Exposing Roger's Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story about a mature women who did not think she could expose herself to a stranger realizes that even though thought she would be humiliated to remove her clothes in front of a stranger she does it and finds out that it is not a bad experience.

Roger was surfing Craigslist looking at all the ads in the gigs section of the list under adult situations when he found an advertisement reading. "Amateur photographer looking for women willing to have their labia photographed all types wanted. Compensation 125 dollars an hour" With a contact number listed. Roger started thinking of ways to approach his wife about the ad, as he wanted his wife to model nude for a photographer while he watched and took pictures. His wife told him that she would model as long as her face wasn't showing and she got paid.

Copying the ad Roger sent it to Paula his wife with a note saying that her face would definitely not show in the pictures that the Photographer wanted. Paula was shocked when she opened the mail that her husband sent to her and read it. She was sure that she would never do the photo shoot that was described in the ad.

Two months later Roger was driving Paula to meet the photographer that wants to take pictures of her Labia. She wanted money for a project at the house that was not in the budget for another year. Roger told her to get a job and he will match whatever she makes on the job. The price tag of the project was just over 3000 dollars. After two months of Paula begging for cash to do the project and Roger telling her to contact the photographer she said that she was too embarrassed to contact him, but if Roger made all the arrangements she would model for the photographer in return for getting the project done this year. Roger accomplished this in a matter of hours and the date was set for 2 days hence, it was an hour and a half drive to the studio

Getting ready for the modeling assignment Paula took a shower and trimmed her vaginal hair. She sat on the tub and using a mirror she opened herself up to make sure she was clean and presentable. Paula does not know why her husband of almost forty years wants his 59 year old wife to expose herself for photographs. This brought shivers to her. She will be showing a complete stranger her most secret place, with her husband's approval. Paula had doubts that she will be able to go through with it.

The drive to the studio was done in stressed silence each in their own world; Paula was almost hysterical thinking of the coming humiliation while Roger was in an excited state, but wondering what he will feel like when his wife was exposed to this stranger. He felt excited and guilty that he has maneuvered his wife into this decision. Getting to their destination they are pleasantly surprised to see all the expensive houses in the neighborhood. They stopped in front of the address it was at least a 3500 square foot house on a large lot. After checking the address again they drove into the driveway. Walking up to the door both Paula and Roger had butterflies in their stomach, but for different reasons.

Knocking on the door Roger was holding Paula's hand. In what seemed like an hour, but was only less than a minute that the door opened to reveal a bespectacled man about 5'6" tall very thin with grey hair. He introduced himself as David. He greeted both pleasantly, but paying most attention to Paula.

He ushered them into a study with a desk, a large comfortable chair in back of the desk and two chairs in front of the desk. There where book shelves filled with books, a fire place and a couch with 2 matching chairs. They all conversed for just over a half hour finding they had a lot in common, then with a hint of embarrassment David said that it is about time to get started with the session if Paula was still interested. She only was able to nod her approval as she could not find her voice, then she turned red thinking that in a few minutes she will be showing this total stranger areas she thought were only reserved for her husbands viewing pleasure.

Looking at Roger David asked if Roger was sure that he was OK with his wife modeling for him. Roger said yes then David turned to Paula do you think you want to model for me? She thought for a few minutes then with an embarrassed smile also a few tears in her eyes and said yes after looking at her husband for approval. David handed Paula a models release to be signed by her stating that pictures will be used for Medical Publications also the models face will not be shown in the pictures. Paula read over the 2 page release and felt better when she saw what the pictures are going to be used for, then handed it to her husband to read. He read it and said it was OK then Paula with shaking hands signed it.

David took the contract looked it over and signed it, "let's get started" David said without looking at Paula or Roger. "Paula we are going to be taking pictures of your labia, so could you remove everything from your waist down for the time being so I can check your vaginal area?" Said David. Paula realizing that this was it, started to shake and turn red with embarrassment, with shaking fingers she reached under her skirt, hooked her thumbs on each side of her panties and slid them down. She picked up her panties and put them in her pocket book that she was carrying, then handed her pocketbook to her husband to hold. Paula could feel an unfamiliar draft on her vaginal area as she unbuttoned her skirt and zipped it down, letting it fall to the ground. Her husband picked it up and folded it for her and placed it with her pocket book on a chair, while she waited for further instructions. Please sit on the couch lean back and put one foot on the floor the other on the couch and spread you legs came the command she was dreading, but that caused her to lubricate.

Sitting on the couch between Paula's Legs David told Paula he would be examining her vaginal area to determine the best way to photograph her. Roger asked if he could take pictures while the Photographer was examining his wife, an affirmative answer was given to the question.

