Doretta's Mistake
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Sadistic, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Squirting, Size,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Doretta has a big gambling problem and it will cause her to lose her freedom when she can't pay back a loan shark. The twist? It's not the shark, but her brother Anton who claims ownership of his little sister.

Doretta sat at the table and thought that she had really done it this time. What could she do? She had to come up with five thousand bucks and fast. If not, she was in hot water! Why had she ever borrowed that kind of money from a loan shark in the first place? Damn, she thought, it was a sure thing when she bet on that horse! In the last lap, it stumbled! Shit, of all the luck! If it weren't for bad luck, she'd have no luck at all!

Doretta tried to see how she could get out of this newest jam! Fuck, why didn't she learn her lesson the last time? She dreaded going to him again! He warned her the last time around what would happen if she got herself into another such jam and he had to bail her out. Why did her father have to put that fucking clause in his will! When she was sixteen and that drunk driver killed her parents, she found out that her brother was to be her guardian. Anton was five years older than Doretta was. She resented the fact that she couldn't touch her part of the millions that were left to them without his consent.

Damn it! Why did her father have to be so fucking Old World! Even her brother had the same damned attitude as him. She understood her father, since he was from Greece and that was the way his family had lived for centuries. They felt that a woman had to be under a man's rule throughout her life. When Mom and he moved to America, his beliefs had not changed. Her brother threatened the last time she messed up that if it happened again she would no longer be a single woman. She'd fall under the complete authority of a man. Even worse, he claimed to know which man would control her, but he refused to tell her his identity.

Doretta didn't agree with the idea of male dominance. The very concept of being dominated by a man terrified her. She was afraid that it would cost her the freedom that she worked so hard to achieve. That was not an easy job, given her family's way of life. While still a virgin at the age of twenty-four, she wasn't narrow-minded or vanilla. She simply hadn't found the sort of man who interested her enough for sex. Her brother also made this difficult for her. He constantly "discouraged" any male attention, including from his own friends. He was extremely over-protective of his sister, especially since they lost both of their parents and she was his closest relative left.

The ringing of the telephone startled Doretta. She knew whom it would be instinctively. It had to be "Big Ed", wanting his money immediately. She contemplated not answering the phone, but knew that this tactic would only infuriate him further. She'd put him off too long already.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Ya got the money, sweet cheeks?" "Big Ed" asked in a patronizing tone.

"Um ... not yet. I had trouble getting it. Can you give me a couple more weeks?" she begged.

"That's what you said two weeks ago. I told you then that it was your last chance. Time's up. I'm getting my money, one way or the other!" he warned her.

"What do you mean by 'one way or the other'?" she asked fearfully.

"If I don't get my money within the hour, you'll find out, Missy. The clock is ticking now!" he hung up the phone without saying another word.

Shaken, Doretta looked at the phone, realizing that she was in deep shit. There was no way she could get five grand in less than an hour without going to Anton. What would she do? What would "Big Ed" do? She feared what her older brother would do even more than she was afraid of the loan shark. Should she call him? She picked up the phone and decided to ask him if she could have five thousand to "gamble" with. That might work, she thought to herself, if she came up with a believable reason to bet.

Doretta dialed his phone number, waiting anxiously for him to answer it.

Anton looked at his caller ID, noticing that it was Doretta's phone number on display there. His sister seldom called unless she needed something or was in trouble. He knew that she disliked the idea of his being in charge of the money. He wasn't going to give his sister her share of the inheritance yet. She hadn't proven enough maturity in financial matters. He only hoped that this time she hadn't gotten herself in serious trouble, but he had a gut feeling that she had.

"Yes, Doretta, what do you want this time?" he answered.

"Hi, Anton. Why do I have to want something to call my favorite brother?" she buttered him up.

"I'm your only brother and any time you start to butter me up, you want 'something'. Now, what is it? How much money do you owe this time and to whom? Or is it that you want to gamble away money again?" he asked her, getting too close to the truth for her comfort.

He had always disapproved of her gambling habit.

"Uh, I wanted five grand to take Candy to the casinos for a girls' night out? She's been kind of depressed over her last break-up, and I wanted to cheer her up," Doretta pleaded.

Anton objected to Doretta's friendship with Candy, who always seemed to get her into trouble. Candy was also, unfortunately in Anton's opinion, a very modern, "liberated" woman. She was notorious in high school and ever since as indiscriminate with her sexual partners, which was something that Anton frowned upon. He did not hold to the "abstinence until marriage" school of thought, but neither did he like sluts. Candy seemed to have a lot of "one-night stands" compared to serious relationships. Her boyfriends usually didn't last very long, either, hence the latest incident.

"No, I'm not going to give you and your slut 'friend' cash to fritter away on slot machines and alcohol! You're both liable to lose it all, get drunk, and find yourselves 'knocked up' by some irresponsible jackasses! If she's so 'depressed', go over there and find an alternative way to cheer her up. You don't need to blow a shit load of money and get wasted to cheer her up. That is my final word on the matter! Understand me?" he demanded.

