Sexy Sue, the Obedient Secretary
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sue was born to a world of pampered wealth but finds she is lacking the excitement of real everyday life. She makes friends with Polly the upstairs maid and ventures out to taste the sweet and bitter aspects of the real world in 1939 England. Her new job is demanding in more ways than one. She soon adapts to the needs of her new boss and learns the multi-splendored pleasures of obedient submission to his every whim. Soon Polly is panting to follow in her footsteps.

Sue was 18 years old, possessed of a shapely figure and a comely face. Her teeth were pearly white, her hair was a marvelous shade of red, and her lips gave promise of great delights ready for the asking.

Her parents were very strict and she had been brought up to be an obedient and well behaved girl in all respects. Recently she had been having nightly thoughts of things too naughty to give voice to but, suffice it to say, her bed often had a little puddle of sticky goo when the sun rose in the morning.

The upstairs maid Polly had given her whispered advice about her unseemly emotions. The well-intentioned female had only increased her fearful agitation and confusion over the changes in her "womanly parts" down below.

Her Mother, Lady Weston was too busy with her ladies group to give her an audience and her Father was dickering with some foreigners about some ships that had gone astray.

When she tried to mollify the situation by petting her puss in the bath, it only made things much worse with resulting gyrations that were suited to some tart on the street corner.

In her last year at the Girl's finishing Academy in Whitechapel, she had found the firm discipline meted out over her teacher's knee went a long way to relieving the pressures building up inside her fully developed female body. Her only reluctance was in displaying her posterior which she was certain retained a certain degree of baby fat from a pampered childhood.

Sue was ashamed of her weak physical needs that had led her to the ultimate depravity of inserting her delicate fingers into her tightly puckered brown eye in recent weeks. The maid had assured her it was quite normal and had even ventured to assist her in her explorations of the pleasurable sensations.

Polly had also informed her that the fullness of her rounded mounds was most attractive to the male aficionado of that part of the female anatomy. This went a long way to assuage her feelings of inadequacy when baring her bottom for discipline or other more pleasurable pursuits.

After her graduation, Sue realized that she was quite unhappy living the sheltered life of a pampered child of wealthy parents waiting only for a suitable match that would enhance her station in life.

Whilst lingering over her morning coffee on the veranda, she spied an advertisement in the newspaper that sought replies from females with secretarial skills and 2 references of good character. With this new War beginning so soon after the War to end all wars, the prospect of curtailed male availability in the labor pool had many enterprises seeking female help in areas seldom afforded to non-masculine job-seekers.

Sue was excited for the first time in quite a long time.

She was quite proficient in the use of the new-fangled typewriter because of her repeated unsuccessful efforts to write a romance novel. Her lack of expertise in romantic endeavors doomed her to failure in her such an ambitious goal.

With the help of Polly, she managed to forge two reasonably acceptable letters of recommendation that extolled her secretarial achievements and pronounced her a person of the highest character and moral constitution.

The early morning crush of jumbled humanity on the crowded bus wilted her starched blouse beyond repair and she was subjected to gross liberties by a young man with busy hands out of view of the other passengers. Her first instinct was to slap the impertinent lad for the rascal he was but after a few moments of spirited exploration, she relaxed and enjoyed the unexpected attentions with an air of total disregard. In truth, her insides were tingling and pulsating with reciprocal waves of frustrated desire that certainly must have matched the presumptuous young man's over-active sex-drive. She allowed him to have his way after making sure no emissions would mar her pristine appearance with disgusting male liquids. Sue hid her amusement at the boy's shuddering release and his breathless collapse on her unyielding chest. In fact, she even felt some degree of accomplishment at being the source of the handsome lad's pleasure.

She departed the bus at her stop with some degree of remaining frustration but with her personal dignity intact.

Sue was dismayed to discover she still had to walk an additional 3 city blocks to the target establishment on streets that were filled with the most common folk she had ever seen. She was certain that several of the more attractive women congregating on the corners were more concerned with selling themselves rather than finding wares in the tiny shops that populated the narrow streets. The comments voiced by the dirty workmen were of a nature that it most certainly could not be repeated in this narrative.

She was glad that she had worn comfortable bloomers and additional petticoats because of the heated direct stares of the leering males along the way. She half-expected to be accosted in some manner but it appeared that the workers were primarily "all bark and no bite" when confronted with female strangers not involved in the base realities of street trade of personal favors of the physical kind.

The building was average and not unusual in any way.

The sign above the doorway proclaimed it to be "Offices of Higgins, Stubblemeyer, and Nelson, International Commodity Brokers, LTD."

The elderly woman guarding the entrance was Mrs. Hutchkins, an ogre of the first degree. She informed Sue that she was late for her appointment but Sue was certain she was at least 10 minutes early. A quick check of her pocket watch confirmed her internal estimate.

