A Kitten's Heart
Chapter 1~ Warm Arms

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Magic, Fiction, Furry, First, Petting,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1~ Warm Arms - Amenti is a PSI agent... and a virgin. When her more-experiencedd partner takes a liking to her, everything will change...

Amenti pushed her hair out of her eyes as she walked into PSI[Paranormal and Supernatural Investigation] headquarters. Amenti was an agent there, her team was in the top class. Only creatures of the paranormal or supernatural were allowed to work there, the supernatural's own FBI.

Zeena, a very pretty, long-haired brunette vampire waved at Amenti from the front desk. Amenti smiled then walked into the female locker rooms. They were empty, and Amenti headed towards her locker, opening it.

The uniforms for PSI were casual clothes, the supernatural beings wanted to blend in as humans. Amenti grabbed her clothes and stepped in front of the mirror to get dressed.

Amenti was a weretiger, she could transform into a black tiger with white stripes, but as a human she was ferociously beautiful. She had shoulder-length black hair with white tiger stripes in it. Her eyes were a ice blue with the slitted cat pupils. Pretty, pink lips covered up her sharp teeth, but filled in her pale skinned face. Her breasts weren't too, fakely big, or small and pointy, they were full and graced her wide hips and small, slender waist. Her legs were long and slender, even though she was short.

Amenti clipped on her double A push up bra, then slipped into her tight, white tanktop. Over that, she put on her thin, black, long sleeved shirt that had a few cut-like tears in it. Amenti pulled on her black skinny jeans over her white thong befor sitting down to put on her knee-high black army boots with white laces. Finally, she grabbed her twin, curved, a foot and a half long, blades, Fang and Claw, and slipped one into each boot.

Amenti stood up, smiling at her vicious look, showing her long white canines. Even as beautiful as she was, Amenti was still a virgin.

Amenti headed out the locker doors, going for the elevator right beside it. She pressed the button and slipped inside as it opened up. Pressing the button for her team's office, Amenti leaned against the wall and yawned. "This had better be good for getting me up so early," Amenti thought inside her head. The doors opened and she was met with her hree other team members.

Kate, a sweet, light witch with white-blonde, cropped hair and large blue-green eyes. Luca, the captain, a werewolf who, in human form, had fire-red hair, a muscular body, and lightning-green eyes. He was very handsome. Then Agent Sage Shayne, a half elf, half werewolf breed who was extremely hot. His eyes were a serious, stormy-green, his hair was unruly and was a black-green color at barely touched his shoulders. He was lean and muscular, with long, pointed ears and had the strength of a werewolf.

Amenti stepped in and Kate stood next to her while Sage flashed her a brief smile, Luca nodded and spun behind his desk.

"Alright agents. Sine the Black Water Team all got injured in the feline accident, we're going to have to work double time as we are the next senior class," Luca placed his hands on his desk and pierced them with his narrow eyes. "The Fire Wolf Team will get paid double, which I'm sure will stop any complaining." Here, he glared at them. "Just grin and bear it." Luca nodded, leaning back and crossing his arms. "Any questions?"

Kate twisted her hands then asked, "So we'll be spending more time together?" Luca nodded an Kate clapped her hands. "Yay." Amenti and Sage shot her a look as Luca grinned, revealing sharp teeth. "I'm glad you approve, Kate." Luca grabbed his keys. "Town patrol, let's go!" Amenti yawned and they trodded out of the PSI headquarters.

They all piled into the black sedan, Amenti and Kate in the back, Luca in the driver's seat, and Sage in shotgun. They drove rrom out of an open parking lot from behind the large, white manor of PSI H.Q., out the black cmetal gate, and into traffic.

"Amenti, scent the air and see if you can scet anthing suspicious, or use your purifying powers to detect darkness." Luca growled lighty. Amenti sighed, but nodded before opening the sunroof and scenting the air carefully.

Kate said a word, and a GPS-like map floated above her open hand with tiny black dots moving about on it.

"I can see supernatural criminals on my map," Kate said sweetly. Amenti closed the sunroof then leaned bak, "Thank you!"

"Good. Any trouble?" Luca asked looking at the rearview mirror at Kate's glowing smile. "Yes, theres a dmkon in the old playhouse..." Kate narrowed her eyes and looked closely at her map. Luca looked at her sharply.

"There is a human girl with him, her life force is low, he's draining her life force!" Kate looked up at Luca as he growled, "Damnit, we'll never get there in time!" He glared at the traffic. Usually, whdn PSI cars were by theirselves, they could just warp there, but they couldnt allow humans to see such magic.

Amenti let out a low growl, she could sense the demon's evil presence. She opened the door as she transformed nto huge, black with white stripes tiger. She let out a ferocious growl and took off toward the demonic aura.

Her large paws pounded against the pavement as she slammed onto the sidewalk. She barely heard Luca curse as she was aready in a headlong rush. It wasn't long before Amenti slammed against the doors of the old playhouse.

She bursted in, her claws unsheathed, her fangs bared, and her fur bristling. A demon disgused we a human was leaning over a limp form. Amenti roared and raced at him, her paws crushing bones scattered on the floor. The demon didnt even look up.

Amenti transformed into her human form, rolling forward as she grabbed Fang and Claw from their sheathes. Only her purifying powers could kill an advanced demon like him. She let her power create white flames on Fang and Claw then slashed at the demon's barriers. The blades slid through and Amenti cut off his arm.

The demon let out a screech as he finally noticed her. Amenti smiled as she skipped backwards, her blades spinning in her hand. The demon whipped around on her, his human body ripping as he showed his true, ugly, brown, and eyeless form. The only feature on his disfigured body was the mouth full of crooked teeth and long, clawed arms.

He rushed at her, a paralyzing screech escaping from his jaws, but Amenti only twisted, having the heel of her army boots hit him in the jaw. She grinned as she heard and felt his jaw crack out of place. She leaped at him, Fang and Claw burning brightly as she slipped in between his too-long arms. Amenti raised Fang and shoved it into the demon's stomach. Black gas hissed out from the flames of purity, Amenti grinned, sending more power into the flames as she cut a jagged line all the way to his throat. Amenti narrowed her eyes as she twisted Fang in her grasp. She felt his throat catch on the blade and Amenti yanked it out.

A burst of sacred white flames consumed the demon as yellow life force left his body. The only thing that was left was white ash. Amenti sighed wearily, watching with half-close eyes as the light force flew into the human below. Purifying demons sapped your energy away before you'd know it. Her legs gave out from under her and she fell.

Strong ams caught her and a husky voice murmured into her ear, "It's okay, I got you." Amenti relaxed against the man's hard chest as a sweet darkness took hold of her concious.

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