Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Living in Newport Beach, with my folks and one of my sisters, I've come to the realization that I may be falling slowly for my older sister Summer. With the folks off in Aspen, there's no better time than the present!

Our parents Gregory and Cynthia Morgan must've been high on some real good shit at the time they decided to name their kids. There are six of us and I'm the only boy, the only one with a 'normal name, ' Greg!

My five sisters, all of them older than me, are as follows;

Autumn 27, blonde, blue eyes, 34b,

April 25, blonde, Hazel eyes, 34c,

Summer 23, blonde, blue eyes, 36d,

June 21, blonde, brown eyes, 34b,

May 19, blonde, blue eyes, 34c,

And bringing up the rear, yours truly,

Gregory Gary, 18, a week ago, blond, blue eyes, 8 inches!

As you can tell from the descriptions my sisters are quite attractive. They are all 5ft9 or taller — Autumn and April are married now with kids on the way. June is still in college at Penn State no less. May's off at school herself in Switzerland leaving Summer, who's just graduated from Colorado State University, and me, Greg the youngest who just graduated from high school in Newport Beach. I wasn't real sure where the hell I was headed, scholastically speaking.

Summer moved back to the house while deciding if she wants to go for a Masters in Physical Education or not while I've got the summer off thinking only of girls in bikinis and getting a little something something! I've been so busy literally following in my sister's shadows as far as grades go that I've hunkered down and graduated at the top of my high school class. I've created a list of colleges that I qualify for and have already sent out 15 university application packets. I hope it doesn't take too long to hear back from them my sisters told me different things from 30 to 90 days before you hear anything.

Living in Newport Beach California means living in a swimsuit most of the year. With everyone scattered to the wind, except my parents, Summer and I. The place is rather nice and quiet!

I got up and saw a note on the fridge: 'Kid's — your father and I have left for a month to Aspen to have fun in the Snow! Have fun. We've left the fridge full and the credit card on the counter. Don't buy any Rembrandts and we'll be fine! See you in 30 days!"

"Hey Dork!" I heard from behind me. "Where are mom and dad?" It was Summer.

"Read the note shit-for-brains. They have gone. You and I can finally fuck each others brains out Sis!"

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha little brother, in your dreams. Besides I want a guy with a dick who knows how to use it. All you know how to do is jack off! I hear you, you know. You should really turn on some music or something so we all don't have to hear, 'Oooohhhhhh, baby. Yes, I'm cumming, oh yeah, baby!'"

"I'm in training, that's all Sis! I want to be ready for when you come into my room naked and ready to be fucked by your own brother!"

"You couldn't handle me at all little bro. Wait a while, then 'cum' back to me. Maybe I can give you an 'Audition?' I'm going out to sunbathe if you watch me from your room don't make too much of a mess cumming all over your hand, Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Little bitch. She's right though, all I've ever done is watch porn and beat off to whichever sister was home at the time. Even mom's pretty hot, but right now I've got the next 30 days with only Summer and me.

I'm going to get her, by hook or crook!

About 10 minutes later I walk out and see her on her sun chair, turned over and looking really good.

"Hey pervert? Wanna put some oil on my back or do you just want to jack off and cum all over me?"

I walked briskly back inside with my dick getting hard inside my trunks. I heard her laugh through the glass door.

I sulked heading back to my room. I got up and took a cold shower and changed into some other clothes sat down and watched whatever I could find on the boob tube.

About fifteen minutes later I heard Summer come back in and she came by and said, "Hey, you look nice Greg, going somewhere?"

"I had an idea to go out, but I thought I'd wait and see if my pretty sister might want to go somewhere with me?" I responded.

"Awww, that's so sweet — Even after how I just talked to you!" She said. "Why don't we take a walk together just you and me? I'll even pretend I'm your girl to check on your moves — if you have any?"

"You would do that pretend to be my girl? But, you just called me a dork and made fun of me. Why would you want to take a walk with me – your 'dorky little brother?'"

"I realized how mean-spirited that was and you are my little-bro? We can take a walk and I'll pretend to be your girl friend — just don't get too friendly. OK, little brother!"

"You have to call me Greg, only Greg?"

"All right - you can call me anything you want, stud muffin!" She growled at me. "What do you want me to put on, Greg?"

Oh my god, she's really going to do this for me! Don't overplay your hand, Greg!

