Lisa's New Life
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Slavery, BiSexual, Mother, Son, Father, MaleDom, Spanking,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Captured and trained for a young boy

Lisa woke up slowly, before she even opened her eyes she was dreading the hangover she knew she was going to have ... God, how many Gin and T's did I have? Oh shit, am I in my room? I don't remember leaving that bar! ... Simultaneously with opening her eyes she tried to move. Her eyes worked fine, they hurt but they worked, ... Oh fuck, where is this? ... And then it registered, her arms were tied, tied to something! There were several minutes of scrambling as she tried to figure out what was going on. By twisting around she saw that her arms were shackled to some sort of institutional looking steel headboard, she was in a bed, it didn't seem very clean. There was a low indirect light, there were no windows and what looked like a steel door with a viewing slot, ... Am I in jail, what happened last night? ... Then she realized she was naked, that's when she started yelling. After five? ten? Who knew? She stopped her yelling to listen. Nothing, not a sound, not even a background hum ... Did that prick Bob have me kidnapped? ... She knew she had raked her ex over the coals in the divorce, but he deserved it, he left, not her. She got the house and all of the real estate business, but he still had plenty, plus that young fucking cunt that he took off with.

She tried yelling some more, now not only did her head hurt from last night but her throat was sore. She stopped to listen for anything and tried to piece together last night. She and two friends had left the convention at the hotel and gone out to dinner. They had hit too many hospitality suites and needed food. She remembered some appetizers at the bar and then, oh year ... the black guys! Lisa was born and bred in Alabama, last night, she and her friends thought it would be fun to flirt with niggers, no way they could do that back home and the guys seemed pretty college educated, not what she was used to ... Oh no, black pimps! They wouldn't want a 38 year old would they? ... Yeah but I look good since the divorce, 30 pounds lighter, new haircut, a little work around the eyes, a little boob lift ... Then she realized how bad she had to pee. It was maybe an hour later that Lisa wiggled as far as she could towards the edge of the bed and wet herself for the first time since she was three years old! She moved as quickly as she could to get back to the center of the bed to get away from her own piss, it didn't help, she must be on a rubber sheet, her urine followed her; as her pee cooled into cold piss her yells turned into screams. Later when she threw up she was able to get most of it off her bed.

She, dozed, fell asleep, passed out, anyway she woke up and smelled the urine and her sour vomit; she was past yelling, she just laid there and cried ... What ... what ... who ... she sort of remembered talking to some well dressed white guy, him? ... And then she discovered she had diarrhea! You can scream yourself hoarse, she keep trying to yell but all that came out were croaks. She never did find out how long she laid there but when she finally heard some noise as the bolts on her door were thrown she didn't care what she looked like, or what she smelled like, at that moment she would ave done anything, anything just to get the dried shit off of her. She was flopping on the bed to be sure that who ever was coming wouldn't miss her.

The first thing she saw was a woman about her age, white, in a cut off tee shirt, cut so short, she could see the bottom of the woman's tits, It wasn't until later that she could turn her head enough to see that the rest of her outfit was a pair of short shorts and a tool belt festooned with cleaning supplies! Lisa croaked questions, the woman held a finger to her lips in the universal signal for silence, Lisa keep trying to talk. The woman reached about her belt. Ripped off some duck tape and sealed Lisa's mouth, then finger back to lips. Now Lisa started flopping and kicking in earnest. Suddenly the woman had pulled out one of those police zip ties and Lisa's ankles were bound. Once again the woman put her finger to her lips and glared at Lisa. Afraid of what could be next, Lisa was still.

With practiced motions the silent woman had Lisa's hands hooked up to an overhead pulley and pressing a remote, Lisa felt herself lifted from the bed. As she hung there, the mute pushed her bed to the side. That's when Lisa saw the boy. Everything was so confused for her that Lisa never even thought about being naked in front of a young boy. Making a face, the boy stripped her befouled bed. She was twisting as she hung suspended, as she swung back she saw the boy spraying her mattress, the smell of disinfectant filled the room. The first jet of water hit Lisa unaware, she would have screamed if her mouth hadn't been taped shut. Using a long handled brush she was scrubbed clean. The bristles weren't that hard, but she had never scrubbed her ass or pussy or her poor improved tits. It hurt. Lisa was not used to being hurt. Her idea of pain was her divorce. Done with her bed, the boy rolled a portable toilet under her, the woman fiddled with the buttons and Lisa was lowered onto a toilet. With just face and hand motions, the woman made it clear she was going to take the tape off her mouth if Lisa was quiet. Lisa couldn't have nodded agreement any harder. At least the woman was gentle and slowly pulled off the tape. Now as she sat of the toilet her hair and face were washed. Lisa wanted to brush her teeth, the taste of vomit was still there, but there was no way to ask, so with bound hands she tried to mimic brushing, the woman gave her some mouthwash, after gargling and swishing it around in her mouth she looked for a place to spit. The woman made motions that she should spit on the already wet floor. Lisa hadn't spit in public since grade school. Of course some ran down her chin. More sign language and it was clear it was time for Lisa to get off the pot. Desperate to not lay in her own shit again, she managed to push out a small turd. The boy came forward with some wadded up toilet paper, Lisa reached for it and got her hand slapped by the woman! More sign language and Lisa had to spread her legs and bend over as the boy first blotted her cunt and then wiped her ass. Lisa's tears were of shame and confusion, nothing in her life prepared her for this, nothing! The boy pushed the toilet away and then pushed the bed back to where Lisa was still attached to the overhead pulley. Now the woman pulled out a stun gun, at first through her tears, Lisa didn't know what it was, but when she saw her bed get zapped, she understood ... The woman made it clear; any trouble and it was Watt City for Lisa. As desperate as Lisa was to ask why, she quietly got back into the bed as her hands were manacled back to the head board. The woman left Lisa while the boy squeegeed the rest of Lisa's shower water into the floor drain, When the floor was dry the boy put away all the various cleaning equipment in a cabinet and locked it with a key from around his neck. Then he walked over and just looked down at her. There was no way she could cover her tits but she did cross her legs trying to at least cover something. Without a change in expression the boy reached down and pinched her upper thigh hard, when she jerked he switched legs, Lisa got the message, and spread her legs. The boy reached out and grabbed one of her nipples, and slowly lifted her tit up by the nipple. It seemed he was doing it out of curiosity rather than trying to hurt her, he did the same with the other tit. Then his hand slid down her stomach to slid through her pubic hair.

Lisa thought she saw an opportunity, "Why" she croaked. The boy pinched the fatty flesh next to her vagina hard, she yelled hurting her throat again. All the boy did was put his finger to his lips and then went back to touching her. He slid a finger into her, but it was curiosity not sex. He held the finger up to his nose and curled his lip. Quickly he put the finger to her lips, she understood and immediately sucked and licked the finger clean. As the boy pulled his finger out of her mouth he smiled for the first time. Then he turned and left. His throwing of the bolts were the last sound she heard for several hours.

Lisa woke with a start, trying to move reminded her of where she was, She went back to trying to remember last night? Well the last time she was dressed. She was talking to a white guy, there had been some sort of argument with the black guys then ... She couldn't remember. Isn't somebody looking for her? Her friends from the convention? Well not friends, people she knew, A sort of memory came back of her friends saying let's head back, and her telling them she was going to stay ... Oh god, if they look for her, they'll think she went off with the niggers! ... Maybe they wouldn't call the police, thinking she was having a fling. The office, they should worry, somebody has to be looking for her, please.

The light and temperature never changed, it was the third, no maybe the sixth time the woman and boy showed up that she broke down and asked, "Why, me,. what's going..." that was as far as she got, the woman hit her so hard in first one tit and then the other that she screamed and kept screaming until she got duct taped again. The woman's expression never changed, just that finger to the lips thing. As She left the boy came over to her and pulled at her boobs and they hurt so bad all Lisa could think of was breast cancer. This time his finger lingered in her pussy, now he was exploring; left, right, up, down, when she jumped from him hitting her clit. He looked up at her face as his finger went back to her clit, with her mouth taped shut it was hard to show appreciation but she tried. After a minute or so, he removed his finger and left Lisa hanging on the edge of the great O. He looked at her taped mouth and Lisa hopes started to raise,. Then he took his wet finger and dried it in her hair.

Several washes and feedings later there was a change in routine. As she laid there the woman put a leather collar on her neck, the collar was locked with a small padlock. The woman pulled out a pair of pliers and broke the key in front of her. Now with a wave of the stun gun Lisa was hooked to the overhead pulley by a hook on the back of her collar. Apparently as a warning Lisa was hauled to her tip toes by the pulley and her collar. The woman left her there for several minutes before relenting and giving her some slack. Until she was let down, Lisa hadn't realized she couldn't even swallow when held that way. A scale was brought in and when Lisa read the dial she found she had lost another ten pounds since the last time she had gotten on a scale. Now an exercise program started. Still hooked to the overhead pulley she was running in place and doing sit ups and a workout that including something like that TV thigh-master, one for her legs and the other for her arms, At first she tried to stop wen she felt she was tired. The woman just placed the stun gun in her crotch and Lisa was back on the treadmill running as hard as she could! The arm one was immediately understood after five minutes the muscles across her chest ached. After each workout, she would be raised to almost tiptoe as the boy wiped her down. He continued to finger her and she keep trying to get off on it. But she no longer thought about talking and never once did the boy or the woman change their expression. Lisa was trying to formulate a plan to fondle the boy, she thought that if she could grab his dick he couldn't be any different than her husband. Once you touched his dick, you owned him. She kept trying and somehow the boy was never where her hand thought he should be. No change in lighting, no sound at all, same dull food every meal, her life was exercise, food, wash shit piss, wipe up back to bed. Time had no meaning, Lisa was beginning to think she was going insane, she was looking forward to the boy pulling her tit or sticking a finger in her. Every time she used the potty she looked forward to being wiped.

