Seminal Influences
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, First, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In 1968, Cyrus is an average high school geek until he makes a discovery. Men's bodies naturally encode their thoughts in their semen. Cyrus swears he's devised a drug so that a woman's cervix can decode those thoughts and memories. At first, people think it's just a boy's delusion, but they become convinced, one by one. When it finally goes public, Cyrus's magic potion turns the world upside down.

"Hey, Bethany!"

"Oh, hi, Cyrus."

Cyrus White was a flaming geeky nerd. Bethany McCarthy was sort of a popular girl, but always trying to scrabble a little higher in the social standings. But Bethany had sought him out as a lab partner in chemistry, and it worked out well. He knew everything without trying, so she essentially copied his lab reports. He was always willing to explain anything she wanted. As a result, her grades were up. It wasn't cool to be seen with a flamboyant nerd anywhere else, but people saw the advantages of having one for a lab partner.

Cyrus would love to get into her pants, Bethany knew. A lot of boys wanted to get into her pants, of course, but flaming nerds were even more clueless than the average boy about hiding it. Cyrus was a gentleman, though -- harmless in that regard. If only one of the cool guys like Jake or Sam were interested in her ... Her pants were not off limits to the right boyfriend, asking the right way at the right time.

"I've been working on biochemistry, you know?"

"Yeah, I remember."

"Did you know that the secretions of the prostate gland are very complicated?"

"Um, well, if you say so."

"It turns out that a man's memories get encoded in the proteins that his prostate gland makes. And with the right receptors, it ought to be possible for someone else to read those memories out of the proteins!"

"Um, really, that's interesting. Why do you say 'a man'? Are you still in the 1950s or something? How about 'a person'?"

"Oh, well, um, you know what the prostate gland is?"

"No, something about helping you lie down?"

"No, it's something only males have."

"Yeah, right."

"No, really! It's part of their -- our -- reproductive system. It makes one of the components of semen."


"A male's ejaculate contains sperm cells but lots of other things too, and the secretions of the prostate gland are the most complicated."

"Why are you telling me this, Cyrus?"

"Oh, well, you see ... the natural organ that could receive those memories would be the cervix -- you know what that is?"

"What kind of an idiot do you think I am?"

"Oh, I don't think you're an idiot. It's just you didn't know about the prostate gland."

"Well, they're hardly the same kind of thing."

"Whatever. Anyway, I have this chemical I've synthesized that should change a cervix so it can read the memories encoded in the semen! It's not as hard as you might think..."

"Yes, and?"

"Well, I was hoping to try it out."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah! And I thought that, like, you're always wishing you could understand electron shells a little better. I was thinking that if we tried this experiment and it worked, you'd know more!"

"And just how does this experiment work?" She'd reel him in slowly.

"Well, the idea is that you'd drink this stuff" -- Cyrus brought out a small vial -- "then I'd put some of my semen against your cervix, and we'd see how it goes."

"And how are you proposing to put your semen against my cervix?"

"Oh, well," said Cyrus, coloring. "I suppose I could, um, masturbate and give you the, um, ejaculate to insert, I guess that would work. But the more robust experimental condition would be for me to apply it directly to your cervix while the semen is very fresh. You know, a penis is perfectly designed to help deliver semen right to a cervix without the need of any implements, right? Sometimes a cervix is hard to reach with a finger, but a penis is just the right length --"

"I get the picture, Cyrus!" snapped Bethany. "That's the most pathetic pick up line ever! And only a nerd would think of it!"

"Oh, um, gosh, I guess it might seem that way, but it's true! I think there's potential here for something big!"

"And how would it feel to you to deposit this semen right where you want it to go?"

"Oh, well, as a scientific experiment, that doesn't really enter into it, but I guess it would probably feel pretty good. But you might like it too, you know. The books say that with proper stimulation and technique, a girl can also receive pleasurable sensations --"

"Cyrus!" said Bethany heatedly. "If you want to fuck me, why don't you just ask me?"

"But I don't! That's not the point!"

"You don't find me attractive?" said Bethany with a pout, toying with her prey.

"Oh, well, yes, very much!" said Cyrus with enthusiasm. "I had just read that girls don't usually want to engage in sexual intercourse unless an emotional relationship exists as well -- or unless the boy is really very attractive himself."

