Office Affairs
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Slavery, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Space, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Couple, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Squirting, Food, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Size, BBW, Big Breasts, Public Sex, Violent, Workplace, Prostitution, Nudism, Military, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lucian Butler has found that something as simple as taking the mandatory CAP test can greatly complicate one's life. He has also discovered just how crazy one Sunday can be.

"The motion is carried. Lucian Truscott Butler is hereby stripped of membership in Central Baptist Church of Spartanburg, South Carolina, for certain offenses against Christian morality.

"1. He has, by his own admission, willingly tested for CAP ranking at a Confederacy station.

"2. He has also declared his intent of volunteering for service in the Confederacy Space Marines.

"3. He has further indicated that he plans to claim four 'concubines', to keep with him in a state of sinful cohabitation and improper carnal knowledge.

"4. He also stated that he doesn't intend to exclude married or divorced women, or adolescent girls above the awful new age of consent as candidates for concubinage.

"These actions and intentions being sins of both body and mind, Mr. Butler is hereby deemed to have fallen into a state of sin and carnal living, and must be disciplined and separated from Christian fellowship. He is not excommunicated, as this is not a true Christian practice, and members of this church may still converse with him. He may even still attend services, but he is to be denied the benefits of membership, including a vote in all matters of church business.

"Signed herein by:

"Rev. Hiram Anderson, Senior Pastor; Rev. Wilbur Royce, Assistant Pastor; and Roger Claremont, Senior Deacon."

Lucian walked through the church doors with the pompous letter in his hand, but his head was held high with dignity. So, they had kicked him out for accepting cold, hard facts. Well, he understood to some extent. Much of Christian doctrine was hard to reconcile with the new reality, from extra-terrestrials to concubines to some of the craziness that were rumored to happen at pickups.

Even so, he felt the shame and revulsion from his own family as he was kicked out of the church that he had attended all of his life (aside from his four years in the Army). It hurt him deeply, knowing that he was basically disgraced in the eyes of his parents. No matter how flawed they might be, one always wanted the approval of one's folks. His father and mother were good, hard-working, law-abiding citizens. He just didn't see eye-to-eye with them on the Swarm issue.

He hurried back to his studio apartment and made himself some instant coffee. There was no beer in his fridge, as until the Swarm announcement, he was a complete fundamentalist like the rest of his family. Their moral code included abstinence not only from pre-marital and extra-marital sex, but also from alcohol, tobacco, and other substances. Thankfully, they didn't go as far as the Mormons and ban caffeinated drinks. He hadn't even tried drinking in the Army.

Lucian thought about this for a moment and realized that if he was considered a sinner and he had doubts about his faith these days, he might as well quit acting like an evangelical Christian. He would go down to the local bar and try some beer. There was one right there on the same corner as his apartment. He could walk there and not worry about DUIs. He might even meet some women there, including possible concubines.

He finished the coffee, changed clothes, locked up his apartment, and walked to the place, which was actually a cantina. He had never so much as darkened the door of this place before, so he didn't know what to expect from it. He was greeted with the noise of some mariachi music, which didn't bother him at all. Since this was South Carolina, not the Southwest, such things were still new to him.

"Beer, please," Lucian politely asked the bartender, a very laid-back Mexican.

"What brand?" the barkeep replied, a bit amused by what was obviously a novice at this business.

"What do you recommend? I've never drunk beer before," he replied, somewhat nervously.

"Here, try this. It's my favorite," the bartender handed him a local microbrew.

"Thanks," Lucian said, trying not to grimace because the taste of beer was clearly an acquired one.

He kept drinking it anyway, since the point of booze was to give one a buzz, not to appeal to the taste buds. Pretty soon, that effect hit him, making him feel better about himself and his situation. After all, he was now a VERY eligible bachelor. Women in particular would be much nicer to him than they had been in the past. The days of being dismissed by the ladies at work were over.

Of course, he hadn't let it bother him that much until now, since those were not acceptable women at the time. Things would change now. He would have to get more acquainted with his colleagues. Since he was one of only two men who worked at the hospital's billing office, it should be considerably easier.

