A Birthday Surprise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A cheating story with a surprise in store for an unsuspecting husband. Not all codes are selected to keep the surprise.

I had just left the seminar I was attending in Cleveland, Ohio, when I received a phone call from my son, Bradley. Bradley is 16 and into sports. I was at this work seminar that was being held from Tuesday through Thursday afternoon. I had planned to stop off and see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here on Friday, then be home for my 38th birthday on Saturday. It also coincided with our 17th wedding anniversary. Yeah, I know, how could I forget our anniversary if it occurred on my birthday? Well, it really wasn't planned that way, it just happened. That was the only Saturday that month that her father could be there to give her away. He was deployed in the military and they got him some leave time to do the honors.

Anyway, Bradley called and said, "Dad, did you know Mom has some lady staying with her for the week. She moved into the spare room but she and Mom are giggling and carrying on like teenagers. It's just plain weird. Do you know a Julie Sheldon?"

"Yes, Son, I know Julie. She's your mother's best friend from school. I think your mom said that they met when they were like nine, and have been friends ever since. What makes you think something is wrong?"

"Well, I woke up late last night and I thought I heard Mom scream, but then it quit. I knocked on her door and she said she had had a nightmare, but Julie's door was open and she wasn't in her bed. I thought that was really weird."

"Oh, Bradley, they were probably in our bedroom talking about old times. You know how your mother gets when she is excited sometimes. They were just talking, I'm sure. Nothing to worry about, Sport. How did your game go last night? I wish I could have been there."

"The game was great; I scored two touchdowns and passed for another. I wish you had been there too."

Bradley was on the junior varsity team and they sometimes played on Wednesday nights. It usually was Thursdays, but the other school had a conflict and the schedule was changed. We talked for a little while longer and I finished up with, "Brad, I'll be home late on Friday evening, I'm going to finish my tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before I leave Friday. They were open late last night and I toured quite a bit of it then. I plan on going again tonight, and I'll finish up Friday morning. I'll probably be home around five or six Friday night, depending on when I finish at the museum. Did you get what I asked you to for your mom for our anniversary?"

"Yeah, Dad, a piece of cake, I'm sure she'll love it. I'm even going to spend the weekend with Ted so you guys can have some fun times without me cramping your style. I'll be over for the party Saturday afternoon, but then Ted and I are going to that horror flick I told you I wanted to see. I think Cindy is actually going to go too. She really didn't want to see it, but I told her I would comfort her and keep her from harm."

"Great, Bradley, I'll see you soon. Take care and have fun on your date."

"Thanks, Dad, I love you, see you soon, bye."

"I love you too, Son, very much. Remember to be careful and always be prepared."

"Daaaad. I'm always prepared now. Thanks for that too, you're so cool about stuff like that. Bye."

"That's what dads are for, to be cool and help their sons out."

When Bradley turned 13, I sat him down and had a long heart to heart talk with him about life, in general, and sex, in particular. He knew a lot of the basic stuff, but I had always had a good relationship with my son and this was no different. He asked good questions and I answered honestly. If I didn't know, I told him I would find the answer and let him know. I asked him to please refrain from drinking and smoking. As far as I was concerned, they were the only drugs that I would tolerate even in the slightest, but I didn't like them. He would be severely punished if he got into anything else, and if he did it again, he was on his own. We would not tolerate anything else. I told him it was out of love that we would do that. I know that sounds harsh, but we both knew that Bradley loved us very much.

He listened to us most of the time, and by us leading by example, he understood what we would accept and what we wouldn't. I also told him that when he felt that he was old enough to start having sex, he should come to me and I would provide him with all the condoms he could ever want. I impressed on him the importance of being prepared and protecting himself from harm. One of our neighbor's sons was not so lucky. This was a young lad of 15, who had unprotected sex with a girl who became pregnant, but that was not the bad part. She was 16 and a slut of the first order. She had several STDs, one of which was AIDS. Ricky died six months before my talk with our 13 year old son. Bradley and Ricky were friends even with the age difference. Bradley took that his friend died pretty hard. He had heard rumors about why he died, but I confirmed it during that talk. The baby she gave birth to also had AIDS and died within a week of his birth. She died less than a year later. Bradley hadn't known about that part of the tragedy. I think it really scared him when he heard all this.

