All About Missy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Brother/Sister Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister,

Desc: Brother/Sister Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A brother and sister realize their feelings and he finds a way to do something about it!

I have just had one of those days, a superbly fucked-up day.

My name is Steven Messerschmitt; my friends call me Steve, and my closest friends call me Smitty.

I have two best friends, Marvin Cadwallaby, and my sister Melissa Messerschmitt. Marvin lets me call him Wally, and my sister goes by the nickname, Missy. When you have a dumb ass last names as we all do, you have to make lemonade from the lemons.

Earlier today, 'IT' happened. I was in my room watching some very good porn (Think Asa Akira) on my IPad with my left hand firmly around my eight-inch hard on. Missy came through my door without knocking even a little. I had my IPad in landscape mode, hoping it would hide my left hand and what it was doing. I never stopped, because at that exact moment she barreled into my room, I was getting off very good.

She stopped, without yet saying why she'd walked in, and walked over and just stood there, watching my spunk spurt out of my dick!

Without saying a word, she slowly walked backwards out of my room, saying, "Sorry," just as she pulled the door closed behind her.

Missy and I are the only two kids of Metcalf and Miranda Messerschmitt. I'm twenty-one, a part-time student at a nearby college, and I work a little for my father at one of his twenty-two dry-cleaning locations he owns. Mom works out of the house as a Herbalife rep. Missy is preparing to enter the same college that I attend.

I look basically like my dad, except that I'm taller at 6ft tall exactly. I have dark-brown hair I keep longer then Mom and Dad like, but my part-time girlfriend Cassie Armstrong likes it, and that's good enough for me. I have brown eyes, like my dad, and due to having been a wide receiver on my high school football team I am still in pretty good shape. We have a gym in our basement, which I spend some time at, four or five times a week.

Cassie was a cheerleader - we lost our cherries to each other just before our senior homecoming game. I call her a part-time girlfriend because she's become a model. Yeah - she's a knockout, and she's often out of town for four or five days at a time.

Missy, like Mom, is a redhead with cute hazel colored eyes. She's 5ft 6, the same exactly as Mom, 19, and also like our mother, she's got a pretty nice figure. If I were to guess, she's probably 34C or D, 24-34. Cassie is 36D-25-35, and Missy's just smaller in the bosom.

After getting up, washing my hands, and cleaning off my IPad, I thought I should talk with my sister.

Unlike her, I knocked and waited for an answer. I heard her say, "Come on in Smitty, it's unlocked."

I walked in, and she said, "Close it behind you, please?" and I did.

She was working at her desk on some paperwork. I sat on her bed and watched her for a while, noticing that her neck was pretty. I've always had a thing about girls' necks; I don't know where it came from. I like actresses who have well-defined necks, like Anne Hathaway, and Audrey Hepburn, along with Rene Russo.

I got up and walked over to her, asking, "What are you working on, Sis?"

"My entrance paperwork for college, it's all the stuff you did, now I get to do it all," she replied.

"Oh, yeah, that stuff is enough to give you a hand cramp, with all there is to it," I said.

"You certainly don't want to get a hand cramp, would you?" she said turning around and looking straight at me.

Embarrassed, I went back to the bed and sat down.

She turned back around and went to work at it, saying, "I'm sorry - that was inappropriate. I forgot why I even went in your room in the first place – I think it was to ask you something - but it left my brain. If it comes back to me, I will knock next time. Sorry?"

I had come in to give her a piece of my mind about it, but she seemed so sincere, I now felt guilty – so I got up and walked to her. After putting my hands on her shoulders, I said, "I'm sorry too, Missy – when Cassie's gone, I get a little ... uptight, and that's how I release myself. I will be sure to lock the door in the future." I leaned over and gave her a kiss behind the ear and left.

My phone rang; it was Wally, wanting to know if he could come over. I told him yes. He arrived, and we sat down and watched a weightlifting tournament. We would watch just about any kind of sport and enjoy it; we really liked sports that are part of the Olympics. We've watched swimming and diving, cycling, boxing, volleyball, figure skating, whatever we could find to watch. We have been buds since junior high school, we were on the football team together, and he was a tight end.

We'd both lusted after Cassie, but I got her, and he didn't. He was cool about it, too – no hard feelings at all. That's a friend.

After the weightlifting was over, Wally got a call and had to leave. I sat back down, flipping channels, trying to find anything at all to watch. Missy came downstairs and sat next to me, watching me look at something for about two seconds then switching, and doing it over and over.

She cleared her throat, which I knew meant she had something to say, so I turned off the TV, and turned towards her to listen.

"So, whenever Cassie is gone, you hide away in your room and do that?" she asked.

