Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Nephew,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I have an older sister. I'll be starting college with her in the fall. One thing -- I'm in love with her!

My name is Joseph J Josephson.

Yes, my middle name is also Joseph! I even went by JJ as a kid, but I grew out of it, thank god! My older sister Jewel still calls me that, but only when we're alone. She's nice enough to keep it between us.

My Mom Julia, Dad John, Jewel and I all live together in Lincoln City, A little town on the west coast of Oregon with only 7,930 people. Prior to 1965, it was actually five separate communities; Delake, Oceanlake, Taft, Cutler City and Nelscott! The name Lincoln City was actually submitted by some local school kids, after it was determined using one of previous names would be too controversial!

We live less than a football field from the Pacific Ocean in what used to be Oceanlake. It's something of a tourist destination; our city slogan is "A Great Place to Try New Things!"

I turned 18 two days ago; Jewel is 19; my folks own, and run a craft supply house called Oceanlake Craft Store (OCS) in the Lincoln City Plaza, so they get up early every day, and come home late during the week. That leaves Jewel and me to fend for ourselves most of the time. We look out for each other ... we're good kids!

School let out a little over a week ago, so I sleep in a lot now, usually rolling out of bed at the crack of noon. When OCS gets really busy, Mom or Dad will call, and tell one or both of us to 'get our butts down to the store!' It doesn't happen as often any more, because they finally hired a guy named Stephen to help them out.

Jewel's in her second year, going to Oregon Coast Community College, which usually has about 2,200 students to it, at any one time. I'm a pretty smart guy, if I say so myself; I'm ready to go to OCCC starting in the fall myself, although I'll be a year behind Jewel.

Like I said, I'm 18. I've got blond hair, blue eyes, and due to being a runner on the track team, I'm reasonably fit! I tell myself that I'm ready for all the girls you're supposed to get when you're a high school athlete; only the girls don't seem to know that, yet. Nobody was pounding on my door!

Jewel's got blonde hair too, and blue eyes ... but hers are really pretty! She's truly 'blossomed' as they say. A few years back, she didn't have any tits to speak of — now she's got a really nice rack, possibly a full B or even a C cup.

She doesn't wear tight shirts and pants like the popular girls do; I'd call the stuff she wears conservative, nice blouses - when she wears a dress she is hot! I'd guess she doesn't really like all of the attention that her chest seems to get her these days! Our parents even mentioned to her that she'll 'never get a boyfriend' the way she dresses like a boy!

Yeah, a real sexy boy!

This is where I have to admit something personal about myself ... my sister turns me on, I mean really causes me to get erections just by her pretty smile! She doesn't know this; of course, I'm certainly not going to say anything ... I'm happy to keep lusting from afar!

I've been taking college level courses at my high school every chance I get. You could say I'm smart. The guys on the sports teams come to me, asking me for help in their classes. They offered me money to write their essays and term papers for them, but I thought that was beneath me.

Surprisingly, a lot of athletes don't get even the simplest math! I find myself with a half a dozen or so guys around me all the time, asking me to help with their math homework. They also offer to pay me, but I say no; not that I don't need the money; it just feels wrong doing it for the money. I felt satisfied when one of them told me he had aced a math test. There were regular high-fives amongst us.

I got a letter from OCCC in today's mail. It said that I could transfer to them, and become a sophomore, due to all of the classes I'd taken! That could mean I'd be in some of the same classes as my sister Jewel, but that might embarrass her, so I found her and went up to her to talk about it.

"Hey Jewel!"

"Hey, JJ!"

"You know that you're the only one who gets to call me that?"

"Yeah, I know. I think it's a cool nickname. I'd like to have a cool nickname too! You're a smart guy! Think of one for me, and let me know what you've got?"

"Sure, Jewel ... uhm, I got a letter from OCCC."

"Excellent! So you're going to start there in the fall?"

"Yeah ... that's kind of the problem. My letter from them says I qualify to enter OCCC as a sophomore! We could end up having classes together! I don't want to cramp your style, or weird you out! I'll just enter as a freshman, OK!"

