Training Susan
Chapter 1

It was more than a month ago that Susan and her Husband Albert met Daryl for the first time. When Susan was questioned about the meeting she told her husband that the little display she put on for Daryl in a store in Springfield was fun, but she thought that the three where going to a motel, so when Daryl Emailed her a few days ago and told her that he wanted to meet with them again this time in a motel. She told him that she would tell her husband if he agreed they would be there.

The following Saturday morning the couple left Pittsfield heading to West Springfield. Susan dressed in a skirt, a button down blouse, bra and panties. To finish off the outfit a pair of shoes to match her outfit that she knew her husband liked. Over the outfit she put her long coat, as it was cold out. She was a little excited at the prospect of showing off for two men and nervous that Daryl would not like her.

The reason for her insecurities is that Susan is a woman in her early fifties, a grandmother, with large breasts that sag a little, a little belly that she doesn't like and a little over weight, but not over the national average. This makes her insecure, but it does not bother her husband or Daryl. Both men think she is sexier than the skinny young girls, so both men are going to make sure she has a good time from now on.

They arrived at the prescribed motel at the time indicated and met Daryl outside it. The three adjourned to the room that Daryl had rented laughing. He told Susan to sit on the bed explained to her that she looked very nice today, after he helped her remove her coat. Both men took off their coats and placed them on the little table in the room. Susan's husband Albert had a digital camera to take pictures of the proceedings starting with the removal of Susan's coat. They brought each other up to date on things that were happening in each of their lives for the first half hour of their meeting. Albert snapped a few pictures of Susan some she was laughing others with serious expressions or having a frown on her face, all were good pictures of her.

There was a silence that came over the room as each realized that it was time to start with what they really came here for. Albert said to Susan. "Do you think we should begin?"

Susan looked at him with a nervous smile that was turning into a blush and said softly. "I guess so, if you would like to begin?

Albert took a picture of her as Daryl took her hand to help her off the bed. He made her stand in the middle of the room then sat on the bed looking at her saying. "Susan you're a pretty woman, but I think that you should get more comfortable. Why don't you remove you bra and panties at this time?" Making her blush even more she became more agitated, as she knew it was time for her to make a decision. Should she comply with Daryl's request or tell her husband it was time to leave?

In an attempt to have more time to make her decision she asked. "Can I go into the bathroom and remove the garments."

The answer came back a resounding "NO" from both the men. Daryl continued to say "We are here to bring out the beautiful woman in you. You just have to do as we ask. You have a free will if you say no the testing is over. You have to want to do as asked."

Sheepishly she bent down and lifted her skirt to hook her thumbs in each side of her panties pulled them down her legs got them below her knees and let them fall to the floor. Daryl bent down to pick them up, noticing that the crotch of the panties was very wet. Susan put her hand on his shoulder to balance herself as she stepped out of her panties. She kept her modesty removing her panties, but the removal of the bra was going to be more difficult. Susan on the last trip down to Springfield flashed Daryl, so he saw her breasts anyway. She just unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra putting the blouse over her shoulders buttoning only one button in the center of her blouse. Al obtained the photographic record of the forgoing activities for future use.

Daryl presently took her bra and complemented her that she looked better in her outfit presently, as he put out his hand to take her bra from her. He had her stand in the middle of the room as he walked around her complementing her on her great legs, narrow waist and small buttocks. Susan is gaining confidence that she is an appealing woman blushing and feeling good about herself. Albert is recording all this on his digital camera.

Taking Susan's hand Daryl lead her back to the bed and had her sit on the edge of it again. He had her lean back on her hands; this made the blouse part showing most of her breasts. "I am going to position you for more pictures." Said Daryl has he adjusted her skirt so it was above her knees and had her spread her legs a little.

Susan was very self-conscious that she was showing a man that she does not even know his last name all of her being. She was fighting with her values, unconsciously she opens her legs exposing herself more to Daryl's gaze, but she does not feel it is right because of her puritanical upbringing. What is going through her mind at this moment is. "What will her parents think if they saw her like this? What will people think of her? Will people talk about her behind her back if they knew what she was doing at this moment?"

Getting a chair, bringing it very close to the bed and sitting down positioning himself with his knees between Susan's legs Daryl started to talk to her. "How would you like me to bring the beautiful woman out that is inside of you?" He said.

Blushing a little she said. "I would really like that."