One day there was a major change in her life. She had been weighed and had lost another 2 pounds. She was brought back to the bed and the overhead cable was adjusted so she could now sit on one side of the bed. When she went to put out her arms behind her to be cuffed until the next exercise program the woman shook her head no! Then her hands were put in her lap. Then slapped away with vigorous head shakes and brandishing of the stun gun. Then the same show was done with her boobs. The message was clear, no playing with herself. She woke up the next morning and found her hands at her pussy. She jerked them away. But after a minute or so she was back to fingering her clit ... Just one, so long, I need it ... Boy and the woman came flying into her cell. The first stun was right on a nipple. When she came to, she was suspended from the overhead, both the woman and the boy had lengths of electric cable in their hands. As she screamed that it was a mistake, that she was asleep, that she didn't know what she was doing, they beat her. One on each side; as she jerked and writhed they hit her everywhere, from tits to knees. It seemed to go on forever. And in her head, she keep hearing ... breast cancer ... Twice she remembered direct hits on a nipple, that was the worst she thought. She pissed herself, she shit herself and it still went on. Finally the hose came out and they washed the piss and shit off of her. Both the boy and the woman dried her gently and even more gently applied some sort of ointment to her welts. Then she was lowered to the bed and with gestures she spread her legs as instructed. When the boy brought his arm back over his head she fainted. The pain woke her. Same instructions, this time it was the woman with the cable in her hand. As the woman started her swing Lisa clamped her legs together. Not a word from either of them. The woman handed the boy the stun gun. Lisa violently shook her head no and took her hands and held her thighs wide. For the very first time, the woman smiled. Lisa fainted again from the blow directly in her pussy. She woke to the boy gently rubbing ointment into her crotch. Then he reached into her cunt and started working her G spot! It had been so long, she came almost at once. The boy smiled, and pulled out a set of boxing gloves.

... No more, I'll die ... anything, no more beatings ... As if reading her mind, the boy smiled and laced the gloves on her and left her chained to the bed. She sure wasn't going to be playing with herself with those 16 ounce gloves on!. With one last smile the boy left. Once again, no noise, completely alone, only change was, now she couldn't even scratch her nose if it itched. Of course it did!

She awoke and almost instantly knew there was someone else in the room with her, keeping her eyes closed as much as possible she tried to look around the room. A voice came from behind her head. "Awake are we?Very good, it's time we discussed your future training. The night we met you were pretty vocal about what you were going to do to men and blacks in particular. You're here for some basic behavior modifications and specific training as a domestic." Try as she would, she could not turn her head enough to see who was talking to her

"Don't worry about looking at me, you will soon see me all the time. The other night you were complaining about what a prick your ex was and then you gave quite a rant about how the only thing worse than your ex were niggers. That may fly in Alabama but it doesn't go over too well in a downtown Chicago restaurant. I bought you from two of the black couples that were going to take you somewhere. I was able to convince them that I could teach you a better lesson than they were. Now's the time you say thank you." She was turning her head trying to see who was talking. "It wasn't for me, you'd be on some street corner doing 20 dollar blow jobs strung out on Meth, say thank you!"

She gambled that it was safe to talk, "Thank you" it had been so long, her voice sounded funny in her ears, ... is that my regular voice?...

"I decided that as long as you were destined to be whore, you might just as well be my own private one. You seemed to be the right height, nice looking ass and tits, liked your hair, and best of all you were an out of towner. So now you belong to my family. My son is turning 13 and needs a woman of his own, when we are done with your preliminary training you will be given to him, He is a child but he is your master, no your owner, Never say no to him! Your tits, ass, cunt and mouth are only to serve him. He might want to share you with some of his friends, if so you will try to be the best fuck they every had just to make him proud!

Before we go any further, let me explain some of the rules. You never talk unless spoken to. You obey my wife and son, just as you will obey me. You will fuck and suck when told to. There is no escape and you will soon find that you're happier here than you ever could have been anywhere else. Now I'm going to let you up, the stun gun I have is twice the power of the one I gave the woman. I'm going to give you a questionnaire. Some of the answers I know already, others I will be able to check on. Answer all questions, do not lie! Punishment here is swift and unforgiving." Then she felt her neck collar being unclipped from the pulley and on to something else. She was steered over to a mirror, she was shocked, her face had been made up, completely different than she had ever done. A little garish but not to bad, she had been given a new haircut, short, a razor cut, all in all it looked very good on her. Her eye makeup reflected the reddish tint in her hair. She noticed that for the first time in this room, she had some clothes on. If you can call a dress cut so one breast was completely exposed and a hem line that barely covered her crotch, there was no way she could walk in this and not expose herself ... Damn, I look good... "Memorize the makeup, I want you always looking good. I may want to share and show you to others. In the mirror, she finally caught a glimpse of who was behind the voice ... Looks young, younger than me, what's that ... As he cruelly turned her to a table she had never seen before, she saw that 'that' was a yoke handled stick, something like a big weed eater handle, with the yoke he could turn her neck collar anyway he wanted to. She was steered to a chair. When seated she felt her collar being switched from the handle to a clip on the back of her chair. Both the chair and the table were bolted to the floor. There was a four page questionnaire in front of her along with a dull marker pen. She started to read the questions, There was an electric crackle in one ear, as he triggered the stun gun. "Answer the questions, don't read ahead!"

The standard info had already been machine filled in, name, age, last address, last job ... last! ... The first open blank was next of kin, and who to notify in case of death or severe injury! She started crying again, but quietly! There were the standard health questions; had she ever had, had any one in her family had, operations, dates but lot more details; who was surgeon, reason for, any side effects. There was a whole section on sex. And it was broken down by oral, anal, vaginal and other. Each section wanted to know; first time, who, how often, most liked, least liked; person and why; act and why.

Then there were the fantasy questions; who would she most like to fuck, least., suck. What one thing in her like would she like to take back, do over. And then there were two pages of those multiple choice personality questions. She filled out every answer even though her new boss, master owner was holding the controls to her body. Then it was to another table for a pre poured glass of water and then the porta potty. She just automatically got up turned and bent over, waiting to get wiped. She felt as if she had graduated from college when there was a gentle tug on her neck and she heard, "No, I don't wipe, do yourself, but let the boy do it when he's around, he is so in love with you."

She was steered back to her bed and her neck clipped into place. "OK Lisa, first order, jill off for me, I want to watch." Her hands went immediately to her cunt and clit. He watched her pussy for a while and then he moved in order to watch her face close up, as she came. At first she thought having his face six inches above her would stop her from getting off, but once she started touching herself it was a self feeding firestorm. Soon she had forgotten anyone was there, all that was there was her clit and her fingers and a slight hope that she might live after all. As she came she was surprised to fell her lips being kissed; with her cumming her tongue went automatically into Sir's mouth, she jerked back afraid of her impetuousness, but all she got was a smile. "don't worry, you'll learn and we'll all teach you.

She went to sleep thinking, ... wife, son, we'll all teach, private whore, bought, I was bought? Hair looked nice. Belong to a 13 year old? He seems young ... Somebody must be looking for me ... And once again she cried herself to sleep.

The next morning the woman came in with a clip board. The boy had a cattle prod. She was fed the usual gruel and she was sat down at the table, now with a mirror and a makeup kit. It was a little girls fantasy kit, all the colors of the rainbow. The woman put down a picture of herself, made up as she was yesterday. She didn't remember any photos and in this one her eyes were closed, was I asleep?, did they knock me out? With pointed fingers she was told to get to work. After about a half an hour she was done. She turned to the woman, the woman shook her head no. Lisa was upset, this is pretty good ... she nodded her head yes and gave a thumbs up sign. The woman nodded to the boy and she fell off the chair as the boy zapped her low on her spine!

Laying on the floor she started to yell, two fingers went to two mouths; she bit off her scream. Both the boy and the woman offered no help as she got slowly off the floor. Once she was back in the chair the woman tapped her made up photo hard and put her stun gun against her tit ... The boy grabbed her by a tit to hold her in place as he wiped her face with cold cream to remove the misapplied makeup. The way the boy held her by her breast was more demeaning than being naked all the time. She had always been proud of her boobs, other girls in high school had bigger ones, but in the showers after sports she never saw anyone who had better shaped or proportioned knockers than she did. Now the boy was using one of her pretty boobies as nothing more than a handle. She had thought that she was developing some sort of connection with him, but here she was being held by a breast as if he didn't want her to get him dirty. She spent a week, putting on and taking off makeup, if it was done wrong, the boy would drag her to the sink and clean her face. If she wasn't up to the woman's standard twice in a row, it was tha stun gun to a boob. She was, except for food and the toilet let alone for a couple of days, but every morning she put on a 'new' face. She woke up one morning and realized that he was behind her again. She laid still until he said hello.

