Wife's Forfeit for Driving Her Car Unregistered
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story has some true parts and some of the parts are fantasy the reader has to figure out what is what on this story and if you like it I may add other chapters to it.

This happened about 7 years ago. She was driving her convertible with her mother in the car when the cops stopped her for unregistered vehicle. The only thing that saved her from being handcuffed and brought to the lockup was my mother in law was 87 years old at the time, and the cop did not want to have to transport the two to the lockup. He had my wife call our daughter, to pick them up as the officer would not let my wife move the car from the mall parking lot. Our daughter picked up my wife and her Mother and brought them to my Mother in Laws house.

I got a call from my wife telling me that she needed me to come get her at her mother's house, but did not tell me why. When I got there she explained that her car wasn't registered. Well normally I would not be upset, but I told her 2 months before that the registration on that car was due this month for renewal. Her comment to me was you worry too much I have a lot of time to get the car registration renewed.

It took us about 3 hours to run around to get the car registered then go to the police station to show them. I had to talk the officer out of the ticket over 250 dollars, so on the way to the car I told my wife that she would be looking at a serious forfeit for this escapade I am loosing over 300 dollars by having to straighten out her mess that she had "Plenty of time to resolve – her words when I told her about registering her car"

Bringing my wife back to the car I put her sticker on the plate and put the registration in her glove box then left. She called me on the phone nervously asking if I was mad at her. I really wasn't and told her so. Nothing was said at supper; my daughter was joking on the phone with her mother that she was a convict now and told her grandmother the same thing. For the next couple of weeks my wife was nervously anticipating her forfeit and what it was. I did not call her on the forfeit until almost 4 months after she had her adventure, so she almost forgot about it.

We had an office in town that was on the second floor of a building and across the street were double decker houses. My office had large windows that were from about 18 inches off the floor to about 2 feet from the ceiling in a bay window configuration and wide. It was November the days were shorter and from my office I could see the other people across the street looking in my office as I worked when it got dark out. There were about 20 or so men that lived in the apartments with a few women there from time to time. My wife is the one that noted that there were mostly men in the apartments across the street and we saw no children at all, so I came up with what my wife's forfeit would be.

I had set up my office with the portable exam table that I made for exams that I have friends of mine perform on my wife, (but that is another story). My wife was working with me, but usually goes home at 3:30. When I am at the office after 5 PM she will call me to ask what we were going to do for supper. This night I told her to come to the office and I will take her out to eat, which she loves to do.

About twenty minutes later I could see my wife drive into the drive going to the back parking lot. In a few minutes I could hear her foot falls on the steps leading to the upper offices. I was getting excited to see her reaction to what I had planned for her. She was gaily calling my name as she entered my office and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the exam table set up about 3 feet from the bay window with the stirrups facing the window. Her face turned from red to ashen white, he lips were moving but nothing was coming out and she sort of looked at me with pleading eyes as if to say: "You're not going to make me do this are you?" Before I even had a chance to tell her what I expected of her.

My wife was very nervous and I had to calm her down, before I could tell her what was expected of her. After about 15 minutes she calmed down enough for me to explain that this was her forfeit for her car adventure. I told her that I was going to examine her in the front window and she would be exposed for about twenty minutes to a half hour depending on how she cooperated with me. Her comment was: What if the police were called because she was exposed this way" I said: "That is a chance we will have to take." I did not tell her that I checked out with a few of the tenants next door and found out that all the apartments were one room and mostly men rented them, as I told them to watch the show tonight.

The next trick that my wife tried is that she was hungry and wanted to eat first, I told her she had to do this first then we go to eat. My wife said she wasn't doing it and started for the door, I told her fine I will figure out something that was worse than this for her forfeit then.

Totally broken my wife came back in the room and asked what she would have to do. I told her the first thing is to undress completely right in front of the window for her breast exam. She wanted to leave on her panties for the breast exam I said fine. She stripped off her top and put it on the chair with her back to the windows. I had her turn around and I unhooked her bra she was facing the windows and could see a dozen guys watching her unveiling, she put her hands over her breast when I took the bra from her. I told her to put her hands at her sides and for every 30 seconds she keeps her hands covering her breast there will be minutes added to the time I told her that this would take. Knowing me as she does she removed her hands and placed them at her sides as I check her breast each one taking me at least 5 minutes staying to the side so that everyone could see her breast while I am examining them.

When I was done with her breast exam I had her stand between the stirrups with her back to the window. I pulled down her panties and she stepped out of them without hesitation, her face was red and she said you satisfied now that I am totally exposed. I said nothing, but I did check to see that she was very moist in her vaginal area and her labia was engorged which is a good sign that she was having fun despite her embarrassment or because of it.

I checked her rectal area and opened her for the audience across the street that was getting larger. Then I had my wife get on the table between the stirrups and checked her reflexes making sure to take each of her legs to the side so her vagina was peeking out. She was telling me she was hungry and wanted to get this over with. As she said this she slid back onto the exam table put her feet in the stirrups exposing herself completely to her audience across the street. My wife's vagina was supper wet, I told her that she had to hold herself open for me to examine her. Without any hesitation at all she reached between her legs and opened her flower of life for our audience and my visual inspection. I walked away and turned to see a few guys with binoculars visually inspecting my wonderful wife and my wife noticed also but just kept herself open.

I returned with the speculum and inserted it into her exposing her cervix. It always amazes me how beautiful my wife is and the wonders of her womanhood that my wife lets me enjoy. My wife told me she needed to orgasm so I manually accommodated her. She lay with her feet in the stirrups for maybe another 5 minutes catching her breath.

She got up got dressed and waved to all the guys across the street that saw her show. We went out to eat my wife was worried that people in the street would know her as the woman that was examined in the window, but I took care of that we moved out of the building a few weeks after we did my wife's forfeit.

I asked her a week later how she really liked her forfeit she just smiled and said she only did it for me.

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