The Wager
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ren, a college junior, accepts a bet from his friend that he can land any girl chosen at random in bed within four dates. His friend chooses a girl who newly transferred into the school. Ren dates her and his seduction strategy begins to work -- up until he realizes he's developing feelings for her.

Renfew Morgan III sat in the cafeteria. He was a slightly-built junior with well cropped, dark hair. Beside him sat his pal Stuart, overweight and with heavy-lidded, indolent eyes. "So," Stuart asked, "How did your summer go?"

"Well ... my Dad paid me to spend a month at the camp at the lake. I met a local girl from Saranac and we..."

"Your dad paid you to screw a local?"

"He paid me to get the cabin in shape so he could put it on the market," Ren replied. "I spent a month cleaning and painting the place."

"But, your Saranac honey..."

"Oh -- she was just for fun. When I got home from the cabin I just kinda hung around ... hooked up with some girls I knew in high school."

"Must be nice -- having all that money."

"It's not like it once was," Ren replied. "Since the economy went south we haven't had what we did. I'm here on scholarships and loans, you know. I think the reason Dad wants to sell the camp is to raise some funds. Besides -- it hasn't been the same since my mom died."

"I guess ... What about Amanda?"

"We split," Ren replied.

"You two were hot and heavy last year."

"Yeah ... She broke it to me right before the end of last semester. She had to transfer to a school closer to home to be with her mom. It's okay, Stimpy -- she was just for fun."

Stuart shook his head. "Just for fun, hey. So now you gotta play the field again."

"Meh ... Same old same old," Ren replied. "Same girls as last year except they put on their sophomore ten."

"Yeah -- on top of their freshman ten."

"You should talk, pud boy."

"There's a new crop of freshmen girls," Stuart remarked.

Ren turned up his lip. "They don't interest me -- to much high school in 'em. I like a woman who's seasoned."

"Ren -- I wish I had your easy way with women. How many dates does it take you?"

"Before I score?"

"Yeah -- before you score."

Ren rolled his eyes in thought. "I usually can score on the fourth date or before ... provided she isn't gay or engaged or something. Yeah ... usually by the fourth date."

"Fourth date? What's your secret?"

"My secret?" Ren rolled his eyes again. "Being real -- not weirding her out. The important thing is not to let her think there's an agenda. Women hate an agenda..."

"But -- there always IS an agenda ... isn't there?"

"Yeah but she has to be able to think there isn't. For example -- I never try to kiss a girl on the first date."


"Never. Of course -- if she wants to kiss me, I won't refuse."

"Yeah -- who wouldn't refuse!" Stuart chuckled.

"By holding off, you make them take the lead ... after all, how can she chase you if you don't back away?"

"Right ... back away ... God, Ren -- I wish I had your self-confidence."

"It's nothing, Stimpy. It just takes practice."

Stuart sipped his soda. "You think you can score with any girl by the fourth date?"

"Unless she's taken or gay -- yes, I think I can."

"Ren -- you know that hundred you owe me from last term?"

"I thought I paid you off."

"No, you cheap sumbitch. You still owe me. How about a chance to cancel the debt?"

"What are you suggesting?" Ren asked.

"A little wager," Stuart replied. "You go on four dates with some random girl and if you're laid by then I'll forget the hundred bucks. If not -- you owe me two hundred. Deal?"

"Four dates with whom?" Ren asked.

"My pick. Deal?"

Ren shook his head. "I'm not shaking on this 'til I see the girl. And -- if she's gay or taken..."

"Then I pick another girl."

"So -- what girl, Stimpy?" Stuart glanced across the dining hall. His sightline fell upon a young woman setting down her tray. Her brown hair was cut in a not-quite-shoulder-length shaggy bob and she wore glasses. Ren watched her slip a Kindle from her backpack and poke at it. "Oh, come on -- I have my standards."

"She's new here," Stuart replied, "and she's in one of my classes. What's the matter with her?"