I told him that as far as drinking, I would hope that he at least wait until he was 17 or 18, but that if he ever needed to leave a party, if he was drunk or just wanted to leave because of drugs, all he had to do was call me and I would be there to take him home, no questions asked, no recriminations, and I didn't care if it was three in the morning. I essentially gave him a get out of jail free card, but I also said, 'Don't abuse it' either. I think our talk went well.

About nine months ago, Bradley came to me and asked if I would hold up my part of the request I had made during that talk. I answered that with a gift box of rubbers and told him to let me know when he got low. I would put a new box in his underwear drawer the next day. As far as I know, he is still on his first box of 24.

As I walked through the museum this afternoon, I kept coming back to Katelyn, that's my wife, and Julie. It suddenly dawned on me something Katelyn had said shortly after we were married. She said that she and Julie had experimented a lot when they were in high school. But the experiments were only the two of them. I took it to mean that they had a lesbian thing going on at the time. I do know that Katelyn was not a virgin when we married; well, not even the first time we made love in my dorm room, but then neither was I.

Let me describe us. I am Robert Lewis Stevenson, no I'm not any relation to the writer, except my parents both liked his works. My father was of Scottish heritage, and my mother, Irish. Both had read most of his works and liked the name, so here I am. I'm 37, almost 38, six feet tall, and weigh 180. I work out three times a week, and run three more, not on the same days. I learned some martial arts as a youngster, and kept up with Tai Chi and other forms, which I do every day. I don't drink much; an occasional glass of wine or a beer now and then. I quit smoking when Bradley was born and I swore I would never light up again. I have kept that promise too.

Katelyn (Kate) is 36, five feet seven, and still fit and trim, about 100 pounds. She walks and works out with me in our workout room, as well. I have a small workout area that I added to the back of the house about 12 years ago. I noticed that, due to my job as an office manager for an investment firm, I was starting to get a little soft in the middle and had gained about 40 pounds. I vowed to change that and I think I have successfully accomplished that goal.

Our sex life is great, two to three times a week even now, and in quite a variety of positions. The only thing not on the table is anal. Kate says I'm too large for her. I have a nice seven inch dick that is almost two inches across. We have attempted to include that to our repertoire several times, but it is painful for her no matter the mood, lubrication, or preparation, so I don't ask and we both agree that it is taboo for us. Everything else is fair game, role playing, oral, and straight sex is great.

Katelyn also works as a realtor and broker for her own firm. She studied and got her license after Bradley started second grade. Something happened after Bradley was born, when an intern screwed up and caused some problems for future pregnancies when he inadvertently cut something he shouldn't have while doing a D&C after a miscarriage when Bradley was two. I sued the hospital and the intern, and we won a sizable amount which we invested for Bradley's college education. As a result of his negligence, Katelyn had to have a hysterectomy six months later. We were devastated that we couldn't have more children, and that is when we sued.

Now you are up to date, I am wondering what is going on at home. Is Kate having an affair with Julie? Is it more than that? Are there any men involved? God, I needed answers, but I hardly knew the questions, let alone where to start.

I called Kate. It was about 9:30 PM and I wondered what she was doing.

"Hello, Stranger, how are you doing up there in Cleveland?" my wife asked when she answered the phone. She sounded a little out of breath and I could hear muffled laughter in the background.

"I'm doing OK, Kate. I hear that you have some company staying there this week."

I heard a note of disappointment, or maybe surprise, in her answer. "Yeah, Julie Sheldon had to come here for some meetings at her company's offices here in Dayton. I told her she could stay here and not bother with a hotel. I hope that was alright?" Julie now lived in the Chicago area.

"Of course, Dear. I wouldn't want your high school sweetheart spending all that time alone, now would I?"

"Alright, mister wise ass, what was that supposed to mean?"

"Brad called me earlier today and said that you two were acting all weird like a couple of teenagers, so I assumed that you two were having fun reliving your high school days. That's all; did I hit a sore spot, or what?"

"That was a long time ago, Mister, and don't you forget it. Besides you said you weren't exactly mister chaste and pure, either."