"Hello sir"

"I came down to watch you put on makeup. Make up your face as if you were going to wear an electric blue dress." With his steering stick and the collar he drove her to the toilet and then to the makeup table. The woman came in with a folded dress so she could see the color. Lisa knew this was some sort of test. In her new world she was terrified of failing the test, whatever it was. After a half hour of adjusting colors she turned from the mirror to see if he approved. She was stopped. Mid turn, she was stopped by a jerk on her collar, "I can see the mirror, put on the dress!" She was unclipped! This was the first time she could remember not being under control by someone or something! The dress slipped over her head and nestled against her hips. It was low cut enough that she showed a nice shadow of cleavage. It was just a face mirror and she wanted a full length mirror because she thought she really looked good. He angerly grabbed her by the chin and the woman by the tit. He shook the woman left to right as he swung her tit, her body had no choice but to follow.

"Look! " and he pointed at the eyeshadow, "Look", and he stuck his thumb in her mouth and using his fingers rubbed her rouge out on a cheek. It hurt, hurt a lot, but Lisa was scared to move, scared to cry out. Out of a corner of her eyes she saw that the woman had tears in her eyes, the tit shaking had hurt her a lot. "See, see!"

The woman said "Yes sir" all Lisa could do was try to nod with a thumb inside her mouth.

The thumb came out of her mouth and suddenly ripped the dress right off of her, Lisa didn't even try to cover herself, later she thought about that while chained in bed; was she too surprised or too frightened of him to move? There was no doubt she was terrified of him, of the situation, and most of all of what ever her future was going to be. She had no idea of how long she had been captured, but she had learned the first rule of being a prisoner, do your own time, don't get involved. She was starting to get institutionalized.

"Well?" The boy grabbed her hand and pulled her to the sink, cold cream. Wipe, hot towel, cold cream, wipe. She was led back to the table by an elbow. As the boy pushed her into the chair in front of the mirror, the man backhanded the boy right to the floor. "When I'm not here you grab my cunt's tit, be man enough to grab it when I'm here!" He turned to her, "Fix your face right this time."

The room was filled with an occasional sniffle as Lisa worked as fast as could, but making sure she did her makeup as he wanted. She turned and stood, facing him. He grabbed her chin and moved her face to catch all the light available in the dim room. "Good" And he left the room with the door clanking behind him.

Lisa went to the boy still on the floor, she kissed the little trickle of blood coming from the corner of his mouth; the woman joined her on the floor and they all hugged each other and cried together. Lisa took the boy's hand and put it on her tit, she tried to kiss the woman, but the woman turned her head as if in shame. The next morning when Lisa was unchained she took extra care with her makeup. The new routine was wake up; toilet, breakfast gruel, makeup, each time with a different colored piece of cloth.

One wake up period; she never did know if they were days or not, sometimes she would be woken and feel that she had only slept for a couple of hours, others she would wake and lay alone for what seemed like hours before boy or woman came for her, after her toilet, the woman opened a wooden case and showed her a set of what had to be dildos. There were two rows, one thick and one thin. The woman took off the tattered sort of dress she was wearing and wiped the longest thick one with an oiled rag. She bent over and the boy effortlessly inserted the ten inch monster into her. The boy, pulled Lisa's tit and pointed at the woman's puss. The dildo was in all the way, barely a half inch protruding from her. The boy grabbed the end and stroked the woman several times, then he took Lisa's hand and put it on the dildo end and made an in and out motion,

Almost more shocking to Lisa than seeing that monster easily slid into the woman was to put her hand on it and feel it vibrating. She actually jumped back as if shocked. The boy pulled out a stun gun and she put her hand pack on the vibrating monster. Grabbing her wrist, she and the boy masturbated the woman. Soon the boy had moved her hand to get a better grip on the dildo, now he had her sawing at the woman's pussy. Up, Down,. Left, Right; soon Lisa realized that they must be massaging the woman's G spot. The woman confirmed it with a moan and now Lisa noticed that the woman's legs were trembling! With a cry, the woman fell to the floor and Lisa found herself standing in the middle of a concrete room holding a wet vibrating dildo. The boy hit a switch on the base and took her hand and brought the dildo to her lips.

A week, a month, a year ago, Lisa would never had allowed this but now she knew that her licking the dildo clean was as inevitable as sunrise. She could taste the lube, she could taste the plastic, but more than anything she could taste the sex, the woman! It was a connection, it tasted good. The boy smiled, and after he wiped the big one clean and replaced it in the case he pulled and prodded at the woman to get her on her hands and knees. Then he took the longest of the thinner dildos and after lubing it, handed it to Lisa and smiled. Her very first response was to shake her head no, no! The boy got a sad look and pulled the stun gun out as he advanced on Lisa. Lisa was down on her knees next to the woman stroking her ass as she kept her eyes on the stun gun. With hand and head gestures the boy hurried her to bugger the woman. The woman turned her head from the floor, looked back and gave Lisa a small smile of permission.

Lisa had only been ass fucked twice in her life, once by her husband a week before their final separation and once after a date when she had been too drunk to know what was happening until there was a dick up her ass. Her husband's reaming was the final straw in a rapidly unraveling marriage and she was sure that he had only cornholed her because he knew it was over and wanted to touch all bases before he left. She knew the date was a bad idea before they were half way through dinner, but she was lonely and she invited the guy in for one drink when they got to her house. Both times Lisa found a universal truth, Guys don't take their dicks out until they come! Both times, her asshole ached for a week. Because of her history she was very loving to the woman; with it vibrating in her hand, she gently rubbed around the woman's asshole, gently teasing with a little pressure here and there and then a retreat. She was shocked when the woman reached back grabbed her wrist and shoved the dildo in her ass. Shocked yes, but this time the boy didn't have to direct her, she was stroking the woman as lovingly as she could. She heard a pleased sigh from the woman and on her own without any prompting started exploring the woman's ass as she and the boy had done her pussy earlier. With a muffled groan the woman fell flat on her stomach pulling the dildo out of Lisa's hand. Lisa followed her to the floor and remembering how she liked a little movement after a regular cum, slowly and gently moved the dildo a half inch up and down with a slow twisting motion. The woman turned her head and kissed Lisa. Lisa cried, but for the first time, they were tears of happiness, someone loved her! When the boy pulled the dildo from the woman's ass, Lisa didn't even need to be shown the stun gun, she licked it clean and was surprised, it was different in taste from a pussy but no worse, she could do this!

The next day the dildo case came out but now it was Lisa's turn to be penetrated. She was put on the table, flat on her back, knees bent feet flat, and with a warning shake of a finger from the woman; the boy used a hand to lube her pussy. Then the woman slid the smallest fat dildo into her. After a few strokes, the small one was withdrawn and two sizes were skipped and the next to the middle one inserted. It was tight, comfortable but filling. In less than a minute the woman withdrew it and skipped one more size to the third from largest. She dipped it in lube as the boy re-lubed Lisa. That one took some effort to get in, but soon Lisa was in that wonderful place where she was filled with a big one, not pain, but big enough for her to know she was accomplishing something, she repositioned her feet to ease the dildo, to improve the sensation. Soon her heart rate was up and her breathing was faster and a little sheen of sweat had formed in between her breasts. The woman stopped, and Lisa's eyes popped open; the woman pointed at her eyes and moved finger and thumb apart then she took Lisa's hands and put them on her boobs, the woman manipulated Lisa's fingers so that she was playing with her own nipples. The woman smiled and went back to stroking her student. As Lisa got back to being close to coming she struggled to keep her eyes on the woman. She had always closed her eyes during an orgasm wallowing in her own sensations, now she had to learn that the giver of pleasure was more important than her own pleasure. The boy reached in and forced her fingers to pinch her own nipple. With eyes open and squeezing her own tits Lisa came. It had been so long this was almost new to her, she really felt every cell in her body celebrating her orgasm. When the woman brought the dildo, fresh from her cunt, Lisa almost naturally licked it clean, then it was shoved in her mouth,. That caught Lisa off guard, she hadn't expected to get mouth fucked with a dildo, but that's what happened next. With it still vibrating, Lisa made sure that her teeth didn't touch it. Worse was the vibrations against the back of her throat. The vibes created a terrible throat tickle somewhere between the feeling of being about to throw up and or having something caught in her throat. Lisa was frantically moving her head and simultaneously pushing the dildo with her tongue trying to contain the ticking vibrations. As she was moving her head, it happened, the dildo slipped into her throat! Not far but an inch or so, she had a vibrating tool in her throat. Lisa was almost out of her mind with fear, all she could think of was that it was going to slide down her throat and she would die. She was frantic and flopping everywhere, the boy fell across her chest to hold her down and the woman finally took pity and pulled the dildo out of her throat. Lisa lay there swallowing and crying hysterically. All she could think of is that they were going to kill her. She screamed "No"

She was zapped in the neck and passed out as she shit herself. She awoke and for a moment thought she was back to her first week of captivity. She was hanging naked and was being hosed down, this time at least, the water was warm. They were hosing the shit off of her. She was ashamed, she had let down the woman and the boy, what must they think of her? As they dried her, pointing at her mouth and throat she dumbly explained she had been afraid of swallowing the dildo. The boy nodded enthusiastically and ran off as the woman chained her back to her bed. The boy and woman woke her, once again, she had no idea of how long she had slept. This time, the boy was smiling, ear to ear. The woman brought the case of dildos to her bed and Lisa cringed, no not again! But the woman smiled as she opened the case and showed Lisa, the dildos now had hilts on them! She couldn't swallow them! The boy gleamed as the woman pointed and made it clear the boy had fixed the dildos for her.