He ordered a second beer of the same variety and remembered that he wasn't alone at the bar. He caught a thirty-something brunette ogling him, though she turned her head away in embarrassment when she knew that he saw her. When he walked up to her stool, he realized that it was Violet. She blushed now, well aware of who he was and the fact that he had recognized her.

"What a small world! How are things going with you, Violet?" Lucian made small talk, hoping to help both of them relax. He was about to hit on a co-worker, after all.

"To be honest, they're not so well. I'm having trouble with my ex. Custody issues over my daughter. What about you? You don't really talk about your personal life very much, which tends to make people think of you as a monk. You don't live like one, do you? I mean, you're in a bar. Places like these are about drinking and sex, not very monastic pursuits," she recovered a bit of her self-confidence, teasing him playfully.

"Well, it's my turn to be more candid about something. I didn't frequent bars until today, when I was kicked out of my church. Yes, you're looking at someone who most of his life was a fundamental Baptist. Hellfire, brimstone, and the works. Son of a deacon, grandson of a preacher, and everything. Seven generations of Butlers attended my church. We were charter members. I ended that tradition this afternoon, when I was expelled during the business meeting. I guess that you could say that I've lived much like a monk until today. Things are gonna change, though. The worm has turned," Lucian informed her, much to her surprise.

"So you were a real Boy Scout, and now you're ready to cut loose. You're not a virgin, are you?" Violet wondered aloud.

"Yep, afraid so. All of that stuff was a serious no-no. Ten Commandments and all that jazz. 26 years old, and I've just visited a bar for the first time in my life. I think that this is the first time I've hit on a girl, instead of doing the Christian courtship scene. It's quite nerve-wracking, I'll admit. I felt brave enough to do so because you seemed to admire me from a distance until I noticed. Well, that and the beer is helping me unwind," he grinned.

"So you find me attractive enough to hit on me, huh? I'm older than you. Doesn't that bother you?" she started worrying again.

"Not in the least. You must be about thirty to thirty-five, tops. You're a pretty, friendly, cheerful woman. I'll go ahead and say something that wouldn't have passed my lips this morning. You're sexy. You've always been nicer to me than some of the other women at work, too. They've been distant, though I confess I have been, too, at times," Lucian reassured his colleague as he emptied his bottle.

"Okay, but I have baggage, too. A kid, custody issues with her father, an occasional wild streak, things that might be an adjustment for a man with such a strict raisin'. Besides, what exactly are you after, if I might be so bold as to ask? Do you want a one-night stand? I'm game for that, but it would have to be on a night like tonight, when Tricia is with her dad. I've had such a dry spell that I'm definitely here to get laid.

"Do you want a fling or a relationship? I'd be willing to consider that as well. There would just have to be issues to work out, such as the whole Swarm thing. That issue tends to break people up with their significant others," Violet explored the possible directions that this flirtation could lead them.

"I'm glad that you brought up the Swarm. I'm not just here to drown my sorrows or chase a skirt. Do you know why I was stripped of membership in my church?" he posed the question, giving her a chance to find out his real intentions.

"I take it that it had something to do with the Swarm. Your old church presumably disapproves of the sponsor-concubine relationship. I would have to disagree, since a good sponsor is my ticket to a new life on another world. I'm not exactly cut out to be a volunteer, as you might have known. Aggression is not in my nature," she guessed as she drank the rest of her draft beer.

"I thought so. Well, today is your lucky day, Violet," he told her, leaning closer to whisper, "I'm a sponsor. I have a 7.8."

Her face changed instantly to one of absolute resolve. It was the most assertive that he had ever seen her be.

"Excuse me. Do you mind if I go to the ladies' room for a second? I have to do something, really quick," Violet suddenly asked him.

"Of course, go ahead," he grinned, not sure of her exact plan, but confident that it had a connection to the news that he just gave her. Until then, he sipped a third micro beer, killing time.

She returned with a very familiar, raven-haired woman of about the same age, notorious for her sour facial expressions. Of course, Miranda had her charms as well, such as large breasts, long jet-black curls, and overt sexual aggression. Her marital status may have prevented her from dating colleagues, but Lucian wasn't certain of that. He wouldn't have been surprised if the only thing keeping her faithful at work was the dearth of men. Anything might be going on outside of work, naturally.