I was quite surprised she wanted to talk about it, so I jumped in, trying to be casual.

"Well, sis – Cassie is getting lots of work modeling, and I suspect that I'll be getting the phone call any day now, that she's leaving me and moving away. I don't blame her? She's a knockout, almost as pretty as you and she's bound and determined to become a New York runway model!" I said.

"Wait a minute – what was that, you called me pretty ... you've never said anything like that to me before, why now?"

"Missy, it's a guy thing – our girlfriends are hot, our sisters are pretty – if you weren't my sister, I'd be calling you hot ... because you are very beautiful," I said.

"Are you telling me this because you think I'm pretty, or because Cassie hasn't been around here for a week?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes to both, probably – one of the reasons I went to a local college, besides grades, was that I'm bound and determined to keep the scum balls of the earth away from you until you find 'the one!'" I answered.

"Really?" she said.

"Now you're just trolling for more compliments, aren't you?" I said, catching her in a smile.

"Well, if I'm beautiful, then you're a stud, since you started working out, and became a football player in high school. All of my girlfriends ask me all the time about you, even now!" she said, adding a bit of a giggle to her smile.

"Now, you're making that up, sis – I don't believe it for a minute."

Just then my phone rang.

Caller ID said it was Cassie. "I need to take this call upstairs, OK?"

"Come and see me when you're done!" she remarked.

I was walking up the stairs as I pushed Answer.

"Hello, this is Steven?"

"Hi, this is Cassie," she said with her usual perkiness.

"Where are you calling from?" I asked.

"You'll never believe what happened this morning?" she said.

"You were sitting in a diner on a stool when a guy walked in and said, 'I can make you a star!'" I reasoned.

"That's not far off, Smitty – but it was an IHOP; I was sitting at a table with my manager and my publicist, and who would you think walked up to us?" she said.

"I don't know – someone from William Morris?" I guessed.

"No, silly – they only hire actors and actresses!" she said like I should know. "It was a gentleman from the Supreme Model Management Company. I was hired to model in their Commercial Division."

"So, you're doing commercials?" I asked.

"Maybe, I could do anything from modeling bikinis, to be on the cover of a car magazine, or whatever. Aren't you proud of me?" she said.

Fighting back the real feelings I had, I bucked up and said, "I'm so very proud of my girl. I suppose this means I won't see you for a while, if ever?"

"I'm sorry, Smitty – maybe you could come to New York sometime?" she said.

My heart was in my throat - I was getting close to losing it, but I said, "Call me when you can, I understand!" and I hung up.

I immediately started to cry, knowing I was probably never going to see her again. Except maybe on Car and Driver magazine, or that stupid commercial with the alligator.


I heard my sister coming up the stairs, finding me in front of my bedroom, on the floor against my bedroom door, crying like a baby.

This brings me back to where the story began.

She plopped down next to me and said, "That was the call?"

I barely squeaked out a 'Yes.'

"You've had other girlfriends before Cassie, go out and snag one of them, bring her back to your cave, and give her some of that ... uh..."

"What you saw earlier?" I interrupted.

"Yeah, some of that – any girl would want some of that," she said.

She picked up my hand and said, "I'm sorry for you Smitty, hey – let me take you out for dinner?" she said, with a burst of energy.

"I won't be much of a conversationalist. I just want to go into my room and waste away ... and maybe get real drunk."

"Nope - you're taking your little sister out to dinner. Shower, shave and get dressed – you have fifteen minutes?" she said.

"But..." I started to say.

Putting her finger to my lips and saying, "Shush," she got up and went to her room. From behind her door, I heard her say, "No jeans – slacks and a nice shirt."

I responded, "Yes dear," which made her laugh as I went through my door.

I took a nice long hot shower, shaved, and put on my only nice pair of slacks I had, and a dress shirt, along with socks and shoes.

As I closed my bedroom door behind me, I heard the front door open and heard Mom say, "My goodness dear, why are you so dressed up?"

"Steven, got a 'Dear John' phone call from Cassie, and I'm taking him out to dinner," my sister said.

I started down the stairs, and they both looked up at me, with Mom giving me a great big grin, and Missy gave me a wolf whistle. I went to Missy and put my arms around her saying, "Yeah -- she talked me down; I was on the roof ready to throw myself off, but my pretty sister came to my rescue."

Missy grabbed my hands and said, "He's been protecting me from bad boys, so the least I could do is take him out and treat him to dinner. Can we take your car, Mom?"

"Sure, have fun you guys – and Steven, remember your sister is too young to drink, so both of you be careful," Mom said.