"Wow, JJ! That's awesome! I knew you were smart, but wow ... and that's so sweet, thinking of your big sister, and worried I'll be creeped out with having you in a class with me. I'd be proud to have my little brother in any and all of my classes. You can protect me from all of those jocks that I seem to attract!"

She gave me a hug, along with a kiss on the cheek and she said, "See you later, JJ. I'm going out with some friends!"

"Bye, gorgeous!" I said.

Turning slowly back to me, she said, "What did you just call me?"

I blushed and repeated myself, "Gorgeous!"

Take a deep breath, dude!

"I think ... you're gorgeous, Jewel! The prettiest girl I know, and probably will ever know," I said all of that out loud -- Shit!

She broke into a wonderful smile saying, "You think I'm pretty, JJ? How long have you thought I was gorgeous? Since I grew these?" she said pointing at her tits.

In for a penny, in for a pound, "No, actually Jewel, I've thought you were beautiful since you were 13 years old and I was 12. I just never expressed myself, because I figured it would creep you out, knowing that your little brother liked you."

"Oh, you like me, and you think I'm pretty? Isn't that just the cutest thing?" she giggled.

"I'd better go, Jewel."

I ran to my room and shut my door, not believing that I'd just said those things to her! God, you stupid fuck, Joseph! Stupid — stupid — stupid, with a big capital S! I know I shocked her, probably scared her a little too! That's the last thing I wanted to do ... I wanted to hold her, kiss her, and touch her!

Stop it Joseph! Thoughts like those will get you kicked out of the house, and you'll end up homeless somewhere! Calm down - Just calm down!

I found myself walking through town, not really going anywhere in particular, when I heard a voice yell, "Joseph!" I looked around and it was Mom, coming out of the craft store! "What's wrong Joseph? You look like you've lost your best friend!"

"Hey Mom! I accidently said something to Jewel, that ... that, she took the wrong way! I realized the second it came out of my mouth it was stupid, but I couldn't stop it in time!" I said, avoiding specifics.

"Well, I won't ask you what you said to her, but I'll tell you, that when talking to a girl, whether she's your sister, or somebody else's sister, to always be honest, gentle and kind. That's what us girls like! We want the people in our lives to be honest, gentle and kind. You two will work this out - you always do!"

"Thanks Mom, I appreciate that! I got a letter from OCCC, and they want me to start this next fall as a sophomore!"

"That's great, honey! Was that what upset Jewel?"

I thought to myself that if I lie, it will come back to me somehow, but I couldn't bring myself to tell my mother that I'm in love with my sister! "Partly," I said, not explaining any further!

"Well, I've got to get back inside ... toodles!" She gave me a peck on the cheek and headed back inside OCS.

I needed to talk to Jewel before she has a chance to get too mad at me. I've got to find her soon, so I started walking towards that part of downtown where the kids hang out! After poking my head into a half a dozen places, I found her! She was surrounded by a bunch of girls, and a couple of guys.

I caught her eye! She motioned for me to come in. I shook my head no, and motioned for her to come out. She must've thought about it, but shook her head no! I'm really into it up to my neck!

I wandered around for an hour or so, not really heading anywhere, but I couldn't get Jewel out of my mind.

She's so pretty and likeable, but she's your sister.

She's got a smile that lights up any room she walks into, but she's your sister.

She's got the cutest smile and a nice butt, but she's your sister!

What the hell do I do about this? What would I do, if she weren't my sister? Hmmmm.

A light bulb just went off in my head!

I ran to the florist and purchased a single red rose, and started walking back towards where I last saw my sister! I encountered my Mom again.

She saw the rose and smiled, "Perfect, Joseph! Roses are always good when you need to make up with somebody!" She gave me a peck on the cheek and a slap on the shoulder, saying, "Go get her, honey!" If she only knew what she was encouraging me to do!

I went back to the place Jewel had been hanging out, and it looked like everybody was still there. Buck it up, Joe! She'll love it!

