Car Pooling
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Cheating, Wife Watching, Humiliation, White Couple, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Nudism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story I thought of while I was driving from job to job sometimes my wife comes with my and we play little games. I was talking with a young many that was driving his friends mother back and forth to work with him and thought this would be a good story. Hope you like it let me know if you want me to continue.

It was an hour drive to work for Martha. The drive was getting boring as she has been working at the product distribution center for a national company for the last 13 years. She is the only woman in a staff of 55 persons. About 70 percent of the men have been there as long as or longer than her. Martha is the secretary to the manager of the center. Her boss says she is the only sane person of the whole staff.

Martha is the sole breadwinner of the family since her husband was injured on the job 3 years ago. The insurance settlement they received for his injuries paid off the house and gave them insurance for the rest of her husband's life but little else. She was lucky she has this job at the center, as she was a full time mother for their two boys that were 2 years apart for the first 15 years of their 28-year marriage. Hal her husband must have just kissed her on their honeymoon, as she became pregnant on her honeymoon all her friends kidded her.

Mark is one of her son's friends that live on the next block; He was hired out of college to work the computer system that writes the orders at the center. He has been there a year presently, but until last month worked a different schedule than Martha. They work 4 days on and 3 days off each week. It was a God sent that Mark is working presently the same shift as she is, as her 8 year old car with over 100,000 miles on it just died. She needed a ride to work until she could either fix the car or buy a new one.

At 5'9 and 158 pounds Martha is not petite, but has a nice figure with large breasts, a slim waist and a rather large solid bottom from all the years of sitting behind her desk. Hal playfully calls it her secretary's spread. Her brown hair is just off her shoulders and always combed neatly. Martha has green eyes that you could get lost in. She is not playboy material but a very sexy woman of 56 years old. Even though she is very embarrassed to be seen in a workout suit Martha worked out a few days a week at the gym provided at the center to reduce her 'secretary's spread'. She is shy and did not think of herself to be very sexy any more because her husband has not been paying much attention to her since his accident even though there is nothing wrong with him, so that he cannot perform his husbandly duties.

When Martha asked Mark if he could give her a ride to work until she could either get her car fixed or get a new one he eagerly agreed to help her out. The first week was uneventful they talked about her sons and things that he did with them. By the end of the first week it was like Mark was her old friend and not young enough to be her son at 23 years old. By Thursday night the subject turned embarrassingly for Martha to sex. Their shift ended on Thursday at 10:30 PM due to the way the orders came in. By the time Mark dropped her off at home he could see that Martha was submissive also very shy, but was very horny by the way she rubbed her legs together and shifted in her seat all the way home, when the conversation turned to intimate details of her married life. Mark also noted that she was attracted to him by her body language. Good thing he paid attention in psychology class on the section about body language during college. He was going to use what he learned to see if he could loosen up her morals. He had a Fantasy that involved Martha since he was 12 years old.

Mark picked up Martha at her home on Monday morning. During their hour ride they both agreed that despite the great company each had in the car the ride was boring. Mark said he would like to play a game on the way home from work. He said he would explain it to Martha in the car that night as they were in the Center parking lot presently and only had a short time to get punched in.

It was almost 10:45 when Martha got into the car. She handed Mark an envelope with 45 dollars in it.

"What is this for?" Asked Mark

"That is what it costs me to drive my car to work every week, so that is what I think is fair to give you." Said Martha.

"I will tell you what we can do. Why don't you play this game with me and you can keep the money. The game will be more interesting to both of us. I would rather you play the game with me in lieu of the money anyway and it will stop the ride from being boring. You will probably enjoy it also?" Stated Mark smiling to cover his lack of confidence that he could get Martha to go along with his game he was anticipating in playing with her.

"That sounds like fun what type of game is it?" Asked Martha thinking it was some type of guessing game.

"The game is you complying with what I ask you to do. You can refuse if you want to I will not force you to do anything. Anything you do will be of your own free will." He told her not looking at her because of his embarrassment.

Not quite comprehending what he was trying to say Martha asked him. "What type of things will you want me to do in the car?"

Mark cleared his throat and almost crocked. "I want you to ride home in just your panties tonight, but you will remain fully dressed from your waist up."

Turning red and laughing as Martha thought he was kidding she said. "I much rather give you $50 than do that and besides why would you want someone that is old enough to be your mother to ride home in just her panties?"

