Spanking Day
Chapter 1: The Students

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Teacher/Student, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Students - It's Friday morning, Spanking Day at Park Lane Academy for Girls. Frank Walker, the headmaster, has made it his policy to administer such punishment in front of the entire student body, adding a little humiliation to the pain. Paddling high school girls is one of his duties, and also one of his pleasures, a perversion that he shares with his kinky wife.

Annie Walker noticed right away that her husband Frank had a little extra twinkle in his eye when he came downstairs for breakfast. "My," she said, "even for a morning person, you seem very happy today."

"Well, it is Friday," Frank said, giving her a peck on the cheek. "You know, TGI and all that."

"Hmm," Annie mused, "even so, today must be something special. You planning on banging your assistant today?" she teased.

"Mrs. Gilcrest?" Frank shuddered at the thought of having sex with the slightly obese, stringy-haired, fifty-something Florence Gilcrest, the self-appointed queen of the front office at Park Lane Academy For Girls. "Oh please hon, if I'm going to cheat on you I think I can do better than some frustrated divorcee. No, if you must know, I'm excited because it's a spanking day."

"My, you haven't had one of those in awhile."

"Yeah. Since we started administering punishments in front of the whole student body the students have been behaving a lot better. I think adding the embarrassment factor to the pain did the trick. Thanks for the idea, by the way."

"No prob," Annie replied. "Like I told you, my dad only spanked me three times when I was growing up, but the one time I really remember was when he put me over his knee at Thanksgiving dinner, right in front of our whole family. My pride hurt a lot worse than my butt."

"I still can't believe your sweet old father did that. You must have been extra bratty that day."

"I could be a real pain when I didn't get my way," Annie admitted.

"Kind of like in the bedroom?" Frank teased.

Annie replied with a quick finger, and a question. "So, how many behinds do you get to warm today?"

"Oh, just four."

"Four? Sounds like a lot to me. Sure you can handle it?"

"I'll pace myself," Frank said with a wink. "And if I get tired I can always turn it over to Mrs. Gilcrest. She'd love it."


"Oh yeah, she likes spanking days almost as much as I do. But she's getting frustrated with just watching. She keeps bugging me to let her do a little bun warming herself."

"Didn't see that coming," Annie said. "So, your administrative aide is a little ... kinky. Is that why you hired her?"

"Nope, that never came up during the interview. I don't think her interest in that is all that unusual anyway. We both know there are a lot of people who enjoy giving a good paddling."

Annie stood on tiptoe and gave Frank a quick peck on the lips. "Yes I do, and I know you are one of them. Just make sure your enjoyment doesn't become too obvious, dear. I don't think erecting a tent pole in front of a couple hundred teenage girls is a good thing for a headmaster to do."

"Come on, Annie. You know I have better self control than that."

"M-m-m, I hope so. Are you sure you don't want me to give you a quick hand job to take the edge off?"

"Wish I could say yes, sweetie, but I don't think I have time this morning."

During his time as a teacher and administrator Frank had successfully learned to hide his quirky desires. For several years he had even hid the true reasons why he enjoyed teaching so much from Annie. A late-night confession during a second honeymoon vacation had ended that. Frank feared that disclosing his unusual interest might even spoil their marriage, but to his surprise Annie wasn't shocked at all. "I've known for a long time," she had told him as they lay cuddled together in the $200-a-night room they had splurged on. "You like young girls, and especially like their little behinds. I've just been waiting for you to let me in on your secret. Feel better now?"

And he had, confession truly was good for his soul. It also opened up a new avenue of sexual exploration for Annie and Frank to explore together. After that, some nights she began dressing more like one of his students than the successful real estate agent she was in real life. That allowed Frank to act out many of the fantasies that blossomed in his imagination during the day as he surreptitiously devoured his young students with his gaze, and kept him from doing something stupid.

"What else is on your agenda?" Annie asked.

"A boring budget meeting this morning," he said, "then after school I have a discipline issue I have to deal with concerning one of my teachers."

"Anybody I know?"

"Jennifer Castle. She's one of our new teachers, don't think you've met her."

"I recognize the name. Isn't she that math teacher that the girls really like?"


"What in the world did she do?"

"I was walking through the halls yesterday, just checking on how things were going in the classrooms. I passed her room and saw her students taking a test. She was using her laptop, but I knew she wasn't working, because she had this big grin on her face, and... , " Frank paused.

"Yes?" Annie prompted, "don't stop now."

"Well, she had her chair pulled up as close to her desk as she could, almost like she was trying to hide something from her students ... and I'm pretty sure she was playing with herself."

