Dads and Daughters on Vacation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Single dads Ted and Mark take their daughters on vacation together. Amber and Stephanie notice that their lonely dads are often sporting erections, especially when playing with them in the pool. Neither girl wants her father to be lonely (or horny), so they decide to lend a hand.

Mark and his daughter Stephanie met Ted and his daughter Amber while they were all on vacation. The girls hit it off, and when the dads got to talking they realized they lived only 10 miles from each other. The girls attended rival High Schools, but Stephanie was a gymnast and Amber played softball, so the two had never met when their schools played one another in those sports.

Both father/daughter pairs had something significant in common. Both Mark and Ted were raising their girls on their own. Mark's wife (Stephanie's mother) had passed away when Stephanie was in elementary school. And Ted's wife (Amber's mother) had left him for another man when Amber was two years old. They had not heard from her for many years, and to Ted and Amber it was as though she no longer existed.

The summer after they all met, the two father/daughter "couples" were on vacation again, this time all traveling together to the same resort where they had met a year earlier. The girls were now best friends, as were their dads. On their first day, all Stephanie and Amber wanted to do was play around in the pool. And even though both girls were nearly 15 years old, they still wanted their "daddies" to be part of the fun. After several hours of pool play and sun, they were all back in their hotel suite. The guys had toweled off and were sitting in the common living room, and the girls were in the bathroom together.

"So, do you think your dad gets lonely?" Amber asked her friend.

"I don't know," Stephanie replied. "Why?"

"Well, does he go on dates much?"

"Not really. I mean, during the week he works, and at nights he's at home, or we're doing things together. And on the weekends we're usually hanging out with you and your dad. Seriously Amber, why are you asking?"

"Oh, I was just wondering if he, you know ... GETS any."

"Gets any what?"

"Stephanie ... gets ANY? Hello!"

"Amber! Why would you ask me THAT?"

"Because when we were playing in the pool, he had a boner most of the time, that's why!"

Stephanie was shocked at her friend's comment.

"What? Shut ... UP! Amber what are you talking about?"

"It's no big deal, Steph. My dad did too. He always does when we play around in the pool and, well, plenty of other times too."

"No ... WAY! YOUR dad ... and MY dad ... they get hard when we're around?"

"Uh, YEAH!," Amber said jokingly. "That's why I was asking if your dad was lonely. I'm sure he is. I know my dad is. I always tell him he should go out on dates, but he says he never has time."

"Yeah, mine too," Stephanie replied, then paused to think for a few moments. "Amber, maybe I'm dumb, but I still don't know what you're really trying to say. What's your point in talking about this?"

​"I'm just saying, I KNOW for sure that my dad is lonely, AND horny. He gets hard like, ALL the time. I bet yours does too. You just probably don't notice. You didn't notice today in the pool and it was ready to poke through his suit!"

"Really? Does your dad, you know ... does he know, that YOU know that he's like, horny?"

"Yeah! I give him shit about it all the time! When we play around in the pool, like today, I like, try to rub it with my leg and stuff, just to tease him."

"You do NOT! Why do you do that?"

"Because it makes him feel so awkward, and because it's so funny. He's always like, 'Amber! I told you that was totally inappropriate!' And I just laugh my ass off."

"Don't you feel like, sooooo weird, you know ... Touching it?"

"No, not really. I've touched enough others."

"You have?" Amber said in wonder.

"Of course. Haven't you? Haven't you ever given a guy a hand job?"

"Well, yeah ... a few."

"I've given more than a few," Amber said. "I think it's totally cool. I would give my dad one if he would let me."

Now Stephanie stared at her friend for the longest time.

Meanwhile in the living room of their suite, Mark and Ted were navigating around a similar conversation.

"The girls had a good time at the pool, huh?" Ted said.

"Yeah," Mark replied. "Stephanie still can't get enough of the pool, even at her age."

"I know what you mean. Amber too. So uh ... Does Stephanie know how much ... you enjoy the pool?"

"Hmm? What do you mean, Ted?"

"Well, what I mean is, you were clearly packin' wood when the two of you were playing around in the water. It's nothing to be ashamed of, Mark. I was just wondering if Steph knows that happens."

