Samuel & Samantha
Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In despair over their recently departed parents, Samuel expresses his longtime feelings for his sister. Together they face an uncertain future.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Tear Jerker   Brother   Sister  

The funeral was nice, or at least as nice as one could expect. A few friends and family came to see the closed double caskets of Joanne and Nicholas Gundersson; they were indeed loved by just about everyone who'd ever met them.

The car accident had been a horrible tragedy, killing them instantly -- it having happened two days ago when they were working on plans for a second honeymoon to Hawaii, getting ready to celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary.

The only living family to Joanne and Nicholas were Samuel and Samantha Gundersson, that's my sister and me. I'm 18 and Sammi, as she likes to be called, was four months from turning 20. Like our parents, we couldn't deny our deep Scandinavian roots, both of us having blond hair and blue eyes.

It was also a wonderful day outside, allowing for the few invited guests to see the graveside services. Our family lawyer had made all of the arrangements, due to the fact that our parents had made plans regarding their final services, years in advance. Our mother even wrote the Death Notices in advance, and yearly updated them. The Noordstrom Cemetery and Mausoleum was on the edge of town.

After the day's events were over, Mr. Peppersmith, the family lawyer, came up to us and briefed us on a few things.

"Samuel, your parents were my favorite clients because of the way they planned everything so completely. The reading of the will is to take place after two weeks have passed, from the date of the funeral. The trip they were to take to Hawaii was paid for and is un-cancellable. You and your sister might like to take your parents place on that trip, just to get your minds off of the events of the last 72 hours."

"Here are the pertinent details, tickets and traveler's checks, in the event you want to do this. It's up to you, of course, but it might help you to re-focus on your parent's life, as opposed to their deaths."

"Thank you, Mr. Peppersmith," Sammi said. "We'll think it over."

"Just be back by 5pm on the 28th, for the reading of the will."

"Certainly," I said. "We'll be in contact."

The people had left, the employees were using the quiet time to gather up the chairs, while Mom and Dad's coffins were being lowered into the previously dug graves.

Sammi grabbed my hand and squeezed it as we walked over and said our final goodbyes. We were both crying again, like we'd been doing on and off for the past 72 hours. I took my sister's hand and gave it a kiss as we each threw some dirt into the grave.

We walked back to the car that brought us here, asking to be taken to our home. We thanked the driver as we went inside.


"Yes, Sam?"

"Do you still feel them in here like I do?"

"Yeah, Sam I do. I miss them so much," she said trying to be strong, but the waterworks started flowing again. Every single time either one of us starts, invariably, the other joins in within a moment or two.

"Sammi, what do you think of the idea of taking the Hawaii trip? We could go in memory of them ... a sort of goodbye trip. So when we get back, we can start to heal and recover from all of this."

"Sam, I don't know if I'll ever recover from this, but you're right. Maybe it's the right thing to do, to break ourselves out of this mood we've been in for the last three days."

"These are open tickets, to leave anytime we want," I said.

"Let's do it. Let's go to Hawaii." She tried to say it with energy, but it fell a little short.

On the plane we sat next to each other, holding hands to support each other along the way. Strangely, every single time I'd decided to glance over at Sammi, she was looking back at me. We seemed to have gotten closer over these past couple of days, making decisions together, going everywhere together -- we just enjoyed each other's company.

We landed at Honolulu International Airport and took a puddle jumper over to Kapalua Airport, due to the fact that our stay was at The Ka'anapali Ocean Inn. We were on the first floor with an oceanfront view.

As we walked into the room the first thing you see is the bed, a beautiful king-sized bed, with cultural Hawaiian colors all over the room.

"There's only one bed, Sam," Sammi said.

"Yeah, Mom and Dad were coming here to sleep in the same bed. So what?"

"Are we going to sleep in the same bed, Sam?"

"What's the problem, we shared a bed for five years as kids, why not now?" I implored.

"I'm almost 20, and you're 18 now ... it's not the same thing as it was when we were younger."

"So, now you've got boobs and a nice ass, while I've got a 14 inch dick to take care of ... just kidding ... about the 14 inch dick."

"You think I've got a nice ass Sam?"

"Best looking ass on any of my sisters at least."

"No, really ... do you think I have a nice butt, you've never said anything about it before!"

"Yeah, in front of Mom and Dad, I'm gonna say, 'Yo, sis ... get that fine ass of yours over here, I want a piece of that!'"

"What do you mean, 'you want a piece of that?'"

"Sammi, it's just an expression ... don't worry about it ... just keep your rape whistle and your can of mace over by your side of the bed ... so if I get a little randy, you're prepared to fight me off."

