt. She arched her back as she slipped the t-shirt off of her. Her long pink nipples arched up into the air echoing the movements of her arms and back.

She caught the fabric in her right hand and brought the shredded material up in front of her to cover her breasts. Ali looked over at her father. Realizing she had no option of resistance, she quickly tossed the shirt to his feet and stood with her hands at her sides.

"Do you know how to suck dick little bitch?"

"No! ... Noooooooooo! Please! Please don't do this to her!" Jenny groaned. Jenny was able to stand. She crept over to where she was between the legs of Amal, the leader, and dropped down to her knees. "Please have some compassion. She is just a child. Can't you use me?" she mewed. Jenny tried to force a smile and use the most tender and seductive tone she could muster under the circumstances.

"You are indeed a beautiful and spectacular woman, but why should I take you when I can have this untouched young child instead?" he said in a voice just more than a whisper.

"I'll be good to you. Please let me do it instead."

Jenny sat there, with her butt on her ankles, with her knees splayed out on the floor. She was looking up into his eyes pleading desperately with her eye contact. With her head back staring up at him, and her arms bound behind her, her long pink nipples pointed up at him in a silent appeal for mercy.

Amal knew they would eventually all get to both of them, so he decided to appease her. Without a word, he put his knife down on a table nearby. The brass of his buckle rattled in the still air as he unbuckled his pants. Nobody was moving or talking in anticipation of the events that were unfolding.

Jenny's face started to redden. Goosebumps flashed across her body in waves as she suddenly realized what she had desperately bargained for was now going to happen. At first, in her desperation, it was all talk. Now she had to back it up. Tears flooded her as the sound of the zipper seemed to echo off of the teak interior.

Jenny turned to look at her husband in a desperate appeal for help, sympathy or some sort of sign of approval for what she was about to subject herself to. She thought with despair about all the times she had rejected her husband on this issue. Now she was about to perform in front of half a dozen vile strangers, the husband she loved, and her own daughter. Would they all think she was some kind of slut that would drop down in front of anybody for any reason?

Amal pushed on the sides of his jeans, and they dropped into a puddle around his feet. He stepped out of them. Jenny thought about all the times in college when she had gone out to park with a boyfriend and the issue had come up. Most of the girls would do it as a way to relieve the boyfriends and avoid the risk of getting pregnant. Jenny wouldn't even give them a hand job. Now she didn't even have a free hand to do that. "How was she going to get through this?" she wondered.

Amal put his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear and pushed them down. He had to lift them out and around his massive organ. Although she didn't think she was that close, it almost hit her in the side of her face when it swung free. It still wasn't completely erect.

Jenny looked over at her husband again. They made eye contact. Joe had turned over onto his side so he could see. He was somewhat fascinated at what he was looking at, like a commuter driving by a car wreck. He was appalled, yet fascinated at watching his beautiful, proud wife being subjected to this humiliating ordeal.

Jenny was not able to make eye contact with her daughter. She refused to look in that direction.

Jenn looked up again at Amal, hoping for some sign of a reprieve. In despair and resignation, she forced herself to focus her mind on what she had to do.

Jenny leaned forward. She put her face against the man's hairy abdomen and brushed her cheek from her left ear across to the side of her lips, trying to acclimate her mind to what she had to do. She pulled back and watched.

This ugly black phalanx started to uncoil in a jerky motion in response to the contact with her cheek. She leaned forward again and brushed her lips across the tip. Again, it uncoiled more. The pressure and release of her lips against him caused it to wag back and forth slowly, like a cobra following a flute. The opening in the end seemed to be panting and searching for the lips that had abandoned it. What looked like a serpent's tongue snaking out was actually a small spurt of ectoplasm seeping out. The blood gorged phalanx waved some more as it uncoiled even more like an eel venturing out of an underwater cave, gauging the distance to its prey.

"Kiss it bitch!"

Jenny leaned forward and brushed her lips against it slowly. She opened her lips drug them across the tip. She closed her eyes and kissed the end of it softly. Reluctantly, she opened her teeth to accept the end. She moistened the opening with her tongue. She opened farther and lathered the crown back to the ridge with her tongue; along the top, sides and bottom. She had to stick her tongue out in order to push the member sideways in order to use her tongue on the sides.

Jenny let it square itself up with her and again opened her mouth. She let about an eighth of an inch into her, and bit down with her teeth; not savagely, but tenderly. The sensation was excruciating! Amal groaned. His head rolled back. He grabbed her head on each side. Jenny froze. They held each other like that for a while. Finally, she opened her mouth and accepted about another inch before clamping down again. They held each other again and repeated the sequence until she had her teeth over the ridge at the edge of his crown.

Jenny didn't have her hands to help her. She felt his body tighten up and start to shudder. She could feel the waves of ecstasy washing over him as he erupted into her.

"Open up wide! ... Stick your tongue out! ... Farther!"

Jenny had her tongue out as far as she could get it. She had her mouth open as far as she could. She had her head as far as she could without falling over backward with her arms bound. Her long pink nipples were sticking straight out and up.

The first wave had gone down her throat. The next shot went partly over her face, across her eyes and up her nose. Jenny struggled to breathe as the rest of it went all over her face, down her throat and all over her breasts.

Waves of humiliation and despair washed over Jenny as she knew that her husband, daughter, and half a dozen black men were watching. She wouldn't have done this; one-on-one in a dark room with her husband. Now she had done it in front of those dearest to her and all of these total strangers.

Her eyes blinked open because of the flashes from the pirate's cell phones. Slowly they started to chuckle and applaud. Jenny hadn't eaten for several hours, so the dry heaves from her vomiting didn't soil the floor, but it did telegraph her humiliation.

Amal looked over at Stephanie and said: "Clean her off!"

The naked young girl sprang off of the bed with no regard to her own nudity, and used her shredded t-shirt to wipe off her mother's face. Both women were sobbing at the humiliation Jenny had been subjected to.

As you can see, there is more room for the story to continue...

Stephanie can be defiled before they get to shore.

When they get to the mud-huts of Kismaayo, on the border with Kenya, they can be forced to do chores in the nude in public.

They can be violated and humiliated by the warlords while they are waiting for a ransom to be paid.

Public officials will probably need to be bribed to get them out.

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