The Crucible
Chapter 1

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Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Andrew Greyman is a soldier of the Imperium, in a state of war. The war however seems to be coming to an end as the Federation gain the lead and attempt to strike a killing blow. However just as the battle reaches the deciding height a new enemy comes into the fray and is more deadly than any human rivalry

The armada of ships glided towards the planet Earth. The huge dreadnought of the Imperial fleet defending the planet aimed its guns at the approaching Federation ships. The two fleets were huge with a multitude of ships on the Imperial side. They had squadrons of fighters and bombers with corvettes in support. On the frontline there were frigates and battle cruisers with mass driver artillery for their main guns. These weapons stuck out as the ships bared their teeth. Large carrier groups with an escort of cruisers housed more fighter classes. At the rear there was the dreadnought and a small section of battleships.

The federation armada was a lot larger than their opponents but only contained few types of ships. They were frigates, battleships and the landing crafts. These moved in a mass of grey towards the Imperial defenders. The Imperial dreadnought opened fire with a crashing of the barrels launching the shells out. These accelerated through the emptiness of space till they reached the opposing ships. The shells slammed into several ships and one struck a hit on a frigate in its middle. An explosion followed which ripped through the hull and tore the ship in two, flames burst out of the open sections as oxygen escaped.

The rest of the ships were soon in range. The vessels all opened fire in continuous volleys as they came even closer in. The mass drivers of the Imperials fired out with varying sizes of shells in a volley at the opposition. The Federation ships had more plasma based weaponry which was a shield of magnetic forces holding together a lump of molten plasma shot from the cannons on the ships. These had a dark blue tint to them as the shielding of the shot burned away in its flight. The rounds crashed into both sides which struck ships everywhere. The fighters and bombers soared across the now small space between the two sides and engaged the enemy.

All around there were ships exploding, firing and broadsiding extremely close to each other. The Imperial dreadnought was surrounded by the enemy and was taking a huge amount of fire, a beast being attacked by a swarm of killer bees. It did shoot back and took out multiple vessels with both heavy cannons and shorter range auto-cannons hurling out thousands of smaller projectiles in a mini-gun type fashion. The bombers and corvettes attempted to provide support by attacking the ships assaulting the dreadnought but it was not enough.

A critical strike saw a heavy plasma round slam into the underside of the vessel where multiple hits had already struck. The armour plating gave way and the plasma continued into the underbelly of the mighty warship. It was ripped into and where followed by another accurate shot which hit the engines at the rear of the ship, this caused a chain reaction where the fuel feed system was torn apart and promptly caught fire. The burning fuel raced along the pipe system overwhelming all safety measures in an unstoppable inferno, when it hit the main fuel storage units the section of the ship exploded with almighty force. At the rear fire erupted from the engines. As the ship broke apart escape pods flew out and away from the dying husk but towards the still on-going battle

Aside from the battle raging all around, landing craft descended into the lower orbit. Large ground cannons fired up into the craft, but did minimal damage. Shuttles with both infantry and vehicles launched from the craft and sped towards the planet. The ground cannons had much more effect with these shuttles and many were turned into fireballs which hurtled down and smashed into the city below. London was the crux of one such attack on the planet as a command and control centre was present there which oversaw the defence of the wasteland that used to be the human home-world

Ground Marshall Andrew Greyman was an Imperial soldier stationed at one of the ground cannons in the centre of London which fired up at the swarming attacks. The cannons were of a large construction which towered up into the air occasionally belching fire, some were aimed at the ships in orbit whereas some were targeted to landing shuttles. These were s surrounded with smaller AA positions to protect them from huge formations of federation air attacks. They all were in constant fire sending the rounds up into the air at the rapidly approaching assault forces.

A bomber squadron flew over the city and dropped their payload on various target. The AA and cannons locked onto them quickly. While the cannons was too slow and couldn't get a properly aimed shot off the AA positions could.

