Becoming a Vampire Vixen
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Vampires, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman first loses her inhibitions, and then becomes the mate of a vampire.

I stood in front of the full length mirror, smiling at the tall, blonde woman smiling back at me. Her hair curled slightly around her head, just shoulder high. I had always thought that long hair made me seem to be trying to look like a teenager. My face was heavily made up, eyebrows thin, shadow out nearly to my temples. Heavy black lipstick, combined with my pretty feature s made me look like a strumpet. A sexy, desirable strumpet.

My tall body, with big tits and a full ass, reflecting my swedish heritage, increased the sultry, sensual look, just what I wanted. This night was the end point of a year long voyage toward liberation, a night when I would show the world my erotic nature, and I hoped start me on a whole new life. My tiny costume, a thong and string bra, dangled from my finger. I stared at my bare pussy, the labia so full and thick that even with my legs together, they pouched out sensually. My mind drifted back to the late summer day I had first shaved down there.

My husband had finally gotten the long promised swimming pool put in, and the cement patio area was finally usable. Though we had been swimming for a week, it was the first afternoon we could really laze around in the sun. The evening before, as my daughter and I had modeled our new bikinis for my husband and son, my son had asked me to model for some pictures of the new backyard, his chance to use his new camera. Looking back, that was the first time I noticed my husband paying more attention to my daughter than to me, in spite of the hours I spent working out.

The next afternoon, after bugging me all through lunch that he was going to "set up" outside, I was up stairs checking out the new suit. As I stretched and twisted, I realized it was so small my pubic hair showed in several different poses. I certainly didn't want to disappoint my handsome son, so I got in the tub and stroked away the hair, which was fairly dark. I ended up even getting it all off my ass, since that was very exposed. It was kind of sexy grooming myself, and I felt my juices start to flow.

Checking my new suit, I found I had achieved my goal, I was secretly excited to show off my body to my son, who had begun ogling me lately. He was a football star and always had girls around him, but he seemed to stare at me when I was near him. I wished I could get my husband to pay that much attention, I felt he had been rather inattentive the last few years.

"Mom, c'mon. I've been ready for a while" my son yelled up to me.

"I'll be right down, Bobby." I answered. I had a feeling of anticipation as I touched up my makeup, making sure my eyelashes were nice and long. I thought I looked sexy when I made my eyes larger. I sprayed on my good perfume, and felt a little zing in my pussy. I slipped into a pair of high heeled straw clogs I had gotten for the occasion, and walked downstairs and out into the sun.

Bobby was standing at a spot near the pool's deep end, with the camera on a tripod, pointed toward the house. He had a chair and raft on the edge of the water, and was bent over fussing with the lens. I couldn't help but admire his muscular ass and legs, thinking what a stud my son was. When he turned around, my eyes were drawn to his groin, where his cock was clearly outlined under his speedo style suit. I felt another little zing as I realized it was big ... really big.

As I walked toward him, my mind was a bit rattled. I could feel my body tensing, and a sense of anticipation. I found myself letting my hips swing rather wantonly, a small voice somewhere whispering "What are you doing, Elizabeth?". I could feel the thong of my bikini rubbing my newly bared cunt, and knew I was juicing. Juicing? for my son? Then suddenly I realized I was smiling at him, and as his cock began to rise, pressing on his suit, I let my eyes drift down to it, and widened my smile. I could feel my big boobs, the nipples stiff, bouncing sexily as I arrived at the chair.

"Where do you want me, son?" I said, and it came out in a sultry invitation.

"Jeez, Mom, you look great. I've been wanting to take your picture for a long time, and this is perfect. You look great, those terrific tits." I was slightly shocked as he said that, and realized he was watching me to see if I got mad.

Instead, I just smiled, and sat down in the chair. I made a production of crossing my legs and letting the bra tighten against my hard nipples. He snapped a picture, and when I looked at it later, I realized how seductive I appeared. He got behind the camera and squinted through the lens, then rose up as he clicked the shutter. Then he took a couple of steps and reached down to adjust the bra, revealing more of my breasts. My tits. As he stepped back to take another picture, I realized I could smell my juicing pussy, and that he probably could too.