"I don't want the money, but it is your free will you can call a cab to go home if you like. I will drive you home if you remove your pants and put them in the back seat. That is what I want you to do for the rest of the week. Ever since I was a kid I have fantasized of seeing you in your panties." Stated Mark without looking at Martha.

Martha blushed at the left handed complement she received from Mark, but realizing that the car was not moving and Mark was serious. She thought about her options. Martha needed a ride to work for at least the next month. She was very shy, but feeling that she was not in control of the situation. This gave her the reason why she was doing it, but afraid of where this was going. Not having any other choice tonight Martha realized that her panties covered more of her than most bathing suits today, so blushing she unbuttoned her slacks and slid them down trying to keep as much of her modesty as possible. She got them off her legs, but not without showing Mark the color of her panties and a few pubic hairs. Martha bent down, picked up her pants and threw them in the back seat.

It took Martha about a half hour to adjust to this situation. She felt freer than she ever did before. Mark started asking her questions that were more probing and she was answering them, thus giving Mark a better insight of her sexual being. The hour drive flew by, when Mark told her to put her pants back on she could feel moisture between her legs and could smell her arousal. She hoped that Mark could not detect that she was excited. Mark stopped a few blocks from their neighborhood under a street light so Martha could get dressed, when she got to her knees and turned her back side to him he could see a wet spot in the crotch of her panties, the outline of her nice plump vaginal lips, a few hairs sticking out from around the crotch of her panties, and he could smell her arousal. She put her pants on and they continued on home Mark dropping her off at her door.

Martha was so excited that she ran into the house and went up to her bedroom and her husband was asleep, dead to the world. She knew from experience that she could not wake him up. Going back down stairs to the living room she stripped naked lay down on the couch. Starting at her breasts she used both hands to rub them and pinch her nipples just the way she likes her breasts manipulated. The nipples were like two large erasers in a short time. She moved one hand down her body and started to rub around the lips of her vagina, running one finger into her vaginal opening bringing a sigh to her lips. By this time her clitoris was peeking through its hood and Martha touched it with her finger bringing a pleasurable moan from her lips. She touched her clit again and brought herself to the best orgasm she had in a long time. It took only a matter of minutes. She fell into a peaceful sleep.

"That wasn't so bad to have to ride home in her panties once she got over her humiliation." Martha thought as she went up to bed early in the morning.

Martha was very nervous when it was time for her to leave for work. Mark said he wanted her in her panties all this week, so Martha picked out the most conservative pair she owned and put them on. After Mark picked up Martha he stopped at a bus stop about 6 blocks from Martha's house.

"You can remove your slacks now." Mark said.

"Mark too many people will see me in the daylight and I have to put the slacks back on before I go into work. How about if I do it at night only?" She blushed profusely.

"Your right someone may see you, so you can keep your slacks on in day light. Said Mark smiling at Martha and putting his hand on her upper thigh she let his hand stay there as she liked the feeling.

Smiling, but a little nervous where he placed his hand Martha said. " Thank you, I will feel more comfortable riding with my slacks off in the dark."

"Seeing that we are playing this game only one way Martha tonight you have to do the extra that I ask you to do. The other option is for you to find another ride in to work today. How about that?" Smiled Mark.

Martha giving a little shutter, blushing, feeling her vaginal area getting wet and her nipples getting hard even though not knowing what she will have to do said. "I guess I don't have a choice it will cost me too much money to get a cab back and forth to work." She rationalized.

Off to work they went. Martha talked to Mark all the way to work without thinking about the coming humiliation she will endure tonight or the unknown extra that he will ask of her.

The closer it got to quitting time the more nervous Martha became. She has only let her husband see her in her panties. Even when the boys were growing up Martha was very careful to protect her modesty in front of them also. Tonight she is going to let a young man that is younger than her sons see her in her panties again. Martha is just going to have to be careful how she sits. She will have to keep her legs tightly closed tonight as not to humiliate herself and hide how excited this game is getting her.

When Martha came out of the center Mark was in the car waiting for her, as she had to stop at the ladies room to wipe her vagina she was so wet thinking of being in Mark's car with her slacks off. She put on some perfume to cover her arousal, before she could face Mark. She did not want to ruin the seats in his Lincoln Town car either with her very moist vaginal opening. Martha got into the car waiting to hear what extra that Mark had in mind for her tonight.

Mark parked down the end of the parking lot, under a light standard and waited for Martha to remove her slacks. She removed her shoes and her slacks in short order. He was disappointed when he saw she had on very modest type full cut panties. This gave him an idea.