"Well, you never know until you ask."

"You want me to ask you?"

"Only if you want to."

"OK." Cyrus took a deep breath. "Bethany, would you let me engage in sexual intercourse with you?"


Cyrus looked confused. "But ... but why did you have me ask if you were going to just say no?"

"Because I wanted to have the fun of saying it to you. 'No, no, no!'"

"That's not very nice of you."

"Well, your story about coming in my pussy to help me with my chemistry isn't very nice either!"

"Oh, forget it," fumed Cyrus. "It's real, though, I promise. I'm not making it up."

The thing was, Bethany knew Cyrus was sincere. He might be crazy, but he was sincere. He really thought he could improve her understanding of chemistry that way.

Bethany couldn't get Cyrus's idea out of her mind, and she hatched a devious plan.

Anne Waters was not a popular girl. She didn't know how to dress right or wear makeup or get a decent hairstyle, so she should have posed no threat. But she was naturally pretty, and some of the boys took notice, even the ones who should know better. She was also not very smart, and she moaned that her parents were constantly pressuring her to improve her grades. She studied a lot, but it didn't seem to do her much good. She went on dates sometimes, and the boys seemed interested in her innocent good nature. A popular boy who took her as his girl could lift her up the social ladder in one fell swoop. She said she was determined to stay a virgin through high school -- and holding out was good for a girl's position. But if she let a guy nail her casually, she'd get a reputation as a slut and she'd be out of contention. At least Bethany thought she had it worked out; it was hard to be sure.

Brian Robertson was both cool and smart. He kept pretty quiet about being smart, but he didn't deny it either. Bethany was really hoping Brian would take an interest in her. Could he find a way to destroy Anne and get Brian to notice her more at the same time?

"Hey, Anne," said Bethany when she found her at lunch one day. "How's the chemistry going?"

"Terrible! I just can't seem to get it, no matter how hard I try. My parents are going to be so mad!"

"It is hard, I know. But I had an idea. You know Cyrus, my lab partner?"


"He's incredibly smart, and he's got this thing where a smart boy can help a girl learn things."

"Really, how?"

"What he says is that if a boy and girl have sex, then his know-how is in his sperm, and she can kind of learn it just from getting it inside her."


"Yeah, that's what he said. The girl has to drink some potion first, I think he said."

"Well, if Cyrus says it, I bet he knows what he's talking about!"

Man, was Anne naive.

"Well, anyway, I had this idea. Brian's really smart, you know? And if I could get him to agree to do it to you, would you be willing, so you can learn chemistry better?"

"Um, hmmm," said Anne, blushing. "My parents would kill me if they found out."

"I guess, but they don't have to, right?"

"You think I could do something like that and keep it a secret?"

"Why not?"

"Huh." She paused. "You think he'd do it?"

"Maybe, would you like me to ask him?"

"I don't know..."

"No obligation; I'd just be asking."

"Well, OK, I guess..."

"Hey, Brian."

"Hey, Bethany, what's up?"

"You know Anne, right?"


"Do you think she's hot?"

"Oh, I don't know -- physically I'd say she's pretty cute."

"How'd you like to, you know, do it to her."

"Like date her? She's not exactly with it," he said, pointing to his head.

"Yeah, but this wouldn't be that. It would be just sex. See, Cyrus has this crackpot idea that guys' cum has their knowledge in it, so if they give it to a girl, she can learn what he knows." It was exciting to talk about sex with Brian.

"Right, so how come dumb blonds don't get smart in a hurry?"

He was so clever! "Oh, he said the girl has to take some potion that he cooked up."

"Cyrus is really wacky."

"Of course it's just a wacky idea, but that's not what matters. What matters is that Anne's willing to believe him. So you'd just meet, do it to her, and that would be the end of it. All very hush-hush, too."

Brian smiled. "Well, when you put it like that..."

Good, Bethany thought. And now he thinks of me and sex together.

"Hey, Anne, remember what we were talking about? Brian says it's a go."

"Oh, that's nice, but I've changed my mind."


"I've changed my mind. I can't give myself away like that."

"But you told me you'd do it!"

"I hardly made a promise!" Anne smiled.

