Nightmare on the Niangua
Chapter 1: The beginning

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Mystery, Wife Watching, MaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The beginning - Jenny is captured and subjected to sexual shame and humiliation in front of her husband and young daughter

Jenny was pissed. This wasn't what she had signed on for. She had gotten up at about five in the morning to feed all the animals. Her fourteen-year old daughter, Stephanie refused to get up that first day after the school year was out. Her husband had already driven into town to get some more supplies.

Jenny started the big John Deere tractor, used it to pick up one of the big round bales and dropped it over the fence into the steel feed bunk. She made about eight trips back and forth between the barn and the feed bunks along the fence. The cattle had already lined up, waiting.

Her husband, Joe was ten years older than her. She was thirty six and her daughter, Steph, was fourteen. Jenny had met him in high school. He was the track coach. He was the local boy who had come from the little school, gone on to the university on a track scholarship and lasted several years on the professional circuit, almost beating Jeremy Wariner in the KU Relays in his senior year.

Joe had made and saved quite a bit of his personal appearance money on the international circuit during his four years after college. In the years after his retirement, he was talked into coming home to his home town to coach the local track team. That is where he met Jenny.

At the time, she was a skinny, long-legged fourteen-year-old freshman on the girls track team. She ran the hurdles, 800mm and 1600mm events. He didn't have much to do with her at that age. Somewhere between her junior and senior year, she seemed to explode. Her short, reddish blonde hair grew down past her waist. Her breasts bloomed into beautiful half-mound grapefruits with long pink nipples that rippled under her perspiration covered cotton t-shirt.

The short-short track shorts with slits up the sides seemed almost obscene when she glided over the hurdles and they seemed to slide up almost to her waist.

Her innocent admiration of her coach left him almost terrified of talking to her. He knew he could not have any contact with these under-age girls. Once she turned eighteen, Joe paid a lot more attention to her.

Joe easily got her a full scholarship to the state college, which was about two hours away. Once she was out of town, they met regularly on the weekends. Joe was there at every track meet to encourage her, and take her home after the meets.

Nobody knows what went wrong. Either Jenny missed a few pills, or a condom broke, or both. Anyway, somewhere in her second year, she missed several periods. They eloped and got married. Jenny dropped out of college to start a family. It seemed to work out alright, because Joe was making a pretty good living as a track coach. He had saved up quite a bit of money, and decided to make some changes.

An older couple in the Ozarks was retiring, and Joe decided to buy out their business. The couple had about a section of land along the Niangua river and had struggled for years to start a river float business.

Joe took Jenny and their daughter out to look at the property. They had a large "beach front" facing the lake. There was a long pier going out into the lake. There was a large square stone building on piers at the edge of the water.

The level on the water had a large nine foot high and wide opening that one could navigate a boat into it and raise it out of the water for storage or launching. The floor above it had continuous screened windows on all four sides. The forty by forty building could be used for parties, barbeques or meetings.

There were about ten small stone cottages that stair-stepped their way up the hill and overlooked the bluffs along the bank. From there, they could take people about four or six miles up the river that flowed into it; drop them off in canoes, and they could drift or canoe their way back to their cabins.

The elderly couple that owned it just didn't have the energy to take care of the upkeep. Joe talked Jenny into buying the property.

During the summer, they were busy taking lots of boy scout troops, girl scout troops, church school groups and families on canoe trips. They had a clubhouse where they sold supplies and modest meals for those who didn't want to cook.

During the winter, they had about a hundred forty cows they had to feed through the winter. They bred the cows and sold them off once they were about four hundred pounds apiece. Life seemed manageable.

The difference was probably that Joe had enough money saved up, to not need a loan. They didn't have to worry about a mortgage like the other couple did.

They also were able to be productive in their winter months by feeding the cattle. Along with that, Joe could teach during the school year. They could also keep an eye on their daughter during the summer months when they had to work. Stephanie was also beginning to be a money maker too. At fourteen, she could now drive to work and school. That meant she could feed the cattle with the tractor, or drive the buss which carried the canoes and canoers.