"As an extra I want you to remove your panties also tonight and ride home naked to the waist." Said Mark

Without saying a word in protest Martha was so shocked she knew what she had to do, but it was going to take all her willpower to remove her panties. The panties were very difficult for Martha to remove her thumbs were very difficult to control. She lifted her bottom off the seat and slid her panties to her knees. The panties got caught on her foot and she had to twist toward Mark to get them off. This gave Mark a good view of her moist hair covered vaginal opening confirming that her vaginal hair was just a shade darker than the hair on her head. Martha tossed the clothing over her right shoulder into the back seat right by the door.

Sitting with her legs as tight together as she could she looked down in her lap and could see her pubic hair sticking up between her legs. This made her more wet thinking about her condition in the car. Mark could see her pubic hair every time they went by a street light and he could smell her arousal even with the perfume she put on trying to mask her scent. Every time she looked over at Mark she blushed for the first few minutes and could feel her nipples get harder by the minute.

During the journey home they were talking about many subjects. Martha was becoming more at ease with her present state of dress Mark noticed as she was relaxing her legs and moving around more in the car. By the time that they were near her house she was talking to Mark and unconsciously playing with her pubic hair with her fingers. Mark pulled up to her house and had to tell Martha to get dressed. She got up onto her knees and retrieved her clothes giving Mark a great view of her rectum and vagina which gave him an erection immediately.

She put on her slacks and was getting out of the car with her panties in her hand getting ready to put them in her pocket book when Mark asked. "Could I have your panties?"

Shocked, but very excited at the thought of a young man being interested in her used panties. She gave them to him. He put them to his nose inhaled deeply and says. "You don't need to put on any perfume you smell fine.

Going into the house and up to bed she found her husband watching the late news on TV. She went into the bathroom took a shower and came out of the Bathroom naked. She lay down next to her husband and he started to play with her nipples and vagina. She turned so that she was facing his penis she took it into her mouth and started to work it to full erection as she felt his mouth on her vagina. He could not believe how wet she was. IT took him only a couple of minutes to bring her to her first orgasm then turned her around and inserted his penis in her vagina they made love for the first time in a month. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

Oversleeping as she forgot to set the alarm Martha got up leaving her husband still sleeping and took a shower. She was out of the house with her hair wet and clothes in disarray. She would have to finish up her makeup and hair in the car on the way to work. This is unlike her. She would not have left the house in this condition before, but is getting very comfortable doing these personal things in the presents of Mark.

Mark thought it is great to see Martha running out of the house in her condition. Her blouse half buttoned and her hair wet. He watched as she put herself together in the car. The ride for him was very exciting. Mark watched her as she opened her slacks and pulled them down to put her top in her slacks in just the right position explaining to Mark that she did not want the top making unsightly bumps in her slacks. She unbuttoned her top and fixed her bra in front of Mark. He almost drove off the road watching her. This brought a laugh from Martha and a shutter that she was being so bold in from of this young man. They got to work just as Martha was finishing her make up.

As they left the car Mark said "No perfume tonight please." Blushing Martha just nodded her head in agreement. When she got to the time clock there were quite a few guys there waiting for the clock to go to five minutes before the hour as they could not punch in before that time. She walked over in front of them as she is salary and she could punch in as soon as she gets there.

"How is everyone doing today?" She smiled to them as she went to the admin offices.

They all smiled at her and said in unison "GREAT" Sort of in shock that she talked to them at all she is so shy around the guys on the floor most of the time Martha usually only talks to the guys if she needs information, or is required by her boss to get someone on the floor to go to the admin office.

That night Martha got to the car first. The night dragged by she could not wait for the ride home. Martha was outside by the car waiting for him. Mark came running out to the car, unlocking the door and opening it for her, then shutting the door. She felt like a queen the way he was looking after her.

"Not many people have done that for me." She said as she got into the car. She was startled to feel his hand on her bottom as she got in.

Mark got into the car and started the engine pulling to the far end of the parking lot he stopped and Martha removed her slacks and panties throwing her removed clothes in the back seat.

As Mark started out of the parking lot he said. "How would you like to keep your clothes on for the next week?"

Martha was sitting with her legs tightly closed and playing with the tuft of pubic hair sticking between her legs. She finally said. "Sure it would be less stressful for me. What will I have to do?"