"Miranda, I think that you know this guy. Lucian, what do you think of a two-for-one special? Miranda's husband got picked up yesterday and his sponsor took their son with her. She's rather lonely and eager, I believe. Whatever her faults, she also comes with a bonus: she's pregnant. You also know her reputation at work. Not all of it is bad in this context," Violet commented.

"Yes, I flirt with men, but not at work. Clifford is gay and I thought that Lucian was, too, until just a few minutes ago. I only cheated twice, both times while drunk and with patrons of this bar. I'm not the office slut, you know," she bristled at what she thought was her friend's innuendo.

"That's not what I meant, sugar. You're just known for your enjoyment of liquor and male company. Don't tell me that you haven't imagined sex with Lucian, either. We've talked about this before, if you'll recall. Both of us agreed that he's hot, if mysterious. Apparently, he likes me. Maybe he'll like you, too. Well, Lucian? Penny for your thoughts," Violet hugged her friend, looking rather cozy with her.

"Okay, I admit that I'm interested. However, you know what that means, both of you. I want to hear you say that you understand exactly what it means to be concubines," Lucian stipulated.

"Sure. We've seen the show. We'd be sex slaves. You'd be the master and we would be kept women. We would have to submit to anything that you want from us. For the record, now that it is out in the open, I am willing to sign up for it. So is Violet, of course. It was her idea to drag me out of the stall and bring me to you, after all," Miranda declared.

"Well, as long as you know what you're getting into, and still agree to it, we can move on to the next phase. Violet, you told me that you're free tonight. Miranda clearly is as well, though I'll have to be careful not to hurt her unborn child. I think that tonight we should go for a test-drive at my place. It's virtually next-door to here, and Miranda here won't have to play designated driver, though she still won't be able to drink," Lucian offered.

"Okay, honey, let's pay up and crash at your place," Violet winked at her new sponsor, who stopped her short of actually covering her own drinks.

"Here, this should cover her tab as well as mine. She's with me now," he told the bartender, who gave the trio a knowing grin.

Miranda rushed to follow Lucian and Violet out of the front door, determined to stay with her girlfriend and their new man. They arrived at his apartment after a brisk walk and he quickly let them inside his Spartan residence. Not waiting for orders, Miranda reverted to form, stripping to her birthday suit in anticipation of a roll in the hay.

Violet, for her part, put her arms around Lucian's waist and French-kissed him. She felt his hands move to her butt and slide into her panties, so she unzipped her tight jeans and dropped them to her ankles. Seeing a potential problem, Miranda went to her knees and removed her girlfriend's shoes and socks. Unable to resist, she found her hands wandering up the back of Violet's calves and thighs. This gave her friend chills of excitement, which only heightened when Miranda assisted Lucian with her panties.

Before anyone quite expected it, the natural course of events became a chain reaction. Miranda's tongue settled between Violet's ass-cheeks, while her fingers joined Lucian's inside her pussy. They played with her cunt for what seemed a year, penetrating her folds with their digits. Responding instinctively, Violet rid herself of her top and bra, releasing her small, but perky breasts. Miranda stood up behind her and cupped her best friend's tits, manipulating her nipples because she recalled Violet saying that they were sensitive and easily led to arousal.

Turning Violet 180 degrees, Lucian parted her thighs and used his fingers as well as Miranda's to guide his own cock inside her pussy. In seconds, he was feverishly engaged in fucking her from behind. Miranda refused to be left out of the action, and fondled her sponsor's buns while he lost his virginity to her close friend. She knelt behind him and began sucking his balls as he rammed Violet. The attention was too much now, and he exploded in his new concubine's cunt.

Miranda was too wound up to stop now. She positioned herself directly in front of Lucian and started sucking his cock straight from her best friend's pussy. Violet regained her balance and added her oral services to those of her girlfriend. Their eyes left no doubt that they were eager to gratify their master. Lucian had a lot of built-up sexual desire and he soon recovered his erection.