Most of the squadron of ten were shot down before they could retreat. O

In the hailstorm one ship exploded into a fireball and smashed into the Big Ben clock tower sending chunks of the tower off and down onto the street. The Marshall was currently standing in the by an AA site. He was a tall dark, short haired man, well built with a thin beard. He wore a grey, blue and black camo uniform in a leopard skin pattern, a flat cap with a holographic display on the left eye and chest body armour with knee pads over the uniform. He had an assault rifle slung over the shoulder with a pistol on the hip. At that moment Greyman was speaking loudly in a deep voice, to a holographic screen in front of him, which projected a miniature, flickering version of the person on the other end of the line.

"Assault troops are raining down everywhere, doesn't help that we are vastly understrength. If attack in force this position will fall" The hologram paused before answering

"Sorry the command centre is requiring all our reserves, I have nothing to give you. That gun cannot fall, it is critical to our defence. If it does fall then the Federation's troops will be able to land and they will be able to deploy their heavy vehicles"

"I will try, but don't hold your breath"

An explosion nearby signalled that the area was under attack. The Imperial troops wore the same uniform as the Ground Marshall but a full covered helmet, and all carried the standard railgun. This was a long frame about the size of an adult arm with a thin box half its length mounted on top, this housed the ammo. The weapon fired a small charge of accelerated metal with a plasma based encasement keeping the projectile on course. When the gun was fired the round sped out of the barrel by the use of a chemical reaction much like the old fashioned assault rifles used centuries before. The Imperial position was strewn across the rubble of the city area with the occasional mounted autocannon in the buildings. All together the Imperials had 100 men in the position which was meant for many more. Greyman rushed to a barricade created when a building collapsed across the street. The federation infantry were charging towards their position.

The troops stormed across the rubble strewn area but instantly were slowed by shots coming from the entrenched Imperials. Greyman fired off his rifle a few times from cover next to a few others who did the same. A soldier next to the Marshall was struck by a bullet which went straight through his helmet and out the other side. The man crashed to the ground. It didn't take long before the Imperials were slowly being pushed back from their positions and closer to the cannon, all the Federation men needed was a good rocket strike before they could land their heavy tanks and APC's. This target was given to them when an Imperial garrisoned building was overrun and the line of sight from the second story gave them perfect view to the tip of the cannon. Greyman saw this and ran towards the building.

By the time he had reached it the fire-fight around him had intensified and he had picked up a few soldiers who also saw the threat. Several pieces of a star ship crashed into the city having burnt up in the atmosphere and breaking apart. This shower was unnoticed by many. The Marshall reached the door to the building just as one of the AA guns exploded from a grenade blast meaning, less fire was now being directed against the landing craft and fighters. As he entered the room a Federation light tank smashed out of the rubble nearby and was immediately destroyed by a missile launcher from the entrenched infantry in a destroyed building. However as this happened another light tank skidded around the corner backed up with further infantry. The tank opened fire sending a light shell in the direction of the Marshall and his rag tag squad.

He was blown back along with the others as the rocket fired from the second story and into the cannon. The weapon was blown apart by the rocket as the last AA position also was knocked out by the overwhelming infantry. Greyman immediately sounded the retreat as an Imperial AT squad sent their payload into the tank down the street. Only thirty men were now left who started to make an orderly retreat back towards the command centre. Greyman reached the holographic communicator which had been hit several times by stray bullets and railgun bursts. He switched it on and the commander on the other end answered first

"Your cannon have gone offline"

"Yeah nothing could be done"

"That was the last on in this area. I just spoken to the admiral and he reported several squadrons of shuttles have launched and broken off from the battle. Get back here"

"On the way"

It didn't take long for the Imperial troops led by their Ground Marshall to retreat towards the command centre. The Federation forces secured the area for the rest of them to drop from the shuttles and so did not give chase.