"I never said I was, but I didn't play on the same team, like you did."

"Now that was totally uncalled for, Buster. You are so deep in hot water that you might drown before you can get to the surface."

"Well, what am I to think, I'm gone, what, maybe five hours on a trip away from home, and suddenly a long lost high school sweetheart comes calling on my wife, then she is screaming in the middle of the night in her bedroom and giggling and sly looks are being passed between the two of you that even Brad picked up on. So I ask you again, is there something going on that I should be worried about?"

"Oh my God, Bob, no. I never thought it would look like that. I mean sure Julie and I were ... shall we say very close friends during our high school years, but you are my only love. I would never cheat on you, ever. Besides, that phase of my life is all over and done with. We were young and didn't want to be accused of being sluts, but we still wanted to get off. It started with rubbing ourselves, then kind of went a lot further. But we didn't get pregnant, a reputation, or even any diseases. We stayed safe while a lot of girls around us weren't so lucky. Julie and I haven't seen each other in years, and we were just kind of talking about old times and new times, you know, trying to catch up with our lives."

"I'm so sorry, Babe; I guess I'm just a little insecure with you being such a young and beautiful woman. How I ever deserved you in marriage is beyond me."

"Honey, you have that all wrong, what did I do to deserve you has always been my biggest mystery. But all that said, since Julie is here and is staying until Sunday afternoon; we have a big surprise set up for your birthday and our anniversary on Saturday. For starters, you will be accompanied by not one, but two lovely ladies for dinner and dancing at the country club. You'd better be rested up, because we are not letting you sit out one dance. That will be your penance for doubting me. Then when I get you home, I am going to lock the bedroom door and not let you out until you cry uncle. Is that understood, Mister?"

"But where will Brad be while all this dinner and dancing is going on?"

"Didn't he tell you, he is spending the weekend with Ted and his family? He will be going to Ted's house right from school, and he is not to show his face around here until late Sunday afternoon."

"Well, what about Julie? Won't she be kind of lonely and all alone after the dance?"

"Oh, so now you are the one trying to drag in other partners?"

"Nope, just making sure she knows where she stands in this; me too, for that matter."

"Dream on, Mister, there will be no threesomes in this house. You and me only, Buster. You remember that. Now what did you really call about?"

"Have I told you that I love you like there is no tomorrow? If not, then I love you so much I could just scream it to the world. I love you more today than yesterday, and believe me, I loved you more yesterday than my life was worth. I'll never know how I deserved you or how I snatched you up from the matrimonial lottery, but I thank all my lucky stars that I did each and every day."

"Now, that is the kind of talk I like to hear from my one and only love. When do you think you will be home Friday?"

"Well, it's about a four hour drive home from here. The seminar was over this afternoon and I have a couple of hours left of stuff I want to see at the Rock and Roll museum. They don't open until ten, so maybe five or six at the latest. Is that OK? Are you planning something special for tomorrow night?"

"No, Dear, I was just trying to establish a time so I could have dinner ready for you when you get home. I figure that you will want a shower and change clothes after the long drive, so I will plan on dinner at seven at the latest."

"Thanks, Sweetheart, that sounds lovely. I'm so sorry I gave you such a hard time about Julie, but Brad kind of worried me that something funny might be going on. You know I worry about losing you, and well ... it just hit me funny that your friend showed up right after I'm gone on this trip, then hearing the muffled laughter in the background, and you out of breath when I called. Well, I thought that maybe I had been replaced in your life. I just couldn't stand it if that happened. I love you so much, please accept my apology?"

"Bob, Honey, there is nothing to apologize for. After hearing all your concerns, I can understand you coming to the conclusions that you did. I'm sorry too, that I worried you needlessly. Hurry home, I miss you like crazy. Love you, bye."

"I love you too, Baby. See you tomorrow night. Give my love to Brad too ... Oh yeah, say hi to Julie for me. Bye."

I sat there in my hotel room wondering what I did to deserve my loving wife. But I also wondered why all this came to a head tonight. I think Kate now knows that I won't brook any fooling around. I guess this seminar has me too tired to think straight. I didn't realize that lecturing for two days straight would wipe me out like this. I undressed, showered, called for a wakeup, and climbed in bed. I lay awake for quite a while, thinking and wondering.