My mind and body were suddenly in turmoil, an out of control feeling, a sudden sense of the sensual situation I was involved in, and the realization that I wasn't thinking of this man taking photos as a son, but rather as a potential lover. A big cock. A man to make me orgasm, out here in the sun, no one around, with a light sheen of perspiration making my skin glisten, and showing myself to him, and the camera.

The camera. This was the first time I realized what a thrill I got from displaying myself, from being admired, having my taut, well muscled body attract others. Wild thoughts were careening around my brain, thank goodness for my nice big boobs, my flat tummy, my heart shaped ass, my long legs, my pussy. The feelings were new to me, but rather than fear, they stimulated me, caused me pleasure.

I had been a virgin when Don and I married, and our sex life had been great in the beginning, but after a few years, in spite of my efforts to look good for him, he had cooled off. As I sat there posing for my son, I realized that lately I had gone from confusion and frustration to anger. And now here I was enjoying the attention and admiration I longed for. With the strong feelings buzzing through me, I felt the anger surface, but a powerful sexual need as well, joining the other unfamiliar but exciting feelings that seemed to have taken over my body. I knew I was out of control, liable to do something wrong, but the excitement and need were overpowering.

His voice broke through to me:"Mom, that's enough sitting down. Stand up and put your arms over your head, okay". I followed his command, tossing the lawn chair out of the way, and stood with one leg straight, and the other bent in a models pose, my arms raised. Bobby edged over and adjusted my bra, pulling out a wrinkle I supposed, and when his fingers brushed the skin of my left breast, I felt myself flush all over. Vaguely, I realized I would probably do anything he asked now, in the grip of this powerful passion. My son. Oh God, my lover. My seducer.

I stretched myself, wanting to look good for him. Knowing he wanted that. He began to whisper directions to me. "Turn a little this way Mom. Look at the camera. Smile, be sexy. You don't have to try too hard, you're the hottest girl I know, okay push your gorgeous tits out, they're so hot, that's it. That's it. Hold it a sec."

He reached down to my thong, and tugged on the side. The back of two fingers brushed the skin next to my slit, right on the labial lip. My pussy spasmed. He felt it, and held his finger there. I turned my head and looked at him, deep in my mind thinking I should scold him, but instead moaning as he increased the pressure. I groaned "Oh Bobby." Suddenly I felt his cock inside his suit against my hip. He was watching me, and when I didn't say anything, he pressed harder against my bare skin. My sense that this was getting out of control was even stronger, but my whole body felt sensual and turned on.

Just when I thought the pressure would explode, he stepped away and clicked a picture. "Oh Mom, you're so hot. Now turn toward me and spread your legs. Put your hands behind your head, and push out your tits. Oh yeah, that's terrific. What a turn on you are. And you really are good at modeling. Okay hump your hips forward, mmmmm, that's it, show me that cameltoe, a little more, oh yeah, there's your slit. Geez you're sexy, Mom. You know what would be neat. How about we shoot some nudes?"

As he said that, he took the camera off the tripod, and lay down at my feet, snapping up my straining body. I knew my pussy was outlined by the black bikini, and my tits were hardly covered anyway. The feeling I had as he suggested I get naked was new to me then, but is very familiar today. I was enjoying the power of my sensuality, of my appeal. It increased the flushed feeling, but was also a sense of mastery. My son might think he is in control, but I am, my body, the access to my pussy, to my ass, my tits, all my weapons.

"You want to see Mommy naked, baby? Your own Mommy? You want to take dirty pictures of her? Oh, you're so nasty. But I don't want to disappoint my baby. My little boy. Mommy would never want to do that." The picture he took as I whispered to him showed an expression on my face that reflected the pleasure I was feeling, and the confidence. I know now that it is the look of a woman in high sexual heat, without doubt. A liberated, free woman.

He took pictures as I stripped. I swung my hips, leered at the camera, cupped my boobs with an evil smile on my face, and hooded my eyes as I revealed my pussy. My hot cunt. My heart was beating, and one picture shows my hands framing my groin.