"No way!" Annie exclaimed. "What did you do? Did she see you?"

"No," Frank said, "to tell the truth I was a little embarrassed and afraid to make a scene right then in front of her class. So I went back to my office and called our IT guy. I asked if he could tell what she had been doing on her laptop. A few minutes later he called back and said she had been texting, apparently with her boyfriend since she's not married, and the language was very, uh, unteacherlike."

"So what are you going to do."

"Read her the riot act, I guess. Remind her that we monitor all online activity, and that sexting, or whatever the kids call it now, is not appropriate for a teacher, especially at school. I'll probably put her on probation and maybe dock her a few days pay."

"You're not gonna spank her?" Annie teased.

Frank knew his wife was joking, but the sudden image of the slim young teacher, with the fetchingly long golden hair bent over his desk started to stir the kind of reaction Annie had just warned him about. "Don't think so," Frank said with a grin. Wanting to change to subject, Frank asked, "So, what's up for you today?"

Annie smiled. "I told you, we're closing on the Freeman house today."

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Nice commission there, right?"

"Best I've had in months. And I may be close to another sale in the same neighborhood. Things are looking up."

"Great," Frank told her, "I was afraid you might have to start a new career as an escort to support me in the manner to which I am accustomed."

"Very funny, wiseguy," Annie snarled, giving Frank a hard slap on the buttocks. "So, I expect a full blow-by-blow description tonight."

"Of course, dear." It had been quite another surprise for Frank when he discovered that his wife enjoyed hearing about the spankings that he administered. She had even asked once if she could come to his school to observe, but they both agreed that that would be just a little too weird.

Frank smiled with a mixture of pride and anticipation as he drove onto the Park Lane Academy campus. It was a small private girls' high school, which originally had been established as a last-chance haven for girls who had either flunked out or been kicked out of other schools. Under Frank's leadership, the school was transforming into a more traditional private high school, with more attention being paid to academic excellence. Even though things were improving, there were still quite a few of tough cases in the student body, which is why Frank had been so adamant about maintaining strict rules of behavior, with appropriate punishment for infractions. Every girl enrolled at Park Lane, as well as their parents, fully understood that the school faculty and administration had the authority to inflict corporal punishment when needed. His approach had been called outdated, abusive, and inappropriate when he had first outlined his plan to begin spanking students, but the improvement in the overall atmosphere at the school, as well as greatly improved academic results had quieted most of the doubters.

The first time Frank had announced a "Spanking Day", with punishments administered in front of everyone, it had surprised and shocked many of the students, and even some of the faculty members. It reemphasized to everyone that when he said the rules were going to be enforced, he meant it. Over the next few months, as more girls suffered the indignity of having their bottoms paddled in front of their friends, there were fewer and fewer infractions. Today would be the first time he was going to have to impose such public discipline in several weeks.

He parked in his reserved spot, and walked slowly toward the administrative offices. He exchanged greetings with some of the students, but unlike other days, on this special day many avoided his glance, even though they had nothing to fear from the activities to come later. Just the fact that today the usually friendly and helpful Mr. Walker was going to be "The Executioner" made many of the girls nervous to be around him. Frank hated that nickname, but knew there was no way he could just ban it. That would make it even more popular.

When he got to his office, the ever efficient Mrs Gilcrest was waiting for him, a cup of freshly brewed coffee in one hand, and a summary of the budget proposals in the other. He had to admit that, except for her more and more blatant flirting, she was an outstanding assistant.

"Good morning, Mr. W," she said with a smile.

"Good morning Florence. Everything set for the assembly?"

"Of course," she replied. "I arranged the auditorium myself this morning. Came in early to do it."

"You are amazing, Florence. I don't know what I would do without you." Frank rewarded her efforts with a quick wink, knowing he would probably regret that familiarity later.

The budget meeting went better than he had expected – enrollments were up, and that combined with a slight tuition increase imposed by the board earlier in the year, made it easy for Frank to get almost all the projects and proposals he put forward approved. It even ended fifteen minutes early, which gave him time to go back to his office and think about what was to come next.

He took the time to review once more the folder Mrs. Gilcrest had prepared. Since it was a small school, he knew all of the students to be punished. One-by-one he mentally rehearsed what he would say, and how he would perform his duty. He also tried to anticipate how each student would look and react when her bottom was being warmed, but quickly abandoned that when he felt his manhood beginning to rise. He regretted turning down Annie's offer of a quick handjob before he left home. I could call Florence in and ask for her help, he mused. The very thought made him chuckle.