"But... ," she started to say.

He interrupted her, saying, "NO, that is my final word! Or is there another reason you need this money so bad as to ask me after you know I've already put my foot down?"

"No, no. Not at all. I just hoped that you would let me do it this one time. I have been good lately," she implored.

"You ask me again and I will take you over my knee! I am the head of this family and you'll continue to be in my hand until I marry you off to the man of my choosing! Now, do you want to continue pressing your luck? You are way overdue for a serious spanking, you know," he scolded her.

"I'm twenty-four fucking years old. This is 21st century America, not ancient Athens! I'm far too old for a spanking from my BROTHER! I just want to spend time with my best friend! Why do you have to be such a male chauvinist... ," she screamed.

"If you say 'pig', I will show you how much of a chauvinist I can be! Feminist slogans are no way of getting money out of me! Like it or not, Dad left me in charge of this family and your money, so get over it! If you want anything, ask me with the right kind of attitude and a legitimate reason, not some silly request and defiance! Now, if you want to continue this conversation, I suggest that you walk up to the main house and talk to me in person without being a smart-ass!" he interrupted her.

"I'm sorry, Anton! I didn't mean to be defiant and rebellious! I'm just somewhat embarrassed at being treated as a child when I'm in my mid-twenties and most of my friends can do as they please. They control their own finances, but I have to depend on my brother's approval. It's just so old-fashioned," she feigned contrition.

"Your friends also get themselves into more trouble than they can handle, especially that Candy! Old-fashioned or not, that's the way we were brought up and that's the way I will remain! I don't approve of the 'modern, feminist' attitude that women have these days. The old ways worked well for Mom. She had a great husband and provider. She never once complained, either! Like it or not, that's the way this family will be, " he stated authoritatively, "Now, come up here for dinner in an hour and a half, and we'll discuss any other requests of yours at that point. Cora will have supper ready at that time."

"Yes, Sir. I'll be up there within ninety minutes. Bye for now," she slammed the phone down when she heard his response.

Damn, how would she get out of trouble now, Doretta thought to herself. She'd just have to tell her brother the truth and face the consequences. She knew that he'd be furious over her deceit, not to mention her waste of money, but he'd be even angrier if he found out what happened through another source. She looked at the clock and realized that forty minutes had passed since she had talked with "Big Ed".

Doretta got ready to go up to the main house. She chose to wear a dress that her brother particularly liked. He was none too fond of pants on women, but he never actually forbade her to wear them. He picked his battles, but in this instance, she resolved to do his bidding. She didn't want to unnecessarily upset him even more than she already had. She knew that he'd be angry enough when he learned the truth. She didn't want to make it worse.

An hour and a half later, Doretta walked from the guesthouse into the main house, letting herself in. She walked nervously toward his den. She could hear him shouting on the phone. She thought that she heard her name in the tail end of the less than pleasant discussion.

"I will take care of Doretta shortly! You will have your money within the hour, Mr. Bancroft!" he hung up the phone furiously.

"That's it! She's done it this time! No more Mr. Nice Guy! If she thinks that I'm tough already, wait until she sees what I have in mind for her," Anton fumed.

"Oh shit!" Doretta thought as she heard him hang up the phone and rant about her.

How had "Big Ed" known her brother? She was in serious trouble now. She should have told him the truth before now. She walked into her brother's office, saying "Hi" as if nothing was the matter.

Anton turned around and looked at her. He was more than furious. She had never seen him this mad! She contemplated turning around and hiding out for a few days until he calmed down to a dull growl. He must have seen what she thought.

"Freeze right there, young lady! I've just gotten off the phone with a 'friend' of yours. I can tell you that things are going to change right now! As of this moment, you will live upstairs and no longer on your own in the guesthouse! All of your spending has been cut off! You will get the spanking of your life after we eat dinner! How could you think to get away with borrowing money from a loan shark? Did your brain quit working or something? I told you the last time you got into trouble that you would not like the outcome!

"Now I find out that not even a month later you did something that reckless. Did you think that I wouldn't find out? Not to mention, you lied to me earlier when you told me that fucking story about wanting money to go gamble with Candy. In fact, you needed it to pay off an earlier gambling debt! That is the precise reason I don't like you gambling. That is why I don't trust you, Doretta. You're too immature to run your own life. Basically, you are grounded for now. You will live under a man's control from this moment forward," he yelled at her.

Doretta was at a loss for words. He even found out that she had broken her word within the month of her promising not to get into trouble again. She turned around and started to run for the door, but he was quicker and stopped her in her tracks!

