Crash 2 or Into the Fallout Shelter
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Snuff, Squirting, Water Sports, Body Modification, Amputee,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The woman from the Car Crash story gets herself into another dangerous situation.

About a 2 years after my amazing car crash experience I got an e-mail that got me rather excited.

"So you like dangerous sex? Are you willing to lock yourself in a totally dark room and let a stranger do whatever he wants to you? Hurt you? Cut you? Maybe even kill you?"

That was it. What was I thinking? I wrote back telling him I wasn't really into pain all that much but if he REALLY wanted to kill me I might be willing.

He wrote back saying he probably wouldn't kill me, that it might be more fun for him to play for a while, but he might not let me go right a way. He wouldn't guarantee NOT to kill me. I'd only die if I wasn't enough fun. But he promised not to cause me pain.

My erotic danger fire was lit. He gave me a time and place to meet and said I ought to expect to be missing for at least a week. I had some time off work coming so I made arrangements, locked up my place and drove over to the address. It was an old abandoned building.

I'd been instructed to go into the basement where there was an old nuclear fallout shelter. I found the shelter and outside was a hand drawn sign that said "Take off all your cloths and jewelry, ID ... everything and place it into the box. Then go into the fall out shelter and close the door. Only I will be able to open it."

Once naked I entered and pushed the heavy door closed. I was incredibly scared. It was completely cave dark in the shelter. I felt a smooth hand grab my arm and I jumped.

"Relax. I promised no pain. Come with me."

I followed blindly. "You really are very beautiful." I felt his hand feel my tit.

"Can you see?" I asked.

"I have IR goggles on. I can see you fine. Also I'm filming this."

He led me to a bed then he tied me down. I was naked, blind, and helpless with a stranger who said he might kill me. I was so scared.

I have no idea why fear made me so horny but I'd never been so scared or so horny in my life.

Without warning he penetrated me BAREBACK! I hadn't thought of that! I cried out and started coming. He was fucking me hard. Incredibly hard. I loved it. I couldn't move much which added to the pleasure. I came down from my first climax and he was still fucking me. I tried to hug him but was still tied up. I felt another climax starting and was helpless to stop it. I felt wetness under my butt as I came down again then felt him cum inside me. He grunted then relaxed his weight on me. He was heavy and sweaty and it was hard for me to breath. But I was sated for now. He seemed to have fallen asleep. I felt his now limp cock slip out of me. I lay in the dark under this stranger wondering if I'd been fun enough.

After about 20 minutes he woke up and pushed himself off me. I had a new problem and he was going to have to untie me.

"I need to pee." I told him. I always seemed to need to pee after sex.

"Just pee? No poop?" He asked.

"Yea just pee." I told him

"Well I'm not letting you up to just pee. But I can't have you pissing on the bed. Guess I'll just have to drink it."

Well that was weird but I knew I had no choice. "When I touch your belly button go ahead and let it flow." I felt the bed bounce around and bit then felt his lips on my pussy. He touched my belly button and I relaxed. It was the strangest feeling ever to be getting what felt like oral sex while I took a leak but it did feel GOOD. After I finished peeing he continued to lick and stimulate me At first just to make sure he cleaned off all the piss but then I realized he was going to make me come again. I only squirt with deep vaginal orgasms but it was still wonderful. I lay back in sated pleasure as he got up.

"Ok my turn," I thought he was just going to make me suck him off. I love sucking cock so it was fine by me, after all he'd done a REALLY good job on my pussy, but then he said "my back teeth are floating." and I realized what was going to happen. How gross! But again, no choice.

"If you bite me I'll hurt you bad, don't spill any. That would NOT be fun" I got his implication as I felt his cock touch my lips.

I opened my mouth and let him enter. God I didn't want to do this. I felt the flow begin and started swallowing. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It was nearly tasteless. I was having trouble swallowing fast enough but he pushed deeper into my through and let the urine flow strait in. I thought it might make me sick but it didn't. After he finished pissing he gave me a kiss. Then he lifted my head and I felt something cold and hard touch my lip. "Drink this." He said. It was just coke. It tasted wonderful.

"Urine is safe to drink the first time around but not the second. We won't be able to do that again for a little while."

Well it hadn't been to bad. I could do it again if I had to. I was totally his after all.

Later he fucked me again then we both slept. This become the pattern. He fed me and let me up to use the bathroom but after about a day I became his urinal. Any time he needed to piss he did it in my mouth. It wasn't too bad and I had no choice after all.

I had no idea how much time passed. He fucked me again and again. I told him I needed my pills but he said I'd just have to deal with it. Worrying about getting pregnant wasn't fun. If I was that worried he said he'd fix it so I wouldn't have to worry. Well I knew what he meant!

After what felt like days he told me it was almost time for our fun to end. I felt him kiss me as he entered me then he said "Good bye, it's been fun." He pressed his hand over my mouth and pinched my nose shut. Oh shit he's really going to kill me. Panic took over. I felt fear like nothing ever before. I'd begun to get a little board starting to trust he wasn't going to do anything after all but now I knew I was done for. The fear made me incredibly horny and I stated to come as I threw my head back and forth trying to breath but it was no use. I felt myself fading, knowing this was it.

I woke with a start and realized I could see. Was I dead? Didn't seem so. Then I realized I was untied and the guy was gone and the door was part way open. I was sore from all the fucking but totally sated. I'd loved it. The last fuck, when I thought I was going to die was the most amazing thing ever.

I got to my feet and walked to the door. Outside the only thing left in the box was my car key and a note. My clothes, house keys and wallet were all gone.

"I've got your house keys to make a copy. Now I've got your driver's license I know where you live. I'll leave your house keys on the porch. Please don't change the locks."

By the light it seemed to be just after sun up. I walked naked to the car and got in. Hardly anyone was out and I was able to drive home without attracting to much attention. I pushed the button to open the garage and drove in, closing the door behind the car. But the door into my house was locked. I had to run outside to find the rest of my keys on the porch. I got inside and found another note on the kitchen table. He'd been inside my house! How stupid am I! The note started he return my license and credit cards later. He didn't intend to steal anything, that he was starting a new job and didn't need to.

A few days later I went back to work. I had a new boss! His name was Bill, he seemed like a really nice guy and fairly good looking but of course I'd never share my secret with him. I had an envelope on the top of my "IN" stuff I had to work on. Something stiff was inside. The envelope said it was from Bill. It was my license and credit cards!

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