Blue Wolf Fire Department Station 9
Chapter 1

This story is told from the view point of the captain. Blue Wolf Fire Department Station 9 Personell: Truck/Quint 9 Captain Theodore Burfoot Firefighter Engineer Scott Evans Firefighter Kenneth Logan Firefighter Dave Matzer

Medic Squad 9 Firefighter Paramedic Tonka Madio Firefighter Paramedic Henry Hraker

Day 1, 0800hrs.

I pull into the parking slot in the back of the station with the sign marked for captain only. After getting out and locking my car. I turn my head and see my friend and fellow Firefighter Engineer Scott Evans "Hey Scott what's up?" I ask. "Not much the wife and I are having some problems but they should always work themselves out." He says. We walk into the station as C shift leaves and the rest of A shift arrives.

"Ok Tonka, Henry, Check out the Squad, Scott you are on ladder control today, Dave you are on Bucket Duty, and Ken you are Force entry. The local Fireman's picnic is in 2 weeks and there will be a team hose pull competition. So that is it guys." I say and walk to my office to do my paperwork.

"DEDOBO YARHHHHH!" The alarm goes off "Station 9, Engine 5, Traffic Accident with injuries I-78N exit 547, Frequency 3, Division 2, time out 0810." The dispatcher says over the radio speakers as I and my crew race for our trucks. I step into my turnout gear and get into the captain's seat turning on all the lights on the huge Seagrave Quint Truck. The crew gets into their gear and both the truck and the squad roll out of the Bay with lights and sirens, and horn's blaring. Cars get out of our way as we make our way onto the Interstate I-78 Northbound I look at the wreck and see 3 cars 2 of which looked crushed. "Ok guys check the crushed cars first, find out if anyone is still alive, If they are alive begin extricating them. I am calling for 2 more squads clear?" I say to my crew "Yes Cap!" they say. I pick up the mic "Dispatch Quint 9, requesting 2 more squads to this location." I say after a break of 5-10 seconds I hear "10-4 Quint 9" over the radio followed by "Medic 34, Medic 2, respond with Station 9, Traffic Accident with injuries, I-78N exit 547, Frequency 3, Division 2, time out 0814." The truck stops next to the wreaked cars and I exit the Cab. I walk run over to the nearest car I knock on the window "Sir are you all right?" I ask the man in the driver seat. "Yeah, just a little sore, Please see about my daughter." He tells me. I look in the back seat and see a girl about 16 years of age sprawled out all over the back seat. "Tonka, Henry you want to take a look at this!" I say as the 2 Paramedics rush over and start examining the girl. "Cap, she needs the Medic Air ASAP we can stabilize her here, but we might lose her in the rig." "Ok, Dispatch Quint 9, Request Medic Air to this location." I say "10-4 Quint 9 Medic Air is in-route ETA 5 minutes." The dispatcher says I turn to the State Police "Back this traffic up we have Medic Air inbound in 3." I say to the troopers. The troopers clear a zone for the approaching MED Explorer Helicopter, the 2 reinforcing medic squads arrive and start assisting the rest of my crew as well as the crew of Engine 5. The Helicopter sets down and the 16 year old is put aboard and the Helicopter takes off heading to Blue Wolf University Hospital. The Rescue Squads finish extricating the people from the cars and taking them to the hospital. The Tow-trucks showed up and I gather up my men and we do our cleanup. We get back into the rig I put on the headset "ok guys what should he have for lunch?" I say as Scott drives us back to the station.

"Subs" Dave says, "Chili" Scott says and we all give him a look. Scott's Fireman Chili was enough to make you want to spend 5 days on the can doing nothing else. "How about I make Meat Loaf" Kenneth says. "Ok Kenneth you make lunch and Dave makes dinner. Scott we can give the chili to C shift to eat they seem to love the stuff." I say as we reach the station we pull into the bay and I get down from the rig. And take off my turnout gear placing the boots with pants at my door and place my jacket back in its place by my seat.

I head to my office to finish my paperwork that I have not yet started. I sit down at my desk and start going through the papers as time flows by. The medic squad comes back about 40 minutes after we get back to the station.

Station 9 1400hrs.