Although neither Joe nor Jenny would admit it, Jenny and Stephanie were also probably causing an exponential explosion in their business. At the age of thirty six, Jenny was still in her high school running shape. Out of necessity, Jenny usually wore knee high leather logging boots that laced all the way up. Her logging socks folded over the top of her boots. She wore form fitting faded denim bib coveralls that were cut off just below the crotch. Her plaid, checkered, long sleeved cotton shirt was loose and the arms folded up just below her elbows. Her wide brimmed, black Stetson was a little large, and fit down over her ears.

Jenny's perpetual work outside left her with a beautiful tan, and her legs sparkled with the slight covering of perspiration that she almost always seemed to have. Because of all the work she was doing outside, she seemed to always have her incredibly long hair up in a French braid. Her large hoop earrings were a bit of a hazard, but she wore them anyway. There was always the danger that they might snag on something, but it was one of the few concessions she would not give up so that she could feel like a woman, not a young boy.

Stephanie was pretty much the identical image of her mother when she was fourteen. This budding young woman was tethering on the edge being a child and young woman. Her breasts were there. The long tanned legs were those of a young woman. The difference was only that Steph tended to let her long hair just blow in the wind under her brown leather Stetson.

Stephanie probably didn't quite understand what her short, cut-off jeans did to the young boys and dirty-old fathers and grandfathers.

Nobody would admit it, but business was booming because of the way Jenny and her daughter innocently dressed. But anyway, Jenny was a little pissed. Her husband was away and her daughter was refusing to get up. Still, the cattle, horses and chickens had to be fed. She didn't know who might show up at any minute wanting to check in to the campground, so she had to keep an eye on the main office too.

The chaos from spring break was over. The weather was unseasonably warm. The Magnolias had bloomed. The daffodils were blooming. The ducks were flying back north. School would not be out for a few more weeks. Having a lull over the weekend was good and bad news. They secretly enjoyed the calm, but were never at ease when there was no business.

Jenny heard some engine noise over at the office, so she parked the Deere, and started back over to the office in her 1944 Jeep. When she came over the hill and around the trees, she could see four Boss Hog Harley Davidsons parked in the handicap spaces. This alone seemed a concern on several levels.

She was never comfortable at the office if there were no obvious signs of other women. She parked the Jeep and went into the office. There were three big black men, all well over six-feet four, and two hundred fifty pounds. No wonder they were riding the big V-8 powered Hogs.

"We'd like to camp out here for a while, ma'am." Said the biggest one. Jenny was very uneasy with the situation.

"I'm sorry fellas. We're all booked up. You will have to come back another weekend or make reservations in advance." Jenny said with a week smile.

The biggest of the bunch was leaning on the counter. He gave Jenny a long stare. He looked her in the eyes. Then he looked her up and down, admiring her long tanned legs. Without saying anything, he turned around to face the counter. He turned the guest register around. There was nothing written down for that weekend. The calendar for the previous weekend showed dozens of names with their check-in and check-out times, license numbers and phone numbers.

The black men felt that they were probably being excluded because of their race. The three men started to head for the door. At least that's what Jenny thought they were doing. They all seemed to be moving at different speeds. The first one that got to the door, got there about the same time that the big man at the counter was even with Jenny.

When the first man got to the door, Jenny heard the door "click" as he turned the thumb-latch to lock it. The sound was almost imperceptible, but to Jenny, she knew what it was, and it sounded like a clap of thunder because of the meaning.

As the biggest black man was even with her, he pulled a huge hunting knife and stuck it under her chin. "Now you wouldn't just be shitting a bunch of us Niggers would you, young lady?"

Jenny tried to spring away from him, but the third man was already behind her and grabbed her by the shoulders with a grip that almost broke her arms.

"Please, guys; I'm hear all by myself and I don't want any trouble. My husband will be back any minute! Please leave!" Jenny whimpered.