Bethany sighed. What Anne said was reasonable enough -- getting her to consider it in the first place was the more amazing part. Her plan had backfired. What would she tell Brian? Maybe she'd have to offer herself as a substitute? She felt a brief surge of blood to her loins at the thought. But of course she would then ruin herself just as she had hoped to ruin Anne...

But something was amiss. Anne didn't act like a girl who'd decided not to try a fool stunt; she didn't have the aura of a girl who had closed the entire subject and decided to save herself for marriage. She acted sneaky, like she knew a secret. Bethany would have to think about it more.

Cyrus let Anne in and ushered her quickly up to his bedroom. His parents and sister weren't due home any time soon, but he didn't want to take any chances.

Anne spoke first, earnestly. "Now, you're sure you're never going to tell anyone?"

"Yeah, I promise."

"Like, my parents would kill me if they found out."

"Right, I won't tell."

"And everyone at school would call me a slut."

"But you're not a slut! This is for science!"

"That's not the point," Anne said with a sigh. "But I'm ready. You're going to teach me chemistry."

"Um, first you drink this," he said, handing her the small vial.

"OK," she said. She looked at the clear liquid, took a careful sip, then downed it. "No taste at all."

"No, it shouldn't, so that part's good." Now came the hard part. "So, um ... Have you ever done it before?"

"No, you?"

"No. So I guess we're in the same boat." He gave a nervous laugh.

"So I guess we have to take off our clothes down below." She sat on the side of the bed and took off her shoes. Then she reached up under her dress and stepped out of her panties, then lay back on the bed, but left her dress still smoothed down. She seemed very calm.

Cyrus stood there transfixed. Suddenly he realized Anne was noticing his inaction. He knew what he had to do, but it was all happening so fast. He sat and removed his own shoes, keeping his socks on as Anne had. Then he got up and pulled down his jeans and briefs, and blushed to realize Anne could now see his cock. It was pretty full of blood but not exactly hard. He hoped it looked OK, but reminded himself that Anne probably didn't have anything to compare it to.

Anne stole quick glances at his cock, but didn't show any obvious reaction. "I read about it in the library," Anne said. "They said to avoid pain from a hymen tearing I could stretch it first, so I did, a couple days ago, and it's not sore any more. They said if I could get four fingers in then a penis should fit too. And now I'm supposed to rub myself so I get wet enough." She dutifully hitched her dress up and began rubbing her vulva.

It was very erotic. He was going to get to stick his penis in there? It got very hard as he contemplated the prospect.

"And I bought some condoms, too," she said.

Yeah, condoms, thought Cyrus -- then remembered. "We can't use a condom," he said. "It will never work unless the semen touches against the cervix. That's what a condom prevents."

"Oh," said Anne. "So how do I make sure I don't get pregnant?"

"Oh. Well, you could be on the pill or get an IUD," he said, "but I guess that's no help now."

"Oh ... My parents would kill me if I got pregnant. But they'll kill me if I don't bring my chemistry grade up too. Arrgggh!"

"Hmmmm. There's only certain parts of the month you can get pregnant, too."

"Oh, yeah. One reason I waited a few days after you said you'd do it was so my period would be all over. It finally is."

"OK, then you can't get pregnant. Not unless you have really irregular cycles." Cyrus had read a lot of books about sex too. That's what happened when his horniness piggybacked on his natural geekiness. And that's where he'd gotten the idea to look into prostate fluid, and one thing led to another.

"No, I'm regular."

"Willing to risk it?"

"Yeah." Anne had been gently rubbing her vulva as they spoke. "I think I'm ready now. It's wet," she said, demonstrating by parting her labia minora, "and it feels pretty good too," she added with a faint blush. "So ... teach me some chemistry!" she said with a smile.

As in a dream, Cyrus approached and knelt between the girl's legs. She guided his cock to her vaginal opening. As he pushed, the wet warmth enveloping him felt fantastic.

"Oooo," said Anne. "That's weird!"

"Is it OK?" asked Cyrus anxiously.

"Yeah, it's OK -- good even - just weird too."