I took a real deep breath, and I walked in, and as I walked towards the group, they just ... sort of parted, and I walked right up to Jewel, and said, "I'm sorry Jewel! I apologize for what I said to you. Here's something to show you how much I care about you!"

I'd caught her flat-footed. All of the girls oohed and awed, while the guys sort of just - looked at me. I looked her straight into the eyes, fighting my immediate impulse to just grab her and kiss her!

I smiled at her ... and walked away!

"Wait, Joseph!" She'd followed me out of the place! "Walk with me, JJ!" She'd grabbed my arm and put hers through it. That felt nice! We just walked for a couple of minutes. I felt her lean into my shoulder. "Nobody's ever given me a red rose before, JJ. You know what a red rose means?"

"I got it for you because I was ashamed of what I'd said to you, and I wanted you to know how sorry I am, that I said it! I just got the red rose, because it was so beautiful, just like you. Damn it -- I'm sorry Jewel! I did it again!"

"You don't have to apologize when you say you think I'm beautiful, JJ. It's quite the compliment coming from my studly little brother!"

"Oh, stop it, Jewel. I'm no stud!" I responded laughing it off.

"My girl-pals all think you're the bomb ... really! They're always asking me, if you're dating anyone ... or, if you and I had ever ... made out. They want to know how good a kisser you are, so I told them, I'd have to get back to them!" she blushed.

"Are you saying, what ... I think you're saying, Jewel?" I was fishing, but there's always hope.

"What! That I'm hopelessly in love with my little brother!" she," said shocking me to my core.

She continued, "Yes, I am, and I'm as ashamed of it as you are! Not ashamed of being in love with you, but that I'd never told you about it, until now! By the way, that rose you gave me was actually cardinal red, and that means 'desire!' Do you desire me, JJ? Do I make you ... hard? What do you want to do to me, right now, JJ? Tell me! Please, tell me!"

We'd been walking, all during this conversation ... towards our home! We were only a block from home, when Jewel started turning me on with all of her questions! I put my finger to my lips, and we headed for our empty house!

I locked the door behind us, and we walked up to my bedroom, locking it as well! I sat Jewel on my bed, and we continued our conversation.

Putting my arms on her shoulders holding her by her neck, and pulling her to me I said, "Do you really want to know, what I want to do to you? How I truly feel around you? If you make me hard?"

I could barely hear her say, "Yes, Joseph! Please ... tell me!"

"How about I show you then, Jewel!"

I took my arms off her shoulders and I quietly started unbuttoning my shirt, taking it off, then I unbuckled my belt and took off my jeans. I then started to unbutton her shirt, expecting her to possibly slap me away ... but she never did! Oohh! I felt her trembling beneath my shaking fingers.

I took off her blouse and all she had on underneath it was a bikini-style brassiere. She subconsciously covered herself as I started to unzip her jeans. I got down on my knees and pulled them down, looking at her opaque blue panties. I took her jeans all the way off and I stood back up.

Now, we're standing in front of each other, me in my t-shirt and boxers, and my beautiful sister in her bra and panties. I grew hard, and she noticed, actually licking her lips a little.

I walked up and put my hands on her face! I leaned in ... so did she, and we kissed! I think we both had our eyes closed during this kiss, and I heard a sound from Jewel that sounded like a kitten purring.

"That was a real nice kiss, Joseph! That was the most tender kiss, I've ever gotten from any boy ever!"

"J, that was the most erotic kiss I've ever given or received! I can't express how I feel right now, but I can show you, if you'd like?"

"J? — I like that. I've decided that JJ isn't appropriate for you anymore, since we've expressed these feelings! I'm going back to Joseph, for my brother, whom I love!"

"Love?" I said anxiously. "You love me, like a girl loves a boy?"

"Like a woman loves a man, Joseph! Would you please ... love me?"

"Oh, J — I'll love you like no man has ever loved a woman before! Are you safe? I have condoms!"

"I'm completely safe, Joseph. Make love to me, please?"