"I would like you to twist around and face me, lean back and spread your legs. There is a pillow in the back seat you can use for your back." He said without taking his eyes off the road.

At hearing his statement she was shocked and very turned on. Her nipples immediately got hard and she could feel her vagina moisten noticeably. Martha turned red from the top of her head to the tip of her toes she felt hot all over. He did not threaten to have her find another way to work and home. She looked at him and saw the pleating in his eyes. She reached in back of the car and took the pillow. Laying it on the door to the car and laying against it with her legs tightly together she twisted toward Mark. Blushing and not believing what she was about to do, she put one leg on the seat tight to the back of the seat and only a few inches from Marks right arm. Spreading her other leg as far as it would go. She could feel the air on her vagina. Mark kept on looking down at her exposed sex when they went by a street light. Martha was feeling very exposed and horny. Mark could see her excitement her vaginal opening was moist. After about 15 minutes Martha became used to her exposure and they started talking about many things as she absent-mindedly rubbed her vagina and played with her vaginal hair. Toward the end of their ride home Mark asked her how she likes being exposed this way. She told him that it was very different and blushed profusely. Mark told her that it was his fantasy come true to see his boyhood friend's mother spread in his front seat. She thanked him for making her feel like a desirable woman again. It has been many years since she has felt this way she told him.

He stopped in front of her house. She picked up her slacks and panties from the back seat and getting out of the car. She walked down the sidewalk to her house and in the door without bothering to put on her clothes. This shocked Mark.

Luckily Martha's husband was sleeping. She stayed in the living room scared that he was awake still and she would have to explain why she walked in the door bottomless and so horny that she could make love to a doorknob presently. She gave herself two orgasms in quick succession before she went to sleep. She likes the exhibitionism she has done for Mark to date and this really surprised her as she always thought of herself as shy.

During the weekend Martha asked her husband if it was Ok with him if she did the housework in the nude, as it was so warm. Her husband readily agreed and really liked to watch her walking around the house with her large breasts swaying from side to side as she walked and her nipples became very hard he could see she was very turned on. She was bending down wiping the coffee table in the living room when her husband came into the room in back of her. He could see her vaginal lips that were very moist through her pubic hair, he thought he could see moisture from her overheated vaginal opining making its way down her leg and her anus was totally exposed also he was never allowed by her to see her anus. He was getting turned on more today than he has in the last few months. Martha even went into the back yard nude she liked the feeling of the air on her body and the chance that someone would see her. Before the end of the day Martha had sex with her husband right on the living room floor something that they haven't done since before the kids were born.

Monday Mark picked up Martha and true to his word he did not ask her to remove any of her clothes. They talked, to and from work, about all the things that happened the week before. Martha told Mark that she enjoyed the game when he asked her, even though she felt humiliated at first. She was dropped off at her home; Martha got out of the car and went into her house feeling kind of empty. There was no excitement she didn't know what was wrong, but she could feel it. She went to her bedroom finding her husband sound asleep. She took a shower and fell into a fitful sleep.

When she got into Mark's car for the drive to work the next morning it dawned on her what the problem was. She was missing the game. The game of exposing herself to Mark as they drove home from work the week before, it surprised her that she became such an exhibitionist in two short weeks of riding with Mark.

Clearing her throat Martha looked at Mark blushing and said. "Mark, I miss playing the game. I would like to play it again tonight on the way home."

Smiling Mark asked. "Will you do exactly as I say from now on?"

"Why do you ask me that? I have done all that you asked of me before haven't I?" She said with a pout.

"Yes you have Martha, but if you want me to tell you what to do it will be from now on. If you refuse one time the game will be over. I will still give you a ride to work every time you ask me to, but the game will be over. Do you understand me?" Said Mark.

Taking a long time to answer it was because she had a premonition that the way she answers will bring a new life to her. She said. "I will do what you say from now on."

Mark could not believe his good fortune the woman that he has had a fantasy about since he was a young child just stated she would do anything he wished.

Gathering his thoughts he said to Martha. "From now on I would like you to wear short dresses or short skirts with buttons down the front of the dresses and blouses. Can you do that for me Martha?"

"Yes I guess so, but I don't like what I look like in dresses and skirts." She stated

"You should know by now that a woman never thinks she looks good. That is why you should listen to your men to tell you what to wear." Said Mark.

Admiring his knowledge beyond his years about woman Martha said. "I will start to wear dresses and skirts, but I only have a few at home presently that fit me. I have to go out and buy more. Besides I don't have the money to buy new outfits at this time."