"Don't you have that pretty yellow dress, Summer?" I remembered.

"Yeah, you like that one?" She sounded excited over this now, go figure girls, especially older sisters.

"Oh, yeah — a lot, it might be the prettiest thing you wear with your beautiful hair the sunlight and that dress ... I've always thought you were the prettiest of all of my sisters!"

"Well, aren't you the smooth operator?" She smiled at me!

"No, I'm just your little brother, but you're easily the prettiest girl in all of Newport Beach and that's saying something!"

"Gosh Greg, maybe I was too quick to treat you the way I did earlier give me five minutes and I'll be ready?" She smiled and I even heard a giggle.

Gosh, it worked! Expressing your honest feelings works? Why didn't I try this before? Just be careful that you aren't too honest.

She came out, looking as beautiful as I'd ever remembered. Any girl with great tits can look hot in a bikini but in a regular dress Summer is simply stunning! I grabbed the credit card and the keys to the place and we just started to walk.

We were just walking side by side for a while occasionally looking over at each other. I looked down at our hands just hanging by our sides. I decided to take a chance and touched her finger. She smiled at me and grabbed my hand. We were holding hands!

Holy shit!

After a little more walking I took my hand and moved it to her hip, causing us to be a little closer to each other.

"Making your move, Greg?" She giggled adding a smile that would melt the heart of any man.

"No, falling in love my dear sweet Summer!"

I saw a tear start down her cheek. I stopped and brushed her hair behind her ear and caught her tear with my hand stopping to caress her cheek. She leaned her cheek into my hand paused for a moment and said, "I might be too, Greg."

I took this as an omen and carefully leaned into her. I saw her eyes closing in preparation for this kiss. My eyes were wide open soaking in every last bit of this sexy woman in front of me. Our lips touched.

That was it just a little kiss telling me that this may be my best Summer ever!

Summer said to me, "I may have pegged you all wrong, GG?" We turned and started walking again now the looks between us seemed to mean more.

My sister Autumn was the first to start calling me GG. I thought when I was much younger that it was cool, but after you hear it ALL THE TIME from your sisters, parents and even some of your friends it becomes tiring. Fortunately, after growing up I sort of grew out of it and most of my family stopped using it.

All except Summer!

This sudden potential change in our relationship made me very nervous, real excited and rock hard.

I was so enamored I literally ran into my best friend Charles Concord. Talk about nicknames, he got called 'grapes' about the time I was GG. We refrained from calling each other our nicknames, but everyone else seemed fair game.

Charles knew my entire family and his eyes went straight to our holding hands and he looked up at me and smiled.

"Hello, Summer?" He said cheerily.

"Hey Charles, what's with you?" She said sweetly.

"Looking for the future Mrs. Concord, as always! I see two of the beautiful people out walking this morning. I didn't see your folks today?"

"Oh, they went to Aspen, last minute!" I mentioned. "They must have gotten a snow jones!"

Summer and I never dropped our hands from each other all through this. I saw Charles looking down at them from time to time along with a certain amount of lust in his eyes as all do who gaze upon the lovely and beautiful Summer.

"Well, I understand. If I had your family's money I'd be flitting about the globe chasing that elusive concept called satisfaction! From what I see in front of me it appears you two have found it. I gotta go, see you guys?" Charles said.

I looked over at Summer and she and I both appeared to be blushing at Charles remark. Without saying anything to each other we turned around and headed back towards our house this time Summer had my arm and she was leaning into me. I felt her warm body pressing against my shoulder as I heard her giggle. I looked up at her and we stopped again this time holding both our hands in front of each other. I saw a loose wisp of her hair and I put it back behind her ear where it belonged.

I saw that she was trembling as she moved her head closer to mine this time she was initiating the kiss between us. It lasted a bit longer, but we still both kept our lips closed.

I pulled away from her as she still had her eyes closed. She was licking her lips and I brought my finger to her lips and I softly said, "Your lips are so soft Summer. I would have never thought I would find that out by actually kissing you?"

"Oh Greg, you're such a nice guy and a pretty nice kisser as well! What the hell are we doing here? Where will it lead?"

"I don't know, but if you'd like we can try and find out. Let's just move slowly, all right? You might just be the most perfect girlfriend; Beautiful, a nice kisser and you live close!"

