Problem Child
Chapter 1

Sara was married with a son named Frederick. He was 15 years old. Her husband Steve was always working. Sara stayed home, she had a nice house and new car, but she was lonely and was having an affair with her husband's accountant Robert. The nightmare started when he stopped over her house to go over some of the information for the household expenses in December, that was five months ago.

Today he stopped by, it was Friday afternoon, they ended up on the living room couch. Her naked, with her legs spread he was rubbing her vagina vigorously, as she was moaning, and Bob the accountant playing with her nipples, when in walked her son. She hurriedly covered herself, by pulling her dress over her exposed body and Bob moved away both looked guiltily at her son.

Freddie said, "Hi guys," Smiling at them and went to his room without a backwards glance.

Bob left and Sara went to Freddie's room to talk to him. He said nothing about what he saw. She let it go rationalizing to herself, "maybe he didn't notice," she thought.

A few days latter Freddie came home from school with a hand full of papers. He gave them to his mother and said to her, "You or dad have to help me with these the teacher said."

Sara opened up the literature; it was a sex education booklet. 'Your Body and You' it was called. On the inside of the first page was a notice to the parents asking that they go through the materials with their children. Sara was embarrassed by the content of the booklet, as the subject of sex was never talked about in their family.

"I will have your dad go over this material with you Freddie." Said Sara

"I want you to go over this material with me Mom, dad is never home. I need to know this material for a test in the next few days." Said Freddie

She sighed and said "OK."

Everything was going well while they were going over the male anatomy and Freddie knew most of the answers for the quiz. When it came to the female anatomy Sara was shocked when Freddie while looking a the diagram of the female anatomy asked Sara. " Is that what you look like Mom?"

Sara turning red said "Yes Fred, all women have basically the same body parts."

"Great" Freddie said, "Can I see."

Sara almost fainted she was so embarrassed saying. "I don't think it would be right, I am your mother."

"Oh it is OK to show your body to that guy that was here the other day, but not me your son, so I can learn something right?" Fumed Freddie as he walked out of the study.

Sara was very frightened presently if Steve her husband ever found out he would divorce her. She realized that she was in big trouble at this moment.

The next morning as Freddie was leaving for school he said. " Mom I am going to tell dad what I saw the other day in the living room if you do not let me examine the female form, when I get home from school today."

All day Sara was nervous about the afternoon when Freddie comes home. She did not know what to do, after giving the situation much thought she rationalized that she is performing a service showing her son what a woman looks like, so there will not be as much a mystery to him about the female anatomy.

Sara was mad a herself if she didn't have their accountant come to their house she would not be in this situations presently. They should have gone to a motel as they usually did. She will have to deal with it this afternoon when Freddie comes home, if he says anything to her. Hopefully he was just trying to get her attention and will not make her go through the humiliation of having to show him her body.

Fred came home at 3:00 from school he had more papers for her. She put them aside for now. Sara had to find out if Freddie remembered about this morning if he was still going to tell his father if she did not let him look at her.

"Well," Freddie said

Sara's heart pounded in her chest. She had her answer.

"OK" she said "but only one time.

"No!" Fred said, "whenever I tell you I want to see you, your going to have to let me or I will tell Dad."

Sara countered, "I will let you examine me when you want as long as you keep your marks up to a 'A' during the rest of your school career."

Fred thought for a while then said. "That is reasonable it will give me an incentive to be an A student."

Sara could not believe she was doing this, going to let her son examine her after she gets finished with her shower. She told Fred that she wanted to take a shower first, because she wanted to be clean for him. What she didn't tell him was, this afternoon she met her accountant friend at a motel and they ended up having sex, after she told accountant what Freddie told her she had to do for him.

Finishing her shower she could put it off no longer. Sara put on a dressing gown and went to Freddie's room. Freddie was on the computer in his room when Sara walked in. He turned, he had seen his mother in that gown before, but all the other times she had on her bra and panties. Today it showed a hint of her breasts and vagina, as she did not have any underwear on, but in a few minutes he will have her completely naked. He was getting hard, at the thought of seeing his mother naked. To him she was the best looking woman in the world. She sat on his bed and without a word dropped her Gown to her waist. Sara thought, as long as she was showing her son what a woman looks like, she will show him how to please a woman also.

"Fred I am going to disrobe a little at a time I want to show you how to please a woman in the process of letting you examine me." Said Sara with a blush on her face.

Fred watched his mother touch her breast and to show Fred how her nipples get erect when touched. She then let Fred touch the other nipple and he almost came in is pants and didn't know why. After about 15 minutes playing with her nipples she stopped Freddie. Removed the gown the rest of the way, laid on the bed and spread her legs. She was humiliated, embarrassed and excited, all at the same time. Fred got between his mothers legs and looked at her vagina. He could not take his eyes off of her.

"She is so beautiful." He thought.

"Mom you should never wear any panties you have such a pretty vagina." He said as he opened her vagina and looked in, it was very pink, moist and inviting.

Sara reached down and showed Freddie the location of her clit. Freddie rubbed her clit as his mother breathlessly told him how to rub it and her clit got very large and hard. Her vagina was open and was very wet.

Freddie asked her. "Is your vagina always this wet and open?"

"No my dear only when I am excited." She explained somewhat breathlessly as she humped his fingers.

He spent another 45 minutes playing with her. She was close to orgasm, when the phone rang. It was Steve telling her, he was on the way home, a 20 min trip. She told Freddie that she needed to get dressed, because dad was coming home. She reluctantly covered her body and went about her work of making supper. They all eat supper telling each other about their day except for the episode that Sara and Fred had just before Steve got home.

After Sara finished clearing the dinner dishes she sat down looking through all the papers that Freddie brought home from school. There was a sign up sheet for the sex education classes something new the school was trying in an effort to make the sex education program more interesting they were, looking for female medical models, for the school sex education course. The models will be video taped, but they will be disguised, so the kids will not know whose mother they are. She put it away she didn't want anything to do with that.

The next morning, after Steve finished the breakfast that Sara made for him, he went to work. While Sara was fixing her sons lunch and breakfast, Fred asked about the papers that he brought home, because she had to fill out a paper, so he could bring it back today.

"Which is one is that?" Sara asked.

"The one that they asked for models. I signed you up, you just need to fill out the papers and sign it they will call you. They said I could go with you." Said Fred.

"What are you talking about?" said Sara.

Fred said, "The female medical model for the kids. Mrs. Johnson my teacher said it was great that you would do something like this for the children."

Sara's heart pounded in her chest, she couldn't do this, she would die of embarrassment.

"Mom" Freddie said, "I think you have to do it or I tell Dad."

She was defeated, Freddie held all the cards. She signed the paper and Freddie left for school.

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