A New Job
Chapter 1: The Beginning

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Beginning - James was given a new job and could relocate with his family to South Africa. They had expected to enjoy life as family of an ex-pat but how wrong James, his wife and his 3 daughters were.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Coercion   Slavery   Incest   Father   Daughter   BDSM   MaleDom   Torture   Gang Bang   Black Male  

"Hey honey, I got something to discuss with you girls. Russell told me that the company is going to send him overseas to work and wanted me to join him as an expatriate for a few years and you are most welcome to join me. However, the place we will be going is South Africa and I would like to hear your opinion on whether I should take up the offer. Of course there would be various benefits for us to move there. Firstly I would be given a double raise in my salary. Then there would be a nice house and the girls would be enrolled in the international school. A driver would also be provided to ferry you and the girls to anywhere you fancy."

As I finished telling them the news, Claire immediately gave me a hug and the girls started discussing the news. This was an unexpected turnaround in my life as the past 5 years have been pretty depressing in my life. I lost my first wife, Sarah to a car accident which nearly took my life. It was the darkest period in our family. Then I met Claire and we somehow clicked. She nursed my injuries and my mental wounds. 3 years later after I settled down in my new company, we got married and luckily my daughters took her to be more of a friend then a step mom.

I am a 5'9 40 year old male who have over the 5 years accumulated a little beer belly. Claire is a 34 year old blonde who has a lovely slim 5'6 figure. She boasts a nice and firm 36c tit and always shaved her pussy and leaves it hairless to go with her firm bum. My 3 daughters take after their mom Sarah although one is brunette and the other 2 are blondes. My eldest girls are identical twins 17 and they make any guy who walks pass them turn their heads and stare. Amanda the older of the two is brunette while the other Amy is blonde but with the same height. Both the girls have lovely 5'5 34b slim and tanned bodies to match with their stunning blue eyes. The youngest, Ashley, the apple of my eye, at 14 is also blonde 5'3 slim and tanned with a nicely 34a chest. My daughters enjoy tanning by the pool in our house often and they always do it together.

Through dinner we discussed the issue at hand and before we finished dinner we have decided that I would be taking up my boss on the offer and we started making plans to make sure we were ready to leave in a months' time. That night after we put the girls to bed, I and Claire made love as she told me how excited to go and live in another country though she was a little disappointed with the destination I was posted too.

Soon one month was up and we were all packed and ready to board the plane. The journey there took us 18 hours and we made use of the time to catch up with the movies provided on-board the plane and had some rest. When we touched down, we were taken straight to our house with all our belongings arrived before us. The girls started running around the house checking it out while I help Claire unpack and settle down.

Fortunately for me, Russell told me to take one week leave to settle down before reporting to work. The next 4 days, I took the family around town and we visited various local attractions and the safaris. We had an unforgettable time during the week. The girls had a hell of a time shopping and trying out various new clothes. I and Claire fucked every night we got there as she joked that I wanted to put a baby in her.

On the Friday during the week, while I was at a restaurant enjoying a meal waiting for the girls to call, 4 policemen came up and arrested me. I was stunned as they told me that I was charged with robbing and injuring an elderly lady. I was brought straight to a detention cell and left there for a long time. There I was scared and worried as I did not know what to do next. I had no friends and the police refused my appeal for a lawyer or a call to the embassy. I spent the time in darkness either trying to sleep taking it as a bad dream or thinking to myself.

Then after a long time, two policemen released me from my cell and allowed me to take a shower and changed my clothes before taking me to a waiting car. In the car were 3 black men, including the driver. I was told to shut up and sit still while the driver drove us. After about an hour in the car, we finally stopped at a nice huge mansion. I was then taken to a large living room where I saw Russell and a few guys standing around. I was excited as I finally found someone who would help me. Before I could reach him, a guy came out of nowhere and blocked my path. He pushed me onto the nearest chair and asked me to shut up.

"Uh, James you have finally arrived. I was wandering how you would settle down in Africa. I have heard about you charge with the police and well frankly I do not believe them. Well I posted bail for you and thought that you need a nice party to lighten up your mood after your horrific experience at the police station. But in the meantime please do not say anything or move unless I tell you too."