She laughed at that and I joined her as we started another kiss. This time she pushed her tongue against my lips and I allowed entry. I instantly returned this true expression of love. It was electric like a charge of some kind went through the both of us.

After separating we went back to walking now feeling very close to one another. I moved my arm to around her waist and left it there as we got back to our house. A couple hours ago we were yelling at each other, now we're falling in love at least I hope so!

"Want to go swimming in the ocean for a while Sis?"

"Yeah, but don't call me sister we're still in our fantasy, aren't we?" she said breathily.

The look she gave me told me everything, but I did sincerely not want to ruin this fantasy that's happening. She gave me a kiss as we went inside the house and to our rooms to change. She came out looking like she arrived from a beauty pageant having won it due to the smile on her face.

The bikini was extremely revealing, but she filled every nook and cranny of it exceptionally well. Summer never was the type to flaunt her body shamelessly, but if she did she could have had any guy at any time. If I have truly become him I'm the luckiest sonofabitch in Newport Beach.

Like I said, her suit was a marvelous subtle shade of peach, which with her perfect skin, blonde hair and blue eyes gave her that girl next-door appeal that so many girls try so hard for. My Summer has it going on, naturally.

Did I just refer to her as my Summer?

I had on a traditional swimsuit not a speedo. They get really difficult to remove after you've swum in them for a while. You also can practically tell if a guy's uncircumcised or not when he's wearing one. I've never been on an ocean date as we have planned; I guess I'll just try to keep it real!

She seems to be enjoying herself. Far be it from me to stop that. I may be just in lust and not in love. It's really difficult to tell the difference.

We each had grabbed a towel dropping it on our beach chairs as we walked to the beach grabbing each other's hands again. As if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

We spent some time just diving into the bottom of the two-foot swells that were coming in. After a while Summer looked rather tired so I picked her up and carried her back to the beach chairs.

Before I put her down she gave me a kiss and said, "My Hero!"

I leaned over her to give her a really nice kiss...

"What the hell is going on between the two of you anyway?" a female voice boomed. It was June. Our sister June!

"Hi, June!" Summer said.

"Hey sis!" I said.

"I just saw my little brother carrying his older sister and she appeared to be enjoying it way too much!" June exposited.

"So?" Summer said.

"So?" I reiterated.

June came down to where we were and was looking at us together glancing back and forth trying to figure something out. "Oh my god, have you two..."

"Not yet, but we might!" Summer answered the unfinished question.

"Gregory Morgan. Have you drugged your sister? You have never gotten along before?" June said continuing to glance back and forth between us trying to find an explanation for our modified behavior.

"No. I wouldn't even know where to get something like that. All I have done is to tell her how I feel and how she looks. We have kissed a couple of times. Doesn't that tie it all up in a bow Summer?" I said looking into her beautiful eyes.

Looking back at me the same way Summer said, "Yeah lover. It does! So June, are you going to join us or just stand there with your condescending tone?" Go for the jugular sis!

"Has anybody seen you acting this way?" June sputtered.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact Charles Concord saw us walking along holding hands?"

"Oh, my goodness! What happened?" June said belligerently.

"He seemed happy for us actually? He might have headed home to check out his 15-year-old sister Susan!" I said with Summer joining me in a great big laugh.

"Gregory, what a thing to say?" June rejoined.

"Chill out sis!" Summer said. "If ... no. When Greg and I hook up for the first time I'm certain that we'll teach each other a few things." I walked over to her and gave her our hottest kiss yet.

As we separated I turned, "What're you doing home? Mom and Dad thought you were staying on campus for the summer! They have gone off to Aspen for the month, leaving sometime last night or this morning!"

June answered, "My school housing was getting painted and I didn't want to die from the fumes, but I sure didn't expect to get home and find out that my older sister and my little brother had fallen in love with each other!"

Turning to Summer I asked, "Are we in love, Summer?"

"Don't know about you, but I'm getting there real fast, Greg! Let's go inside and make out for a while. June, our little brother has become a very good kisser or did you know that already?"

June was mortified blushing to her sister's question as Summer and I walked into the house holding hands!

I thought we could let June stew for a while!

June watched as Summer moved a bunch of her stuff into my room. I'd made a drawer available to her for her undies and I helped her bring her hanging clothes all into my closet. We already shared a bathroom so that was no big deal.