Mom handed me the keys. I walked my sister to the car, opening the door for her before getting into it myself.

Missy scooted over next to me as I started the car.

"Did you have any particular place in mind for dinner, my beautiful sister?" I said, trying to get more into the moment.

"How about Sandrine's Basque Restaurant?" she said.

"That's a 30-minute drive, Sis!"

"We're not likely to run into anybody we know if we go there. Otherwise you'd have to explain why you're out on a date with your sister," she grinned.

"Oh, this is a date?" I asked.

"If you want it to be; it is?" Missy answered sounding lovely.

"OK, Sandrini's it is, they are expensive, though," I reminded her.

"Yeah, but you're worth it!" she said, putting her head on my shoulder and her hand on my knee.

We got there and it wasn't as busy as we had expected on a weeknight, so we got a table right away, off in the corner. I had my arm around her waist as we walked to our table. We were given menus and gave a drink order.

OK, Missy is dressed in a midnight blue dress, with a deep scoop in front, showing off her figure. The dress was at least ten inches above her knee, showing off her impressive gams as well. She was wearing three or four-inch heels, with her hair down in a style similar to the way that Jennifer Aniston currently wears hers.

After we had got our drinks, our server took our order and left.

I turned to Missy and asked, "May I kiss you, please?"

"I've been waiting for you to ask me that all day?"


"Since you said that you thought I was pretty, I've been hoping for this moment, actually for a couple of years – I've been waiting for this moment," she said.

"A couple of years?" I said amazed.

"Yes, Steven – I've loved you most of my life, but tonight could be something really special between the two of us if you'd like," she said.

It had been forever since the last time she called me by my birth name, which told me she was sincere.

"Well, to tell the truth, Melissa, I thought that you couldn't possibly feel for me the way that I felt for you. That's why I went after Cassie in the first place, and the fact that Wally wanted her also made her interesting."

"Do you find me interesting, Steven?"

I took her nearest hand, picked it up and kissed it. I turned towards her as she turned towards me. We kissed again. This time, there was passion in both of our lips and probably in our hearts as well.

Sometime during the kiss our server arrived, which separated us, as we smiled at the young man.

We had a wonderfully slow dinner, feeding each other with the occasional kiss in between bites. I'd decided to have only a single alcoholic beverage, so I would have a clear head for whatever else happens.

After paying, we walked out arm in arm, and I said the words I thought I would never say to my little sister, "I'm in love with you!"

We had a full-on body contact kiss that warmed me all over, and when we finally separated, Melissa said, "I love you too, Steven!"

Since Mom would need her car, and I couldn't think of a good enough reason to say we were staying somewhere other than home, we went back to the house, coming in quietly so not to awaken anyone.

After changing to go to bed, I knocked on my sister's bedroom door and went inside.

"I'm so happy right now, Melissa! I wish we could do more than simply kiss, but you know how light Mom and Dad sleep, so goodnight!" I said, pulling her to me giving her as fervent a kiss as I could, under the circumstances.

"Let's go out to a movie sometime real soon?" Missy said.

"What's in town to watch?" I asked.

"Does it matter?" she said with a bit of a giggle.

"I guess you're right, beautiful – I love you!"

"I love you, Steven!"

The next morning, I got a call from Wally.

"Hey, Smitty?"

"Hey, Wally – how's it hanging?" I responded, giving him a chance for his favorite response.

"Short, shriveled, and always to the left," he said. "Hey, I called your house last night to talk to you, and your folks said that you and your sister went out to dinner together because Cassie dumped you over the phone. Is that right? Did she really do that?"

"Yeah, she's going to live in New York fulltime now. A big-time modeling agency just hired her. She said the name of it, but I don't remember, no matter – good riddance," I said.

"What do you mean by good riddance?" he answered back.

"Now, I can move on – find myself a full-time girlfriend!" I said.

"Sounds like you already have – do I know her?"

"Nope, she's a friend of Missy's!"

"Can I meet her, Smitty?"

"Not yet, I'm going to take my time with her. Mom and Dad don't even know about her yet, OK?"

"Sure thing – good luck buddy!" Wally said, hanging up.

I went downstairs to see if anybody was making breakfast and found Mom cooking bacon and eggs. I could smell the bacon from upstairs, came in, wrapped my arms around her waist, and gave her a kiss on the neck and sat down.

"Well, I see you're in a good mood today, honey," mom said.

"Yep, I just needed to clear my head, and that's what happened. Missy treated me to dinner at Sandrini's Basque Restaurant last night."

"My goodness, that's practically in the next town – but they have wonderful food, don't they?"

