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This is book six in the continuing story of Banzai Ben and Jennifer Donaldson. Unfortunately we had to end book five earlier than we wanted because of its length. We would recommend that you start at book one and read the entire series because it will make more sense. However, if you are sufficiently stubborn, please continue as we're sure you'll eventually catch up on some of the plot. If you need more details, read the books.

If you choose not to read the earlier books here is a brief synopsis of where we left off in book five.

There are currently three main storylines from book five which will continue in book six. They repeat every three chapters.

The first storyline is where we ended book five. We will continue the memorial service for Mira's dead sister Ira.

The second storyline continues the exploits of Ben and Stacy who are escaping from Jennifer Donaldson and Stacy's crazy (but now dead) parents (Ben and Stacy don't know this fact yet).

The third storyline is a flashback which gives the history of Ben's and Jack's recon (and a little more) mission in an undisclosed country.

As always, thanks for reading our books. And we promise that book six will have as many twists and turns and cliffhangers as the previous books.

Banzai Ben, Amazing Anastasia and our excellent, mystery editor

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