Within minutes, the triad were on the hardwood floor, with Miranda riding his stiff cock as if her life depended on it (well, actually, it did). Violet wasn't sure what to do, but she finally acted on a whim and fed her pussy to Miranda, letting the other woman lick up Lucian's cum. When it was gone, she planted her cunt on his face and he started to devour her with his lips and tongue. At the same time, Miranda's pussy continued to milk Lucian, her muscles tightening as she approached orgasm at last.

Violet's own climax was imminent now. Despite his lack of experience, Lucian was a natural, and she aided him by the necessary movements across his mouth. Between them, the crescendo of pleasure built up to such an extent that Violet finally came with maximum noise. This freed Lucian to focus on Miranda's needs, and he gestured for Violet to assist him. She interpreted his signals correctly and licked her friend's bottom until it was impossible for her to stop the end result, even if she had wanted to do so.

Her walls now firmly clenched around Lucian's cock, Miranda soon felt the explosive release of his cum inside her. His limp dick now eased out of her pussy, while Violet and she struggled to their feet on wobbly legs. They then helped Lucian stand up, all of them realizing that they had burned a myriad of calories during their wild tryst.

Not being familiar with the reality of sexual congress, let alone a threesome, Lucian was stunned to discover that he was famished. Violet and Miranda also noticed their bellies growling with hunger, and the decision was easy. Since he was no cook and the fridge lacked the necessary ingredients for a proper mid-day meal, they agreed to go out and grab a bite of fast food. It was too early for delivery, after all.

"Well, girls, I think that I have seriously missed out in many ways by living like a monk," Lucian grinned with the satisfaction of one whose frustration has finally ended.

"I've got an idea, if you're cool with it," Violet proffered, having a brainstorm just then.

"Sure, go ahead," he asked, while they finished getting their clothes back on.

"Move in with me. Both of you. We can pool our resources, you can help me raise Tricia, I can cook for all of you, and we can all get laid as often as possible. It will prepare us for when we're picked up and live together permanently. We might as well get started on it. Any issues with landlords can be settled up when we're evacuated. Most importantly, we girls can get used to obeying Lucian's commands. He can be head of the household early," she proposed to her colleagues.

"I think that idea's a winner. I vote for it, although it's really up to Lucian here. He's the boss, as they say," Miranda agreed, looking forward to sharing a bed with these lusty companions.

"I can see absolutely no problem with it at all, so we'll go with that plan. We just have to get busy with the moving. Mind you, much of that process will be selling off possessions. We won't take them with us and they can help pay the expenses of dining out a lot, which we'll have to do to increase our chances of being picked up together," Lucian settled the issue, pleased with Violet's common sense. It was another pleasant surprise.

By now, they reached Marcel's BBQ, a local eatery with a long history of making memories and clogging arteries. Marcel Jr. now ran the place, just like his father before him, and he was already fifty. Marcel III just bided his time, carrying out Papa's instructions with the same no-nonsense attitude as his sharecropper ancestors.

As they ate their chopped beef and pulled pork sandwiches, washing them down with true milkshakes and completing the ensemble with steak fries and horsey sauce, Miranda thought of something else.

"Remember Kylie Douglas? She's on maternity leave with her second baby, about seven months along. Well, her husband and she are looking for a sponsor for themselves as well as for their older daughter Erin. He actually had a vasectomy, but reversed it so as to be a better candidate. He has a 4.4. She has a 4.8. I think that her advantage comes from her higher sex drive, nothing else.

"Anyway, I wonder if they would like to tag along in hopes of being in a pickup at the right time. He's been a bit of a workaholic, but this Confederacy business is waking him up and they have already approached me about swinging as preparation for life in the colonies. Would you be interested in orgies with them and possibly adding Erin as your third concubine? She's not just a looker, but a bright student in her freshman year at community college. She could have gone to a nicer school, but she wanted to spend time with her parents with this whole Swarm stuff going on," she propositioned him.

"Hmm ... they're both hot, mother and daughter alike. Why are her scores only in the 4s, though?" he probed.