Before long the command centre based in the houses of parliament was reached where the occupants were being evacuated. What was left of the 3rd mechanised division and the 80th infantry division were getting ready to catch a task force of evacuation shuttles to the navy in orbit. The thirty men of the 3rd mechanised joined the defences and waited until help could arrive. Greyman in the meantime went straight to the main command room where men and women were running around and the loud voices could be heard over the comms. He reached the general and saluted him who saluted back. The general was a well build fairly old man of average height.

"One hour. Their taskforce has started to land in force; they hope to gut our organisation and take command of or destroy our ground cannons. Tokyo has already fallen. We estimate that two full divisions are dropping here"

"Even with AA fire and what's the hurry?"

"The battle up there" he pointed upwards "is not going well and could go to either side. Even with our dreadnought down our communication lines are still fully functional. This means that the fleet is organised and commanded. If ... When we lose the command centres all organisation is lost not to mention the resulting halt in fire from the artillery positions. If they are used against us then the battle is lost."

"So we're retreating then?"

"Yes, the war will not be decided on this ball of rock. We catch a transport ride up and the entire navy disengages. You have your orders, take the northern perimeter with your men and hold it for now"

"Yes sir!"

With that Greyman ran out and collected his men.

The battle past the atmosphere was crazy and more and more pieces of scrap metal were crashing into the city and other places having suffered a hard re-entry of the planet. By now though transports were picking the defenders up and moving them onto the various Imperial ships as the Federation landed theirs. Greyman arrived at the perimeter with his battered and bruised men. They all took positions around the street; some in buildings and some on the street, the Marshall himself slumped down next to a piece of a destroyed shop which lay scattered along the street. By now it was dark and the illuminations of gunfire and explosions were everywhere. Tracer rounds flared up as the rounds streaked off towards their targets. Even in the sky the clouds were lit up for a second and then in another place and then in another rapidly.

His radio connected to his ear (standard issue for all Imperial military personnel) was alive with reports of retreats and places being overrun. Troops soon started pouring into the perimeter, tanks rolled in with infantry mounted on top and imperial interceptor fighters clashed with the Federation ones above them. Even amongst this chaos the tired and battered Marshall almost fell asleep from exhaustion.

The night was less quiet with the distant rumble of the shells on the ground and the battle raging up above. Tracer rounds shots up into the sky as fighters soared across it. The hour was up, evacuation was here. Out of nowhere the task force of shuttles, large and small descended from the sky and to the clearing around parliament. Almost at the same time the Federation advanced at the command centre. A camel light tank skidded down the road full speed towards the Imperials. The camel was more a heavy recon vehicle due to its eight wheels and AP cannon on top. However the Imperial equivalent reinforced the position and fired upon the enemy.

The standoff between the two tanks happened while the infantry swarmed around. It was immediately apparent that the perimeter would not hold and Marshall again issued another retreat. Again the men fell back in an organised way, laying cover for their fellows, the tank slowly reversing down the street supporting the leapfrog. The Marshall moved to the corner of the street and looked around. He saw three shuttles lift off after loading up and more land in their place. Above them fighters were engaged in a bloodthirsty dogfight to protect the evacuation efforts.

They held there to allow the rest of the men to flee, the exhausted commander fired off continual bursts and took cover against the now stationary tank. Bullets pinged off the hull everywhere and explosions sounded around with increasing frequency. The General's voice sounded on Greyman's radio

"Pull your men back, that flank has folded. Catch the last shuttles out" The general was shouting down

"What about the others?" Shouted the Marshall looking around"

"They're all either out of here or dead now move"

This time there was no organised retreat as that would have taken too long; the result was a rapid scramble of men towards the last remaining shuttles. The men in the tank quitted it, jumped down and joined the running men. When the Marshall reached the shuttle he turned around and fired his railgun at a Federation trooper who was close by. The shot pierced his shoulder throwing him down onto the ground. The door of the shuttle opened and the men inside also fired their weapons providing cover. Most of the troops made it into the three ships, the rest were struck down. The ships kicked off the ground and soared up into the sky followed by and escort of fighters still engaged in a dog fight that circled around them.

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