The long wooden bench was visibly uncomfortable, so Sue stood and looked out on the expanse of the work floor and saw dozens of men busy at their tasks. Several of the desks were empty so she figured the concern was already feeling the pinch of reduced available male labor. There were no females out on the main floor so she figured that she was the first to reply to the advertisement.

She faced young Mr. Nelson in a sparse office. Sue remained silent as he read her CV and recommendations.

"Miss Sue Weston. Stand up, girl! Let me see you in the light."

Sue stood in front of Mr. Nelson's desk. She was a bit fearful and nervous because she wanted so much to land this employment as a private secretary in a brokerage house. It was her opportunity to see the real world and meet normal people of all types.

"Well, turn about girl. Let's get a good look at you."

Sue was still nervous in front of Mr. Nelson. When he was described to her as "young Mr. Nelson" she was not prepared to meet a bearded man in the later years of life.

"Now, Miss Weston, are you an obedient girl?"

She was surprised at the question. She had expected it to be about her typing skills or her office skills or even the false information on her resume. Sue thought about it for a second and decided to tell the truth.

"I am the most obedient of girls, Mr. Nelson, Sir. I have always done what I have been told without question or impudence."

She noticed Mr. Nelson licked his lips and that his hand in his pocket was fidgeting with noticeable trembles.

Her new boss walked to the large window and pulled down the screen.

"My only test for you, my dear is for you to stretch yourself out across my desk and make yourself comfy for my simple test of your obedience to my orders."

Since this was the normal behavior Sue had grown accustomed to in the Academy, she did not hesitate to hike her skirt a bit and lay across young Mr. Nelson's desk with her full-bottomed bum completely unprotected and raised slightly into the silenced room.

She heard the sound of Mr. Nelsons trousers being lowered to the floor and knew she would be soon in an undignified position under the authoritative man's control. The cool air hit her suddenly exposed flanks as her skirts were tucked into her waistband. The devious older man now quickly pulled down her slightly damp bloomers to reveal her milky white buttocks. At first, Sue thought he would be testing her with a spirited spanking but the touch of his man-meat on her arse crack made her gasp at the effrontery.

Sue did not mind Mr. Nelson's manipulation of her female form in the least. She felt it was his right to do so if he was to be her boss. She only hoped he would find her worthy of employment and would train her to be a proper private secretary.

Some of Mr. Nelson's pre-cum must have leaked into her crack because she was rather wet there all of a sudden and the rubbery bulb was prodding her tight wrinkle hole with serious intent.

She raised her hips up slightly to give the older man a better angle to impale her with some degree of depth. Sue prayed he would not notice her lack of expertise in matters of anal activities and would just attribute it to her nervousness on a new job.

"So, Miss Secretary, you will bend over for me like this whenever you are told. Sometimes I will use your nether hole and more often, I will use your female hole to deposit my load of cream. You need not fear of falling with child as I have been declared unloaded in that regard. I have no children and will have no children but I certainly can avail myself of every opportunity to fill a pretty female's little slot."

"When you have made a serious error, I will require you take this same position to receive your just punishment. If you have been particularly naughty, I will have several of the workmen observe your punishment and allow them to check your female parts for signs of overheating or discharge of liquids."

After this diatribe, the older man pushed inside Sue's rectum with the vigor of a much younger man. She cried more from emotional fulfillment than from the humiliation of such depraving treatment. Some of the men on the main floor could hear the old man's grunts loud and clear and they smiled at each other in knowledge of his kinky ways with the new secretaries.

Sue looked over her shoulder at the grimacing manager and felt his body convulse as his first spurts of cum flooded her tortured brown eye. He gave her plump cheeks some stinging slaps as he pulled out of her steaming bottom.

"Get those bloomers up girl. I want you to get a sense of the work you will be doing. I think we will get along just fine."

Sue was overwhelmed with happiness. This would be her first chance to interact in the real world. She didn't mind Mr. Nelson's use of her body to relieve his needs. It was only right since he was the boss and she knew she had to obey his orders just like she obeyed her parents and the teachers in school.

Some of the men on the floor were giving her strange looks and she didn't know that they were well aware of her interview process and that she had earned her job the hard way under Mr. Nelson's firm hands. The reason why no other females had filled the position as yet was their inability to get past the strenuous requirements of Mr. Nelson's screening process.

Later that evening, just before her bath, she relayed the details of her hiring process and the shocking treatment on the crowded bus to her confidante, Polly. Polly was so inspired by the revelations that she insisted Miss Sue allow her to suck out the creamy residue from Mr. Nelson's kinky liberties with her delicate bottom. Polly washed her real good all over and advised her to lubricate both her front and back holes liberally before going to work each morning just in case she had to perform more tests of obedience or loyalty for her new boss.

When Polly heard there were almost 3 dozen young men working in the main office, she begged Sue to teach her how to type so that she might apply for employment at the same locale.

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