"She's very average about most things, including motherhood, has poor technical skills, and has little aggression outside of shopping and sex. Not necessarily in that order, these days. I think that she has stepped out on her old man, which caused him to take the path of least resistance and open up their marriage in hopes of finding a sponsor for them and getting some strange himself. He's human, just got too distracted and needs to re-focus on improving his libido, so as to get out of here.

"In any case, I'm pretty sure that the daughter is a safer bet. I think that her score is 5.6, much higher than her parents. She is very smart, has an IQ of 143. She's inherited her mother's sex drive, from what Kylie's told me. Even before the Swarm announcement, she kept trying to seduce her father, and only his reluctance to commit incest has prevented them from trying to find a common sponsor as a family. It's kind of frustrating to Kylie, in fact. She would love for the three of them to bond sexually, but he has a serious hang-up about screwing his own daughter. His loss, your gain, as far as I'm concerned," Miranda gave him a devious smile.

"She sounds promising. What do you think, Violet? Is Erin a good choice?" he asked for a second opinion.

"Yes, but if Roderick changes his mind, she might jump ship. That is an issue. She'll always be looking over her shoulder until pickup day. No disrespect, Miranda dear, but I think that a better approach to Erin is to help Kylie and her get their way with Roderick. That is, if Lucian is cool with something that distracts from the main mission. I think that he really wants her. I've seen the way he stares at his daughter. The lust and love are both there in his eyes, but he is in denial.

"In the meantime, we can find you two more concubines. However, I agree with her idea of swinging with them. We would also need to find them a sponsor, of course. Either a woman or a man with at least a score of at least 8 would be ideal for that purpose," Violet suggested an alternative.

"Makes sense to me. Any rebuttal to that statement, Miranda?" Lucian teased the pair about essentially debating each other.

"Not really. She's got a solid point about Erin and her old man. In fact, Kylie is likely to still push for a reunion, come to think of it. Best to help the women seduce Roderick. They need him and he needs them. I'm on board with her proposal," Miranda smiled at her girlfriend, indicating that she wasn't upset at all with her.

"So, it's agreed. We'll keep searching for the last two concubines, help Kylie and Erin convince Roderick to sleep with both of them, and swing with both of them. Somewhere during that time, we also have to work our day jobs, raise Tricia, and prepare for Miranda's delivery. The baby might come before we're picked up, after all. We don't know how long it will be. We have to go about our daily lives as normally as possible under the circumstances. Not, of course, that we'll be treated as normal, but we do have our routines and it is good to maintain them to a large extent to help smooth the transition to our new lives," Lucian observed.

"True, but thankfully, our routines will include lots of steamy sex. You can take that to the bank, honey. If there is anything left from swinging and test-driving, Miranda and I will drain you of it and put you to bed with empty balls, a sore dick, and a smile on your face. When you pick your other girls, they'll simply join us in wearing you out. I hear rumors that they augment you when you're picked up. That's just as well, because otherwise we might fuck you to death," Violet grinned impishly.

"That doesn't sound like a bad way to go," he answered, before kissing both of them on the mouth.

"I have to agree with you on that," a dark beauty laughed and sat next to Lucian, joining them without asking permission first. She had the pulled pork, just like Violet.

"Do you now? Were you listening?" Lucian teased her while assessing her charms. She had kinky hair, high cheekbones, large and luscious lips, and a caramel complexion, like so many Southern black women, who often descended partially from whites and the Eastern tribes as well.

"Yes, you and your ladies were not exactly whispering and the acoustics in this place are incredible. Don't worry, though. We sponsors have to stick together. Now, about this family: Kylie, Erin, and Roderick. Why exactly is his score so low, other than his diminished sex drive, a combination no doubt of low testosterone and too much stress? Does he have other issues, besides his hang-up on the daddy-daughter thing? I just need to know, in case I pick his family. I wouldn't mind owning a white boy, just don't want a psycho or a moron. What do you think, Miranda?" their new companion probed with avid interest. Lucian didn't yet reveal that he knew exactly who she was.

