Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Aaron woke up one morning, finding a 21½inch Schwanzstucker between his legs. This is the fantasy of finding out how people look at you differently, especially women, when they discover what you got and if you know how to use it. Maybe your sister and your mother can help through this?


"HOLY CRAP! What the hell happened to me?"

"Mom, come here, quick."

Mom rushed into my room, yelling "What's wrong, Aaron?" As she entered my room, she realized I was naked and holding, what appeared to be, a very large penis.

"Aaron, what is that? I mean ... I know what that is ... but what happened ... to you?"

We were now, both looking down at my very large penis.

"Mom, last night when I went to bed, it was only about seven inches long or so ... nothing to brag about, but overnight? A prick isn't supposed to grow this big overnight. I'm worried. Can you get me to the doctor, please?"

"Sure, Aaron honey. Put on some clothes." She couldn't stop looking at my prick. Did I see her lick her lips?

My sister Jenna walked into the room, wondering what all the commotion was about. My Mom, got her away from my door, so I could get dressed. She told Jenna that I thought I saw a mouse in my room. Feeble, but believable enough that Jenna said 'Ewwwww' and went back to her own room.

My name is Aaron – I'm 16, and I've NOW got a very large penis.

My sister Jenna is 18, and my Mom, Sabrina is 36. My Dad left us, about five years ago. He was having an affair; Mom caught him, and threw out the stupid sonofabitch. Simple as that! She got quite a settlement, and doesn't have to work anymore.

Mom got me to the doctor's office and, after waiting for an hour in the waiting room, we were called in.

As per every doctor everywhere, he said, "What seems to be the problem?"

My Mom said turning to me, "Show him honey ... do you want me to leave Aaron?"

"No Mom— Stay please?" I suddenly felt 12 years old again, and didn't want my Mommy to leave me alone with the doctor.

I slowly undid my belt and dropped my pants, very nervously. Then I lowered my boxers.

The doctor's mouth dropped open when he saw my very large penis. He said, "Quite honestly, in 40 years of medical practice, I have never seen a totally soft penis this large. Tell me exactly what happened, son?"

Nervous and embarrassed, I told the doctor that last night, just before I went to sleep; I masturbated, as I do most nights at bedtime. I insisted that when I went to sleep that it was only about seven inches hard. I didn't put anything on it, or did anything to it, except that I jerked off.

"And did you ejaculate last night?"

"Yes Sir, I did."

"Was it any different than usual, color, smell, volume?"

"Yes, Doctor, as a matter of fact, it smelled a little like cinnamon, actually."

"Let's measure it soft and hard, please." The doctor called the nurse in, telling her to get a sewing tape measure. My Mom grabbed my hand, saying, "Everything's going to be all right, Honey."

The cute blonde nurse took the tape and placed it underneath where my dick connects to my balls, and measured it. She smiled at me.

The doctor said, "I see that soft, it is 10¾ inches long ... now can you get an erection please, Aaron?"

"Mom, this is embarrassing. Can you leave for a minute, please?"

"Sure honey. I'll be right outside, OK Aaron?"

"OK Mom. Thanks."

"I can get the nurse to help you get hard, if you'd like, Aaron?" the doctor said, as he stepped away.

"Uhm, OK." The nurse was pretty good looking with a nice rack and a really tight looking butt.

"Hi, my name is Lucy. How do you want to do this, Aaron?"

"Just ... use your hand on me, please?"

"OK." She took my penis in her hand ... it jumped on contact. She very slowly moved her hand back and forth, slightly squeezing me as she went. I looked up into her blue eyes, and she smiled. I could fall into those eyes real easily.

"Doctor," her voice broke my spell, "I think that's a full erection, Sir." She broke into a real big smile.

"Measure it please, Lucy?" the doctor said.

"Yes, Doctor. It's ... oh, my, 21— inches long Sir," she giggled; he looked sternly back to her.

"Aaron, could we get a sample of your ejaculate?" he asked.

"Wait? What ... you want me to cum?"

"Yes. You can finish yourself, or I wouldn't doubt that Nurse Lucy could be a big help to you."

I saw Lucy get a specimen jar. Laughing, I said, "You're going to need a bigger jar, Lucy." That made her and the doctor laugh.

"I'll step out so you two can finish this ... specimen gathering."

"Yes, Doctor," Lucy smiled, and then got a serious look on her face. "What do I need to do, to get you off Aaron?"

I couldn't believe that I was in front of such a beautiful young lady, with a hard-on the size of a baseball bat.

"Uhh, Lucy?"

"Yes, Aaron?"

"Would you show me your breasts, please?"

"Will that help you cum, Aaron?"

"Oh, yeah!" I wasn't about to tell anyone that I'm usually thinking about my sister Jenna's tits, when I'm jerking off.

Lucy said, "Here they are, Aaron. What would you like to do with them ... lick them ... suck them ... pinch them?"

I started feverishly jacking off my now ginormous cock. Lucy was rubbing herself all over her boobs and had started to run a hand down to her pussy area, when I knew what was about to happen.