At nine-twenty his assistant reminded him of the time, and they both made their way to the school auditorium. The bell ending second period had must rang, and the hall was filled with chatting, noisy girls. Most still avoiding looking at him. Frank liked to think that he was respected and liked by most of his students, but a headmaster can't always be a nice guy, he reminded himself.

When all all the students had taken their seats, Kaitlin Edwards, the student body president, led the students in the Pledge of Allegiance, and Sarah Kimbrell sang the national anthem. When the formalities were over, Frank stepped up to the podium at the front of the small stage. He let his eyes wander over the assembled audience. The faculty members were seated in the back, then seniors, juniors, etc. This seating arrangement wasn't dictated or written down anywhere, but had been a tradition at Park Lane since before Frank had arrived. The only exception to the seating by class order were the five chairs arranged by themselves, just below the stage, where the miscreants awaited their fate.

Frank cleared his throat and began the same brief speech about rules and responsibilities and being a good citizen that he always made on Spanking Day. As he finished, he noted that the five girls in front of him all had their heads down, their humiliation in front of their peers already beginning. One girl, the youngest, a ninth-grader, was even crying a little. "And so," he concluded, "we come to the unpleasant part of our activities this morning." He checked the notes that Florence had prepared for him one more time, and called out the first name. "Melissa Howell, please come up."

Melissa, the freshman, was a short bespectacled girl with curly red hair. Frank knew that some of the other girls liked to tease her by calling her Raggedy Ann, and he had to admit that she did kind of resemble that old doll. She was almost too cute to punish - almost but not quite. Rules are rules, he reminded himself. She made her way up the stairs and onto the stage, looking very much like someone approaching the guillotine.

Mrs. Gilcrest motioned for the frightened youngster to take her place at the converted desk that was known around the school as the "whipping stand". There was no real whipping involved in Frank's disciplining, but the name had stuck, as had his unfortunate nickname.

He read off the infraction that had earned Melissa her unenviable role in that morning's proceedings. "Melissa Howell, you are here today because you were found smoking in the bathroom last week. Is that true?"

"Yes sir," the girl said, her voice almost a whisper.

"And you do know that smoking, by anyone, anywhere on campus, is not allowed, do you?" This time all she could manage was a nod of her head, which made the mop-like tangle of ginger curls on her head shake like seaweed moved by the tide. "Then you accept without complaint or resistance the punishment you are about to receive? Speak up, young lady, your classmates deserve to hear you."

"Yes sir," she said, a little louder this time.

"Mrs. Gilcrest, if you will," Frank said.

Florence positioned the girl at the end of the desk. Because the girls in the school varied so much in size, the height of the desktop was adjustable. Florence lowered it a couple inches to match Melissa's height. "Bend over dear, and just relax," she whispered to her, "it'll be over before you know it."

The desk was arranged so that the student being punished was facing her classmates, or would have been if her eyes hadn't been tightly shut. In fact, her whole face was contorted in a grimace in anticipation, or dread, of the pain to come. Her soon to be burning buttocks was visible only to Frank as he took his position.

The three paddles he used were hanging on hooks on the side of the desk, which only added to the somewhat medieval feel of the proceedings. Even though smoking was a serious offense, it was the normally well-behaved student's first infraction, so Frank had chosen to go somewhat easy on her. He selected the smallest paddle, and gave the quivering girl a break by not raising her skirt. This would be a clothed spanking, not bare skin.

As he usually did, he took his time, pausing for a few seconds between each blow, both to let the effect sink in, and to build the suspense. Melissa held out, with only a slight whimper, for the first three blows, but Frank always liked to finish with what he called the fireworks ending, the biggest and best saved for last. The fourth swat was directed lower, not on her cloth-covered buttocks, but on the bare upper thigh exposed below the hem of her uniform skirt. That one caused her to jump a little, and the tears at last started for real. The last two spanks, still directed at the now squirming girls thighs, were the hardest yet, leaving her sobbing opening and pleading for mercy.

"That's all," he told her. "Go back to your seat, and remember this next time you get the urge to light up on my campus."

Frank checked his notes, then called out the next two names. "Elizabeth Fourier and Wendy Jones, to the stage please." Elizabeth and Wendy had been caught cheating on a test. Frank had been a little shocked when he found out that Elizabeth was involved. She was one of his academic superstars, a straight-A student, president of the Math Club, and captain of the debate team. But she had confessed to letting her good friend Wendy copy some answers from her during a World History midterm. The gifted Elizabeth had told Frank she had only done it to be more popular, an excuse that struck home with the principal, who hadn't been all that popular in high school either.