About that time, everybody heard the shuffling of somebody in the back room. "Run Stephanie! Get out of here!" Jenny screamed as loud as she could.

The man behind Jenny grabbed her mouth with his huge hand to keep her from making any more noise. Jenny tried to kick the man holding the knife. He caught her foot with one hand, and then backhanded her with a loud "smack!"

Instead of Stephanie running away as ordered, she did the opposite. Hearing the commotion, she ran into the room to see what was going on. The man with the knife spun around and was onto her before she had time to blink.

He pinned her to the wall with his big hunting knife. "You shut the fuck up and get in the room with everybody else!" he snarled at her. His ice cold stare let her know he would have used the knife if she didn't follow directions.

The men found some nylon rope and duct tape in a store room in back, and quickly bound them with their arms behind them and their feet stretched back to their hands. Their eyes and mouths were covered up with duct tape so that only their noses could be seen. They were taken out into the barn and tossed into the hay where they could not be seen or heard.

Jenny was lying on her stomach and was soon in excruciating pain because of the position she was in. Soon she could hear the familiar sound of her husband coming back in his half-ton pick-up. She knew it would be loaded with alfalfa pellets, flour, milk, a few kegs of beer and pop. She had no way to warn him!

The men had moved their Hogs around behind the barn, so Joe wasn't aware of the visitors, but they left the front door open and the lights on to raise his curiosity about what might be going on in the office. Jenny's Jeep was there, so he had to know his wife and daughter were probably in there.

Joe walked in, and they were waiting for him. Between the aluminum baseball bats and large hunting knives, he didn't have much of a chance. They didn't hurt him, but he knew instantly that it would be useless to resist. With a knife at his throat, he did not resist them tying his arms and legs. Once tied, he had no way to avoid the duct tape over his mouth. They tied and duct taped him into a large oak captain's chair. His feet were taped at the ankles to the legs of the chair. His arms were behind him. Joe was in terror; not for himself, but he did not see his wife or daughter. What had he done to them? Had they escaped and gone for help? It did not look good with Jenny's jeep there.

The men were not sure whether there would be other guests coming to register, so they drug Joe and his chair over to the big stone structure that overlooked the water and above the boat launch.

Once they had Joe secured, they went out to get the women. The women were loaded on long poles, like slaughtered pigs. The pole was strung through the space between their arms and legs and they were carried over to the big screened room they had Joe in.

Joe couldn't say anything because of the duct tape. They cut the ropes tying the girls hands to their feet. They put Stephanie into another oak captain's chair and tied her arms around behind her.

They arranged six chairs into a bit of a semi circle. Joe was in the middle, and Stephanie was on one end. Jenny was on the ground on her stomach. The three black men were sitting in the remaining chairs.

"Well folks, we are a little pissed at the hospitality we have been shown." The big man sneered. "We came here with the best of intentions of hoping to spend a quiet weekend in the country. The little miss here, doesn't seem to care for people of color. We feel a little slighted and are not quite sure what to do about it." He continued.

The big black man walked over to Jenny and pulled out his hunting knife. He cut the ropes holding Jenny's arms behind her and walked back to his seat between Joe and Stephanie.

Jenny's body ached from being tied up. Once her hands were free, she was able to untie her feet. She was now free, and began to slowly take the duct tape off of her face so she could see and speak. Her body trembled as she removed the last of the tape. She didn't know quite what to say, and was even more terrified wondering what she should say.

"Please, fellas; I didn't mean any harm. With my husband gone, and the three of you here, I just didn't feel comfortable here by myself. I was also afraid for my daughter. Please let us go. Isn't there anything that we can do to make this right? You can stay as long as you want."

Jenny was trembling and her lip was quivering at her situation.

"Well, young lady. You have insulted us terribly and an apology just isn't enough. What do you guys want to do?" The men were quiet for a while and looked at each other. Jenny started to recognize some knowing smiles. She could see where their minds were going. She looked down, not really wanting any answer to her questions.