"Her hair looks like it was cut with a weed whacker. She's weak-chinned and strong-nosed. I think her upper lip is too short -- she can't keep her mouth closed; and girl -- if you're going to show your teeth like that -- get thee to an orthodontist."

"I don't think she's bad-looking, Ren. I'd hit her."

Ren regarded her again. "Yeah ... Looks like she has a decent bod. Sometimes the plain ones can fool you. Remember Mary-Ann?"

"From freshman year?"

"Yeah ... Her face is about a four and a half but in the sack she's ten-plus."

Stuart nodded in her direction. "I'd say she's at least a six."

Ren shook his head. "Five, tops."

"She gets a point or two for a decent bod," Stuart remarked. "Six plus."

"Five in my book. If you like her, come with me and I'll introduce you. You can ask her out."

"No way, Ren."

"Why not?" Ren asked. "What are you afraid of?"

"That I'll get shot down. When I'm with a girl I turn all stupid."

"You just need some practice. Why not practice on her?"

"No, I'm too shy. Besides if she shot me down I'd still see her in class every day and that would be awkward."

"You gotta get into circulation, Stimpy. Dating begets more dating."

"Yeah? Why's that?"

"Because chicks talk to each other." Ren glanced toward her table. "She's not my type."

"Look, Ren -- you rather pay back the hundred? Do I hafta put the strong arm on you?"

"All right -- it's a deal." Ren extended his hand and shook Stuart's. The he slouched down and regarded her from across the cafeteria.

"What are you waiting for?"

"Trying to figure the best way to approach a chick like her. In a situation like this I gotta make a big impression." He pondered a moment. "I think I got it."

He picked up his tray, dumped its contents into a trash barrel. Ren headed for her table and approached her from behind. She had removed her glasses and was absorbed in her reading.

Ren gave her a not-too-gentle punch to her upper arm. "Hey, Becky," he said, "what the hell are you doing here? I thought you transferred..."

Startled, she spun around, her jaw dropped.

"Holy, shit," Ren said. "I'm really, really sorry -- from over there you looked like someone I know."

She put her hand on her arm and rubbed it. "Maybe it's time to get your eyes examined," she replied tartly.

"Gee, I hope I didn't hurt you. I'm really sorry." He pulled out a chair and sat across from her. "I've never done anything like that before. Do you want me to get some ice?"

"No, thanks." she replied. "I'll survive."

"No need for hospitalization, then?"

She smiled. "No. No need for that."

"Good -- that's a relief. By the way -- I'm Ren."

"Wren as in a bird?" she asked.

"No -- short for Renfew. Renfew Morgan."

"Like the guy in Dracula?" she asked.

"No, that was Renfield, I think." He shook his head. "I still can't believe I mistook you for Becky. I was finishing lunch with my friend and I said, look, there's Becky. I gotta say hi to her. Now I feel like an idiot."

She glanced across the room. "That's your friend? I think recognize him. He's in my lit class."

"Stimpy's in your class?"

"His name is Stimpy?"

"His name is Stuart," Ren explained. "He and I have been buddies since freshman year. My roommate Mitch gave him that nickname ... from the cartoon show ... Ren and Stimpy ... get it?"

She nodded. "I've heard of it but I've never seen it."

"I'm Ren and I'm kinda wiry and he's Stimpy 'cuz he's kinda chunky. The name stuck. Now nearly everyone in our circle calls him Stimpy."

"Well, Ren -- it's nice to meet someone with a more unusual name than mine. I'm Scarlet."

"As in Johanssen?"

"I wish. No -- with only one T. Scarlet Quinlan."

"Scarlet. I like the name. It is kinda unusual ... unique. Are you new here?"

"Yes -- I transferred in from WCC."

"I didn't think I'd seen you around. WCC?"

"Wilson Community College. I have an Associate's degree and I'm here for my B.A."

"What's your major?" he asked.