I went downstairs this morning, packed up all my materials and gear, and loaded my Durango so I could head out after seeing what I missed at the museum. I went into the hotel restaurant and had a good breakfast. I always need to eat hearty before a trip. When I'm alone, I don't usually stop except for gas and restroom breaks. I want to get to where I'm headed, especially when I'm heading home. It was only eight when I finished my breakfast, and I really didn't want to wait another two hours until the museum opened up, so I thought, why not head home now. I would be there about four hours earlier, and be able to make up to Kate for how wrong I had been in my accusations.

I paid the bill and headed out. Funny, but it seemed to be easier going out of Cleveland than it was coming into the city center on Tuesday. The trip seemed to fly by and I was actually pulling into my driveway just before twelve. I came in the back door and listened to see if I could hear anyone. I thought I hear some thumping from upstairs, so up the stairs I went. I heard some noises coming from our bedroom and saw the door open about halfway. I walked down the hall and peeked into the bedroom.

Well this was definitely where the noises were coming from. There on our king size bed was my wife, naked, spread out with a redheaded woman eating her pussy while she was eagerly eating the redhead out. They were in the throes of ecstasy and had not heard my arrival. I cleared my throat ... to no avail. So I cleared my throat a little louder and still not response.

"KATE, what the fuck are you doing? I thought there was nothing between you two anymore. Then here I come home early, expecting to have a welcome home kiss and I see this. Well, I'll be in my chair in the living room when you two sapphic lovers can tear yourselves away from each other long enough to get dressed. I expect both of you on the living room sofa in five minutes. NOW MOVE!!!"

I turned around and walked down the hall and down the stairs. I went into my den and put about 2 inches of amber liquid in a tall glass and headed to the kitchen. I kept a small bottle of Tallymore Dew in my den for when I needed to relieve some extra heavy stress. This was a blend of some fine old Irish sipping whisky. It was smooth, and I only took it with water or maybe some ice.

I took two cubes from the icemaker and sat in my recliner listening to the chaos I heard coming from upstairs.

About two minutes later, Katelyn, dressed in slacks and a blouse, along with the redhead I assumed to be Julie, attired in a mid-thigh length dress, came into the room. They both looked down at the floor and sat quietly on the sofa in front of me.

"Bob, let me..."

"Just a minute, Katelyn, I will ask the questions and you will answer them truthfully, or I am out the door, never to return. Do your understand me?"

"Yes, Robert."

"I guess that I always assumed somewhere in the back of my mind that I would end up being cuckolded at some point in my married life with you; however, I never expected that it would be another woman in my wife's bed. Now, can you please in simple terms explain to me what the HELL IS GOING ON?" I didn't plan to raise my voice, but it just seemed to rise on its own.

"Bob, I'm so very sorry you had to see that. We kind of got carried away, and..."

"Bob, it's entirely my fault. I had some business here in Dayton and I wanted to see Kate, and well, we were reliving some old times together and got carried away. I'll leave and never darken your door again. It had just been so long since I felt loved. You see, my husband, Jack died two years ago last week, and I've been so down and lonely. So, when I found out I needed to come here, I made sure to look up Kate. Then Katie mentioned something about a fantasy..."

"JULES, NO!" Katelyn yelled.

"Katie, Honey, it's too late for the surprise; we have to tell him everything. We have to come clean, and tell him the whole story, or you are going to be so sorry. You will lose a very good man if you don't. So tell him the whole story. Now tell him"

"Kate, what is she talking about? What surprise?"

"I'm not sure if you remember, but a few years back, I asked you on your birthday if there was one wish that I could grant you that you have never been able to fulfill. Well, you mentioned something about a threesome with another woman. Remember that we laughed it off and nothing more was ever said about it. So when Julie showed up Tuesday evening, I thought that if she was willing, and I knew I was, then we could surprise you and grant you that wish for your birthday. Well, one thing lead to another, and we sort of thought we would practice to see if we still knew how to please each other. I wanted to make sure that your wish came true, and it would please you that it had come true, especially that I had made it happen for you. I know I screwed up, and if you want me to, I'll leave quietly. I'll try to explain to Bradley that it was entirely my fault."