"Roderick has some issues, but they are not like that. He is the sort to work his ass off to build his fortune, but not quite grasp that there is more to it than just labor and effort. It's a lack of creativity, I think. He's very old-fashioned, hence his reluctance to do the nasty with his daughter. He probably wants to think of her as staying a little girl. But girls never stay that way, they grow up.

"What he can't seem to understand is that she grew up well aware of his virtues as well as his flaws and she knows that he is physically strong. I think that her mother may have been less than discreet when talking about the details of their sex life, too. He's not dumb, either, just very straight-laced and buttoned-up, probably from his background. He could use a spell kicking back and doing what he's told. It would allow him to enjoy himself for a change," Miranda explained her theory about her friend's husband.

"If he's so uptight, how did Kylie persuade him to swing? Is it just the Swarm, or was that merely the last straw for all of them? You said that she fooled around on him, which had to have upset him. Was he just more vulnerable than usual, since his ego was under assault from several fronts? I would be more than happy to repair that, but not his old ways, of course," the sexy interloper inquired.

"A lot of those things, but I think that Kylie has a knack for selling things to him, anyway. He's usually putty in her hands. The Swarm was the perfect excuse, but he drew the line at incest, as I mentioned. Well, I believe that he will cave on that issue, too, given the chance. He's not exactly dominant, which is another reason why he only has that low score.

"In short, he's fundamentally submissive by nature. He needs the right women to bring him along. He won't give you any trouble. Take charge early and reward him instantly for obedience. He'll meekly roll over like a beloved dog, that's my advice. I'm sure that Kylie will agree. She's been fairly in charge of that marriage, but has a hard time because she's not really that assertive, just more so than him. She'll be happy to give up the leadership to you, I'm sure," the raven-haired concubine told the new lady.

"I like him already. Salt of the earth kind of guy, backbone of this country. We need men like him in the colonies for sure. I could fix his sexual problems quickly, as you said, and there is the business of the apparent modifications that the Confederacy can do to the body. If he fits the white stereotype, I can make him larger. If not, I'll be even happier. Kylie just needs to realize that she won't be the missus anymore. She'll get her turn in bed with him, but I come first. Same goes for Daddy's girl. Daddy will sleep with her, but she has to take a backseat to his brown sugar mama.

"The women will also have to service me, since I'm bi and would like to enjoy all of my concubines. Owning a family makes perfect sense, since there is an emotional bond already present that I can tap for my purposes. Plus, it's just convenient. I get three concubines in one fell swoop. That leaves me with just one to choose, and I'm going the incest route there as well. Don't tell my brother Marcel, but I want to claim him as my other stud. Between three girls, we can keep the boys too busy and happy to rebel. By the way, didn't mean to be rude and not introduce myself. I'm Chantal LaSalle, resident bachelorette and wild child. Yeah, our ancestors were slaves and took the master's French surname. I think that there was some hanky-panky there, too, between master and slave. Like I said, I won't mind owning a white boy," Chantal kissed Miranda's hand to make her point.

"Well, that will make it easier. If his new sponsor wants him to fuck his daughter, I imagine that he'll do it to make you happy," Lucian chuckled before finishing his chopped BBQ beef.

"Yeah, I think so, too. Why not? When Tricia turns old enough, if she doesn't pass her CAP, I'd go down on her to please you. I'm Violet Andrews," Violet spoke with a naughty gleam in her eyes.

"Miranda Hughes," Miranda added her introduction while blowing a kiss at Chantal.

"There is one more issue, however. I want my turn with your sponsor here. In return, I can provide him with my sister Denise. She's a 5.4 and rather down about it, but she'll perk up when I help her get off this rock. She's the youngest and very studious. In fact, she's the first member of our family to go to college. She just graduated from East Carolina with honors and was valedictorian of her high school class. The price of getting her is just a tumble or two with Lucian. I've seen him here before and wanted him, but didn't dare make a move in case he was turned off by black women. I think that things have changed now, don't you agree?" Chantal proved her sincerity by planting a lip lock on Lucian, much to his delight. His cock already stirred at the opportunity to jump her bones.