"What if I don't want to fight you off, Sam?"


"It's just an expression ... don't worry about it ... just keep your hands and your 14 inch dick to yourself, and both of us will be just fine." She laughed at me.

"Before we have to flip a coin, lets find out a couple things; what side of the bed would you prefer Miss Gundersson?"

"I move around a lot, but I prefer the left side ... is that OK with you Mr. Gundersson?"

"Perfect so far ... just like you."

"Oh, you -- what else, Sam?"

"Do you like on top, or do you prefer being on the bottom?"

"What the hell..."

"Drawer shelves, would you like the top two or the bottom two drawer shelves?"

"I've always preferred being on top, Sam. It gives you better access to those things that might be close by, that you might need in the middle of the night."

She plays this game better than I'd expected ... I'm actually getting a boner talking to my sister like this. I'd swear I could see her nipples through her bra and her shirt. This trip may be more interesting than I'd first expected.

"Being on the bottom has its advantages as well, Sammi. You can take more time looking at everything around you, before you have to make a decision on what to do."

"After that long flight from Connecticut, why don't we crash a little before we decide what to do next?" Sammi suggested.

I lay down on the right side of the bed, on top of the covers and quickly fell asleep. I woke up and felt a hand on my shoulder ... I looked and saw Sammi was right behind me, with one hand above her head and the other on my shoulder.

She looked a little uncomfortable, so I took her hand off my shoulder and put it on my hip. With that, she scooted up behind me and now she was spooning me, which got my erection going again.

I heard her mumble, "I love you, Sam."

I turned around to face her and I said, "I love you too, Sammi."

She proceeded to turn and face the other way, so I scooted now and got up right behind her, spooning her. I kept my waist a safe distance from her butt, not wanting to overstep my brotherly duties. We slept this way for about four hours.

I woke up to the sound of a shower running. I yelled, "Save me some hot water, Sis?"

"Why? Just come in here and join me, bro?"

"Are you kidding, or are you serious, Sammi?"

"I'm deadly serious Sam, come in here right now and wash my back, please?"

"What the hell Sammi, you want to take a shower with your brother?" Why am I not in there yet? I don't know ... but I thought she might just be teasing me, and I couldn't take much of that without embarrassing myself.

I quickly but quietly took off my clothes and walked into the bathroom and saw Sammi, in a very tiny red bikini, washing her face and hair in the shower.

"What the hell, Sam ... you ... thought I was naked in here and I wanted you to take a shower with me ... Hoo boy, sorry about that bro. I thought you realized I was washing off my makeup before we went outside. Put something on, would you. Oh my gosh ... you thought ... ewww?"

"I'd just woken up, Sammi ... I hear the shower running and you yell at me to 'join you in the shower.' What would you think in the same situation?"

"I'm a little disappointed in you, Sam."

"What for?"

"You said something about 14 inches ... from what I saw it was barely that!"

"When you ... if you see it again, you won't care about the size ... it's big enough when it needs to be."

"You're so cute when you're blushing, Sam."

"You're not cute!" I declared.

"What?" she said with a pout on her face.

"No, I can't say you're cute ... nope, you may be my sister, but I have to be honest ... You are the most beautiful girl I've ever known in my life. When I was 12 and you were about to turn 14 years old -- that's when I noticed, that's when I realized ... that my sister was the nicest, most pleasant and cutest girl I knew."

"About a year later you started to grow those magnificent breasts of yours, and that butt of yours was ... I don't know the words to use ... it was, and still is, outstanding."

She'd gotten out of the shower and I'd gotten on my board shorts during this conversation. Now she was standing in front of me looking into my eyes. I just looked into hers, and saw for a moment the unsure, unconfident little girl from 6 years ago.

I reached out my hand and put it on her face, she blushed and lost eye contact with me for a moment, but I moved her head back so she could see my face, and the smile I had on it.

"Did you really mean all of that?" she said as she touched my hand.

"Every word, Sammi -- I — I love you ... there I said it! I love you, and not just the way a brother loves his sister, but the way a man loves the woman ... he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Will you do that, Sammi? Would you please do that?"

"I've wanted you for so long, hoping to glance at you. I don't know how many times I almost knocked on your door and wanted to tell you all of this."

"Oh, Sam ... Oh my god, Sam! I — I don't know what to say. I never knew you felt like this. I never knew. Let me process this for a bit, let's go down to the beach and just relax, I need to process this."

I grabbed her hand and kissed it, and we picked up some towels and left for the beach.

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