Need - The First Encounter
Chapter 1: And Only the Start

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Gay, BiSexual, Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Scatology, Size, Needles,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: And Only the Start - A little jaunt to the adult book store - to look at pics of blondes stretching their lips around a BBC. He ended getting everything he never knew he wanted

It all began while I was browsing magazines at the Kitty's on Broadway. I don't know how long he had been standing nearby and didn't really care until he spoke.

"Amazing how her lips stretch around it ... you would be amazed how it feels! That was one of the better ones."

I started a bit, wondering if he had read my mind or if I was that transparent. I had been wondering what it would be like to stretch ... no he meant to have her ... better ones? And I finally looked at him. The simple description was tall, black, handsome, almost a military posture, well dressed, and smiling - I assume at my reaction. The real description was "stud"! What the hell was he doing here talking to me?

"You 'need' to watch the video! She is much better while moving and with sound. Much better in person, but she doesn't do anything but BBC and you don't qualify."

Oh, so he was talking about how it had felt. I hid the disappointment even from myself! Or especially from myself. In hindsight I don't think I hid it from him.

"So, that is you in the picture?" and I couldn't help but checkout his package - which was well displayed in his expensive slacks. He dressed left and it was well outlined as it extended a considerable length down the pant leg. When my gaze returned to his face it was obvious that my interest had amused him. I am sure I turned a bit red "Ummm, uh, ... BBC?" that being the only thing I could currently ask about aloud, bunches were in my head.

"Big Black Cock! Surely you didn't think the BBC would put that video out for public consumption! Let's watch my video - and it might be a stretch for you " he paused until I reacted "to see how deep ... it goes ... in the two ... better ... one, two, and three..." he pointed to the counter attendant, then the arcade, and then gave something that looked like a baseball signal - then he did that "after you" universal move.

Lots of things went thru my mind in a blur ... but I just preceded him into a hallway towards the arcade rooms. I had not indulged before and went tentatively down the hall. The booth we entered looked a bit like a small sauna with two benches on the right, one low and the other above it where you rest your feet on the lower bench, on the left was a TV set in the wall. It came to life as I sat on the lower bench directly in front of it. He climbed to the higher seating and I watched as he loosened his clothing slightly as his member ... err BBC was beginning to harden.

"Watch as she prepares to suck. Note that she is accumulating saliva to lube the way, carefully wets her lips, then curls them over her teeth. That is something that is really necessary when working a BBC." I was listening carefully because the information was something I thought useful, little did I know he was giving a tutorial that I would need quite soon "Then she uses her hands well to guide and then I heard his zipper and some rustling "You can look if you want - it really is that big. She has an amazingly flexible mouth. Many people do - trust me because I have experienced lots of them." I had turned instinctively towards him as he talked. And I looked because of the suggestion, but I continued to look because I was fascinated by the sight of his hardening cock. There was a little cum oozing out and it wasn't just big! I had seen many dildo's that purported to be exact copies of some porn stars and this was much larger. Those had proudly proclaimed they were a foot long, if that was a measure it exceeded fourteen inches, to say nothing of its girth. I could no longer wonder about my inclination to accompany him here, I wanted to feel that stretching my lips, I wanted to know what that was like. I still didn't admit to bisexual desires, just curiosity at why all those women wanted something like this deep inside their throat. Because that was where this was going - I didn't just want to experience the stretching - I wanted to deep throat a BBC!

"Are you done preparing?" I nodded that I was and licked my lips. Not even curious that I was ready. Moving towards him, I grasped his cock and stroked it carefully. My hand barely large enough to reach around it. I placed my other hand into his fly to stroke his balls. Then I carefully brought my lips to the huge head and coated it with saliva. As I was doing this I looked up and was rewarded with a nod and a smile and I closed my eyes as I delved into a fantasy while wrapping my lips around his BBC and working to stretch my mouth around it. I don't know how long until I opened my eyes and gazed upon the shaft as my lips finally opened enough to admit the entire head into my mouth. I stifled a gag as it reached clear to my throat and pushed my tongue all around it. I looked up again and was rewarded with his closed eyes and his head tipped back in what I hoped was pleasure and I pressed farther onto the huge black cock until I could go no farther. I was breathing thru my nose and continued to move back and forth on it. I could feel my own hardening as I continued to suck and lick and slide up and down. My hands were busy too as I tried to arouse him. I pulled off reluctantly

"Am I doing this right? Is..."

I wasn't allowed to finish because his hand pushed my head back down and I was again impaled upon that wondrous member. I could give you a blow by blow description but I don't really remember much, the reason I could describe it was because the entire twenty minute event was captured on video and is posted to or the iPhone App BBC4me. I got the full treatment that first time. As he was exploding into my mouth he pushed me back and gave a bit of a facial. Neither of us moved for a bit.

"Clean my cum off your face with your fingers and then lick them clean, do it very slowly, show how much you love and appreciate being allowed to taste my cum." and I started doing that looking right into his face "Do you want more? " I nodded Yes emphatically because, well I did! "More BBC?" the nodding continued as well as the licking "Just mine or would you like to be a connoisseur of BBC? Because you Need BBC?" I was still nodding although not a smuch. "Tell me..." and well I did!

"I want BBC! I want yours, I want others, I want ... to suck on your BBC and lots of other BBC's" all during this he was encouraging me and I expanded to "lots" as that seemed to be where he wanted me to go. He reached into my coat pocket and pulled out my iPhone. Since I don't lock the screen it popped up. I guess I was about to ask something because he nodded to his cock in a way that was impossible to misinterpret - start sucking on it! What should I do? I hadn't been kidding about wanting more so I just started back in licking it clean of cum and then trying to get him started again. It meant I had time to think but it was pretty distracting. Before I had thought much he pushed me back and asked my iTunes password. I just told him! I didn't think there was much he could do since he already had me sucking his cock. I didn't know about the video at this time, but downloading a few apps seemed a minor price to pay for sucking his wonderfully big black cock. When he moved his hand away I went straight back to stretching my lips around his partially revived cock.

I heard a bit of conversation "Yeah, now! Four, five ... yeah nickel or dime ... Sure, one, two no doubt!" a little laugh "A DP would be nice if he can take it! We'll go baton, bat, fist later." a pause "Yeah, he's still sucking. I'm getting his BBC4me app ready for primetime ... Nah, we'll do the GB on the weekend. OK, about an hour!"

"Nice ... we gonna give you some of what you need tonight!" he paused so I looked up "Nickel, dime, and we'll split your deuce too." he smiled at my confusion "You'll see! And lots of BBC will be inside thee!" he laughed louder and I saw he was using my phone to take a video of me while he was talking. "Don't worry about the camera, just suck that cock like its the best thing you've ever tasted. Which judging by your first cocksucking video it is!" I had already gone back to sucking his cock. I am pretty sure I thought I was seriously screwed at that time. Later, I would find out what being seriously screwed was like.

The second video is in the same place. Along with another when another BBC joined us. Then we left and went to a studio across Broadway where I found out what nickel, dime, one, two, and DP entailed.

Short answer was One - mouth, Two - ass, Three - cunt (for completeness), nickel - five BBC dime - ten BBC, DP - double penetration, and we'll get to the rest in the next chapter.

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