"Are you two crazy or something?" June exclaimed.

"Why would you say such a hurtful thing?" Summer answered not stopping in the changeover.

"Because you're moving your stuff into your brothers room like he's your boyfriend or something?" June explained as though we didn't realize what we were doing.

"Or something!" Summer repeated giving me a smile.

"Are you going to sleep in the same bed?" June said again sounding even more astounded.

"I certainly hope so!" I said to June. "Which side of the bed would you like honey?"

Summer giggled as she brought the last of her stuff into my room.

I grabbed the door gently pushing June out and I said, "We'll be doing more then sleeping, I'm quite sure sis!" I smiled at her and closed the door.

"But?" June said now on the other side of the door.

I opened the door back up and said, "What June?"

"Oh, never mind you two, never mind!" She sounded like she turned and left us to our own devices.

Due to having been on our walk along with the moving of Summers stuff and also arguing with June, Summer and I lay down on my bed still in our swimwear. I leaned into her and kissed her on the lips as we lay there side by side.

She casually removed her bikini top and bottom and I removed my suit and we were now naked in front of each other for the first time in our lives. I pulled the blanket up over the both of us and said, "Goodnight Summer," and I held her in my arms as we both fell asleep.

I woke up hearing the shower going so I went ahead and walked into the bathroom to empty my bladder, yelled 'flushing' – heard 'thanks' and went into the shower to find Summer. She was humming something and washing her hair. I picked up the soap and started soaping myself up and leaned in and gave her a kiss on the neck.

I saw her rinse her hair, so I said 'switch' and I moved into the showerhead and rinsed myself off. I stepped out and started to dry myself off as Summer moved back to the showerhead to rinse out her conditioner. She stepped out and I handed her a towel to dry off. We gave each other a kiss and I walked out to put something on.

"Are we going out somewhere or just getting back in bed, Sis?"

Flashing her electric smile at me she said, "I thought we should talk about 'us' and see what's around the corner. If you want to make out a little, I'm OK with that!"

Back in bed, clean and dry, naked as the day we were born we decided to talk!

"Summer, I know this seems very quick, along with the fact that you're five years older than me. However, I do love you!"

"Greg, the same with me! Being around you feels so comfortable, so right. I love you too! We just took a shower together and I didn't feel pressure to perform in front of you or drop to my knees and suck you off like I've done with way too many guys before."

"Sis, to be perfectly honest I almost started sucking on your beautiful butt cheek, but I know that this is something special that we've got between us!"

"Greg, you're such a handsome young man and I've thought so for the last couple of years. I just never knew the right words to say anything to you much less approach you about it. I'd like to make love to you right now!"

I leaned into my sister and started a kiss with just my lips, no hands anywhere important. I wanted to send the signal we're about to make love, and not fuck!

Summer responded putting her hand on my chest, swirling her fingertips through the matt of hair I have. In kind I took my hand and placed it on her hip feeling her soft skin as I rubbed her as lovingly as I could.

I moved from her lips to kissing her neck her beautiful alluring neck. Little pecks down the side of her neck as I made my way towards the heaving bosoms I had just out of my mouth's reach.

She took her hand off my chest as I dropped my lips to the upper portion of her voluminous breasts. The moment I latched on she shivered and trembled a little bit underneath me. I was kissing all around her magnificent nipple, hearing her breath catch in her throat. It was time to move in, so I took my lips and gently put them on her nipple and used my tongue to lick it back and forth.

Back and forth; back and forth, it grew in my mouth to double the size when I started only a few seconds before. I used my fingers and imitated my lips and tongue on her other breast and nipple with the same results.

"Oh, god Greg, that feels so fucking good! Nobody's ever done that to me before with such love and desire behind it. I love you so much. Roll on your back please?"

I did, wondering exactly what she was up to. The anticipation make me hard as stone, but I had a hunch she wasn't going there first.

She started on my neck, gnawing a little, but not enough for a hickey, thank god!

Why Not!

"Summer, give me a hickey please? I've always liked getting those more than giving them."

"Sure lover!"

"And put it as high on my neck as you want, it'll be my mark of honor!"

She went up to just below my jawline and started the process of giving me a hickey; sucking and biting, teething me.

