Mature Lady
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, MaleDom, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of a mature lady that falls for a young although prosperous man and wha she will do for him.

It was Friday afternoon at 5 PM time to leave A to Z Toy Works business office for the weekend. Loretta Greene the 59 year old widow was shutting down her computer and thinking what she was going to do for the weekend. Her two sons are grown and living about 3 hours from her one in NYC and the other in Boston. Her sons are 31 and 28 year's old, but still unmarried. Loretta brought them up herself, after her husband died, when the oldest was 14, she went back to college and got her business degree with some of the money that was left to her. Now she is manager of the finance department. Having this job is not very conducive to relationships in her circle of male friends, but it pays the bills.

As she was leaving for the day she received a phone call from one of the Vice Presidents of the company Thomas Waltmen he was in a panic one of the conveyors in the factory broke down and being 3 months before Christmas it is the time that all the toys for Christmas have been coming into the warehouse. He wanted to meet with her to get authorization for overtime repairs. Loretta has never met him personally, but knew of him before he was transferred from Corporate to this office, although she has not had any dealings with him until the present time. She said they could meet, Thomas suggested one of the finer restaurants in the business district, so they could have a meal after their business meeting, if she did not have other plans. She agreed and Loretta was told to meet him at the front of the building. She left her office and just as she got to the front of the building a Limo pulled up under the portico, the driver got out and asked her if her name was Mrs. Greene. She answered in the affirmative and the driver opened the door on the passengers side for her, inside the Limo Thomas sat on the Drivers side.

The business part of the meeting was done in less than a half an hour, but Thomas asked Loretta if she would like to have a meal. She said yes then Thomas flagged the waitress and asked for menus. They ordered from the menu, while waiting for their meals Thomas and Loretta bonded finding out that both were unmarried and they liked a lot of the same things. For the next month they went out a few times a week. Loretta was concerned that the age difference between them was to much for anything more than a business relationship and voiced her opinion. Thomas told her that their age difference did not bother him in the least, but if she wanted to continue their relationship she would have to decide if she would want to be told what to do by Thomas and he would make sure she was always safe and loved. She did not know what he was talking about and did not give him an answer. He told her to think about it and call him if she decided she wanted to discuss this further.

A little more information about the two of them now Thomas was 45 years old he was 6'1" tall 7" taller than Loretta. He was about 195 pounds and you could see that he works out he has dark brown eyes and black hair that is graying on the sides. Loretta is 145 pounds with 34d breast and red hair that is just off the shoulders that makes her a striking person when you meet her as she looks at you with her deep blue eyes. She has a little secretaries spread on her back side, but this adds to her allure.

For the next 3 weeks there was no contact between Loretta and Thomas. Loretta did not know what Thomas was talking about and did not want to call him as she was an old fashion type of lady. She discussed it with some of her friends they finally told her to call Thomas to see what he was thinking.

Taking her friends advice she called Thomas the following day. They discussed what he was talking about. He told her that he was looking for a woman that would do what he told her to do. He liked Loretta very much but he needed someone that is submissive to him. There was the word that brought everything into focus for Loretta he was looking for someone that was submissive. Thomas told Loretta that it would free her from any guilt as she was not doing it herself but doing things for Thomas. Loretta desperately wanting a relationship agreed to try working on this relationship as Thomas directed her. He was ecstatic and Loretta was somewhat scared as to what she has agreed to. A Saturday meeting was scheduled and Loretta was told to be ready at 10 AM and the Limo will pick her up at her house.

The next 3 days went by slow although Thomas called her at least 3 times a day she was still filled with dread and anticipation as to what this relationship will bring her. On one hand she was happy to find someone that has the interests that she has as for the last 16 years with going to college, bringing up the boys and putting them through college she had not time for a personal relationship.

Saturday Morning shown a bright and shining fall morning as Loretta got up at 8 am, took a shower, and started looking through her wardrobe she was in a panic what should she wear? Dress? No to formal. Jeans? No not formal enough. She finally decided on a skirt and a top with bra and matching panties to complete the outfit she wore thigh highs and shoes with 3 inch heals. The skirt came to just below the knee and the blouse was a white pullover. She had a windbreaker that she also put out to bring with her. Finding her matching pocket book she transferred what she thought she was going to need. She picked up one of the magazines she received in the mail to read while she waited for the Limo for the next 10 minutes.