"I'm in Business Admin," Ren replied. "It seems to be the major that soaks up the engineers and scientists who wash out. I short-circuited the process and started in it, so if I wash out I have no safety net." Ren made deep eye contact with her. "So -- do live on campus or off?"

"On -- in Lawler hall."

"That's the old dorm, must've been built in the thirties."

"Yeah -- no air conditioning."

"We don't really need it in this town most of the time. I'm in the dorms, too. Off-campus housing in this town sucks."

"So I've heard."

"How did your roommate work out?"

She drank from a carton of chocolate milk. "I don't have a roommate."

"You're in a single? I didn't think there were singles in Lawler."

"I'm paying a double's rate," she replied. "They couldn't find a roomie for me. No one's eager to apply to Lawler so I guess it's just overflow."

"Do you know why?"

"It's old and dirty," she replied. "But there's another reason. One of the girls told me the rumors that the place is haunted. She told me that, back in the fifties some girl got pregnant. Her boyfriend ditched her so she attempted a coat-hanger abortion on herself." Ren winced. "Her roommate found her, bled to death, in my very room."

"You're in the same room?"

"That's right."

Ren shuddered. "Doesn't it give you the creeps?"

"It's a tragic story," she replied, "but it happened over fifty years ago."

"Heard any funny noises or felt any sudden cold drafts?" Ren asked.

Scarlet shook her head. "No. I don't believe in ghosts or the paranormal or any of that silly stuff. Do you believe in ghosts, Ren?"

"I believe there's a lot of stuff out there that can't be explained."

"Well, I believe what I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears."

"Good policy ... until something goes bump in the night." Ren looked at his watch. "I gotta go or I'll be late for class. You interested in trading phone numbers?"

She glanced upward and shrugged. "Why not?"

Ren took his phone from his pocket. Scarlet recited her number and he punched it in. He turned his phone to her. "Here's mine."

She copied the number into her phone.

"See you around, Scarlet," he said and headed toward Stuart. He made a hand signal and headed toward the door.

Stuart caught up with him. "So, that's how you make a good impression? By slugging her?"

"I didn't say a good impression -- I said a big impression."

"Did it work?"

"I think so."

"Well? How'd it go?"

"Her name is Scarlet ... with only one T."


"Yep. You're right -- she's not bad looking. She's no Nicole Kidman, though, for sure. She's interested."

"How do you know?"

"I can tell. It's things like her body language ... eye contact ... phone number."

"She gave you her phone number?"

"She did."

"How do you get 'em to give you their numbers?" Stuart asked. "Last time I asked I got the number to an auto parts store."

"Well -- I looked deep into her eyes and imagined myself fucking her purple. They pick up on that, Stimpy."

"That's bullshit."

"Hey -- it works for me."

"What's the next step?"

"I'll give her some time. It's good to keep 'em guessing."

Ren sat in the cafeteria. Stuart set down his tray. "So -- how's it going with Scarlet?"

"Patience," Ren replied. "You gotta give 'em time to come to the wrong conclusion. If I don't hear from her soon, I'll text her."

"Text her?"

"Chicks love texting. I hate it but they love it."

"What's it been? Two days?"

"Only two days," Ren replied. He pulled out his phone. "All right, mister antsy-pants ... Let's try this."

Ren keyed in a message. Hi. Hows ur arm? He set the phone on the table.

Shortly it chirped with a reply. Its OK no blk & blu

"You gonna reply?" Stuart asked.

Ren held up his hand. "Not so fast..." The phone chirped again. U didnt hit me that hard. Startled me more than hurt me

"That's a double-text reply -- good sign."

He sent another message. U like films?

She replied, Yes

Wanna go to the film society tomorrow?

What they showing?

Ren took his netbook from his courier bag and powered it up. "Come on," he muttered as it came to life and joined the campus WIFI. He poked the keyboard and then sent Scarlet a reply. Thomas Crown Affair

Sry seen it

"Wind up and the pitch," Stuart remarked, "and it's a swing and a miss!"

