Jenny's Party Disaster
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Wife Watching, Humiliation, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jenny endures humiliation from a band of bikers to save her family and friends

Jenny never had a chance. She should have known better. They were having a few people over to watch the Final Four Championship game. Several couples had been invited over. Jen had opened the door once to let one couple in. She had closed the door, and escorted the couple downstairs to the family room. She had no sooner taken them downstairs, than her husband Joe heard the doorbell ring again. He met the couple, took their wine and sack of potato chips into the kitchen, and escorted them downstairs also.

They were no sooner on their way down, when Stephanie, their fourteen-year-old daughter had to answer the door again. The budding young girl was dressed in dark brown leather work boots that laced up to the top, just below her knees. Her grey hunting socks were turned down over the top of her boots and nicely accented her long tanned legs that disappeared into the bottom of her incredibly short denim cut-offs. The sides and been slit almost to the small copper rivets on the sides.

The husband walked a step behind his wife so he could ogle discretely and the provocative young teenager in her tight blue ribbed sweater. Stephanie's long reddish blond hair cascaded down her back past her waist. She was just starting to bloom, and her parents hadn't insisted that she wear a bra. Stephie knew she had them, and her parents were struggling with the concept that their baby girl was growing up.

Stephie's grapefruit sized melons pushed tightly against her form-fitting ribbed sweater and her long pink nipples bounced in time to telegraph her every step. Stephie didn't seem to place any importance on shutting the door. Her parents did it all the time when there was a party and they knew others would be arriving. Most people were used to coming in without knocking or ringing the bell. Jenny would not have thought anything odd about leaving the stained oak door open, and the screen door unlocked.

Nobody expected the group of bikers to be coming down this seldom traveled residential road. They were barely out of the city limits, but their five acre lot had all the amenities of everybody else just a few yards away. The only thing they didn't have was streetlights, and the living room lights shone through the closed screen door like a beacon in the light of the full moon.

Nobody seemed to notice the half dozen black men on their all-black boss hogs and Hayabusas. There were no mufflers. They all had baffles, and the soft sound echoed off of the barn, house and nearby parked cars.

The first clue Jenny had that anything was wrong, was that several huge black men were coming down the stairs. One had an arm wrapped around Stephanie's neck with a large hunting knife under her chin. Another with a long-barreled 38 special came through the walk-out basement door to guard the other exit. Four others followed, with a knife at the throat of the last couples' terrified wife.

"What's going on here?" Joe yelled at the alarming picture forming in front of him.

"Everybody shut the fuck up!" one of the big black men shouted as he hurled the husband of the last couple across the floor with his black-booted foot. Several of the women shrieked; the others were too terrified to make a sound.

The oldest, biggest one, named Mike, moved his knife from Stephanie's throat and pointed it at the crowd as his left hand dropped to cup her right breast. "Everybody shut the fuck up and sit down!" he repeated. The men sat on the long couch, and their wives huddled on their laps on several of the nearby sofas.

One of the other bikers, Ed, had been rummaging through the garage and came back with an armful of nylon rope and a canister of large zip ties, and a roll of 4" wide duct tape. He made everybody stand against the wall with their hands behind them. He tied their hands with two zip ties apiece. He next placed zip ties on the men's ankles. He duct-taped the men's mouths and eyes shut. Once he was satisfied with the restraints, he kicked the men over so they sprawled on the floor; some on their backs, others on their face.

He guided Jenny and the four women to sit on the couch. Mike still had his left arm around Stephanie and had been waving his 12" long hunting blade like a conductor's baton as he spat out orders.

Once they were all seated, Mike let go of Stephanie. Stephanie edged over slowly towards her mother, not knowing quite what to do, since she was the only one who had not been tied.

"What's your name, young lady?"

"Stephanie," was the reply from the shivering young girl with her hands over her mouth.

"Well, young lady, you are clearly the most beautiful young woman here tonight. We are all hungry and would like some beer and potato chips before the game starts. Can you do that for us?"

Steph looked over at her mother and father before slowly nodding. "You look like the perfect hostess; but you aren't dressed for the part. I want you to take your clothes off before you start serving any food. Can you do that?"

Stephanie froze. She turned slowly towards her mother, with her eyes pleading for help.