Engrossed in an article she was unaware that the Limo pulled up until the doorbell rang. She jumped up and went to the door there standing at the door was William the Driver asking Loretta if she was ready to go. She picked up her pocket book, windbreaker and locked her front door. The driver opened the door for her and she slid in. The drive to Thomas's house took about 45 minutes the driver and Loretta discussed political issues and general issues within the area they lived in. The house was a Mansion you could see on top of a hill. In a gated community as the Limo pulled up the gate opened to let the vehicle through. Driving up the views was beautiful and the building was magnificent.

Exiting the Vehicle the front door was opened by a man in a black suit William introduced him as Charles the house person. Loretta was guided into a large study on the first floor right next to the large foyer they just entered at the front entrance. She was told to have a seat and Thomas will be with her in a minute.

Looking around the study it was almost as big as her whole house. The walls are lined with book shelves up to the ceiling on 3 walls that are filled with books and the 4th wall has windows from floor to ceiling.

Thomas entered the room without Loretta's knowledge as she was so intent on absorbing her surroundings. I hope the surroundings meet your approval he stated as a way to make his presents known. Loretta whirled around in a panic to meet his gaze. You scared me she said. Sorry I did not mean to. He walked to a chair in front of her and sat down. He thanked her for coming to his house and then told her that he also owned a part of the toy company and many other places. She wanted to know why he called her to OK the overtime if he was an owner. Thomas said that although he is part owner he follows proper procedure and also it was a way to meet you. She was shocked that he took that much of an interest in her to do something like that.

Then they started to discuss about Loretta being submissive to Thomas and he explained that it would be more like he would be worshiping her femininity and she would be fueling his desire to see her femininity. She did not understand so he said would you like to begin to understand how this would work? She said yes, so Thomas looked her in the eye and told her that he wanted her to undress completely. He then got up and produced a box and told her to put everything but her shoes in this box, if she would like to continue. She was stunned and could not say anything she was here for no more than 5 minutes and she will either be naked as the day she was born or going back home. Thomas got up and said I will give you some time alone to think about it. I will be back in 10 minutes if you are not naked then I will have William take you home and he got up and walked out of the door leaving it open.

It has been so long since she has been naked in front of a man that she was scared he would be turned off by her body. She is not in her twenties presently she is almost 60. Looking at the clock she has been vacillating for the last 8 minutes. She got up and started to remove her top over her head being careful not to mess her hair then she folded it and put it in the box, next she removed her skirt and thigh highs after removing her shoes. She put them in the box after she folded her skirt. Her bra came next and her panties followed. Loretta was ashamed and embarrassed that her nipples are hard and her vaginal area is moist. She sat back down to wait for Thomas to come back in she was sitting with her legs crossed and her arms over her breast.

When the 10 minute was up Thomas came back into the room pleased that Loretta has jumped the first hurtle. There now let me look at you as he reached for her hand he had her stand up. Put your hands at your side my dear you should never obscure your beauty. He looked down at her red pubic hair and was delighted to see such a luxurious growth. Spread your legs he told her she did and he reached between to feel her moisture. He commented that it was good that you are responding well to your exposure. Then he reached up and massaged her breast this caused Loretta to moan she loves to have her breast massaged and it has been many years since she has let someone do that to her. This pleased Thomas also. Please put your hands at your sides and spread your legs he told her, she moved her legs about 18" apart and Thomas told her to move her legs further apart until I tell you to stop. She kept sliding her legs open more until her legs were about 30" apart that is when Thomas told her to stop. He backed up and looked at her vaginal area you could see her labia was open. He told her how beautiful she looked at this moment and though she was almost as red in the face as her hair was she felt proud that a much younger man thought she was beautiful. I think that we will have to trim you pubic hair a little though, but we will take care of that later, now I want to show you around the place. Like this? Loretta shot back at him in fear. Yes my dear when you come here from now on Charles will show you where to undress as of now I only want to see you naked at my home. She started to color again she was red all the way down to her belly button as they walked out of the study and up the stairs there was a maid and Thomas introduced her as Lena the upstairs maid. Then he showed her to a bedroom and told her this was her room when she stayed for the night. It was again as big as her whole house and the bathroom was as big as all the bedrooms in her house. Loretta asked where Thomas's room is he walked down the hall and showed her his room which was next to hers with 2 doors that locked from each side. It was amazing to Loretta that she was becoming used to being naked presently. They walked through all the rest of the 22 other bed rooms although they were much smaller than Thomas's and my bedroom. Wait a minute Loretta thought I said my bed room am I thinking of staying here? At that moment she realized that she was going to stay. She was introduced to the downstairs maid in the hall, and the cook in the kitchen where Charles and William were seated having coffee. Thomas asked Loretta if she wanted to have coffee or breakfast. She asked for breakfast as she did not have anything this morning yet. Would you like it in the dining room Thomas asked, no Loretta said I will have it here if you don't mind. She was completely comfortable being nude in front of his staff. Thomas was right on with Loretta he thought that she would make a good submissive when he looked at her file.

