Never to Know



The streets seemed to glisten as the rain hit the pavement in a soft hum, the cold air making a mist appear with every source of impact. The sound of the rain, though, masked the sound of sorrow that slowly creeped on this certain street.

The two figures' shadows stopped at a doorstep; the doorstep led to a grieving family. They had lost their child mere days ago, and the sadness leaked from the doors base. The two figures seemed completely oblivious to the rain soaking through their clothes as the bundle they held in their arms squirmed when they set the baby on the step.

The shorter of the two removed the fabric from her head, revealing a woman's face. Her features were small; her nose like a bottom, her lips full and pink, and her green eyes that matched that of grass with dew at the tip. Her hair was a gold, the color one would imagine a goddesses. The woman leaned down, the rain dripping off her nose landing on the infants' face. The baby reached its' hand up and touched her nose, the woman smiling with tears in her eyes.

"I love you," her voice was a whisper against the pounding rain drops.

The street was black and grey, the rain's music causing the woman to have a wavered smile.

The other also removed the cloth from their face; it was man. His face was sharp, his nose and jaw falling gracefully into that category. His hair was an inky blue, it looked as if it were black with the rain soaking through its' roots. His eyes were blue also, but they were as bright as the sky. The man pulled a locket, shaped like a butterfly, and placed it on the small infant. The necklace had blue top wings, and green bottoms, engulfed with a thick gold chain.

"Keep this; it shall protect you against the inevitable. It holds your future," he rubbed the now damp dark curls from the infant's forehead.

The infant begin to wail as the rain made its' way past the blanket and onto its' fragile pale skin.

"We must hurry before they sense where we are," the woman spoke louder. Her voice was soft, like bells, and the man nodded to her in approval.

The man lifted the hood back onto his face and knocked loudly on the door. The duo ran, their feet making a loud slap against the sidewalk as they rushed through the rain.

The woman let out a loud sob as she heard the infants' cries grow quieter behind her. She halted at the end of the sidewalk and turned her head, seeing a woman take the baby from her doorstep.

"We have to go," the man's voice cracked as he jumped into a puddle beneath his feet.

The woman lifted the hood onto her head and mumbled, "I love you," before she jumped in after the man before her.


Young One

The little boy clasped his hands together as he listened to his mentor's words of wisdom.

"This task s a great one, young one, and if you do this right, we will have great fortune." the old man's smile caused the boy's confidence to rise. His mentor had thin skin; many lines were across his face and neck, probably all over his body. His hair was short, cut, and a shining grey with a few silver strands.

"I will try," the boy's voice wavered with nervousness. The boy has been with his mentor for over five years. Ever since his mother passed away, his mentor just appeared, as if the two were destined to meet. "I promise, I will try my hardest." His purple eyes shut as he bowed with the promise he made.

"I know you will, my son," he whispered in return.

The boy smiled this name a rarity coming from his mentor. It was an honor to be called this. His mentor was nice, but very harsh when he was having lessons like this.

The area was vast; the green forest surrounded a large house. The morning was approaching, along with the blue birds that flew to the many branches available.

The house was blue, with a yellow lining the many windows. The boy pushed the sleeve of his long shirt up, revealing the green spiraling along his arm, and a watch that told him it was five a.m.

"You only have a short amount of time," his mentor whispered again. "Remember, you must climb to the top, right window. That's where the young girl lies in slumber. You must carefully take the necklace from around her neck, and bring it to me immediately."

The boy nodded and ran to the back of the house, scanning his space to see the best way to get up there. He looked back at his mentor with pleading eyes.

"You can do it," he mouthed.

The boy turned and jumped, grabbing onto the window seal leading to the girl's room. His eyes widened at her large room; it had many books and clothes about the room, along with some dolls of many sorts. He lifted the window up with ease, and the girl stirred.

He paused.

She lay still for over a minute before the young boy made another mover. He slid through the window, landing on his feet with ease. He tip toed to the foot of her bed, taking in her form.

Her long black hair was splayed around her face, her pale face completely opposite. Her necklace wasn't even around her neck, it lay on the nightstand next to the large headboard.

Like taking candy from a baby, he thought to himself.

The boy looked at the girl as his left hand reached for the necklace.

His breathing became faster as anxiety ran through his veins. His fingers wound around the butterfly charm, and he snatched it, running for the window. He left from the window feet first, and jumped, landing on the balls of his feet.

"I got it," the boy looked up with a grin on his face, but it fell once he saw what was in front of him.

"You have something that belongs to me," a woman with curly brown hair, and piercing golden eyes said. Her voice was high in pitch, and was very strong; at least for a woman.

"You mean this?" the boy asked.

He watched as the woman gave him a leering glare. "Smart one, aren't we?"

The boy backed up, his eyes looking for his mentor.

"I'm smart, too, young one." she smiled slyly. She snapped her fingers, and two large men brought his mentor's body into view. "Now," her smile disappeared. "Hand over the necklace."

The boy felt a pair of strong arms wrap around him, but before they could do anything, he threw the necklace into the river on the left side of the vast yard.

"No!" the woman yelled. "Find it, find it now or death will become of you," she hissed at the men around her.

"You," she said pointing to the boy. "Are coming with me."

The boy quivered in fear as a few guards took hold of his body.

"Take him to the prison, and keep him there until I say otherwise." the woman said lowly.

The boy couldn't move as the grip on him held tightly. The last thing the boy saw of the human side that day, was the limp body of his mentor on the ground; dead.

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