"Ted, I don't know WHAT, you're talking about."

"Come on! You do too know what I'm talking about! I mean, how could you help it? Stephanie's a beautiful girl, with a great body, she's in a bikini, in a pool, and she's climbing all over you. How could you NOT get hard?"

"Ted, Stephanie is my DAUGHTER. What kind of a father would be if touching her ... wet ... very fit ... smokin' hot body got me ... hard ... Fine. Yes, I had big-time wood. I'm totally guilty."

"Like I said Mark, it's totally cool, I completely understand, and it happens to me all the time too. I ​was just wondering if she was aware of it."

"Not as far as I know. I HOPE not! But, why ... does Amber know that happens to you?"

"Yep, she does indeed. She doesn't miss a thing. I don't even bother trying to hide it from her anymore. She gives me grief about it all the time, but she's just joking around. I'm sure she actually gets a kick out of it."


"I know, it's weird ... beyond weird. But I've gotten used to it. I still tell her to knock it off, but she just keeps at it. Like today when we were playing around in the pool, she kept bumping up against it. I'm sure it was on purpose."

"Against your ... your bulge? I can't believe that, Ted."

"I know. She's quite a character. But we're just so close, like you and Steph are. You know what it's like when you have to be both mother and father to them. When it's a dad and daughter, it's just ... different."

"Yeah, but Ted ... not THAT different."

"I know, I know. But I'm telling you, she's just such a goof, and such a brat sometimes, and she knows she can get away with it."

"But you wouldn't ever ... you know ... for real, right?"

"Oh no! No Mark, of course not! It's all just horsing around. She doesn't mean anything by it."

Mark and Ted pondered what they had been discussing, when Mark noticed something.

"Is uh ... is THAT what you mean, Ted?"

Mark was pointing between Ted's leg's, where there was a clear tent-effect happening in his swimsuit.

"Um, yeah, that would be it. I guess talking about it does the job too. But if I might point out Amigo, I think you're in the club too."

Ted was pointing to the same spot in Mark's lap, where the same tell-tale tent had sprung up.

"Oh, shit," Mark remarked. "I swear, I didn't even notice. I guess you know what you're talking about. Maybe I had better take a shower. You know, because we were in the pool ... wash off the chlorine."

"Yeah, chlorine," Ted replied. "Good idea. Me too. Good thing we have 2 showers, huh?"

Both men laughed a bit, then started to get out of their chairs. But before either could do more than lean forward, the door from one of the bedrooms opened and the girls entered the room.

"Oh, hi girls," Mark said, feeling slightly nervous.

"Hi Dad," Stephanie said. "Hi Uncle Ted."

The girls referred to each others' father as Uncle Ted and Uncle Mark.

​"Hi Dad," Amber said, then added, "Hi Uncle Mark!"

Both men sat back in their chairs, then looked sheepishly at each other before refocusing on their daughters.

"Did you guys get enough pool time?" Ted asked.

"Of course not, Dad," Amber answered. "You know I can never get enough."

"I know Honey. What was I thinking?"

"Um ... Dad?" Stephanie said to Mark in a serious tone, which surprised him.

"What, Sweetie?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course. What's up?"

"Dad, Amber and I were talking after we got back from the pool and ... Well Amber told me that..."

"Oh, no... ," Ted groaned, "Amber, what have you been telling her?"

"Just ... a little observation I made, Dad."

"Oh crap. I think I know what that means."

"Oh Dad, stop. Go ahead Steph. Ask him."

"OK. Well Dad, when we were playing in the pool, did you have a..."

Suddenly Amber let out a little gasp, then grabbed Stephanie and quickly whispered something in her ear.

"What Stephanie? What did you say to her Amber?" Ted asked his daughter.

"Dad," Steph continued, "Amber told me that you had a ... a boner while we were playing in the pool. I was gonna ask if it was true. But she just told me that you have one right now. And I see she's not kidding."

Mark's eyes opened wide and he puts his hands squarely on his lap. He thought he had hidden his bulge, but apparently not well enough to make it past Amber's eyes.

"Amber!" Ted chimed in. "What kind of a thing is that to say to Stephanie?"

