Winifred Was Willing
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young Winifred is learning about the birds and the bees the old fashioned way. She is given a "hands on" introduction to all things sexual. Soon her pretty mouth, her deliciously tight little pucker hole and her constantly wet pussy are explored, opened and given a good medley of different and kinky exercises to insure her complete knowledge in these areas.

I remember way back when I was a very little girl. It seems so long ago and yet I am only 19 now. My parents have told me repeatedly that I was a very pleasant little girl. A lot of the grown-ups that visited our house referred to me as the "cute one". I don't want anyone to get worried. I am just reminiscing about my childhood. I was a virgin right up to my 17th birthday and I was blissfully unaware of anything remotely resembling sexual thoughts prior to that time. I had no brothers running about to take advantage of me and my father was so puritanical that I suspect I was born through divine intervention.

Shortly after my sixteenth birthday, my mother called me down to the drawing room to have a "girl to girl" talk. I should mention I have 2 older sisters. There is Cornelia who is almost 21 and the plainest of the Winkle sisters. She has been pre-ordained to be the one to care for our parents in their old age so any thought of marriage is quite out of the question. I don't know if her lack of good looks caused this selection process or if it was a conscious vocation of her own making.

My other sister was only a year older than I. She was forever jabbering about this boy and that boy much to my complete boredom. Her name was Annette and she was so terribly outgoing that I was somewhat indrawn and shy in simple defense.

Annette whispered in my reluctant ear,

"Wait and see. Mama is going to tell you what boys are going to do to you. Don't worry though, even it sounds so awfully dirty and everything; it really is quite nice."

It really bothered me that this flighty will of the wisp knew things that I was not privy to. We were all home schooled but I had seen pictures of a boy's business in the Biology textbook. I surmised that we skipped over that section because I had not as yet received "The Talk". I had also let my fingers run lightly over the statues of nude males in the art book my father kept on the top shelf. Those "things" didn't seem very big or dangerous to me as I was still completely unaware that they changed both size and firmness when aroused by the prospect of female companionship.

I was neither plain like my sister Cornelia nor was I curvy and well-endowed like my sister Annette. I was for lack of any other description, "cute".

The words of my beloved mama were an eye-opener to me. She described in great detail exactly how I would be required to perform for my husband's satisfaction. Her little talk was quite specific and she even made me disrobe and showed me how I should recline and position myself for my spouse to enter my "little garden" I discovered later that my mother's choice of label's for the sexual parts was most lacking in current terminology. Little garden sounded so very nice and appealing, not at all like "pussy" "hole" "slit" or even "cunt" or "cunny". Even the clinical term of "vagina" sounded a bit technical to my ears. When she told me that the male penis was referred to as a "member" I thought it strange because it reminded me of a club or society. My sister Annette told me later it was better to think of it as a "cock" or a "prick" or either a "rod" or a "shaft". That sounded so much like a tool of some sort, I wondered if it would be inserted into me like a screwdriver or some other metallic instrument.

I most certainly did not like the idea of "losing" my virginity like it was some sort of religious ritual. The prospect of incurring pain to be rewarded with later pleasure seemed a bit stupid to me.

When I asked my mother about the concept of "sodomy" that the minister liked to remind the parishioners about almost every other Sunday, she got all red in her face and began to fan herself vigorously.

"Sodomy? Oh, dear, what a strange question. Sodomy is ... that is, Sodomy means..."

My mother looked around but there were only to two of us in the drawing room. She leaned forward and told me in a very low voice,

"My dear, a woman has two other holes besides her baby making female parts. One is her dirt-hole which is very small and very tight. Males love to push themselves in there to make us women totally under their control and they will enjoy your discomfort very much. The other hole is your mouth which is usually wet and gives them great pleasure to shoot their seed inside. In all honesty, proper husbands are not caught up in such tomfoolery and would not be inclined to pose such activities to their spouses."

Just the very thought of such things put a shudder up my spine and I visualized my mouth and my tiny bum being besieged in such a manner. I was surprised to discover my little garden had suddenly started to leak profusely with a clear sticky fluid that ran down the inside of my legs with an irritating slow descent.

A few months after my initial "Talk" with my mama, my sister Annette approached me in my bedroom and told me,

"I am receiving Sir Henry in the library for tea this afternoon. Since mama will be busy with the Parson, she told me to ask you to be our chaperone in her absence."

I nodded my head and agreed as I had no other pressing engagement.

She whispered in a soft voice,

"I am going to allow Sir Henry to enter my womanhood discreetly on the settee. Please pretend that you are not aware of our copulation but you can watch and see how it is done."