After breakfast Thomas had Loretta stand up and he called the downstairs maid over along with the women in the kitchen that is helping the cook, the cook, William and Charles. Thomas asked if Loretta's pubic area should be trimmed and if so how much? They all studied her and then the down stair maid said maybe she should have something done like this and she pulled her slacks and panties down to show everyone her landing strip. Too short everyone said the cooks helper pulled her skirt up and panties down and she had her bush just trimmed around the edges. Thomas liked the grooming of her pubic area better but said he would like her pubic hair cut into a heart as her hair is so red, so it was decided that she will have her pubic hair trimmed into the shape of a heart with Loretta agreeing with them.

Thomas then told her he was going to show her around the grounds. She balked at this saying that someone may see her out there. He told her she was probably right but he wanted to show her the grounds and show her off also she was so beautiful. Taking his hand she reluctantly walked out the door into the warm sun the grounds were 5 acres and Thomas walked hand and hand with her over all of them. He came to a low fence that adjoins the next yard and there was a man doing some gardening there. Thomas walked up to the fence and said hello to Roger his neighbor and introduced a very naked Loretta to him she put her left arm over her breast and shook hands with Roger with her right. Thomas grabbed her left hand and forced it down away from her breast. She got the message that Thomas wanted her to expose herself to his neighbor and compiled with his wishes.

The couple went back to the house hand in hand Thomas introduced Loretta to many men working on the yard and she accepted that fact that Thomas wants her to be totally exposed to them. They had lunch together with the rest of the house staff including the gardening crew in all there was at least 15 people in the large informal dinning room of the them the only one nude was Loretta. Finishing dinner Thomas told William to bring the Limo around as they were going out on some errands. Loretta expected Thomas to bring her clothes over to her, but when he didn't she figured that he was going out alone. William came back in to tell his boss the limo was out front he reached for Loretta's hand and told her she was going to come with him.

She got into the Limo in front of Thomas and William she was sure that they got a good look at her anus and vaginal area as she had to bend way over to get to the seat in the center of the limo where Thomas wanted her to sit. She was straddling the center hump this spread her legs so that the driver could see between her legs and Thomas had his hand on her thigh resting the side of his hand at the vaginal opening. To the Jakes Hair Solon the back door William said Thomas.

The trip was an agonizing 45 minutes all the while Thomas was rubbing the side of his hand against her vaginal opening and her clit, by the time they reached the back door to the Solon Loretta was climbing the walls just as she was about to cum Thomas would stop rubbing her clit. The Limo was permeated with her feminine odor.

William went to the back door of the Solon to make sure is was opened then opened the door to the Limo to let Thomas and Loretta go inside. She was greeted by a woman that was half her age looking her up and down and smiling sweetly at her. Asia as Thomas called her ushered her into a private room it was like a Gyno Chair and she had Loretta sit on it as she prepared the equipment she needed to address Loretta's pubic area. Asia was very quick in shaping Loretta's pubic hair into a heart shaped configuration and the where off back to the house within an hour.

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