My Hero
Chapter 1

Officer Marsha Thomas of the Saint Simon police department rushed through the Regional Medical center's emergency room door. "My partner has been shot help him," she said.

"Officer there is nothing we can do for your partner. Treating him is against the rules, you have all been told that. I'm sorry," the ER nurse said quietly.

"Find a Doctor, my partner is not going to die because you refuse to treat him. You will treat Harry or I will put a bullet in your brain. Harry took that bullet for me. If it weren't for Sam, I would be on that stretcher. So you fix him, or I will kill you there is no question about that." Marsha Thomas pulled her service weapon and held it by her leg. The move was just meant to punctuate the threat.

"I will do what I can, but there are others who could do it better," she said.

"Not at 2AM there aren't," Marsha said quietly.

Within minutes another patrol vehicle came into the ER parking lot. The lights were flashing, but there was no siren. The Black SUV with the white doors parked in front of the police only sign. A single uniformed police officer walked from the vehicle to the door. The officer entered with his head turning. He tried to locate officer Marsha Thomas.

He approached her then said, "Where is Sam?"

"They have him in one of the exam rooms," Marsha said.

"Marsha, you know that you have fucked up bringing him here?" the large black officer asked.

"Silas, do you think I would leave you on the side of the road to die," she asked.

"It ain't the same thing," he said.

"You know damn well it is the same thing," Marsha said.

"Well they will be calling the chief about now. Waking him up at 2AM for this is not going to be a good thing." Silas said.

"It's like you said Silas, I already fucked up. What's he gonna do fire my ass twice," Marsha asked.

"I guess not. There is no chance for you no matter what they do I guess." Silas said.

The ER nurse came out. "We got the bullet out and stitched Sam up. Now you have to get him out of here, or they will close this place down." she said to Marsha.

"Fair enough, make sure you pump him full of antibiotics and then I will take him." Marsha said.

"We had to look all over the Internet to be sure we wouldn't kill him with the drugs, but he is good to go. There are even a couple of pills to take with you for the pain. Now he is a little dopey and you need to get him to a real doctor for his kind in the morning," the nurse said.

"Send me the bill," Marsha said.

"We can't do that. They would close us down for treating Sam. You just take care of your hero the nurse said.

When Sam saw Marsh, he wagged his tail and tried to stand but he was too out of it. Marsh and Sam were gone before the chief arrived at the hospital. As she drove home, she didn't know of care how it would turn out. Her hero was asleep in the back seat of the patrol car. That was the sum total of her concern at that moment. The rest of it could wait.

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