"Where do you think that you're going? Shall we begin the paddling now? I'll make sure that you won't be able to sit down at the dining table. Think of how the servants will view that? Of course, they will hear your cries later, when you're in my suite getting your punishment! They won't come to your rescue, though, no matter what happens! They are loyal help and come from a long line of servants, back as far as our great-great grandparents, before Mom and Dad arrived in America. Now, I believe that Cora has dinner waiting for us. I don't like eating a cold supper," he announced.

"Yes, Sir," she gulped hard.

Anton took his sister's arm and led her to the dinning room. Just as he said, Cora had dinner waiting on them. He put his sister at his right side as he sat at the head of the table and Cora served them their food. Doretta sat there and said very little while she ate her dinner. She feared what was to come. What did he mean that she was to be under a man's control now? She wasn't ready to marry. She didn't even have a steady boyfriend. Whom did he have in mind? She was also afraid of his paddling her. Would he spank her bare bottom like her Dad always insisted on, or would he do it over her dress and panties? Damn, she thought, she should have put on a regular pair of panties, not the thongs that she wore. If he decided that she was to be bare, what would he say about her thongs and the fact that she shaved? She shuddered at that thought, but was jolted out of it by his next statement.

"Since it appears that you're no longer hungry, we shall adjourn to my suite. Cora, that was a very delicious dinner you made. My sister doesn't seem to be very hungry, as she is about to be punished severely for a few mistakes she has made. Can you please have all of her things packed and brought up from the guesthouse? She will now use our mother's sitting room and bedroom, connected to my master suite," Anton informed Cora.

"Yes, Sir!" Cora replied, not at all surprised at what went on.

She'd heard the previous master discipline his wife. Cora's mother told her that was how this family handled their wives' disobedience and wrongdoings. It was about time, she thought to herself. That girl needed a serious spanking for a long time now.

Anton led Doretta up to their parents' suite, into which he had moved after their untimely deaths.

"I'm glad that you chose to wear a dress, though, of course, it will be removed for your bare-bottom spanking. You will like the changes I made to Dad's old study. I even enlarged it, taking out the nearest bedroom. I haven't had the opportunity to use it since the renovation. Tonight is the perfect moment to put it to use," he laughed wickedly at his hidden meaning.

"What kind of changes did you make? Why do you have to spank me on my bare bottom? Can't I just wear my dress? I'm sure it's not proper for me to be nude in my brother's presence. What would Dad and Mom say?" she rambled nervously.

"Concerning the changes, you will soon see them for yourself. As for the bare-bottom spanking, that is the 'proper' way to do a spanking, period. Regarding the nudity issue, I am the master of this house. Like Dad during his reign saw you naked, so will I. I want to make sure that you don't have any silly piercings or tattoos that you might have hidden from me. About what our parents would say, they wouldn't have a problem with you getting your bare ass whipped," he firmly replied.

At this point, Anton reached the master suite. He led her through the sitting room into his new and improved study. She was, to put it mildly, "taken aback" by the changes she saw. It appeared that her brother was heavily into the BDSM scene. Why, it looked like a torture chamber in there! Their father's old desk and couch were gone. In their place was what appeared to be a spanking bench, similar to what she saw in her Internet surfing one time. It had a small table near it. She had a good idea that it was there for him to lay his instruments of torture on it, while the victim was prepared or punished.

The walls were lined with paddles, whips, and floggers of all shapes and sizes. There was a metal table set against one wall that had various handcuffs, chains, butt plugs, dildos, and vibrators on it. She also spotted what appeared to be a collar of some sort. There were also bolts mounted to the ceiling and on the floor. He stood there and watched her take in the new look of his study.

There was also a large "spreader bar" which allowed the master to place the victim in such a way as to restrain and spread a person's legs for any reason. The biggest shock of all, in the middle of the room, was a large bondage bench that enabled a victim to be bound to it in any position that the sadist wished.

"What do you think of my remodeling? Now, do you see my spanking bench? You will soon be turned over it and strapped in it. First, however, we need to remove all of your clothes. I suggest you do it now, or I will do it for you!" Anton warned her.

"I ... Uh ... When did you do all of this? I didn't know that you're into the BDSM scene. What are you planning on doing to me?" she stalled.

"Enough stalling! Get those clothes off now!" he reiterated.

Doretta quickly removed her dress, while her brother watched with hidden but growing excitement. Once the dress was off, she hesitated to remove her undergarments.

"The panties and bra too, Sis," he instructed.

Doretta removed her bra first, revealing her massive tits, and then slowly removed her thong, unaware of the fact that she turned her brother on more by doing so. How long had he wanted her in such a position? It had been far too long and he finally had her there. He wouldn't let her get away from him, either!

This was Anton's major reason for chasing off the other men. No other man would steal what rightfully belonged to him. He planned this for several years, seeking what society denied him by its taboos. He was a different kind of rebel from his sister, but he was less orthodox than he first appeared.