Jenny stood, with her arms bound behind her, walked over to the huge black man and dropped down to her knees. "Please don't hurt her. She is just a child. I will do a better job taking care of all of you. I beg you. Please let her out of this!" Jenny said as softly and sweetly as she could. Her mouth was quivering and tears were slowly streaking down her face.

"Maybe you can do some things better than your daughter, but I'll be the judge of that." Mike took the back of the large knife and laid it against the side of her face. With hardly any pressure, he tipped her over, so she fell to the floor. Jenny lay there on her side; unable to get up with her hands tied behind her. Mike stood with one large boot on either side of her and pointed the tip of his knife at Stephanie.

"Little lady, if you don't want to see your mom get hurt, you will do as your told. I told you; "You can't serve food dressed like that, so take them off!"

Stephanie started to shiver. Her hands concealed the fluttering of her lower lip as her tears started to flow down her face and drip past her hands cupped in front of her face. Stephanie looked slowly at her mother and over at her father. She knew somebody was going to get hurt if they didn't all cooperate.

Knowing she had no choice, Stephanie knelt down on one knee to untie her boots. "Forget the damned boots! Stand back up and take off that blouse. Stephanie put both hands over her eyes in her kneeling position. She had never been forced to do anything before, now she was terrified of these huge strangers with knives ordering all of them around. Slowly, Steph stood, trying to clear her mind. "Was this really happening?" she wondered.

Stephanie looked pleadingly over at her mother again as she reached for the top button of her form fitting knit blouse. She could hardly make her fingers push the first button back through the eyelet. One by one, she lowered her hands and reluctantly opened them. She felt the chill of the evening air as the last one was released. Steph desperately held on to the sides, forcing the sides to overlap after it was unbuttoned.

"Take it off, or I'll slit your fucking mother's throat!"

Stephanie dropped to her knees, and lay her chest on her thighs as she slowly brought the front of her sweater away from her. The blouse slowly slipped down her back as her unseen fingers forced it away from her. Stephanie took the now removed blouse and tucked it between her chest and thighs.

"Stand up dammit!"

Stephanie was sobbing softly as she stood. Knowing she had no choice, she dropped the blouse at her feet and covered her nipples with her hands.

"You can either take those jeans off of your own free will, or we will cut them off of you and you will have nothing to put on later when we take you with us!"

"Oh, no!" Stephanie thought. I can't let them take me anywhere. She struggled, trying to clear her mind and focus on what they were telling her. She couldn't cover her breasts and take her shorts off at the same time.

Stephanie could hardly see what she was doing. With tears streaming down her face, she slowly reached for the front of her jeans. She unbuttoned the large brass button at the waist, but couldn't seem to find the tab on her zipper. She had to wipe her eyes and nose. Once she found the zipper tab, the sound seemed deafening as it seemed to echo through the quiet room. The men knew what was going on and were tense with the thought of this beautiful youngster getting naked in the same room.

Stephanie sobbed as she put her hands on the sides of her denim shorts, knowing what was next. With arms that were almost paralyzed, Stephie forced the denim down over her slender hips. Her shorts were so tight, they took her thong with it. The dark blue denim slid down slowly to reveal the reddish brown downy fuzz above her slit. Instead of a curtain going down, the blue denim "curtain" slid down slowly to reveal her magnificently shaven bald badge of heaven.

The men were stunned with her beauty. As Stephanie's jeans fell, she could not hide the final sob of anguish at her now fully exposed nudity. She struggled desperately to cover her breasts and vagina.

"Put your fucking arms down at your sides and stand up straight!"

Stephanie did as ordered, but she couldn't stop the Goosebumps from cascading across her face and body.

"Alright, mommy; you think we should substitute you for her. What can you do to convince us that we should take a thirty-six-year old mother rather than her succulent fourteen-year-old daughter?"

Jenny sobbed quietly into the floor where her face seemed to be pinned. Mike reached down and grabbed her by one of her armpits, and brought her to her feet. He stuck his knife between her wrists and slit open her bindings. Jenny rubbed her wrists, trying to regain her circulation, and fighting with her mind for time to think. "What should she do?" She knew she had to do something to divert them away from her daughter.