"DEDOBO YARHHHHH!" the Alarm Goes off. "Station 9, Child trapped, 9872 Linden lane, Frequency 1, Division 3, Time out 1400." The Dispatcher says over the speaker as the men rush to the Rigs and get into them I put on the headset "Station 9, 10-4." I say. To the dispatcher as my Quint Heavy Rescue Truck and the Medic Squad/Ambulance leave their bays with the lights and sirens blaring. Most of the cars move over to the side but there are a few who refuse to do so. "Scott, remind me to send the Chief a memo about getting camera's installed on all the rigs so that the people who do not yield for us get a fine in their mail." I say to Scott "Sure Cap." He says back. We turn onto Linden Lane and it seems that pandemonium has happened as people are everywhere. There are cars clogging the street. I lay on the horn and siren to try to get the people to make a way for us. A lady comes up to my window I roll it down. "It's no good we can move the cars you have to walk in it's the 3rd house on the left. In the garage." She says. "Thank-you ma'am" I say. I roll up the window and turn to the crew. "Ok get all the Medical Packs, and the Backboard, from the back of the truck, also help Henry and Tonka with their gear we are huffing it in and out." I say to the crew as I put the headset on the dashboard and get out of the cab heading back to the rear compartments where we keep the medical supplies I grab the AED kit and the Oxygen Bottle, Scott grabs the Heavy Trauma Pack, and Dave and Kenneth grab the Stokes, Henry and Tonka Grad their Gear and the 6 of us work our way through the crowd to the garage with the trapped child. We arrive at the Garage and see a Boy about 10 years old pinned under a bunch of boxes, and boards. I look and see what looks to be the father standing at the outside of the pile. "sir what is your son's name?" I ask. "Jimmy." He says. "Thank you, Jimmy can you hear me, this Captain Burfoot of the fire department." I ask awaiting a voice I hear nothing. "ok boys get that debris off him Henry Tonka standby this maybe a scoop and run." I say, Henry and Tonka get the Stokes ready as the rest of the crew moves boxes and the boards. Jimmy is reviled as the last board is removed and the crew descends upon him and starts the Preliminary check. "His vitals are low, let's go!" Tonka says. Henry put's on a C-spine color and we put Jimmy on the backboard. We pick up Jimmy and our Medical Packs and carry both back to the rigs. Henry and Tonka put Jimmy onto the stretcher and put him into the back of the Ambulance. Both get in the back while Dave gets into the front and the Ambulance takes off the siren screaming with the lights still on. My crew and I put the rest of the gear back onto the truck and get back into the cab we head back to the Station stopping at a Safeway Food store first.

Medic 9 1415hrs. In-route to Blue Wolf University Hospital

Henry and Tonka worked very hard trying to save the young child Jimmy. "Henry Increase the drip by 40% and the O2 by 3 liters, I am going to check in with the base station." Tonka says. "University Base Medic 9 inbound how do you read?" he says into his headset. "Medic 9 this is University Base go ahead." Tonka hears. "University we have a male child age 10 he was pinned under some boxes, and boards, the child was unresponsive upon arrival, we immobilized the head, neck, and spine, and preformed a (Scoop and Shoot*), as the BP and pulse was low. Once in-route we established IV Solution followed by 5 Liters of O2, The current vitals are BP 80 over 60, pulse 90, respirations 10, EKG monitor shows frequent cardio activity throwing PVC's. We are currently Code 3 and have an ETA of 5 mins. "10-4 Medic 9 ETA of 5 we will be standing by." The voice at the base station says over Tonka's headset speakers. The Ambulance turns into the Hospital and pulls into the Ambulance spot the Trauma team is ready the back doors are open and the stretcher is taken out. "Trauma Bay 2," Tonka hears they wheel Jimmy into the bay and they transfer Jimmy's care to the Trauma team. Tonka takes the stretcher and changes the sheets and gets it ready for the next call. Tonka, Henry, and Dave board the Ambulance and they head back to the station.

Station 9 1800hrs

I walk out of my office and see that both of the rigs are back in the bay and the crews cleaning and waxing them. I walk into the kitchen and fire up the stove top grill and start grilling some burgers. I put all the fixing's out on the table and put the burgers on the platter as I was putting the platter on to the table, "DEDOBO YARHHHHH!" the Alarm Goes off. "Station 9, Station 7, Engine 4, Battalion 3, Structure Fire, 3435 Georgia Highs Road, Frequency 1, Division 3, Time out 1840," the dispatcher says over the speaker. We rush to our rigs and get into the rigs. We put on our full turnout gear "Station 9, 10-4." I say into the headset as the rigs pull out of the station.

Chapter 2 will take up with the Structure fire stay tuned.

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