His phone chirped with more from Scarlet. Saw it in high school w Pierce Brosnan

OMG u dated Pierce Brosnan???

LOL followed by It started Pierce Brosnan and then spellchk meant starred

He replied. Thats the remake. This original w Steve McQueen

Oh K then

Meet u in front of Lawler tmrw 6:30?

K CU then

Ren slipped the phone into his pocket and powered down his netbook. "Okay, Stimpy -- we got a date."

Ren stood in the entrance lobby of Lawler hall, his footsteps echoing on the terrazzo floor. He scanned the rows of ancient, brass mailboxes. His phone signaled a reply to his text message. Be right dwn

Scarlet emerged from a door leading to the stairwell. It closed and latched with a snap behind her.

Ren regarded her as she approached. Scarlet wore a pale blue blouse and denim jeans. He hadn't appreciated it in the cafeteria, but he could see she was tall -- perhaps two inches taller than he -- with long legs. She appeared to have a robust build -- not overweight but this girl had a large frame and she filled it out amply.

She approached him. "Hi," she said.

"Hi." Ren led the way toward Old Main. "The film society uses one of the big lecture halls. The set up a popcorn cart and a cooler filled with sodas. This weekend is their Sixties Film Festival. Thomas Crown the first half of a double feature. At nine they're showing Dr No. Didn't know if you wanted to sit through that one, too."

"That's a little late for me," she replied. "I'm kinda a morning person."

"I know what you mean," he said. "I'm good around noon."

Scarlet made a little laugh.

"I like this film," he said as they walked, "because it's so sixties."

"What other films are they showing for the Sixties Film Festival?" she asked.

"They have a couple of matinees. Tomorrow is Forbidden Sixties. They're showing a double feature of Midnight Cowboy and The Killing of Sister George."

"I've never heard of the second one."

"It's a lesbian film ... according to the Film Society's website."

"Oh. I wouldn't be interested in either of those."

"Both received X ratings ... and, both have gay frameworks. They were quite notorious in their day."

"It says something about the sixties," she remarked.

They reached Old Main. By showing their student IDs they were admitted into the lecture hall. A large screen had been rolled down in front of the whiteboard. "Do you want some popcorn?" he asked.


"With or without butter?"

"Oh, without. That fake butter they use is disgusting."

"I think so, too."

"It doesn't taste a thing like real butter."

Ren returned with a bucket of popcorn. He took a handful and passed it to her and she set it on her lap.

The lights dimmed and the film began. Ren nestled down in his seat.

Ren escorted Scarlet from the lecture hall. He touched her hand. She looked at him, smiled, and they laced fingers. "Do you want to go somewhere for some coffee?" he asked.

"At this hour? It would keep me awake."

"I know -- how about some hot chocolate? There's a snack bar in the Quad basement."

She smiled. "I love hot chocolate."

Ren led her to the snack bar. He ordered two hot chocolates and sat with her. "Well, how did you like the film?" he asked.

"I thought the split-screen effect got old fast," she replied. "And, I thought the plot was a little thin."

"Did you see the second Austin Powers film?"


"The chess scene in that movie was a spoof of the one with Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen."

She nodded. "So that's where it came from."

"You have to admit -- it was fun to look at."

"Yes, Ren. I had a nice time." She sipped from her cup. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Your eyes -- they're so ... big. They look like a couple of soft-boiled eggs. They're really quite ... striking."

She blushed.

He pointed to his eyes. "Must you?"

Scarlet removed her glasses. "I'm kinda nearsighted without them."

"I think your eyes are really beautiful without them."

Scarlet blushed again. "Every time you look at me I'm thinking soft-boiled eggs."

"I didn't say it to be mean," he replied. "I think you have big, pretty eyes -- such an unusual color. I've never seen such deep green eyes before. And, the little fold in your eyelid -- I think it's very alluring."

