St. Patrick's Day With Grampa
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Oral Sex, Petting, Public Sex, Caution,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Deana couldn't contain my excitement any longer and shouted, “You mean it, I actually get to do something I want for a change!” They all laughed as my dad spoke, “I think so, after all, I won’t worry when you’re with Grampa.”’ I just smiled, and told myself, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Every year on St. Patrick's Day, we'd go to town, see the parade, have a picnic, and stay for the festivities, music, and fireworks. This year my parents had invited my grandfather. I was delighted, he had agreed to come, and in the back of my mind I wondered, "Would we have any time to ourselves?" Probably not, even though I was almost seventeen, my parents thought I needed to be supervised, like I would purposely get into trouble.

My mother came into my room around eight am, "Come on Deana, it's time to get up sleepy head. You don't want to miss the parade do you?"

I yawned, stretched, and bellowed, "Oh you know I wouldn't want to miss that, especially when Grampa will be with us."

I choose to wear jeans, and a t-shirt along with loose cotton panties, mainly because I knew when it got dark, it would be cool. Then in the dark of the fireworks, under a carefully placed blanket, Grampa could play with me, if he wanted to. "Mmm, I cannot wait," I told myself.

I knew the parade wasn't until two pm, so I had time to eat breakfast. I even helped momma with the dishes, hoping the good behavior would buy me some time by myself at the festivities. Afterward, mom packed the picnic basket, while I helped dad load the car. I carried three blankets, in case one of us got cold, lawn chairs, and the cooler, loaded with bottled water and soda pop.

After that, I sat down and enjoyed a soda, while dad went into the house to check and see if mom needed any help. It wasn't long until she came out, and instructed me to go to the bathroom before we started out. I frowned but did it, knowing the bathrooms were always busy at the festivities.

We climbed into the car, and drove over to pick up Grampa. He climbed into the back seat with me, hugged me, kissed my cheek and winked. "Hi sweety, I bet you're more than ready to go have some fun."

"More than ready," I squealed. My cunt was drooling already, and only Grampa and I know what that meant.

As usual mother, thinking I was still a kid, instructed me to stay close to them for safety reason. In addition if I got lost what to do.

I looked calm, cool, and collected on the outside, inside I was saying, 'I hope to hell I get lost, I don't need chaperoned.'

I frowned, and shouted, "Mother, I'm not a kid anymore!"

My father spoke up then, "Deana, mind your manners!"

"I sighed, and answered, "Yes dad, but come on, I'm almost seventeen, when can I do some stuff on my own?"

My Grampa must have sensed my anger, touched my arm, shook his head, and interrupted the conversation. "I have an idea, why don't you let me watch her today? That will give you two, some time to enjoy things, without worrying about Deana."

Mom's eyes lit up with delight and she chirped, "Now that sounds like a splendid idea. Deana, you can go with Grampa and make sure you behave yourself. How about meeting us in the park around five pm, that gives you the whole afternoon to have fun."

I was beaming, like the cat that just ate the canary. Mainly because Grampa always treated me like an adult. "I will, oh we are going to have so much fun Grampa."

We totally enjoyed the parade, and the rides, especially when my parents were not around. I did not get yelled at for asking for cotton candy, a hot dog, and soda, with a lecture from mom how bad it was for me. I wasn't a kid, I needed to have fun, and forget the nutritional rules for once.

It was nearly four thirty and we walked over to the park to join mom and dad. I sat down on the same side of the picnic table as Grampa. He did not tell my parents what I ate as we all sat down to eat the picnic supper.

I could tell by the way he looked at me, held me, and kissed me, (innocently of course.) I could feel the outline on your cock against me, and I wished it was dark already.

Mom looked at Grampa and asked if I wore him out. He just smiled and lied, I didn't, I was good, and we had fun. As for mom, she was elated, that she and dad could do what they wanted, that day, without me tagging along.

As for me, I could not wait till later, when it was dark. You see I plan to beg to sit in Grampa lap, covered up with the blanket, because I would tell mom I needed a blanket because I was getting cold. Oh boy what we can do under the blanket.

After eating mom packed up the basket so dad could take it back to the car. She spoke up and asked, "Do you want a chair to sit in Grampa?"