Jenny looked over at her fourteen-year-old daughter. She was shivering with tears of terror streaking down her face.


Jenny fought with her emotions. It would kill her husband to know what she was doing. She knew she had no choice. There was no way out.

"Wait a minute. I want your husband to see this." Ed walked over to the men who were bound hand a foot. He took the duct tape off of their eyes, and turned all of them so they could see.

"O.K. babe. Let's see what you got."

Jenny was no slouch. She was thirty-six-years old, but had not gained an ounce since she had graduated from college, where she had been on the track team. Jenny had the same long reddish brown hair as her daughter, and although slightly freckled, she had a beautiful tan. Unwillingly, Jenny had given in to her husband's demands of how to dress for tonight. He had laid out the clothes; not her.

Jenny had high-heeled grey suede boots that zippered up the side to the tops, just below her knees. Her grey silk dress was sleeveless, with buttons down the front to the hem which stopped several inches above her knees. He had begged her not to wear a bra. Against her better judgment, she had given in. What was she thinking, she now wondered. She had never in her life gone without panties, but her daughter said they left a panty line which was tacky. Jenny's hair would have been much farther down her back past her waist if it had not been permed. Stephanie had started two small braids at her temples and clipped them back around her hair to keep it out of her face. Her frameless glasses and double strand of pearls which hung down past her breasts gave her an elegant sophisticated look.

Jenny didn't need all of that now. Sensuous and beguiling was not the look she needed at this minute.

"Get those fucking clothes off, now, bitch!"

The words rattled her back to reality. Their lives were all at stake and somebody would probably get raped. Jenny struggled with her emotions. She was dying of embarrassment standing there in front of her husband, daughter and several of her best friends.

Jenny looked over to her husband. He was torn between being angry, horrified, and a little stunned with curiosity. He and the other men were outraged and the indecency they were being subjected to, but also a little fascinated at seeing their beautiful neighbor about to strip naked.

Like her daughter, Jenny could hardly move her hands to do what her mind told her she must. Jenny raised the bottom of her dress with both hands until she could reach the last button ant the hem. She looked over at her husband again as she opened it.

She was horrified to think that her husband would see her as willingly submitting to these vile strangers.

Jenny tried to numb her mind to what was going on. She tried to take herself back to think of other sexual experiences. She thought about the excitement she had as a teenager, when she had first parked with her first boyfriend. She thought about the short light summer dress she wore. She thought about the thin white panties she had on when they struggled with each other over whether or not he was going to get to finger her. She thought about the excitement she felt to have that long trembling middle finger disappear into her.

There was none of that excitement as she inched her way up her dress, unbuttoning the front. After she was done, she hung desperately to the front, procrastinating the certain outcome they all knew was going to happen.

Jenny's head dropped as she drew one side of the dress over her right shoulder. When she arched her back to get the other side of her dress over the other shoulder, her long pink nipples seemed to point almost straight up in the air. She was the spitting image of Shalom Harlow, except for the incredibly long hair. Like her daughter, Jenny had the top section of her pubic hair trimmed into a narrow "runway" that stopped above her pouty slit. The rest of her pubic area was shaved bald, but the only un-tanned part of her body. The surrounding bronzed areas seemed to call all attention to her shaved slit. Jenny tried to appear defiant, but could not avoid the trembling lower lip or tears running down her face. Jenny was humiliated, embarrassed and in deep despair, but desperately tried to put on a brave appearance. Jenny knew she had to appeal to these men in order to distract them from their interest in Stephanie.

"Well you are one hell of a good-looking woman, miss, but I still don't see why we should pass up your daughter for you instead." Mike said, looking from one to the other.

"I don't see why we should take a frigid bitch over her cherry young daughter." Mike debated out loud.

"I ... I ... can ... can ... make ... make you ... you ... happy." Jenny whispered almost incoherently with her head down. "Pppp ... please give me a chance." She continued. Jenny took several deep breaths, trying to calm herself down. She knew what she had to do; she just couldn't force herself to do it.

Jenny led Mike over to the couch. She grabbed his two hands and guided him down to a sitting position.