As Anton had remodeled the room and bought everything in it, he pictured Doretta on or in every piece of furniture. He imagined every toy being used on her. Every whip, paddle, and flogger he handpicked to train his sister into the proper role Nature had assigned her. While he planned to correct her misbehavior, he wouldn't damage or maim her perfect olive skin. He was stunned after she removed her underwear to discover that his virgin sister shaved her pussy bald.

Anton watched his younger sister stand in front of him, naked as the day she was born. He was pleased to see that she had no piercing or tattoos on her smooth flesh. He instructed her to remain still, hands down by her side, as he circled her and inspected her entire body. He ran his hand over her bottom, which would soon be red from a serious assault with a whip.

Doretta didn't seem to realize the severe danger that she brought upon herself by going to low-life scumbag like "Big Ed" Bancroft to borrow money. The loan shark was notorious for collecting debts from women in the form of brutal rape and sodomy. She was lucky that "Big Ed" wanted his money more than he wanted sex this time. In this situation, the loan shark knew how to get what he really wanted.

Anton also made it clear that he'd better leave Doretta completely alone in the future, neither lending nor "collecting" any other loans. He was determined to inform his dear "Sis" of the truth behind the gangster's vague threats. He had found out the ugly facts about Bancroft after his friend's girlfriend had been raped for failure to pay up. He remembered the man's name after the frightened woman told her beau and refused to go to the police about it. That was when Anton especially started cracking on his sister's gambling habits and became even more protective of her in general. There were too many "Bancrofts" in the world, looking for easy victims like his sister and his buddy's girlfriend.

He suddenly smacked her bare ass with his hands, repeating the action twice.

"Why do you need to shave your pussy or wear thongs, Doretta? You're a fucking virgin, for God's sake. At least, you'd better be! I want to be the one to take your cherries! You're my sister and you will remain mine! You'll be under my control! As I said before, I'm the head of the house and I will remain the head of everything in it. That includes you, my dear sister," he shocked her.

"Everybody does it! Candy does it all of the time! She says it turns men on!" Doretta protested with mock innocence.

"Well, your friendship with 'Candy' is over. You must behave like a true lady, not a tramp like Candy! Anyway, if Candy stuck a needle in her veins and shot herself up with smack, would you?" he responded.

"No, of course I wouldn't! Besides, Candy is my best friend and she doesn't get me into trouble! I do what I want to do! Candy is not a tramp! She just likes men. You have no right to pick my friends, anyway! I'm a grown woman!" she retorted.

"I have every right to choose your friends! I am the master of the house. I control your finances. Dad intended that I be in charge of you, just as he was in charge of Mom. Moreover, Candy is a tramp! She doesn't just like men. She likes every man she has ever seen! That will be the end of this discussion! Understood?" he demanded.

Anton grabbed Doretta's arm and led her over to the spanking bench. He bound her to it, spread her legs apart, bent her over it, and secured her arms into place. This left her ass and pussy open to his assault. He walked in front so she could see him and disrobed himself swiftly. As he removed his pants, his hard, well-endowed cock jumped out into her view, stunning her at its sheer size and stiffness. He was quite aroused at what would happen to her.

"After the whipping, your throat will be the first hole that I take. You'd better not resist or harm me in any way, shape, or form. If you do, the next hole will be taken roughly and without any lube!" he ordered her.

Anton walked to the wall in front of her, where he kept all of his paddles, whips, and floggers. He selected a whip that would hurt like hell without causing any permanent harm. He also chose a "pussy" whip to use.

"For this offense, you'll receive your punishment with a whip, not a paddle. Because the seriousness of your actions could have possibly cost you your life, health, and safety, a whip is in order here. Most of your minor corrections will use either my hand or a paddle. Penalties that are more serious will require a whip or strap. Floggers and canes will be used for outright defiance or constant repetition of a lesser infraction. I'd better not have to use either on you very often, if at all," he forewarned her.

He walked behind her with the two whips he had picked out. He laid the smaller one down on the table near him and raised his arm to begin her spanking.

"You'll receive fifty strokes from each whip. That will be one whip on your ass and the other on your pussy. I know you may think that this is a harsh punishment, but it is necessary to teach you the consequences of what could have happened to you! After each swat, you will count and ask for the next one saying, 'One, Master. Thank you. Can I have the next one please?' You will do this so that you don't 'tune out' the spanking. You will have to pay attention to what is going on," he directed her.

Anton lowered his arm with force, striking both ass cheeks at once. Doretta was unprepared for the force with which it hit her, so she cried out. After this, she counted as he instructed her. After the tenth swat, she had a hard time counting, but she continued for fear that it would get worse if she didn't. By the time that the fifty swats were over, she sobbed hard and begged for his forgiveness.

"I'll never do something so stupid again! I'm sorry! I'll be good from now on! Please, no more! I can't take any more! Don't whip my pussy!" she sobbed.