He was in a girl for the first time -- a beautiful girl who was smiling up at him, and his instinct was to ejaculate immediately -- that's what his untutored body wanted to do. But he remembered the science part. The experiment would work best if he deposited the semen right on her cervix. Diving in and out felt good, too, nudging deeper each time. 'You're in the right place. Give her the sperm!' yelled the vaguely articulate part of his inner nature. He held off a little, then wondered if he should be trying to see to her pleasure too. He wasn't sure he knew what to do, not really. And she had signed up to learn chemistry, not enjoy sex. It was all kind of academic, though. It felt fantastic, fucking (oooo, what a naughty word!) a girl for the first time, and his body would not be denied. Just be sure it spurts onto her cervix, he thought. But his body had no problem with that, and he gasped as he felt the pulses begin when he had jammed in as deep as he could, his vision reeling with ecstasy.

When the last of his semen had oozed out of his penis, he withdrew and flopped down beside Anne, a silly grin on his face. He'd just done it to a girl!

"Wow!" said Anne.

Had she really liked it that much? That was fantastic!

"Whoa." She was holding her head.

"Does your head hurt?" he asked anxiously.

"No ... You have a dirty mind!"

"But ... I mean, when two people do it, that's kind of what dirty's all about, right?" Had he made too much noise? Should he have been more discreet in showing how fantastic it felt?

"No, not this -- the rest of the time! All the girl thighs and crotches and boobs! Especially Bethany's..."

"What?" he asked. He'd momentarily forgotten about the science part. When he remembered, he had a sneaky suspicion he knew what had happened.

"You're like the perfect student, but you're thinking about girls' bodies all the time!"

"Oh, well, I don't know." Cyrus blushed.

Anne giggled. "It's kind of cute, actually. And I see my own butt go whizzing by now and then; that's nice."

Cyrus was burning with embarrassment. But he reminded himself that he should be feeling elated -- it looked like the memory transfer had worked! It just hadn't worked quite like he hoped. He reflected that when he was famous, they'd have to clean up the science textbooks, instead of revealing that the first seminal memory transfer had been of girls' boobs and asses and crotches.

"So, what about chemistry?"

"Hmmm, let me look past the boobs and see what's there," she said, teasing.

"Systems of linear equations. Matrices. Proust. Who's Proust? ... Oh, a French writer."

"Nothing about electron shells?"

"Um, nope."

Then Cyrus thought about it. The prostate proteins he had just ejaculated against Anne's cervix -- he shivered with pleasure to think about it -- were probably made in the last couple days. He had jerked off two days before, so those proteins were probably gone. And what had he been doing the past couple days? Studying Linear Algebra and reading Proust! Along with sizing up boobs and asses and crotches, but he was always doing that. But not studying much chemistry. It all made sense!

Then he had another thought. Did he have any dark secrets? What else might he have been thinking about in the past couple days? He'd have to stop picking his nose. Maybe his last masturbation was hidden because he had ejaculated. The truth was, he didn't have much in the way of truly embarrassing secrets.

He explained the situation to Anne.

"So then can you study chemistry for a couple days, then do it again?"

His heart leapt. She wanted to do it again! And knowing how fantastic the real thing was, he knew he'd forever after think of masturbation as a poor substitute.

"Sure, sounds good."

They had ascended to Cyrus's bedroom once more for their fourth tutoring session. Anne had wasted no time, and was on the pill before their second session; the sexual revolution hadn't really made it to their high school yet, but there were clinics. Cyrus had calmed down a little during sex. Now he knew the fantastic feeling was awaiting him, but he could take a little time to enjoy how wonderful it felt first. He remembered that as he prepared to deliver his first three lessons, Anne had been smiling up at him, but he wasn't sure just what she was feeling. She had agreed to this so she could learn chemistry, not so she could enjoy herself.

She had in the past used her fingers to make sure she was ready to learn, but this time was different. "Do you wanna kiss me?" she asked shyly.

Goodness! That was not part of the lesson plan! They ignored each other in school, as usual, but he felt his cock come alive whenever he glanced at her. Seeing her in his bedroom as she exposed her privates for the lesson was also terribly exciting. And Anne had a pretty face. Lots of girls had alluring bodies, but Anne was beautiful.