"Then you will have to ask your husband if it is ok for me to help you bring out the sexy woman in you." Said Daryl as he stroked her legs starting at her knees, alternating and working up the inside of her thighs until he noticed her starting to stiffen up with tension and putting her hand on his to stop him from going any further. She was willing, but she did not know what Al thought about another man touching her very personally. Al was taking more photos of this and enjoying this experience.

Susan looking at Albert with pleading eyes asks. "Will you mind if Daryl helps me bring the sexy woman in me out?

Albert looking through the viewfinder of his camera says. "That would be great if Daryl doesn't mind." As he snaps a few pictures of his wife leaning back on the bed exposing more of herself to the two men Albert was very excited watching another man slowly bring his fingers in contact with his wife's exposed sex.

"As we are all in agreement lets start with describing what I would expect from you. Susan with your husband's assistance you will have to do as I ask to prepare for our meetings and complying with each of my requests. I will show both of you the proper dress for Susan for all the meetings from now on. If you follow the instructions Susan you will feel very sexy and wonder why you did not follow your instincts yourself many years ago. Running his hands up her legs higher on her thighs just touching her moist vaginal lips with the back of his hand, she was becoming accustom to his touch and opening herself up to him while he continued to talk to her in a soothing voice saying. "I can see you're relaxing presently. Do you like what I am doing to you to this point? Do you want me to continue?"

"Yes, that feels very nice. Please continue." Susan says in a very dreamy voice.

"She is more relaxed that I have seen her in a long time," Al thought as he continued to take photos of the proceedings very glad that Daryl and he made contact through the Internet.

Continuing to explain what he expected from Susan he says. "I am taking my time with you I expect you to follow my instructions to the letter with Al's help I will explain to both of you what I expect of Susan for each meeting. If you do not feel that you want to continue just tell me and we will stop meeting. If you do not comply with each instruction then I will say good by to you Susan, as I do not have time to work with someone that is not ready to be a sexy woman. Is this understood Susan? Do you have any questions so far? Daryl said as he continued to rub her legs pushing the back of his hand deeper into her now very wet vaginal opening.

She was moaning with pleasure presently. Her skirt is almost to her waist and her legs are opened wide for Daryl to have better access to her thighs. It took a few seconds for her to register in her mind that he needed an answer from her. She said. "Yes, I understand that you are going to help me. The only question I have is I only have one chance if I don't feel comfortable enough to do something you ask than our meetings will be over?

"Yes, if you do not wish to comply with my requests freely then our meetings will be over." He said to her as he continued to rub her thighs with both hands alternating between them. Daryl could see her vagina in his present position between her legs. Her vaginal lips were getting very large with excitement and he could see moisture glisten between her lips. Looking at her face he could see that she was ready for the next part of the instruction.

Stopping his ministrations on her legs he said to her holding out his hand. "Here let me help you up I am going to show you how you are to be dressed for each meeting from now on." Leading her to the center of the room again by her hand.

Still holding her hand he says to her. "I want you to remove your skirt and blouse at this time."

"I will take off my blouse but can I keep my skirt on. I have a big stomach and look awful without my skirt on." Susan says very embarrassed at the thought of being completely nude in front of Daryl fearing when he sees her naked he will not want to continue with this.

Looking at her very intently he says to her in a soothing voice. "You are a beautiful woman too beautiful to be encumbered with clothes. I am trying to bring your inner beauty to the surface that can only be done by exposing yourself completely to us." Says Daryl almost hypnotically to her.

As she is removing her blouse and handing it to Daryl she asked in a last ditch effort to avoid being completely exposed to him. "Can I keep on my dress please this is really humiliating to be the only one that will be completely exposed here."

"No, Susan the only way to become completely free is to expose yourself entirely." Says Daryl in a very soothing voice.

Sighing and blushing at the realization that she will be completely exposed to Daryl she reaches for the catch to the skirt lowers the zipper and lets it fall to the ground. She is standing there very embarrassed holding her arms over her breasts and trying to cover her pubic area with her hands almost in tears she is so humiliated at this point. Daryl reaches down and is only inches from her vaginal area with his face as he picks up her skirt. She puts her hand on his shoulder as she steps out of her skirt. He hands the skirt to Al. He has to stop taking pictures to grab the skirt from Daryl.

Taking Susan's hands he removed them from covering her breasts and pubic area and put them at her side. She was hunched over trying to make herself smaller. Daryl said holding her hands at her side. "You are beautiful stand up straight and arch your back. You have great breasts hold them out in front of you be proud of you body. God gave it to you.

Susan arched her back and stood straight this made her look great to both men. Albert said. "Susan I am so proud of you my dear." Taking more pictures of her in all her naked glory.