Nevertheless, Frank had no choice. The honor code called for one of two punishments for cheating on an exam – expulsion, or what the student handbook called "severe corporal punishment". Since there was no way he was going to kick Elizabeth out of school, and since he knew he had to treat both students equally, both girls were about to receive the hardest corporal punishment the discipline committee would allow. There was no way he could fake it. The acoustics in the auditorium would amplify the sound of wood on skin, and the girls resulting cries for mercy. If he slacked up from his normal style, everyone would know. He had to make sure the crack of the paddle across their backsides was loud and clear.

After each girl gave a quick mumbled apology to their classmates, Florence led them to the whipping stand. It was wide enough for two students to be spanked at the same time, which Frank preferred in cases like this. He didn't think it was fair to make one student wait, watching and dreading as her partner in crime was receiving her licks. The girls bent over, and at Florence's suggestion, grabbed the far side of the table to prevent reflexively reaching back and attempting to divert the paddle with their hands. That would only add strokes to their ordeal, but sometimes a girl in pain just couldn't help herself.

"Each girl is to receive ten strokes, with their skirts raised," Frank announced. Everyone already knew that, especially the girls whose bottoms were about to be abused, but describing what was to happen was part of the procedure. He selected the longest of the three paddles, the one with holes drilled in it for maximum effect. He signaled to Mrs. Gilcrest, who raised the girls' skirts and tucked them in beneath their belts, leaving their pantie-clad, round behinds exposed to his attention.

Frank took his position behind the girls. He paused again, both the increase the tension in the room, and to allow himself a brief glimpse of the two exposed bums before him. Wendy, the more athletic of the two girls, had slim legs and slight buttocks - the kind that Frank knew could lead to ugly bruising if he overdid it. He decided to concentrate more on her upper thighs. Elizabeth by contrast was slightly pudgy, with well-rounded cheeks that seemed to be natural targets for his wooden enforcer. He almost wished he could take a moment and run a hand over her moon, to confirm that they felt every bit as soft and inviting as they looked. If he was still administrating his spankings the the privacy of his office he might well have done that, risky as it was, but with two hundred students and faculty watching, he had to deny himself that brief pleasure.

He started with Wendy, giving her two quick whacks, not full-powered, but enough to make her jump and shout a little. He quickly crossed to Elizabeth's side and gave her a matching pair of blows. He repeated that pattern, sets of two for each girl, three more times. By now both girls were sobbing, and Wendy was even screaming a little each time the wood smacked across her upper legs. The exposed part of her skin was now bright red, with raised white spots where the holes in the paddle had left their mark. Frank was unable to see most of the effects of his efforts on Elizabeth. Her plain white panties hid much of the reddening he so enjoyed seeing.

Frank paused before rendering the final set of strokes. He could feel his manhood beginning to engorge slightly, and tried to settle himself down. He looked over at his assistant, trying to image himself having sex with the slightly overweight, older woman, and that successfully quenched his libido enough to allow him to finish his chore without further danger of pulling the tent-pole trick Annie had warned him about.

He knew the sound of the last two strokes had to resonate throughout the room, leaving no doubt in the minds of his students that the last place they ever wanted to find themselves was lying across that desk. He laid into Wendy's final blows with most of his strength, this time aiming directly at her lank buttocks. The sound of those spanks was loud, but they were matched in intensity by the wails of the girl now tightly holding on to the far end of the desk. He didn't think he had ever heard a student scream so much or with such volume. He almost felt bad, but quickly reminded himself that the girls had brought this on themselves. They had known the risk they were taking when the cheated, and the consequences associated with it.

Turning his attention to Elizabeth, who was a lot more composed, he finished her punishment with two swiftly delivered and well aimed whacks. The devil inside him desperately wanted to pull her panties down, at least far enough for him to gauge the effectiveness of his blows, but again sanity prevailed. Instead, he backed off and let his assistant do her duty. She rearranged the girls' skirts and escorted them off the stage and back to their seats. Both girls squirmed uncomfortably when they sat down, partially from the pain, and partially from the humiliation of being brought to tears in front of the other students. Frank knew the stinging in their bottoms would soon fade, but the stigma of being punished publicly would stay with them a lot longer.

One more to go, and Frank knew this one was going to be the most difficult. He read off the name, Maria Clark, and watched as the tall, gangly senior with short black hair climbed the steps onto the stage and moved toward Frank with deliberate slowness. He had known Maria was going to be a troublemaker from the first day she had enrolled at Park Lane, and she had more than lived up to first impressions. She was one of the old-style Park Lane students, sent here by desperate parents, hoping that the strict rules and academically challenging environment would keep their precious daughter in school long enough to graduate. Almost three years later, and only a few months short of graduation, Frank still wasn't sure she was going to make it. This was the third time in a year she had been singled out for corporal punishment, in addition to two suspensions and lots of detentions.