"OK!" he stammered, and lay beside her on his left side. She turned to face him, and they quickly discovered how to kiss, then how to kiss passionately. After several minutes, Anne gently took his right hand and gently placed it on her left breast -- or rather on the part of her dress that covered it.

Cyrus leaned back and smiled. If she wanted to be his girlfriend, he was all in favor!

"Let's do it right," she whispered. "The lesson will wait a little while, right?" She sat up to take her shirt off.

"Yeah," said Cyrus, grinning.

As they stripped he feasted his eyes on the entirety of her lovely body, especially the upper part that he had never seen naked before. He licked and sucked her nipples, then explored her vulva with his own hand, trying to mimic the motion he had seen her use.

After half an hour, she said, "OK, I think I'm ready to learn. Ready to teach me?"

"You bet!" said Cyrus, and knelt between her spread legs once more. This time she gasped with pleasure as he worked his penis inside of her, and clutched his back as he began his instruction. In and out he went, over and over, the fantastic feeling building. This time he would wait for her. How long would it take? It felt like forever, but her gasps and moans kept getting more and more urgent. Finally she erupted with a cry, and based on his reading Cyrus decided that she must have had an orgasm, especially as she then started relaxing.

"Now teach me," she gasped between breaths. "I'm so ready to learn -- chemistry."

And Cyrus was delighted to see her beautiful face begging him to deliver his lesson -- though part of him also knew she was a girl who wanted her partner to finish taking his satisfaction in her body, chemistry or no chemistry. So it felt better than ever when he did finally deliver his message to her depths, smearing it all over her cervix as the natural denouement to their first real lovemaking.

"Congratulations, Anne," said Mrs. Rowley, the chemistry teacher. "You got an A on this latest exam. You'd never gotten above a C+ before."

Anne glowed with pride. This was the final proof; it had really worked! She had known she was doing better at the problem sets. She really did understand it, and to her amazement actually found it interesting at times.

Cyrus was such a sweetheart too. Orgasms during sex a few times a week did wonders for a girl's mood. And she wasn't quite sure how it had happened, but she was in love with him. He acted like he was in love with her too, and she wondered how long they would have to keep meeting in secret.

"Can you tell me what happened? What changed?"

What should she say? Part of her wanted to say that she had gotten Cyrus to teach her and he was a wonderful tutor, but something held her back.

"I don't know," she said, looking down. "I guess something just clicked."

"If you don't mind, how'd you like to do a couple problems right now?"

Suddenly Anne realized that this conversation wasn't really about congratulating her. It was to see if she'd been cheating. "Oh. OK, sure." She knew that was the only acceptable answer.

Anne was so nervous she was afraid she'd forget everything, but she got the first two. The third stumped her, though.

"It's OK," said Mrs. Rowley with a smile. "That's a really hard problem, and you did great with the other two. Congratulations! And if you ever figure out what changed, the field of Education is eager to know so we can share your secret to help out other students."

Anne smiled. She was pretty sure no one wanted to know about this particular teaching technique. Years later she reflected on how very wrong she had been.

Bethany heard the teacher congratulate Anne, and soon learned about her "A".

Bethany collared Cyrus the first chance she got. "You used it with Anne, didn't you?" she said accusingly.

"That's a rather personal question," stammered Cyrus, and Bethany knew at once that they'd had sex. She still doubted that he had transferred his knowledge by way of sperm. He had probably tutored her very patiently.

News of Anne's dramatic improvement spread. She and Cyrus came out as a couple, and they explained simply that he had been tutoring her. Her parents were not wild about her spending so much time at Cyrus's house, but they couldn't argue with the improvement in her grades. Clearly he was a good influence on her. Her other grades went up too, all except Spanish. Cyrus didn't know any Spanish.

The clueless geek and the clueless airhead had been nothing in the social standings of the school. But as they emerged as a couple, their stock soared. They were both honest, straightforward and kind to others -- if as clueless as ever. Cyrus wasn't a bad-looking guy, and with the confidence of a relationship, they both looked better. Anne didn't become a genius; what she absorbed from Cyrus's semen still had to work within the limits of her native endowment, which was average. But she was no airhead any more. She picked up a great deal of general knowledge that happened to be hanging around Cyrus's mind as his prostate gland busily churned to encode it into his seminal fluid.

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