The Lonesome Road

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Post Apocalypse, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - The world is a wasteland. The old world died in the fires of war. The new one threatens to tear itself apart before even being born. A group of people attempt to forge a bearable life out of the chaos, is it possible however?

T'Soni stirred in her sleep. Restless, sensing a storm of darkness fast approaching even blacker than the depths of the cave which she inhabited. The cloak of evil seemed to engulf all she could see in her mind. The psychic essence whipped around the air as if disturbed by some intruder into the space which it existed. Someone else was looking into the future. T'Soni strained to steady the lashing fury of the warp which was the psychic plane, for a moment it steadied long enough for her to see the figure who also was traversing the waves of essence. Only for a second however could she see before the entire plane exploded in rage. The backlash from the vision shot into both powerful minds and while she could not see what it did to the other, the power jolted every fibre in T'Soni's powerful frame. The shock left her breathless and had brought a headache on which throbbed away. Psychics sometimes forgot that the planes they used to channel their powers were alive and extremely unstable, some had before been ripped apart by vortex's created in their minds from overuse of the plane.

She spread her blue scaled, aged wings out realising that she would gain no sleep that night. Her wings rubbed against the soft stone which she lay on, her talons gently scraping the surface. She let out a yawn that many would many would've mistaken for a battle-cry, her kin scattered around from their places of sleep, big and small all woke up from their peaceful slumber. The dragon regretted waking them up, she had no right to destroy their sleep simply because she would not gain any herself. The sounds of gasping filled the air of the cave for a second before vanishing in the darkness. T'Soni knew Ra'kken was awake as well though he was engaging in more active pastimes.

So lazily and with no sense of rushing the dragoness picked herself up and strolled as silently as she could out of her quarters, a few of her larger kin followed in her wake intent to stay up after being woken. In the next stone chamber stood Ra'kken, the drake busied himself with sexual lusts of the human flesh as dragons did from time to time. A female stood in his clutches, roughly about the same height as him with sweat pouring off her naked body and an expression of slight pain and immense pleasure painted all over her anatomy.

He pumped forward more and with greater strength so that the girl's deepened breaths turned into shouts of pleasure.As he thrust hard inside of her she screamed out in pleasure which echoed down the chamber. With that he pushed her, grabbed her hair and dragged her round to his bulging instrument. With no small amount of force he rammed the girl's head down onto his load where she sucked and caressed it with her tongue.

Ra'kken smiled, showing an impressive row of sharpened teeth

"Don't you feel it?" T'Soni asked in a growl. Upon hearing the other dragon Ra'kken gently pushed the girl down who had fluids coming from every orifice. There she lay for a moment her eyes spinning

"No" He said, about turning, whipping his tail up in the air as he turned "I think she does though" He gestured towards the human female, who was now trying to claw her way towards a pile of her clothes across the chamber. T'Soni growled, steam came shooting out of her nostrils and her kin behind her lined up defensively

"I never hurt them. Well I never intentionally harm them and certainly never kill them. I even escort them part way back home"

"How gracious of you"

"you know fully well that I do not see into the planes. However I listen to the winds that come from them. They whisper to me, telling me of a storm which is coming and alliances that must be forged in the fires ... whatever that means, they never seem to speak clearly, always in riddles"

"what is broken when it is said" The human riddled as she gained strength back from her previous wave of orgasms

"I like this one" Ra'kken said loudly as he craned his neck lower so the green scales on the end of his long snout gently rubbed against the female's back

"Silence" T'Soni said through a frown

"I didn't realise you suddenly became a princess" Ra'kken frowned back at this apparent command

"No. Silence, what is broken when it is said"

Ra'kken laughed out thunderously and trotted off towards his large stone bed. He curled up, wrapping his tail around his back legs and closing his eyes just enough to annoy T'Soni

"What else have you heard?" She said, becoming irritated much to the pleasure of her male counterpart who sarcastically sighed

"They intermittently come now and again. Unlike you I can't choose to see into the planes. However there is no risk of a blowback"

"You know about that I take it?"

"I heard and felt it. A vibration throughout the whispers" The female had by then put on her underclothing and walked up to Ra'kken. She climbed onto the bed and snuggled up to him, his tail wrapping around, pulling her closer.

"I saw another person looking into the planes" The dragoness said in a suddenly hushed tone

"I guessed that may have been the reason for the blowout. Who was it?"

"I couldn't tell, just that they were looking at the pieces of the future"

"They were looking at the future?" The female asked, surprised at this. She backed down immediately, almost sinking into Ra'kken, knowing that she may have grossly overstepped her place as the drake's sex toy. However the dragons humoured her question

"The psychic planes are a place where those with the ability to, take information from..." The Drake started

"Which can be done in many forms. Whether it be looking into them, listening into the winds coming from them etc" T'Soni interrupted

"Indeed. They show the lay of the world in every possible form. The basest secrets of the earth and, it's past, present and sometimes its future. Glimpses of knowledge that have long since vanished lies there, however so do demons" Ra'kken's tail began to stroke the human's face comfortingly "Things that can rip a being's mind to shreds and are drawn to the psychic energy from a person. The closer you look or hear, the more information to take out, the more psychic energy is given off. Listening to the winds and whispers of the planes is the safest way yet I only gain rumours from it. When enough psychic energy is placed into the planes, sometimes it's through multiple minds focussing in on a singular point, the future in this case. A blowout may occur forcing all minds out violently. I got the rumour of the blowout, like a ripple on the surface of a body of water" Ra'kken finished as the human shuddered at the thought of such power

"Someone or something is greatly interested in what will happen in the future. They draw confidence from seeing the darkness I saw"

"A very large ripple is coming"

"We need to act to see what is happening"

The drake yawned "perhaps"

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