I started to kiss her again, this time I moved my hands to her back to unhook her brassiere, and it fell away! She reached over and then removed my t-shirt, and now we were naked chest to naked chest, up against each other.

Her breasts felt so good on mine! Our lips had separated and we stepped back, and each removed our last few garments of clothing.

She looked down at my dick and grabbed it, as I put my hand on her breast. We both shuddered a bit!

The phone rang! Damn!

I pushed the button to put whoever it was on speakerphone.

"Hello?" I said rather curtly.

"Joseph!" it was Mom — Perfect!

"Yeah, Mom!" I said, looking deep into Jewel's blue eyes.

"Is Jewel with you?" I put my finger to her lips, to keep her quiet.

"Yeah, Mom!" I moved an inch from Jewel's face, with both of my hands now on her breasts and her hand was gripping my dick quite tightly.

"We've gotten really busy, and we could use both of you, down at the store ASAP!"

"Sure Mom, I'll tell Jewel and we'll be there as quick as we can."

"Thanks, Joseph — Bye!"

"Damn!" I said as I hung up the phone.

"Mom needs us!" said Jewel, not letting go of me.

"Not as much as I need you, Jewel!" I said.

"Can we finish this, soon, J?" I said, grabbing her butt cheeks in my hands for a split second.

"Yeah, Joseph — real soon!"

We both got dressed, kissing one last time, before running to the store, holding hands as we walked in the door of the store.

Mom said, "Thanks, kids! I'm sorry I interrupted whatever it was you were doing! It looks like you two have made up! Did you like the rose, Jewel?"

Jewel turned her head to me and said, "I loved it Mom; Joseph means so much to me. It's nice to have a brother who cares so much."

"He does care for you ... I can see it in his face, when he looks at you dear! You'd be hard-pressed to find a boyfriend who loves you as much, as I know Joseph loves you."

Jewel and I looked at each other and wondered ... just how much our mother could tell about our true feelings!

"You two fix the displays that have been gone through, please. And get those stupid grins off your faces ... there's work to be done!"

After we all came home together, due to the busy day at the store, Mom yelled, "I'm calling for pizza, OK everybody?"

You could hear everyone's response like we were in the military, 'Yup, ' 'Yes, ' and 'Hell, Yes.' That last one was my Dad, who often got away with a smattering of off-color humor. I knew that my Mom probably glared at him after he had said it.

Jewel and I went up to our rooms. I laid down on my bed thinking about everything that had happened today. I heard Jewel in the bathroom, puttering around probably getting ready to take a shower. Yes, just as I thought it, the water turned on. I know my sister!

I know my sister, but I started asking myself, exactly what would have happened ... if Mom hadn't called just then? I could've not answered the phone, assuming it was Mom or Dad, but I couldn't do that. Damn my parents for making me so responsible! I really need to have a talk with them about that.

I also need to have a talk with Jewel. I was scared and worried that she might be having regrets over what we both did, and what we almost did. I don't think I would've regretted making love to her. Making love ... even what we call it sounds so wonderful!

I know I wanted to make love to her before everything happened today, but now it ... could actually happen; it could actually happen! What if it does happen? Then what? Do we tell anybody? How do we keep from being caught? What about what Mom said to us? 'I know Joseph loves you!'

The water stopped. I was expecting Jewel in my room any minute because I knew she would want to talk about this. She walked in with only her towel on, and said, in a cute voice, "Joseph, do you think I'm pretty?" and then dropped her towel. She was completely naked.

After taking her all in for about five seconds, I looked her straight in her eyes, which wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do, and whispered to her, "Jewel, what're you doing? Mom or Dad could come up here and we couldn't possibly explain why you're naked in my room!"

She just looked at me, like she didn't hear what I'd said to her and took a step closer to me.

"Yes! I think you're pretty. I told you that I thought you were beautiful, and that I love you, but come on ... put the towel back on, before you give me a heart attack, OK?"