"Is THAT what stopped you? Damn, despite my religious ways that I am dropping like a bad habit, I got hard every time I saw you and Denise here! It was half of my reason for visiting this place, the other being the wonderful food," Lucian exclaimed, while allowing Chantal to slip her left hand into his pants and stroke his dick.

"Well, that solves every problem but one: picking your fourth concubine! Not to worry, I think that we'll find her, too. There's Melina, for instance. If you don't mind call girls, since she moonlights as one, she'd be ideal. I have it on good authority that she always insists on protection and lately she has only slept with Roderick and Kylie. She'll need new clients or a sponsor when they're picked up for sure," Miranda mentioned a colleague of theirs, a blonde with a natural tan and gray eyes that reflected her Greek heritage.

Melina Nikopoulos also liked to wear miniskirts at work and often "forgot" her panties or else resorted to thongs to draw male attention. She had been warned on occasion for dress code violations when she went too far, but there was serious doubt that any real disciplinary action would be taken, especially now the news of the Swarm and the Confederacy. The fact of her secret profession had been leaked somehow (probably Kylie in an indiscreet moment) and the only reason that Lucian didn't hear about it was that until recently, he avoided listening to gossip. Apparently, he had missed out on some vital information by doing so.

"Okay, all of this sex talk makes me wet. Can we go back to Lucian's, so Chantal can get her pound of flesh and we can get sloppy seconds? I think that he still has some energy left in him. I'd like to see if he can fuck three women in one evening. It might take him all night long, but it sounds like fun, don't you think?" Violet said as she played footsie with Lucian.

"Lead the way, stud," Chantal got up and urged Lucian and his girls take her home. She let him get in front of her and then groped his ass.

"Sorry, I've wanted to do that since the first day that I saw your tight butt. Don't worry, you can pay me back when we get to your bed. I can't wait to get naked and have you mount me. I'll save some for your harem girls, of course. Not much, but some," she whispered as she continued to play with his tush.

Chantal wasn't lying, as she demonstrated as soon as they had enough privacy. Her clothes were off in scant minutes and she easily stripped Lucian of his. He barely processed this information when she lowered her mouth to his cock and began giving him a blowjob that made his legs become unstable. She turned her and gestured for the other women to hold him up and they seized the opening to caress his body.

Violet pressed her skin up against his back and buttocks and rubbed her clit on him as she did so. Miranda resumed her previous role of sucking his balls, having discovered just how much fun it was. Just when he was in danger of cumming, however, Chantal stopped and gave him a "come hither" look as she found his bed. She promptly threw herself on her stomach, her voluptuous ass tantalizing him as he slid his cock into her soaking cunt.

Violet now nibbled on his neck as she continued her full body contact between them. Miranda did the same for her girlfriend, her Sapphic lust overcoming her at last. She stepped back a short distance and massaged Violet's cheeks, and then she spread them apart for her oral pleasure. This only intensified Violet's movements against Lucian's backside with her clit, which pushed him harder into Chantal.

The train couldn't last much longer. Lucian's vigorous penetration of her pussy forced Chantal's first climax, her primal noises increasing in volume as she writhed in her long-delayed sexual fulfillment. That was irresistible to Lucian, who shot out a load evidently replenished by the return of proper blood flow to his cock and balls. He withdrew contentedly from her folds, only to see that she hadn't left her present position.

"We need to go 'round the world, stud. Can you have one of your women bring some shortening to make it easier and the other suck your fine cock? I want your dick to stay hard so you can fuck my ass. I'll be satisfied then and they can use up anything left when I'm done with you. Don't you think that's a fair price for setting you up with Denise? You haven't paid for that privilege until you've pounded my ass as hard as you can," she insisted with the earnest tone of desire in her voice.

"Alright, Miranda, you heard her. Get the shortening. You can lick Chantal's pussy while I ram her ass. Violet can spread her legs and give her something to taste while I'm fucking her. The lady is horny and still needs some dick. If this is what you have in mind for Marcel and Roderick, they'll have Jello legs most of the time after pickup," he praised the black restauranteur's sex drive.