"I think you know what we want. You have a beautiful young daughter here, and We think she would love to take a ride on one of these Harleys, wouldn't you young lady?"

Obviously Steph could not respond, but she could hear. Her head perked up and she looked back and forth to her mother and father.

"What is your name young lady?" the big man asked looking at the freed woman on the floor.

"I'm Jenny. My husband's name is Joe. My daughter's name is Joe. We are just trying to make a living out here on the river. Please don't hurt my husband or daughter."

"We're pleased to meet you the big black man said. My name is Will. My two friends are Marcel and Pierre. We are intrigued with your offer of hospitality. You seem more than willing to make things right, so I think we would like to have your daughter take a ride with us for a while." Will said with a big grin.

"Please don't hurt her. I know what you want. I will be glad to take her place. Just promise to leave her alone. I will make it worth your while." She begged.

"I don't think that would be a good trade; a fourteen year old for a forty-year-old. What do you guys think?" Will said with a smile and glancing back and forth to his two friends.

"I'' tell you what, Jenny. Maybe you can convince us to trade Stephanie for you. Let's see what you got. Stand up."

Jenny stood and rubbed her hands together to get the circulation going after being tied.

"Take off the hat!"

Jenny began to tremble. She knew it wasn't the hat. It was what would happen after that. She couldn't look at her daughter. She looked pleadingly over at her husband, hoping he could help her out of this. Joe had nothing but terror in his eyes.

Jenny took off her hat and dropped it onto the floor.

"Take off those coveralls!"

Jenny tried not to vomit. She reached up for the two steel buttons on each side holding the straps to the bib. She undid the one on the right, and let the strap slide back over her. She unbuttoned the left one and let go. The bib front dropped to her waist as the other strap disappeared over the back of her.

Jenny turned to her right and used both hands to free the two steel buttons down that side. She turned to her left and did the same. The overalls were free to fall, except for the static electricity between her cotton shirt and overalls.

Jenny put her hands inside each side of the denim overalls and guided them down over her hips. Her slight movement and the weight of the garment dropped it to the top of her boots, where the were hung up on the steel grommets of her shoes.

Jenny lifted one leg, then the other. The denim cutoffs were puddle around the soles of her shoes. She stepped out of them. Jenny stood there with tears running down her cheeks. She continued trying to make eye-contact with her husband, looking for any kind of moral support from him that things would be alright.

Jenny stood there with her hands crossed in front of her crotch. Her long tanned legs were framed beautifully between the bottom for her plaid work shirt tails and her shiny leather boots.

Will and his two friends were almost holding their breath. "Next!"

Jenny did not have a bra. It was so hot, that the alfalfa always irritated her once it got into her shirt. She reached under the shirt tails and hooked her thumbs into the sides of her thong underwear. Slowly and reluctantly, she guided the sides down until the robin egg blue and almost transparent garment slowly appeared below her shirt tails. Once past the middle of her thighs, they dropped to the top of her boots where they again caught on the steel grommet eyelets around the shoelaces.

Jenny raised each foot slightly to free them so they puddle on top of her overalls. Jenny raised her hands to cover her eyes as she sobbed. There was no noise, but her shoulders shook.

The room was silent. Jenny waited for the last order, knowing she would not be able to bear it. The silence continued.

"I guess she just won't do it. O.K. Stephanie; it's your turn." Will said as he turned to fit the knife under her ropes.

"No! Please! Just give me time!" Jenny whispered.

Jenny reached up for the top button. She unbuttoned it. Her hands reached down to the next one. Each one got progressively harder. When she got to the last one, she undid it and dropped to her knees. She opened the blouse; shrugged it over one shoulder; then the other. As the shirt disappeared over her back, she arched her back to get it off. Her grapefruit mounds seemed to arch straight up. Her long pink nipples pointed up at the ceiling for a moment as she pulled the sleeves over her arms. She brought the garment around in front of her and placed it on her lap to cover her crotch. She brought her hands around in front of her and brought her body down over her lap to cover as much as she could as she wept in humiliation and embarrassment. Her body shivered to echo her humiliation.