"OK, Joseph — I'm only making sure that you remember what you told me earlier today. I'm going to hold you to it ... all of it. Don't masturbate tonight, OK Joseph? Wait for me after everybody goes to bed. I've been waiting for you ... I'm still a virgin!" she smiled at me, and picked up her towel, dragging it behind her. What a nice ass!

Her 20 or so seconds of nakedness caused me to get a pretty good erection going in my pants. I wasn't sure if I could keep from pulling myself. She's a virgin, and has been waiting for me? How the hell was I supposed to know that? I put my hand on my dick to wack off, but she said not to! I guess she's as hot for me as I am for her?


The dulcet tones of our mother permeated the house.

"OK, Mom — couldn't you have yelled louder. I don't think all of our neighbors heard you," I heard Jewel say. That made me laugh. Her sense of humor was just one of the things that I loved about her. My Mom and Dad sure got it right when they named her; she's a jewel!

As I was walking slowly down the stairs to get to the kitchen, Jewel came up behind me, and slapped me on the butt, "Move it, JJ; I'm hungry ... for some pizza ... what are you hungry for?" That last part she whispered in my ear. I slowed down on purpose to see what she would do; she walked by me and hip-blocked me to the ground.

My Mom saw this and said, "Jewel, don't beat up your brother ... he did give you that beautiful red rose today! Did you two kiss and make up, from whatever it was that happened?"

I looked over at Jewel, looking directly into her magnificent eyes saying, "Mom, I told her that I loved her, and all she did was beat me up. If that isn't love I don't know what is! Sis, you want to kiss and make up?" Jewel turned and looked at me like 'I can't believe you said that!'

She walked up to me and we were face-to-face, as close as before, but we were in front of our parents.

I'd sat down first and Jewel sat in my lap, trying to take the pizza from me. It was harmless fun, but I got a little turned on during it, and I knew Jewel could tell from the look she just gave me. I took a piece of pizza and put one end of it in my mouth and she put the other end of it in her mouth.

We ate it without using our hands, but hadn't thought it through because, when we got a bite from each other, we realized that our folks were watching, so we bit down and separated just before our lips touched.

My Mom said, "Isn't that so sweet, just like Lady and the Tramp."

"Are you My Tramp, Joseph?" Jewel said.

"Only if you'll be My Lady?" I responded, with her eyes widening at my boldness.

My Dad responded, "If my sister Joan had looked as good as my daughter Jewel, I might have tried that one myself Joseph."

Of course, this remark caused my Mom to hit my Dad on the back of the head, and he apologized to both Mom and Jewel. If I'd been closer to him, I would've tried to give him a high-five.

"I'm not too heavy for you, am I Joseph?" my sister said, still sitting on my lap. "I wouldn't want to break any little thing of yours." I blushed. She winked.

"Jewel!" my mother responded with a little chuckle.

"Let's try this again, Jewel, a game of chicken?" I reached for another piece of pizza, this time I tore it so it was easier for us to eat, and I put one end in her mouth, and the other in mine. She turned to straddle me, and we both ate the piece as slowly as we could, because whoever made first lip contact would ... lose?

My parents thought this was cute enough to try it on their own, so they quickly disregarded us. It was agonizing, how slow we were going. Mom had turned and straddled Dad, so Jewel and her father were back to back across the table, while my Mom and I actually made a little eye contact.

She saw how slow I was going, while she and Dad were moving quite a bit faster. As Jewel's face came closer to mine, I could hear little grunts from her. I probably moaned a little myself, but I'm quite certain my Mom and Dad couldn't hear anything. I decided to take a big bite to see if Jewel would try to 'score!'

Not that bite ... she was sort of biting in place, trying not to make progress. She was getting a little heavy on my lap and I'm certain I had a full-fledged erection, so I decided to take the final bite, which caused considerable lip contact.

Jewel was surprised by this and kissed me back at first, then realized we were practically making out in front of our parents. She got off my lap and turned around, helping to hide my erection from Mom and Dad.

"That's a fun game, isn't it, Joseph?" she smiled, devilishly.

"Yeah, Jewel!" Lots a fun!