"Yes, they do Mom – and a chance to spend some quality time with my sister was a nice bonus. Wasn't she pretty in that deep blue dress?"

"As a matter of fact, she was – I hope you told her she looked nice? I raised my children to have proper manners, didn't I?"

"Sure did, Mom ... and since Missy looks just like you means that you're just as beautiful as she is."

"I agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly," dad said entering the kitchen. "I always thought your Mother was the most beautiful girl I'd ever met. Talk about having good luck at the right time."

"Dad, I can only hope my next girlfriend is as pretty as Mom and is as nice as my sister, that would be the best combination I could hope for, don't you think?"

"I agree with that statement completely," Missy said entering the kitchen with a robe tied tight around her waist.

"How are you doing on your College entrance paperwork, Melissa?" dad said.

"If I can get my big brother to help me, I can get if finished by today and put in the mail by tomorrow," Missy said.

"I'll be more than happy to help my pretty sister," I said looking over at Melissa's freshly scrubbed face. She's even pretty without any makeup.

"Which one of the stores do you need me at today, Dad?" I asked.

"Sixteenth and H Street plant, OK – from noon until four pm?" he answered.

"Sure thing, pop – I need the money to take my new girl out?" I said, realizing I'd said that out loud.

"New girl - what happened to Cassie, young man?" he asked.

I gave him the short version while I saw that Melissa gave me a look.

"So, who's the new girl – anyone we know?" mom asked.

"I have two new girls, Mom, and Missy, I love you both so much I want to do all I can to make up for the way I've been acting, pouting and such. The ladies in this family deserve both praise and support from everyone. I'm giving up romance for my family!" I said.

That caused Dad to drop the newspaper from in front of his face while I saw Melissa take her napkin and rub her eyes, and Mom had turned to see if it was really her son who had just given this speech!

"No, I'm not gay either?" I said.

Everyone broke into a hearty laugh, with nobody seeing Melissa and I exchanging glances.

Dad left for work. Mom went into her office as I showered, changed and met up with my sister in her room.

The moment I entered her room, I was engulfed in her mouth, while I reached back to lock her door.

"Everything you said this morning was so wonderful, Steven – I love you so very much. When can we go out again?"

"Well, Dad doesn't have me work on Tuesdays, which is tomorrow, so why don't we finish your paperwork this morning, then tomorrow we can go to the college so you can drop off the paperwork, and we can have the whole day to ourselves. How's that sound?"

"Wonderful, I can't wait for you and me to make love, Steven – I know you must be a magnificent lover."

We sat down, working together to finish her matriculation plan, along with the other forms the school wanted. We changed some stuff around, so we could take a few classes together in the fall. We had to go online to look at the current course catalogue, and find classes in common with my course catalogue, and we found a couple we can take together. I suggested to Melissa that since she was so much smarter than me, she should load up her first couple of semesters, which could give us more time together. I already figured we would travel to school together each day – she agreed.

In the dry-cleaning industry, you have a choice between being a satellite type business, meaning you have 'dry stores' that get serviced by a centrally located plant that picks up the dirty clothes, and brings everything back to the store, cleaned and pressed.

The other option, which my granddad chose, was to have 'wet stores, ' that is, stores that have all the equipment to perform all of the tasks, without the clothes ever leaving.

My Grandpa Myron Messerschmitt, who started the first three stores, thought this all out and was one of the pioneers of dry-cleaning. He was the very first person in California to incorporate drive-thru service into the industry.

Most often I worked at one of the three original stores since it had the oldest equipment, I had become essential as a fixer-upper – to the point that the Sixteenth and H Street store, being almost fifty years old, was one of the most profitable we had.

Mom tells the story that she'd started working for Dad as a young lady, doing his books and such, and he'd asked her to dinner one day. They hit it off, and less than a year later they were married. He put her on a salary from that point on. She left the business to have us two kids, and she never looked back, instead becoming an independent woman of means with a thriving Herbalife program. She'd be at home two days a week, and she would 'make the rounds' to her 'associate workers' the other three days. She liked making her own money!

I got home from work, showered and knocked on my sister's door.

"Come in?" said the wonderful voice of my little sister.

I did, and she again surprised me, running to me, causing me to catch and hold her, while she wrapped her legs around my waist, as we kissed again, "I missed you!" she said.

"Not as much as I missed you, sweetie!" I answered.

Still holding her up, re-gripping so I had her by her butt cheeks I said, "Want to find some TV to watch, Baby Doll?"

"Oooh, I like that – Baby Doll? OK," she said, kissing me again.

We headed downstairs holding hands just as Wally was coming into the house.

"I saw your car, so I let myself in – What the hell?"