Lisa reached out to her family to thank them. They loved her, they were trying to help her! Soon, head hanging over the bed, she was taking the 10 inch monster into her throat. The boy was stroking her throat, feeling the dildo inside. Lisa was proud of herself, she could do this, she could do anything! The next several awake periods were dedicated to her and the dildos, sometimes the boy would squat over her head holding her ankles all the way back to her ears as the woman ran the largest of the dildos into her. Soon they had Lisa holding her own ankles as the boy ran one and the woman another as they did both her cunt and ass at the same time. Even though all the sex acts were getting more intense, she could take most anything in her pussy, while her ass was getting used to being constantly invaded. Lisa noticed that her body seemed to be adapting to the new uses, her bowel movements seemed to be more solid, she didn't have any partial shits anymore, her bowel movements were quick and solid, her ass hole never seemed to have any partial turds anymore. Lisa was proud of that. Her throat would still ache the next day after taking the bigger dildo, but she could get them down.

One wake up call, Lisa could sense that something was new. Before her shower she got an enema and a scented douche. As she put on her makeup, the woman hovered over her, making a couple of meaningless corrections. When the boy brought in boxes of clothing, Lisa got scared, was she being sent away, sold, what was happening? Thigh high nylons, hip hugger panties, a demi bra, all lace and a hip hugging dress that was cut so low, she was afraid that if she had to bend over her tits would fall out! She was even given matching earrings and a necklace. The boy grabbed one of her hands and held it with both of his, and then the woman lead her out through the door. They immediately stepped into an elevator and started up. Lisa was squeezing the woman's hand, she was afraid of the future, where was she going, She hadn't seen that man since he ripped her dress off, what was going to happen. The elevator stopped and the woman puled her into the hallway of a big colonial style home. Still pulling, the woman took her down a long hallway. Lisa was wobbling on her high heels, it had been a long time since she had walked anywhere in heels. The woman reached a door and knocked. When they entered, Lisa was stunned, they were in a formal dining room, at a table for 12 were seated the man, a woman and a young boy, younger than her boy in the basement. The woman led Lisa to the table and pulled out a chair for her as she sat the chair was pushed in and a plate was brought for her. It was apparently dinner time, the meal looked like it must be supper. The man said, "You may eat, you will on occasion eat with my family and this is a good time for introductions to be made. This is my wife, your mistress. You will call her Lady Carol, that of course is my son, he is Master George to you. The ruling order in this house is me, my wife and master George, after that, comes the woman, the boy and then the other household servants, you are last in this house, do you understand?" Lisa nodded. "No, here in the house, you may speak, when spoken to.

Lisa's voice broke as she said yes.

"Go ahead eat, looking at his wife the master explained, "Honey this is the silly little tramp I was telling you about. When i intervened she was about to become a whore for a bunch of blacks. Her name is Lisa, I think you and I can have a lot of fun with her, and it's about time we got George here someone of his own. Woman and boy have given me glowing reports on her, she seems to want to like her new life." Lisa eyes were glued to her plate, she was afraid to look up. " Lisa!" She jumped, "Look at us, am I right, you want to make my wife and I happy, right?"

"Yes sir"

"I'm sure you want to help in George's education."

"Yes sir" The look of lust on the boy made it clear that Lisa wouldn't be tutoring in arithmatic.

"George, with Lisa in the house, you'll be happy to know you're not the only one that masturbates any more" Both she and George blushed.

Lady Carol spoke for the first time, "Don't tease the boy, he's growing up, don't tell me you didn't do the same thing at his age. Besides that's going to be part of her duties, right"

"Oh yes, but I think she should spend a few days with us to see how it all works around here."

"Ah you devil, you know I'm all for that. Now George, you heard, Lisa here is going to be a big help for you, but not right away. Give mommie and daddy a week or so and then you can share her with us. So for the time being, hands off."

"Yes sir" And those were the only words, young master George spoke during dinner.

Lisa snuck a peek out of the corner of her eyes and saw that it was dark out. This was the first time since her taking that she even had a sense of the time of day, somehow that was exciting to know.

"Honey, I still have some work after dinner, why don't you take Lisa and show her her room. Remember our agreement, first time together, I'll be up as fast as I can and we'll check out her performance.

Master and young master left the table and Lady Carol stood, "Follow me," She didn't look back, she knew she would be obeyed. Up the stairs and down the hall to a large master bed and sitting area, "This is our room", through a door almost hidden in the paneling, "And this is yours" Small, almost crowded because of the king-sized bed. "Your bath", small but an oversized shower stall. The lady sat on her bed, "Take two of the dresses out of the closet, try them on, lets be sure they fit." Lisa had been naked in front of the woman and boy on more occasions than she could remember was suddenly embarrassed.

Lady Carol saw it, "No bring the dresses here, in fact, open that top dresser drawer, bring a bra and panty set lets see how everything fits." Lisa was afraid she was going to start to cry. She bit back the tears not wanting to let down boy and the woman. She laid the clothing on the bed next to her mistress and started to unzip the back of her dress. A sharp word to her, "Be careful, don't wrinkle our clothing!"

Not mine, hers, Ohhh, Lisa despaired of ever getting any freedom, "Yes ma'am" And she carefully laid her dress on the other side of Lady Carol.

She stood still and the Lady understood her unasked question, "Yes, let's try the undies too." As Lisa looked for a place to grab as she was stepping out of her panties Lady Carol extended a hand. Lisa used is to balance herself. Lisa, naked, blushed as she pulled her hand back, she thought that by now she would be used to being naked in front of clothed people, ... audition, an audition ... that thought gave her courage. She stood, back arched tits thrust forward and looked straight ahead. Lady Carol reached out and inspected her body, there was no romance in her body pats and squeezes. Thumb and forefinger took a pinch of her belly flesh. Lisa braced herself for the pain, but it was an exploratory pinch. "Not bad, we'll see if woman can get rid of the last of that. Spread your legs please." Lisa almost jumped to move her legs. She bit down on her tongue in order not to move as lady explored her crotch, another pinch of the soft flesh along side her pussy, then a finger trailed down one side of her slit to the base and up the other to stop on her clit. An uncontrollable shiver went through Lisa's body with just an unmoving finger on her clit.

Lady Carol held her hand up to the light, Even Lisa could see the shine from her own lube. "What can we do, our pussies just give us away. Lick that off for me, please." Lisa bent to reach for Lady's finger, and suddenly she had four fingers in her mouth, not knowing what else to do she washed them with her tongue. Suddenly Lady's thumb clamped her lower jaw and with the fingers in her mouth, Lady used the leverage to force Lisa to her knees. "Listen you little fucking whore, you're going to be sucking and fucking my husband! My husband, not yours! He's your fucking owner and master, you can love his dick, you can love my son's dick, but don't even think about falling in love with ether one of them! Understand!" As she had been yelling, she had been shaking Lisa's head using her mouth as the handle. By now Lisa was drooling around the fingers. "Well?"

Around the fingers Lisa mumbled a yes, tears were flowing now. More shaking as lady Carol continued, always remember, you're the house cunt, mouth and asshole here, right?" Another garbled yes. Then a pull on her mouth, "Alright stand up now, let's see the rest of you." Lisa got to her feet and Lady casually handed her a Kleenex, "wipe your eyes, You better look good for your master."

"Yes ma'am" said as Lady slid her spit slicked fingers into Lisa's pussy.

"Always remember, master and my son have the best cock you've ever seen or tasted right?"

"Yes ma'am"

"Now, what about my pussy, is it better than yours?

Absolutely terrified of this woman who had four fingers inside of her, Lisa choked out, "Oh ma'am, your pussy is far superior than mine will ever be." There was a warning thrust from her Lady. "Oh ma'am, it's tighter, smells better and I can't wait to taste it, please."

"Woman was right, you're not entirely stupid, now turn and let me look at your ass." Lisa turned, glad to not have to look her Lady in the eye, afraid of what was going to happen to her ass. "Hands on knees please." Lady was back to her sweet living room voice. As Lisa bent over she felt another exploratory pinch, this time lower down near where her ass blended into her legs, then two fingers just slid into her ass. She started to reflexively clench up before she caught herself ... Trained, I'm trained for this ... followed by, ... not an animal not ... but she stood there, breathing slowly and let her Lady explore her ass hole. "OK, all in all, you're not bad, remember what I said about my husband and son and we'll get along fine. Now try on those other dresses, let's see the fit." One of the dresses had a lot of decolletage and lady reached into her dress and pulled Lisa's tit's into position. "Your master likes to look, Keep him happy and I'll be happy too." Soon she was back in her original dress and Lady had her in the master bath as Lady touched up her makeup. "One last thing, part of your functions are wardrobe maid, after sex when your master or my son is relaxed, make sure that you hang up their clothes, that includes shoe trees for master's shoes. When you're done with their clothing, clean yourself, I don't want either of them waking up to a stinky cunt, after that, you can return to bed, unless they tell you to go to your own bed. Now, sit in that chair while we wait for the master, you do know, you always stand when my husband or my son enter the room, right?"

"Yes ma'am" And she sat still while her Lady read a book. As she sat. trying not to move, she couldn't believe how excited she was. Her mind, her body, were looking forward to what ever was about to happen. she was praying that she wouldn't embarrass herself and both woman and boy's training. Not only did she want to cum with a man again but she was hoping that she would make both lady and her master happy with her. The thought that she might not be good enough for them sent shivers through her. When the door to the bedroom opened, Lisa jumped to her feet, as her owner entered; she didn't even realize that she gave a half bow, half curtsy motion. Both Lady and maser did and smiled. Woman was such a good trainer!