"You can take it and will take more!" he insisted.

"Why did you tell me to call you 'Master'? I'm confused. Is it just a role-play for the whipping?" she questioned.

"I am your Master from now on, and you will call me that or 'Sir'! Now, just as before, you will count and repeat what I said before. This will be done any time I put you on the spanking bench. If you are over my knee, it will not be necessary to count. It will be only for major punishments that require me to put you on the spanking bench," he explained with some irritation.

Anton laid down the whip in his hand, picked up the pussy-whip, and mercilessly whipped her pussy with it. Doretta counted the lashes and, after twenty-five of them, she was extremely wet. She noticed that the more he whipped her, the more she became excited by it. Her brother noticed the fact that she derived pleasure from her punishment. This fact made him harder than he already was, to think that his little sister was a pain-slut! Knowing her true nature, he realized that both of them could meet their carnal needs.

As she received her fiftieth swat, Doretta was ready to climax, but she wasn't sure whether or not Anton would allow her to orgasm. He laid down the second whip, walked over to the table against the wall that held his collection of "toys", and wondered which one to use to train her ass. He wanted to put one in her ass while he came in her mouth. He chose a beginner's butt-plug and some lube to go with it. He then walked back to her, noting that she watched his every move.

Doretta still cried from her ass and pussy being thoroughly punished. She seemed afraid to say much, not wanting to provoke Anton's anger more than she already had. She also wanted some relief and figured that silence was the best way to achieve it. She timidly asked what he would do to her next.

"While you suck me off, I'm going to train your ass to accept my cock. I don't want to damage your ass with the extra large size of my cock. Your pussy will have an easier time accepting it than your butt, which is used to merely being an exit. This is something that we will definitely correct. You'll take it in that hole as often as I wish!

"You'll also learn to take my extra long cock down your throat without gagging! If you don't like the taste of cum, you will soon learn to appreciate it. It will be part of your diet each day. I expect to have a blowjob every morning and I will cum down your throat, like it or not! There will be no 'headaches' or any such excuses for not putting out! I will take it with or without your permission. It's not your choice, but my pleasure, that will decide whether or not you are fucked!

"Your main role will be to see to it that my needs are met first. If I need relief, you are to give it to me immediately, especially when we're in the mansion! No matter who is around, you will instantly offer me any hole that I desire. You will make sure that your ass is cleaned out every morning and ready to be taken whenever I please.

"I abhor the very idea of getting shit on my cock! If I at any point find some on my dick, because you didn't properly clean yourself, there will be dire consequences! You will not receive any pleasure afterward if that happens, but rather I will mount you to the bolts in the ceiling and floor until I decide otherwise! If you noticed, the bolts can be adjusted. You will receive more instructions later.

"This will be a Master/slave relationship from now on. You will be my slave, not merely a submissive. In time, I expect you to submit to me more willingly and eagerly. I'm not trying to destroy you, merely to get you to accept your new role. You'll find that you'll have more pleasure by coming to me of your own free will," Anton announced to her.

"Why are you doing this to me? Don't you love me? What if I get pregnant? What would Dad say about our relationship? I love you, and this is rather exciting, but I don't think that society would approve of incest and BDSM? I admit that I'm out of control. I want to be good so bad! I just do wrong anyway, without thinking about what will happen. I just get this urge that I can't control to gamble. Then, when my money is all gone, I borrow, hoping to win back what I lost and borrowed. Before I know it, I lose thousands of dollars.

"Worse still, Candy has gone off with another beau for the night, leaving me with no idea of how to get myself out of the new jam that I have brought upon myself. I will try harder, I promise. Just please, don't make me your slave. I will consent to anything, but I don't want to be a slave or married! I'm not ready for that. I'll live up here in the big house and do anything else you ask of me. Please, I am begging you!" she implored him.

"Beg all you want, but you will be my slave. I know that you try. That is why I have decided to help you try harder. You know that I love you. That's why I am taking the time to help you. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't waste my time with you. As for what will happen if you get pregnant, I will raise the child as my son or daughter just as Dad did with us.

"Dad wouldn't have a problem with our relationship, as Mom and he were first cousins, though I know that you weren't aware of that fact. I was in my teens before Dad told me that. He took control of Mom for basically the same reason that I'm taking control of you. She was very wild and out-of-control until Dad took charge of her with his uncle's encouragement. After several years, Mom began to embrace her servitude to Dad, just as you will in time," he informed her.

Anton walked behind her, applied the lube to the butt-plug, and forcefully shoved it into her ass. He reached down and touched her pussy, finding it dripping wet. When she pushed her pussy onto his hand, he pulled it away and said it wasn't time yet. He then walked in front of her and moved his cock up to her mouth.

"Suck my cock! Watch out for the teeth," he told her.