I took my hands and placed them directly on her breasts, using my thumbs to play with her nipples while she did this to me. I was groaning from her mouth and she was moaning from my touch.

Finished, she moved her mouth to mine and we kissed, exchanging tongues, exchanging fluids, and exchanging joy!

I rolled over putting her back on her back, our genitals touching each other, but not yet truly interlocked.

I moved up so we could talk for a moment.

"Summer, can I..."

"I thought you'd never get to it Greg?" She said with a provocative smile on her face.

I grabbed my eight inches of muscle and found her entrance. She giggled a nervous giggle.

"What's so funny, sis?"

"Nothing at all, Fuck me!"

That was motivating, so I pushed with everything I had and was balls deep in a matter of seconds. She gave a big 'Oooooooohf' as I did that.

"Let me get used to that for just a minute BrotherLover, OK?"

"BrotherLover? I like that – tell me when sis? I've never been in a pussy that was so tight, or maybe I'm a little bigger right now because I'm about to fuck my older sister, OK?"

"OK, Greg ... anytime!"

I pulled out almost completely and pushed all the way back in, but slower this time, so she could feel every inch of me inside her. She wrapped her legs around me as well as she could and I started a real tender rhythm inside her, not too slow – not too fast.

I started back on her nipples again, licking and sucking them while I was giving her all of my love. She was starting to tremble underneath me, experiencing an orgasm. I sped up as she did this and it seemed to help her along.

She started sucking on my nipples, which may have caused me to get even bigger inside her. I leaned forward pushing her butt off the ground a little and causing me to get a little deeper inside her.

"Oh Greg – aww, yeah! You are real good at this, you know – you ready to cum inside me and really make me yours forever."

"You're the best, Summer – you inspire me to be as good as I am, nothing less ... nothing more!"

She started to cry as I knew what was about to happen, I slowed down a little, and asked, "You're on the pill, right Summer?"

"Hell no, Greg – You could become a daddy today? Fuck me - Cum inside me now, please Greg, please Greg! I love you so much I want your baby, I want our baby, so Fuck me!"

That did it, realizing I might be making my own sister pregnant caused me to cum for the first time inside my own sister, one ... two ... three big spurts later, I was emptied by my own stunning older sister. I know a guy's supposed to roll over and get off after getting off, but I just stayed there amazed at what just happened.

I felt her squeezing around my dick, causing it to start getting hard again, so I rolled off.

"Bring that wonderful dick to me Greg, I'll clean you off?"

"You don't have to?" I replied.

"But I want to!" She said.

"Would you mind if I didn't return that favor Summer? Maybe another time, but right now, you're full of me; maybe making a baby right now! That would be so bitching sis!"

"Oh Greg, you were amazing bro! I've never felt so full before. I'd normally ask you to go again, but I can tell you're a little wiped out. Bring that dirty dick over to me, right now!"

I turned so I was facing the other direction from her and she attacked my sloppy dick, using her tongue and literally cleaning 'us' off of me. She included licking every square inch of my ball sack along with my now, tumid dick. After tonguing me clean, she put me in her mouth and started to blow me!

I was starting to get real hard again, with her attempting to get me all the way down her throat. Amazingly, less then ten minutes after cumming inside my sister, I was hard enough to cum again. She had all of me in her throat. She looked over to me and tried to smile and pulled me out of her mouth.

"I think we need another shower, don't we BrotherLover?"

"Yes we do, Summer! Can I say something before we get in the shower please?"


"I love you, that was incredible, but I don't want our relationship built on sex, I want to love being in love with you. I'm not sure how long I've cared about you, but today is the beginning of 'us.' I'll love to make love to you often, but I just want to be near you, to see the prettiest girl I've ever known, and now love. I don't care what anybody else says or thinks about us, OK?"

"I have really found the most loving man, which I really thought wasn't out there, but I did -- he's my brother!"

We showered together again, but this time touched each other a little more then before. We kissed and said 'I love you' over and over. Summer giggled as we finished and stepped out to dry each other off. Now that is simply one of the erotic pleasures of life – drying off the one you love after showering together.

We got dressed in some nice clothes and left the room for the first time in about two hours. June was sitting in the living room reading a coffee table book, apparently waiting for us to come down so she could lambast us again. She heard us coming down the stairs and got up to say something, looking back and forth at us ready to tell us what she thought.

