Set Fire to the Rain

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Magic, Paranormal, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - My best friend, Karen, discovers that the 'protein' diet really works...if you're blowing an Energy Wizard. I find out that I'm an Energy Wizard and all the other Wizards in the world kind of want me dead. By the way, sex fuels my magical engine!

PrettySlaveGirl1: You were Juiced.

WantToBeSkinny68: What?

PrettySlaveGirl1: On the Forum, you told everyone that you lost ten pounds, but you didn't diet or get any more exercise than normal.

WantToBeSkinny68: I think I'm sick! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

PrettySlaveGirl1: Did you have sex with someone new? Recently! Like in the week before you weighed yourself.

WantToBeSkinny68: Why are you asking? I don't know you.

PrettySlaveGirl1: I don't think you're sick. What you said on the Forum, it sounds like you were Juiced.

WantToBeSkinny68: Juiced??? What's that?

PrettySlaveGirl1: Did you have sex?

WantToBeSkinny68: Yes.

WantToBeSkinny68: I mean ... I gave my friend a...

PrettySlaveGirl1: A blowjob! You swallowed his cum?

WantToBeSkinny68: He kind of held my head down. I couldn't get his hand off so I swallowed some.

PrettySlaveGirl1: A lot? ALL OF IT?

WantToBeSkinny68: Most of it, I think. I was angry so I spit some of it out on him and left.

PrettySlaveGirl1: The next time you see him, apologize!

WantToBeSkinny68: Why?

PrettySlaveGirl1: Because if you were Juiced, you need to do it with him again. AND this time, swallow it all! Every drop!

WantToBeSkinny68: Are you kidding me? Why?

PrettySlaveGirl1: How did you feel after you did it? Warm? Cold? Healthy? How have you been feeling?

WantToBeSkinny68: Oh!

PrettySlaveGirl1: You HAVE been feeling different!!!

WantToBeSkinny68: No! Just restless. And it's weird--I feel strong.

PrettySlaveGirl1: I never heard of that one. Go to the doctor anyway, but do it to your friend again too. If the doctor says nothing is wrong and you keep losing weight, it's probably your friend that is doing this to you.

WantToBeSkinny68: You can't be serious!

PrettySlaveGirl1: Do you believe in God ... angels ... aliens ... Magic.

PrettySlaveGirl1: The last one is the most important.

WantToBeSkinny68: What?!?

PrettySlaveGirl1: You don't have a lot of time if he's for real. Magic exists--believe it! The thing is people like you and me can't produce magical energy or use it, but we can STORE it for people who can.

WantToBeSkinny68: This is a joke ... right?

PrettySlaveGirl1: It will only cost you a few more blowjobs to find out. You like him?

PrettySlaveGirl1: You do like him?

WantToBeSkinny68: He's nice. He's never been mean to me. And he let me do it, even if he held me down at the end.

PrettySlaveGirl1: You needed to swallow so he did you a big favor.

PrettySlaveGirl1: If he's a magic-user, you're going to have to do more with him. Everything! And I mean everything--mouth, pussy, ass ... use his cum as skin cream if you can!

WantToBeSkinny68: I don't believe you!

PrettySlaveGirl1: It doesn't take much to believe. Keep doing it to him. You'll lose a lot more weight. There are other tests which will ABSOLUTELY prove it to you. If you keep doing him, I'll tell you how to do the tests.

WantToBeSkinny68: I don't know...

PrettySlaveGirl1: You like him anyway! Worst caseâ you blow him a few more times.

WantToBeSkinny68: How do you know this stuff?

PrettySlaveGirl1: I was a Vessel, that's what they call us. They need us; we're like extra batteries for them.

WantToBeSkinny68: But why did I lose weight? And after sex? What's that about?

PrettySlaveGirl1: His semen connects you to him; it creates a channel for the excess magic to pour out of him into you. Their juices (saliva, sweat, pussy juice, and cum) carry a lot of magic. A majority of the energy you take in will be from the sex; later on, you'll be able to take it in just from touching him.

WantToBeSkinny68: What about making me lose weight?

PrettySlaveGirl1: The magic purifies us. You'll get ... You'll get...

PrettySlaveGirl1: I was like you! We can't use the magic, but it changes us. You'll be beautiful. You'll know it's because of him!

WantToBeSkinny68: Really? I mean, please don't joke! Really?

PrettySlaveGirl1: If it's true, you have to hide it from other people. Join a gym. It's better to join a martial arts school since you'll have to protect him. You go back to what you were if he dies! Go on a diet; it won't make a difference, and you'll need to eat more rather than less, but if people think you're on a diet, they won't go looking for the real reason that you changed so much.

WantToBeSkinny68: I don't like rabbit food!

PrettySlaveGirl1: You'll be eating more at home, just healthier. If you don't like to eat a salad or exercise, there's an easy way to fix it.

WantToBeSkinny68: What?

PrettySlaveGirl1: Think to yourself--I am doing this for MY Master.

WantToBeSkinny68: WHAT?!?

PrettySlaveGirl1: It will help a lot!

WantToBeSkinny68: I really think you're kidding.

PrettySlaveGirl1: A few loads and you'll know one way or the other.

WantToBeSkinny68: What about my...

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