My folks had all but ignored us, and were making out rather heavily, when Jewel said, "Get a room, guys!" That broke them up. My father had lipstick all over his face and Mom was fixing her hair, but she stayed on his lap.

"That is quite an interesting little game," mom said. "Well, we'll see you guys in the morning. We'll be coming up in a little bit."

My guess was that my Dad had a hard-on as well, but my Mom was 'covering' for him.

"Will you need us to work tomorrow, Mom?" I asked.

"No kids! Why don't you two go swimming or something. Keep your phone with you, but I think your father, Stephen and I can handle it."

Jewel and I went upstairs together, saying goodnight to our parents. I wonder if they were going to do it on the kitchen table so we couldn't hear them!

I was still up, listening to music on my IPod. I had mostly Broadway Musical Theatre music, all of the Glee music and a bit of country and some Christmas. I guess that makes me a Gleek and a nerd! I was humming along with Heather Morris' cover of Britney Spears 'I'm a Slave 4 U, ' damn Heather is so hot! I wouldn't mind putting my hands on those ta-ta's she's got behind that cheerleading outfit she's always wearing.

Jewel was a cheerleader in high school too. I started remembering the lucky snake in the Glee video, when there was a light knocking on my door. Maybe I'm about to have a dream sequence myself, and Heather is about to come through that door and all she has on is the snake ... I'm getting hard, open door ... open, open, open!

"Joseph," I heard my name being called and I started to put my hand down my pajama bottoms. "Take of those pants and fuck me, Joseph!"

"OK, Heather ... I will, I've never been with a girl before, but you're used to virgins, aren't you?"

"HEATHER, what the fuck are you talking about?" my sister said, as I was jolted out of my dream.

"Who the hell is Heather? I've never known a Heather? Are you stepping out on me, little brother? I'll leave you alone to your fantasies, if you'd like."

"Oooh, that blond bitch on Glee that you think is so hot ... my tits are bigger and nicer than hers. You want to find out for yourself, don't you?"

"Slow down, sis. Before we do anything, J, sit on my bed and let's talk a little. I think I want to do what you want to do, but what if we regret it, I love you as my sister so much ... if we make love ... it all changes, doesn't it?"

She started to cry, "Joseph, I know I've had these feelings for you for the last couple of years, and it seems you have them for me as well. I feel so much love for you and from you every time we're anywhere near each other. I'm willing to show my love for you, if you think you can handle all this," she said smiling, and pointing to her beautiful and bountiful, body.

"Damn it, Jewel. I am so hard for you right now. I've fought every impulse in my body, hoping this moment may come in my life ... but I love you too much to do this, just to make love to you. I think I am in love with you, and I don't know if I dare hope that our love could become more than just a physical thing." Now I'm crying.

Jewel got off the bed. I figured that I had put some sense into her head, but she had stripped all of her clothes off and crawled back into bed with me. She innocently brought her face over mine and said, "Fuck me, Joseph! I want to feel you bubbling up inside me. I'm on the pill ... have been for almost four years, just waiting for this moment between us to finally happen. Thank God you're 18 now. If I had tried this on Monday, it would have been rape, now it's only incest!"

"I'm not about to turn down as beautiful a girl as you, J!"

I reached under me and took off my boxers but kept them handy. I decided to get up and lock my door, just in case our folks came up looking for Jewel.

As I walked back over to the bed, just before I got in, Jewel asked, "Is that all for me, Joseph?"

"As much of him as you can take, J! Why don't you begin the events of the evening by giving me a blow job, I'll gladly return the favor when you're done."

"We could do a 69, Joseph?" Jewel said with a little pout.

"I know ... but I really want to enjoy, you enjoying me, J!"

She got under the covers and moved her body down until her mouth was directly over my dick. Actually it was hotter, not seeing what she was about to do. It added to the moment. I raised the sheets up to say, "Can you breath OK down there?" I heard a "Hell, yeah!" and she began.