Violet nearly gagged a couple of times as Lucian fucked her mouth, but she didn't complain. In fact, she sucked as hard on his dick as if she meant to drain every last drop of his cum from his balls. He was in the middle of wondering when she planned to come up for air when Miranda finished applying the Crisco to Chantal's bottom.

If there was to be anything left for the girls later, it would have to wait and build-up, because Chantal milked Lucian's cock with her tight asshole with all of her power. He was a bit sore, but he didn't mind. It was more than worth the discomfort to have the intense thrill of buggering this ebony sex goddess. Miranda and Violet didn't help matters when they kept their end of the bargain, giving the woman a full bisexual experience that made her wet enough to accept Miranda's fist inside her cunt.

"Ah, Jesus, I'm cumming again!" Chantal groaned after a large part of Miranda's hand forced its way deep within her walls. The combo of Violet's slick pussy on her tongue, Miranda's fist in her cunt, and Lucian's dick in her bowels was sufficient to nearly kill her with sexual excitement.

That news gave Lucian no choice but to cum, as Chantal became even tighter around his cock. He felt that familiar twitch and jerk in his dick and balls as he spilled his cum into her colon. He pulled out again and struggled to stay on his feet, feeling a small dose of vertigo that he solved by gripping a pair of bedposts to steady himself.

Violet got up and found a washcloth for Lucian and Chantal each. She soaked and soaped them thoroughly, getting hot water on them to make sure they didn't cause an unpleasant chill to certain body parts. Once the two sponsors were clean, she kissed each of them on the lips, and smiled sweetly to prove that she enjoyed the orgy.

Miranda did her part as well, inviting her companions to spank her if they wished. Chantal was eager to accept her offer and applied several strokes of her cupped palms to her backside. This only aroused Miranda so much that she begged for more spanking, and Chantal turned her cheeks a bright shade of red with stinging blows from her hands. Miranda thanked her with a greedy French kiss, tangling tongues with the pit boss.

Violet made sure that she wasn't left out, sitting on Lucian's lap and making out with him so eagerly that he began to wonder if she was falling for him. She then turned around and started rubbing her ass as close to his dick as she could get it. She wanted him to get it up as quickly as possible, since she hungered for more of his cock.

An hour later, he was semi-hard, but she had an idea and sneaked off with the other girls, each of them giggling as they went to the kitchen. They came back with cream cheese and jam, which Chantal smeared on each concubine's ass as they bent over. She knelt and licked it off Miranda, her body language encouraging Lucian to follow suit with Violet. He did and relished the combined tastes of Violet and the food, also finding his cock as hard as steel. They switched places and he got mouthful of Miranda's ass as well, which he nibbled as gladly as he did Violet's.

When he was ready at last, Lucian alternated between the two women, fucking them with the last reserves of his energy and willpower. He was now damned near exhausted, but he kept thrusting inside his lovers to the best of his ability. Since he had satisfied them so well earlier, and also managed to give Chantal the romp that she craved, they understood well that he couldn't do anything after this. He would be wiped out and ready to hit the sack when he finished, which he finally did in Violet's cunt eight minutes later. He was half-surprised that he lasted that long, but he was more sated than he was in that first encounter with both women.

"Honey, I think that you just ran the sexual marathon," Violet teased him as they kissed.

"Yeah, and I feel like it, too," he laughed as they all fell onto the bed.

Chantal was the only exception. She got dressed and gave each of them a kiss as she left.

"Sugar, that was a truly wonderful clusterfuck, but I have to go home and rest. My next shift is just in six hours. Monday mornings are a bitch for me. As it is, I'll be bow-legged from the pounding you gave my ass. I also have to wash my clothes for work. I don't want them smelling like sex. I don't think Daddy would understand. He's the only reason I don't work naked like some people these days. He doesn't approve, you know. Catch ya later. I have to tell Denise the good news, too. Call me. Here's my number," she wrote it down on a notepad and handed it to Violet, who was closer.

"Oh, we'll call, alright," Lucian grinned devilishly as he watched the gorgeous black woman leave, enjoying the view of her ass in the process.

The trio barely remembered to set the alarm and then drifted off to sleep in the crowded bed, more than satisfied with each other.

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