"If I could help you out with that would that meet your approval?" Stated Mark.

She couldn't believe that Mark would do that for her. She immediately said. "Yes that would be very nice of you."

Mark told some of the guys in the Center he could trust what he has had Martha do. They didn't believe him. Today when he got into work he got the 10 or so guys he has told that he needed 50 dollars from each of them so he could get Martha to put on a show for them. By the end of the day Mark had collected at least a thousand dollars for Martha's new wardrobe. Walter her boss even contributed but warned Mark about having Martha put a sex harassment claim against the Center. Mark assured him that it would be Martha's idea to perform here for all the guys.

"If you're right there will be a raise in it for her and you?" Said Walter.

Martha was waiting at the car for Mark with anticipation of what she would be asked to do tonight on the way home. Mark was about 20 minutes late, because he was talking to Walter. For the first time many of the men that worked there had actually stopped to talk to her. Some wanted to know how she and her husband were doing. Others told her how nice she always looked when she was at work. This surprised Martha. "Maybe that she is opening up with Mark. It has helped her become less shy with the other men at the center. Maybe the men have noticed that about her lately" She thought to herself. There where still men talking to her when Mark came out the door.

"Mark opened the door for me and closed it he is the perfect gentleman. He also had a lot of self-control I have exposed my most private parts to him and he only looked at me without touching me. That makes me trust him more each time I do something sexy for him." She thought to herself.

Bringing Martha back to the present was Mark talking to her saying with a big smile on his face. "I have a small amount of change for you to buy a few new clothes with." Handing her the nearly 1200 dollars that he collected today at work from the men, but not telling her where he got the money presently

Taking the envelope Martha opened it thinking it was 50 or 100 dollars but realizing that it was over 1000 dollars when she took it out. "Thank you but I can't take this from you? It is too much you don't make that much money to be spending it on me." She told him.

"Alright then I am telling you to take the money and spend it on clothes if you are not willing to do that we will not play the game anymore." He said to her smiling.

"Furthermore I am not giving you the money you have been earning it and will continue to earn the money your get." Mark said to Martha Looking at her with another knowing smile that she did not understand as of yet.

"Yes I guess your right I have been earning that money with all the things you have had me do recently." She said smiling back at him and waiting for the orders that she will have to carry out tonight.

"I think tonight would be a good night for you to ride in the car nude and spread. What do you think about that Martha?" Asked Mark to see what kind of reaction he would get from her.

Martha started to protest but thought better of it if she did the game was over, so she said. "If that is what you want then I will do it."

With that she started to undress right in the parking lot where the car was. Mark did not move it this time and there were still men coming out of the Center that were just finishing up. She stopped but Mark told her to keep going. Humiliated at the thought of one of the other guys seeing her she left her bra on and started to remove her slacks and panties. With that done she only had her bra left. She removed that just as the car started in back of their car and lights illuminated the interior of Mark's car giving him the first glimpse of her breasts. They are large with big areolas and large nipples that were pointing down a little, but very hard and about a half inch long. Her breasts sag somewhat because they are so large.

She tried to cover them with her arms saying to Mark. "I do not like my breasts they are too big and sag quit a bit."

He moved her hands away and looked at her breasts saying. "They are magnificent trophies of womanhood my dear." Then smiling at her.

She was relieved that Mark did not think they were too big. Martha reached in the back seat and got the pillow putting it against the door she lay on it and put her left leg up onto the seat and her right leg as far as she could spread it. She was in heaven being exposed to Mark this way.

Now that Martha was in position he finally started the car. "I think you should open your vagina for me tonight and play with yourself on the way home." Mark said to Martha.

Martha hesitated for a short time. She has been doing things for Mark that she has not done for her husband. Martha closed her eyes and laid her head back, used two fingers from her left hand to open the hood covering her clitoris and used the index finger of her right hand to play with her little nub. Mark was driving real slowly so he could watch the action and not get into a car accident. It took Martha only about 5 minutes to orgasm. Mark had Martha use both her hands to open up her vagina so he could see inside as he was driving she did that for about 15 minutes than he had her play with herself again. It took her a little longer this time to orgasm. Mark could smell her and he almost came in his pants. Martha could see the bulge in his pants and reached over undid his zipper and fished his enlarged penis out of his shorts. Taking some tissue she pumped him about a dozen times with her hand and caught the ejaculate in the tissue as not to mess up the interior of his car or his pants. Mark almost lost control of the car when she did that for him. She surprised him.