"H-Hurry, Lucy, get a jar ... there is going to be a lot of this..." I was getting very very close. Lucy had gotten out an open container jar, and kept it close to the 'action.' "I – I – I'm gonna, I'm cumming Lucy."

I couldn't believe the amount of cum I had produced. If I hadn't masturbated last night, you would have though I'd gone two weeks without cumming.

"Wow, Aaron. That's a large amount of cum ... ejaculate you have there. And it does smell of cinnamon." She put her finger in it and actually tasted it. I started getting hard again. She noticed and said, "Down boy, buy me a drink first." She smiled that pretty smile and said, "I'll give you my phone number if you'd like. Go ahead and get dressed, Aaron." I pulled my pants back up, telling Lucy to go ahead and call the doctor.

"Doctor, we've got it." She had quickly buttoned up her uniform, finishing before the Doctor and my Mom came back in.

My Mom had a real big smile on her face. The doctor had apparently told her what had been going on in here. I was as embarrassed as I'd ever been in my life. Lucy was turning a little red as well, then smiled at my mother, and stepped out.

"She's pretty, isn't she Aaron?"

"Mom, she's a nurse. She's seen hundreds of them before, I'm sure."

"Maybe not a two footer, Aaron," mom said, smirking.

"Well," the doctor said, "I'll get the nurse to take some blood, she's good at getting fluids, wouldn't you say, Aaron," he said chuckling a bit.

I turned even a deeper shade of crimson.

"I'm sorry for that remark, Aaron. Mrs. Hall, after she takes the blood work, we'll do some tests; then we'll call, and have you two back in here as quickly as we know something. Oh, Aaron ... Lucy isn't seeing anyone, if you were wondering?"

Nurse Lucy had come back in, fully composed and very professional. "Are you left handed or right handed, Aaron?"

"Uh, left handed, why?"

"When we take blood, we want to take it from the non-dominant arm, OK?"

"Sure." She raised my right shirtsleeve, looking for a vein, and took two vials of my blood. "I heard the doctor tell you I'm single and not seeing anyone. How about you, Aaron? You got a girlfriend?"

"No," I said a little too loudly. My Mom and the Doctor were quietly talking in the corner of the office, while the bloodletting was happening. My outburst caused my Mom to look over at me and smile.

The doctor asked, "Well, are we all done, here?"

"I am," I said.

That made everyone laugh, and helped to reduce the tension. Lucy gave me a card that had a handwritten phone number on it. Mom saw this exchange, and chuckled as we left the doctor's office.

As we got into the car, she said, "She's very pretty, isn't she, Aaron?"

"Yeah, Mom ... she's OK," trying to sound as casual as I could. "She gave me her phone number."

"I saw that honey. Have you ever done anything with a girl?"

"Mom—Jees. I think what happened in there today qualifies as 'doing something, ' doesn't it?"

"Do you want to tell me what happened in here, Aaron?"


"OK, honey ... sorry. I thought talking about it might help. I guess it doesn't. I guess you could say that my little boy has finally grown up."

"Mom, you're having too much fun at my expense I think."

"Well, Aaron. Don't let Jenna see that monster. She may want to take him for a ride." She added, "I may as well," blushing a little.

"Jees Mom ... I wake with a 21 inch dick, and now everybody wants to take a ride on it."

"21— inch dick, Aaron," my mom said with a furtive smile.

"Please don't tell Jenna about this. She'll just tease me about it."

"OK, honey."


"Yes, sweetheart?"

"What were you and the doctor talking about while Lucy was taking my blood?"

"Well, dear, I asked him what he thought was going on. What might have caused your penis to triple in size overnight? He didn't have an answer. He said that it may shrink back to its previous size on its own, or..."

"Or what, Mom? What aren't you telling me?"

"He said it might shrink back after you were to have ... intercourse."

"He did? Really. He said that? Mom, can you help me find out if that will work or not?"

"What? You want me to get you a hooker? I don't know about that ... there's disease and who knows whom they were last with..."

"NO, Mom. I'm asking if you'll help me, personally, to see if intercourse may resolve this ... problem?"

"You want to have sex with me? Your own mother? Oh my god, Aaron. I don't know what to say in response to that."

"Mom, dad's been gone for five years and you're still very pretty. Hot, actually. All of my friends say things like, 'I wish she were my Mom -- I'd hit that -- They even asked me if I had ever ... you know, 'done' anything with you?"

"And what exactly have you told them, Aaron?"

"The truth Mom ... the absolute truth, that nothing has ever happened between you and me."

We finally got back home. As we were walking through the front door, my Mom turned to me and got a very serious look on her face. She asked, "Aaron, when you masturbate at night, what gets you off, a magazine, a porn flick, thinking about somebody or something specific?"

"Mom, I can see that you're not going to let this go until I tell you something juicy. Most nights I get off by thinking of either Jenna or you ... but you've got to understand, I've been so focused on getting the best grades to get a scholarship to a good college, that I've never even seen a girls breasts, until today. Oops. Damn it!"

"So, that's what Nurse Lucy did for you, Aaron?"

"Yeah—I start college in three months, Mom. I need to do something about this problem, don't I?"