I just sat there, stunned beyond belief. My loving wife had remembered some half-baked idea I had several years ago that I would have liked to experience a threesome with her. Well, I never said with her, but just a threesome. It was always something in the very back of my mind that I would have liked to have happen to me when I was young. She took that idea and was trying to make it a reality. How could I fault her for that?

"Baby, first, I am not angry with you or Julie, although I should be, since, technically, you did cheat on me. But..." I raised my hand to stop her from saying anything. "But that was something that I had thought about in my youth and never expected to even come close to experiencing. You asked for a far-fetched fantasy of mine, and that was it. You have admirably fulfilled most other fantasies I had when I was young. Some have even been so far over the top, that I only have to remember them, and I get satisfied all over again. No, I'm not going to mention any of them. Just think back on our 17 years together and remember what we have done and you will see that I am perfectly ecstatic about our life together. When either you or I have physically been away from each other for longer than a few days, we are miserable and sex starved until we return to each other.

"In fact, Brad once told me that he hoped to have the kind of love life we enjoyed when he got married. So I am not in any way, shape, or form, asking that you complete your surprise for me. That said, however, if you are determined to make this far-fetched idea into reality, I'm not going to object too loudly, but only if you are both into this. A threesome is not just two women making love. There is a guy in there somewhere, doing both women too, so remember that when you two make up your minds to go ahead. Now, I'm going to finish my drink, go get out of these dirty clothes, and take a shower in my bathroom. You two have to decide what you are going to do about this mess."

I got up, drained my almost empty glass, put it in the kitchen sink, and went back through the living room to climb the stairs for my shower. Both women were still in shock, sitting on the sofa with their mouths hanging open, and staring into space. "Oh, if you don't close those mouths, you might catch some flies I let in when I came home."

I think that snapped them out of their stupor. I took a leisurely shower and shaved. I then went back into the bedroom to find some clothes. I found a very interesting sight when I did. Both women were on the bed, nude, holding hands with a large space between them that they patted as I walked by.

"Bob, Honey, we have decided that we are going to rock your world tonight and tomorrow night, then it will be over. The magic spell will have been broken and we will live our lives like normal people," said Katie.

Julie then spoke to me. "Bob, this I promise you. I will give myself freely to you both for this weekend only. After that, all bets are off. I go home and get to remember the greatest weekend I have ever experienced, and you go back to being man and wife, loving each other forever and ever. But until this weekend is over, I am going to enjoy myself to the fullest that I can. That includes me eating your lovely wife's pussy every chance I get, and having you plow that huge cock into me wherever it can fit."

What could I say? I crawled up between my two women for this glorious weekend and proceeded to make all my dreams, and quite a few of theirs, I think, come true too.

We started off with me kissing Kate first, then Julie. The kisses were deep, passionate kisses with a lot of tongue and a ton of promise. My hands and theirs seemed to go everywhere. I motioned for Julie to come around to Kate's other side and do what I was doing. We left little butterfly kisses all over my wife's face, then moved to her ears, neck, and upper chest. We then each took an arm and massaged and kissed her from her fingertips to her satiny shoulders, then trailed along her side, purposely staying away from her breasts, although Julie's long hair did brush over Kate's right rosy tipped mound. We then attacked my wife's belly and alternated as to who kissed and licked her innie navel. By this time, Kate was writhing on the bed, moaning and cursing us for our slowness in arousing her.

I finally relented, and we traveled up her chest to the underside of her pillows of pleasure. We kissed and licked around the base and very slowly wound our way up to the top of her mounds, teasing and kissing her burgeoning nipples. Once there, I could tell from long experience that Katelyn was very close to an orgasm, so I captured her left nipple and started batting it around with my tongue. Once I knew she was ready, I nodded to Julie and we each captured a nipple and lightly bit it at the base, moved higher up, and finally nipped at the very top. That did it; Kate took off like a skyrocket. Her whole body arched so that her heels and head, along with her limp arms, were the only parts of her on the bed, as the rest of her tense body was airborne. Kate shook and moaned, then screamed as the tremendous orgasm fired off inside her body. She stayed arched for at least two minutes solid before her body melted and eased to the surface of the bed. I peeled one eyelid up and saw only the whites of her eyes. She was in heaven.

