On the Run

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Note from the author

In November 2011 I wrote a story, Secrets, for National Novel Writing Month and published that book in mid-December. I asked for feedback, and got some, mostly around the fact that I had missed half-a-million grammatical errors and thought little more of it; I was disappointed with myself and understood the need for editors. I had been given a stark lesson in reality and I felt a little demoralised as I knew I had not done as good a job as I should have done and even though it had been downloaded thousands of times, I had actually got very little feedback. I had no problem with people rating as "one star" but would have quite liked to know what they found so abhorrent as I wanted to learn and become a better author.

Then the e-mails starting coming through again in mid-January; in the space of two days I got more e-mails than I had got in the previous four weeks: people were downloading my book and more than that, they were liking it, but from where? There was a common theme, most of the feedback was appended by "sent from my iPad" or "sent from my iPhone" and I checked the Apple iBookstore: I was there because my book had been accepted into Smashwords Premium Channel for distribution. I was also on Diesel eBooks, Sony, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. I barely stopped smiling that night; it was unexpected.

But as the positive feedback continued, I started to climb the charts and within a few days was in the top five free books. I was above all but one of Dickens books on the day of his 200th anniversary of his birth. I was overwhelmed and ever so excited, the chart was made up of established authors like Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson: it was like Barnet being in the FA Cup Quarter Final! Suddenly, I felt compelled to write more and loved reading the feedback, good and bad. Thank you to all those that did, and I did try to respond to anyone who e-mailed me.

I learned a lot from writing Secrets and took from the feedback that I needed an editor, needed to tone down the sex scenes and also be more descriptive with the characters. I've tried to incorporate that in this book and for that reason I have taken out a sex scene to leave just five (I apologise in advance for

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