Anton grabbed Doretta's head and shoved his cock into her mouth. She began sucking him and his cock filled every inch of her mouth, stretching it wide. He moved in and out of her mouth, going a little deeper with each thrust. He soon had the tip of his cock at the entrance to her throat. When she gagged and tried to pull back, he held her head tight and pushed all the way into her throat. He started fucking her throat, not giving it any rest. He kept it buried in there.

Anton continued to fuck Doretta's face ruthlessly, pulling her hair as he did so. This action made her gag reflex act up again. She wanted to let him know that he was a bit rough, but she couldn't say a word with her throat and mouth full of his gigantic cock. She had nothing that she could do but take the enormous dick into her throat. Her nose was even buried in his pubic hair. She was relieved that he kept himself extremely clean, since she could smell no unpleasant odors.

Anton's balls were rather huge, just like his cock. They bounced constantly off Doretta's chin. She felt his cock swell and grow even bigger, if in fact that was possible. She noticed that he twitched, which she assumed to indicate that he was about ready to cum down her throat.

"Be sure to swallow this load! I don't want any of my cum going to waste. This may be unpleasant the first time around, but you will soon learn to like the taste. I'm cumming now! Oh, fuck!" he declared.

Doretta felt Anton empty his load into her mouth and throat. She found that she liked the taste, although it was a bit salty. She continued sucking him after he came, cleaning his cock of any remaining spunk. She was surprised to find that he remained hard. Candy told her that after a man came, he shrank immediately. She was not sure whether Candy had lied to her, if her brother was a rare exception, or a combination of both. As soon as he pulled out of her mouth, she asked him about this issue.

"Candy said that men shrink right after they cum, but you're still hard. Did she lie about that, or are you different?" she inquired.

"She probably exaggerated things a bit to make them seem universal, but a lot of men shrink instantly. I, however, don't. Does that answer your question, Sis?" he clarified.

"Yes, it answers that question. My next one is what do you do to make it go down?" she impishly asked him.

"You're being a tad impish, aren't you? However, to answer your question, if I remain hard I take care of it as much as I need until I'm satisfied. Now that I've taken your virgin throat, I'm going to take your cherry itself. Your ass will wait until you are properly cleaned out. You will do that first thing tomorrow morning. I will take that before we so much as eat breakfast," he instructed her.

"Won't that cause a lot of pain? Will you use any lube? Why do you like to fuck women in the ass? Isn't that area dirty?" she rambled again.

"Don't worry about the pain or lube. I'll use plenty of lube, unless it's done as a punishment. As for why I enjoy it, that's simple. It's tight and hot. It's not all that dirty after you clean yourself out. As long as I pee shortly after that, everything will be fine," he reassured her.

"What does peeing have to do with it?" she wondered.

"Piss will flush out any bacteria that may be present. Enough with the questions. You will learn as we go," he replied, getting a little annoyed at her ramblings. He suspected that she used them as either a delaying tactic or a bit of both.

Impatient with Doretta by this point, Anton decided that it was time to deflower her immediately. He walked around her, going behind her to take her doggie-style. Not requiring any lube or foreplay, as she was already aroused, he shoved forcefully into her. She screamed at the shock of how much it hurt. He held still once he was completely inside her, allowing her to adjust to his considerable size.

"Oh, fuck, you're tight! I look forward to stretching you out, though. Very soon, in fact. I can really feel that butt-plug in your virgin ass. I'm really going to enjoy taking that hole, too. Of course, you won't enjoy it as much the first time around. I like seeing the plug up your butt, since it reminds me of how much I'm going to use your ass in the future. Your bottom will be thoroughly trained in a short amount of time. Who knows, I may have you wear a remote-control, vibrating butt-plug in your ass whenever we go out in public. That should remind you of your new role in life," he said.

"Oh, please, don't make me do that. It will make me feel like a slut! It's too tight! Take it out, please! I can't take both your cock and the butt-plug in me at once!" she pleaded.

"Stop complaining! The butt-plug is necessary to train your ass, and you'll learn to take it at the same time as a number of things! It's just something that you'll have to accept. You are my slut, and you will dress accordingly, including a butt-plug in your ass, if it pleases me to put one there! Is that clear?

"You'll no longer be allowed to wear panties or bras, so I can take either of your holes whenever I wish, without fooling with underwear. You also won't be permitted to wear any clothes at all around the house, unless we have company. Sometimes, even with company, I may command you to be naked as well, in order for them to see you. I don't care whether or not the staff sees you naked," he demanded.

"But I can't stay naked in front of the help! A proper lady is always supposed to wear panties!" she implored.

"If you want to be a proper lady, don't gamble or hang around girls like Candy so much! Besides that, you're no longer a normal lady. You're my slut and slave. You'll dress accordingly!" he retorted.