Julie looked over to me and asked, "Do you make love like that very often?"

"No, only on special occasions, you know like anniversaries, birthdays, times like that. But it was especially nice tonight with you helping by doing the other side of her along with me, so I'm sure it was extra special for Kate tonight."

"Do you think you and Kate can do me like that?"

"Oh sure, but that's only the foreplay. I still have to do the lower half of her body, culminating with entry and slow intercourse"

"You mean that is only foreplay? My God, no wonder Katie loves you and would never cheat on you. If I thought we could talk her into it, I would move here and live with you, then you both could do me as much as you wanted if I could get a few treatments of this kind."

"Well, that also is why I never cheat, nor does Kate. This kind of loving is special and just for us. Kate has her own version of this type of thing that is just for my enjoyment. So I suspect that since tomorrow is my birthday, she will have you participate tomorrow. She mainly likes to do that in the morning so I can recuperate enough to satisfy her that night, but we'll have to see how we feel in the morning."

Right about then my beloved Kate came back from the arms of Morpheus and joined the living again. She waved me to her and kissed me, pushing me back with her other hand which I took to mean she wanted to sit up. I helped her into a sitting position and put a couple of pillows behind her so she could catch her breath and regain some of her senses.

Julie and I talked about other things, like how she liked living around Chicago. She actually lived in the Oak Forest area, kind of southwest of the city proper. It was an area kind of like ours here in Northridge Estates. I asked her about her work, you know small talk until Kate could get rested enough to talk too.

Finally, Kate said, "Bob, we have to do that to Julie. That was about a hundred times more powerful, exciting, and mind numbing than when just you does that to me. Jules, you will not believe how much that takes out of you, or how much it really satisfies your craving for sex. If we quit right now, I would be fine for about a week or two, but we have to take advantage of this one and only time together, so let's get Jules ready for the time of her life, Bob."

That is exactly what we did. Kate and I did to Julie what just happened to Kate, then we rested and ate some dinner; well snacked, really. I had a pizza delivered and we drank a lot of water and some sports drink too. Then it was back to the bedroom for more fun and games.

When we got upstairs this time I wanted Julie and Kate to show me what two women could do to each other. WOW!! I certainly learned a thing or two. They started out kissing, then kind each went south on each other, stopping at all the good spots along the way. Finally, when Julie was on top of Kate, munching away on Kate's leaking pussy; I joined the fun and slid my throbbing cock meat into Julie from behind. Kate continued eating Julie and licking my dick whenever I pulled out some. She also played with my balls, gently rolling them around in their sack. When Julie was getting close, and Kate knew when that was, Kate forced her middle finger in alongside my cock to get it lubricated, then she stuck it in my ass and massaged my prostrate until I went off like fireworks on the Fourth of July. I seemed to dump about a quart of cum in Julie's pussy. I know it wasn't that much, but it sure seemed like it. I had at least six or seven strong spurts and it seemed like I just flowed like a slightly opened faucet.

I rested for a bit as the ladies went to take a shower. I just lay back on the bed and tried to recover. Kate and Julie came back in, and Kate decided I need a blowjob to get started again. Once she had me up, she got on her knees and said, "Take me, Honey, show Jules how good a doggy I can be."

Things went on like that until I couldn't get it up anymore around eight PM. I had cum eight times in eight hours, a new personal best for me. After all, I was going to be 38 the next day, if I lived that long. I'm pretty sure that I came in them four times each; once by a blowjob to completion from each of them, and the rest in their insatiable pussies. Those two women were on fire. There was one time when I know they were both coming for over fifteen minutes. Me, I just held on for dear life and let them have their wicked way with me.

After I called a halt, we looked at the bed, then Katie and Julie took the sheets and mattress cover off the bed and put clean ones on. As we went downstairs naked, they threw the sheets in the washer while I fried up eggs and bacon, and made bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. We drank juice and sat around the table, relaxing and trying to catch our breath. Once we rested for an hour, we went back upstairs and started all over again. I crashed somewhere around three AM, crawled over to the spare room down the hall and lay down, exhausted. I think I was dead to the world before my head even hit the pillow. Come to find out, it wasn't the pillow, but Julie's clothes on the floor.