Paula could not believe how excited she was becoming, the room was becoming fragrant with her arousal and visual signs of her arousal were also present as moisture was leaking out of her vaginal opening and heading for the cushions on the couch. To Paula's further humiliation David asked her to open herself up for his inspection as he used his index finger to poke around her vaginal opening. Roger was in his glory taking pictures of his wife exposed in front of another man. Paula looked at Roger realizing that she was doing something that her husband has always wanted her to do and started to relax and get into the mood for the photo shoot. Her humiliation and embarrassment started to fade it was replaced with excitement.

After a few more minutes of David examining her he asked if she could roll over so he could check her rectal area. Paula rolled over into a kneeing position and Photographer examined her asking if she would be interested in having a session with the endocam also. Paula was so excited by this time in her exposure that she says OK to this also.

David had her sit on the couch, then said do you mind removing all the rest of your clothes, because it would be better to do the photo shoot even though we will not have your face in the picture it would be more informative if you were completely naked.

To this Paula without a word stood up and removed the rest of her clothes, while her husband took pictures. David helped Paula remove her bra and put the rest of her clothes with her pocketbook.

Her small 34a breasts are an embarrassment to Paula, but David could not stop telling her how beautiful they were on her body. He had Paula and Roger follow him to his studio for test shots telling Roger to bring Paula's clothes with them. They walked down a hall into the living area where there were a few people men and women gathered they all said hi to Paula and Roger without even acknowledging that Paula was nude. Paula was equally surprised at herself for not trying to cover herself as she greeted the group of people on the way by. Roger got pictures of the meeting; his wife nude greeting a few clothed people using one hand, while carrying the bag with his wife clothes and pocketbook in the other.

Going down into the lower level of the house they came to a door that was marked studio

Do not enter when door is closed. David ushered Paula and Roger into the room. He turned on the lights and there was a set that looked like a doctor's office with an exam table equipped with stirrups. Paula did not have to be told, she just went to the table and sat between the stirrups, while David set up the camera. He brought it closer to the exam table then told Paula to assume the vaginal exam position. Paula with a little embarrassment put her feet in the stirrups and slid down to fully expose her vaginal area to David's camera. Meanwhile Roger was taking pictures of this for their own photo albums.

David started taking pictures of her vaginal area as Paula could feel her vagina opening and the moisture running out of her vagina over her rectal area and finding its way to the exam table cushion. She was leaking very heavily by the time David asked her to open her vaginal area up for the camera. Paula reached between her legs and with one finger from each hand opened herself for the man she just met less than an hour ago. The photographer asked Paula to rub herself to get her clitoris exposed. She did this reluctantly as she thinks it is weird for women to do this to themselves. Paula likes to have her husband play with her to get her excited.

Paula was on the way to her first orgasm as she was rubbing herself for David as he took pictures of her and her clitoris that came out of its hood as she was rubbing herself. David was real close to her now and Roger was capturing all this on his camera. She had 3 more orgasms within the next 5 minutes then David said that he wanted to see how the pictures that were taken over the last 15 minute came out. He went to the computer in the corner of the room leaving a very satisfied Paula still exposed on the exam table. Her fingers still slowly massaging her vaginal area and her eyes closed. Roger still kept on taking pictures of his wife while David checked out the pictures that he took.

After about 10 minutes he called over Roger and Paula so that they could see how the pictures came out telling Paula that the session was done for the day. They both went over to the computer, Paula getting off the exam table and padded nude over to look at the pictures even though she was told that she could get dressed. She was very interested in the photos this is the first time that she really got to see what she really looked like as she would never let her husband take pictures of her spread as she was in these pictures.

Both David and Roger congratulated her on her bravery to have these pictures taken of her. David asked her again if she wanted to do a sitting for him using the endocam and she said she would. He opened the drawer to the desk that the computer was on and gave Paula an envelope with 125 dollars in it. Even though her clothes were in the studio she walked nude with David to the study while Roger walked back with them carrying Paula's clothes with her pocketbook and she sat nude on the couch with a man on each side of her.

David asked her when she was going to get dressed she looked at him puzzled then realized that she was nude. Paula said to the two men that she was so comfortable being nude that she did not realize that she did not have any clothes on. She felt very natural being with them while nude. She started getting dressed as the two men made arrangements for another photo shoot at a later date that David will call Paula or Roger to confirm.

Walking to the door David thanked Paula for being such a good model and Roger for letting his wife expose herself to him. David said that he was looking forward to having Paula model for him again and to Roger's surprise Paula said she was looking forward to modeling for him also.

They got into the car and started the drive back home. Roger told Paula he was very proud of her and asked her how she liked modeling for David. She said that it was humiliating to remove her clothes and have a man she just met touching her so intimately and when she had to spread herself for him she also felt embarrassed, but it soon turned to excitement and then she realized that she was in control of the session and that really turned her on.

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