We hadn't dropped our tight grip we had on each other, and my best friend immediately made the leap.

"Is ... this your new girl you were talking about – your sister?"

Melissa and I were caught. She left and ran back upstairs crying.

"Wally, I need to explain..."

"Nope, I understand completely. A class I took explained something called Genetic Sexual Attraction, Sexual imprinting, and the Westermarck effect, although most studies say GSA is rare between people who were raised together in early childhood. I have no reason to be anything other than interested in your situation, from a theoretical standpoint."

"So you won't say anything to anyone about us, as long as we let you do ... what?"

"No, Smitty — nothing like that at all. I'd like to interview occasionally you two, separately and together, as your relationship moves forward from brother-sister to lovers and -- anything in between. I'd been going crazy trying to think of a senior thesis, but this would be unique. Besides, Missy is awfully pretty, makes me wish I had a sister!"

"Melissa, come back down, please?" I yelled.

Slowly, she walked back down the stairs; I took her hand and explained Wally's idea. Her smile grew as she realized we had a cohort.

After sitting down with Melissa and Wally, we discussed the parameters of what we'd be willing to talk about, regarding our new budding relationship.

"So, the two of you just told me that you've had these feelings for each other for a while, you just hadn't shared the information before, is that it?" Wally asked.

"Yeah, that sounds about right, thinking back to some of my girlfriends, they all shared some characteristics with Missy. Rhonda had hair the same color, Jessica had the same pretty eye color, and Susan had a similar figure. The reason none of them had lasted was probably because, why settle for an almost copy when you had the original across the breakfast table every morning," I said.

Melissa had gotten so comfortable she and I had a wonderful moment, in front of Wally, including a kiss that knocked my socks off.

"Wow, you guys – I feel like a voyeur. I'm certainly glad I never made a move on your sister, you would've probably hacked me to death?" he said.

"Maybe not hacked, but certainly you would have been limping for a while," I said. "And, possibly having to sit down to pee."

Just then Mom came through the door, carrying some groceries – Wally and I got up to help her.

"Any more in the car, Mom?" I asked.

"Yes, there is, thanks, boys!" mom said.

We went out to the car and saw a bunch of groceries, so each of us taking two at a time, we got it all in relatively quickly. After we had gotten it all inside, I asked, "Need help putting it away?"

"Yeah Mrs. M – anything else I can do to help?" Wally added.

"Take everything out of the bags and fold the bags, please?" mom replied.

It went pretty fast, Wally and I un-bagged everything while Missy sorted it by like items. Mom put the stuff in the fridge and freezer, while the three of us loaded up the pantry, so the whole job went quite quickly.

"Thank you guys, I hadn't expected any of you to be here, so I thought, I'd be doing this all alone – all day. Thanks, Marvin!"

"Please call me Wally, Mrs. M – I prefer to be called Marvin by anybody, especially my best friends pretty mom."

"Well, aren't you the charmer, Wally?"

"I try all the time, it seems to only work on Moms - not their daughters," he said.

We all chuckled at that remark as Mom shooed us out of the kitchen.

From the kitchen, we heard, "Is Wally staying for dinner, kids?"

He got up and walked to the kitchen door saying, "If you wouldn't mind, Mrs. M – that would be great ... thanks?"

"No problem, honey – you're here so often, you feel like family!"

Wally turned around to catch us making out on the sofa; when he sat down, we separated.

"So, you two just take any opportunity you get, is that it?"

Catching her breath Missy said, "Yup, all we've gotten to do is make out, nothing more!"

Wally stayed for dinner and then left for home, after writing some notes down from our earlier conversation.

I went back to the kitchen and helped Mom clean up. She tried to shoo me out, but I insisted, and she relented. I grabbed her from behind, and I said, "I love you, Mom!"

"I like this new and improved Steven, helping with groceries without being asked, cleaning up after yourself, and treating your sister better. Where has this young man been all this time?" mom said with a sweet smile and a real cute giggle.

"I'm sorry Mom, that other ne'er-do-well is gone forever, and your favorite son is going to be more responsible."

"My 'only' son has always been responsible. He just kept it hidden from the masses. Only Cassie saw it!" she replied.

"Well, she's out of my life, and I have my two gorgeous ladies, Miranda, and Melissa, to help and support all I can. By the way, we were going to a movie in a little bit, is that OK?"

"Wow, you really have turned over a new leaf, taking your sister out to dinner and now, taking her to a movie. I don't want her to take you for granted, here's some extra money – so treat her nice."

"We may stay out for a double feature, so don't wait up for us?"

"OK, dear!" she said giving me a kiss on the cheek. I gave her one back, startling her a little.

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