He winked at me and replied, "No I rather sit on the blanket, mean less to carry when things are over."

She smiled and told my dad, "Just bring the three blankets back, that way we don't have much to carry back, afterwards."

We headed toward the field where the fireworks would commence. We sat on the edge of the crowd, where we had a good view and wouldn't have to hassle with the people when scurrying for our car when finished.

We listened to music, and I got to play with a few sparklers, and even bought a Glow thing that I could put around my neck. My parents actually seemed normal for a change ... if that was possible. Before it got dark I asked mom is I could sit with Grampa, it was getting chilly, and he brought an extra blanket.

She grinned, and replied, "Sure honey, just hang on to his hand when it's over so we won't lose you."

"Oooh I will. I just love watching fireworks. Thanks for bringing Grampa he likes it too, I can tell."

The fireworks started at nine pm, just after dark with a loud boom. I put my arms around Grampa as if the noise scared me. I looked around and noticed no one was paying attention to us. I leaned into him, kissed him, and squealed, "Luv yahs Grampa." Just in case someone was looking. I then snuggled up to him as he covered me with the blanket. Our little secret and the risk of getting caught added fuel to my arousal.

As soon as I was covered, he moved so the blanket would hide our movements. He ran his fingers across my nipples, which were hard already, and then unzipped my pants. I moved my hand to his crotch, and rubbed the outline of his hardened cock. He leaned into me, and handed me a large napkin, which I knew was for his cum ... if we got that far.

I pulled my jeans down a bit, but not too far in case I had to quickly cover up to keep from getting caught. His fingers caressed my wet pussy, and I was so turned on that I thought I would cum right then and there.

I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, and licked my lips hungrily. I looked around, and waited until the firework went off and it was dark once more, before proceeding. I then moved my head under the covers, like I was scared again, and kissed the end of his cock savoring the precum.

He groaned, and dad asked if he was ok. He touched me, reassuringly and replied, "Yes, I think I swallowed a bug." Dad offered him a soda and he told him no, it would make him want to pee and he wasn't moving, he wanted to enjoy the show. (And me).

As the fireworks went off and everyone's attention was on them, no one could see what I was actually doing. I took his cock in my mouth, and began sucking it hard. His fingers found my hot, wet, hole, and finger-fucked it, as his thumb rubbed my clit. God I was in heaven, wishing we were alone somewhere so we could play, suck, and even fuck under the stars.

He touched my shoulder, and pushed me down further on his cock. I knew by his silent actions it was safe and he would cum quickly. I wanted to scream with delight, but held it back, as I sucked his throbbing member. It wasn't long until I felt the warm liquid coating my mouth and throat. After I finished downing his load, I squealed loud as if enjoying the fireworks, and came like hell. He then brought his hand to his lips and licked it clean.

Grampa then put his cock away and zipped up, as I pulled my jeans up and fastened them. He held me close after that with his hands under my t-shirt fondling my tities. Mmmm, I loved every minute of it.

When the show was over, Grampa held my hand tightly, as we all walked toward the car.

He leaned over and whispered, "Deana, wonder if your dad will let you spend the night?"

I almost yelled yes, when I replied, "Ask them?"

My dad and them had just caught up with us and said, "Ask us what Deana?"

Before I could reply, Grampa said. "I was wondering if Deana could spend the night. She has been as good as gold and I bet you two haven't had a night by yourself in ages."

My mom objected, in an angry tone, "That's a good idea dad, but she doesn't have any Pajama's or toothbrush at your house."

Before I could say a word, he frowned and quickly responded. "She has a tooth brush there; I bought her one, so she can brush her teeth if she eats while at my house. As far as pajama's she can wear one of my T-shirts, it will go clear to her knees."

My dad must have liked the idea and before mom could say a word spoke. "That settles it then, she can, and I will pick her up sometime Sunday afternoon, if you don't mind."

In the light of the other car's headlights I could tell by Grampa smile that he was pleased. "Sure, now you too have fun tonight. Don't worry about Deana I will make sure she behaves."

I couldn't contain my excitement any longer and shouted, "You mean it, I actually get to do something I want for a change!"

They all laughed as my dad spoke, "I think so, after all, I won't worry when you're with Grampa."'

I just smiled, and told myself, "What they don't know won't hurt them."

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