"Stand up Jenn!"

Jenny took several deep breaths trying to calm her. She raised her torso to an upright position. She still had her shirt between her two hands and in her lap. When she raised up to a sitting position she could feel the cool air rush over her breasts, telegraphing the realization to her that these men were now staring at her exposed breasts.

Her breasts were slightly lighter than the rest of her tanned body. She had spent quite a bit of her time outside wearing a string bikini top, but rarely ever sunned herself without it.

Slowly, Jenny raised herself to a standing position as ordered. She kept the shirt in front of her, trying to cover her breasts and crotch.

"If you don't drop that fucking thing, I'll cut it off of you and you won't have anything to wear when somebody comes to the office to check in."

Jenny let the top fall on top of the rest of her clothes. She tried to stand with her hands covering whatever she could, but dropped them to her sides as Will ordered.

Jenny's pubic hair had been shaved to a "race track" patch above her slit. The rest of her had been shaved naked; revealing a thin flap of skin protruding through her pouty camel toe. Her reddish blonde pubic hair looked like peach fuzz on a young girl's arms or cheek. It was darkest in the middle where it was thickest, but the edges seemed to blend into the bare shaved alabaster skin of her vulva. This woman was surely born to be naked.

Jenny's shoulders shook and her stomach convulsed to telegraph her humiliation. What would be next?

The three black men came over and picked her up like a sack of flour. They carried her over to one of the wooden picnic tables. They taped her hands together and above her head. They strung some tape around her hands and around the middle plank of the picnic table top.

They spread her legs and lashed them to separate planks each side of the picnic table. One of the men brought an ice pack out of the freezer and set it between her legs. Somebody put a towel over her face so she couldn't see. She could hear Stephanie and Joe moaning, but didn't know what was going on.

What she didn't know was that her husband and daughter and seen that one of the men had found the hog rings and pliers in the store room. Her vulva had been desensitized by almost freezing it with ice. She still screamed when they applied two copper rings through her labia, essentially "stapling" the back third of her opening shut.

Stephanie groaned and almost threw up. Joe's head was rolled back over the chair and thrashing from side to side in agony over what he had just witnessed. Once they were done, they brought out a fine silver chain and latched it through the rings. Now she could be led like a bull with the ring in its nose without a fight.

Jenny now had two copper rings in the back of her labia. They let her lay there for a few hours and gave her a chance to recover. While she was recovering, They ordered her to stand and prepare lunch.

Jenny was humiliated at the image she was portraying to her husband and daughter. She was ordered to grill hamburgers and pour beer for the men as they sat at one of the picnic tables. When she walked, the silver chain dangled and swayed from the hog rings. Jenny's humiliation seemed to escalate by the hour. She knew they weren't done with her, but couldn't think how it could get any worse.

After they had eaten, Will decided it was time to raise the stress in their hostess. They directed Jenny back to the center of the semi-circle of seats.

"Alright young lady, it's time to see how good you really are. We can see that you are spectacularly beautiful, but can you give a better blowjob than your daughter?"

"Please, Will. I thought we had a deal. I thought you were going to accept my services instead of my daughter! Please leave her out of this. I am begging you!"

"So far you're all talk. Let's see some action!" Will said.

Jenny dropped down to her knees and covered her face with her hands as she sobbed into them. How could she do this in front of her daughter and husband?

"Crawl over her and get to work!"

With tears rolling down her face, Jenny crawled over to where Will was sitting and had spread his legs. Jenny stopped in front of him and rose up on her knees with her butt on the ground between her ankles. She glanced over at her husband with a look of despair. Would he leave her if they survived?

Jenny looked up at Will hoping that he would take sympathy with her humiliation and let her out of this. Their eyes locked. She could see from his cold stare that there would be no such reprieve.