Anton began to brutally fuck Doretta's pussy, not caring whether it hurt her. His only concern at this point was his own satisfaction. He would always get off before she did, and she would have to just accept it. He could even deny her an orgasm, but only as a punishment for more serious offenses. He felt her getting more aroused, so he shoved deeper and harder into her cunt, hitting her cervix. This caused her to wince yet again, making her pussy tighten up around his cock.

Anton grabbed the butt-plug and pulled it out slightly. He then slammed it back in hard, causing her to tighten even more. As he fucked her pussy, he also used the butt-plug to fuck her ass. He could tell she was closer to cumming and forbade her to do so until after he came.

"You're not going to be allowed any mercy right now when it comes to sex with me. I'm in a less than charitable mood. Your ass and pussy are mine, slave," he declared while increasing the rhythm of his penetration.

After several more minutes of this brutal, relentless screwing, Anton blew his load deep inside Doretta's unprotected womb with a loud roar. He could tell that she was in agony, due to not being able to cum. As his own needs had been fulfilled, he showed some compassion on her, playing with her clit to help her finally climax. She proved to be as loud in her orgasm as he was.

Anton released Doretta from the spank bench, also removing the butt-plug with a loud pop. Her asshole gaped open for several minutes, reminding her that it had just been thoroughly used with a sex toy. He led her to their bathroom and washed her body himself. He enjoyed the feel of her skin against his hands. After he made sure that she was totally clean, he ordered her to wash him as well. That part didn't take very long, which was good, given his plans for her.

"Now, my slave, I want you to spread my cheeks and rim my ass," he instructed her.

"Eeewww ... I can't! That's gross! I don't want to lick your ass! There where shit comes out!" she complained.

"You can and you will, slave! If you properly cleaned my ass, there is no reason to worry about what comes out of it. Now, lick my ass! Your tongue belongs to me, too! I want you to stick your tongue in there as well!" he commanded.

Doretta reluctantly complied, surprised at how much she actually liked it. Since she had just washed it, there was not even a bad taste to it. She stuck her tongue in and out of it, fucking it eagerly. As she did this, Anton jerked off hard. Since they were still in the shower, he planned to cum on her face. When he got closer to cumming, he commanded her to stop. He then turned around and shot his load across her shocked face.

Anton hadn't warned Doretta of his plan to do that. He saw his cum drip off her chin onto her massive tits. He instructed her to rub the cum onto them. He washed her off once more. When they were finished, they stepped out of the shower and dried off.

"Let's go to the bedroom. I have other stuff for us to do before I let you go to sleep tonight. I plan to introduce you to a few other sex acts tonight. Some of them I will probably enjoy more than you the first couple of times," he instructed her.

Anton led Doretta to his bedroom, where she found his queen-size, four-poster bed. He directed her to lie down in the middle of the bed on her back. After she did so, he brought out some Velcro straps and tied her hands and feet to each of the posts. This gave him unimpeded access to her pussy and ass.

"Have you ever heard of fisting? Do you know what it is?" he asked her.

"I've heard the term, but I'm not sure what it means," she replied.

"It's when someone puts a hand inside someone else's pussy or ass. After the hand is inside, he makes a fist with his hand and begins fucking her with his fist," he informed her.

With a horrified look on her face, she said, "You're not gonna do that to me, are you? Your whole hand will not fit inside me! It will split me in half!"

"With enough lube and training, I can and will get my hand inside of both of your holes, whether you like it or not! If a woman can give birth, she can damn well take a fist inside her!" he exclaimed.

Doretta knew better than to argue with Anton anymore. Anytime she argued, once he told he would do something, it only got her into more trouble. She learned that if he told her to do something, she should do it without arguing or asking a bunch of questions. He usually told her what he would do and/or why, anyway. She came to terms with her new role in his life, which was not only that of his sister, but also that of his slave. She realized that she craved his control over her life. She'd try hard to obey his every word without question, though she knew this latter part would be hard, as she tended to ramble a lot.

Anton brought out the lube that he put in a nightstand drawer. He lubed up both Doretta's pussy and his hand well. He gently eased first one finger into her cunt, and then added two more. When he had three fingers inside of her, he vigorously fucked her pussy with them, stretching her open. This was about training her pussy to accept his entire hand. She moaned in pleasure, enjoying this part of her new adventure.

Doretta replied with delight,"Oh, yes, that feels so good; please don't stop."

"Don't worry, I am not planning on it just yet. I'm not going to do the whole hand right now. I need to train you to accept it first," he enlightened her.

Anton continued this for a few more minutes, until he was satisfied with how open she was and added a fourth finger. He couldn't wait until he saw the look of pleasure/pain on her face when he was able to fist her. He would try and see if he could make her "squirt". He loved to see a woman squirt when she came.

"Are you enjoying this?" he asked her, already knowing that she was. He just wanted to have her admit it.

"Yes, I was afraid that I wouldn't like it, but I find that I am! I've never been able to make myself feel this good when I took care of myself!" she cried out.