"Greg and Summer, I'm sorry?" June said.

That's not what I was expecting from June.

She motioned us to sit down, which we did.

"Let me say everything I want to say before you two go wherever it is you're going, please?"

Summer and I nodded our heads in agreement.

"It's obvious to me that you two are clearly in love with each other. My reaction before, saying that I thought you were crazy was because of my own issues with men right now. Coming here to find you carrying her, and kissing her surprised me but sitting down and thinking about it, caused me to work on my own demons."

"From the looks on your faces I can tell what you've done and it must've been wonderful for the two of you, but you've got to understand that the world has a very strong moral opinion about brothers and sisters who fuc ... make love to each other, and express their love openly. I'm certain you both don't care what the world thinks of you right now; you're in the afterglow of sex. I see clearly the deep love you have for each other!"

"I'm hopeful the community around us, as well as your sisters, plus mom and dad, will understand what's happened between you two. I've had relationships with both men and women who loved a sibling the way you two love each other. There is a lot of it in the 'sexual underground' of the United States; brother and sisters, mothers and sons, daddy's and daughters and such ... but they all seem content to stay underground because of the stigma behind that word -- 'Incest!'

"Guys, a few years ago I had sexual fling with daddy and it was the most erotic month of my entire life! The sex was very high energy and fulfilling, but I ended it because daddy was so anxious all of the time. I was and still am in love with my daddy, which is why I can't seem to find a guy to love me like my big sister has!"

"Whatever happens between you two that I see, will stay a secret as far as I'm concerned. Go ahead and enjoy this time together, you both deserve it, but I'd be careful around others!"

I grabbed Summer's hand and kissed it!

"Or not!" June expressed.

We all laughed at that!

"I guess I'm done being on my soapbox! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. So sis, was he as good as Mark, your high school boyfriend?"

"Better, bigger and longer then Mark – much bigger!" Summer giggled. I looked over at Summer and said, "June if you want to see it, just ask?"

Summer reached over and grabbed me by my dick and said, "Uh-uh Loverboy, this is mine alone!"

"June would you like to join my girlfriend and me for dinner, my treat? I have a thing for beautiful blondes who are my sister you know?" I said.

"Don't press your luck Greg, you've got the dynamo of your sisters; I might do something stupid like fall in love with you myself, and you know what that means?" June said.

"I'd need a bigger bed?" I said getting a slap on the chest from Summer.

"From the smile on Summer's face, I think she wants you for herself!" June said.

Summer leaned over and gave me a super-sized kiss. After it was over, I gasped "Yeah, I think you're right Sis. Maybe after a while I could talk Summer into letting you join us, I've had that dream a lot, just never realized it could be with two of my sisters at the same time."

Summer didn't react the way I thought she would, so maybe this could happen, down the road.

"Let's go to dinner shall we, change into something hot and sexy June – I want to be the envy of every man in the place!" I said.

"Give me a minute guys?" June said running up the stairs.

"Summer, would you be willing to have a threesome, letting in June?" I asked, positively terrified of either answer.

"Greg, to tell you the truth, I have before, joining her and her boyfriend, three years ago when she was eighteen. I was twenty and it was a lot of fun. I had even told her that when I had a boyfriend she could join us, if everyone consented. Right now, I want to be exclusive with my little brother GG for a while, OK?" she said placing her lips a millimeter away from mine pulling away and giggling.

"Whatever my Summer wants, my Summer gets!" I said.

June cleared her throat as she came down the stairs, in a black miniskirt and a tube top just covering her wonderful looking chest.

"Oh, that's how it's going to be?" Summer said heading up the stairs.

June sat down next to me and said, "We always were a little competitive around boys, Gregory!" She put her arm around me and ran her finger up the back of my neck playing with my hair.

"That's a nice hickey Summer gave you, if you want one on the other side, I'm all yours?" she said, putting her hand on my thigh.

I stood up.

"June, stop it! Summer means everything to me! I love her and she loves me, so just stop it, please?" I was on the verge of tears.

Summer came back down the stairs in a pretty yellow blouse without a bra on and a black mini skirt that was outstanding.

"Is everything OK down here?" she asked.

"I was just testing your boy's love for you and he's so into you Summer – I'm jealous, that's all! Are we good bro?"

"Yeah, June-bug – we're all right!" I said.

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