The master spoke first, "Do you like your room?"

It was such an unexpected question that Lisa stuttered, "Un, er, Yes sir, it's very nice," "Good, tonight, I think we will start with you undressing my wife, normally I always am first, but I'd like to watch you for a while." Lisa stepped toward the other woman, "No, no, take off your clothes first, I'm going to sit on the bed and see how good a servant you are, remember, try to make this enjoyable for both my wife and myself." Lisa went to kick of her shoes, "No leave the shoes to later."

Standing next to her chair, Lisa reached behind her and unzipped her dress, she slid the short sleeves down her arms and holding the dress to her, slowly lowered it so that she could step out of it, she turned to lay it across the chair and it wasn't until she turned back that she was fully exposed to her master. The demi bra was more for looks than lift and when unsnapped and off her arms she stood for a moment, proud of her boobs and how firm they were, She slid her panties off, leg by leg and turned and with an exaggerated bend to show her butt, placed them on the dress, Now, in thigh high nylons and heels, She asked, "Do you want me to keep the nylons on?"

"No" said the lady, as the master said "yes".

"Leave them on Lisa, but take off the shoes." said her mistress. Nylons always flatter a leg, but somehow, flatfooted in them is sort of ugly. "Turn around slowly for your master"

As she did, he spoke, "How long since your last spanking?

As if kicked in the stomach, she answered, "Two weeks, I think, sir."

"Alright, take off my wife's clothes and see how beautiful you can make it look." As Lisa stepped towards her Lady she was aware of how awkward she looked walking flatfooted. It was less than four steps but by the time she was next to her mistress she had broken out in a cold sweat. Standing there, Lisa's arms sort of fluttered as she tried to guess where she should start.

"Lady saw her confusion, "This unzips under the arm." As she lifted one elbow. Lisa had to hold the dress material with one hand as she worked the zipper. Her fingers, touching Lady Carol's warm underarm flesh for the first time felt as if they were burning. "Much have I travell'd in the realms of gold" a line from a poem she had learned in grade school, popped in her head "It comes off, over my head." Prompted her lady. Lisa gathered her wits and gathered up the material in preparation to lift, as it came off over Lady's head, she laid it on the nearby desk. When Lisa turned back it was the first time she had ever seen her new mistress almost naked. So beautiful, makes me feel plain. Lisa was in thrall to the body before her. Lady turned and presented her bra snap to Lisa. It was a simple two hook strap but Lisa fumbled as her fingers trembled.

"Now, get around front to take it all the way off!" That from the master. It was very hard for Lisa to not just stare at her Lady's boobs, ... so much nicer than mine ... no wonder she's in charge... "See those marks from the bra, take some lotion and massage them away." As he spoke, Lady Carol handled her a bottle with some french name on it. Lisa had put lotion on her own tits many times, this was different. They weren't hers, number one, number two she wasn't sure how to do somebody else's chest. At first she tried one hand, but the breast kept sliding out of position. Then she put a hand under to cup the breast and massaged with the other. "No, do both tits at once." Even more confused she relotioned her hands and soon she was massaging ... not playing. Not copping a feel...

Her lady looked over at her husband, "Lisa has a nice touch, I think you're going to like hand jobs from her. Lisa, that feels good, tweak my nipples a bit." As Lisa followed orders she knew the massage part was over, at least they were nice boobs, firm and real, to caress. 'OK dear, that's enough, a kiss on each nipple, kiss mind you, no sucking now! And then you can get my panties and socks off." A spectator would have thought that Lisa was going to kiss a red hot knife blade;lips puckered she slowly moved to kiss the nearest nipple. When her lips touched the brown button, her head reflexively jerked back. The other nipple she was equally cautious with, but that one she was able to actually kiss it before darting away. Once again, Lisa wasn't sure where to start. For herself, a thumb on each hip and push down. But how do you properly undress your new mistress for the first time? The Lady took pity on her, "On your knees, in front of me; First nylons, then panties, last garter belt, come on, master's getting antsy!" She had taken many a man's clothes off, but this slow disrobing was so erotic, Lisa could feel her own cunt flooding with excitement! The ritual of each leg, the unsnapping, rolling down and lifting of the foot, and finally the roll off from the foot, all the while, knowing if she looked straight ahead she would be looking directly at her mistress's pussy ... she has a pussy, all I've got is a cunt ... so much nicer than I'll ever be ... Now all that was left was the garter belt and Lisa had no place left to look but directly into her lady's crotch. There were a few marks from the garter belt and she automatically started a gentle massage.

Lady grabbed her by her hair and twisted her head. "Now both your master and I like a wet cunt when we fuck. Lick my pussy to get it good and wet. Lisa had never licked a woman, and just a short while ago, if you had asked her she would have said never; now, she needed the affection, she needed to serve, this seemed right, if she could make these two happy, then she could probably be happy her self. As she softly put her arms around mistress and pulled her close to her mouth Lisa thought ... proud, boy and woman would be so proud ... Her tongue just sank into her very first pussy ... mine's not that soft, is it ... To be honest, Lisa was so enamored of her very first pussy that if took her a minute or two to even think about any taste or smell ... Nice, so nice, I'm so lucky to be with a nice pussy ... As she gently licked she was smiling, then mistress pulled her hair and head back, "Lisa, just get me wet, don't try to get me off, there will be plenty of time for that in the future. Time to prepare your master".

As Lisa turned, she saw that he had taken every thing off but his shorts, Swiveling she only had a short shuffle, on her knees, and she was kneeling, kneeling in front of the man she loved, feared, but above all knew she wanted to please. Looking up at his face she softly said, "Sir, may I take these off?"

'It's part of your job function." As she reached for his boxers, Lisa was surprised to see that he did not have a full erection ... how could he not be hard, Lady Carol is so pretty, my nipples are vibrating she's so pretty ... As she started removing his shorts, Lisa made a point of pulling them away so there would be no drag on her master's dick. No one had taught her that, it just seemed a sign of respect due his tool. "OK let's get on the bed and you can get me hard. Master automatically got in the center and his lady climbed in on his left. Soon Lisa was on hands and knees with a prick in her mouth. After all this time, she actually found it comforting to finally have a real dick in her mouth again. As the prick began to grow, she was thankful to have had all that training., she was able to swallow it down and never had to come up for air.

She felt a tug on her hair, "That's enough Lisa, now it's my time. You can put him in." With that Lady was swinging a leg over the master. Lisa was holding the master's prick as if it was a delicate glass flower so his prick was bouncing around her lady's pussy. "Lisa, do your job. Grab that dick, spread my cunt, stick it in there, do it now!" The tone frightened Lisa, but she jumped to obey. Spreading her mistress's pussy with thumb and forefinger and grasping the prick in front of her, she soon had them joined. Lady Carol slid down her husband and let out a sigh. "Lisa that was just about a perfect amount of lube, remember that; now get behind me and hold my boobs while I get fucked by the best dick in town!"

Ever since Lisa had seen her lady's breasts uncovered she had wanted to hold them. The earlier massage had just been enough to arouse her, Before, she was learning that her life was before and now; before she would have never even thought about fondling another woman's breasts, now she was excited over the chance that she could be a part of her owner's sex life. Her want was both curiosity and lust. They looked so perfect Lisa wanted to see if there were implants and she just wanted to hold her new mistress. Lisa was slow and awkward as she got behind Lady Carol. Lisa didn't feel it was her place to have her own boobs rubbing up against such a perfect lady, equally she didn't want her arms brushing her Lady's side. She very tentatively placed a hand under each breast of her mistress. "No, NO, hold them like this, massage the nipples." As she was yelling she had pulled Lisa so she was plastered against her lady's back and lady had squeezed her hands against lady's tits. Lisa was in heaven, all she could feel were the two tits in her hands and her own boobs rubbing up and down against her lady's back. Lisa tried to snuggle her puss against lady's ass. What she really wanted to do was put a hand down to where her masters were joined, how great that would be to be there were they were joined. She contented herself with some very small kisses on the back and neck of her lady. This was so nice, to be part of their love! As lady got closer to coming Lisa actually felt her lady's tits getting bigger. When lady came, back arching, Lisa had to, she kissed lady's back repeatedly so proud that she was part of their love! All to soon, Lady pulled out of her grasp and fell next to the master. Lisa was still on her knees between Sir's legs. It was just the most natural thing to fall forward and start to lick Sir clean. She was trying to be so refined and dainty but her first lick brought that intoxicating taste of the two of her masters, like a greedy child she immediately had all of masters dick in her mouth. Oh the taste, oh that dick, what a wonderful prick her master had. Now with one hand at the base she licked and probed all around the head to get every drop. Then it was down to his balls and pubic hair. If a hand on her head hadn't stopped her she would have kept licking up to his navel. She looked up, Lady was looking at her with a smile. "Very nice Lisa but don't forget me, I don't want to drip either."

Oh my god!... , Lisa couldn't believe how good her two owners tasted. Not only the flavor, but the texture, it was wonderful. Since mistress had an almost bald pussy Lisa had no problem getting all the juices up from all around her ladies crotch. She was helping, she was part of the family, she was so proud to be serving. What a wonderful family she belonged to.