"You are accepting this much quicker than most women can the first time. For some people, it takes a few times for them to accept an entire hand or fist inside of them. However, I had planned on forcing it into you. I don't want to do that this time. I would prefer to do things gently when it is possible, but sometimes I won't be able to be gentle," he informed her lovingly.

Doretta ached to reach down and help him. Her legs felt a little uncomfortable in their current position, but not enough to make her ask him to set them loose. She never in her life thought that she would enjoy something this extreme, but he awakened a darker side that she hadn't known existed within her. She was both frightened and excited at the fantasies that went through her mind.

Doretta always assumed that she was more vanilla and conservative than that. She always planned to wait for the perfect moment with Mr. Right, not for her brother taking her cherry over a spanking bench. She never thought of herself as a person who was into BDSM, but the more he did these things to her, the more she believed otherwise.

"Anton, faster please! I'm so close to having the biggest orgasm I've ever had. Oh God, I didn't know it would feel this good! It hurts so bad, but at the same time, it feels like the best thing that has ever happened to me. Damn, it feels like I need to pee!" Doretta exclaimed.

"No, you don't need to pee, Doretta. You're about to squirt. Just let it happen. I promise you'll like it. If you could only see it from my point of view! Next time, I'll have to make sure that I record it. You'll love it!" he exclaimed.

Anton was in seventh heaven at watching his slave's pussy swallow his fingers. God, how he loved seeing that! That was one sight he never tired of seeing. After he finished fisting her pussy and trained both holes, he planned on fisting both at the same time.

Anton realized that it was now time to let Doretta cum. As severe as he could be sometimes, he was not cruel enough to make her wait any longer. He helped her cum at last, playing with her clit in order to send her over the edge. It worked even better than he thought.

"Damn, Sis, you've squirted more than any woman that I've ever seen before! I really love watching you gush! You turned out to be a real squirter! Just wait until I fist you completely!" he informed her.

"Wow, I've never had an orgasm that wonderful before! Will you use as much lube tomorrow on my ass as you did tonight on my pussy? Might I ask when you're going to take them out?" she asked him.

"Yes, I'll use plenty of lube on your ass! Since you asked nicely, I'll remove my fingers as gently as I can from your cunt. Thank you for asking me politely instead of demanding it. I'm pleased that you realize that I'm the head of the house as well as your master," he commended her.

Anton withdrew his fingers gently and saw that Doretta gaped open. He released her legs from the headboard and loosened her hands as well. He folded down the comforter and made her get underneath the sheets and blanket. Then he climbed in beside her and held her for a few minutes. Once her heartbeat slowed back to normal, he moved up into position for her to suck his cock. He was extremely hard, but knew that her pussy needed a break from any further action tonight. He also wasn't willing to take her ass until he was sure that it was clean.

"Alright, now, it's time to service my cock, Sis. I think it's more than fair, considering that I'm your master and took care of you first this time. Since you have just lost your virginity and had your first training with my fist, I am giving your cunt a break for now. Don't expect this to happen every time," he explained.

Doretta began sucking Anton's cock as he showed her earlier. She was able to deep-throat him without gagging, proving to be a natural cocksucker. She found that she enjoyed pleasuring her brother/Master. She couldn't wait until he came down her throat. Instinctively, she reached her hand upward and massaged his balls. With her other hand, she reached around him and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer to her.

Anton grasped Doretta's head and helped her with the rhythm that he sought this time. He couldn't believe that she was this talented at sucking cock. If he didn't know better, he'd have sworn that she did this all of the time. He wasn't going to last very long this time. Seeing his sister get her fingering earlier and climax kept him hard the whole time. Damn, her hands manipulated the cum right out of his balls! She was definitely a natural!

"Holy fucking shit, I'm gonna blow! Do you want me to cum in your throat this time or on your face?" he said.

"In my mouth! I don't want your cum going to waste this time. I've acquired the taste for it," she asked him.

Anton granted her request within a minute of Doretta making it. He came with such force that one would have thought that he hadn't cum in a week. He pumped his entire load into her waiting throat. She eagerly swallowed every drop of it. As soon as he was done, he slid back down into the bed, lying beside her. He pulled her into his arms.

"That felt incredible! I've dreamed for a long time of having you in my arms as we go to sleep. I love you very much. I always have, and always will," he declared.

"I loved it when you came down my throat! I believe that I'm going to enjoy sleeping in your arms tonight, even though my ass and pussy are still sore from all of the action. I won't have a problem getting sleep at all. I love you too, Anton!" she yawned and drifted off into sleep.

Anton turned off the lamp by the bed. He saw his sister sleeping in his arms through the moonlight that spilled through the windows. He knew that they would have a great relationship. He was also eager to see her belly growing big with his child. After watching her for several minutes, assuring himself that she was asleep, he allowed himself to fall asleep, too.

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