He wondered if it was even worth the effort paddling her again, since that form of punishment didn't seem to bother her, but it was too late to change his mind now. Any possibility of leniency Frank might have been considering disappeared when he saw the mocking smile on her face. Got to wipe that off, he promised himself. It looked to be an explosive session.

When she had been brought to his office a few days earlier, after having been caught having sex with two boys in a car just off campus during lunch hour, and trying to slash the tires on the car of the teacher who had reported her, she had all but dared him to expel her. But he knew that was what she wanted, and he didn't want to give her the pleasure. Instead, he had ordered her to the whipping stand for a third time. Unlike the previous girls, he felt no compassion for the cocky young girl grinning at him. Think you're tough, he thought, well lets find out.

"Maria Clark," he intoned, "you are charged with attempted vandalism of the physical property of a staff member of Park Lane, and you have admitted your guilt. Is that correct?"

"Yeah, whatever. Let's get this over with. I want to text my boyfriend."

Frank tried to ignore her contemptuous reply. "Are you prepared to accept without complaint or resistance the punishment you are about to receive?"

Maria smiled. "Bring it on," she growled, her voice lowered so only Frank heard her reply. "Let's see what you've got, old man. Just remember that if you draw blood, I can bring charges."

Her defiant attitude caused a ripple of whispered comments and some laughter among the students. Frank turned to them, and with one withering glance, quieted his charges. He was going to have to make this good, or lose face with everyone in the auditorium.

Like the previous two girls, Maria's punishment was the maximum allowed. Maria didn't wait for Florence's assistance. She willingly bent over the stand, something she was quite used to, and with a flip of her wrist threw her skirt up onto her back. For a moment Frank thought that she was naked underneath the gray plaid, but then saw that the insolent girl was wearing a thong. She was deliberately leaving her ass cheeks exposed, as one last challenge to "The Executioner". The students at either side of the room could see Maria's bare bottom, and soon word of her attire, or lack of it, was spreading to the rest of the student body. If she had wanted to put the headmaster in an uncomfortable position, she had succeeded.

Frank selected the middle paddle this time. "Not the big one?" Florence whispered, "I would have thought you would give her the worst you had.".

"I am," he whispered back. "The big one looks scary, and makes a lot of noise, but I can get more speed with this one. And more speed equals..."

"More sting," his assistant added with a knowing smile.

Ten strokes was all he could give her, according to the rules, but he had a bit of a surprise in store for the troublesome girl. As usual, he started slowly, pausing several seconds between each blow to let the pain peak before adding to it. By the sixth one, her exposed butt had gone past the pink of a normal stinging spank, and was turning a deeper, almost purple hue. He knew he was hurting her, really hurting, but she still refused to acknowledge the discomfort she had to be feeling. No cries, no whimpers, no tears - she was as stoic as if receiving a boring lecture on her behavior.

That's when he changed tactics. He put the paddle back in the rack, and stepped in front of the girl, standing between her and the other students. He said nothing as he slowly unbuckled his belt and slid it off. He doubled it over in his hand, and without warning slapped it hard on the desk right next to her face. The noise of the leather hitting the wood startled her, and for the first time he saw a little fear in her eyes.

Slowly, he walked back to his position behind the insolent girl. The room now was so silent he could hear Maria breathing. Again, he waited, letting the anticipation, and dread, build. Finally, in a fury of sudden activity, he began slapping her bare skin with his inch-wide belt. He started low on her thighs, just above the knees. He moved his aim up a few inches with each increasingly hard slap, finishing with three blows across her now bruised butt. He had far exceeded the ten strokes allowed, but he was sure that no one, except for Maria, would object. Everyone had seen her attitude, and there wasn't much sympathy for her in the room.

Frank stepped back to admire the result of his efforts – a series of red and white stripes painted on the back of her legs. He turned to Florence, waiting for her to help Maria down from her pillory, and was surprised to see that his assistant was staring openly at his crotch. He looked down and realized that his violent treatment of the troublesome teen had aroused him more than he was aware. What is wrong with me, he thought? Childlike, almost playful spanking had given way to the kind of brutal attack he had never allowed himself to perform before, and it had effected him like never before.

He turned away from the students and tried to rearrange his unwanted erection while Mrs. Gilcrest helped the now sobbing girl down the stairs. Apparently feeling bad for the girl, Florence didn't take her back to her chair but escorted her out a side door where she could begin recovering in some privacy. His tumescence somewhat under control, Frank turned back to the assembled students and quickly announced an end to the proceedings.

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