Ralph's Revenge
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Fiction, Wife Watching, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is based on a true occurrence a woman has gambled away almost all their savings taking a loan out on their house that was paid for and forging her husband signature in the process, this is what should have happened to her, but it didn’t

It has been just over 2 years that Ralph a 55 year old operations manager of a company has been married to Norma who is 5 years his senior, but she looks to be only 50 years old. It is the second marriage for both. Ralph has 2 sons that are 20 and 24 years old and still in college. He sees them every month or so. Norma who has 2 children a son and a daughter that are in their 30s they live across the continent on the west coast. She was a Medical assistant when they met at a Church social gathering, she quit her job as soon as they go married reasoning that she wanted to spend time fixing up the house and taking care of her new husband. She is a very modest but sexy woman. She was more outgoing when they first met and really was a sexual being until he married her, then everything went downhill. After she had a new gym put in their house that is all she wants to do is work out, sunbath and swim. She even talked Ralph into getting a maid to do the housework and gardener for the yard work. She had the life of Riley it got so that she did not even cook anymore.

Norma cared so little about Ralph that although he worked at the same company since he got out of College and he was a silent partner in the business she did not know it. She was looking for a sugar daddy and she figured she found him in the mild mannered Ralph. Little did she know that Ralph did not help build a multimillion dollar business with his partner Randy from nothing would be anything but being a pushover?

The last straw was when he went to the bank to get some money that he noticed that in a week she withdrew 10500 dollars from their joint account. When he got home he asked her where the money went in the account. She got very nervous and lied that she needed to help out a charity at the church. Norma treated Ralph very good the next night when he came home she was wearing a shear dress that just came down to her mid-thigh with no panties or bra on. She dropped to her knees and gave him the best blow job that he ever had and then told him how much she loved him. After they cleaned up the dishes she brought him upstarts and did a striptease for him. She stripped him and rode him to 3 orgasms that night.

He took the information about the charity that she said she give the money to and had her tailed by a PI. It took the investigator about 2 weeks to find out that she was gambling the money away. When he did some forensic accounting on the joint account and some of the other accounts she had access along with her credit cards she had misplaced over a half a million dollars. Everything went back to the way it was in a few days when Ralph did not mention anything about the money again.

Ralph was furious when his forensic accountant showed him the money trail and sometimes the lack of it along with the credit card bills. He had to figure out a way to put a stop to this hemorrhaging of his accounts. He did not show any animosity to his wife after he found out, as he was good at hiding his feelings. Ralph did approach his partner Randy with a plan the next Saturday golf game. He is going to tell his wife Norma that he could lose his job to a younger man and that she would have to help him keep it if she wants to live the lifestyle she had become accustomed to and he wants Randy to play along. Randy was in as he just got divorced and his wife took him almost to the cleaners and Ralph helped him when he needed it.

On Monday night Ralph came in feigning being distraught, Norma kept on asking all though dinner that he cooked after he got home from work what the problem was. He finally told her a story after she prodded him almost the whole evening. Ralph told her they needed to cut back as business was slowing down which it was, and that he needed her help to keep his job as there was a younger guy that wanted his job. The following day he let the Maid and the Gardener go to keep up the charade. He also told her that he wanted her to make a nice meal for them on Saturday afternoon, as he was going to bring his Boss Randy home for dinner, the last time she saw Randy was the day of her wedding she never even went to the factory that Ralph works at in all the time that they have been married. If they had lunch together she would meet him at a diner.

All week Ralph laid it on that they would have to move from this big house and Norma would have to go back to work. He was going through the papers each night looking for smaller houses, he even had a realtor come over to tell them about what they could get for the house. Ralph was putting a resume' together, and looking at the want ads to set the stage for Saturday. He wanted her to think that if she does not please Randy he says they will be out on the street. Ralph instilled in Norma that she would have to do what his boss says are it was over they would be destitute.

By Saturday Norma was a nervous wreck she cleaned the house and had the best steaks ready to cook when Ralph brought Randy to their house. Randy came in as though he owned the place. He looked it over and asked Ralph how much he wanted for the house if the company had to let him go. Norma was shocked when Ralph gave him a figure and he said that he would buy it.