"Come on, Dad," Amber replied. "Like you don't have a hard-on right now too. It's no big deal. You know it doesn't matter to me, Dad."

"Amber, I know you think things like this are a big joke. It's bad enough when you tease me about it at home, but here, with Stephanie and Uncle Mark? This is completely inappropriate."

Mark sat silently, wishing upon wish that his erection would make a hasty retreat. Unfortunately thinking about it seemed to make it even harder.

"It's OK Uncle Ted," Stephanie said. "It doesn't bother me either ... not at all. I just wanted to know ​if it was true. Obviously it IS true. BOTH of you are hard. Uncle Ted, it is also true what Amber said, that you get hard around her all the time?"

"Amber, did you really have to tell her that?"

"It's the truth Dad, and you know it. I just thought maybe she knew that she was getting Uncle Mark hard too. You know I'm fine with it, Dad. I know you're lonely. I tell you all the time to go on dates. But I also know your focus is on me, just like Uncle Mark's is on Stephanie. We love you for that! Both of you! But we hate to see you being so lonely and, well ... horny ... just because of us."

"She's right, Dad," Stephanie said to her father. "Dad, I didn't realize that you were so lonely and all. But I have a feeling Amber's right. Do you always get a boner when we play in the pool together? Do you get them around the house, like Uncle Ted?"

"Stephanie, I don't think we can talk about this, especially in front of..."

"Dad, why not? Uncle Ted is lonely and, well ... horny just like you. And Amber totally understands. And now so do I. And we don't want you to be so lonely, or ... you know ... the other thing."

"What does that mean, Stephanie?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, what are you two up to?" Ted queried.

"Dad," Amber replied, "I think you already know what we're up to, don't you? But even though I've always wanted to do this for you, I don't think you'll let me. That's why I'm gonna do it for Uncle Mark, and Step's gonna do it for you."

"Stephanie," Mark said, "what is Amber talking about?"

Neither girl spoke as Stephanie walked over to her Uncle Ted, and Amber walked to Uncle Mark.

"A ... A ... Amber," Ted said nervously, "you can't possibly be thinking..."

Stephanie who was now in front of Ted put her index finger to her lips, then smiled widely at her "uncle," before dropping to her knees in front of him.

"Stephanie!" Mark said, before being distracted by Amber doing the same in front of him.

Ted and Mark looked at each other in stunned silence. The girls of course were right, about everything. Both dads loved their daughter like mad and made them total priority in their lives. As a result, neither dated very much at all. They were both lonely at times, but it was worth it to them. And also as a result of not dating, they were pretty horny most of the time, too. And both dads had sexual thoughts, about BOTH girls. Neither focused on their own daughter all that often, yet neither could deny having had fantasies about various couplings among the four of them. And at times Mark did actually think about making love to Stephanie, and Ted did fantasize occasionally about Amber.

Before either of the dads knew what was happening, their "nieces" had each removed their own bikini top, and were then pulling down their "uncles'" swimsuits.

"I was totally right, Steph," Amber said. "Your dad has a serious boner."

​"So does yours, Amber."

Ted was about to tell his daughter that she had better not go any further with her Uncle Mark. But before he could utter another word, he felt Stephanie's hand grasp his erection.

"Ohhhhh, no wayyyy," was the only thing he was capable of saying in that moment.

Mark was able to release a few words of feeble protest before experiencing the same delight as his buddy.

"Amber, you can't do this. Now ... I mean it ... Amb ... OOOOOhhhhhhhh..."

The dads gave no more thought to one another. Each kept his eyes locked onto the girl that was on her knees in front of him. Mark watched in awe as Amber stroked his erection up and down. And Ted did the same, only it was Stephanie he was watching.

And the girls each kept solid eye contact with the "uncle" whose hard-on they were pumping. Amber, who had considerably more experience with erect penises, thought it would be fun to spit on her Uncle Mark, making him very slippery. Stephanie had only jerked a few boys, so her technique was more basic. She grasped her Uncle Ted's cock at the base, held it firmly in her fist and stroked the skin up and down.