"Well Aaron, not all young men would consider what's happened to you, a problem. They'd kill for a penis even half the size of what you have at the Moment. You know, having thought about it for a bit, I could help you, if you really wanted me to..."

Just at that moment, Jenna came down the stairs, in a real tight top and what I think they call a micro-skirt.

"I'm going out with my girlfriends, Mom. See you later ... Oh, what happened this morning anyway? Where did the two of you go off to?"

"Your brother was ... bitten by something and we were worried about it, so we got him to the doctor as quickly as we could."

"Are you all right, Aaron? I'm on your case all of the time, but I do care about you," Jenna said.

"Isn't that sweet of your sister, Aaron?"

"Yeah, Jen. Thanks for caring. You sure you're not going out on the prowl? That's a pretty hot outfit you've got on. I can see your panties from here."

"Is my little brother perving on me?" Jenna giggled.

"No, just looking at what's right in front of him, and from where I sit, it looks pretty good."

I felt my Mom slap at me, although she had a sly smile on her face. "OK – Jenna. Dinners at 6pm - Be home by then, please?"

You'd think that Mom had asked her to change into a nun's habit, by the look on her face.

"OK, Mom. Could I ask Zoe and Tracy over for dinner?"

"Sure, dear. Bye then."

"Bye Mom, Bye perv!" Jenna smiled and said.

I said to her, "I love you too, my hot sister Jenna."

The tension suddenly was palpable. My mom got up, took my hand, and we walked into her bedroom. Although I'd never participated in any kind of sex, I knew what couples did ... I was a horny 16-year-old male, after all.

Mom turned on some music, and then started to remove her blouse. I decided to mirror whatever she did, so I removed my shirt. Next, she unbuttoned her skirt and unzipped the zipper and it fell off of her. As slowly as I could, I started to undo my belt buckle, removing the belt. I started to unzip my fly; my Mom slapped my hand away and mouthed 'I'll do that' as she went to her knees.

Oh, my fucking goodness. My mother is going to suck on my dick. I instantly started to get very hard.

She finished unzipping me and unbuttoned the fly button, and pulled down my slacks. I stepped out of them, taking off my shoes and socks at the same time.

Now I was standing there in my boxers, which didn't even begin to hide my enormously long, very swollen cock.

My Mom stood up, took off her bra and panties. The first time you see tits up close, it's amazing how they look. Lucy's were nice but Moms were magnificent. She had a mostly shaved pussy. My mouth was watering at the thought of what was about to happen.

She went back down to her knees and pulled down my boxers. She was licking her lips like I was an ice cream cone or something. She took my now very hard dick, and licked the end of it very gently. Then she pushed her mouth forward, taking about seven or so inches. That's what I figured. Any girl could only take seven or eight inches. I could never be truly satisfied anymore.

She started slurping and sucking on me and even with her mouth full, I heard her say, 'more.' so, I pushed in and she took about three more inches. I now realized my Mother was a deep throater, so I pushed in a little more. Now she had over 12 inches of my cock in her mouth. Suddenly, she pulled off and sputtered a bit. "It's been a while, but I used to do that for your father ... and he still left me."

"I'll never leave you, Mom," I said.

"That's so sweet. Are you ready to make love to your Momma, Aaron?"

"Oh, my god, you are so beautiful. I almost hope it doesn't work the first time."

"Climb aboard, Lover," she giggled.

She got up on the bed, and quickly moved and got on her back and spread her legs, wide open. I moved towards her, picking up my dick with both hands, and just placed the tip at the entrance to her pussy.

"Honey, don't just shove it in all at once. I probably can't take it all, and I want to enjoy this as much as you do."

Taking first a deep breath and my Mom's advice, I put in only about six inches, stopped for a moment, so she could catch her breath. "A little more Aaron." I put about three more inches in. "Good," she said. "Now using just as much as you've got in me, fuck me Aaron. I want you to fuck me, honey. I want to feel your cum inside me."

Well, that was enough for me to start a steady rhythm, in and out ... back and forth. Mom was breathing pretty hard. I heard her moaning. I reached up and grabbed her breast with my mouth and started sucking. That got her moaning even louder. I was about ready to cum when I heard my Mom squeal and say, "Oh Aaron, I just came. Thank you, honey. Now it's your turn."

"Mom, oh – Mom, you feel so good. I'm really close, so very close. Talk to me, talk dirty to me, Mommy."

"Oh, Aaron, put that meat to me. Fuck me like you really mean it. Think of Lucy. Yeah, Yeah Think of your sister Jenna, with her big old tits. Oh, yeah. Think of making your own brother or sister right now—come on. Come on. Fuck me, sonny boy."

That did it for me I started cumming. It was more than I gave Lucy, earlier. I wouldn't stop cumming; I closed my eyes, thinking it would help me finish.

Bursting in the door, "Hey Mom, neither of the girls showed up ... Oh, my god Aaron ... and Mom. Don't stop on my account. When did you get that enormous Schwanzstucker, Aaron? I want some of that too."

"We'll have to share him, Jenna. All's fair in love and incest."

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