Cave In
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Teenager exploring a cave is caught in a cave in. Upon recovering he discovers he has new talents and also makes one important new friend.

My name is Alan Reeves and I guess this is where my story really started. I was fourteen at the time, just your typical teenager kid, Tall, a little gangly, I have dark brown hair, blue eyes. Most people say I look older than my fifteen years, which can be frustrating, most girls my age think I'm too old for them.

My best friend Steve on the other hand, is somewhat vertically challenged, as they say these days. He has light brown hair, and a big smile. He is also loud to the point of almost being obnoxious, but he seems to do well with the girls. He's quite the charmer, where as I am a little shy and quiet. We make a good team.

It was the beginning of the summer, just after school let out. We were both looking forward to this summer, but not starting school in the fall. We would be entering high school and this concerned both of us, having heard all the horror stories of freshman hazing by the seniors. I always seemed to be a target for older guys because of my height and older looks, and Steve because of his big mouth.

That was just too far away for us to lose any valuable time while searching for that elusive summer fun. Today we are back of my house; I live on a couple of acres of timberland in southwest Washington, just north of Vancouver. We come here to get away from my folks; sometimes if we can sneak some beers we down them here.

We're just out exploring a little and telling bullshit stories about girls; neither one of us had as much experience as we like to brag about, but it fired the imagination. We were also talking about the small earthquake that happened last night. Living as close as we do to Mt. St Helens it is not an uncommon experience.

As one approaches the end of our property there is a rise or small hill that stretched on for a couple hundred yards then dropped off into a ravine, our property began with the edge of the ravine. Sometimes we'd sit on that hill and watch the ravine for deer or other animals.

"Hey, look at that" I said as we approached the hill, pointing to a hole in the side of the hill that wasn't there before. Steve and I investigated the hole closer and it looked like the entrance to a cave. "Cool" I said.

Steve was the one to suggest that we explore it "we should check it out, maybe there's gold or something down there."

I agreed, but suggested we get some flashlights first. So we headed back to the house, talking about what we were going to do with our riches. Once we returned to the entrance, Steve starting having second thoughts. He was always good at making bold suggestions, but not so brave when it came to following through.

I went first. We had to go in on our hands and knees, but after crawling about fifteen feet in and downwards through a tunnel, we entered a small cave. It was rock, although there was spectacle of something like glitter in the rocks. Of course we both thought it was cool even if it didn't contain any gold or other treasure. Worse case, we'd found a new hide out, maybe even some place to bring girls.

We wandered around the small cave for a bit. At the far end we found another hole, this one smaller than the one we initially entered. Of course, I ended up going first again, this time on my stomach; I started slithering through the hole. I was only about one body length in when I heard a rumble, then a sharp pain at the back of my head and then every thing went black.

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