"Geez Mom, why don't you lie down on the raft, and lean ... yeah like that, boy that's great. Roll over so I can see your ass. Oh man. What a great ass. Now lie flat and spread your legs. Ahhhh..."

I was tingling, and could smell my pussy now, the odor surrounding me, like a bubble of sexuality. "Baby, I shouldn't be naked alone. That nice ... cock of yours must be uncomfortable all squeezed in. Let it out baby. Mmmm that's good baby, what a big cock." He was standing between my feet, shooting picture after picture, each click causing a pulse that seemed to be inside me. His cock was almost ten inches I now know, but it looked huge, and stiff as a board ... Yet I felt no fear in spite of its being far larger than anything in my experience.

I felt like I was submerged in a thick soup of anticipation, waiting for my son. Waiting for him to fuck me. It was like a bubble.

Then it happened. There was fluid leaking out the tip of his penis, and he suddenly replaced the camera on the tripod, fussed with it somehow, then dropped to his knees between my legs. His mouth clamped onto my clit, and he began to suck. I felt my whole body begin to surge, out of my control, a tsunami of pleasure threatening to overwhelm me. I had always cum easily, but never this fast, nor this strongly.

I grabbed his hair, and pulled him up while groping for his cock. Our lips locked together as the head opened my drooling labia, and he stroked deeply into my cunt. Our tongues battled as he surged to my depths, grunting with pleasure, and my last rational thought was that it should be hurting, but instead was the most intense fuck of my life. I soared, groaning, as he pummeled my pussy wildly, muttering something I didn't understand as I wrapped my legs around his waist, humping up to each of his thrusts. There was no sense of time, and no focus on individual body parts, only the roaring in my ears, the massive climax as my body throbbed. Bobby told me later that I actually was spasming, which I don't remember. Nowadays, I manage to remember all those moments in a good fuck. But that first of what I think of as my "new" cums was simply overwhelming, and set me on the road to liberation, to embracing my libido, as I do now.

As I slowly drifted back to reality, I became aware of lying there beneath my son, my vagina still full, and the smell of sex intense in my being. I was no longer kissing Bobby, but our bodies were twisting gently against each other ... I realized how good it felt, lying there in the sun, my nerves still tingling, his heavy breathing in my ear, little movements of his huge dong inside me still stimulating. I don't think I ever really came down from that monster first orgasm, but I regained enough control to whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

"Mmmm, you are a nasty boy, fucking your own mother, taking advantage of her love, her wanting to please you. Now look what's happened, you've made me cum so hard I probably won't be able to control myself around you anymore. I hope you're sorry. You know you're a motherfucker, don't you? Of course you do. Darling, is that monster cock still hard?. It feels like it is. Turn over so I can fuck you. It's only fair."

He rolled over on the raft, so I was on top of him, with his cock fully embedded in my still drooling hole, and as I felt my hips rotating slightly, making sure to get pressure on my sensitive clitoris, I leaned over and held my nipples out to his lips. "Suck on Mommy's titties, baby, they're very sensitive. How do you feel baby, did you like that fuck? Did you enjoy our first? Ahhhh, that's it, you can bite them too, but gently. We'll make this one last a while, okay? From now on, baby, I won't wear panties. So when your sister and dad aren't around, we won't even have to undress." I felt him pushing a finger shallowly into my asshole. He was looking at me to see if I minded. "Oh you are sooo nasty, well Mommy has a very sensitive asshole baby, and might even try to get your cock in there sometime." He had a sappy, pleased look on his face, and I felt my heart surge to think how happy I was making him.

He had set the camera to take a picture of us lying on that raft every ten seconds. The one as we began our second fuck shows my face suffused with both joy and passion, his hands covering my tits, our skin glistening with sweat, and my hips about five inches in the air, with his shaft clearly in my bottom. In the next few weeks, we often would go over them, in front of his computer, my husband downstairs, Bobby's dick out and his hand in my cunt. I kept making weak pleas for him to destroy them. But he didn't.

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