He then introduced me to the various gentlemen around the room. His son Brian was present having a striking resemblance to his father. The companies CEO and COO were present, huge black men. 5 higher ranking office holders were also there together with the police chief and another friend. In all 10 black guys together with me and Russell were in the huge living room.

"All righty gentlemen since our guess star is present the party shall now begin. Let's start with the appetizer while dinner is getting set." Russell announced as a pretty blonde appeared from the door. She was wearing a lovely black dress which showcased her nice bust almost coming out of the top. I was stunned as Claire walked to Russell and gave him a kiss. He returned the kiss and started wandering his hands up her back and bum. He then lifted up the dress showing her bare bum to the crowd! I was shocked and wanted to intervene but my huge minder put a firm hand on my shoulder and pushed me back down. While Russell kissed Claire the company's CEO reached out and examine her bum hole. He then inserted 2 fingers up the hole as his other hand started rubbing her cunt. When Russell broke off the kiss, his son came up and pulled Claire's dress down exposing her full naked body. He then squeezed her tits while I watched open-mouthed. Soon the guys started coming out and playing with her exposed body grabbing her tits, kissing her and fingering her.

20 minutes later, dinner was announced and Russell walked up to Claire and attached a dog lease to her neck! He made her crawl to the glass table and made her go under the table. The guys started sitting around the table while she sat at Russell's side. I was also took to the table and made to sit. Russell then whispered something into Claire's ears and she started crawling to the next guy and started unzipping his pants. Then dinner was brought out. 3 cute teens wearing a see through shirt with colored string bra inside and miniskirts, brought trays of food out and the 3 girls looked familiar. They were my darling daughters!

After serving the food, they walked to Russell and stood beside him the twins on one side and little Ashley was sitting on his lap. The guys started eating and admiring my daughters while Claire made her rounds under the table sucking the guys off. I was too stunned, shocked and angry to eat but somehow inside my heart I was kind of enjoying it! While eating the guys made comments on my daughters and talked about how they looked and where can be improved. Russell, with Ashley on his lap was enjoying his dinner with her feeding him as he roamed his hands around her teenage body.

Dinner took a while as Claire made her rounds under the table removing then sucking the men off while Russell enjoyed playing with Ashley.at one point he lifted Ashley's shirt and let the men peek at her budding boobs. The twins were still standing by his side watching the men eat and Brian, Russell's son, started caressing Amanda's bum and back while he ate. I hardly managed to eat as I watched with my eyes as my family was being humiliated in front of me by my big back boss.

An hour later when dinner was finished and cleared Russell took us all to an adjourning room which was just as big as the living room. My wife had just finished sucking all the men and they did not even bother to pull up their pants before following him into the room. The room was designed to like a movie room and Russell put on a nice Jazz CD into the player. I was put on a chair with my minder beside me. As I sat down, I noticed that my 2 of the senior staff took my wife into another room. They took off their shirt and started playing with my wife's body. Soon after, one guy bend her over before putting his huge dick into her cunt and started fucking her, while the other stuffed his dick into her open mouth.

Meanwhile back at the huge room, Russell sat down in a huge armchair with Ashley in front of him. He waited until the remaining guys sat down before making the twins do a striptease for their pleasure. As the twins started their dance, I watched as Russell started taking off Ashley's clothes. The girls did not oppose as they seem drugged and I must admit that I had a hard on growing in my pants. I watched as Russell after taking off Ashley's shirt, started to rip the remaining clothes off her. She was naked before her sisters took off their undies. He then started kissing her clit and tits before lifting her to a table nearby and laying her down. While the twins did their striptease, the guys took off their remaining clothes and started cheering and Russell called me over and told me something.

"Well James as you can see your girls are so willing to be used and abused. I will give you two options. 1) You can either help me fuck your precious baby girl and watch your girls get abused and serve me or 2) I will give you back to the police and you will not see your daughters and wife again and I will still use them just without you. You can decide. I will give you until your twins take off their remaining clothes to decide if you choose option one I want you to lick your daughter until she gets wet and ready for me to enter. Your time starts now."

I looked up and saw the twins only left their undies which have not been touched left. It did not take me long to decide that option 1 was the best no matter how bad it seem and I started getting on my knees and licking my baby's cunt. It wasn't long before Ashley was wet and moaning out and my twins were totally naked swaying to the music.

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