Jenny glanced over at her husband again, as she slowly knelt down. With trembling hands, she reached out to his belt buckle and undid it. She opened the button behind it. Tears continued to roll down her face as she reached for the tab on his zipper. The sound of the zipper opening seemed to cut through the still air as the anticipation mounted from all the men watching.

Jenny reached up and put her fingers under the sides of his jeans and briefs. Mike raised up on his hands as Jenny slid the clothing down his legs.

Mike was hung like a horse! Not at first. The thing did not seem long at first, but wide enough she didn't think it would fit. With agonizing despair, Jenny reached up with her left hand. It shivered as it moved forward. She grabbed it tentatively with her forefinger and thumb; so softly he could hardly feel the contact. The heat made Jenny jerk back from his first touch.

Jenny extended another finger and let it encircle him a little more. She touched it hesitatingly, as if for the first time. The touch made it jump. The jump extended it about an inch. Jenny drew back, then slowly brought her hand back.

She added another finger around the base and slowly put pressure on it and wagged it a little to one side. The contact brought it out another inch. With each increase in contact, it reacted. Finally, Jenny had her whole left hand encircled around the width of it. Her fingers wouldn't touch, but she had her whole palm in contact.

Reluctantly, she slowly wagged it back and forth, trying desperately to decide what to do next. Jenny looked up into his eyes, trying to read his mind. She could see without being told, what he expected; what he expected from either her or her daughter. Jenny knew she had no choice. She looked over at her husband. She looked over at the other men in the room. They were all hungrily looking at her, transfixed with what they knew she was about to do.

Jenny leaned forward. She rested her right forearm on Mike's thigh. She wagged the shaft to her left and turned her head to her right. She rested her left cheek on the head and turned her head back and forth; rubbing him with her cheek from her left ear to her lips. Jenny was now mewing softly in despair at what she had to do.

Jenny steadied the shaft so it pointed straight at her lips. She closed her eyes. She leaned forward and rubbed her lips back and forth across the opening. She could feel the slick fluid between them. Her stomach convulsed. She fought the urge to vomit.

Reluctantly she knew the time had come. Jenny softened her lips to accept him. She opened her lips and rubbed her closed teeth against the tip. Jenny leaned back and looked into his eyes hoping he would say: "enough." She looked around the room. With a feeling of despair, she could see that all the men in the room were wanting her to continue; even her husband. She was wrong, of course, but she incorrectly interpreted their looks of horror at that of arousal.

Jenny leaned forward and kissed him softly on the opening. She leaned back and picked a pubic hair out of her mouth.

The purplish headed shaft seemed to be panting and searching for the soft succulent opening that had just covered it. How could it seem to breath and also search for her as if it could see?

Jenny used the back of her right arm to wipe the slime from her mouth. She leaned forward and reluctantly let her lips part. She opened her lips and bit down with her teeth on his crown, about an eighth of an inch past the opening: not enough to hurt, but enough to make a connection. Slowly, she released and moved forward; biting down about an eighth of an inch further each time. Each time she applied pressure, she remained motionless for about a minute. Finally, his shaft disappeared into her sweet red lips until the whole crown was buried.

At that point, she wrapped her lips around the bottom of her teeth on the top, and shielded her bottom teeth with her tongue. From there, she slowly wagged her face from side to side and began using her tongue to massage all sides of him.

Finally, Jenn had to pull back for air. As she pulled back, she looked back up at Mike, hoping she had done enough. She used her right hand to break the strand of spittle and semen connecting her lips to his tip. Mikes cell phone went off. At least she was now aware of it. He and his partners had been shooting video with their cell phones the whole time.

Humiliated, Jenny had no options but to continue. She wrapped her left hand around the shaft as far as she could. She placed her right hand on it next, so that her two hands covered most of it except the crown. She opened her mouth again ant took as much of him in her mouth as she could. With her hands this way, he could not put his hands on the back of her head and force it all down her mouth into her throat.

Jenny massaged him with her hands and mouth until he erupted. When he did, she was ready. With her hands one behind the other, she had her thumbs against the canal along the bottom. When she felt the spasms start, she quickly, softly clamped down with her thumbs and prevented the entire eruption for exploding down her throat.

Jenny let him writhe back and forth, groan and shudder. Once it started to subside, she slowly allowed it into her mouth where she swallowed it until it was gone.

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