Randy looked at Norma and told her she really looked good in her nice summer dress with the Mary Jane shoes, but when he went to Kevin's house his wife Kathy had on a sexy little See though nighty without any panties or bra. Randy then turned to Ralph and said "Kathy is only about 30 years old, so maybe your wife does not have any outfits like that in her wardrobe?" Ralph almost lost it when he saw the look on his wife's and he defended her telling Randy that she is more sexy than any 30 year old. Well Ralph I like to keep you as you are more seasoned than Kevin but you know I am a single guy and well they are giving me an offer that I almost can't refuse.

Norma was flabbergasted when Ralph said that if she would be willing to do as Kathy did would he be able to keep his job. Randy said that he wanted to have a 6 week trial period before he made his decision. With the last statement he said to Randy my wife is twice as sexy as any 30 year old and she has more experience because Norma is twice her age also, then he grabbed Norma's arm and said lets go upstairs and pick out something that will knock his sox off with is shoes laced up tight. All the way up the stairs Norma kept saying don't you think you should talk to him some more, maybe he was just kidding that is when Randy pulled out a picture of Kathy with a note on it that said can Norma beat this. Norma's eyes bugged out the outfit was white and she could see everything the women's hair was black and you could see her pubic hair and the way she was standing you could see her slit also. What Norma didn't know the picture was taken from the net from one of the X rated sites.

Almost dragging Norma into the bedroom he had her get out her most revealing nighties and laid them out on the bed, then to her utter surprise he called Randy into the bedroom to look over her nighties. He came in and looked at the 30 or so negligées Randy immediately pushed aside the ones that were opaque this left about 7 to choose from. He kept on looking at them and told a very humiliated Norma he wanted her to model each one of them. He discarded another 3 so there were 4 of the most reveling left. Randy had her put them up to herself again about 6 times then he said I would have to see what they looked like on her. Norma started to argue with Randy that she did not think it was appropriate for her to have to do this for Ralph to keep his job. Randy said that's OK your right and he left the room and said to Ralph you drove me over here can you give me a ride home and as an afterthought he looked at Ralph and said I will buy your house when you have to sell it. The reality struck Norma that if she does not do this their chances of staying here are little or none, although this was just a game for Ralph and Randy.

Norma came running out of the bedroom in tears I will do it, I will do it she said. What will you do asked Randy I will try on all the outfits for you. Norma I do not want any trouble, so I don't think this will really work out Kathy was so happy to model her negligees for me in fact she walked all around outside with it on also. Norma was panicking, she did not what to lose her status in the community, but if she thought it through by time the two got done with her she will probably lose that anyway.

After a lengthy discussion she told Randy that she would do as he said and not argue with him anymore, Randy went further and told her she would have to do his bidding with a smile on her face or the deal was off. She disappeared into the bedroom to start the distasteful task of modeling the Nighties that were just supposed to be for her husband's pleasure. She composed herself and started to undress. She pulled the zipper down in the back of her dress and took it off folding it, she then removed her bra folded that and put on the least revealing nightie that was left. It was black and shear except where her breast and pubic hair was, she has an abundant black bush even though her hair is a lighter color of brown, and this intimate garment had a panty with it that she put on. The garment came down to just below the juncture of her legs if she bent over or reached up most of her pubic area would be seen. She put on the panties to protect what modesty she would have left with this outfit steeling herself she went out to face the two men.

Randy looked at Norma and smiled your right Ralph she is better looking than any 30 year old. This made Norma blush and then he had her turn around. Yes that is very nice he said, but let's go outside to see what the outfit looks like in the sunlight. Norma could not help herself she started telling Randy "what will the neighbors think" of her running around in the middle of the afternoon outside like this. Randy just smiled and said they would probably think that you were trying to save your husband's job. Norma I was going to let you go outside with the panties on, but since you argued with me we can do one of two things you can keep them on to go outside with, but when you come in I am going to give you a spanking.

She was mortified a 60 year old woman getting a spanking, totally humiliated she removed her panties and Randy made her give them to him. He took them and looked at the crotch of them to find that they were soaked through. Norma you're enjoying yourself then he handed the panties to Ralph he smiled and said I finally found what buttons to push.