"OK, that's enough for tonight. Take care of the clothing and go to your room." Lisa wanted to stay with her owners, she would have promised to sleep at the foot of their bed and not make a sound, she would have sat in a chair next to the bed all night She wanted to be near her owners. But she had been trained well, silently she got up and started hanging up their clothing, after she found the hamper she dumped their underwear. As she went to go into her own room she didn't know if she was supposed to say goodnight, but since Master and Lady had completely ignored her after she left the bed, she just silently closed the door between their rooms,

She was alone in her bed and terribly horny; they were so beautiful, she had never seen anything more beautiful than their love making, she missed woman and boy. She wished she had her boxing gloves, but she finally fell asleep without touching herself.

She awoke to a loud speaker, "Come here now!" It took a moment for her to realize where she was, who she was. She was just sitting up when she heard the speaker crackle, before she heard a voice, she was up and moving towards the master's bedroom. She knocked and waited. "Get your ass in here." Both masters were in bed., Lady spoke, "Sir needs a morning blow job, come on" It was said in much the same tone one would ask for another napkin. As confused as she was, Lisa understood men and their morning hard ons.

On her knees between master's legs she grasped her personal prick and gave an opening lick. "In the morning, there's no need for technique, get down on him.", and Lady's hand pushed her down on a very nice prick ... no smell, I did a good job last night ... Now Lisa felt she could really show her worth, she made love to the prick in her mouth. She had sucked dick before but now, now the cock in her mouth was the most important thing in her universe. Both her lips and tongue were trying to memorize every vein, every bit of texture. Placing one hand under the tightening ball sack she tried to see how much of a vacuum she could create. Sucking just as hard as she could she tried to pull her head off the wondrous dick. If he hadn't been careful her neck muscles would have pulled her lips off of her cock. It took some repositioning but she was able to get the head into her throat.

"Honey, she doing OK, or should we dump her?" Lady's words filtered down to her through her concentration on the dick in her mouth.

"For a first time, not bad, I'm sure you'll work with her."

Then there was a whisper in her ear, "Pretend your mouth is your cunt, see how fast you can go on him." Lisa's short hair was flying everywhere as she frantically pistoned on his dick as the master's smiled at each other. There it was, she could feel his balls tightening and his hands clenching her head. He was going to come. Lisa had a hidden thought, ... still a man ... as the first spurts hit her mouth. "Don't swallow it all, save some for me." That was hard for Lisa, she wanted to gulp it, not just swallow, she wanted to wallow, drown in his cum, it was her cum, not mistresses, but she was ashamed at that kind of thinking and stopped swallowing as she continued to now slowly bob on his wonderful prick.

She felt a light touch on her head, "That's enough for now." She lifted her mouth off of his dick and shyly looked up, He was smiling, smiling at her, she had done good! Reluctantly she removed her hand from the base of his dick.

"Kneel up now" She followed her Lady's instructions. "Open!" Tilting her head back so she wouldn't spill she opened her mouth to show the cum pooling there. "Now, swirl that all around, I want every tooth, all your gums, top and bottom of your tongue covered." Lisa had a flash memory, of being at the dentist as she flushed her mouth with cum. "Open again." With her mouth open, Lisa could feel cum and spit dropping from the roof of her mouth onto her tongue. Lady reached into her mouth and got a finger soaked with her husband's juices, Suddenly one nostril was pinched shut, "Sniff!" The procedure was repeated until Lisa's nostrils were filled with the cum, saliva mixture. "Lisa, you already know how good his cum tastes, but I want you to get used to being as one with his smell. Now, anytime during the day, if your nose feels empty and I'm not busy, you can come to me and get some more from me. It's not as good as his, but it will hold you until you can get the real thing. By now Lisa had small rivulets of juice running out of the corners of her mouth. You can swallow now." After she had gulped down her first real load Mistress was nice enough to wipe the corners of her mouth and let her lick the fingers clean. Then she was dismissed to go clean herself.

After breakfast, when they were alone in the house, Mistress had Lisa eat her out several times. Lisa stood next to mistress's chair at lunch and after lunch, Mistress put her over her knee, while the maid was still clearing the dishes. Mistress spanked her for a while and suddenly stopped, "Stand, you know I just don't know what men see in spankings, I mean if I want to punish you I could", and mistress grabbed Lisa's pussy, finger's inside thumb outside and squeezed and twisted, Lisa screamed and fell to her knees,

"Please!, please" was all she could whisper. Mistress kept her hand inside but eased the pressure. "Thank you ma'am" Lisa was desperately trying to get her breathing under control. That had been awful and the fact that mistress's face never changed as she hurt Lisa was almost more frightening.

"Let's talk about my son. Soon you'll be fucking him. Remember you are his toy, he's a young boy, he will want to experiment. Anything he wants to do is a good idea, understand?" Punctuated by a small squeeze of her cunt.

Afraid to move, Lisa said, "yes, ma'am."

"So you won't mind if he pisses on you, or makes you wipe his ass? He has all the rights of his father, so no complaints if he beats you?"

With that threatening hand still in her cunt, Lisa was quick to say "No ma'am, what ever the young master wants."

"Remember now, if he asks, I'm prettier than you, my ass and cunt are nicer than yours and he would be so lucky if he could fuck his own mother." That last was accompanied by another threatening squeeze.

"Oh ma'am. You are so much nicer than I! If I could ever help you and your son together, I'd be honored."

Lady Carol gave a half smile and said, "perhaps my husband was right, there might be some hope for you."

Over the next days, Lisa learned what temperature her Lady wanted the shower water, how to pat dry her pussy. Both after a piss and a shower. If Lisa had a dildo in her, front or back she was instructed to make a point of showing it to the young master. At least twice a day she would reach in very gently and get her fingers wet in Lady's puss so she could sniff it up her nose. Twice Lady was dry and Lisa got lucky, she was allowed to lick her until she got lubricated again. Lisa had no idea of how long all this was going on, she only knew a week had gone by when the boy was home from school. That had to mean it was the weekend.

One afternoon, Lady had her in her dressing room assisting her, "Now double check, there's no loose hairs around my pussy are there? Rub in this scented lotion ... That's right all the way back, yes, all around my asshole ... Now" grabbing her hand and putting a dollop of Vaseline on her finger, I want this in my ass, not around it! We're going to a big party tonight and I want to be ready for anything, don't know why but over time KY just doesn't hold up like good old Vaseline." for Lisa it was like playing dress up

An outsider would have thought Lisa was going to the prom, she was so anxious about Lady's makeup. When she was done, Lisa was in awe of how beautiful her mistress was.

Just before they left, Lisa was locked in her room. "You get a good night's sleep tonight! After these parties he's usually pretty horny. Lisa tossed all night, what did she mean, was Lisa going to get serviced by the master? Lisa was shocked to discover it was morning, she hurried into the master bedroom just as her masters were waking. "Lisa, start this morning by cleaning up Lady Carol." Her lady did nothing to help Lisa so she was forced to really bend her neck to get all the way down to her Lady's puss. From 8 inches away Lisa could smell it, this was the first time she had ever run across a smelly cunt. It was terrible besides the usual tang of femininity there was an overlay of rotten harbor. Dead fish, old food, really vile, but Lisa knew better than to flinch, and as practice had taught her, she could get used to anything. She was lapping away as master idly massaged her back. "You're right, Lisa, Lady was lazy last night, we had a lot to drink and lady had probably done 6 guys and we just didn't bother to clean up when we got home. In the future, we'll be sure to wake you, it'll be easier for you when all that cum is fresh. Hon, get up on your knees, make it a little easier for our cunt girl here, she still has to do me."

As Lady was repositioning herself, all Lisa could think of was how thoughtful the master was. He worried about her. It made her think she might truly be happy here in her new home. Now on her back with Lady's crotch almost blocking out the light, she could feel how warm Lady's ass was as it rubbed on her tits. Her arms were pinned at her side by Lady's knees and she was shocked when she felt master's hand squeeze her own hand. A Secret, master and I have a secret from Lady, Lisa's cunt started to flow at the thought!. Next master's hand was down to her cunt! Lisa almost couldn't stand the excitement. Soon she was on the edge of cumming off her master's talented fingers. Suddenly they were withdrawn.

"Carol, look at how wet our cunt is from sucking you, she must really love your pussy!" Lisa could more sense than see the master's hand waving in front of Lady Carol's nose.

"Honey, why don't you fuck her to remind her how good cock is and then we'll give her to the boy, he's really antsy, just let me get off here, I'm just about there." With that Lady Carol wiggled her ass to get better settled on Lisa's face. "There, right there, get me off cunt and you can get fucked by my husband. Lisa went into overdrive as Lady's cunt flowed down into her mouth. With a couple of small cries, Lady Carol was pulling on Lisa's hair as she came and flooded Lisa's mouth. As she swallowed Lisa was excited about the master's dick, was she actually gong to be fucked by the head of the house? The concept was exciting just to think about! But now she had to keep swallowing, at first she thought Lady Carol might be pissing in her mouth, but she was just cumming a ton and apparently cleaning out a whole lot of stuff from last night. Lisa was so proud that she had brought her Lady so much pleasure! W hen Lady fell to the side and positioned herself next to Lisa it was the first time Lisa could use her arms,. She started to reach up to push some of the juices into her mouth.

He said "No! Carol. Get a warm wash cloth, clean off our cunt's face, I don't want to smell last night when I fuck her for the first time." Lady jumped and was quickly back with a warm wash cloth. Although the cloth felt wonderful, the idea that her lady was cleaning her face was better than anything else! They love me, was all Lisa could think of. The look on Lisa's face was the same as an eight year old just so pleased with herself. Both master and Lady were amused by the look. As lady finished up with the cloth, she leaned in and whispered to Lisa, "You aren't going to get much of his dick, make sure he really enjoys it, or I'll clamp your tits for a week." Then in a normal voice, "OK cunt, knees up and wide and say please!"