It was almost midnight when Mark dropped her off at her house she got her clothes and got out of the car naked walked up the sidewalk and into the house. She could hear the TV in the bedroom on. It scared her so much she almost threw up. Martha went to the laundry room and dumped off her clothes then got the nightie that she just washed and put it on going up stairs to the Bathroom she took a shower and jumped into the bed with her husband. He was half asleep but tonight he woke up to ask her why she was so late.

"We had a lot of work to do tonight." She lied to him then took is penis in her mouth and sucked on him until he came in her mouth. She kept on sucking until he got hard again, then she straddled him and inserted his penis in her vagina. She was like a wild woman until he shot off again in her this time. She had an orgasm just as he came in her. She collapsed on him laying on him still impaled for the longest time. Martha kissed her husband and said to him. "I love you." They both had a nice peaceful sleep.

Martha got up early Wednesday she went through her closet to get a suitable blouse and skirt to wear or a dress. She was about to give up when she found a sundress that buttoned all the way down the front and was about knee length. She took a shower and did her makeup. Walking around the house nude while cleaning it up a little she could feel last nights lust running down her legs. That is the only thing she hates about sex the fallout as she calls it. Martha went back to the bathroom about 5 times to wipe herself out.

It was getting time to leave for work Martha put the finishing touches on her outfit and her face, then went in to see her husband who was just getting up gave him a kiss and she was out the door just as Mark came to pick her up.

"You look great Martha that outfit is nice." Said Mark

She got into the car and sat down saying "Thank you Mark your very sweet."

"The only thing you have to do is remove your panties and the outfit will be outstanding, I am keeping your panties for you" Mark said smiling at her.

"YOU Mean I will not even be able to put on my panties at work?" Martha asked as she reaches under her dress, removes her panties and hands them to Mark.

Mark takes them noticing there is a wet spot on them already then smells them and says to Martha. " That is right you will not have any panties on today at work. You smell great my dear also."

Martha reached in back of the car and got the pillow. She lies against the door and puts her feet in what has become her usual position for riding with Mark. She unbuttoned her dress almost to her waist and spread it open so he had an unobstructed view of her most private being her vagina. This is the first time that she is exposing herself to him in the daylight. She didn't even realize this until he mentioned how beautiful her vagina was in the daylight. She played with herself all the way to work just stopping as they drove in the parking lot. She buttoned up the dress and got out of the car to go to work.

"Martha your going to go into Walter's office and show him that you are not wearing any panties and tell him that anytime he wants to examine you he can," Said Mark.

"What are you crazy I need my job." She cried.

"Take it from me you will get a raise out of it. I am so sure of it that I will write you a note that you can give him if he says your fired telling him that I am making you do this." Mark told her as he wrote a note for her.

Martha looked at the note and put it in her dress pocket. She walked into the Center and punched in all the men were smiling at her as if they knew something she didn't. They were very nice to her though and she smiled and talked to a few of them before she went to her office. She was in her office debating how she was going to approach the subject of her showing her boss her vagina when the intercom called her name it was Walter he wanted to see her.

She walked down the hall rehearsing what she was going to say to Walter. Knocking on the door and waiting for an answer she was shaking.

"Come in." Said the masculine voice on the other side of the door.

Martha walked into the room she was really scared. "What would you like sir." She said to Walter.

Walter looked up at her and stopped talking just admiring her. "You look great Martha what did you do to yourself?"

"Nothing really sir. I want to show you something that I have been wanting to for a long time. You can look at it and touch it if you want to but that is all. I am married you know and love my husband." She stammered as she lifted her dress to over her waist blushing feeling the humiliation she felt the first time she showed Mark her most private being.

Walter was stunned Mark was right she was going to come in his office and show him her vaginal area.

"Can you come closer to me?" he asked her in a horse voice.

She let her dress down and walked to his side of the desk. Walter pushed his chair away from the desk and positioned Martha in front of him. She walked between his legs and looked down at him as he smiled at her and started to put his hand under her dress and running his hand between her legs up until he was touching both thighs only inches from her moist labia. Leaning back on the desk for support Martha spread her legs to give him access to her most intimate area. He slid his hand up to touch her. She was very moist and he could smell her womanly scent, it gave him an instant erection. He played with her a few more minutes then stopped before he came in his pants.

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