They opened the door for Norma, she went into the back yard where their pool was, the black nightie was opaque in the area of her breasts and pubic, area although when she turned her back to the two men, her behind was very visible. A good thing about the back yard, it was private, but for the guy that has his garden close to their fence on the side. Norma is standing on the apron to the pool as Randy is looking at her she is waiting for further instructions. Randy sees the old man in the garden about 20 feet from the pool. They are in the shade so Randy tells Norma to face him which is away from the guy in the garden and back up they followed her until she was about 7 feet from the fence and Ralph motioned for the old guy to keep quiet. The sun now was shining right at Norma's back making the garment transparent. Randy told Norma that he was going to give her instructions and she was to follow without any comments at all or she will be spanked right there in the back yard.

Put your hands on your head she did this and could feel the garment come up to the center of her bottom and her all of her vagina is visible in the front. She was totally humiliated presently she did not know how she could be more embarrassed, but she was going to find out because her husband told her to bend over with her legs straight and spread 18" apart she bent over and could feel the cold air on her vagina and the old guy in the field could see the inside of her vagina also. Randy asked Ralph for permission to examine Norma and it was granted. She felt the violation of her most intimate area by a man she met only a half hour ago. He did a thorough inspection of her vaginal area in front of the old gardener and Ralph.

Norma was instructed to go put on one of the other nighties by Randy. To her humiliation her husband told her to leave off the panties. Going up the stairs she did not know why she is being put through this. Going into the bedroom she looked at the other 3 nighties, she picked up the one that was most revealing and put that on she figured that she would just get it over with the men want her almost nude anyway so she put on the white nightie that was just like a white veil. Norma shivered when she looked at herself in the mirror she was totally nude the white veil only emphasized her nudity.

Slowly she walked through the house toward the backyard she was trying to stop the time so she would not have to go out into the back yard so exposed, but it did not work she walked through the door, when the sunlight hit her the nightie it disappeared all three men had a unobstructed view of her body. She had to walk within 4 feet of the fence where the old gardener was talking with Ralph and Randy. She had to bend over in the front of 3 men one is a near stranger and she is showing her vaginal area to him. To make it more humiliating Randy is commenting on her moist vaginal opening.

The men started cooking the steaks and Norma was sitting on a lounger they had her sitting with her legs spread so that she was totally exposed to the men, Ralph even invited the old gardener to dinner. The dinner was good, but Norma was too upset to enjoy it, the final humiliation came when Ralph told Norma to clean up the dishes and as an afterthought he told her to remove her nightie so that it would not get dirty. She went into the house and did as she was told coming out totally nude to clean up the dinner dishes.

All three went into the house where Randy looked at his watch and said he had to leave. He called Norma over to him and told her she did a good job and has a very nice body and that from now on he wants her naked when he comes over. She turned totally red when he said that then had her bend over in front of the other two men to be examined by him. The comments almost brought her to tears as he told everyone that she is very wet and he thinks she loves to be exposed. Randy left and Norma stayed nude while the other two men were there she was so despondent that she did not care when Ralph wanted her to let the old gardener examine her vagina.

The following few weeks Ralph and Randy did not push Norma letting her get used to what happened to her and the realization that she would have to be at Randy's beck and call. She was almost convinced that the weekend was all that was needed from her and things will get back to normal. During the Saturday of the 3rd weekend Ralph called Norma and told her that Randy was coming home with him. He told her to go to the store and buy something for a cookout if she had nothing in the house. They would be there in about 5 hours, she rushed around and got everything ready, then she went up to take a shower, feeling the warm water on her body and shaving herself to be smooth it dawned on her that Randy said that she has to be naked.

While Norma was drying her hair she was debating whether to get dressed or to meet the men nude. The last thing that Randy said was that whenever they met from now on she was to be nude. She was wondering if this was a test to see what she would do. Norma rationalized that they had seen her nude and she had no secrets from them, so she put on her makeup and some shoes then she was ready to meet them. Going to the family room she realized that she was very wet.

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