With arms that she could barley move, she reached up to open his belt. She pulled the tab of his zipper down. She separated the flap of his jockey shorts and pulled his penis out.

His penis area had been shaved. It didn't seem that long, but it was still flaccid and wide enough she didn't think it would fit in her mouth. Oh, God! In her mouth! The words hit her like a tong full of bricks! Jenny was frightened to touch it.

She wrapped her left hand around the base of it and slowly wagged it from side to side. Like a toy transformer, the thing seemed to start to wake up. With each wag; with each change in pressure, the thing seemed to uncoil its length a few more inches. Again and again, it continued to jerk and thrust itself out; farther and farther. This bluish, purplish cobra seemed to thrash from side to side, with the ugly Cyclops "eye" thrashing back and forth searching for her. It seemed to open and pant at the same time. Was it an eye or a mouth?

First it wasn't much longer than the hand she had wrapped around the base. Now she could easily wrap both hands around it like a baseball bat and not cover the entire length.

Jenny glanced again over at her husband, not believing what she had to deal with. "Please help me!" her eyes and expression seemed to cry out. No help was coming.

Despite her terror, and humiliation, Jenny was by habit a very tender person. She desperately tried to mask her terror so as not to telegraph her anguish to her husband and daughter.

"Suck it God Dammit!"

She knew she had no choice. With the Goosebumps of shame washing in waves across her body, Jenn leaned forward. She braced herself with her right hand against Will's thigh. She turned her head sideways and brushed her cheek against it; starting at her left ear, she turned her head and rubbed it against her face and across her lips. She held it square in front of her and opened her lips. She turned her head slowly from side to side and rubbed the tip between her lips against her closed teeth.

Jenny grabbed the shaft now, with both hands; one in front of the other. She opened her mouth and kissed the tip. She looked up at Will to see if she had to continue. She leaned back; picked a loose pubic hair from her mouth. Jenny leaned forward and put her forehead against her right hand, trying to summon the courage to continue.

She wet her lips and opened them again to accept the tip against her teeth. She relaxed her teeth and opened her mouth. She used her tongue to explore the surface of his crown. Jenny moved forward until she had the whole crown in her mouth. Even though the entire process was done in total anguish and revulsion, there was tenderness in her manner that was instinctive. She hated doing it, but still licked him like a mother cleaning a newborn kitten.

Jenny was aware of a shadow above her; then hands on the back of her head. Will was trying to shove the whole shaft down her throat. The fact that she had her two hands around his shaft, kept him from pushing the entire length down her. Jenny was thrashing her head from side to side trying to stimulate him with the sides of her cheeks; rather than submitting to the "deep throat" ordeal.

At the risk of some kind of retribution, Jenny pulled back. "Please let me breathe!" she begged. Will released the pressure on the back of her head until she gained her breath. Jenny reached up with her right hand and wiped away the strands of spittle and ectoplasm that connected her mouth to his shaft.

Knowing she could not avoid him much longer, Jenny leaned forward. She opened up to accept him again. She opened her lips and parted her teeth. She bit down on the end of him; about an eighth of an inch beyond the tip. Not hard; not savagely; but softly and firmly with her teeth.

Will's head arched back. His arms left the back of her head to cover his face. His legs straightened out. His toes pointed straight out. Jenny could feel his whole body shudder like a train leaving the tracks one car at a time.

She had her hands on his shaft; one behind the other. Her thumbs were pressed along the canal along the bottom. Some of the semen may have got past the first thumb, but she was able to clamp down with both thumbs and pinch of the eruption before it erupted out the end and into her mouth.

When Will's thrashing and groaning started to subside, Jenny slowly released the pressure of her thumbs and let the semen spurt incrementally into her mouth in spurts she was able to swallow without gagging or vomiting.

When Will was done, Jenny got up; turned; walked out the door and vomited. Her shame and humiliation over what she had done in front of her husband and daughter was so overwhelming that she was past her embarrassment over her nakedness.


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