She smiled demurely. "Thanks," she said.

"You don't wear eye makeup."

"I never saw the point of it," she replied.

"Neither do I -- it would just be a distraction."

Scarlet put her hand on his. "Are you serious?"

Rather than answer, Ren maintained deep eye contact with her. She blushed again. "I do like a clean, natural look," he finally said. Ren drained his cup. "Ready to head back?"

"As ready as ever."

Ren held her hand and walked with her toward Lawler. They reached her building. Ren held the door for her and then stepped into the lobby. "Which room is yours?" he asked.

"Room 201," she replied. "Well ... I'll see you."

"Yeah, Scarlet ... see you around campus."

Scarlet took his hand and squeezed it. Then she scanned her ID card and the stairwell door unlocked with a buzz. Ren watched her disappear behind the door and it latched with a snap.

He headed for his own dorm. He passed the rec room and saw his roommate Mitch playing a game of Foosball with Stuart. "Ren," Stuart called.


"How'd it go?"

"How'd what go?"

"The date, asshole. How did it go?"

"About par for the course," Ren replied.

"You gonna see her again?"

"I want to win the bet, don't I?"

"Yeah," Mitch chimed in. "Stimpy told me about your bet -- get laid in four dates. Hell, Ren's gotten laid on the first date. You lost your hundred, Stimps."

"Scarlet's no slut," Ren replied. "But I think I can do her in four."

"When are you seeing her again?" Stuart asked.

"I dunno ... we haven't set another date."

"You don't have something lined up?"

"No. I don't have anything lined up."

"Why not?"

"Because, Stimpy my boy, have you learned nothing? You gotta..."

" ... keep 'em guessing," Stuart added.

"I'll give her a couple of days and then text her or something."

"So, what did you do?"

"We saw the movie."

"He wants to know," Mitch explained, "how far you got with her."

"Well, let's see ... I determined she's not gay ... not that I suspected she was."

"How'd you figure that?" Stuart asked.

"I mentioned that they're showing a couple of gay interest films tomorrow night and she said she wasn't interested."

Mitch nodded. "Makes sense. If she were a lesbian, now THAT would make your bet interesting."

"I once slept with a girl who's bi," Ren remarked, "but I'm not into turning lesbians."

"Then what?" Stuart asked.

"We shared a bucket of popcorn. It wasn't a half-bad date flick. When Steve McQueen started to put the moves on Faye Dunaway, I escalated it physically with Scarlet."

"How?" Stimpy asked.

"I put my arm around her."

"And, she didn't mind?"

"No, she didn't mind. Then we were holding hands when we went for hot chocolate. I even negged her a little."

"What's negged?" Stuart asked.

"Negging is when you give a girl a mild insult," Mitch explained. "It's a PUA technique."


"Pick-up artist," Mitch replied. "You been living under a rock or something? You give her a mild insult..."

" ... or, pay her a compliment that she can take the wrong way," Ren interjected.

"It throws her off guard -- plays into her insecurities," Mitch continued, "makes her more vulnerable. I think it's a shitty thing to do."

"I don't do it much," Ren said, "but tonight it looked like a good ploy."

"Did it work?" Stuart asked.

"It worked like a charm. I told her she had big eyes like soft-boiled eggs -- which she does. Then I told her she had pretty eyes. After that every time I looked at her she blushed."

"I hope you're paying attention, Stimpy," Mitch said. "Ren's a master. You can learn from this guy."

"Did you kiss her?" Stuart asked.

"I told you, my policy is no kissing on the first date."

"Unless she initiates it. I take it she didn't initiate it."

"That's neither here nor there. Things are going great. If we keep on track, I figure by date number four she'll be begging me to go to bed. See you tomorrow, Stimpy."

"I'll be up after this game," Mitch replied. He and Stuart resumed playing Foosball.

Ren headed up the stairs, unlocked his door and flopped onto his bed.

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