We ate breakfast about ten the next morning, and they left me there to die in peace, or so I thought. I noticed that we were out of eggs, bacon, juice, and milk. So I dressed and I unloaded my SUV before I left. I didn't unpack everything; I just brought it in so I had room for some groceries. They still weren't back from their hair appointments when I got back from the store. I noticed that I kind of looked like death warmed over, so I went back up to our bedroom and changed the sheets again, as the ones on the bed were sticky or crusty again, depending on what was deposited there. I had the clean ones we washed last night fresh from the dryer, so there was no problem. I lay down on the bed just to rest my eyes, and what seemed like only minutes later, I heard a loud noise from downstairs.

I was just getting up when they descended upon me again. The succubi were primed and ready to ravage my body again, but I had to leave their hair and makeup alone. They teased my poor cock until it hid back inside, I think. Well, it shrunk to the size of a walnut, or thereabouts.

I shooed the hellions away and went for another shower, hoping that I was not injured for life. If I was, it was a hell of a way to go. I did manage to get dressed without them teasing or harassing me anymore. We left in Julie's new Cadillac DTS sedan. I drove up to the country club and they had a valet tonight. They opened the doors for the ladies and I strolled inside with one living, breathing, angel on each arm. There came a hush in the club; I mean everyone didn't stop and stare, but a lot of the men did, and quite a few of them got slaps or punches to the arm to awaken them from their dreams. The hostess seated us in an out of the way corner of the dining room, but the gossips were firmly out in full force. It seemed someone was staring at us every time I looked anywhere except at the two beauties at my table. I basked in the glory of it all. Why not, it would never happen again.

Dinner was excellent. I had a steak, while Kate had the shrimp and lobster. Julie preferred the steak and shrimp. We strolled to the ballroom after the meal, and found a table near the back doors. I danced every dance but one, when I needed to go to the gents. Once in there I was bombarded by questions about who the ladies were. I said one was my wife and the other was a friend who was here to visit. Ben Cromwell said that one of them was not my wife, my wife was a brunette and I had a blonde and a redhead. I countered with, "But, Ben, the blonde is my wife, Katelyn. You've met her before. I mean, I would know my own wife, wouldn't I?"

He mumbled something and left in a hurry. When I returned, there were about ten guys standing around my table. "Excuse me, Gentlemen, but I believe that you are not required over here tonight. This is my table and my women. Go make busy with your wives or whomever you please, but these angels are mine; tonight, and for all time."

They all reluctantly left, but they did leave. I went back to dancing, one dance with Kate, and then one with Julie. When I came back to the table from dancing with Julie, I had to warn Ben off again.

"Ben, if you don't leave this table right now, I'll have you barred from the club for sexual harassment. Understand, now leave."

He turned toward me and saw something I don't think he had ever seen in my eyes before. He saw fire and anger. That is when his eyes turned from a leer to fear and he slunk away.

"Did Ben say anything inappropriate to you?"

"He said I had to be some call girl that you had picked up, because I could never be the wife of a dickhead wimp like you. I told him that I was your wife and that if he kept bothering me, I would ask that you escort him outside to explain it to him in detail. That is when you came back. I think he saw something he never thought he would see in you, Dear. I noticed it too. You had a fire in your eyes and a steely look that told him that you could crush him like a bug, and that you would do it with pleasure if he didn't leave. Now, I believe it's my turn to dance."

No other men dared to approach our table tonight. A few women did, to inquire about the gowns or the hair styles. We left to go home about eleven, and we started all over again. I crawled out of bed and showered about noon. I ached all over; even my balls hurt. I didn't even have a piss hardon when I woke up. We bid Julie goodbye with kisses all around and she promised that we would not be strangers, but not more orgies. She could barely sit down. That was the end of my big birthday surprise.

Brad showed up later and we quietly celebrated my birthday. It was a nice ending to a hectic and exhausting weekend. It was certainly one I would remember fondly for a very long time.

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