The first thing I felt was her finger running up and down the front and back of my dick. She was using a wonderfully light touch and I realized I had gotten all the way hard with just a touch from her hand. Next, I felt her hitting herself with my dick, hitting herself in the face. I had seen this before in porn, but it's so different when it's happening to you.

Next, I felt her lick the underside with her tongue, which made my whole body twitch with excitement.

"JOSEPH, do you know where Jewel is? She's not in her room."

"MOM, don't come in. I'm naked ... She said she might go out with her girl-buddies, but said she'd be home by midnight!"

"OK, Joseph! Goodnight honey. I was worried about her."

"Don't worry Mom, she's a smart girl. She won't get into any trouble. She's too scared of you and Dad."

I felt teeth on my dick, and a muffled 'thank you' from under the covers. Jewel came up from below and covered me with her body and started kissing me. I love her so much. While I was kissing her, she took my dick and pushed herself onto it. Before I realized what had happened, I'd taken my sister's virginity!

I threw the covers off of us and grabbed her and rolled over so I was on top. We kept ourselves connected through that move, and I started pushing into her all the way, but rather slowly. After about a minute of this, I thought I should pick up some speed. I was sucking her impressive tits at the same time I was fucking her.

Sorry Heather!

She'd started moaning a little too loud, so I moved my mouth from her tits to her mouth, making an incredible kiss that shook me from my lips to my toes, and all places in between. It also caused me to pick up some speed, and now I was slamming into my sister with almost breakneck speed. Damn! Whenever our mouths separated, one of us said, "I love you" to the other, all the while getting me very close to cumming inside her.

When I'd realized just how close I was, to dropping a load into my sister, that was when I said to Jewel, "I'm cumming — cumming — oh ... oh ... oh sis ... oh I can't stop cumming. I love you so much." I placed my hands on her breasts and kissed her so much, my lips were actually getting sore.

"Joseph — Joseph, sometime during all of that, I came ... at least four times. Thank you for being my first. I love you! Can we do all this again real soon? I don't want anybody else now, but I do want you as much as we can get away with. OK with you, Bro Jo?"

"Bro Jo? I think I like that, but only you can use it, so don't say it in front of Mom. She'll think it's cute and call me that too. She called me JJ for six months after you started doing it when I was younger."

"So, Bro Jo ... you want to take a shower and clean up, or do you just want to go to sleep?"

"Oh, Jewel ... as much as I would love to have you in my bed all night, that sounds way too risky, and I want to do this again and again and again. Here's the plan, I'm going to put my boxers on, and go knock on Mom and Dad's bedroom door. If they're awake, they'll wonder what I want."

"Then I'll tell them that you just came home. All the while you can get to your room and take a shower. Mom and Dad will think you're just taking your usual night-time shower, instead of washing your brothers cum off yourself."

"Oh, Joseph ... I always knew you were book-smart, but you're cum-smart as well!"

That made us both laugh as I pulled out of Jewel and put on my boxers.

"Oooh, you smell like sex, Bro Jo! You better clean yourself up a little before you go to Mom and Dad's bedroom."

"Thanks, J - I love you!" I went into my bathroom and cleaned myself up, putting on a little cologne to mask my scent. Jewel put some of her clothes back on and was ready to run to her room when I stepped out. I walked out of my room and knocked quietly on their door. I heard some odd sounds and then a "Yes, who is it?"

"It's Joseph, Mom! Just wanted to tell you that your precious little girl got home OK!"

"Thank you, sweetheart. You really are a wonderful brother to Jewel. I hope you two have fun tomorrow."

"We will, Mom. Don't worry about us. Go back to what you and Dad were doing. It's nice to know how much my parents love each other. It is Dad in there with you isn't it?" I couldn't resist.

My Dad is as much of a jokester as I am, so I heard, "You're married? Should I leave before your husband gets home?" Then I heard a loud slap on skin and then I left, seeing Jewel as she went through the door of her bedroom. She turned around and flashed her boobs at me, giggled and closed the door behind herself. I got myself back into my room and before I hit my sheets to go to sleep, I heard a shower start!

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