I was intrigued and tried to hide my excitement at the prospect.

"Of course, sister, I will be happy to help you out. I will pretend disinterest but I will love to see a man's cock in action. Please make him reveal it to my view so that I may study it."

After the tea had been consumed, I moved away from the couple on the settee. I was able to see all that transpired from my discreet position only a few feet from the trysting place.

The pair whispered so low in each other's ears that I was unable to hear their words. I did see Sir Henry open up his trousers and allow his impressive member to wave about with an authoritative air of control. My slutty sister grasped it with her ungloved hand and stroked it with a possessive greed of anticipation. The lusty Sir Henry raised her garments in the rear and pushed her down sideways on the settee. I could see my sister shining white flanks exposed for the insertion of Sir Henry's rampant cock. The fellow looked in my direction as he guided his long thick cock into my sister's glistening slit. I was sure he was fully aware of my interest and it was spurring his impalement to frenzied activity.

My sister did her best to stifle her whimpers of pleasure from the vigorous thrusts being delivered to her defenseless posterior. I assumed that Sir Henry was fully seated in my sister's vagina but in all honesty, it was difficult to perceive which hole he was having his sport inside. I found that the thought of my sister being sodomized in front of my eyes made my own virgin slit gush with sticky juices of orgasmic delight. I decided right then and there that I was a very nasty girl to have such kinky thoughts.

The muffled sounds of their coupling caused me to reach for my dampened slit in a very unladylike gesture. My fingers started to rub furiously in an attempt to keep up with Sir Henry's impressive humping motions. I wondered if he would be as enthusiastic if I were his object of desire. My little pucker hole began to quiver in anticipation of receiving something hard and long driven up my tight little channel.

I heard Sir Henry sigh and groan in satisfaction at the same time he finished my sister off with a flurry of spirited meaty smacks into her ample posterior. My own slit was pulsating now with a need for impalement of any sort whatever. I gasped my own release and suddenly my hand was covered with my sticky liquids. I took my hand up to my nostrils and inhaled the scent of my own passion. It was raw and heady making me almost swoon with frustrated desire.

My sister pulled down her gown and stood up shakily.

"Winifred, I am going to my quarters to rearrange my costume. Kindly entertain Sir Henry in my absence."

She tried to flounce off in her usual flighty gait but I noticed her legs were severely hampered by limited range of movement. My poor sister looked like she had just fallen hard on the ice in series of mishaps. I hid my amusement with my book in front of my face.

Sir Henry came over and sat next to me on the chaise lounge chair.

"I must apologize for my sport with your sister. I confess we have been planning this for some time and I was so driven to consummate our relationship that I was not able to restrain myself. I hope I did not appear to be too ungentlemanly."

I have to admit his frank honesty was most refreshing. I smiled up at him in my most charming and "cute" manner and asked innocently,

"Have you planted your cock in many young females, Sir Henry?"

He laughed heartily and let his hand rest lightly on my knee.

"So direct for one so very young!"

I scoffed at his humor.

"I am already 17, your honor, and I have been made aware of men's desires."

His hand began a tenuous journey of exploration under my loosely fitting garments and it soon arrived at the juncture of my inner legs where my moist slit quivered in anticipation of his heated touch. The delicious probing of my womanly secrets caused me to voice some very unseemly whimpers of sheer delight. This terrible flirtatious man knew exactly where to push and prod me with serious intent and I was soon hanging on his muscular arm like a street corner doxie.

My sister chose this moment to re-enter the drawing room and she looked at the two of us with an amused look. I was so firmly in the throes of wanton desire that I gave not a fig for her presence. I only wanted that lovely hand and the divine fingers to bring me to a satisfying conclusion.

Annette sat next to us and looked intently into my lust filled eyes.

"I do believe she is on the verge of exploding, Sir Henry. Pray enter deeper and make the little bitch whine and beg for more."

I didn't care how nastily my sister spoke. My full attention was on the final satisfaction of my demanding pussy. I held on to Sir Henry's arm with both of my hands and pushed my ass up off of the chaise lounge to get his fingers in deeper.

"Yes, right there Sir. Thank you ever so much. I must come now. Do forgive me for my impropriety. Arghh. Oh, blessed are the Saints in heaven. Don't be mad at me sister; I am the one at fault."

Both Sir Henry and my sister laughed at my naiveté. I watched them kiss each other above my stretched out form. Their tongues danced a lively jig in their open mouths.

Sir Henry's fingers were still buried in my soaking pussy and I was loath to ask that he remove them.

They really felt quite nice.

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