"Al, why don't you take Susan's clothes to the car." Said Daryl as he turned Susan around to face the exterior door that was about 6 feet away from where she was standing. Her heart was beating very fast presently as Albert picked up the clothes and opened the door. Someone may see her as her husband was going to the car leaving the door opened. She was exposed to anyone that went by their motel door. She was relieved when Al came back in and closed the door. "Thank god no one came by the room and saw me." Susan thought with relief.

"Your doing great Susan keep up the good work. This is the way that I want you from now on when we are in private completely nude. This is number 1 position. Each time I call number 1 position this what is expected. Your hands at your sides, shoulders back, and feet spread about shoulder length apart." He said as he showed her how to place her feet.

She complied with his wishes then he started to explain as she was going through the exam he would give her every time that she visited with him saying. "You are to stand the way you are presently for position 1. I am going to examine you in this way." As he proceeded to examine her breasts, very gently giving her a breast exam rubbing each breast in circular motions then very carefully pinching her nipple. He went around in back of her kneeled and spread her buttocks apart to expose her anus. Opening her rear hole up to his inspection. She was getting embarrassed at how thorough he was gaining knowledge of her body. He next came around front and opened her vaginal area from the front to inspect her vaginal lips. This was all recorded by her husband who was having a problem with his penis at this time he had a tent in his pants, because It was becoming clear that Susan was becoming very excited when Daryl pulled open her vagina and moisture was dripping onto the floor from her.

Taking Susan's hand Daryl walked her over to the bed and showed her the 2nd position. He had her standing at the side of the bed bending at the waist with her legs spread about two feet apart resting her elbows on the bed. Daryl sat on the chair and examined her wide open vaginal opening she was so excited that she was dripping on the floor by the time he told her to stand up. Her breath was coming in short gasps she was almost to the point of having an orgasm when Daryl stopped is ministrations of her vaginal area.

Helping Susan up he had her get on the bed on her back Daryl was saying. "This is position number three. On your back with you legs spread wide apart and in a comfortable position for you." He got between her legs and looked at her vagina very closely as Albert was taking pictures of her concentrating on her vaginal area as this is the first time he could get good pictures of her vaginal area. Poor Susan was moaning very loudly presently that she needed to have release, but Daryl stopped his exam just as she was about to orgasm.

"Number 4 position is sitting in that arm chair over there." Daryl told her as he helped her up and she sat in the chair he had her put her legs over the arm rests it exposed her totally to both men's gaze. She could see herself in the mirror that was on the wall in back of the exterior door. Susan was totally exposed not just her vaginal area, but she could see the pink of her inner lips and the outer lips engorging with blood of her over heated vagina. Daryl bent down he rubbed her clitoris with his thumb in a circle three times and she came sending her vaginal fluid all over the chair. It took her a while to come back down to earth. She had a satisfied smile on her face looking at the two men that she just had an orgasm in front of.

Smiling at Susan Daryl said. "Lets go through the positions a few times before we finish for the day Susan."

"Number 3" He said and she got on the bed with her legs spread.

"Number 1" He said she got off the bed and stood with legs spread arms at her side.

"Number 4" He said she went to the chair put her legs over the arms of the chair.

"Number 2" He said she went to the bed spread her legs bent over at the waist and rested her torso with her elbows on the bed.

"Very good Susan you did a fine job. One last thing you do not cut or shave your vaginal or rectal hair I will do that as needed you bring your shaving equipment with you in case we need to groom you. Finally how do you feel about yourself presently?" Said Daryl.

"Still horny." She blushed.

"Well then I think Albert has his work cut out for him tonight." Daryl laughed and the others joined him seeing the humor in the last remark.

"When do you want to get together again?" Said Albert.

"You or Susan Email me when you want to get together again." Said Daryl.

"Do you want me to get your clothes for you Susan?" Said her husband.

"No I will just put on the coat. I am only going to the car. Then home unless you want to go to the mall while we are here?" She smiled at him knowing that Al loves to have her go naked under her coat to stores.

Susan and Albert went to the Christmas Tree shop at the Holyoke Mall. Although she was naked under her coat they did not play any games in the stores as there where too many kids with their parents at the Mall. Susan got some great gifts for Christmas this year. On the way home with the heat in the truck Susan complained that it was too warm inside the vehicle. Albert told her to open her coat. It was dark out so after they went through the Turnpike toll booth she opened her coat. She had a wonderful ride home.

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