As Lisa scrambled to position herself, she was using please as a mantra, "Please, please. Please, please. Please fuck this cunt, please, please, please, please." Master grabbed her legs and had them over his shoulders and was poised above her open cunt. Lisa could feel herself lubricating in anticipation ... now ... now ... now ... now

Lady reached between them and moved master's prick so it was centered on Lisa, "Honey, fuck cunt till she cries, now!" As master's cock hit her slit Lisa opened like a stop motion flower ... Oh big, oh hot, of so good so wide, so big, how long? There's still more? So big! ... Lisa came for the first time before master was bottomed in her. W hen she felt his balls hit her ass she relaxed, she could take it all! Wait, there's more, slowly another inch, or two slowly slid into her. Lisa expected her cheeks to balloon out, she had so much cock in her. There was a pinch on her nipple, "Watch your owner as he fucks you!"

Lisa was ashamed that she had forgotten and closed her eyes to wallow in the sensation of being filled, "I'm sorry, I'll watch, see my eyes!" And for the rest of the fuck her eyes were glued on her owner's face, even when Lady tickled and pinched her clit Lisa's eyes never left master's face. They were right, concentrating on his face made the fuck better. Soon her knees were next to her ears and master loomed over her, their faces less than an inch apart. As he opened his mouth, she opened hers in anticipation. He slowly drooled spit into her mouth. The slowness of it, the closeness of their lips, his spit was so precious Lisa had to cry as she came again and again. This wasn't so much sex as it was a primitive religious bonding ceremony and Lisa was the newest convert. She was surprised to feel muscles she didn't know about starting to ache as she spasmed again in total orgasm.

"Honey, cum in her mouth so I don't have to dig for it, please?" In the euphoric state Lisa was in she heard but couldn't comprehend what she heard. All she knew was her prick, her wondrous sacred cock was pulling out of her ... no ... no ... no ... no ... She knew better than to say no out loud but it was so bitterly disappointing to be deprived of a prick like that. Her master fell onto his back and Lady Carol was prodding and pulling her and there it was, her prick, right in front of her ... thank god ... and she started kissing and licking. "Stupid cow, don't clean, suck it, he hasn't cum yet." Lisa thanked god again as she plunged down on that wonder dick. At first Lisa was disappointed as she could taste herself on the master. She wanted his maleness his essence, not diluted by her womanly pollutants. But soon she had cleaned all traces of her self off THE prick, because by now it wasn't just another prick it was the most important prick in the world. Proud, so proud that she could have HIS dick in her mouth! The wonder of it was almost more than she could bear ... A cunt like me, blessed to be able to suck on HIS dick. The glory of it sent her to new heights, she couldn't suck any harder, couldn't swallow any deeper; this is what her life was all about! She kept trying to get more cock into her throat knowing that her gagging should be a turn on for him. Lisa barely felt Lady's hand as it snaked between them to cradle master's balls. As master's dick started to twitch in precum anticipation, Lady Carol, grabbed Lisa by the hair and pulled her back on the dick. "Lisa", feeling Lisa pulling against her to get all the way back on her husbands dick, Lady Carol yelled, "Lisa, cunt! Don't swallow it all save some for your lady, remember you're the cunt! I am your mistress, feed me!"

Lisa came back to earth just in time, because it wasn't so much a first spurt of cum it was an almost continuous rapid fire shooting into her mouth.

Her owner's cum ... in her mouth ... Lisa suddenly knew that this is what she was made for! It had been many years since Lisa had been this happy. Using her tongue, Lisa was spreading cum throughout her mouth. She would push some up between her upper gums and cheeks, she rubbed it into the roof of her mouth. And she snorted to suck some into her sinuses. When mistress pulled her off she tried to keep her lips locked around the prick all the way to the very tip of THE prick, she didn't want to leave a drop of his precious cum to dry on his soft skin. Lady Carol now was holding Lisa up by her hair, holding her upright as her lips pried Lisa's mouth open and took her, no his cum from Lisa's mouth. Only her training prevented Lisa from swallowing to keep all of master's cum, but she knew that it was her job to be a vessel for her owners. As Lisa's mouth was deprived of cum she realized she was hanging from her hair. Lisa's hand went out to support herself by reaching for Master's prick. Her hand jerked back as she felt Lady's hand there first.

"No, no, it's big enough for both of us." And as Lisa's hand settled on the exposed part of master's prick Lady slowly released Lisa's hair. Lisa's head hung down as she both caught her breath and tried to recover from the emotion of the greatest sex she had ever had. Lisa was allowed to kiss master's prick before she was sent to her room to dress for the day.

It was at lunch, as Lisa stood by master's chair that she was given to the young master. "George, your mother and I are giving you Lisa. Now there are certain provisions; you may slap or pinch your servant, but until you prove capable you are not allowed to beat or spank her without our supervision. I do not want to see her covered in bruises. If you can't take care of your cunt we will take it away from you. At all times, remember she is just a cunt, she is not a girlfriend! Now, finish your meal and you can take her to your room to explore. Lisa, go stand by master George's chair."

Lisa slowly moved from her position of just to the right and behind the master to slowly circle behind mistress, although she had never been instructed Lisa always gave a small curtsy as she passed mistress's chair. Her mind was awash with thoughts as she went to take her new position. She had been dreading this, she had been looking forward to this, she remembered when she was a teenager how much she wanted to get laid, but how scared she was! There was Bobby Ryan, he was so handsome and she wanted him so bad, but nice girls just didn't do that. Well she wasn't a "nice girl" now! With every step she could feel her one exposed boob bouncing and the nipple growing harder on both covered and uncovered tit. Plus she could already feel that her panties were soaked! ... I'm such a slut cunt! ... I hope I smell good ... As she took her position, the boy told her to move closer, now she was almost next to his chair and almost even distance to the table with him. The boy ran a hand up the back of her leg up to her ass. Lisa was afraid she might wet her pants with excitement!

"George, not at the table, finish your lunch and then you can take cunt Lisa to your room." Lisa felt him squeeze her ass before he let go. "Lisa get back to your regular position, now!" Lisa jumped to obey. The boy tried to bolt the balance of his lunch. " George, stop that, if you can't have the table manners of a grown up you sure don't deserve to have your own cunt" George wilted under that threat from his mother. He ate slowly and didn't fidget as the woman brought dessert.

Finally after what seemed an eternity, "Mother, may I be excused?" Soon, Lisa was being guided up the stairs by a hand grasping one ass cheek. No one will ever know who was more excited. The boy knowing he was about to have his own cunt all to himself or Lisa wet with anticipation over being the cunt to a young boy. For her it was, ... I hope his dick isn't too small, ... he won't beat me will he? ... Will he like me? ... How can I compete with the young girls he must know? ... I'll just have to be the best cunt ever ... He's so handsome ... That hand on my butt is so forceful... , so take charge... , I hope he's not mean... , but I can make him see what a good cunt I can be...

The boy felt his whole body becoming inflamed just from the heat from Lisa's ass ... My cunt ... my own cunt ... make her suck ... make her fuck ... dick in her ass ... If I'm nice soon mom and dad will let me whip her on my own ... Have to show her I'm the grown up ... she's the cunt ... My cunt...

Once in his room, George was almost overwhelmed by the possibilities. So many choices, were to start? He walked around Lisa admiring her one exposed boob her legs and from the back her cute ass. Lisa being well trained stood still head up but eyes downcast. Waiting for her very first order from her new owner. Every time he walked around her she tensed up waiting for a swat on her ass.

"Lisa" she jumped, "Look me in the eyes and take off your clothes." Lifting her eyes she reached down to pull her dress over her head, With the dress off, Lisa gave a shake of her head to straighten her hair and she was now in heels, thigh high and a bright red set of panties. She tentatively smiled, hoping he was pleased.

"Shall I take the pants off or would my new master like to do it, I'm yours to command?" That statement by a middle aged woman to him, was the most erotic thing he had ever heard.

Licking his lips and swallowing, "No, you take them off and hand them to me." Lisa was so excited that she actually scratched herself with a thumbnail as she reached for her waistband. Like a teenager, was all Lisa could think of. If he's a virgin, have to make sure I make it good for him, his first time should be good, got to try make him happy, I can be his sex mommy, mommy lover he can be my baby fucker. As she slipped off her panties she just felt so awkward, ... so old, ... he has all these young girls ... so saggy ... try harder. Now in just her heels and nylons she felt like she should be doing something, that was all settled in a flash, George grabbed her and pulled as they both fell backwards onto the bed, her tit was grabbed, both tits were grabbed, a finger, 2 finger, no three plunged into her. It was a good thing she was aroused as there was no let up by the boy, he wanted all of her now!

It was a sexual blitzkrieg, the boy was dry-humping her hip as he finger fucked her while he was munching on her tits. The boy wanted it all now. "Oh sir, let me take off your clothes, let me suck you!" That got through to him, as the boy hesitated, Lisa's hands were at his belt, that gave him enough pause that Lisa could move, "Let me take care of my new master, I will love you, let me suck your dick." Soon the boy was lying still as Lisa ripped off his shoes and socks and in one pull had his pants off. As the boy reared up to grab at her she quickly got to her knees and got her mouth around his cock. Even before she recognized that it was a nice sized prick she was thinking ... suck ... get him off ... slow down ... don't want tits ripped off...