"Uncle Mark, does it feel good to have my hand on your penis?" Amber asked, pretending to sound innocent. Speechless, Mark just nodded. "Have you ever thought about me touching it?" Mark nodded again. "Have you ever ... thought about ... Steph touching it?" Mark hesitated, but then nodded. "Have you ever ... wanted to touch my boobs?" A nod without hesitation. "Do you wanna touch 'em now?" That got Amber a big smile and an enthusiastic nod.

She returned her Uncle Mark's smile as she rose up on her knees and offered her breasts to him. Mark leaned forward, and Amber took his hands in hers, then placed them where they wanted to be.

"You like my tits? You like how they feel Uncle Mark?"

"Ohhhh Amber, they're so wonderful," Mark whispered.

"I'm glad you like 'em."

Amber put her hands on the sides of her breasts and began rubbing them on both sides of Mark's erect cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh Amber ... ohhhhh ohhhh ohhhhh..."

She squeezed her boobs together and snuggled her Uncle Mark's dick in between. He put his hands on top of hers as she massaged him up and down.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was slowly pumping her Uncle Ted's pole with one hand while gently squeezing his balls with the other.

"Stephanie, I can't ... I can't ... Oh, Honey that feels ... ohhh Man..."

"Amber says you get hard all the time, Uncle Ted. Is that true?"

"Yeah, I suppose soooooooo ... yeahhhh just like that ... aaaahhhh ... Yeah Steph. I didn't realize ​that she was aware of it, at least as much as she seems to be aware of it."

"Does thinking about Amber make you horny? Does that get you hard?"

"It does Steph. I feel so guilty about it, but it does make me that way."

"She doesn't mind. She told me. And I don't mind that my dad gets horny and hard either, even if it's thinking about me. Now that I know, it makes me feel good."

"I guess that makes both your dad and me about the luckiest fathers ever, Stephanie. Ohhh Baby ... you are so beautiful."

"Thank you, Uncle Ted."

Stephanie was surprised that her Uncle Ted could last so long without ejaculating. The boys she had stroked off prior came really fast in comparison. There was a clock on the table right next to them, so she knew she had been jerking him for more than five minutes. She wondered if he would last for seven or eight when he started really moaning.

"OOOhhhhhhh, Honey ... Honey ... Honey ... OOOHHHH!!! Don't stop don't stop don't stop don't STOP ... aaaahhhhhhh ... yesssssss..."

Stephanie had never jerked anyone while maintaining a full view of the act. When she had given other hand-jobs, the boys never really had their pants off, and rather being between their legs looking at them, she was usually next to them in a car and they were kissing her and squeezing her breasts through her shirt when they erupted.

But this time she got to watch. She figured that she should probably point the tip away from herself, although she was curious about what a guy's stuff tasted like. But for this time she just enjoyed the show as she watched Uncle Ted's semen pulse through along the underside of his hard cock and squirt well up onto his shirt. When it was down to the last few dribbles Stephanie turned her head to see what was happening with her dad and Amber.

Amber still had her Uncle Mark's dick between her boobs and she was squeezing around it as hard as she could. Mark put his hand on her head and seemed to be guiding her downward, wanting her to take him in her mouth, but finally he decided that being massaged by her tits was plenty of fun for this little outing.

"Amber ... I'm gonna ... Ohhhh I'm gonna cum, Amber ... Oh Amber your tits are so perfect ... they feel so good ... Ohhhhhh Amber Honey ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

Mark put his hands back on top of Amber's hands and helped her squeeze her boobs around him. His load burst up from between them hitting her throat and running back down over his cock and into her cleavage. Amber held him there for at least a minute after the squirting subsided.

The girls got up and looked for something to wipe with (although Amber had taken Mark's entire load on her throat and breasts, Stephanie only had a little that had dripped on her jerking hand to contend with), while both dads sat in their chairs feeling dazed, confused and spent.

Before leaving to go back to the bedroom, each girl kissed first the "uncle" they had satisfied, then their own dad. When they were gone Mark and Ted were finally able to look at one another again.

"What ... what the hell just happened, Ted?"

​"I ... I have no clue, Mark. I mean, I told you Amber is always teasing me about all that, but I never thought she would do anything about it, much less get Stephanie into the act. I ... I don't know what to think."

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