Two hands crashed onto her head, she was afraid of what those hands were going to do but then the boy really felt Lisa's tongue! His hands had just been ready to pull at her hair, but that mouth and tongue stopped him his fingers opened and suddenly extended in ecstasy ... Jesus, beating off wasn't like this! ... He came, and came and came, it almost felt as if he was causing a vacuum! He was half expecting his dick to start sucking air to replace all the cum that gushed from him! Suddenly, he noticed that Lisa had lips, lips wrapped around his prick, her tongue was swirling around his prick, he felt her swallow. It was too much, his post cum cock was too sensitive he pushed her head away.

... Oh no, he didn't like it, he didn't like her, what did I do wrong? ... Lisa lay there, her nose 3 inches from that young beautiful cock and tentatively reached out a hand to just hold his prick, ... maybe he'll give me a second chance, ... and she laid there not moving, almost afraid to breath ... Master said I did good, what did I do wrong? ... Lisa was panicked, would they send her away, would she go back to the basement for more training? She wanted to kiss the cock in front of her, she wanted to gently stroke it and above all she didn't want to be sent away! A tear started in each eye.

"Come up here cunt." Lisa scrambled afraid to let go of her master's dick she was soon on her side looking at him, totally confused as what was to happen to her. "That was wonderful, you have so much to teach me!" Lisa squeezed his dick in joy and plastered his face with kisses, she didn't feel she was worthy of kissing him on the lips so she was all over his face. The boy grabbed her chin and kissed her full on the lips followed with a very clumsy tongue just ramming itself all over her mouth. Lisa came close to wetting herself in relief.

"Thank you, thank you, would you like to do it again? I could suck you or you could fuck me. What would my big dicked master want?" Lady Carol had told her that Master George was her master and she knew it would be a good thing if she told him he had a big dick.

"Big, is mine bigger than my father's?

Lisa felt like she just entered a mine field. "No sir, not yet, but I can tell, when you're older, I'm sure it will be, it's almost too big for me right now." That got her a loving hug. Feeling a little braver, "Would you like me to be on top for our first fuck, that way you can watch my tits bounce?" The way boy's prick jerked in her hand, told her she had said the right thing. Soon it was, "Now you just lay there, let your cunt do all the work for you." As she thought, I was made for this. On her knees, straddling him she grabbed his prick to center it on her pussy. Oh gee, it even feels young! As she moved his prick up and down in her slit just prior to settling on it, she was overjoyed to see the boy's huge grin. There, that's it. And she started to sink down, Lisa went as slow as possible, she wanted to remember every second of her first fuck with her new owner ... Thank goodness, it is big, I'm full ... I could live with this the rest of my life ... So Lucky, A Nice Prick! ... Like most woman, she gave that little wiggle when she was bottomed on top of him. "Is this good for you sir? Can I move for you?"

As she asked those questions the boy was soaking in sensations, he knew on the one hand he was barely a teenager and on the other this was his cunt! She was old, as old as his mother He was starting to understand that she actually was his to do with as he pleased. Her cunt, no my cunt, felt so great, he could feel the wetness, the folds, the wrinkles, the texture, he actually felt he could feel the pink color of his cunt. He flicked his hips upwards. His cunt gave a pleasing grunt. "Bring those tits closer!"

Lisa cupped each boob from underneath as she leaned towards him ... He wants me ... my tits ... make him happy ... a really evil thought crossed her mind ... never want his mommy when I'm here ... And she gave a mega squeeze of his cock buried in her. Lisa started rolling her stomach like a belly dancer as she cantered on his dick like a young girl on her pony. She would have cum right there but he squeezed her tits so hard she yelped in surprise and pain. "Not so hard sir, please, not while we're fucking, I can't concentrate on fucking you if you hurt my tits. Later if you want but not ... now! She had a little mini cum, partly from the pain ... Don't tell him about pain yet ... young ... mis ... ohh there again ... misunderstand..."Oh sir, you have a wonderful cock, please let me have it a lot, please, let me make you happy, oh Oh OHHH" And she had a major cum ... what a prick ... I'm coming ... he hasn't ... lucky me ... my prick ... Now her lord and master was gently fondling her boobs and stroking her nipples. Nice, so nice and she concentrated on trying to get a boy half her age to cum in her. It was up an down in a semi corkscrew with all sorts of muscle pulses on her part.

How can he last so long? First time, oh, oh, ohhh here we go! ... And she felt that extra swelling that men get just before they cum. "Yes, yes, cum in your cunt, make your cunt happy! Please. Please" By now she was all emotion and reflex, as she felt his first spurt, her whole body went rigid in response ... He came for me ... She was proud, proud that her owner had been nice enough to cum inside of her.

George had been on a different emotional plain since he had walked up stairs with his hand on the ass of his cunt. At first he wanted to spank her, hit her, brand her, leave her in welts but then he wanted to just kiss and hold her. Everybody in school talked about blow jobs, now that he had had his first one he knew they were all liars. No one ever even came close to describing how warm and wet how loving a mouth could be; and now a fuck! Fucking sure made beating off dumb. He looked up at his cunt who was now slumped over him. She was still upright on his cock, but her head was hanging as if in exhaustion as she tried to catch her breath. Of course, George couldn't keep his eyes off her heaving tits and her stomach fluttering as she tried to get herself under control. As she knelt there, impaled on his dick, sweat dripped from her forehead onto his stomach.

Lisa finally started to regain some control. "Sir, am I too heavy, should I move? I'm sorry, you made me cum so hard I sort of forgot where I was. Can I keep your lovely prick inside of me a little bit longer?" Every woman knows that men and boys love to be told how good they are in bed. Lisa had kept reminding herself that she should be sure to tell her new young master how great he was, but this wasn't rehearsed, later she would have to remind herself to not let Lady Carol know how much she loved the young master's prick ... she'll send me away ... just be dutiful ... like him ... don't love him ... maybe love her? ... Lisa was learning to think like a slave.

Lisa's words were music to George's ears ... I can fuck ... I can fuck good!... 'No, this time, it's OK, look at me and hold your tits" Lisa's hands sprung into place. "Now tell me, what's your favorite fuck position? Why don't you show them all to me and we'll decide what I like best. Is your puss always this wet after sex? Boy you've got long nipples. Bend over and put your tits on me and kiss me."

... Kiss him! He must love me! ... In a flash she was bent over him pushing her still held boobs against his chest as she kissed him. Poor Lisa, the kiss gave her an emotional cum. She was kissing his face everywhere she could reach. The boy reached up and lifted her head by the hair, "All right, that's enough, time to get off now." As Lisa moved a softened dick slid out of her soaked cunt. She remembered her training and quickly moved to lick her master clean. For George it was another first, ... she must love me ... suck my dirty dick ... mom's right,,, cunt, she is a cunt ... my cunt ... good cunt! He put a hand on her head as she cleaned his dick, a lot like you'd absently pet a dog. For Lisa of course that hand was another proof that the young master loved her.

Later as they lay in bed, George's hands roaming over her body Lisa started telling him about sex. "You asked, I like missionary, dog, and soon she was not just talking but showing, "See like this, I can wrap my legs and arms around you, and here I can change the angle by raising and lowering my head, look what happens when you put my legs over your shoulders. And with that the cum monster descended and the boy had his third cum with Lisa's knees back by her ears as the boy stared into her eyes from less than two inches away. As he slumped over her her legs slipped down so that her feet were flat on the sheets while her knees were still up. Lisa couldn't help herself, she keep running her hand through his hair and reaching to kiss the top of his head.

George was learning his rightful place in their relationship, He rolled off her and whispered, "Clean me up." Lisa was happy to his dick in her mouth proved her love and his need.

He door opened without a knock, "George, it's time to clean up for supper, get a shower before you come downstairs, Lisa, get some clean clothes and a shower before we eat." George was embarrassed in front of his mother. It would have been hard for Lisa to be embarrassed about anything in front of a woman who had ordered her to eat pussy. Lisa was happy to walk to her room holding her clothes as Master George's cum ran down her legs.

At dinner as Lisa stood in position by Master George's chair, she couldn't believe how wet she was getting. She had made a point of douching before her shower so she knew that all the wetness she felt was her's for her master. Lady Carol called her over to her chair. "Yes ma'am" And two fingers went up her cunt, bringing Lisa to her tiptoes. Lady Carol removed her fingers, took a whiff and held them out to Lisa. Lisa immediately bent to suck them clean. Lady laughed as she turned to her husband. "This cunt is soaked for our son! I smelled, it's all her own fresh juice. Now listen you two, you have this weekend to get to know each other. George, remember Lisa has chores besides you, you won't have her every moment."

George's father broke in, "Son, I deliberately didn't do her ass, make sure you do her there a couple of times before Monday. I'll want a report of what you think." All this was said while Lisa dutifully licked her mistress's fingers.

Lady pulled her fingers free, "Lisa go back to your master. George, remember tomorrow is Sunday, breakfast is a nine, make sure you two are there, we are not animals!" Lisa made up her mind, she would have her master at the table all fresh by 5 minutes to 9 tomorrow morning. After supper, Lisa was led upstairs, this time with several fingers in her cunt. She had to walk in a very mincing way to make sure those fingers didn't slip out. With every step she was becoming more aware of how much she was looking forward to being alone with Master George

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